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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 10, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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liz: you're saying an indictment of trump? >> i think that that would be the initial intent going in and obviously we don't know if final decisions are made and seeking a search warrant, you have to prevent probable cause that a prime was committed. that's been prevented by the fbi here. certainly i think it's a real shame that it does undermine ---liz: katie, thank you so much. kennedy: another night, more crap. american people demanding answers about this block buster raid on donald trump's home and the fbi doesn't care and neither does the white house. so much for joe biden's promise for complete transparency and i'll unit everyone by being transparent and it's been more than 48 hours since we learned federal agents executed a search warrant at mar-a-lago and still, not one peep from fbi director christopher wray or attorney general merrick garland.
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why aren't they talking? do they not realize the seriousness of the situation? details of the raid itself keep getting harder to understand for instance we've been told it was related to documents, the former president left the white house with, so why did agents need to rifle through melania's wardrobe? and trump has questions as well and in a truth quote said "everyone can leave with promises and they wanted to be left alone without any witnesses to see what they were doing taking or hopefully not planting". why did they strongly insist on having nobody watch them? everybody out. obama and clinton were never raided despite big disputes. there's no evidence the fbi planted anything. we don't have evidence of anything right now. lot of things still do not add up and people on the street, they are starting to notice. watch. >> i think that it is nonsense. i think that they're trying to
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still get him in trouble, even after they failed impeachment. >> i'm looking for the truth of what went on. >> must have been looking for the clinton crime family or looking for hunter's laptop. the clinton server, remember that? kennedy: yeah, that guy might think this is a set up but you get the idea. something is rotten in the state of denmark. in the meantime trump supporters getting more fired up and the president's political power will likely grow. why is the white house and department of justice keeping mum? let's get into it with tonight's party panel in personal. independent women's forum and senior policy analyst and democrat and cohost on the five on the fox news channel jessica and new york libertarian candidate for governor and host of the sharp way show, it is larry sharpe and added the e for extra savings. >> it's true. kennedy: absolutely true. people who don't necessarily like donald trump but who have a
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great distrust of the federal government, this is not helping them with their trust issues, is it? >> no, it's the opposite and doesn't matter how you feel about donald trump. we broke a 246 year tradition of not prosecuting former presidents. it was nobody is above the law and it's true, if donald trump goes and shoots someone on fifth avenue, he should be held accountable like every other american citizen. if you come after a former president and break that tradition and give the impression this may be politically motivated and you better have ironclad evidence of serious crime. but we're not seeing that. we're seeing stuff trickling into the media about records request that could have been put through the president's cooperating legal team. they broke one of the fundamental traditions of the republic that i don't know if we'll recover from over the president's records act. i think that this is one of the darkest elements or darkest like weeks of american history right
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now. kennedy: yes, because they -- i think they can do a better job of sort of healing the rift for people that thinks it could be politically motivated. i always think that information is the best antidote when it comes to the questions that arise in a vacuum. i'm looking at this going, man, he must have taken the file boxes on the a lands. he's got the goods. he knows how we can have self-propulsion and be completely un-reliant on fossil fuels. he's got to have something. how big is it in order to execute something like this when, you know, sure, talks are broken down with the lawyers but they could have restarted them. >> it was months of trying to restart them. i was discussing this earlier on the 5 and a lot of back and forth, well, he was cooperating and he hadn't been in several months and they had shown up in mar-a-lago before just a couple people having a calm confers and saying you have 10-12 more boxes on top of the 15 they had --
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kennedy: cocktail napkins. >> all of this posturing about, he loves memorabilia. yeah, i do too but if i was president of the united states of america, who knows, give me a decade, i'm not going to take all these things and if i'm not i'm not going to take them, i'm going to abide by the rules. yes, it has to be major and if christopher wray, who was a trump appointee and merrick garland, who made it clear he wants to depoliticize. doj and for no one to think that it is being used as a weapon to have signed off on this, you have to imagine that this is a lot bigger than a cocktail napkin that kim jong-un signed. kennedy: i don't know that it is and if it's not, i want merrick garland to resign and christopher wray. it better be like bodies in the cellar big. it can't be, oh, it's so
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un-thwart that he had -- >> like a pedophile pizza ring? kennedy: if he has a pedophile pizza wring, then the matrix is completely real. so, my problem is you have political opportunistictives who are now -- operatives now in national security roles that have a vested interest in their party staying in power. jake sullivan's wife worked as council to merrick garland, you know, he is not only our nsa but he is also -- he was a major operative in hillary clinton's president issue campaign and one of the people that helped crack the story about the secret servers at trump power where russian banks were, you know, they had a back channel to donald trump so obviously he was colluding and that was all nonsense. then hillary clinton signed off on all that and have mark alias chirping in about all this as well. it doesn't sit well with me. >> trump took all the area 51 stuff. that's the problem. that's where the aliens are and
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now he knows where they are. kennedy: yes, it's got to be something of that level. >> that's the issue. kennedy: and the men in black are getting it back. >> now they can't find the aliens. no, i'm teasing obviously. the more important piece is i don't think this is against trump. i think it's against all of his allies and you have the january 6 committee meeting hearings coming up next month and a whole bunch of data they got from him and they'll put it out and say, see, here are all the bad guys and the second hope is they want trump to announce his presidency right now and right away. kennedy: if that is the case, that is disgusting. if that is how the fbi is being used in order to, you know, pull the tick out of the skin using a little bit of heat, that is reprehensible and if that is where we are -- i know our presidential politics have been disgusting for at least the last two election cycles but if that's where we're headed, there's no rationalization for that, and i stand by my demand that merrick garland and
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christopher wray, they got to go. >> they're going to say they were doing what they were told and they were told to dot raid and they did the raid and they'll use that. kennedy: didn't work for the natzis and not for fbi agents. party panel will stick around but liberty lovers will agree that fbi has way too much power. if they can do this to a former president, imagine what they can do to you. what can congress do about it and will this turn more americans to civil libertarians. joining me now is california republican congressman and hughes judiciary committee member tom mcclintock. congressman, welcome back. what do you make of the raid so far? >> very foreign and very frightening from the america i grew up in. that america we enforced our laws even handedly and never criminalized political disagreements. this new america, the left, is very foreign and very frightening. kennedy: it is, and do you think it's strange that we haven't heard at least something from
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the doj or fbi given the magnitude of this raid? >> you would think if it was something heinous, they'd be at least leaking it. they're very good at leaking things. the fact we haven't heard leads me to believe this was indeed over a records dispute. an armed raid on the home of a former president over a records dispute. there's only way to interpret that, it's a deliberate message, we can come after anyone for any reason, abuse any power and shatter any civil norm and look what they're doing with it. i mean, threat tags on parents that protest at a school board meetings doubling the irs that's sitting on 5 million rounds of ammunition for some reason. the fbi issue add paper at field offices saying if you display the betsy ross or gaston flags, the iconic american flags on which we won our independence, that's evidence of political extremism. i fly both of them on the fourth of july and are they coming after me next?
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kennedy: i have a gaston flag sweat suit that i can't wait to debut. you will absolutely love it and, hey, man, don't tread on me. that's what people are saying when, you know, a former president can be targeted like this and it better be big. if it is big then, you know, it's like high fives all around. let's hit the showers, fellas. if it's not and it is over cocktail napkins and, you know, rinky dink little tinker toys, then no, it's on and there better be a revolt at the ballot box. there better be some come upens for this and what can congress do to reign in the egregious power that the fbi is able to abuse? >> a lot with the majority. i will not vote another penny for the fbi or doj or irs till there's a to the to bottom house cleaning in the agencies and that includes the replacement of every senior official.
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if, what, 217 other congressman take the same pledge, this abuse immediately comes to a screeching halt. you know, laura said it best, power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. we need to give serious attention to whether having a centralized national police force is a good idea and maybe we should break up the fbi, keep what works, throw away the rest, and rely on local law enforcement for upholding most federal laws. kennedy: yes, and i know the defund the police movement got a lot of traction. i'm not calling for that for federal law enforcement and not the fbi because i know there are good agents out there. i know people work really hard and it's a difficult job to get, but if nothing else, we should at least audit the fbi and i would agree with you, senior leadership, if they are going to abuse power this easily, you know, it's like i always go back to the story about those power gymnasts, you know, the dozens and dozens of young women
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becaused over the years because -- abused over the years because a lazy fbi agent running cover for someone decided to put testimony in his desk so this doctor was left to reoffend more and more young, trusting, vulnerable women. that's what the fbi has been doing. the fbi has been withholding information and fighting warrant requests about carter paige working for the cia. they leave things like that out for political gain. so if this is what they have ballooned into, someone has to tamp down this mushroom cloud. >> well, we also have to look at structure of government. madison warren does, we're not governed by angels and it was the structure of government that was meant to contain the worst part of our human nature, including the tendency to want to abuse powers that were given. we need a discussion of a lot of federal laws.
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most of them are passed by brock seizure disorderses of administrative laws by a 10-1 and madison called that impurities and we need to re-examine fundamental crimes. for example disputes with the irs are fundamentally civil disputes and ought to be treat that had way. why do we throw people in jail over disagreements over what they owe and does the irs need five million rounds of ammunition? >> no, they don't -- kennedy: no, they don't, taxation is theft and all the stuff going along with it. congressman mcclintock, thank you for enumerating it. great to talk to you. >> you too, kennedy. kennedy: coming up, we got near inflation numbers and still near record high and pushing rent costs through the roof. president biden wants you to think otherwise and he's lying about the inflation numbers. we'll get into it next.
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who loses 138 pounds in nine months? i did! golo's a lifestyle change and you make the change and it stays off. (soft music) kennedy: i told you. inflation continues to go all the way up, not according to joe biden labor department. today announcing july's consumer
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inflation rate jumped to 8.5%. that's compared to last year. that may be slightly down from june's record breaking 9.1%, still 40 year high. instead oval window being honest about the state of the economy and the pain at the grocery store for most consumers, the president and the vps straight up lying to advance their agenda. watch. >> today we learned our economy had 0% inflation in july. >> today we received news that our economy had 0% inflation in the month of july. 0%. here's what that means, while the price of some things goes up last month, the price of other things went down by the same amount. the result is zero inflation last month. kennedy: he is lying. this kind of messaging is irresponsible and dangerous. food, oh, do you like to eat? well, it's most expensive it's
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ever been so have fun getting skinny. why would the president lie to our faces and pretend everything is peachy? no one can afford peaches. joining me now is hedge fund manager and fox news contributor jonathan honnen. welcome back to the show. >> great to be with you, kennedy. for months the president ignored inflation and they tried to minimize inflation. as you said, now they're straight up lying about inflation. i mean, 0% inflation? i don't know what the president's smoking and thinks the american people are smoking but they're not buying it. inflation is slightly, slightly off those 40 year highs and it's still up six times since the president was inaugurated and the only reason it's down, kennedy, is because oil prices are down and they're down because the economy is slowing. kennedy: yeah, we're going to talk about that ate almost later on with -- a little later on with daniel turner from power the future. that'll all go up as well. inflation will go upright along with it right before the
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midterms and it's all bad. here's what i don't understand, do they think people are dumb? do they think if they go, these are not the drawings you're looking for, people will go, yes, eggs are so reasonable. i love eating air and forget what they were paying a year ago. people remember what it was like to not have to spend an entire paycheck at the grocery store. >> it's real money, kennedy. statistics that the average american household is paying about $635 more a month because of inflation. we're talking about $7600 a year that is real money and, look, it's not like it's one less got for the rich to have. real american families skipping meals, skipping new clothes for their kids and birthday presents for their family and more than eight hours n not investigating in savings for the future. inflation is down but no indication the trend has changed and in the early '70s, inflation got cut in half from 74-76 inflation went down by 50% but five years later, it was back up
7:21 pm
above 10%. that's my fear right now, biden is doing nothing to fix the inflation but just collecting more taxes and blaming rich americans. >> yeah, it's a short term strategy. that's what's so dangerous about it. kennedy: really taming inflation, you have to look further down the road than your own political career and think about -- >> yeah, and for one thing. they never take responsibility for the spending that created the inflation and what are they doing to fix it? more spending with the chips bill and so called inflation reduction act. should be named the inflation creation act because that's what it's going to do. kennedy: yeah, 87,000 irs agents. how does that sit with you? >> it's frightening. these are people if not carrying guns explicitly, they have the power of the gun behind them. it's frustrating, kennedy. it's like the democrats believe in that fixed pie pennalty and believe the -- mentality and believe the purpose of government is to redistribute
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income and take from those who earned it and give to those who didn't earn it. every dollar that goes in the hands of irs agent, it's a doll la tech not spent or enjoyed by the americans that made it and not a dollar that's invested in the new production, wealth and new jobs kennedy: yes, it is zero sum re-distodistocontribution and back ward thinking false over and over again. the government is too big and powerful and they're coming after your money by force. that's not fear porn, that's the truth. unfortunately jonathan and i are the only two dapper individuals willing to tell you that. >> well, it's true. this is well known, kennedy, but people are afraid to speak out and speak out about their own self interests and they earned money and have a right to keep it and biden is essentially creating a solindra part two and more wasted money on green energy crazy programs and that's in store for fixing in
7:23 pm
fellation. kennedy: the only green thing i want is a louie visit ton bag. jonathan, thank you. more details on the raid on donald trump's home. did the feds do everything by the book and could they have been tipped off by an insider. i'm joined by special agent in a moment.
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kennedy: hey there, hump neck. former president trump's attorneys claiming they were not allowed inside mar-a-lago as the fbi raided his home. agents reportedly focused their attention or three areas: a bedroom, an office, and a basement storage area. one attorney, christina bob, she said she had to fight just to see the warrant, which was partly saled. watch. >> i fought with them for a while about that and said, you
7:28 pm
mean to tell me you want to roll up at the president of the united states' personal residence and you want me to take your word for it that you have a warrant. they eventually showed it to me and then they, you know, they gave me a copy of it after everything was over. kennedy: i want to see the warrant. according to the new york post, the feds asked for security cameras to be turned off during the raid. employees refused. good for them. trump and his team questioning whether they planted evidence. i don't know about that. they're theorizing whether an inside source tipped them off. i believe that. i'm joined by a former special agent. what strikes you about this and, you know, the urgency of doing this now even though there had been ongoing talks. what do you think they were looking for? >> i find it strange with the urgency because, yes, there were on going talks and i understand
7:29 pm
talks broke down. what a shocker. attorneys not agreeing with one another. that disagreement stuff happened all the time in cases like this, and you can continue talking. the fbi would have put a warrant together with the concurrence of doj if they thought something was going to happen. say there was classified information they believed was suddenly going to be made public. borrowing that, it's un-blagable to me they would have execute add warrant like this on such a high-profile individual. kennedy: but what kind of classified information? we were talking about aliens in the top of the show. it has to be something massive. you know, all of a sudden the fbi is falling all over itself to make sure they get their hands on classified information. that's rich. they've let quite a few things pass from other presidential hopefuls, non-presidents like hillary clinton. >> well, and my concern here is
7:30 pm
it takes time to put a warrant of this magnitude together and you have to write the affidavit and write the warrant and get the judge to approve it. this wasn't thrown together in a matter of days and thrown above the fbi or doj and we want a search warrant and a matter of when the opportunity would arise to give them the right to have that search warrant. i'm concerned this was long planned and not based on necessity. kennedy: it doesn't sound like it and months in the making and, you know, the precedence has been 60 days before a national election, you know, you don't have on going investigations like this that might have political ramifications. we're 89 days out from the midterms in november so are they rushing to do this before then and if that's the case, then it is politically motivated and that is so wrong. >> and this political motivation
7:31 pm
that we're seeing in the fbi is coming from way up at the top. the rank and file agents want to dot right job and do what they're trained to do, but they're being directed and pushed by other places and, yes, i believe there's people including the department of justice that want things for political reasoning whereas the fbi needs to be nonpartisan. they need to be nonpolitical to be able to do their job. kennedy: especially after james comey and peter struck and the rest of them were so vocally hyper-partisan. they have to be nonpartisan, and i agree with tom mcclintock's assessment that senior leadership there has to go. you know, this is all kinds of wrong. why are they in the former first lady's closet? do you really think that they've got big foot's scalp stash there had? >> well, in fairness to the fbi, when you conduct a search, you search everywhere that's
7:32 pm
reasonable because you just never know. bedrooms, closets, the office obviously, the basement, those are the normal places people keep things, and that's what the fbi would normally search. i don't find that unusual. kennedy: do you think we're ever going to know what really happened here? >> i think we're going to see some information come out that will indicate to us why this all took place. we haven't seen the affidavit, kennedy, we need to know what's in the affidavit that supported this warrant so that we can have a better understanding. what i don't understand is why are they delaying the release of this information, the department of justice delaying. the american people, half of the country need to have the confidence in the government that they are lacking right now kennedy: absolutely. it's more than half the country. faith in institutions has eroded and that's not a good thing for the republic. john, thank you for your time and ex-per seize.
7:33 pm
too . i appreciate it -- expertise. i appreciate it. president biden unleashed a whirlwind on himself, doj declared past, present, and first ladies fair game. one is vowing to use the house oversight committee to target creepy joe. james comer would hold that house and he's ready to hold a hearing on the alleged wrong doing to see if hunter biden could have compromised the president. will the gop, will he strike back and is that the best thing to do. party panel has been here the whole time. they're patient and wonderful. so, larry, you're not a republican, you're not a democrat. you're a libertarian running for governor here in the great state of new york. >> yes. yes. kennedy: so is this the best thing to do for the faction of the two parties. >> it's a terrible idea.
7:34 pm
your point about losing faith in institutions is right on the money. we want to have faith in institutions and we don't and as we fight each other, that means each side says now i have the weapon, and i can use the weapon against you. we've been using the weapon against our people for years for the black panther party to war on drugs to the war on terror. we've been using the government apparatus against our citizens for decades. now we're using it against the elites. it becomes even more dangerous and it's a terrible idea. i don't now how they do it. i think if republicans actually win the house, i don't think they'll do it because this whole idea of, you know, january 6 hearing and such, it'll be old news by then. they'll do something else. they'll punish somebody else some other way. kennedy: if hunter biden did something wrong, i don't know that congressional hearings are the best way to get to the bottom of it. i would love to see congress investigate china and see some accountability there and that's never going to happen because we have a bunch of nutless wonders in the white house and they're
7:35 pm
terrified of beijing. >> we had ken mccarthy admitting on live radio that it was for political reasons they wanted to drag down hillary clinton's poll numbers and guess what, they were successful and obviously the october surprise helped with that. what happened with the server and james comey. kennedy: i understand that and i believe kevin mccarthy when he says that. what happened in bengazi is unforgivable and should hold account physical as secretary of state. >> i have never belittled our ambassador. kennedy: begging for security was hillary clinton. >> that is not at all part of the 308 ticks of what i'm talking about here -- politics of what i'm talking about here. i'm saying too often congress runs show trial. we can all agree on that. >> they wish it wasn't ashow trial. >> i wish it wasn't and said from the beginning of the hunter biden investigation from when the stories were running and pulled off twitter. as a supporter of joe biden, i
7:36 pm
supported airing it all. i would never vote for hunter biden. he'd be a crappy president. i don't mind if they're investigated but they have to be done in good faith and can't be done for political punches. if you think that joe biden is the big guy and he was compromised by his son's dealings in ukraine and china -- kennedy: which i do. >> that is fine. that's your right to feel that way, but let's prove it out in a way that isn't about political grand standing and not trying to drive down poll numbers. >> there's two different tracks here. one is using the political process and that's what the hearings are. in the same way that we had impeachment, that's a political tool. there's a huge difference between for example running an impeachment hearing even for political reasons and the founders knew the tools would be used for political reasons. what is a totally new step in this is to have the fbi raid a former president's home and by the way, the one possibility we haven't discussed yet, the reason this seems like small potatoes and the reason this worries me the most is this is
7:37 pm
protect chill and making me proud. show me the man and i'll show you the crime. they wanted to rummage around in the president's house for political reasons and try to find something. and having that is a huge rubicon moment, it is -- that sort of thing destroys republics when half the country has good reason to believe we have a two tiered justice system based on whether your political beliefs are favored or not favored by the fbi. that's a huge problem. kennedy: that's what civil asset forfeiture is. that's what people feel like when their stuff is taken without due process they go bankrupt trying to get back. >> i agree with you. kennedy: i hope it raises all of these issue sos people that felt the pain, their stories are as present and as important as what's happening to a former president right now but i think you're absolutely right, you are onto something. if they were just looking for something to pin on him, that is an abuse of power that will not
7:38 pm
stand. >> getting a judge that signs off on that. kennedy: jeffrey epstein did not kill himself three years ago. >> you think this is -- i do not think that either. >> you think this is so farfetched after what we've seen in the past four to five years in terms of politicization in these agencies? i don't think it's far fetched and by the way, i also think hearings are fine, i think oversight is fine, i would not support -- what i fear will happen the next time there's republican administration, they're going to try to indict somebody and that's a target rich environment. kennedy: that's not okay. absolutely right. >> that's something that re-pup licks is a -- republics and that's a desk fire we won't recover from. >> they support the state of the people. >> this is hock freedom for me and we need to go back to the regular system. kennedy: thank you so much, larry, jessica, and inez. great conversation. coming up, gas prices, they're expected to go up in the fall, they're too damn high already.
7:39 pm
president biden blaming mom and pop stations for jacking all the things up. biden is dead wrong. energy expert daniel turner powering the future in just a moment.
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kennedy: oh, the president, he likes to blame high gas prices on greedy gas station owners. but a new study says that's bogus. they analyzed 30,000 gas stations and found retailers netting just a few pennys on every gallon and profit margins less than 2%. where is all the gas money going and why are experts saying gas prices are about to go higher? here with me now is one of the experts from power the future and energy expert whom we adore, daniel turner is back. daniel, is it these gas stations that are just just giving
7:44 pm
customers the schiv? >> yeah, biden said it was putin's war and price gouging and blaming mom and pop owners was the most offensive because they don't make their money on selling gas but on the convenience store. actually that study that you cited showed their margins went down further because as people were spending so much on gas, they weren't buying a snickers bar or -- kennedy: or boner pills. >> exactly. the biden administration has been trying to find their footing on energy prices and they can't blame themselves so they're blaming everyone else and they can't remember what they said and gas prices have come down, they've taken all the credit for it. it's remarkable. kennedy: but gas is expected to go up in the fall, yes? tell us why. >> yeah, it is. that's really the sad thing. we use an awful lot of power to heat our holmes and, you know, more people die in the cold than in the heat.
7:45 pm
so winter is a very precarious time and facing large energy shortages worldwide. europe is in much worse place than we are and we're going to see gas prices go up again as our demand starts to increase. our demand right now is pretty low and it's remarkable and it's low because it's so expensive. we use less oil last month than we did in july of 2020, which was the height of covid shut down. kennedy: that's incredible. >> yeah, when certain stating were told you're not allowed to leave the border. andrew cuomo had guards on the bridges and tunnels making sure people weren't coming into the state; right. we're using less oil now than we were two years ago because prices are so high. that's helping are bring down prices but ultimately you're going to need to start using oil and gas again to heat your homes to stay alive and we see that demand increase, price will increase with it. kennedy: what happens in december when there's a new round of sanctions on russia?
7:46 pm
>> it's nerve racking, without a doubt. it's much, much worse for our european friends than it is for america. the only way to get out of this problem is to produce more domestic oil and gas and to bring it to market. the biden administration knows this. they've tried to get it from other places, the social norms saudis, iranens, venezuelaens and don't want it coming from america. the only way to get out of it is producing more domestic energy and the biden administration won't allow that to happen. kennedy: that's insane. we've got it, get t refine it, gas it up and daniel turner, great talking to you. thank you so much. >> thanks. kennedy: topical storm is next. you have my word on it.
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kennedy: european leaders are asking citizens to conserve energy by turning off their lights and taking short showers but first they'll have to explain to the people of france what a shower is. that's a clean energy crisis and this is the topical tomorrow. tomic number one. if you thought the car traffic was bad in california on the highways, wait till you see the air traffic. miraculously no one was hurt when a small plane crash landed on the 91 freeway and happened after the plane experienced
7:51 pm
engine failure. holy crap. yeah, wanted to make an emergency landing and all in all, still looks less stressful than landing safely at lax. every passenger escaped as the aircraft erupted into flames. bad news, they'll probably never see the ending of their in-flight movie. fire fighters raced to the scene to extinguish the blast and officials say it had now reopened and the plane has been sold to spirit airlines to be used on its next trip to houston. your pilot will be harrison ford. that's exciting. topic number two, the player on the pittsburgh pirates is catching heat for carrying his cell phone during a professional baseball game after sliding into third base and it popped out of his pocket. better than that italian kid running into traffic and his wean dropped out of his pocket, that happened. he probably never expected to get on base as a member of the pittsburgh pirates.
7:52 pm
castro sliding into third after spending most of the game sliding in the dms. hey, girls. he's the phoniest player in baseball since a-rod. he said it was unintention 23458 and had no idea the phone was in his pocket and see if that story lines up with the one on his instagram. he wasn't the first pro ball player caught to be phoning it in and the detroit tigers have been doing that since 2014. topic number three: dom mos is closing -- dominoes is closing all stores in italy because of low demand for inauthentic american-style pizza and the fakest italian on the market? chris cuomo. they planned to open 880 stores but got to 89 after failing to beat out local italian restaurant. the spaces are available for olive garden and spaghetti factory. it took great efforts to appeal to italians by using sauces and
7:53 pm
cheeses and italian-style pizza recipe and that's their head cook and it put a damper on several businesses like rita's italian ices were canceled and supposed to open in rome and kirkland signature pulling from supermarkets and hunter biden withdrew his bid to repaint the ceiling of the chapel. what a talent we've got there. topic four, washington state where a scammer ripped off a little boy's lemonade stand by passing him a fake $100 bill. the boy knows what to do when life gives him lemons. you see 11-year-old jeremy reed selling lemonade and selling snacks by the side of the road when the men in this video paid with counterfeit cash.
7:54 pm
they printed it themselves. also known as the inflation reduction act. after accepting the $100 bill and giving the perps real money as change, jeremy noticed the bill didn't look right and bench press anyone franklin was -- benjamin franklin was wearing sun glasses and the building on the back was the 1993&mtv beach house. they're working to track down the suspects and president biden won't rest till the criminals are in justice and they're sending 300 irs agents to audit jeremy. we'll be back with your good boys and girls. it's wednesday, kenne dog is next.
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it is time for the best segment in history of global broadcast communication, kennedog. only though that loves your dog as much as you do, tweet me photos, videos, tell me about your pup. let's do it. here is georgy's dog penny. she loves keeping it cool in the pool. penny, girl, you got the right idea. jim's pup, bobba, anniversary coming up, happy find your forever home. >> and these are laurie's dog, angel andaries waiting
7:59 pm
for dad to come home, look at this, tucker. tucker is one-year-old, he loves to chew on everything. still puppies i think until they are 5. dee dee is a rescue dog, a good girl and lunar loves to play. and the long legs and ears. you could be a model. next up william's puppy juno, he see brendan's pooches, macey and lola. and kirby. a carolina dog, swamp girl. i love you thank you for watching the best hour of
8:00 pm
of day, tomorrow night, alexander wilkes, dave smith. you know it will be a good one with a crew like that. tune in. make every day a kenneday with the dogs love to love you, good night. some prefer to party like it's the end of the world and others are busy preparing for it making plans for life's what ifs, what i told you preparing, didn't have to mean hoarding toilet paper and all the canned goods you can get your hands othis luxury document doomsday bunker is fully shelved.


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