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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 28, 2022 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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sometimes when you talk to banks bankes on phone get question is that error ared line they often or doesn't mean all wrongdoing but on the other hand, they don't want to he nestlé have sausage being made, regulators wall street doesn't necessarily want complete transparency all times, yeah, it is knee probably going to happen. maria: answer the whatsapp. >> can you imagine being the person has to herd cats guy in office on top of what messages you are sending that has to be one of the worst jobs. dagen: i was editor 30 years ago, almost, of compliance, it was a trade publication for the trade. it was back up. maria: [laughter] >> no shortage of material; right? dagen: it was operations management so these jack legs
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the known for decades that if people are communicating you got to track it regardless whether electronic or not. maria: next hour "mornings with maria" begins right now. . >> good wednesday more oftening thanks very much for joining us this morning. i'm maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, september 28, your top stories 8:00 a.m. on the button onto east coast, rates spiking stocks falling, yield on 10-year 4% for the first time in 12 years, stocks decline democrats reneck on joe manchin's permitting promises west virginia senator pulling energy plan to avoid a government shut down senate voting 72 to 23, passing the bill extending government funding through december 16th, bill including 12.2 billion dollars, of new aid to ukraine, markets this morning, are trading lower but has been a volatile morning after the
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bank of england stepped in, and announced that it will be buying bonds. a reversal to what we saw earlier from the boe, a lot of disaway in british markets this week, and on wall street, trickled down throughout wall street stocks lower yesterday, and we are looking at selling continue this morning being in bear market territory for the dow industrials dow yesterday down 125 down another 80 right now nasdaq higher yesterday s&p 500 lower birks 7 3/4 the dow seeing longest losing streak since february 2020 rates move up fastest in 40 years take a look at 10-year treasury this morning the after topping 4% for the first time since 2008 the yield 3.929% down 1.7 basis points markets reversed after news out of britain, over time prices meanwhile, after rebounding from nine minilows on golf supply chain cuts as hurricane ian approached
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florida weekly inventories will give a look 10:30 a.m. brent brent up a quarter of a percent crude oil up a half percent, european markets where action is the ft 100 in london is well off the lows, after the bank of england announced it will start unlimited bond purchases to stabilize the market, bank of england will buy bonds sent mashes off session lowe's it did initially stabilize brib pound but down 1.0582 dollars asian markets hong kong biggest hit down 3 1/2% on hang seng index, then there is this about hurricane ian horse away from smashing into florida more than 405 million floridians being told to leave their homes, as category four major hurricane, is bearing down on south florida with 140-mile-an-hour winds storm surge expected to hit florida this afternoon, we will take you there, "mornings with
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maria" is live right now. . >> let's get to fox business usually web zero in staint st. petersburg florida, good morning. good morning to you maria this is going closed up -- ron desantis said few moments ago this is going to be a as in, nasty day rain lashes down winds to pick up a little bit more, expecting rindz in course next 12 hours to get up to 55, 60 maybe gusts up to 80 miles per hour. the big story itself, here 80 miles south of here down towards fort myers port charlotte report has sustained winds hurricane ian 155 miles per hour, two miles per hour short of a category 5. maintains if it maintains that sprint as landfall results are going to be catastrophic, even
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if you are not close to the center, we are about 80 miles north impact from this giant storm going to be felt for quite sometime, this is going to be rain, up to a foot or more, you have north side tampa bay behind me right now low tide, it will be, if a problem with storm surge, one point before tampa was going to get a direct hit that has not transferred, that is, now going to hit further south keeping eye on this storm surge behind it, and earlier this morning, the governor said look if you are in one of these he prone areas, the time to escape has run out take a listen. >> it is no longer possible to safely evacuate it is time to hunker down prepare for the storm this is a powerful storm should be treated like you would treat if a tornado was approaching. your home. >> and you know he mention
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tornado the governor that is a threat in these storm you got a couple overnight in broward county north of miami that is is a threat, the growing winds, of course, the power, once we get winds up to 50, 60, maybe gusts 80 that is going to be a real problem for the power here maria trees come down that kind of wind. we have some 30,000 utilities workers spread out around the area ready to take action once that event evaporates likely to happen certain south kwvk a tough catastrophic day. >> we will keep tracking that, thanks very much, ashley webster in florida this morning for very latest on ian go to download that app track this storm, along with us live as it is happening, democrat bikering over continuing resolution to financed government could leave fema high and dry as ian barrels across florida fox
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business white house correspondent edward lawrence pressing fema administration on preparations for this hurricane how it will navigate defeated strategic petroleum reserve yesterday watch. >> petroleum reserve at lowest level in 37 years you said you set aside gas for florida there is concern the reserve is not high enough now to handle the aftermath of this emergency and other hurricanes that could come. we continue to access after storm passes to see what impacts are. >> it against on -- storm bring we need to devote assessment after storm passes. >> to a dagen mcdowell, brian brenberg james freeman, dagen the strategic oil reserve, is supposed to be for emergencies, joe biden has been selling this strategic oil even to china! and now we are at dangerously low levels a hurricane on our hands. dagen: right i also, spending is raised issue of all the money that has been spent that is on the left, the democrats,
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and on the right, republicans, over the particularly the last 20 years. what is left in real case of emergency. and, at some point i we are going to hit a wall longer-term interest rates skyrocket her i raises the issue irwanted to talk about klobuchar the senator saying vote for democrats. >> run that here she is minnesota is it senator amy klobuchar yesterday, watch. >> we just did something about climate change, for the first time in decades, that is why we've got to win this as that hurricane bears down on florida, we got to win in midterms we understand, that. >> is she suggesting if you vote for democrats will prevent powerful storms. dagen: maybe again desperation is the world's worst perfume, this is where democrats are on this, but there is a -- politicization
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of this storm, of this hurricane don lemon on cnn said what effects do climate change have then o phenomena it seems storms are intensifying, noaa man said i don't think you can link climate change to any one of them he is listen i grew up there are these storms intensifying. >> trying to deflect, stay on storm stay on making people safe. but i will note lumbourg data shows over last half century people have become much safer from weather events cost in terms of gdp going down of devastating storms you need money there to help people out get people out of harm's way, but, again, they would rather you know, break the law, trade dollars -- >> notice the bill that she is referring to that is supposed to help climate change was called inflation reduction
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act, i mean come on! let's force whatever we want to do into the emergency of the day. maria: s right. >> if you actually believe her thesis today's hurricanes caused by burning fossil fuel, the inflation reduction act going to cause a bonfire fossil fuels in 2023 mining all that stuff poll silicon for solar panels minerals that into into wind turbines all alternative energy, it is, mined with fossil fuels, the act creating next year. >>. dagen: doing the same with climate change, and even using the storm as gross as it is. fear equalize control, equal equals power same thing with pandemic with covid to try to frighten people into taking control, and spending more
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money. >> whatever do you don't test the logic that is all they are -- >> don't say anything about it you will be canceled on china they keep -- it is okay because we can buy electric vehicles, china will produce them, the batteries no problem. dagen: you wrote because i am buttering him up, borrowing -- he wrote about not just china, and, you know, mining for metals you needed but indonesia we are ce. ding power money to potential dangerous nation. >> shifting power to places often run by dictators. >> losses this morning looking at a decline in dow industrials down 68 s&p down 16 nasdaq down 97 efficient
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♪ politicize. >> >> . maria: welcome back. stocks down this morning, and we are expecting a decline start of trading we are looking ahead to the second quarter gdp, out tomorrow morning want to see you if it confirms contraction last reading stocks down yesterday as well investors worried about higher interest rates dow longest losing streak since february 2020 rates increase fastest pace of 40 years 10-year treasury yield briefly topped 4% for the first time since 2008 yesterday at 4% this morning before things came tumbleing down 10-year 3.914% down 3 1/2 basis points joining us rights now, strategic, chairman ceo jason trennert good to see you thanks very much for being here. good to see you -- >> want to ask earnings season i want to ask about yields
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spiked first let's talk about what is going on in the uk. the bank of england, going to be buying bonds surprise move to try to stabilize the market after massive disarray in this market over the few days what is your take. >> my take is uk, specifically, in europe, in general, is in a -- extremely difficult position largely because there has been no to have the coherent energy policy environment policies no energy policy in a situation many cases, bills for utilities, gas, up 4 and 5 times, there is no way to really get around that aside from he deficit spending. already weakens, already weak currency, results in higher inflation. so it is it is a very vicious circle i understand what uk is doing i think, it makes sense for them to do it, i do not
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think it will be ultimately sufficiently few interventions are unless coordinated in 85 plaza accord a coordinated effort world major economies to bring value of the dollar down you are not seeing that i would say japan intervenings in currency market a week ago basically right back at he levels where, where they were, before the intervention, so again i understand why are there doing it but i -- i don't think it will be ultimately that successful, because, there are very big struck problems you have to fix, these are band-aids. maria: sounds familiar, by the way, to united states, here in u.s. central banks pushed for rate hikes to flight inflation minneapolis neel kashkari spoke with journal yesterday watch. >> the economy is sening us a
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lot of mixed signals, the tightening policy unless compelling evidence underline core inflation having peaked heading on a its way down then i think we need to sit there, and we need to pause, and wait and let the tightening work through the economy, to see at that point have we done enough. maria: so jason we've seen that sentiment over and over again from the fed it is sending rates higher i guess here we are two weeks away from start of third-quarter earnings season i want to get your take what the profit story is going to look like in a couple weeks given the fact that there is a lot of dire predictions profits recession least of it including steep recession well into 2023, thoughts? >> yeah, no, i think first of all i would say neel kashkari the fe singing with one voice everybody from same hymnal here i tame them seriously they told you zam what they
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are going to do i think for them the policy era not necessarily causing recession if it takes out recession for them the policy is a top andgo money mystery policies somewhat fixes numbers laws it to come back first point would i make. as far as he protests we took earning estimates for 2023 down for next year to decline of 10%, versus the baseline of this year. the street bottom-up street estimates hil the earnings up about 8 or 9% for next year. so, i think little by little you are going to start to see sell side analysts take their earnings down, to reflect what is very likely to be a recession, in 2023. so, that is somewhat worrisome if equity investor because, say you know so far the decline in stocks, has been entirely due to multiple compression not due to expectations of lower earnings. and to me that is that is the
8:21 am
next shoe to drop. maria: so you are expecting a sell-off in this market year he end? >> i think so i think the market headed lower i really do, i think we are using 200 dollars per share for s&p 500 operating earnings we could discuss what debate what appropriate multiple is but 15 or 16 times that is 3,000, 3200. >> thanks so much. >> thank you, see you junes trennert new york city beginning tent city construction to house illegal migrants nicole maya macguineas is here how their state is impacted by the crisis at the border, stay with us.
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comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. ™ >> >> >> . >> this is to deal with humanitarian crisis that we're facing. >> i am frustrated with the fact that this is a national issue that must be resolved.
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we should not have to trade off dealing with the needs of new yorkers an dealing with the needs of migrants ai asylum sectors. >> eric adams yesterday city begins construction of tent city that to house migrants bussed from texas another migrant bus arrived in new york city this morning this is the 18th since sunday, 18 buts since sundays joining us right now to talk more about what is going on in new york congresswoman nicole malliotakis a nebraska foreign affairs trillions infrastructure committees great to see you. >> great to be with you thank you so much. maria: a we've got 18 buses four days. >> common sense says we need to call on our president to secure the border not happening under president trump -- "remain in mexico" didn't "catch and release" a process in place people can apply had to remain on the other side of the border until court date now nearly four million people from over 60
8:27 am
countries, entering through southern border dozens caught at the border terrorist watch list, out of control so if mayor is right unsustainable, and we reached our break being point what is solution he refuses to call on president of his own party restore order at a border desperately needed. >> kamala harris said the border is secure how lying in pipeline sight. >> she won't go down there i went do you know there personally i can tell you so did you this you they tell you uven sustainable what is happening, we know that drug enforcement agencies telling us that is where fentanyl streaming, so my u.s. senator schumer saying we need more to deal with fentanyl why don't we put drug dealers in jail in new york, individuals arrested released on street why don't they secure the border giving
8:28 am
technology to agents they need complete construction of bair commonsense children of immigrants we are a compassionate nation this threatens national security public safety. >> you have tent cities growing, in have new york, completely unsustainable. and mayor is frustrated, he says. he says we should not have to trade off between taking care of new yorkers and taking care of migrants he is not taking care of either right now, case even people who live in the city all the timer saying "i are not taking care of subways not taking care of streets" he is not doing anything he promised to do. >> you are absolutely right the fact new yorkers are struggling having difficulty paying for their own roofs over head food on table want to increase the burden, on american families that are just can't keep up with cost-of-living so many new yorkers are leaving, homeless population in new york approaching what, 60,000 individuals and, yet, he wants
8:29 am
to build a tent city for people who have come into our country illegally. >> crime in new york city woman attacked in subway cover story on post. >> how many women particularly of color need to get betten before mayor does something about it or district attorney or even governor does something about it, there are is a couple on my street, who are now living in on the street, in front of my building, they have a mattress they have little apartment set up in the street. it is sad. maria: very sad. dagen: heartbreaking at the same time this is a city that a statement of how quickly the problems get out of control. and there's no one in charge, trying to take command of what this downward spiral only way i can describe it. maria: they let the quality
8:30 am
of life he deteriorate making of a democrat policy refused to transition out of homeless shelter helping them, transition from welfare to work programs job training to help people be sustainable during time of labor shortages so we can help people transition, but they do not do that, crime they refuse to fix bail law, okay? they refuse to fix sanctuary policy that protects individuals even if they commit crimes here, they are protected from deportation, again, drug traffickers running our streets right now governor refuses to fix the bail laws to put them in jail, in brooklyn i represent we had burglar east, they think it is a joke taxpayers getting fleeced he allows that to
8:31 am
happen. maria: i grew up there we've got a video to show you a warning to the viewers this is about to contain graphic content, as you may not want to look in new york city mother was brutally consulted by a homeless man in subway could possibly lose vision in one eye picture dagen was showing earlier cover "new york post" pointing finger squarely at mayor adams after the breaking promises telling "new york post" the mayor said we would have much more cops in the sway the cops specifically would be patrol subways because that is where worst of crimes we are having, there was no one. congresswoman. >> we have, representatives like alexandria ocasio-cortez who has fought us when we call for more cops on subways subway crimes significantly up hate crimes are up, all almost all categories of crime at least major seven are up in our city, because, the police have had the tools stripped away from them they are down
8:32 am
in numbers, they are down thousands of police officers, and the mayor wants to give them another 3% cut. maria: unbelievable. >> so our priorities right now definitely upside down, because of the one party democrat rule we have to have a balance, whether city, state or federal level we've seen stray too far-left. >> are you going to vote no on bill coming your way for finding will government since not a dime on it for border patrol. >> we have to vote on it democrats create problems want to pour money to address it energy driven up letting bills electric bills now want a special fund to give to people to help pay bills the amount of money, kicking can down the road to give one more bite at apple december 16 to pass unlimited amount of spending on the way out the door should they lose hours. dagen: democrats did in new york city, one-billion-dollar thrive program de blasio's
8:33 am
wife -- you see crime reaction from left always oh poor criminal. oh poor him. he just needs mental health treatment. he just needs, better job training rather than throwing people in jail who commit crimes. maria: great to see you congresswoman nicole malliotakis here, canyon a few hours away from landfall in florida a category four storm impacting oil market in your neighborhood former energy secretary form governor of texas rick perry is here, next, don't miss it. stay with us. . .
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maria: welcome back. elon musk twitter gearing up for court fight cheryl casone
8:38 am
with details. cheryl: this fight between musk twitter continues lawyers from both sides debating about several pending requests for information. three weeks away from that trial to begin one sticking point the details surrounding whistleblower settlement payment sound youing bell over fake accounts security clause a look at stock up almost 1 1/4 percent premarket. lyft freezing hiring a economic downturn possible recession in freeze to last to end of the year spokesperson confirming that journal reported in may company was slashing department budgets, this as we are learning general motors is delaying return to office after employe uproar pushed back return to office plan to require folks to work in the office three days a week gm says going to wait rollout handled badly,
8:39 am
stocks slightly down this morning netflix could brace for massive loss, subscribers survey of the subscribers finding one in four plan to cancel membership by the end of the year. many say it is the price increases if true quells 18 million users could equal 27 million revenue losses for netflix up more than one 1/2 percent premarket, there is this maria a couple in brazil has gone viral for their choice of gender reveal they decided to dye a waterfall bright blue to announce birth of their son besides internet applying on government investigating may charge with environmental crime this waterfall a popular tourist destination wrote congratulations parents of beautiful environmental crime
8:40 am
after your stupid choice gender reveal. maria: they have no right to do that. dagen: can't fix stupidest can't fix stupid the same woman went hunting scanned photo of her with her kill there was it was a husky she killed murdered a dog thought it was a wolf, dumb? and dumber. maria: all right -- cheryl casone ian hours away from landfall in florida already having major impact on u.s. oil 11% of you gulf oil production 190,000 barrels oil shut down tuesday. as oil companies forced to evacuate workers joining is former energy secretary governor of texas rick perry thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. >> we are in perilous times access where we are, we've got a hurricane impacting oil production, on top of
8:41 am
dangerously low levels of oil, in the strategic reserve because president biden has been selling the u.s.'s oil to foreigners including china. >> exactly. i'm reminded of dumb and dumb and dumber, we've been saying that the strategic petroleum reserve should always have been used for a natural disaster instead of moving the economy trying to move the economy on the price of gas, and the biden administration, took a real chance, with the american people, the people of florida, could really be in a -- scrape right now from standpoint of the availability of fuel i hope that doesn't happen. the point is, we told people last four years, on nordstrom
8:42 am
2, if you allow putin to be soul source of energy for europe he will use it as a wp against you the current administration parry that but they allowed the normal strom pipeline -- the energy policy out of this administration, absolutely disconnected to reality that we need, which is america has it is fossil fuels, to be able to put into place independence and to give our allies what they need as well, when you add on to that the other base load nuclear power, and the last just you
8:43 am
know, their rule of to recognize zero emission base load is crazy, the policy that are being put in place, america has the energy capability to not just fuel ourselves, and do it in a responsible way but also to give our allies power that they need as well. maria: and are there not doing it. instead giving up all business to china. are there pretty much o producing the batteriess in joe biden's green agenda, james freeman jump? james: historically low level biden administration oil he leases, you mentioned the needs of ourselves and our allies. how bad do you think it is going to get for europe this winter as they deal with these shortages, what is that going to mean for prices here? >> a i think the europeans are in a worse position than they
8:44 am
even think they are. i think going to get awfully col dark in places in europe i hate that. but we told them was what was coming we've seen it before putin used energy as a weapon before he will do it again. then we have this potential sabotage may have occurred we don't know how or why but it happened europe is in trouble deep trouble, i think you are going to see a massive move back to american and other areas of the world lng into europe not going to help this winter, so i think the electricity price it's is literally going through the roof as europe faces one of the great energy crisis than ever faced before. >> what does that mean for
8:45 am
u.s.? >> obviously, impact on our economics as well, i means supply and demand works as much as some in the administration would with like to say that it doesn't. you are going to see higher electricity prices you are going to see i think the cost of energy going up. now, is this recession going to tamper that a bit it could what a terrible combination of prices going up because of a supply and demand issue at the same time, spending money that we don't have, driving inflation i mean a terrible combination, maria, that this administration has put into place, and you know, thank go to the we are closer to november when the american people are going to have the opportunity to say listen, bad policies we don't want you guys in there anymore, and you
8:46 am
know bring in the cavalry hopefully start turning in big ship around so to speak det america back on track. maria: very discouraging good to see you this morning. thanks so much of a godspeed. maria: and to you, rick perry joining us this morning, we'll be right back. stay with us. . then i got the dexcom g6. i just glance at my phone, and there's my glucose number. wow. my a1c has dropped over 2 points to 7.2. that's a huge victory. ♪ here goes nothing. hey greg. uhh...hello? it's me, your heart! really? yes! recording an ekg in 30 seconds. tada! wow, that was fast.
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>> >> . maria: welcome back, a streaming service combines technology, entertainment and access to innovate healthcare met flicks created to make medical information accessible all in one place, joining us right now the chief medical officer, dr. steven, o'brian great to see you you are attending surgery at hospital for special surgery great to have you this morning. >> thank you great honor to be here tell us about med iflix one great thing to have friends, family patients the right information right the first time going to try to democratize that personal experiences failed in efforts to help loved ones founder's wife had cancer found out even
8:51 am
good institutions there was another par kel institution that one of her fellow patients accessed lived she didn't, it is having a servant heart to democratize what we do for friends and family. this is streaming you got people talking conversations that people can log on, and watch stream? >> yeah, you know there is no pop-ups no advertisements you can't pay to be into this no one at the top of the page unless best information from the best doctors. we've crueltied over 300 to about doctors in the united states, expanded globally most chairman of departments or that level, and whole purpose to push out better information for more efficiency transparency in healthcare marketplace. maria: i love it. dagen: does name when you talk about entertainment the name mediflix i got cancer
8:52 am
want to combine medical information about cancer care with some entertainment. does that conflict? i say that having shep hareed my mother's cancer care. >> on media icons we call it edutainment get access to the best experts in the world, this is the best network ever put together dagen most are at tus we have relationships with yale cleveland clinic many working to combine all information into one mace want to try to replace the phrase google with mediflix. >> google a deep completely useless hole often. >> people accessing online so it is an opportunity if you could visit those people.
8:53 am
dagen: but like you google lung cancer get pitched lung cancer drugs might not apply to you, overwhelm with completely useless information, and advertisements when they are not applicable to say maybe your type of lung cancer. >>. >> you are spot on we hope to make it so people can do this as so long as access to the internet a premium model a lot of disorders now chronic doois not necessarily terminal he living best life with x, y, i z important parkinsonson's effort find what are warning signs as loved one starting down that road the best information places i want to say i am very proud of -- the people the doctors that i recruit because every one are doing this in effort to try to petition out better information, they don't have an alternative motive other than to do better.
8:54 am
>> including colleagues in the medical profession you want to make sure best in class care is getting everywhere even doctor may struggling to keep up literature i imagine. >> absolutely we hope to be on ever house officer's phone our app to get doctors remote, let's say in china, that need help because they are isolated can access us, get a premium opportunity as well, a lot of businesses i think will find this very helpful, because, i -- didn't -- healthcare distraction talks direct cost for healthcare what you pay out what you lost, wages productivity absenteeism loss of productivity in the marketplace, covid what is happened wouldn't you rather hear from jay barkley chairman, one of the leading experts, rather than talking head. maria: i love it, great work thanks very much. >> thank you.
8:55 am
dagen: easy on talking -- >> [laughter]. dagen: i am not a doctor kind of -- [laughter]. maria: we will come right back. stay with us. . another busy day? of course - you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. ... powering possibilities. (vo) at viking, we are proud to have been named the world's number one for both rivers and oceans
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maria: welcome back. hurricane ian just hours away from making landfall in florida more than two and a half million residents are being told to believe their homes. fox weather is live in tampa,
8:59 am
florida this morning, nicole what can you tell us? good morning. reporter: maria good morning. this storm is going to hit tampa bay soon an going to hit hard. moments ago governor ron desantis says it is no longer safe to evacuate. it's now time to hunker down and prepare for this storm. he recommends treating this like it's a tornado, heading your way , as hurricane ian approaches florida's gulf coast. do not go outside, get in your safe shelter now, and really, that message emphasizes as we start to feel the winds pick-up and the rain come down here behind us. already several bridges across tampa bay are shutdown and look at the effects of hurricane ian already in places like key west. we saw record breaking storm surge there, the third-highest so far, and meanwhile, there are people who have gone outside in those conditions and gone out, tried to take selfies. it's beyond dangerous. it's never what we want to see. last night, tornadoes in broward
9:00 am
county, put so many at risk. we saw planes flipped upside down by those winds. now, local police here in tampa do feel like those who live especially on the barrier island s behind me have listened to those , they have taken action, left their home. of course we know it may not be everyone, so we really hope that people are safe at this hour. maria: all right thanks very much, nicole, go to a foxweather .com download the app and track the storm. thanks everybody this morning for joining us great to see you we'll see you tomorrow. "varney" & company begins right now stu take it away. stuart: good morning, maria, good morning, everyone. our hearts go out to floridians. they are facing a category 4 storm with 155-mile an hour winds. ian is heading for charlotte county. now that's just south of tampa. it's almost there, on the verge of arriving. governor desantis is warning of catastrophic damage and it will not be over soon. after hitting the coast, ian will tear through central florida and make its way to georgia. we'll track it throughout the show. our own ashley webster is right


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