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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 19, 2022 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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if you wake up thinking about the market and want to make the right moves fast... get decision tech from fidelity. [ cellphone vibrates ] you'll get proactive alerts for market events before they happen... and insights on every buy and sell decision. with zero-commission online u.s. stock and etf trades. for smarter trading decisions, get decision tech from fidelity. larry: please don't forget american dine city airs tonight 9:00 p.m. eastern on fox business crime. this is the new guilded age. don't listen to left wing historians. it's a fabulous period in america. maria: good wednesday morning, everyone. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, october 19th.
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your top stories right now, 6:0. today, depleting the manage s sigh stockpile, oil prices -- emergency stockpile. oil prices look like this after the white house says it plans to release 15 million oil barrels from the strategic p pre toll ym reserves. the white house bragging abouts gasoline prices even though americans are feeling pain at the pump. the national average coming if in at $3.85 a gallon with three weeks until the midterm elections. the momentum in stocks continues this morning, futures indicating a gain at the start of trading as we look ahead to more third quarter earnings out this morning. the dow industrials up 86, s&p up 17, nasdaq higher by 83. procter & gamble and travelers out this morning, tesla and ibm after the closing bell tonight. this as we look ahead to today's
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housing data, mortgage rates out 7:00 a.m. eastern time this morning as the 30 year fixed currently hovers around 7%. housing starts and building permits out at 8:30 a.m. this morning and the federal reserve connected to public -- expected to publish the beige book today. yesterday, stocks finished up better than 1%, a broad based rally on wall street continued with the dow industrials up 337 by the close, that was 1.1%. the nasdaq up 96 and s&p 500 higher by 42 at 4:00 on wall street. the dow seeing its highest close since september 20th. check interest rates this morning as 4% was the watch word yesterday and a it continues this morning. the 10 year up 4.8 basis points to a level 4.59%. the ft 100 is up 2 points, the cac is up 35, the dax higher by 25. the u.k. inflation rate up to 10.1% in the month of september.
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in asia overnight, markets finished mostly lower, hong kong taking the biggest hit with a decline of 2 and a third percent. yesterday, igor danchenko acquitted, found not guilty on four counts of lying to the fbi about the trump russia dossier. we get into it with ohio congressman, jim jordan. he joins me at 8:00 a.m. this morning. "mornings with maria" is lininge this morning. maria: president biden is bleeding the strategic pee of sm reserve. >> is there any conversations
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about releasing more oil from the strategic petroleum reserve, how will the president keep the supply up? >> so we're not considering new releases, releases from the strategic petroleum reserve beyond the 180 million. maria: the white house bragging about lower price, less than three weeks before the midterms as prices at the pump creep bak towards $4 a gallon, $3.85 for a gallon of gas. >> every month the typical two driver family saves $120 at the pump, compared to where we were in mid-june. everyday americans save about $420 million at the pump compared to mid-june. maria: and that is the point of releasing the oil from the strategic reserve. joining the conversation all morning long this morning is the wall street journal's assistant editor call page editor, james freeman, pollster and the be president of maslansky and partners, lee carter and payne
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capital management president, ryan payne is here. great to see everybody this morning. thank you so much for being here. this is intentional, james, release oil from the strategic petroleum he reserve to keep oil prices lower ahead of the midterm elections. we don't he no what happens after the midterms. we don't know how dangerous it is to keep depleting this. we're at the lowest levels since 1984. your reaction. >> this is supposed to be a reserve to deal with a crisis. there's not enough fuel, something he preventing gasoline from getting to market. this is another purely political effort. the press secretary probably didn't know this was coming because they got a new poll saying inflation is still the top concern and, therefore, sell down more of the reserve. so it is not part of a strategy to drive up production. this isn't saying we're going to he release more and then next month new supplies will come online. it's just let's get past the election. it's so irresponsible, not what
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this created for and i don't thk voters will buy it. maria: the editorial this morning, biden's top priority 2023, abortion, spot on. heveryone is worried about the inflation and the economy. and the white house is saying if congress keeps the majority of he'll have a national law, he'll sign an executive order that will you how abortion up to the last day of pregnancy in all 50 states. this is what he's campaigning on. >> that's because of the polls. so he's got a huge sign behind him, everywhere he's going that says restore roe. what he's counting on, 65 a% of women are saying they would make roe versus wade one of the primary voting issues. in many states where really it's not an issue, he's trying to make it an issue and the issues in the states where it's close, too close to call, he's he's trying to say i'm going to tip woulden men over. but it's not working. when you look at some of the l e polls, you'll see women are breaking republican. that's not what we've been
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seeing in the last several years with suburban women. a lot of women, independent women, are saying it's more important to me than abortion is the economy. maria: inflation in america up 28.2%, september year over year. we're talking about huge numbers, the economy and inflation keeps coming up as number one and number two in every poll. >> if in every single poll. maria: what is he doing? he's trying to release oil from their reserve to keep prices. that's artificial. >> it's completely artificial. voters see through it. there's no sentiment that's saying i'm feeling better than i did three months ago. in fact, quite the opposite. >> you're going from when oil prices were at the peak, let's go to when the biden administration came into office, oil prices are a lot higher. we're trying to compete with opec by releasing from the reserves, kind of like bringing a water gun to people with ak-47s. you know, it's -- you can't compete with opec. they've cut 2 million barrels a
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day. so it's just like it's not even -- it's a complete pr move to jim's point. maria: even there i it was so disingenuous to ask opec, you want to cut production, don't do it before the midterm election. we have a lot coming up, earnings season is in full swing. we're taking a look at netflix and united and previewing tesla later today. stay with us on that. and then the fentanyl crisis at the border getting worse as agents see an uptick in rainbow fentanyl. we're talking about it coming up. plus, former israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is here for a first on fox interview he'll join me to talk israel on the world stage and his new memoir. don't miss that special interview coming up. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ and i know it's going to be a lovely day. ♪ lovely day, lovely day, lovely day, lovely day. my
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maria: welcome back. we've got a firmer tone once again, futures are up indicating a gain at the starred of trading. we are l looking ahead toes tesa earnings. tesla shares are up one and a quarter percent. yesterday netflix beat expectations on earnings and revenue, add aing 2.4 million subscribers after losing subscribers in the quarter before. joining us right now, mark avalone. thank you for being here. >> good morning. maria: interesting to see netflix adding subscribers. is that a telltale sign. i was thinking when you're stressed financially one of the things you given up first are maybe streaming services. we didn't see that this quarter for netflix. >> well, americans have a near addiction to spending. we enjoy any liquidity we have,
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we have low savings rates, people like to consume and staying at home is not an expensive way to enjoy entertainment. certainly not relative to going to the movyings and spending 6 -- movies and spending $6 for a box of popcorn. i'm not surprised that if the economy slows down and if there's consumer cash available that they spend it on something like netflix, plus the product that netflix is offering is becoming more competitive. winter's many coming. people are going to stay home. this was not a surprise that they had a strong report of. maria: we've already seen deterioration, demand destruction. look at the housing market. this morning we get mortgage applications out, we'll get september's building permits and housing starts at 8:30. home builder sentiment tumbling to the lowest level since may 22020as mortgage rates hover ard 7%. what does that mean for housing and do you think the higher rates are going to cree ought demand destruction -- create demand destruction elsewhere? >> yes. this is exactly what the fed's plan is and why there's a
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bifurcation between consumer expenditures for airline tickets which we see up, netflix which is strong and the housing market which is going into a decline. the fed controls interest rate sensitive areas, purchases for homes and autos that rely on the extension of credit. they are going to h slow down. it's not just the rate. it's the regulation. it's the approval criteria are going to rise at a banks. banks are going to want to the hold onto money, especially if they can get 4 and-a-half percent on a two year treasury, why would they risk consumer credit risk so you're going to see the fed's plan come into effect and be successful on the backs of people who want to buy that first home. >> mark, hi, james, freeman at the wall street journal. wondering if you can explain the market right now. futures up, a good day yesterday. we get so many research reports out of wall street saying we're doomed to recession. they look at -- we talked about housing obviously a lot of
6:16 am
indicators heading south. what do you think's going on right now? are the earnings so far maybe not as bad as people thought? how th do you explain this recet mini bout of bullishness here if. >> a combination of things are happening. you had stocks beaten down so much. you have bank stocks in mid and high single digit pe multiples so they were selling cheap and when their earnings reports came out reasonably strong, you had a reflexive rally and investors who were underweight stocks and short the market had to rush in because the banks p actually delivered. but i think the concern and why bank stocks are remaining in single digit areas is because the risk of credit defaults is always an overhang on banks. so as long as that's out there, there's a spector that we may go into recession and financials would be one of those areas that get hit. and that is what i think
6:17 am
happened this week. i think what's going to be more telling is how the tech earnings come out, netflix sort of considered a tech company but when the tech earnings come out next week, i think that's what's going to give investors the best indication of whether or not taking a risk-on approach has merit. >> that's a good point. tech got hit the hardest here. you mentioned something i agree with too is americans just love to spend money. and i think strategists on wall street forget had that, they say the death of the consumer and seems to me, like you mentioned housing, housing prices are coming down rapidly and inflation numbers are going to start to look good and if wages stay strong, i mean, theoretically in 12 months the economy could be in pretty good shape. i don't think anyone's talking about that right now. >> well, i think when you have this -- what happened with covid and the spector of death and people being forced to he remain inside with masks, you are having a psyche change where going out and enjoying life and
6:18 am
spending money and living on your own terms is an underestimated factor that's driving this spending. people are planning trips. they're not he t slowing down. i'm not -- they're not slowing down. i'm the not hearing people say they're not going to a great restaurant because budgets are tight. people who have money will spend. the challenge is on the lower and working class people who the biden administration claims to help. that's where inflation hurts the most. maria: oh, yeah. >> it's not affecting the wealthy as much who of have the discretionary dollar, united airlines said ticket sales are way up. he leisure travel's way up. people who have money are spending. this is compressing people in the working class. maria: how long does that last? what you're saying certainly was indicative from the ceo comments we got this week. goldman sachs' ceo david solomon adding to the bank ceo conversation on the state of the economy saying there is a good chance of a recession so it's time to be cautious but bank of america ceo brian moynihan said the current consumer environment is strong and jp morgan ceo
6:19 am
jamie dimon doubling down on the, quote, economic hurricane prediction so mixed stories from the three banks but i think it's speaking to the strength of the consumer. we've got the fed beige book out today at 2:00 p.m. eastern. any expectations of of a big impact there from the beige book, mark? you have to wonder how long just one portion of the population is impacted by this. especially if people are going into their savings accounts to pay for 40-year high inflation. it catches up, doesn't it? >> it does catch up and a i think we're going to start to see the curve bend a bit. i think we're going to see ticks up in unemployment as we hear more layoffs. we heard microsoft slowing down hiring, google put a freeze on. meta slowed down. i think eventually manufacturing and capital intensive areas will feel the weight of the cost of capital so i don't expect robust economic growth from here on out. the hope is we have modest
6:20 am
recession, not a hard landing. maria: mark, it's great to talk with you this morning. thanks so much. your morning mover is united airlines, up in the premarket. the company seeing the stock surge 7%, expecting its fourth quarter operating margin to be above the 2019 234u78 better 2e first time. united beat on third quarter earnings per share and revenue as well. executives are expected to hold an analyst call this morning at 10:30 a.m. eastern so we'll see if any new information comes ops acquitted, the subsource of the phony russian dossier found not guilty of lying to the fbi. we're breaking it down coming up. one state shunning any more investment in blackrock, the reason makes a buzz this morning. we are talking about esg and blackrock when we come back.
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maria: welcome back. well, a d.c. jury finding the primary source of the debunked anti-trump steele dossier igor danchenko not guilty. he got off on all four counts of making false statements to the fbi. this is the second to come from john durham's investigation into the origins of the fbi's trump
6:25 am
investigation. michael sussmann was also found not guilty back in june. joining me right now is newsweek opiniopinion editor and host ofe josh hammer podcast, josh hammer. what do you make of this decision? >> maria, great to be with us as always. i'm a lawyer by training. in law school they teach you the old legal ac a a xion that a grd jury would indict a ham a sandwich. i'm not sure what happened, why john durham can't get anyone to indict someone in this case. i remember being on your show, back in may, to talk about the acquittal of michael sussmann. we've seen the a acquittals of michael sussmann and igor danchenko, the near probation of kevin clinesmith, a relatively low level fbi attorney, that happened about two years ago or
6:26 am
so, august of 2020 if i have the date correct. at this point it appears that john durham probably doesn't necessarily have any more aces up his sleeve. i would like to be proven wrong. my best read on the situation and it is a very unfortunate one is at this point, at this point the best remedy that we can hope for to actually see justice is not going to happen legally. it's going to have to happen politically. john durham, if you look at his statements on monday, he said, quote, the fbi mishandled this case. he said his special counsel team was not there to defend the fbi's handling of the steele dossier so it seems that durham is teeing up his final report to kind of nudge congress to make some political reforms. it's kind of anil you gus to --s the supreme court doesn't get into the political question doctrine, some questions are inherently political a, the courts won't touch it. did yourdurham sawthe fix was i. he's in for a political remedy,
6:27 am
rather than a legal one. maria: james freeman, what is this about? we've been talking about the idea that he keeps making the fbi the victim. they were not the victim. they pursued a fisa warrant on carter page after knowing that the steele dossier was bunk. they still used it and they attached it to an official intelligence assessment. >> yeah. maria: they're not a victim. >> they're not. i think one thing that came out of this, we saw even more the wrong-doing at the fbi. we wrote in our book about james comey selling to the intelligence community the idea that christopher steele was a great source after the fbi had already fired christopher steele as a source. what we learned in this trial was that they had offered him a m million dollars. maria: unbelievable. >> if he could back up the garbage that he be put in that dossier. he left a million dollars on the table. and it's not because nobody wants a million dollars. maria: he couldn't corroborate it. >> he couldn't do it. he didn't have the goods.
6:28 am
so i think that does go back to the fbi of. knowing this. knowing your source had fallen apart. the story was collapsing. the tales about trump were based on bs and rumor and jokes told among friends over beers. it is the fbi. they are the authors and jim come hey -- come hy you would he would be held accountable. maria: that' that's why peoplt trust institutions. >> it's devastating for what it means for everything, really. i mean, it means that people don't trust the voting system. it means people don't trust their safety. we don't trust anything we hear from anyone and so we resort to -- maria: and elections. and elections too. >> and elections. we resort to going to sources that -- you know, it's just, if you think it and you feel like you might trust that person more than you -- we have to trust in
6:29 am
institutions, the foundation and the bedrock of our country and when we don't, i think society gets lost. maria: i said it before. people go into the water when they know the shark is dead. unless we see accountability that actually something's been corrected about the politicization going on in the fbi and throughout the agencies, nobody's going to trust these guys at all. josh, the midterms are less than three weeks away. accountability there, maybe? president biden is getting out on the campaign trail now. he's been struggling during these speeches. watch this. >> the right that i pushed hard and finally got changed, the married couples in the privacy of their bedroom, excuse me, i'm thinking about the dobbs decision. well, i'll get to that in a second. god bless you all, may god protect our troops. thank you. i'm sorry. if you get any questionable calls, please tell us by going to report fraud, report fraud, dotftc dot-gov.
6:30 am
maria: he spells out dot-gov. your thoughts on biden is impact on the midterms. >> there was a brief month from late july through late august where i think it looked like the dobbs abortion backlash there might be something to that, there was some polling indicating, there was special elections in nebraska, minnesota, new york state, there was pro life amendments and in kansas that failed. there's about a month where the momentum was on the democrats' side. at this point the momentum has swung back to where it was back in like may or june. at this point i think we are very clearly looking at a red wave election again. you heard the president there, kind of this abortion speech that he just totally stumbled through. what he's trying to do, what his party, the democrats are trying to do, they're trying to recapture the post-dobbs backlash magic that he had for a few weeks. on the abortion issue itself, when you hear joe biden say his
6:31 am
number one priority in the next congress is to quote, unquote, codify roe versus wade. when the democrats say that, what they're talking about is you consistent stew mental health exception -- construe mental health exceptions so broadly to legalize abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy for the whole country. going back to 1982, joe biden once called to overturn roe versus wade via constitutional amendment. he's trying to position himself in the median position in the democrat party, that is who he was then, that is who he is now. the democratic party a has moved to the left. i feel like a red wave is coming. maria: they're hanging on by their fingernails. to do a speech that abortion is the priority, not as soon as you win we're going to do something about inflation, not as soon as you win we're going to make the
6:32 am
u.s. strong on the world stage with our adversaries on the march, not we're going to do something to get control of oil. it's abortion. it's pretty extraordinary. josh, thank you. quick break and then arizona border papa troll agents seeing an a increase of rainbow fentanyl seizures. kelly cooper is here. plus how the race is going less than three weeks out. stay with us. research shows that people remember ads with young people having a good time. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's a pool party. look what i brought! liberty mutual! they customize your home insurance... so you only pay for what you need! ♪young people having a good time with insurance.♪ ♪young people.♪ ♪good times.♪ ♪insurance!♪ only pay for what you need. ♪liberty liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire.
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avalarahhhhh. what if tax rates change? ahhhhhh. filing sales tax returns? ahhhhhh. managing exemption certificates? ahhhhhh. business license guidance? ahhhhhh. does it connect with accounting? ahhhhhh. item classification? ahhhhhh. cross-border sales? ahhhhhh. what about? ahhhhhh. ahhhhhh. do you have those budget markups? thank you. mmhm. [bubbles] maria: welcome back. well, a taste of winter coming to the midwest. cheryl casone with details now. cheryl. cheryl: well, maria, that's here we go. more than a foot and-a-half of snow falling across parts of michigan and wisconsin yesterday, marquette, michigquen got 18 inches he over two days, making it the city's third snowiest october on record. great, here we go. winter. the same system bringing frigid temperatures to the east coast again today. well, , two ir air force fightes
6:37 am
intercepting russian bombers over al alaska. this comes as tensions rise between washington and moscow as the biden administration continues to supply humanitarian and a military aid to ukraine in its war with russia. well, amazon employees in a warehouse near albany, new york rejecting an effort to unionize, the result delivering a major blow to the amazon labor union looking to organize workers at the retail giant at several locations after a landmark vote in staten island earlier this year. amazon releasing a statement saying it's glad the workers chose to keep a direct relationship with the company p. there's amazon, stock is up almost three quarters of a percent. finally, there's this. one of the big of. scares this halloween may be really expensive candy. according of to the latest inflation data we've got, candy is roughly 13% more expensive than a year ago. analysts blame the spike on the soaring cost of sugar. the national retail federation
6:38 am
expects americans are going to spend 10.6 billion, maria, on halloween this year. i still have those, what do you call, those things you gave me like a few years ago. maybe i'll wear those this year. the fingernails. maria: that's right. i brought you -- everybody presents for halloween. cheryl: now i have to find the rest of the costume. maria: i had jury duty and right near jury duty was a store for halloween stuff and during my lunch break i bought everybody those nails. cheryl: it was perfect. we love halloween. maria: exactly. well, a second infant in arizona tested positive for fentanyl meanwhile in less than a week. phoenix police treated the baby and they are expecting the baby will survive, this as arizona border patrol officials seize a new version of quote, unquote rainbow fentanyl pills. they say they have never encountered these before just weeks before halloween. joining us now is republican congressional candidate for arizona district four and small business owner himself, kelly
6:39 am
cooper. you say you're running for congress because of this, because of your fear that your kids could be the next target of the border crisis. tell us more. >> absolutely. i mean, this is one of the top challenges we're facing today. our border's wide open. for me, politics aside, safety of my children and the safety of the community, they really come first. as you just talked about, we have a second infant that's been found with fentanyl in the system and it's great that we're introducing narcan, being able to bring the n fain infants bacd they're going to survive but at what point do ivory tower politicians stand up and say enough is enough. i'm tired of seeing the communities threatened, tired of seeing our children have to be fearful of their lives. it's time that we stand up now and push for a safer, more secure border. maria: i mean, yes, that's right. but i don't understand why this is happening. i mean, people call this oh, 100,000 americans overdosed from fentanyl. no, no, no.
6:40 am
this is not overdosing. this is a poisoning. somebody is poisoning american citizens and dropping the fentanyl into america. i spoke with au august pfluger,e house representative from texas the other day. he tells me cartels are using drones to use the drones and drop the fentanyl wherever in texas and later they go and pick it up. here's august pfluger with me on sunday morning futures a couple weeks ago. watch. >> just in mcallen ayou loan, , this year they had ha 20,000 drones. they use them to drop fentanyl into the country. maria: why p isn't this white house discussing this and having a plan to offset this or fight this? this is coming from china and the cartels in mexico. these cartels are bringing home $300 million a week just from human smuggling, never mind what they're making on drugs.
6:41 am
>> right. maria, it's out of control and the increase in their income from three years ago to today, is 1,000 percent up. i look at this administration and it blows my mind because as a father, as a parent, i couldn't fathom being able to stick my head in the sand through all of this and not say anything. you know, the base elements that are coming over from china that are being used to enrich the cartels in the southern border, the fact that we aren't doing anything to close the border and allowing for that to come over and now the use of advanced technologies to scout and send rainbow fentanyl along with all the rest of the versions of it across our border, really targeting our children and making sure that we are not safe and it's driving fear through our commune he at this and the administration -- community and the administration wants to do everything it can to distract from that, to make sure they can retain power and unfortunately power seems to be the motive at this point and not the protection of our community and our children what a dereliction
6:42 am
of duty. the administration is demanding now that arizona remove shipping containers that the state placed in gaps in the border wall. the administration is alleging they lay on federal and indian trust lands without their permission which violates federal law and is considered trespassing. what do you make of this? the u.s. bureau of reclaimation is requesting the state reof ree 122 containers. they don't want any upset to the wide open borders for the migrants to come in even through arizona, i guess. >> it's sad. it's a sad state of affairs to see people that are supposed to be protecting our nation demanding, requesting, if you will, that we're moving impediments from trafficking on the border. making us wide open and allowing for the continued process and pushing of dangerous lethal drugs across our border but i'll tell you this.
6:43 am
exclusive here. as of today the national border patrol council is endorsing this campaign because they recognize just like i do that the border patrol is being overwhelmed. they need extra resources. they need additional manpower. they need us to stand up for them. they need us to help give them the resources to help protect us and some of that is including keeping those comments boxes where they are to he slow down the traffic and make sure they can do their job. maria: we are now in the final days of campaign season, the midterms 20 days ago. yesterday you were endorsed as you said by the national border patrol council. you've obviously been endorsed by president trump as well. arizona's district four congressional race has been rated a toss-up in the latest fox news power rankings, kelly. how is the campaign going? what's your expectation for the midterms? >> well, i have such high expectations for this midterm. i think the people that are out here in my district see this as
6:44 am
a change election. the district is always or has historically been a democrat district. but as you point out, it is now a true toss-up seat. and the people are excited to see a change to inflation and the economy. the destructive policies of this administration leaving the border open, rising crime, gas prices that are through the roof and they see me, somebody that's a marine corps veteran, small business owner, as someone that actually recognizeses the changes that need to be made. my opponent, ivory tower politician, greg stanton stood for 100% of joe biden's policies. he sides with nancy pelosi all the time. in fact, during covid he's given his vote to california politicians to cast for him in dereliction of his responsibility to the people of arizona. maria: we are all -- >> it's unfortunate. maria: we're seeing voters react to all of that, kelly. we'll be watching the race. thanks so much. >> thank you. maria: kelly cooper if in
6:45 am
arizona. one state says no more investments to blackrock. we'll tell you w why in the hot topic buzz. insta stars are back. today we introduce you to one man who takes sneakers and turns them into art. don't miss that. we'll be back with more on "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ quit playing games with my heart. ♪ my heart, my heart. ♪ i should have known from the start. ♪ my heart, my heart. ♪ for over 100 years, lincoln's been exploring new ways to deliver sanctuary in its vehicles. comfort for body and mind. that's ambitious. but the future of sanctuary,
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maria: welcome back. time for the hot topic buzz. miss scourly state treasurer, sc scott fitzpatrick, announcing the state employees' pension fund pulled all of the equity holdings managed by blackrock out of back rock, stating we should not allow asset managers such as blackrock who demonstrated they will prioritize advancing a woke political agenda above financial interests of their customers, you've written so much about esg, i want to get your take on this. missouri is standing tall in the face of blackrock trying to be everybody's environmental policeman. and larry fink says i don't want to be the environmental
6:50 am
policeman. that's what he's doing by voting all of those shares towards wokeness even if shareholders don't want it. >> yeah. kudos to the missouri pension fund manager to understanding that the job here is not to signal virtue, that the job is not to get media applause. the job here is to protect pension funds and make sure they grow. and we've seen in california the big pension fund wha has had cry returns. i don't think it's a coincidence that they embraced esg perhaps more than any other big pension fund. this is important. it's important for pension assets. it's important to the realize the benefits of fossil fuels to our economy. maria: yeah, that's right. and if you want to just stop all lending to fossil fuel companies, what did jamie dimon say about it, he said it's the road to hell. you're a money manager. do you feel pressure to do esg environmental governance? >> no, because i can't be swayed
6:51 am
by anything but my own emotion. i always said it was a scam. what wall street was doing was adding 40 basis points to their funds to charge for the esg. the irony is, they did really well the last decade because they took fossil fuels out because energy did horrible. now they're doing really poorly because they don't have fossil fuels in their portfolio. they're saying wait a second, maybe we can have a little fossil fuel exposure in our portfolio which is complete hypocrisy. maria: this is a whole of government approach, more of the pushing of the administration's climate change agenda. >> i think there's no question broabout it. one of the things i've been look at, i think big financial institutions are trying to draw in top talent. the war on talent is real. young people used to want to go into investment banking and financial institutions. now a lot of young people say i want to have an impact, change the world.
6:52 am
the financial institutions are saying you can change the world by coming here because what better way to change the world than by pulling the purse strings of these companies. maria: even if it's a scam. good for eric schmitt, the attorney general of missouri, james. >> i was going to say, i think you are seeing this phenomenon at wall street institutions, a generational difference where the younger employees often very woke and i think part of it is, and they're now learning this year, that you do have bear markets and maybe some of these sentiments become a lot more expensive and difficult to express in your investing and maybe you shouldn't express your political views in investing. maria: let's take a short break. when we come back, cheryl casone is here with a preview of american dream home season three, on fox business prime tonight. she's going to tell us about it. stay with us. ♪ i am super woman. ♪ yes, i am. ♪ yes, she is.
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you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit >> north myrtle beach is a popular destination city in south carolina, part of the grand strand, a 60-mile string of atlantic beaches. maria: there's cheryl, the new season of american dream home premiers tonight on fox business prime, hosted by our very own cheryl casone. cheryl, congratulations on season three. >> thank you, thank you, very excited for it. maria: gives us a preview. cheryl: tonight we'll be going -- it's beach life tonight.
6:57 am
we're going to galveston, texas and north myrtle beach, south carolina. mike and faith were a couple, they got me, seven kids. they had lost their home to foreclosure in florida during the great recession, during the banking crisis and they had to rebuild their lives and they're finally getting the opportunity to leave new jersey and to go down and to buy their dream home. here's the catch. they were going up against investors in north myrtle beach. we talk about blackrock and blackstone and big money funds that are going out and buying homes. we're seeing in a lot of the markets they're buying up groups of homes. that's what mike and faith were up against and they found their dream home, a little bit over budget. that's my own of tease about tonight. my little hint. maria: that's a big deal. all the big investors taking out supply and then all the commentary about we don't have enough supply and that's why prices are still elevated, right. cheryl: yeah. prices now, this is after we filmed, we're now seeing prices
6:58 am
fall with what we're seeing with mortgage rates and the economy is shifting, we talk about it every day on the program. there are a lot of great markets out there. i want to tease ahead to the whole season because we've got 20 episodes we're debuting, starting tonight with this two. we're going to missouri, alabama, louisiana, galveston, texas twice. i went-- of course i went to ha. maria: it's to. ctough.cheryl: i had to go bacy west. a lot of markets we were in, we found great deals and s still affordable. i'm talking a couple million, but these are dream houses. but 2 million versus what it could have been. maria: i love watching your show. i live vicariously through what you're shooting. you recently took time off to complete a half ironman in arizona. oh, my god, cheryl, we have pictures. i was rooting you on on intake
6:59 am
gram. look at you -- instagram. how was it? cheryl: it was great. this is my first ironman. my brother, he left his family behind in texas to join me in arizona to basically hold my hand through this whole thing. i had never done one before and didn't know if i could do it. it was an incredible experience. it's a swim, bike, run. the bike is -- it's 56 miles. then you do a half marathon. it's a lot. so i'm a little tired but overall i feel pretty good, shockingly to tell you. i wasn't sure if i would be here today. >> what was the hardest part. cheryl: honestly, the half marathon because you're already tired and you've got to run 13.1. but it was a good experience. i just -- as maria knows, this is a hobby for me and something i do, a way to challenge myself and to stay healthy. you're a big bike rider. you know how it goes. maria: you are amazing. you're so strong. i watch you all the time when you're doing these marathons.
7:00 am
yes, i'm a biker but not -- i'm not doing 53 miles and getting on a 13-mile run. that's amazing. cheryl: i did appreciate all a of the "mornings with maria" team. i got lots of messages and messages from you and all the producers and i was really grateful for that and mr. payne over here saying way to go. >> i was thinking about you on friday. maria: congratulations, cheryl. cheryl: i watched you at the bell on friday, 15 years fox business, i was here at the beginning. i was so excited to see you there and larry and liz and he everybody together and dagen. maria: i'm sorry you missed it. you are one of the originals. congratulations to you. we're waiting on mortgage applications, going to be out in seconds. we saw home builder sentiment tumble to the lowest since may of 2020. what are you looking in terms of mortgage applicati application s the breaking news. cheryl: we have numbers crossing right now. mortgage apps are again down week to week, down 4% and year over year, just to point out the bigger number, 68% dow


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