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tv   The Claman Countdown  FOX Business  October 26, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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charles: let's say the company is not helping and on monday apple updated app store rules and requires ios developers to use in app purchases and apple get a 30% cut and that's crazy and meta not happy with that and issue add statement saying as much. then i don't think it helps when you have a product manager going out and puts out a video of the modern day version of the grind with the especially espresso and looking cute. the problem is she posted on tiktok. anyway, meta, mark zuckerberg, got a lot of work to do. liz claman, over to you. liz: yeah, after the bell, that's a big one. chars, breaking news, i don't know if you saw this, elon musk has "entered the building". he just tweet that had he's -- tweeted he entered twitter
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headquarters and it was higher before the tweet and the tweet has video of him walking in carrying of all things a sink. we're working on getting you that video and he's also changed his profile to "chief twit". he's known to change his profile a lot but as soon as we get the video, we'll show you and again, twitter stock days ahead of a court ordered deadline to close his $44 billion deal for the social media platform is trending up about 1% to $53.34 getting closer to his original buyout offer of $54.20. this is the spinoff of intel self-driving car unit ask one hour left to trade in the debut, mobile i is zooming by and gain of 33.5% and priced at $21 a share and now at $22.0 and will a valuation of $21 billion. i don't know, could this be a
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sign of i p, o resurgence because the ipo market has been deadly or a sign of overexuberance? to the mashes where exuberance not much to be seen but the dow transports by 161 points or gain of 1.2% thanks to rider systems and fleet logistic company and having a banger of session up about 6% right now and it's fluctuating so much it's up 8.5% after raising full year profit forecasts but the the rest are down or the dow zigzagging and lower by a fraction and calling it flat as we kick off the final hour of trade. the dow up as much as 376 points in the session but the bears have their claws n. i mean, look at nasdaq. the knack disease is lose -- nasdaq losing 216 points after disappointing earnings from microsoft and alphabet last night. to the are plumbing the depths
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of the nasdaq 1000 right now and google is the mess down 8.9% and microsoft down 7%. major haircuts on both stocks and microsoft of course also a dow component and mr. softy is not the only stock keeping the dow from going green. boeing is very messy too. after reporting a 3.3 billion loss, it's down 9.25% and missed on both the top and bottom line and aerospace giant said in sec filing that its 737 max 10 single aisle passenger jet might not enter service until 2024 now. so why is the dow trying to get into the green and we've seen it pop in and out and we'll enter visa the credit card giant posted a quarterly revenue growth of 12.2 billion repurchase and hiked quarterly purchase by 12.4%.
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traders of the hour dutch masters and teddy wees we e -- weisburg. dutch, what's thriving your -- driving your trades now? >> we wanted to see bonds roll over and stabilize. we've seen both things happen. we went bullish friday and monday and closed out all the shorts and took loss on the shorts to do that but when we did the trip, we went into more high octane tech oriented stocks and they've served us very well.
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liz: teddy, we're going to get to some of dutch's picks right now but you've said in the past several hits with us that you say cash is king and what you really mean is nobody just sits there with it under the mattress. you park it in treasuries but you're going to make the case for treasuries and got to explain to viewers exactly what you mean by cash is king. >> well, cash is king because when we get in turbulent like this and there's a lot of volatility and it's a code word for down market, it gets really tricky. we have picked on the three
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month treasury as a source of cash, simply because the interest rates under three months treasury are about 100 basis points better than the best money market fund. they're easy to buy, very liquid, not a lot of risk, but it is basically a safe haven for cash until some of these unknowns which we've talked about relentlessly, interest rates, inflation, ukraine, midterm election, so forth and so on. until we get some clarification with some of these unknowns, perhaps the best place to be is out of the way, on the sidelines, cash is king. you can't get hurt with cash in the bank. you can always play. stocks, liz, are like buses, you miss one, there's another one coming. that they just keep coming. liz: but you got to hunt them down. dutch is a little more, not brave but gutsy, maybe. i don't know, that's not the right word but, dutch, you have two names you've just added to your holdings.
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they're both tech names and why did you pick cyber ark and know flame. >> some of the names that we thought would lead are not going to lead and they're kind of going to go sideways or under perform. we think that a lot of great companies that have been public lately like pay locity and more are going to lead on the way out and there's not a lot of overhang and not a lot of unhappy people that own at a higher price that will sell it. sell sell sell into its rising. secondly, we agree with teddy on the treasuries and we're very aggressive and always trading one way or another. we identified essentially what we think was the biggest no brainer since the history of mankind on the bond market, and that was to buy tlt.
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it's an un-leveraged etf and what we looked at was if we're wrong and bond go gown another 20%, all of us out of jobs and in the street begging anyway. why not do it -- liz: but this thing is down 35% year to date, dutch. >> i know, we bought it at $94. our initial target is $100 and next is $110. in a matter of a couple of dais, some of our guys, the carnivores were buying the option and up 25% in a few days. we think it can be bought in size because it's not leveraged. it's very liquid and it's treasure i it's not a stock, it's not a stock index fund. liz: all right, teddy, you know, we want to put that full screen back up on what hawkeyes you say
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about -- what you say about treasuries and the three month at 3% and it's dead even with the ten year at 4.0%. so which one? >> i guess you have to pick your poison there, liz. the bottom line is 4%. you know, give or take a couple of bips one way or another and 4% on your money basically risk free today, which was paying almost zero three or four months ago. to me, as dutch said about his layups, this is a no brainer. it's a layup for folks that basically just want to get out of the way until the dust settles with the market. i think personally, i've been doing this for 60 years and seen this rodeo before and this is difficult. i don't think we're done yet and don't want to get into a scenario on where we're going. just as we're speaking, google made a new low. these are high powered big tech
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companies. the earnings was okay and guidance -f kind of weak and think all the bad news was priced in and obviously that's not the case. liz: yeah, google down 9%. hold on one second. teddy has gotten very fancy and said i've seen this rodeo before. we're gob that talk about rodeo drive coming up. dutch, debt i did, we have -- teddy, we have to run because of breaking news of the video of elon musk posting on twitter and just tweeted he has arrived at the twitter headquarters and she's shlepping a sink. we're thinking east trying to make some type of joke saying he's going to change everything and the kitchen sink kind of thing. please tweet at me@lizclaman if you have another idea of what he means by this. yes, he did tweet that he has just entered the headquarters and he's claimed he will solidify the deal to buy twitter at the $44 billion original
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price by the deadline friday. we're look at stock up $53.38 and not at the buyout level and we'll keep an eye on this as it develops but, yeah, everything but the bathroom sink? is that the only sink he could get. inflation and high prices. the number one concern of midterm voters nationally but crime is a very close number two. candidates in california focusing on increasing rash of smash and grab robberies and how they are causing businesses to close up shop. no wonder the california attorney general race is being watched so closely nationwide. nathan hockman republican candidate for attorney general joining us next live on how he plans to convince his state's many blue voters he is the best choice to be california's crime stopper. closing bell - away, dow jones close down and we'll be back in
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just a moment.
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an increased risk of infection, some serious and a lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reaction may occur. best move i've ever made. ask your dermatologist liz: did you see what happened yesterday in the beliefly grove store, the chanel store was raided by masked burglars that drove a stolen van into the store, smashed through the windows and took off with thousands in merchandise. this is one of the many smash and grab cases happening around california and the brazen acts have scared major names into pulling the plug on stores around the golden state this year. starbucks, walgreens, 7/eleven have all closed locations around the bay area and los angeles due to the spike in criminal
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activity. this is rodeo drive in beverly hills, bhpd chasing down and tackling a suspect who stole merchandise in broad daylight right in the shopping district of rodeo drive and to the right a passer by julying in to help the situation and another person walking past. with midterm elections 12 days away, the race for attorney general in california is one of the most closely watched around the country as major metropolises face increase in crime and republican candidate nathan hockman facing off against incumbent rob bonta, the democrat wants to be california's crime fighter and can a gop candidate win the blue vote and joining me live is la assistant u.s. attorney nathan hockman. nathan, full disclosure, and i've known you since
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kindergarten, get that out there. your profession is criminal justice policies swung too far to the left and bring safety and security back to california. we just showed a bunch of smash and grabs from the state. what currently happens to most of those perpetrators once they're arrested and how soon before they're back on the street? >> well, that's the unfortunate thing, liz, is that because of the procriminal policies of our current democratic attorney general rob bonta appointed by gavin newsom, people are being arrested in the morning, they have no cash bail and they're being released in the afternoon and criminals tell law enforcement i'll see you tomorrow when they get arrested nowadays. we need to stop that. what's happening is we have a spiral of lawlessness that has been ripping through california promoted by the current attorney general's pro criminal policies, and it starts with one small business having 90 -- just under $950 stolen from it and the criminal walks not runs out of the store because he knows that the da, particularly la da
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george gascon won't prosecute and he won't be replaced and the criminal goes three and one person leads to three running out of cvs or ten people running out of walgreens, 80 people running out of nordstroms and 180 people doing a flash mob at 7/eleven and double digit rise in homicides. that's how the spiraled of lawlessness is directly affecting californians, their safety and security -r o economy, businesses are leaving as you point out and not coming to california and it's an absolute spiral that needs to be stopped and stopped right now. liz: the incumbent bonta appointed by governor gavin newsom has really as you said pushed to eliminate cash bail. getting rid of cash bail has been disastrous here in new york.
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repeat offenders go back on the street and bash people's heads in and walk out with armfuls of stolen goods and what's the answer? >> so the answer is on bail issues, it's smart bail or smart bail reform. in other words you use the cash bail system but you actually tweak it. you don't get rid of it but tweak it to allow for concerns about flight and concerns about danger to the community. so you don't imprison people for low level misdemeanor crimes and make it for them to spend time in prison, miss jobs et cetera, but you keep in people who are true threats to society and keep them behind bars unless they pose a sufficient bail, which will ensure they won't commit more crimes and won't flee. liz: voters are furious because california has gotten more chaotic because of the homeless problem and san francisco is a mess and fox reporters walking through what's referred to as the drug district and i
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tenderloin. earlier this year, voters unseated san francisco da in a recall election. where do you stand on penalties and how do you change the homeless system by showing compassion at the same time? >> it's so lacking in compassion to allow people to live on the street s? some of the most dangerous and unhealthy situations you can put a human being. there's nothing compassionate about leaving the homeless in encamp wants and i believe we should do what's been started in california and we need to greatly increase it, which is allow judges to order mandatory treatment for people with severe mental illness, add to that people with drug addiction because that represents over 70% of the homeless population in california. right now we don't have those tools. we're starting to have those tools with mental illness and we completely lack them with drug addiction. one of the thins i'd be -- things i'd be pushing hard for
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and against the governor is to bring the tools to courts to deal with our homeless problem. liz: well, you know, before we finish, when you have one of the most progressive celebrities out there, susan serandon posting videos on twitter and tiktok about the crisis of our time, you know maybe some blue voters might, you know, usually they'll go down the democratic line, maybe for ag, they may jump to you but bonta has the la times support, he's got a big chunk of certainly he won the primary hands down. how do you make your pitch because we're -- you got this time, you've got some california voters watching. how do you say i am pro choice, a social liberal but very tough on crime? >> well, that's just it. i'm a moderate republican as it comes to social policies, pro choice, pro same sex union, but i have 0 years of criminal -- 30 years of criminal justice experience as a federal
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prosecutor and u.s. assistant attorney general and defense attorney and my opponent has zero years of law enforcement experience and is the chief law enforcement officer of california. he's enacted the most pro criminal agenda in california history and i'd bring a pro victim partner with police agenda back to restore safety and security for californians. liz: we want to let our viewers know that a call is in to rob bonta to also come on the show. we're fair and balanced here and thank you for coming on the show, nathan. liz: the kanye west saga taking yet another new twist at this hour. adidas revealed its plan for all the yeezy gear in the warehouse and hear which stock is popping as it becomes the latest cancel kanye. speak of retail and fashion, ceo of rails, fashion retailer sported by the likes of giselle at the superbowl, she wore one
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of the shirts and hollywood's elite, had no experience at all in the fashion world and jeff abrams took $5 grand in savings and launched his own line with one hat and a hoody. instant accesses till his bigger order, umm till then 1, 18,000 shirts got stolen off a delivery truck and hear how he experience that had by summoning grit and persistence. it's on my podcast everyone talks to liz. closing bell, 37 minutes away and dow can't stay in the green. down four points and russell popping up 14 points.
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liz: zigzagging back and forth aacross the street the flat line and dow jones up 3 points and been down quite a bit and watching this closely and a horse race here and not so much for s&p and down 26 points and nasdaq losing 21 and 3 and that's -- 213 and that's very much on google and more companies saying nay to kanye following the rapper's hateful and anti-semitic remarks and yesterday adidas broke ties with the man known as ye but look at adie tkas.
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adidas is up 2% and they took so long to decide their partnership with yeezy and kanye on the shoes. the real real will not accept any new listings on the yeezy products on their site. the real reel is up 3.7% right now and foot locker, which is down 4% is pulling yeezy products from its shelves and adidas intends to sell exist accident yeezy products since the sneaker company has the rights to existing product designs under the yeezy label. wow. look at that. adidas up 2%. bed bath and beyond moving down 3.6% after the meme stock appointed interim ceo sugove to the position. the company pushed out the
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former ceo and came from target and didn't move fast if you have according to the board. since taking the position, she's overseen changing at the retailer and in august the company announced a cost cutting plan by closing nearly 20% of the stores and slashing the work force. wing stop flying higher after the chicken wings restaurant chain posted better than expected third quarter earnings and raising full year earning guidance and stock up 15.6% and the company appoints it to price of chicken wings. price of bone in wings fell 34% year over year. cget technologies sinking after planning to cut #% of work forcd the data storm cheap reported first quarter earnings that missed analyst experts and stocks down 6.6% and part of restructuring plan that would save the company some $110 million per year and completed by the end of the company's march-quarter.
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new numbers from the census bureau show new home sales in september fell 10.9% in august and it was actually not as bad as expected but that fall is not stopping a housing gold rush of sorts happening right now in florida. less than one month after hurricane ian decimated the sunshine state, people are snapping up damaged holmes on the -- homes on the cheap heading to those -- the state's west coast in naples. that's where we find our ashley webster. ashley, tell us the story. >> yeah, good afternoon to you, liz. well, this isn't a great advertisement for florida to piles of debris here 28 days of hurricane ian blew through this area and they're slowly but surely cleaning it up and lumbar coming in and they're rebuilding and it'll take awhile and does
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this affect us and cool off the hot florida market, especially southwest florida? absolutely not. the realtors tell me that, yes, investors are looking for bargains but the kicker to the story is there respect that many bargains and this was a area with a lack of inventory before the hurricane commit it's even worse and prices are going up. there's a vacant lot behind me over here and a house being cleaned out and the lot alone worth $12 million. it's about 50 paces from naples beach but that gives you an idea, yes, people think they can come in and maybe get a cheap deal but not so easy. this is naples, it's rather swankey and i asked michelle thomas, she's a realtor with southern b international and she told me, her office cons to get calls from everybody -- calls from everybody all over the country, take a listen. >> we have a lot of people from the upper midwest, the northeast, the mid atlantic, however we have people from all over the country.
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over the last couple of years, we've seen more people come from the west including california. >> reporter: including california. that's interesting, is it not miss southern california claman. what's interesting is of the ten hottest markets in the united states, 50% of them are on florida's west coast from tampa to the north all the way down here to naples and the median price for a home is $725,000 and that's up 11.5% from last year so, yes, there's a price for paradise. it's called hurricanes and severe weather but is it putting people off? cooling off the hot real estate market. ? one word, absolutely not. people the the lifestyle and warm weather and beautiful businesses and cheaper way of life. they still want it despite what mother nature can throw at them. liz: i know, it's the pearls of
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live -- payrolls of living in -- perils of living in florida because you want to take that chance. gold rush as people pick up the pieces literally in the real estate world. fbn covers the real estate world with an entire block every wednesday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern with mansion global followed by american dream home at 9:00 p.m. eastern only on fox business. well, the federal aviation administration not giving up its 5g fight against the fcc. details on the latest salvo in the wireless war and what it'll mean to your connectivity on your cell phone. and we'll discuss the optics of the 5g revolution with the company that spools out the cable connections. the beldon ceo is here in a fox business exclusive and wait till you see the stock performance. closing bell 25 minutes away. the dow is up 20 points, make that 19. who knows where this goes by the end of the session.
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stay tuned.
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jibe the federal aviation administration reportedly doubling down on the war against the 5g network asking the federal communication restrictions placed on verizon and at&t now to 19 smaller telecom companies. according to aroiders report the faa -pes these companies to turn off -- wants them to turn off 5g frequenfrequencies running aroud airports claiming it interferes are pilots landing in low visibility and disruptive weather. former chair has been on this show saying that is completely false and 5g frequencies do not cause problems with airports but in june, verizon and at&t said
3:42 pm
okay, they voluntarily agreed to delay using some frequencies around airports till next july to give airports time to retrofit planes with filters. if there's one in the thick of 5g space and broad band space it's beldan and what are your thoughts on faa/fcc saga about 5g? >> i was surprised when i read it yesterday because there doesn't seem to be an issue in europe, where i'm from or in asia. i don't understand it but i think it'll get resolved. liz: so asian and european airports are completely allowing 5g towers and frequencies all over the place; right? >> yes, and a lot of -- they're ahead, a lot of countries are ahead of 5g rollouts as here in the united states so i was surprised. liz: you're big in broad band but 5g is a growing but smaller
3:43 pm
part of your business. where is that part of your business with 5g going? >> we're very bullish and we've established -- so broad band and 5g segment about 20, 25% of revenue. it's been growing really well so even throughout covid, the business was not affected and grew from 2019 to 2022 about 10% and that's predominantly on the mso side, the relationships we have. but we've establish the worldwide including here in the united states deep relationships with the telco and rolling out 5g and competing with broad band and a lot of additional opportunity. liz: talk about broad band part of your business, which is much bigger and you've received something like $85 billion in federal funding to help in the biden administration broadband expansion overs overall, not you personally. >> not even the company. liz: right. what type of progress are you seeing with seeing some of that money?
3:44 pm
>> it's a good question. the funds are only now being released so we're seeing it now so all of the growth we have been seeing has been in the nonrural areas if you will so that provides a lot of opportunity for us in the future and we're very excited as in america and needed to have access to high speed. liz: they sure co. nay sure do. do you think that plan and that money was appropriate in its size? there's a lot of complaints about the administration spending too much money at a time when we're seeing interest rates rising and getting back on its feet. >> the short answer is i do. but a lot of funds there's the funds and intra from structure bill and they've been established a few years back already when inflation was not an issue. they understand. liz: it take as long time to get the government money.
3:45 pm
shake it out from the wallet the move on interest rates and today canada lowered its -- they didn't lower it is rates but didn't do a 7 a 5 point basis point hike which was last time and a 50 point basis hike and signaling into the world with our fed going into 50 basis points versus 75 basis points and you're sitting with the businessman's hat on here. what changes have you seen from at least three 75 basis point hikes and what would you say to the federal reserve in you had their ear? >> so to apps the second question first, it take as while for the system to settle in the markets and i actually think i'm going to argue for the vast majority of the business, which is industrial turning positive because companies will need to utilize their exiting assets more ectoively and existing
3:46 pm
assets more productive and that's what belden does and we've made a transition selling components like cables and connectoors and switches and developed complete solutions for the proctor & gambles of this world and machine builds to make their factory and companies more effective. liz: i would say it's being reflected in the stock because unlike a lot of tech stocks out there, i mean in a way you're hardware but in the technical world, your stock is up 13% over the quarter and you have looked very solid recently. so we'd love to connell to watch this story. thank you. >> i appreciate that very much. liz: roel, it's a pleasure to have you. come ban. oil prices surging on supply concerns as wall street executives on verge on saudi arabia's flag ship invest want conference known as davos in the desert. charlie gasparino back in the chair on what the saudis are telling executives at the event
3:47 pm
about biden's energy fumble. charlie breaks it next. closing bell, 14 minutes away and check on the dow, look at this, up 81 points. we are going to tell you how many times the dow crossed the flat line today alone. it's been very herky jerky. stay tuned, we're coming right back.
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♪. >> saudi arabia and the united states have been allies for 75 years. i can't imagine any allies agreeing on everything and not having problems. they will work it through and i'm comfortable with the folks on both sides will work it through and these countries will remain allies going forward. liz: that was jpmorgan chief jamie dimon speeching at the future investment initiative in saudi arabia known as davos in the desert. tensions over oil production a very hot topic. charlie gasparino with exclusive details. >> listen, it was a fascinating conference i get from my sources. china was invested heavily there. we'll get to that. chinese government, chinese businesses were there, more than they were in the past. there is a reason for that. here is what on jamie dimon's mind. he didn't quite say it this way but you can read between the lines. it is not just his mind but
3:53 pm
david solomon there from goldman sachs, jpmorgan's bank, larry fink couldn't make it, sent representatives, big asset manager at blackrock. what is on their mind we're fumbling the relationship the saudis. they're not perfect, far from it. assassination of can showngy, khashoggi, but they are the best over there. liz: israel is. >> in the arab world. by the way supporter of israel, tacitly. liz: underneath the table. >> but they are not little lidge rent, and they're a divider, not divider a bulwark against iran's ambition. liz: that is true. >> they have oil. the chinese are kissing up to them like crazy now. what jamie dimon, what larry fink, what i believe david solomon, what i understand they're telling the biden
3:54 pm
administration is back off the belligerence okay? we need them. they need us and you know, the saudis have a side here. okay biden thought he had a deal, right, that they were going to ramp up oil production. instead they cut it by a couple billion barrels but there is a reason why they did that and they say they signaled it to the biden administration. liz: they cut it by two million. >> two million. what they're saying, the saudis are saying opec cut it, we agreed to do this, they were kind light the lead dog in opec because we want to keep this oil at 80 to $90 a barrel. it was coming down anyway. if we increase production well guess what, it would probably go down further. you are releasing strategic oil reserves. we have a business known as saudi aramco that needs to make money. we thought you knew that. apparently the biden administration didn't know that but that is what they're telling the wall street guys at the
3:55 pm
conference. so there is a rational. the wall street people are turning around telling that to the biden administration. they're also telling them if you want to deal with the situation of oil, the need to keep gas prices down, you need to start building some pipelines. that is a given. the problem with the biden administration is that it is so heavily influenced by the progressive left. we're not talking about larry summers, left-of-center economists, moderates like larry fink, jamie dimon, these are all democrats. i think david saloman is as well. we're talking about the environmentalists. so, biden is like stuck between a rock and a hard place and his default right now is to attack the saudis and i'm telling you the wall street guys are saying you're making a huge mistake. liz: crude oil sup 3%. >> where is it right now? liz: $88 and change because we had inventory numbers that look ad little thin. again you don't want the number to go up.
3:56 pm
>> right. liz: that is the number you want to see come down. >> but they want to keep it in the 80 to 90-dollar a barrel range. that is their range. they think they were pretty communicative to the biden administration. there is a long story in the "times" today which talks to some of this but gives you the biden administration's, i guess viewpoint on it. i will say this, the saudis are saying that they knew that is our benchmark, 80 to 90. for them to be surprised that we'll cut production, at least wall street guys i know talking to them, they say that the saudis are dumfounded over this. so take it for what it's worth. liz: i shall. we shall. thank you, charlie, very much. >> all right. liz: glad to see you back. >> took a little time off. recharged the batteries. >> not allowed. you need to be on the show. >> oh, yeah? i will be gone next week. liz: no. >> and through election day. going to vegas with my friends. liz: i can hear the cheers, i meant the tears, not the cheers.
3:57 pm
charlie, thank you. closing bell, we're four minutes away, the dow crossing the flat line more than 80 times this session alone. right now it is slightly higher by about 22 points. we need to tell you this billionaire elon musk says he was entering twitter's san francisco offices with the tweet, entering twitter headquarters, let that sink in. this was the top of the hour. with him he brought a sink. ha, ha. okay, sheky. real humorous. he walked in. says he would come through on the deal, we'll be watching it. let me check twitter stock. up 1% 53.36, his buy price, 54.20. separately hitting the tape. musk reported his move company tesla is under criminal investigation in the u.s. over claims that the vehicles can drive themselves.
3:58 pm
the doj launched a probe over a dozen crashes. the stock is not hurt by that. off the highs of the session. it is up 1%. we should look at mobileye. this is the first day of trade from the pinoff from intel. the stock after prices $21. that is a pretty incredible gain of nearly 40%. a nice debut. intel spinning off the self-driving car unit they bought for about $15 billion. it will make more than that nowhere near what i think intel insiders thought they would get for it. still a very good day for mobileye. facebook parent meta reporting a few minutes from now quarterly numbers. tomorrow we get the double as, apple, amazon. huge day tomorrow, right. investors focus on big tech this week, our "countdown" closer says focus on the smaller names in the sector. that is the smart way to play
3:59 pm
it. he is jordan kimmel. the author of a new book, invest in the now. i have been reading. i love quotes, these are unbelievably inspirational you tie to investing. but, jordan, smaller ones, why no the big ones? >> you know what happened, the bear market started a year 1/2 ago. there are a lot of quality companies down tremendously, tremendously right now. and so the whole idea i like big companies too. you know i focus on the magnet. it is all about cash flow. all about profit margins but what you have a lot of the focus, even this introduction, the big as tomorrow, everyone is focused on a few companies. the market gets more inefficient when you go down a few levels. that is where the model comes in a lot. liz: super micro computer. jabil, i remember that name. >> remember that? liz: clearfield. what is the common thread within these that tells you they do have the cash flow, that they
4:00 pm
are fitting into your metrics? >> liz, i invest in the now. it is my spreadsheets tell me right now which companies have the highest cash flow relative to the valuation and people will tell you what's going to happen in two years, three years from now. i like to be in the now, invest in the now. use my spreadsheets to tell me the growth value and momentum. that is always what magnum was all about. >> want to learn from it. the book is called invest in the now, 108 inspirational quote to inspire you to live in your now. jordan, thank you. >> great to be with you. [closing bell rings] liz: the dow, s&p, nasdaq are losers at that hour. look at the dow. too close to call for the dow. meta after the bell. that will do it for us. see you tomorrow. ♪. larry: hello, folks, welcome to "kudlow," i'm larry kudlow. so with 13 days left until the november 8th midterms polling data continues to suggest the cavalry is


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