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tv   Maria Bartiromos Wall Street  FOX Business  October 28, 2022 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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your word on this. i tell you there are side effects of the vaccines and the majority of people, the benefit of the vaccine would outweigh any risk, that is a discussion to be made between the patient and the doctor, not for anyone else to say what they need to do and suddenly people should not be discredited against or excluded because they choose not to get the vaccine, especially vaccine that has no proven benefit in the terms of decreasing transmission and a limited benefit at this point with omicron variant. we know that the vaccine, the old boosters have virtually no protection against omicron variant over 20 weeks of administration. it's about risk and benefit. liz: this show has been saying yes to vaccines, to your point it is about informed consent, doctor saphier, thank you so much, thank you for watching we hope you have a good weekend and join us again monday night. >> from this talk studio in new
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york city, this is mario bartiromo wall street. liz: hello every one. welcome to the book about positions you for the weekend. i am maria bartiromo, democrats on defense with election day a week away and republicans getting momentum, democrats are scrambling to change the midterm message senator marsha blackburn on why voters are not buying it. no in the insight, the fed about to make another aggressive interest rate hike on tuesday and wednesday to cool raging inflation from a kansas city federal reserve president thomas onegin on the growing risk of recession. the pentagon says china remains a top security threat to the united states amid reports the communist regime is now operating dozens of secret police stations in countries across the world including in the united states. hundreds of thousands of iranians lining the streets protesting the iranian leadership, is the white house with the regime or the people,
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unmasking former secretary of state mike pompeo about all of this. first in a last ditch effort before election day president biden tries to steal the democrat midterm message toward the economy but he still says the u.s. is not experiencing record inflation anymore. >> people's incomes went up last quarter more than inflation went up. and enough growth. economic growth is up in the price of inflation is down, real income is up in the price of gas is down. >> joining me senate judiciary member marsha blackburn from tennessee, it's great to see you this weekend. i'm not sure what the president is referring to. wages are up 5% year-over-year in inflation is up eight-point to percent so wages are not growing faster than inflation.
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>> you are right about that. and you take some states like arizona where i was in the last few days in their inflation rate is over 14%. you look at iowa they have a very high inflation rate because of diesel because of farm chemicals and herbicides and pesticides and fertilizer. maria people know that the economy is not in great shape. people know that they are paying more and they can't fill the fill up the gas tank in the grocery cart in the same week. maria: so much financial stress and the new layer on on top of that the crime. these are issues that it become ria percival and emotional for voters, do you think this is going to move them to come out and vote these guys out? >> yes. when you talk about women, crime
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and the pocketbook are the two top issues there, the security moms are back in full force. they want safe communities and they want their children in college to be safe, they want their children who are going to travel, young adult you are going to go work in a larger city to be safe as their coming and going and now trying to get around the city afraid to ride the subway. the precaution that they are taking for their personal safety it all adds up its stress on parents. >> it is very dangerous to think about going to the subway today. you are absolutely right, you've done so much in terms of writing legislation around big tech and the threats that big tech in some areas have represented for children i want to get your take on the big news of the week elon musk owns twitter he fired the
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top executive ceo and cfo are out, what is your take on this? >> i think his moves are very appropriate he is saying he is going to return this to be the town square and making certain twitter platform is going to be fair and open to a balanced conversation. i think that is appropriate and i also hope he is going to pay attention to some of this content that is very deceptive and harmful to children and young adults. maria as you heard me say for months. the big tech platforms like to control what you see, here, what do you think and what do you say and it is important for us to realize that having something that goes to the proper platform
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of being the town square with certain guidelines rules and regulations that is going to be open to all that will protect free speech is important. people are so disturbed about losing their rights and their freedoms. maria: also ironically right before the midterm elections we learned it was the get out the vote e-mails that were going to google and they were found in everybody's junk boxes. it is just extraordinary what these companies have been able to do senator. >> yes and we actually met with google and one of our male vendors and it seemed that the democrat e-mails were going in to the mailbox but you had all the republican e-mails going into the junk file this is something that appears to be intentional on google's part it
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was the way that they could practice their prioritization and their content moderate station and send those e-mails into the junk file we have one member of the senate that had a 100,000 people on their list to receive their e-mails and found out they were not only delayed but they were going to junk and spam. maria: we will be watching all of that, thank you very much senator marsha blackburn doing unisys weekend. thank you so much the federal reserve is planning another rate hike to cool down inflation, will it trigger ng ta severe recession i'm asking st. louis federal reserve president thomas onegin next what's going on? where's regina? hi, i'm ladonna. i invest in invesco qqq, a fund that gives me access to the nasdaq-100 innovations, like real time cgi. okay...
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maria: here's a look at the stock market ended the week with a batch of economic data the pce the fed's preferred inflation gauge climbed at 1.5% in
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september, core prices continue to rise and the gdp report without this week showing the u.s. economy grew at an annualized rate at 2.6% in the third quarter, consumer spending is slowing defense continuing to aggressively raise rates and we are expecting a fourth consecutive 75 hike up wednesdy of this upcoming week. could another aggressive hike pushed the economy into a severe recession as so many expecting, joy to be right now the former president of the federal reserve thomas hoenig. it's great to see you, thank you for joining me. >> thank you for having me, it's good to see you again maria. maria: i want to get your take on the gdp because i know a large portion of the gain that gave us go through the initial reading of the third quarter was because of government spending and because of trade and that
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led many to tell me that they don't think were out of the woods in terms of growth, do you see this growth number the gdp as a new beginning of growth era or are you expecting a double dip recession. >> there are arguments about in realistic terms or had a reserecession and i know we had negative growth numbers but the economy itself in employment was pretty strong. now were talking about the positive number which is primarily due to some federal spending in a position changing for a whole host of reasons relative to the dollar and the situation inner experts of energy i don't think were out of the woods and another gross path i think that most likely is that we will encounter recession a degree that is uncertain did this point in a little bit of
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what choices the federal reserve makes next week and in december and high rakes that they have been pretty certain we will have a recession and i think that'll be a factor in some of the discussions. and on the ground as you talk about not last quarter but you think of things happening today and you talk to businesses around the country things are slowing pretty dramatically. the housing market with interest rates above 7% mortgages on virtual real estate and some of the manufacturing sectors are showing slowdowns as they talk to people, i think were just now beginning to get in to the slowdown in the u.s. economy and we look forward for part of the next year. maria: what you see in kansas city in terms of the slowdown, i know the housing market has really shown some serious
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cracks, housing down for several months now. have a mortgage rates above 7%. you expect more demand destruction and housing and where specifically in terms of industry are using the slowdown. >> you are right on number one in the housing market years seen a clear slowdown and it starts in our region itself ever seen a slowdown houses are turning more slowly, price increases are not quite as aggressive and some of them now you see after on the market there backing down on the price and that's beginning to show the slowdown is really getting underway and it's going to be before the year is out working to see more of it how significant we might debate the clearly a slowdown and perhaps enter into recession for the end of the year next year. maria: tell me about this
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discussion that will happen after they make the announcement next week, the markets have been rallying on this idea that maybe will c fed pivot after 75 basis point hike next week and maybe december starts to show evidence that they will slow down on the aggressive hikes, what is your take and what are you expecting from 2023 in terms of the macro story. >> starting this week even though i still think they will hold the 75 basis points because they think the chairman has committed to that in most of his members, not all are willing to accept that this time but i think the discussion inside of them will turn about what about december and what about next year end therefore the discussion will become more stressful inside because they will be really caught between the idea of yes we have to bring inflation down, it may slowdown,
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it may show some improvement but whether that's enough will be a big debate versus things slowing too quickly, we need to really stop and perhaps even reverse and the market will be listening to everywhere that people say and i don't think they know yet i think that'll be the debate and how this economy moves through december into january, how slow it gets, it will slow further and will define some of the future moves versus in that context whether inflation comes down and comes down significantly, if it doesn't come down significantly, then they will need to keep rate hikes for a while. maria: we haven't even discussed the impact of the unwind of the balance sheet close to $9 trillion at this point we appreciate your time, thank you for wayne and all of this. >> i'm happy to be with you
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maybe next time the balance sheet will be a discussion item. take care. >> the former president of the kansas city federal reserve thomas hoenig. the pentagon is sounding the alarm on china. china is still the biggest national security threat to america former secretary of state mike pompeo will join me next. ♪ (vo) give your business an advantage right now, with nationwide 5g from t-mobile for business. unlock new insights and efficiency, with leading ultra-capacity 5g coverage. t-mobile for business has 5g that's ready right now.
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secret chinese police stations all over the world including in the united states. we want to get more on this joining me the former secretary of state fox news contributor, mike pompeo. secretary it's great to have you, thank you for being here. >> maria, it is great to be with you. maria: i was very taken back, struck by these reports that there is a cpp, communist party police in america and they claim that they have to have their own police and they can track crimes by chinese-american. we have our own law enforcement america, why has the ccp been able to put police stations in our country? >> i have seen that reporting also maria they should have police stations or they should be doing law enforcement here, of course that is nonsense. you will remember we had a huge spy operation being conducted by the chinese communist party when
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we were in office we close the chinese consulate in houston, texas when they were operating out of this effort of the chinese communist party to influence people inside of the united states, that is something that we talked about an awful lot. this is inside the gates the telling american citizens of chinese heritage and family, be careful we know where your family is this is exactly what communist parties do we should not permit that to be happening inside of our country we have to protect every american. maria: that is exactly what you did as secretary of state when we had a string of indictments out of the d.o.j. because of your focus on the surveillance programs that were in place by the ccp in the theft of intellectual property. unfortunately, this administration is canceled the china initiative. i don't know why they're still stealing intellectual property, isn't that right? >> oh my goodness, xi jinping consolidated power and still has
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to steal a bunch of technology for a while, they are hard at this and we see their buying real estate in the united states of america, chinese companies near the military facilities, this is an all on campaign to destroy our way of life here in the united states and we have to be serious, i regret the biden administration closed on the program and i hope they are still doing the hard work the hard work of burying out the chinese influence operations inside of our country we also all the hunter biden laptop and we need to see what is there, we see the espionage of spying. we watched in our colleges and universities and research institutions. this is the campaign that the chinese communist party has waged against america for 40 years, the trump administration got it right we alerted the world and began to push back. has to continue. maria: you did, unfortunately it is very hard to trust the commander in chief currently because we know about all of
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those tens of millions of dollars that him and his family have taken in from chinese officials tied to the ccp. can we trust his decisions against the adversary that is paid him all the money. >> i always look at deeds and so far the evidence is not great, they have rounded the corner, they've done a handful of things with semiconductors i applaud them pushing back against chinese semiconductors that is good stuff but this work to counter the chinese communist party is deep and serious and has to be focused on a have not seen any of that focus from this administration they have been week. xi jinping has talked about reunification taking over taiwan this has shifted them editions and they would need to defend themselves. i have seen no evidence of the biden administration is serious about protecting the american people in the west from the challenge presented by the chinese communist party. maria: it is so disturbing to also learn sheesh and pain just got empowered on the public stage he took out his
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predecessor. at the people's congress and he was let out of the room against his own will. this administration is also cozying up to the leadership of iran and let's talk about what's going on on the ground iranians lining the streets in protest and iran and berlin, this picture is just extraordinary, 120,000 iranians and berlin protesting the leadership in this administration is still trying to do a deal with the iranian leadership despite the fact and that the people are calling for the death of the supreme leader, whose site is a biden administration on the leadership in iran or the people? >> it's been clear since day one of the biden administration that they were determined to cut a deal for a nuclear weapon. you know this is an obama legacy issue, we ended it they ripped that backup that picture that you saw from berlin does amazing
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and it's been the german government that's been so interested in making billions of dollars inside of iran it's great to see the german people recognizing what is happening inside of iran today matters. these protests are real, serious, deep from a crossed economic spectrum there across the political spectrum there come from all regions inside of iran this administration is about to hand the ayatollah in the president who is the butcher of tyree and about to hand the billions of dollars in wealth that they will use it to raise their own people, used to undermine the sovereignty of israel and they still claim they want to wipe israel off the face of the earth and that hurts us here and hurt americans. i hope this ministry she gets her feet under them and recognize israel as her partner, iran is the enemy in the gulf states can be great security partners for the united states of america. maria: as you have said umpteen times, abraham accords truly a peace deal and for the first time in decades secretary, it is good to have you good to talk to you, so appreciate your
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maria: welcome back another big show in the works for next weekend make sure you tune into wall street every friday night 7:00 p.m. eastern on fox business i will see you on sunday morning 10:00 a.m. eastern on the fox news channel for "sunday morning futures" have exclusive interviews with house minority leader kevin mccarthy likely soon to be the new speaker of the house next year also texas senator ted cruz and senate candidate kelli and general j don bolduc don't miss that panel every weekday start smart from 6 - 9:00 a.m. eastern on "mornings with maria" on fox business. we hope you start your mornings with us every weekday. that will do it for us for this weekend. thank you so much for joining me have a great rest of the weekend and i will see you next time


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