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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 2, 2022 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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2008. >> in reminded me you have to grieve tax now for next cycle making sure you are paying fair amount of property taxes. >> you kind of touched on it why now a big slide? why not wait for that. >> you have to start now tax cycles is in a couple months we got to make sure that we file all paperwork for you that is now. >> so, example house here property that you worked on tell me about tax savings what by reassessing value what did it mean for homeowners. this one behind me saved 10% on property tax 1200 dollars a lot of money going to save that every year, so it is up to a lot of money for this home owner everything costs cost of everything going up exciting to see home prices
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going down for first-time home buyers wait a second to get into a home also is a big opportunity for someone who is already in their currents home to save money with everything else going on, good news when i can. maria: absolutely, madison thank you, next hour of "mornings with maria" begins right now. maria: good wednesday morning. thanks for joining us this morning i am maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, november 2, top stories 8:00 a.m. on the button on the east coast, we are waiting on fed futures this morning trading higher ahead of important decision headed into day two of the federal reserve november meeting, we are expecting to see the fed raise rates by 75 basis points, announce that today, at 2:15 pm earn jay powell will have a press conference at 2:30, interest rates 10-year treasury fractionally moving at level 4.046% on 10-year this
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morning, also, we are waiting on adm employment report we get numbers estimates call for 159,000 jobs to the economy see if a market mover earnings cvs hiem anna reporting this morning cva beat expectations on earnings and revenue, humana beat on earnings per share missed revenue stocks mixed this morning, stocks lower yesterday s&p nasdaq down 4 of the last five dow industrials down 80 at 4:00 on wall street nasdaq down 97, oil this morning on the move to look crude is now off a third of one percent at i'm sorry brent up a third of a percent 94.97 price of crude 8.66 right now european markets, trading lower fhrn down nine 1/2 cac quarante down 13 dax down a fraction 6 points lower in asia overnight mostly green across the board although weak spot japan, big
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o movers in hong kong, hang seng up 2 1/2%, all with six days until the midterm elections back in u.s. final ratings show victory for republicans in the house but still a fight to win in the senate earlier we spoke with senator rick scott predicted the senate gop will gain 54 seats in six days, new difficulties reveal administration working with big tech to take down censor information, details all morning long this morning, "mornings with maria" is live right now. . 124r50 a newportal allows government officials to submit social media posts they deem misinformation, proving administration is still working big time viem with big tech to take down censor information, dagen mcdowell, monica crowley adam johnson trying to set the tone and
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tell us what is real what is fake even though everything that they've told us has actually been a lie, hunter biden laptop was real it wasn't misinformation the russia collusion story with trump was a lie made up by hillary clinton campaign, covid-19 roughly merged from way han lab people got canceled for all these stories on social media. dagen: this is bigger than just social media censoring stories, and speech because that is allowed under first amendment those are private businesses, but this the government, censoring via surgate to quote jonathan turley department of homeland security based on this report has a portal other government officials a portal on line with facebook when they can tell facebook what is inaccurate and officially tell fixing what it doesn't want out there, do you trust the government to decide what is
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inaccurate can when they have been peddling lies for years about covid, about how to fight covid, about the efficacy of the vaccines, masking if you will, so,, this is a violation of the first amendment. want the government is not allowed to do this under the constitution. and why facebook would open the door for this censorship is beyond me knowing that it is unconstitutional, here is a list of some topics originals of the covid-19 pandemic efficacy of the covid-19 vaccine, by the way, people were censored kicked off twitter for saying that the vaccine doesn't keep you from getting it more a therapeutic. >> and fired because they wouldn't get shot.
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>> ratio just whatever that topic involves u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan i found curious the moment joe biden startedlying to the american people about what is military generals told him to do keep truth there denied that said al-qaeda is gone from afghanistan, that is a lie. you can get to airport if you want to. that is a lie. and we're not leaving anybody behind in afghanistan. that is a lie, that is when his approval rating went underwater, so why are they so dead set on censoring what is being said about afghanistan? that is why because it is -- it is a political albatross for clowns running the country. maria: are you haven't mentioned interfering in election censoring hunter biden laptop before 2020 election. >> remember the fbi most fearsome agency in the world sat down with zuckerberg and top executives, said you might want to censor this it could
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very well be russian disinformation,s when you talk about big tech first of all you got fbi on your doorstep you are going to want to listen to the fbi, that is lying to you, the bigger point is big tech, are there all on same ideological page as biden administration as democrats, so all deeply in bed to advance an agenda. left cannot win unless it has censorship why is is why they are freaking out -- >> don't forget the obama administration he self people who worked in obama administration after obama left office went to work at places like facebook, twitter, google, they all got high-paying jobs, these are political operatives at social media companies dagen. dagen: right one of the reasons facebook at in on face called meta now this company, going down the drain. but this is potentially, if
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there is investigation by republicans, if and when they -- retake house and senate a, into what could be in front of the supreme court. as jonathan turley lace it out it is axiomatic government cannot do indirect lewhat it is prohibited from doing directly, if government officials are directing facilitating such censorship it raises series first amendment questions. they are violating our constitution. >> yes, yes, look we talked about elon musk and subscription mole in place, actually one of the big upsides trying to make it less dependent on advertising, outside advertising if you do that more of a subscription based modeled then you give outside censorship organizations less leverage over twitter. could it help on that front. dagen: a company can censor if worried about advertisers,
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it can do that that is perfectly constitutional. but the government cannot -- >> great distinction glad you made it a short break this is very dangerous stuff markets searching for direction this morning as we await the federal reserve policy change, we are expecting another significant hike in rates, 75 basis points, gordon is here joe lav oria will join us you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business.remb . and we would experience turbulence. i would watch the flight attendants. if they're not nervous, then i'm not going to be nervous. financially, i'm the flight attendant in that situation. the relief that comes over people once they know they've got a guide to help them through, i definitely feel privileged to be in that position. ♪
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hi, i'm jason and i've lost 202 pounds on golo. i was 424 pounds and my doctor was recommending weight loss surgery. to avoid the surgery, i had to make a change. so i decided to go with golo and it's changed my life. maria: stocks mixed futures indicating mixed opening as federal reserve day two meeting is happening today, we are expecting another 75 basis point rate hike, the fourth 75 basis point hike in a row joining us right now to look ahead rosenblat securities managing director great to see
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you are you in the camp fed tightening is nearing end as mike wilson wrote in morgan stanley report earlier this week being what do you expect jay powell to take behalf of the announcing a rays hike. i think i have been in the kafrn a little bit early in terms of being about the optimistic, a lot of people say now is not the time to be a hero are there saying that late september, i was, of a mind now is not the time to be a coward i have been on the floor a long time know what capitulation looks like smells like we haven't seen anything like that i was convinced we would find a level i think there is a a little bit of swagger back small but it's coming. as far as interest rates concerned 75 basis points does seem consensus down there i think there will be a surprise if he dose something else the question what will be the reaction if he does something else, because you know sometimes good news is bad news bad news is good news.
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as far as, moving forward, i know, there is this -- there is perception that there is kind of this binary relationship between what fed can do and inflation will be if he raises interest rates then inflation will go down but i don't think that simple i think there are a lot of other things that you have to tick into account, corporate earnings being the most important one, we talked about, gross profit margins free-cash flow built the fact remains limit if you look at corporate earnings collapse they held i suspect we're going to hold levels. >> you just said capitulation has not happened, us know capitulation what it looks like smells like we are nowhere near it in other words, people have not given up -- throne in towel in other words, you are expecting a sell-off in stocks. >> no, no i am not, i was looking -- well there was some suggesting that that we
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weren't going to breaking news 239,000 jobs , is that what you just said 239,000 jobs added to the economy, in the last month adp number out for october much hotter than expected, we were expecting, 195,000 jobs added to economy we actually are getting 239,000 jobs added to the economy in october that is big number much hottie than we expected called for estimate 195,000, we got a market that is trading lower on this, if we are looking at this kind of strength in jobs that has to mean the federal reserve is going to stay aggressive, in terms of rate hikes, gordon your thoughts, sorry to interrupt but adp for payroll number out 239,000 jobs vr estimate 195. >> as we just said good news can be bad news through the
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are there going to stay course never he dooefaited from it when you look at some of the reasons, that we've had limited inflation, you have to talk about things like, manufacturing, in far east, which supply could allow prices to stay down. as we change our economic model as we become more sensitive to things like covid, to china, far east we talk about supply chain disruptions, we are going to have to see a shift back to manufacturing here in the states, what does that mean things more expensive just takes more money to do things here. so, they could talk it but realistically we are getting to 3 to 4%. >> i am glad you talked about manufacturing, earningss, i am glad we're talking about employment i think we got blinders on all we can seem to talk about anymore is inflation, and interest rates, i get it.
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i mean, inflation is -- is nastiest pernicious force on our economy intlooig power sentiment, et cetera, higher it goes more aggressive fed has to be but how creates a we look at adp stronger than expected more americans are working than ever before means they have money to spend. means companies are generating earnings somehow that is a negative we've twisted that narrative so all we can focus on is inflation, and the fed, i think we've lost it plot on that point i really do, futures are down what 50 points as we look right now. maria: yeah. >> but moment to moment trading where going off inflation data we really lost the plot. >> i agree with you wholeheartedly on that another point you have to throw in we discussed this before what is going on in international community. let's face it. this market was high beginning of the year, thank you russian bear decided to growl and that sent this thing going south.
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if weekend get peace talks about, that would really be a boon to the economy if we can get china to loovn restrictions on covid that would be a boon if we can get global economy, to work together, again, significant upside any one of these factors could be the -- the thing that drives the market higher so i think there are things out there, that could really stabilize send this back up so negativity. >> actually would have been worse if not for war in ukraine federal reserve would have started hiking interest rates before march they would have been more aggressive, inflation was takings off all last year before russia ever invaded ukraine, quite frankly, it is about inflation period, it is about longer-term interest rates because we've had 40 some-odd years declining long-term interest rates could be over next 40 years ahead. i don't agree the fte if he had was a little bit late a
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little okay i am being kind trying to be nice. >> the markets selling off, ukraine, russia? no way. >> you are trying to suggest that they had no impact on energy, and what happened there didn't destabilize europe. >> prices were up before invasion putin invaded because of hammer down war on our fossil fuel industry gave the putin relationships of power invade ukraine not why market started falling i said end of last year there will be a complete collapse in all asset classes in 2022 including bitcoin, housing, stocks, because the fed has to fight inflation. that was before rub ever invaded ukraine. maria: would you call this a complete collapse. dagen: yes i don't think it is over. >> it is nice to respectfully disagree with somebody. dagen: i don't think a
8:21 am
snapback in asset prices reason probably fed will remain aggressive, in tightening monetary policy they won't -- as talking about they want to keep financial conditions tight, every time that the assets start rallying start of summer we saw it in october, you know, when financial conditions start getting loose again fed says okay, we need to keep full steam ahead. maria: didn't get what they wanted this morning adp hotter than expected 239,000 jobs created quick how do you want to allocate capital. >> first off you have to start thinking outside the box alternative investments, of course, private equity something that people are interested in, so you have to do you have to now open it up you can't just be standard cash, bonds, stocks you've got to look around invest in what you know there are opportunities out here, american companies, american citizens, we foe what welfare doing, get government other of our way we will be fine.
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maria: amen great to see you, quick break poll shows republicans ready to phillip the house. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back republicans gaining momentum 6 days to go before mem election "the wall street journal" poll shows republicans have a slight enl over drats due to growing support from latino voters and suburban woman will control 236 house seats in senate four seats for edge republicans have edge taking a jab at gop on campaign trail yesterday, watch. >> so god bless you all, god protect our church and god give some of our republican friends some enlightening, joining me members house ways and means committee david, thanks for being here what do you make of joe biden attacking you and colleagues. >> i think that he didn't have anything to talk about, you know, the problem is that he
8:27 am
doesn't understand the problems people are facing my constituents face. i just on a bus trip last week visiting all 20 coins in my district four days, people talking about the economy the economy, they are talking about crime, they are talking about the border, and going back to the economy which is really number one issue, just having trouble making ends meet, he doesn't understand unthe problems he nor pelosi nor schumer offering solutions why i think projections for next week election day are so good for republicans, both in the house and senate. >> so you agree with number of seats i mentioned you think the house is going to get as a many as 236? >> very well could, i think conservatively, i am conservative, 15 to 20 seats but as winds blowing you know that because you see the democrats out there, biden, and everybody else campaigning, and there in a panic in a panic because they helped create the situation, as relates to inflation, by
8:28 am
passing, all these big huge bills 1.9 trillion for american rescue plan whatnot, got nothing to talk about. maria: what is it five trillion dollars somebody said nine trillion is it five trillion do you think they spent the number blast year and a half. >> when you talk about trillions even i have been in washington for five years hard to put my arm around it 1.9 trillion dollars for the american rescue plan, over one trillion dollars for infrastructure, 745 billion dollars for manchin inflation bailout act. dagen: m is my anna, job approved five trillion nearly five trillion dollars new borrowing since he took office a lot of spending plans like in the inflation reduction act
8:29 am
policies will turn into new entitlements, like premium subsidy for obamacare who on planet thinks that is going away in democrats are in charge i quickly want to ask you we talked about war on fossil fuels corporate minimum tabs almost 12-billion-dollar tax crude oil petroleum products a new national gas tax in inflation reduction act how quickly could you reverse that you want to talk about opening the spigots, you take the foot off the backs of energy producers, that would help. >> again, biden is throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks if we get control of house and senate come january after november election would have to jam that through in lame-duck session i think number one highly improbable i look at history president carter tried you had compact same windfall tax on oil and gas companies,
8:30 am
in 1980. and in our production went down because of that, windfall tax was ultimately repealed in 1988 let's not repeat that history. maria: yeah -- criticized for windfall tax journal editorial board this morning out calling it energy policy for dummies, i am sure you saw that secretary larry summers even wrote on twitter i am not sure i understand the argument for windfall profits of tax if you reduce profitability you he discourage investment on as the of the objective i would love to you explain the bureaucracy this administration put in place to limit the amount of production, so you have joe biden at podium yelling at oil companies left and right saying we want more production but isn't his policy the policy, that has made it difficult to do just that. >> no doubt about it, when joe biden put hand on bible january 20th, 2021 gas on
8:31 am
average was 2.39 a demand he went into office killing keystone pipeline disincentivizing american producers that wanting to produce you don't have to be in a convent to know when you limit supply prices go up created by biden executive orders the progressive left my hope once we control the house and senate the biden will come out of this is far-left corner maybe take a page from bill bill in 1995 when republicans swept 1994, say i want to work with republicans, to try to get things done for this country. maria: i love your optimism might be wishful thinking can you tell us what you will defund if you control house and senate talked irs 87,000
8:32 am
new agents what else. >> kevin mccarthy said that is going to be one of the first orders of business when we take control in january is to defund 87 now irs agents i talked about being on this with us last week i heard a lot from people that really concerns them, they know are there going to be audited more heals red tape, that is not what the country is about. so that will be that will be one of the first orders of business, you didn't you asked this, i answered in a different way oversight, is a very important tool that we use both in the house and the senate. in irs, i am very concerned about confidential taxpayer information. >> where all this money is going particularly ukraine tens of billions of dollars oversight is absolutely critical. >> have it will be both in the house and the senate, and where i am on ways and means committee to make sure irs we can wrap them in make sure
8:33 am
that confidential taxpayer information doesn't get released to the public. >> are you able to stop tax increases? we are going to -- there are some things we can do through the cra, in terms of executive order but we will look at call what we can remember in senate need 60 votes to get some things done. maria: for sure congressman good to see you. thanks very much, quick break then looking ahead to federal reserve decision, happening 2:30 pm eastern today will we see, commentary about what is beyond the 75 basis point hike, what will jay powell say about december, and march. stay with us. ♪ ♪ crazy about my farmer's hand, ♪i pawe understands, whad t gets me she thinks ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back we are waiting on fed, jay powell will speak at 2:30 pm eastern today, as central bank wraps up two-day policy meeting this afternoon. we are expecting the fed to announce, at the close of the meeting a fourth 75 basis point hike, joining me right now to talk more about it is sis nbc chief economist, thank you for having me. >> i want your take own macrostory access what all these hikes have done so far. >> nothing yet, maria. we had an inflationary recession first half of the year, that was due to expansive fiscal policy now raised rates aggressively second fastest rate hike cycle on record the economy broadly hasn't broken housing is in recession residential investment third quarter down 26 an annualized recession is coming. maria: good point we are
8:39 am
getting all dire predictions, of the economy in 2023 from major ceos like jamie dimon, larry summers and, yet, markets rallied in october almost 15% on dow industrials , want to get your take on the liquidity concerns, liquidity concerns in treasury market as fed also runs down its balance sheet 95 billion dollars a minicoming out of the skepticism a trillion dollars a year here is thomas hoenig former president kansas city federal reserve. >> think about when you are pulling money out of the economy, out in reserves out of the system, that is the banks at the largest banks and banks accounts with fed are being shrunk reduced to some extent every month you are taking liquidity out so you have less available for lending for putting into market and so that tightens the economy. in addition to the interest rate, and, therefore, you
8:40 am
really are squeezing down the economy. maria: has market figured this out understands this what he is talking about in because he is saying that when that happens, should fed keep to scheduled 95 billion a month, we are having a major disruption. >> tom is exactly right liquidity in market central we are seeing a lack of liquidity in the treasury market in large part with dodd-frank, banks having capital against treasuries fed got rid of scomplenl ratio, intoeson if you look at growth balance sheet one for one s&p 500 market rallied in part it thinks fed will pivot cutting rates would explain in my opinion why equity market rallied the message has to be downshift pace of tightening won't go 75 in december signal effectively 50 may go next year keep that rate higher for
8:41 am
longer that will be message in attempt to keep financial conditions from easing more. maria: okay watching the financial markets, and trying to manage that we get jobs number this morning adp, showing 239,000 jobs createded in month of october, higher than 195,000, that we were expecting, we will get jobs number, on friday. where we are also expecting pretty strong job growth. when will the jobs picture catch up with reality of these rate hikes. >> is to so i would say maria if consensus is right even adp number will give a similar figure the 3 month moving average on jobs threw october will be 250,000. that is a healthy number historically but also about the weakest trend in the two years. when will economy get hit hard to say historically we know that when two things, one when fed pivots cuts rates markets miss trying to figure out market misses it when economy weakens it weakens very hard
8:42 am
quickly sort of unexpected we are sitting here market looking for 200,000 all of a sudden one month down 100 kind of how it works. maria: so you think in coming months we are going to see a change in jobs -- >> my best guess fed easing rates probably qe sometime middle next year i would say based on that view late winter early spring job market turns down. >> we are seeing demand destruction a poll reveals 22% americans say they would be able to apply home in coming years without the fnlt hardship, that's it 22% say they can apply a home right now others talking financial hardship mortgage rates at 7% mortgage rates over 7% even if they have eased off the highs, where are we going to see this destruction. >> in consumer spending already in investment spending
8:43 am
fix fixed investment last quarter down 5% moiment rate 3 1/2 percent imagination a recession next year unemployment 5 or 6% how are you households going to respond then. >> you say housing market is already in recession. >> yeah, that would make sense housing leading indicator of the economy home builder sentiment great leading gauge of housing broader economy last 12 months never fallen at rate it has fallen a record drop. >> you are looking at a macrostory that is getting hit from a lot of different areas, do you see greeting sustaining in any area. >> no, i don't this is what happened when you over companion on fiscal side overregulate business animal spirits u.s. households did he ter year-to-date yooufrnt might have consumer confidence all-time low a result of bad policy, of course, likely to pay the price for that. >> amazing that the fed is the
8:44 am
only one rowing the boat in terms of getting inflation down the federal government still spending money. >> maria fed also made a mistake in leaving rates too low too long emergency was over case under greenspan, bernanke yellen certain jay powell. >> for sure great to have you this morning please come back soon, we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ "mornings with maria" next week live on historic 2022 midterm elections breaking news results analysis from our fox business team of experts, first. .
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is plain and simple, it was easy. i didn't have to grit my teeth and do a diet. golo's a lifestyle change and you make the change and it stays off. golo's changed my life in so many ways. i sleep better, i eat better. took my shirt off for the first time in 25 years. it's golo. it's all golo. it's smarter, it's better, it will change your life forever. >> >> . maria: the rest of the country is gone through hell, six of the largest oil companies made more than 100 billion dollars in profits it is out rages u.s. taking the average profits they've been been making refining oil the last 20 years either began to invest in america, or pay higher taxes, on your excessive profits and face other restrictions. >> president biden playing to
8:49 am
crowd in florida yesterday threatening oil companies with winds fall tax if they do not do what he says one "wall street journal" opinion piece this morning, calls the president's plan quote, energy policy for dummies joining us right now republican senator from wyoming the ranking member senate energy committee member senate foreign relations committee john barrasso is here thanks so much for being here your reaction to what you just heard from the president. >> well, it is -- it is a sound bite it is not a solution, if the president and democrats declared war on american energy day one, killed keystone xl pipeline blocked oil, gas exploration american people have been paying very high price at pump grocery store ever since democrats are going to be made to pay a very high price for this come election day, the president announced -- going to backfire on democrats jimmy carter did same thing the same problem, going to lower
8:50 am
production, not increase energy production. when i see the president at podium up there i mean i see a president overwhelmed clinic effective really desperate right now you just want to take down flt seal put up a help wanted sign. maria: you feel in wyoming your state is energy producing state can you walk us through some of the things that this administration, did as you say on day one week one they canceled keystone pipeline certainly but what have they done in terms of putting limitations in place, for oil companies, to actually get he releases approved or increase drilling and increase production? because he is talking as if they can do so with no problem but isn't it his policy that put the limitations in to begin with? >> well it is his policy he has broken the law the courts have even side this administration has broken law in terms of not doing oil and
8:51 am
gas leases, revenue comes into federal government as a result of that they blocked all of that construction pipelines infrastructure, that we need, and the pvt may have forgotten but just a couple months ago he and all of the democrats, democrats voted for it he signed into law additional taxes on oil and gas production. we need the energy we need all of it the reason produced american emergency here lower cost for consumers that is critical, we can then more xhaeply refill the strategic petroleum reserve emergency sources that the president has i believe, he wasted used the irresponsibly we can become energy dominant as nation energy independent we are a million barrels a day less than we should be because joe biden and democrats choked off american energy a self inflicted wound we need to unleash american emergency take back house take back the
8:52 am
senate that is focus. >> do you think you will take backs senate majority ♪ rick scott on early said he is expecting he gop to have 54 seats in the senate is what that you look for. >> well i have been talking to our accounts around the country going to be in nevada this weekend with adam laxalt, campaigning with him, i am optimistic, and here why is the american people under straight democrat rule are very concerned almost sickened by impact of the direction of the country, where they think the economy is going by their own future, and this election is going to be report card on the democrats' policy they get an f, inflation, economy border crime american people do not believe democrats are really up to the task of dealing with the issues that are the major issues of the american people, which is being able to fill your gas tank and your grocery cart on the same week, we can't do it if we want to stop damage we
8:53 am
need to eliminate get rid of democrats, vote republican up and down the ticket. >> will you be able to top damage? what can you do to reverse this as you say inflation at 40-year highs interesting to see, real pocketbook issues, driving the vote this time around, by the way, the president continues to say that if the republicans gain the edge after the midterms inflation gets worse also talking about inflation on a global stage here is what he said about that yesterday, watch. >> you know, we are dealing with -- inflation is worldwide problem right now. a war in iraq impact on oil what russia is doing, more in ukraine -- excuse me war in ukraine, iraq, my sunbelt -- because the point is, that, you know, that is why we have lowest inflation rate almost any mainly country in the world. >> he said inflation is
8:54 am
because of the war in iraq corrected himself to say ukraine then said his late son bow died in iraq we know that beau died of brain cancer, reaction. >> i said earlier a president overwhelmed ineffective we are at 40-year high inflation in this country the president denied that for a full year. so it temporary don't wore about it american people worried paid huge price result of that the president started looking for people to proclaim a litany of folks he blamed last two years we know cause of inflation runaway government spending passed, only with democrat votes, republicans will be able to stop that, day one. massive amount of red tape from this administration hurt our energy production so many things, this inflation is -- your last segment talking real
8:55 am
estate people are falling further bubd if you are a young couple trying to save for home double nation rates no way you are able to buy that home if a senior trying to sell to be closer to grandkids hard to get that asking price. >> well said we are going to watch issues senator watching you own campaign trail talk with you long the way thanks so much for being here this morning. >> thank you, maria. maria: all right senator john barrasso stay with us. we'll be right back. . tune into "mornings with maria" next week we report live on historic 2022 midterm elections breaking news results analyze from our fox business team of experts, first! . . charging something like a hundred bucks a window when other guys were charging four to five-hundred bucks. he just didn't wanna do that. he was proud of the price he was charging. ♪ my dad instilled in me, always put the people before the money. be proud of offering a good product at a fair price. i think he'd be extremely proud of me, yeah.
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♪ welcome back, big buzz of the morning. a snapshot of autumn all the way from space. nasa releasing a collection of satellite images over the past few years showing beauty of fall leaves here in the u.s. cars across the world. look how gorgeous the shop is in from space of the changing leaves. >> believe clogged up the highways where my daddy lives because they can, when the leaves start changing, all the people from northern virginia get in their cars and drop down to southern virginia.
9:00 am
leaf freaks is what my dad's calling them. >> i do like to drive in connecticut and new jersey and long island to see the beautiful leaves but to see this shot from space. >> it's amazing. i don't know how that happens with the gallo and read from miles away but it's beautiful. >> spectacular. a beautiful time of year. mother nature putting on a show. >> a couple of second tier, any thoughts on the fed meeting and what you want to say in terms of market reaction? >> it's a big deal and it matters for all of us because if the fed gets any inkling they might maybe slow the price of rate hikes, the rest of us spend our time trying to figure out the stock prices, we can say thank goodness, it's not rates going up forever. >> adam johnson, always a pleasure. great day, everybody. see you tomorrow. >> good morning. i know, it is that state and


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