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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  November 30, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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what's the next step? visit today to get started. ashley: all right, earlier we asked you how tall is the all-american christmas tree right outside on fox square? lauren, you're up. >> we discussed this. mark and i are going with 50 feet. right mark? >> 50 it is. >> i didn't measure. ashley: 50? you didn't run out. you two are absolutely right. it is 50 feet, decorated with 12,000 ornaments. 40,000 lights, if one of the lights to out you have to test all 40,000. thank you so much. lauren, thank you. cheryl casone in for neil cavuto. cheryl: ash, thank you so much. we welcome all of you to "cavuto: coast to coast."
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i'm cheryl casone. i'm in for neil cavuto today. we have a lot happening this hour. the house is set to vote on a bill to avert a rail strike. lawmakers vowing swift action in the labor dispute that could devastate the country's supply chain ahead of the holidays. markets are falling ahead of the vote and these comments from fed chair jerome powell. we'll get those in the next hour. remember we had a lot of fed speak this week. that really spooked the markets so car. you had a lot of econ data. we'll get on top of that. we'll stay ahead of any investor reaction today. we'll have comments from powell as soon as they cross during this show. start with fox news senior congressional correspondent chad pergram, live on capitol hill, as lawmakers vow swift action. chad, what is the latest now? what are you hearing about timing? >> reporter: cheryl, the house votes soon on a plan to avert the strike. there is separate vote to add seven days of paid sick leave to railroad workers. the left embraces that idea. >> obviously we never want to
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intervene and it should not be the norm and it cannot be the norm. it is an unfortunate position to be in but this is the best that we can do and i think this will again make sure an economy doesn't collapse. >> reporter: a coalition of progress systems and conservatives to owe pest interessential. small government conservatives say hands off but there is worry about the impact a strike would have on a shaky economy. the gop blames the president for not fixing the problem in september. instead there is a crisis before the holidays. >> i'm not bambi's baby brother here, okay? i want to understand the details. why we have to intervene in a private contractual digs put, why the president is taking a position in a way that automatically you. >> s the workers.
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>> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi told president biden she would get the votes to pass the bill, otherwise the nation faces economic calamity. >> we've got to produce to market in our farm communities. communities would not be able to get chlorine to keep their water safe and clean. small businesses would not be able to get their products to market. many of them, farmers. time is of the essence. we must act now. >> reporter: a strike could halt the shipment of gifts right before the holidays. there is still concern the bill can't clear a fill buster inn the senate. in the 1920s congress passed a law which allowed lawmakers to step in to avert rail strikes. the reason, railroads were too important to the economy. cheryl? cheryl: chad pergram, live on capitol hill. we'll be waiting and watching the house floor to see when this vote, at least two votes come to pass, see what happens. chad, thank you very much for that live report. keep us posted. well farmers are sounding the
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alarm over the looming rail strike, what it could mean for our nation's food supply. fox business's madison alworth is live at a farm in monroeville, new jersey. madison we heard in chad's report, nancy pelosi talking about this has direct immediate impath on farmers. >> reporter: absolutely, cheryl. there are two prongs. the first thing, fertilizer. 50% of the fertilizer used in the u.s. travels by rail. farmers tell me if that goes off-line that would be absolutely devastating. they say something needs to be done soon, i'm talking soon. this rail strike set for december 9th. if it does not get averted fertilizer shipments would be stopped this sunday. fertilizer cannot be stranded on the rails. fertilizer is way up in cost. this would only make things worse. >> it has gone up 100% from last year. will probably go up another 50%.
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another 50% on fertilizer, we can only become so efficient to make things grow. we start losing yields. >> reporter: but it is not just farm inputs that would be impacted as we talked about earlier. it is also crops and how they are transported. much of the nation's corn travels via rail. if that is taken off-line u.s. farmers would not be able to compete in particular with south american corn which comes on the market in early spring. and corn scarcity would also create a global problem. >> we can't rely on rail. it is really going to be difficult for to us kind of build this global void left by the black sea region. this is competitive issue for us and also a food security issue globally and here domestically. >> reporter: you know, we've obviously been following this so closely. as i said, that strike is set for the 9th but all eyes are
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on congress because if we do not have something soon we would start to see the stoppages as i mentioned as early as this weekend. farmers tell me if we have a couple of delays or hours, it will be felt through the rest of this agriculture here. cheryl? cheryl: that is a very good point. let's get more on that right now. madison, thank you. i do want to bring in south carolina republican congresswoman nancy mace. congresswoman there is a lot on your plate today. first i want to get your thoughts on these two bills, not just one, but two bills. in particular this second bill, the second vote that would give seven days of paid sick leave to the workers. a lot of progress serves, as you know, are pushing for this. you've got bernie sanders on the senate side saying he, it has, it has to be sick leave. josh hawley says the workers have to support this. there is push back on any type of vote. what can you tell us right now? >> certainly a lot of pushback
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on the second bill. nancy pelosi lied to congress there would be one bill, one vote, at last minute peppered in this second bill to placate to the progressive socialists in the democratic party. there will not be support from republicans on that second vote. but i will tell you there will be a lot of blame placed on president biden. there is plenty of blame to go around but when you look why this is happening the labor unions are holding the american people and our economy hostage right before the holidays and that's where the blame needs to be why this is happening. why this vote is even occurring this is private sector contractual agreement. congress should not vote on this any day, or the next several days. cheryl: i want to get into the six leave issue because this is the sticking point. remind our viewers here, four of the unions rejected the baden brokered deal. go back in history here for a
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second. maria made a comment this morning but i have to bring it up again, maria bartiromo, i thought this was amtrak joe, union joe? looks like the president has really failed completely in helping a class of workers, a class of americans that he vowed he would always represent. your take here? >> right. railroad joe failed. he lied to the american people about this deal that he said was done. turns out it's not done and i understand that the need for sick leave and that being important but we're also talking about a 24% pay hike that's retroactive. i can't imagine any other industry that gives that kind of a pay hike where the average wage will be about $160,000. that is an enormous expense on the backs of hard-working americans that will have to prop this up. they will prop it up by higher prices in everything that is, that travels by rail including food and agriculture as your reporters just mentioned.
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so it will be an enormous expense no matter what happens on the american people. again being held hostage by these labor unions who put this, put this forth and who also failed the american people. cheryl: let's talk a little bit about, i want to dig into this because i was reading into the association of american railroads about the sick leave. where we're stuck here, okay? because i think this will come up among you and your colleagues. i think, like i said the progressives want, they want seven days of paid sick leave. that is the second bill. we'll see the fate of that on the floor today. but they do get paid sick leave, okay? they get additional paid sick days as well. and they can use that sick leave as days off with notice. i mean, it seems to me that the semantics are being lost here in the fact that rail workers are getting a 24% pay raise retroactive, they do get 5000-dollar bonuses, they do have paid sick leave. not like they're being left without that at all.
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but again i go back to the fact that you and your colleagues have to kind of debate this. do you get a sense how this vote is going to go? >> well, you're right, they have great salaries, they have great benefits. the need to negotiate an even better deal should be done not via congress, not via this vote. by and large, i think republicans may or may not vote in favor of the first bill. that was debate we had in conference this morning but the second bill by and lark, they're not going to get republican support. that is everything and the kitchen sink that nancy pelosi put together in a bill to satisfy the socialist democrats in her party. we were told and promised one vote, one bill as is and that is not the case. so nancy pelosi lied to congress in part of negotiating this vote and negotiating the components to the bill and that is where you're going to see republicans by and large, the vast majority of us if not all of us will push back on the second vote, the sense i'm seeing up here on the hill today. cheryl: okay,many we'll obviously, all eyes will be on you.
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i do want to move onto something else that is bantered about today, this issue of chevron. we're learning from chevron, they will get the first oil shipment send it from venezuela to the u.s., end of this year. why is the biden administration, first off, why do you think they're working with venezuela a socialist regime? why won't they fix energy issues here at home? loves i want to ask you about, we're also getting reports, now seeing the reports not just venezuela but iran, they're sending out illegal estimate shipments despite u.s. sanctions, illegal ships of crude throughout the world. guess where some of it is going, nancy? china. >> without consequence. joe biden and the administration are traveling around the world looking for oil and gas he have where but here at home. under the previous administration we were net exporters of oil and gas. under the biden administration we've become net importers. we have so much natural gas here at home. if you look at for example, the
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state of new york, enough natural gas to power all of europe for the next 150 years. there is no reason. so we transitioned to a green energy efficient electric economy that in the years until then until we can transition to that we can't use our natural resources here at home and be less dependent on folks who are not with us, on socialist regimes around the world. we have resources here at home. we should be using resources to beef up our economy, more energy i, help us here at home, it helps the economy, reduces the impact of inflation on our economy. i just don't understand the strategy of the administration at this juncture on this issue what they're doing around the world. cheryl: they would rather go to opec plus and beg the saudis and if you think about it, even the russians in some sense to get oil. i know we're not getting russian oil but at the same time opec plus does include russia and there needs to be a, i think
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serious conversation about energy production in this country. congresswoman, great to see you. we'll see what happens at the first of the year when republicans take control of the house. i know you need to go vote. thank you so much, ma'am. we appreciate it. >> thank you. cheryl: well we've got a lot more coming up. china increasingly clamping down on covid lockdown protesters. some are calling out the united states and canada now for backing protesters abroad but shaming them at home. we're going to explain coming up. the first-ever all-electric chevy silverado rst. with a multi-flex midgate for extra storage. and an available 400 miles of range on a full charge. evs for everyone, everywhere. chevrolet at fidelity, your dedicated advisor
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"does it really work?" and all i have to say is, "here i am. it works." my advice for everyone is to go with golo. it will release your fat and it will release you. ♪ cheryl: take a look at this, more clashing erupting between riot police and protesters in china over the zero tolerance covid policy even as one area is lifting restrictions. back at home criminal ticks are slamming president biden's quote, weak support for the protesters and recalling similar restrictions the white house enacted here during the pandemic. fox news with white house correspondent jacqui heinrich with how lawmakers are reacting to that. hey, jacqui. reporter: cheryl, chinese experts say these widespread protests are a real threat to president xi xinping's resume. causing concern heco call for or
12:18 pm
carry out a brutal bloody crackdown like 1989's tianamen square. that could put president biden to force democracy at the heart of his foreign policy as he promised to do that. that would further fray relations between the u.s. and china, undermining our strategic interests in preserving that relationship. china hawks are saying that the white house needs to take a harder line right now. >> not just some protest on a college campus in america or european capital. these chinese are protesting the world's most powerful, dangerous, tech know totalitarian government. >> the these people want to be most powerful country in the world. if they do that to their own people, what will they do to you. >> reporter: the white house is defending the their response. they told "politico" that the could turn focus on the u.s., alleged foreign interference
12:19 pm
instead of address frustrations protesters. u.s. has a interest maintaining base level of cooperation with china, global economic power and partner compared to iran where the u.s. has little trade, little cooperation and vocally expressed support for protesters there. national security council spokesman john kirby expressed u.s. support for the protesters this morning not going so far to echo calls for regime change and downplaying the significance of those calls. >> we're not taking a side in terms of what these protesters are about. largely though, steve, you know these protesters are really out there about the lockdown. their main concern, what drove them to the streets, very severe, stringent covid policies by xi's administration. >> reporter: the chinese foreign ministry criticized the u.s. response for being too forceful, also mocking the number of deaths in this country, claiming what they want it is to look out for the lives of their own citizens, cheryl. cheryl: jacqui heinrich live at
12:20 pm
the white house for us. thank you for that live report. we have a little bit of breaking news we would want to bring to you now. we want to show you the house floor. this is washington. we understand the vote is underway. there are two bills nancy pelosi is bringing to the floor. both with regard to the rail strike to, yes avert a rail strike. there was one bill that, that this again would, that send it back to the senate, but one bill basically would, you know, stop, make sure that the rail workers have to agree to the deal president biden cut back in september, that original deal. four in travel unions have not agreed. here we are. all 12 unions have to agree when it comes to potential rail strike in this country. the second vote, there is a second bill, this one adds in, guaranties seven days of paid sick leave. anything that happens now on the house will go back to the senate. that is where it will get interesting, just to be clear here. you have got not just
12:21 pm
marco rubio, not just josh hawley, also senator sanders, you have elizabeth warren, all saying they don't like the bill, these bills as is, the ones sitting in the house right now likely will come their way. i want to bring in republican from wisconsin congressman-elect darren van or then. good to have you here, congressman-elect. this will be part of your job when you take office after the first of the year. give me your initial reaction to what we're seeing right now on the house floor and these two bills nancy pelosi is taking votes on. >> i get sworn january 3rd, i will not take in this particular vote at this time. cheryl: sure. >> we do need to make sure we need the railroads coming. i'm not intimately on the specifics of this bill. i would prefer not to comment at this time. we as you know have a incredible issue with our supply chain. there is massive amount of things that move by rail and i would urge the unions to get on
12:22 pm
board to keep the country running. cheryl: we'll move move on to other issues of the day. canadian prime minister justin trudeau offering his support to chinese protesters. listen to this. >> everyone in china should be allowed to express themselves. should be allowed to, you know, share their perspectives and indeed protests. we'll continue to insure that china knows we'll stand up for human rights. we'll stand with people who are expressing themselves. cheryl: congressman-elect, it was just a year ago that trade dough cracked down on truckers protesting in his own country. >> right. cheryl: now he says he will support chinese protesters, oh, by the way from halfway around the world. your thoughts? >> right. i think it is absolutely absurd. at this point justin trudeau might be writing headlines for "the babylon bee." it is much easier to project forward to another nation to
12:23 pm
take action you're unwilling to do yourself. hypocrisy is amazing. we talk about strategic weakness which is what trudeau is projecting we also have that going on here in the united states. president biden says he supports the protesters but what president biden needs to do is condemn the chinese communist party what they're doing to their people. it must be real, tangible results if they do not do so. if they crack down heavily on these protesters we need to seriously look removing most-favored nation status for trade purposes. cheryl: congressman, again we should on bottom of the screen, retired navy seal. thank you for your service, sir. >> you're welcome. cheryl: that will be an important part of your new job at the first of the year in washington. what are some of the main things you want to see changed, particularly because of your experience as a navy seal? there has been a lot of talk, concern about burnout in the military. >> you bet. cheryl: the recruitment goals
12:24 pm
are not being hit in particular for the army. different branches, assuming we can all get along. your thoughts? >> well, unfortunately the department of defense right now is broken and special operations forces, the special operations forces themselves are also really in a bad way. it is due incredibly poor leadership starting with the secretary of defense, moving down to the chairman of joint chiefs of staff. we have to look, the president of the united states is the commander-in-chief. so when we have strategic weakness and poor leadership in our department of defense, the united states itself is weak and when the united states is weak the world is a much more dangerous place. we're seeing that play out across all of these potential theaters of conflict and i'm deeply concerned for the future of our nation due to the incredibly poor leadership by the biden administration. so when i get into congress i get sworn in as i said january 3rd i want to take incredibly hard look at the department of defense, take correction action now before it is too late. cheryl: congressman-elect thanks so much for being here. we look forward to seeing you,
12:25 pm
seeing more of you after the first of the year. >> yes, ma'am. have a good day. cheryl: all right. we've got a lot weighing on investors right now. we've got this looming rail strike. again that vote is going on in washington to avert that. you've got ongoing protests in china. we spoke about that you've also got more potential action from the federal reserve and jay powell will be speaking about an hour from now. we'll break all of this down with our market experts when we come right back. ♪.
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and it stays off. (soft music) >> all right, well stocks are down. you got the dow down 238 points right now. s&p down 14, nasdaq down a little more than two.
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we are waiting on comments from fed chair jay powell on the economy and the labor market. he is going to be speaking in washington about an hour from now. he will make comments. there will be a q&a. that could move markets. now fed presidents have been signaling this week they will stay the course on rate hikes. main street asset management cio erin gibbs is here an geltrude and company founder dan geltrude as well. great to have you both here. erin, i guess we'll start with powell. we don't know what he will do in an hour, what he will say, but if he reiterates what we heard from him before, react to the data, stay the course that is 50 basis points for december. >> that is pretty much where the bets are. so i think that we'll keep the markets sort of steady. now we've had four days of sort of risk off, markets down. i don't think it is going to make the markets jump up. i think we'll sort of stay in this risk-off trend tracing a bit of euphoria, the euphoric
12:31 pm
sentiment that was in october, that started in october and just sort of stay the course because we're still really waiting until december. you know, i doubt -- cheryl: in what way though? what do you mean? >> until the actual numbers come out from the december meeting. cheryl: waiting for something else to change? >> yeah. cheryl: stay the course. >> dramatic, like something really shocking, otherwise -- cheryl: this is jay powell. i'm predicting nothing shocking. dan what do you say? he does move markets. he has done it before. we'll see what happens today. >> right, i mean who knows exactly what he is thinking but it seems like the general consensus is he is going 50 basis points. you and i had spoken before, i said i think he will go 75. now i actually think he should go 75. why? cheryl: do you like red numbers, dan? do you like more economic destruction? sorry. >> [laughter] well, it is for a
12:32 pm
different reason, right? so i see it this way. we are, he is pushing us towards recession. there is no question about it and that's the endgame to get rid of inflation. so why not just go in? what he has been doing to this point hasn't really been solving the inflation problem. yes it's coming down a little bit but the dramatic steps that he has taken, still not working but the recession, that's working. cheryl: i don't know, erin, what would you say to that? >> i would say inflation has come down. we had five months of a declining trend. no, it should happen dramatically because that causes more turmoil. just looking at the jobs reports we're not heading into recession so far. we're still heading to slow everying growth. remember we still have 1.7 jobs for every person that's looking for a job. and so that's still a robust economy. if we do have slowing gdp growth, obviously we've seen
12:33 pm
revisions look like third quarter was a little better, we're not looking at a massive contraction. >> well you know what, erin? here is what i think is happening. we're all getting kind of numb to this data. what i mean by that we're at 7.7% cpi and we're saying well that's a positive sign because directionally okay it is coming down but that is still a terrible number. why -- >> you can't undo. it took us 18 months to get there you can't undo it in 3:00 months. if it takes nine to 12 months slowly undoing without massive recession that is general trend without massive insanity,. cheryl: from what we heard from bullard and williams this week, they will stay the course. that means we will be hiking rates till the middle middle of
12:34 pm
2023, the summer. couple quarters of negative is very possible because of that you hate to see it because americans are suffering under higher inflation. >> absolutely. cheryl: a lot of companies are starting to lay offer. we're not seeing that in the data yet but i think today might be the final little tip to say okay, you're going to start to see those layoff notices. adp said in the weak number, it was 127,000, they said, workers are not really quitting now. >> right. cheryl: they're looking around, oh, i don't have a better offer. i guess i will stay right where i'm at right now. that is the first tip. >> that is more of saying that we're just in a more normalized economy versus a red hot economy. and so, if we get through, look, it is not that i don't think we'll hit recession. if we can handle two quarter recession, the u.s. market is very good at bouncing back. a lot of it has to do with what else is going on around the
12:35 pm
world. it is not just powell that can pull us in or out in the longer term but a two quarter recession is something americans at least for now, have enough cash, enough jobs to get through. cheryl: they are digging into their savings though. >> and going to credit cards. look, we're on a path of death by a thousand cuts, right? and we're attacking the demand side when this is a supply side issue. that is the path we've taken. it is not the right path but -- cheryl: i love this conversation. you guys can go with this -- thank you, great to have you both here. love it. well you do want to be sure to watch "cavuto: coast to coast" tomorrow because our very own edward lawrence will be sitting down with the federal reserve of new york president john williams. that is going to be tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. eastern time right here on fox business. he doesn't give a lot of interviews, folks. this is going to be pretty news-making tomorrow. you definitely want to tune in. >> all right, coming up all eyes
12:36 pm
are on twitter. treasury secretary yellen saying investigation of a twitter deal could be appropriate. we'll dig into her latest comments. it's a new day at disney. how bob iger plans to change the trajectory of the mouse house. we'll be right back. what if there was a community of like minded people ready to support you when you need it most? christian health care ministries is an organization with over 40 years of trusted care who understands the importance of family. a group that sees you for who you are, regardless of your health history, offering values based affordable health care cost solutions.
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cheryl: treasury secretary janet yellen says that she misspoke about potential u.s. review, a potential u.s. review of elon musk's twitter purchase. fox business's chief national correspondent connell mcshane has the story. janet doesn't misspeak that often. >> reporter: it is interesting. she did an interview with cbs news. as far as she saw it there was no reason to have investigate the twitter purchase by musk. to cheryl's point, i misspoke. she was at a "new york times"
12:41 pm
book deal event. she said it would be appropriate for cfius committee on foreign investment to take a look at the deal if it believes there are security risks associated with foreign investors. so is a backtrack from yellen. also today breaking a call between elon musk and an official from the european union in the last hour, hour 1/2. we're still waiting for headlines maybe on what was discussed there. we do know, certainly that musk has been, i guess you would say in attack mode this week going after apple and others as advertisers continue to cut spending on twitter. some, they have talked, musk has maintained when they do that, really what they're doing is attacking him politically. he says those attacks are coordinated by democrats. the advertisers talked about content moderation. outside of party leadership and independents like manchin, referring to the west virginia senator, they are essentially actors on the political stage, not directors or script writers. we spoke, you know, we've seen well-known republicans, ron
12:42 pm
desantis on the screen there, come out now start to defend musk, push back in the other direction over these reports that maybe apple would kick twitter out of the app store. take a listen. >> if apple responds to that by nuking them from the app store you know, i think that would be a huge, huge mistake and it would be a really raw exercise of monopolistic power i think would merit a response from the united states congress. >> reporter: one final note today on elon musk. we know twitter is not his only job, right? we already know that. but we're reminded that in his most recent tweets he posted something that was a retweet related to spacex a few minutes ago. earlier today sent reminder out there would be a update on neurolink, his neuroscience startup. it brings up the point this is a executive that is always a busy man but really has a lot on his plate right now. cheryl: he is really fun to follow on twitter though. i'm really enjoying his tweets.
12:43 pm
i will not lie. >> reporter: it is not boring. which is the way of another company he runs nothing to do with be boring but the boring company. cheryl: connell, thank you very much. twitter ceo elon musk teasing he will reveal how twitter suppressed certain accounts and information including hunter biden laptop. the self-preclaimed chief tweet. the public deserves to know. how will this impact the probe in hunter biden promised after the first of the year? hillary vaughn on capitol hill with the latest. hi, hillary. reporter: cheryl, elon musk made it clear he is not happy how the company handled content moderation in the past. promised to release internal company files that led to the censorship of hunter biden laptop story. moments ago he blasted how twitter in the past has broken public trust. he tweeted this, twitter failed in trust and safety for a very
12:44 pm
long time and has interfered in elections. twitter 2.0 will be far more effective, transparent and even-handed but not everybody is buying that. the white house says they are quote, keeping an eye on musk's leadership at twitter and republicans are outraged by the idea. >> that is offensive to me. government is going to go after someone who wants to have free speech? what do they have to look at twitter about? do they want to go more after the american public about whether they can have an opinion on something? i think they should stop picking on elon musk. >> reporter: and democrat the on capitol hill are also leery too of elon musk's twitter takeover but are laughing off gop concerns that they are unfairly picking on musk. republicans say democrats are picking on elon musk. do you -- >> elon musk is doing just fine.
12:45 pm
one human being should not be able to go into a dark room by himself and decide, oh, that person gets heard from, that person doesn't. that is not how it should work. >> reporter: apple ceo tim cook will be coming to capitol hill to meet with gop lawmakers this week. cook will meet with incoming house judiciary chair jim jordan and incoming house energy commerce chair cathy mcmorris rogers. cook is focused on antitrust but apple's relationship and alleged cooperation with the communist party of china to crack down on zero covid protests might come up. cheryl? cheryl: and it should. hillary vaughn, thank you for that live report. we appreciate it. well rebranding mick my mouse. disney's newly reappointed ceo bob iger, take two from mr. eiger, says he wants to quiet down the cultural and political controversies as the stock is down big this year.
12:46 pm
lauren looking into the company's business plan and maybe, lauren not do so much political posturing anymore. >> reporter: that is the plan. disney is a dow stock. shares down 11% this month. 39% this year. but in the seven sessions since bob iger came back as the ceo of disney the stock is up 3%. disney plus stream something losing money. the disney channel and espn lost two million subscribers each this year. so there are all these criticisms that the company under ousted ceo bob chapek got too woke. the best example, the most recent example is strange world. chapek over saw the thanksgiving release of the animated movie that pushes a gay character on young audiences without appropriate marketing for parents who might not be ready to address sexuality issues with their children. it bombed at the box office. this is one example of disney not only pushing wokeness like
12:47 pm
crt training on their employees who are adults but pushing it on kids programing as well. it is one reason that disney lost its special status in the state of florida. so they brought long-time ceo bob iger back to right the ship. he did address employees this week in florida. >> we're sorry to see us dragged into that battle. the state of florida has been important to us for a lodge time and we have been very important to the state of florida. that is something i'm extremely mindful of and will articulate if i get the chance. >> reporter: he also says he wants disney to be neutral in the culture wars, to strike a better balance and it is time, cheryl, to quiet things down but florida's governor ron desantis might have a different take. >> didn't drag them in, tucker. they went in on their own. they brought this on themselves. all we did was stand up for what's right. yes, they're a big powerful company.
12:48 pm
but you know what? we stand up for our folks. i don't care what a burbank-based california company says about our laws. >> reporter: how do we sum this up? i will go with back to the basics. do what disney does best, entertain, inspire, mesmerize. it is that magic that people have been paying disney for decades to provide and they seem to have lost their way, cheryl. maybe they can get it back. cheryl: not to preach woke political agendas. i love what desantis said to tucker i don't want to hear from a burbank, california, company what i should be doing in my state. that was a mic drop moment. lauren, thank you. lauren simonetti live for us. coming up deadlocked in the peach state. georgia senate candidates battle for victory in a runoff election. big names are coming out to rally voters on both sides. how it could impact the race. that is coming up next.
12:49 pm
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tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms... develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. watch me. >> reporter: welcome back to "cavuto: coast to coast." i'm jonathan serrie in georgia, reporting live where more than 800,000 voters have already cast ballots in the much-watched u.s. senate runoff. we expect that figure to top one million early votes by the end
12:53 pm
of the day. state elections officials are also predicting this runoff will set a new georgia record for absentee ballots cast in a midterm. >> we're the only game in town. we're the belle of the ball. every political dollar in america is coming lear right now both on the left and the right. we had people knocking on doors this weekend during the iron bowl and georgia, georgia tech game. people no from around here didn't know any better not to do that. >> reporter: president obama is set to rally with rafael warnock on thursday. president biden and former president trump will not visit the peach state in person. mr. trump plans to hold a virtual rally for republican challenger herschel walker. walker's biggest asset georgia governor brian kemp, a conservative weathered mr. trump's effort to defeat him in the gop primary. is now lending walker the massive get-out-the-vote
12:54 pm
operation the governor assembled to defeat stacey abrams in the general election. early voting in georgia's senate runoff runs through friday. i will send it back to cheryl. cheryl: jonathan serrie, thank you for the live report, appreciate it. former house speaker newt gingrich weighing in on the runoff stressing the importance, what it means for the balance of power. listen to this. >> based on the early voting we saw on saturday, that republicans were turning out at least as much as democrats. it was a huge turnout statewide. a lot of republicans are beginning to realize being 50-50 is very different than being 51-49 in the senate. at 50-50, you have power sharing on every single committee. at 51-49, the democrats control every single committee. cheryl: joining me now sarah westwood from "the washington examiner. sarah, this runoff in georgia illustrates what we're seeing today play out in washington
12:55 pm
when this rail strike bills goes over to the senate, it is a slim, it's a tight majority. we still have kamala harris as the tiebreaker. this could tip the scales one way or the other. it could be very meaningful after the first of the year. >> that's right. the 50-50 split, sort of allowed senator joe manchin from west virginia, moderate democrat dictate what democrats could or could not pass. he single-handedly watered down the build back better act. if warnock goes to the senate again, democrats have the 51 seat majority, joe manchin power diminishes quite a bit and democrats could pass serious legislation. that is less serious after threat to republicans that they control the house. that majority is pretty slim. the 50-50 split on committees is pretty significant what we heard former speaker newt gingrich say on those committees with 50-50 slit, republicans are able to hold up nominees that the biden administration wants to put
12:56 pm
through in a meaningful way. that power will go away if democrats have majority on the committees. cheryl: sarah, i want to get input on breaking news. we're looking at live pictures of capitol hill. we had our eyes on the house floor. we're learning that overall bill that nancy pelosi has brought to the floor to avert a rail strike. that has passed. this is the first of two. i want to get initial reaction the first bill of the two has passed. the second is the carveout trying to basically appease the progressives in her party? >> i think you're seeing a really interesting alignment of people on the left and on the right who are speaking out against the idea of congress intervening in this rail strike deal. senator marco rubio on the right who is taking a really pop you it pro-worker approach to this, congress shouldn't get involved in denying things the rank-and-file of the rail unions are asking for. only on the left senator bernie sanders saying the same sort of thing t shows how populism created these
12:57 pm
interesting idealogical alignments. the mainstreams of both parties were interested in averting economic disaster that comes from a strike. cheryl: sarah, 20 seconds with you, what do you think happens in the senate? >> again that 50-50 split makes it really complicated. you have a few notable dissenters breaking apart the six leave issue from the broader deal ratification could help ease the path forward. cheryl: all of our eyes right now on washington. we've got the two bills on the house floor. then it will go to the senate. they have got days before they have to avert this strike. sarah westwood. thank you very much. we'll come right back. we have stocks lower. mostly higher for of the month. is the last trading day of the month of november? we'll come right back as we await jay powell at prudential we think you should say it when things go right too. like, when you score your dream job. sell your business.
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