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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  December 22, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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>> going to shore up the defenses of ukraine maybe you should have done that before, before there was an invasion.
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you rush through these massive 4,000 page bills as you don't get answers to these seghts of questions. >> everything is horrifying nobody likes all of this stuff that's stuffed in here at the last minute defending our border basically go unnoticed in this bill. >> amount of money they've spent over 70, 80 trillion that's federally and they keep telling us they need more. >> yeah, hoping for santa claus to set up put the kibosh on this. >> this cyclone flights are canceled right into the holiday season the last couple of days of shopping are washed so markets started thinking holiday season is done. ♪ ♪ >> joy to the world any way you get it that's mariah carey making a lot of money on this christmas making a lot of money on these songs for a long time
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11: 1 nothing wrong with making money on the east coast of the united states thursday december 22 three days from christmas i'm david so much for the sangts clause rally at least for today the market is down 476 points on the dow the nasdaq really taking a chin down about 3.5% 277 to negative on the nasdaq and show me big tech if we can run through the big tech companies all in the red from microsoft down to the bottom to alphabet with a top down two and three quarters of a percent ten year treasury is down now and that's the interesting thing nasdaq usually hit hard when it goes up today sses down just a tick it is down one basis point but the nasdaq is still down well over 2.5%. ukraine president zelenskyy meeting with president biden addressing congress during visit to washington. just as lawmakers are struggling to pass a new aid package that's in that big 1.7 trillion.
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roll tape. >> your money is not charity. it's an investment in the global security and democracy that we handle in the most responsible way. russia, russia could stop its aggression, really if it wanted to. >> let's bring in rob smith. rob, you are a veteran thank you for your service. but as a veteran, you must have some questions about spending 12% of our entire military budget on this one country. don't you? >> yeah. absolutely. i have question, and i think a lot of us should have questions so when i look at what's going on in d.c. right now as zelenskyy strutting up demanding more money, and you know basically people are liewrntion the right and left sort of coming together and cheer leading this, if this bill passes, this brings the total amount of money that we have
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sent to the ukraine to 100 billion dollars now to put that in context that is enough to give every congressional district in this country around $200 million right, and so this seems so far out of step with what the average american is even thinking about right now. so if the average american is dealing with gas prices, the most one of the most expensive christmas dinners down the barrel of in next couple of days they're wondering why on earth these people in d.c. are sort of, you know, voting to sending tens of billions more dollars to ukraine. it is completely ridiculous and by the way, as a veteran so all of our money is going over there to help them fight, where we have our own borders that are wide open right now. we have border patrol agents. welfare people in border states that do not have resources they need to deal with these issues. this is to me -- david this is insane. >> there's a question of accountability whether we know where the money is going in
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ukraine. i want to focus, though, on patriot missiles we can't second them over there because we need u.s. troops to teach them how to use it now we're sending patriot missiles but haven't heard much about troops. do you know what's going to happen there? >> i don't know what's going to happen. but fluke we haven't heard about u.s. troops, maybe one of those thing where is they're trying to sort of sneak that into the radar. i think a lot of people realized that once u.s. troops really get involved in this, then it really does become something that has u.s. involvement in it in terms of our boots on the ground that is far beyond just sending money that escalating this conflict in america's involvement in it to such a deeper level than what anybody ever wanted and far beyond anything that was sold to us. you know, when the powers that these started selling this thing, going on six months or more go at this point so to me this is something that's very
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alarming something that we need to be taking a look at. >> we understand that putin was on the march and had he been successful taking over ukraine and perhaps gone to baltics like 1930s that was the reason to stop it. but it seems like it's steam rolled out of the way. i do want to before we run out of time rob i want to focus on one issue. something very personal to you. you took a lift in florida. you wanted to go to mar-a-lago the lift driver refused to take you to mar-a-lago. why? >> the lyft driver refused to take my group to mar-a-lago because we were a group of republicans mar-a-lago is, obviously, home of the 45th president of the united states, donald trump in a place where a lot of different republican events happen. we were headed to republican event that night. so now, this driver for lyft would have in no way discriminated against me or my group because i'm personally african-american, but he found it very easy to discriminate on
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us based on political affiliation so i deleted lyft app from my phone i got in contact with lyft they say driver has been disciplined in some way will not be more direct about exactly what the discipline was. i took the app off my phone because with these corporations need to realize in the coming years in the coming decades is that you will not discriminate against people based on their political orientation and political affiliation it was wrong and everybody that deals with this does not have the platform that i do. and that is why i wanted to speak out against it because if you're a conservative or republican in this country, you have the right in the choice as to what companies you spend where are money on and where your money goes. i've chosen to not spend my money with lyft anymore. >> speaking out for the silent majority rob smith by the way we did -- thank you for coming in. we did reach out to lyft for a comment, they have responded and
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they're saying, quote, any form of descridges on the lyft platform is unacceptable when we learned of this incident we immediately reached out to the rider to offer support and launched an investigation into what occurred. lyft is committed to maintaining an inclusive welcoming community for all. end quote. now let's check on markets ann barry here to join me now ann there was a big rally yesterday. some people thought it was a start of a santa claus rally apparently not, rights? >> everything in the red today david that makes sengs to moralely yesterday frankly not based on anything, in fact, we've had not such great news since then so the correction downwards seems to be keeping with the fundamental. >> one of the stocks yesterday was fedex with a little popped a beginning that kind of lost steam from that pop. but this is a company that employs 300,000 people and operations more china than most chinese companies yet it is not
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doing, it is not been doing well is that because the economy is at because the company or what? >> fedex i think one of the ka that canary in the coal mines if you want a indicator pop david because they announce cost reduction which is is the right track for the business but i think this downward because they point clearly to decline in outlook for next year and i think that's indigty across the board. >> the world as a whole not just the u.s. fed raising rates but they're doing it in europe and all over the world right now japan had a slight increase but that shook the markets for a while for a couple of hours. couple of days ago so -- it is a worldwide recession that we're looking at. not just one here in the united states. >> absolutely. you know a lot of dialogue david has been about how is the u.s. economy make no mistake the u.s. economy is strongest in the world. but the dialogue is now shifting to the fact when you look at the largest businesses in the u.s.
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something like 40% of revenue does come from overseas and drum beat that's a tough year next year is getting louder for big and prevalent companies here. >> what about what is happening here -- the dynamic between the feds trying to kill inflation and congress still spending money like drunken sailors. >> fiscal policy definitely not lined up and i think i just saw data break that looks like q3 jp growth faster than numbers so we've got underlying growth continuing to push that inflationary pressure. so i think we are in for a couple of surprises. over the next four quarters see where this falls through. >> we hope that fed would stop raising rates so much but spending money like this they have to keep it higher. >> they can't do it ace loan monetary policy doesn't exist in a vacuum. >> great to see you thank you so much for being here. lauren come in you have movers for us starting with tesla. lauren: look at this down another 6%. >> already been hit.
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>> the information is reporting that twitter elon musk's other company has a new wave of layoffs coming in its policy team and gerber says it is time for us to leave the position as ceo of twitter to focus on tesla and the cybertruck and getting new great cars on the road. >> by the way talking about fedex news on that. >> raising price target to $175 from 170 they like cost company decisions. >> up 2.5 carnival cruise line. >> neither is caesar or penn entertainment so outside of tech consumer discretionary getting hit hardest look at this 7 plus decline for carnival and caesar today gdp report and inflation is hitting consumer getting scared by all of the warnings that we hear about in the new year. >> not a lot of money in their
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pocket this is year spending a lot -- >> after christmas. >> fbi finally responding to the twitter files, they maintain that they did nothing wrong by flagging certain accounts to the company david webb is going to be taking that on. coming up, and a new study showing your finger prints could help predict schizophrenia marty is here to explain what the dangers are from this. plus more than 150,000 people have been hospitalized for the flu so far this season. case numbers are getting so high that the white house is releasing more medication from strategic national stockpile did you know there was one? for medication that story coming up.
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>> so a new study done revealing that finger precinct images may be able to help predict schizophrenia researchers in spain used a type of machine to find abnormalities in the finger prints in people known to have skits schizophrenia with those without the illness and bring in a doctor. so i see a danger that somebody could be labeled based on this technique and even if it turns out not to be true because it doesn't work all of the time they will -- that label will stoic them for the rest of their lives. : that's true david that's a concern with many tests is sort of labeling that can occur when somebody test positive you immediate to treat the patient not the test. now they did have in this study 844 healthy subjects who did not have the finger precinct abnormality seen in 68% of those with schizophrenia the question is what do you do with that data
11:18 am
if you know they have schizophrenia what are you going that data and if there's something you can do to prevent schizophrenia what would be the point in diagnosing early. that's the problem with many of the genetic tests and liquid biopsies that don't have actionable findings. >> again that labeling that goes on, that can stoic you for i have loo even if it is wrong labeling it is happening with a lot of kids in school for various ailments they might have been diagnosed with -- that weren't true. another one for you doctor, some public schools in new jersey are being criticized for reenstating mask mandates. they're being blasted for being cruel towards students and staff but they're doing it, of course, because of all of these new flu viruses going around in the lack of immunity that eve with from all of those months of social distancing. >> well that's right kids don't vote. so they have no say in this. if you look at the actual numbers right now we're still being misguided by bad numbers from the cdc where we don't know
11:19 am
how much children hospitalized for covid are actually there because the covid versus distinctal. if you look at the rate of hospitalization in the united states for children for covid is 3 per million and two-thirds of them are not there for covid. so what are we doing we have a cover your face policy against the w.h.o. guidelines and europe guidelines for kids, and ignores experience of all of these european countries that were open free and clear throughout, and instead we have this sort of lay discoure policy focused only on covid even though flu and influenza are far more common right now. >> once again looks like we're going against signs. i want you to comment on a story that reporter will tell us about. recent rise in flu cases around the country has led to many drug shortages especially tamiflu and
11:20 am
so is president doing anything to address the nationwide drug shortage? >> yeah. hi there david. the administration says it is going to tap into this strategic national stockpile for more availability more sources of prescription flu medication but some are saying that's a band-aid on the situation i want to show you what the situation is at this pharmacy in midtown, manhattan this shelf this is where children tylenol fever reducers -- pain relievers would all be stored empty because they descroangt any in stock cough suppressant they don't have them and supply of amoxicillin all running low and he says these are worst shortages that he's seen in his 20-year career. >> this is actually the tip of the iceburg that is failing our children because we seem to kick the problem down and we are at
11:21 am
the end of the road we need to do something to protect our future, our children's future. >> now the biden administration has blamed surging demanding for medication cases of the flu spikes org did the first week of december according to the cdc. roughly 150,000 people have been hospitalized this year with the flu. and now administration like swebs releasing precipitation flu medication from the stockpile states can request the flu medicine but the administration is not saying how many doses will be made available. now more than ten years ago the last time we tapped in to the supply for antiviral medications that's when we have the swine flu pandemic this pharmacist questions how there will be with flu medication and not going to offer quick or sustain relief to the supply. now meanwhile maker of tamiflu
11:22 am
tells us it has the supply needed to meet the demand. but then we have senator chuck shiewm earl calling on fda to import medications from overseas to offer more supplies so as we see this back and forth unfolding david the situation we're seeing playing out in pharmacies like i showed you empty shelves so parents are left scrambling this holiday season to see medications they need particularly for their children. david. >> thank you very much doctor i want to bring you back in here. immunity we know that sometimes getting sick could be a good thing if it is not a severe illness because you build up your immunity and masking for so long and social distancing for so long. are we losing our immunity or have we lost some of our immunity? >> it is a real thing it is called immune sheltering that refers to not having that low level of virus exposure that doesn't quite make you sick but you have some exposure where you develop some low level immunity and many say the immune
11:23 am
sheltering is why we're having such a bad season and rsv season right now and i want to point out to lidia's comments people should not take antibiotics for viral illnesses and tamiflu needs to be taken in first day or two. the word is that china is hoarding many of these medications as you know, 50% of antibiotics come from india and china holding on to them even though there's demanding in the united states. >> marty always good to see you thank you very much. now this a new study revealing that mystery behind the smell loss after having covid may be solved. lauren come on in. what does this study find? >> people say i can't get my smell back and reporting that they -- there's fewer if you look inside their nose fewer neurons in the nose from a someone who has recovered and has smell back from a small peer review in translational medicine that
11:24 am
found 75% fewer sensory neuron compared with healthy people they think the cause of that is related to inflammation and the inflammation this is what's interesting -- would start in the nasal cavity extend to brain to possibly offer some explanation for a long covid symptom of brain fog. >> brain fog -- so inflammation and sensory neuron in the nose could be start of all of it. but we do not know for sure small study. >> thank you three judges ruling that joe biden cannot enforce on contractors in three states which three states? >> louisiana, indiana and mississippi and court of appealing voted to jap hold lower court decision that block the vaccine mandate for federal contractors. three states allege president biden overreached authority by issuing this mandate. the government said well it is his job to ensure an economical and efficient system of contract operations under the procurement
11:25 am
act while the state said it is arbitrary the president could mandate they lose weight because then they're healthier in the end so what's the limit on this? >> good question. >> a win for those states. >> thank you very much now this florida is about to see its coldest christmas in decades. that's really bad news for iguanas we'll explain and senator ranked paul had a christmas themed message about the massive spending bill. roll tape. >> now mcconnell now schumer -- now pelosi and vick vixen on biden, on dumber and blitzen. david webb perfect person to respond to this he's here live to react to this. good to see you, david.
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♪ david: talking in here about the price of real estate in manhattan this is a nice piece of real estate outside fox studios that is the all american christmas tree on fox square.
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it is a wonderful place to visit. and here beths grandkids striking pose by the tree we told you yesterday if you take picture of yourself in front of the tree we'll show you shots here they are and switch to tom and alina from bernardville new jersey and come visit us sending us your photos at varney viewers at we'll show the world. check the markets, we rather not have to show this not doing too well today dow jones industrial down almost 500 points. nasdaq really getting hit hard, down 279 points right now. that's more than 2.5% loss nasdaq suzanne is here with movers for us let's start with tesla. >> why not? >> with those losses lawmakers are asking companies now for information on their supply
11:31 am
chains to try to see if there's any connection to region specifically if tesla or general motors gm may have possible links to force uighur labor and remember back in june a u.s. law took effect that banned any imported force labor goods from and now worth less than exxon also offering 7500 dollar incentives on model y and 3 before year's end i want to talk about google youtube now officially the home of the nfl sunday ticket. they're paying $2 billion a season for the next 7 starting next season. 2023 and not clear how much youtube will charge for the sunday ticket but this is a big deal in broader theme as more sports rights are shifting to streaming and tech giants so legend your tv operators fearful the deep pocket of tech giants are apex predator to accelerate
11:32 am
cord cutting they continue to pay big money for sports rights like amazon with that "thursday night football" game. also chip stocks getting hammered today after a terrible record card so boysy base losing more money than expected cutting 10% of their jobs that's 4800 suspending bonuses and stock buy backing there's so much memory supply and not enough demanding and remote work pc boom is pretty much done. you think ill take off today before that bomb cyclone hits here? >> i hope so. we only have a couple of hours. >> no i have to go now. merry christmas everybody. david: thank you very much. now this ranked paul releasing his own version of was the night before christmas. >> no budget was found just mischief and debt with a little old driver so lively and quick, i knew in a moment it must be
11:33 am
saingt nick. more rapgd than eagles his they came and whistles and now mcconnell now schumer now plough pelosi to debt, to bankruptcy to free money for all. [laughter] >> david webb, joining me now -- you know you don't often see him with a sense of humor. he's pretty straight guy but that was kind of funny wasn't it? >> boy could we use humor right now? they keep telling us 1.7, or 1.85 i heard cbo is there are a 1.9 call it 2 trillion. what's a billion -- they have spent biden administration is almost spent $5 trillion if he gets his way this keeps going inflation recession, what about the possibility in the next 18 to 18 months two years that we can end up with inflation and started at
11:34 am
8 a.m. this morning. suzanne wants to beat the bomb cyclone, the real bomb cyclone sadly is coming out of washington, d.c. how are americans with increase costs and with lower, you know, lower value to their dollar how are they going to afford this? you know, the -- by the way it is just so chocked full of what the polite term are earmarks i would call where it is crap. it is there's so much crap in this damn bill that it makes you furious because at its bipartisan -- shall be or richard shelby has been a republican senator for years for decades. and yet he's leaving the senate and so he wants $640 million of vanity projects paid for by people that have nothing to do with his home state of alabama. >> these aren't republicans or democrats. while they may register with a party or caucus with the party. a lot of them are amoral elitists, they do not care. they really don't.
11:35 am
the shelby example won look we've all seen ridiculous examples of this for a hiking trail this for a center whatever, okay that shouldn't inbe in there by the way i call them christmas tree ornaments that you're paying for and that is a sad joke. these immoral elitist don't care and rand paul call them the 12 thieves of christmas with 12 appropriations. that should be dealt with but by removing regular order, the committees are pulled out of it and now the majority leaders -- david: but i got to say this is a great argument for term limits but i want to go on to twitter files because we've got new revelations that the fbi actually paid three and a half million dollars to twitter for their time spent, and now they're calling anybody who suggest that there was collusion between twitter and fbi conspiracy theories. that's what the fbi is calling when we see evidence that it was much more than just a conspiracy. it was happening. >> look spoiler alert, what we
11:36 am
are being told or were being told is conspiracy is true russia collusion was a lie hunter biden laptop received there and joe biden knew what his sons doing. but when the office in san francisco and elvis chan should be remembered for this. should be subpoenaed under oath. when you have -- >> understand the fbi -- and supervisor worked very closely with twitter go ahead. >> so they not only pay twitter under false premise of engagement and spongs but who at the supervisors level and in san francisco went through twitter terms and policies to make sure that a bot or someone with 23 followers was complying with their policies? you can't lie to the american people anymore. we see it for what it is and documentation. we have e-mails we electronic documentation, we have checks, taxpayer checks that were cashed by twitter. j all right i want to switch very different subject because last night on turker we hard
11:37 am
from wrestling jim dugan -- >> dugan on the stage it was dugan. >> he recently took down a home intruder listen to what went down. >> thank goodness i didn't have a gun when he first came through because first name went back to wrestling mode -- awe, i got him threw him out of the house, you know? and then i grabbed that big 44 magnum but all of a sudden you see blue lights flicker like cavalry was coming let's go tough guy. oh -- usa! usa! david: can you imagine that -- i was surprised this guy didn't have a heart attack that guy that went into the house. >> but the rest of the story matters here for all americans to pay tenges and any moment someone can come in and police are not there so ability to defend yourself and if -- if necessary second amendment rights. someone who had a restraining
11:38 am
order broken into a house down the street was being chased apparently by a father and uncle then broke into another house. you have to be careful today in america even in rural area where jim was -- or is and you have to realize that you have to be able to defend yourself because if you regular gait second amendment rights to the police department they're not going to show up in time if you surrender those rights they won't when you need them. >> you recently became a resident of florida good for you but are you going to be actually spending christmas here with the blizzard coming in to new york? >> on a plain saturday back to florida. but you know i can do both come up do a little christmas here i love the christmas spirit. and then go back to florida and -- going over to outnumbered with my dr. seuss tie. >> enjoy the warm weather while you can. j come on down and visit we have a guest room for you. >> thank you very much now this santa claus has no intention of selling his home at north pole but if he ever did, we know
11:39 am
precisely how much his house is worth we're on that and dangerous snow says we were just talking blizzard conditions slamming the midwest right before christmas. coming up next, we've got the weather report from minneapolis where temperatures will be well below zero all day. that's next.
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i don't know about you but i'm a little nervous when i fly into heavily fogged airport and that's what you're looking at right now. it is atlanta in georgia. it is the busiest airport in the world and it has a lot of fog in there. if you're flying today you want to check your flight before you leave the house to figure out what's going on thousands of flights have been canceled and
11:44 am
delayed across the country because of that powerful win the storm causing major traffic, travel difficulties going to go all the way east so it is going to be a tough 24 even 48 hours for that part of the country. one place getting hithearted by this storm is minnesota st. paul and minneapolis are now operating under a state of emergency. fox weather multimedia journalist mindy joining us live from minneapolis where it is negative 8 degrees right now. minnie that's life-threatening cold and going get colder, right? >> that's xriect david it is only going to get colder, and i'll tell you this. minnesota is tough if you want to learn how to thrive in winter people here can teach you a thing or two. but i can tell you what we're feeling right now these temperatures will humble even the toughest. last time we checked with our forecast weather center, we were told negative 8 degrees what that doesn't paint the picture. it feels like negative 33
11:45 am
degrees you're wondering or said to yourself when you heard that number ouch i can tell you exactly what we're feeling but talking with our meteorologist they say this is typically normal for this area of this country but what make this is different is spread out for a longer period of time so the big concern right now is not just these temperatures. but i don't know if you can see this snow behind me my gloves are really big but this snow, this is the powdery stuff right here we're expecting stronger wind gusts later today about 40 miles per hour wind gusts so when you mix in wind gusts with that powdery snow i just showed you -- the biggest concern right now according to the national weather service is what they call a ground blizzard so they're really just asking people come this afternoon -- just stay off the roads. it is not worth risking your life for, david. >> great report thank you very much for that appreciate well forecasters in florida are warning people to watch out get this -- for falling iguanas. when it gets below 50 degrees
11:46 am
iguanas become sluggish and stiff in shock and they literally fall out of trees. they don't necessarily die -- and they wake up once temperature rises again but they can hurt your head. florida is bracing for its coldest christmas in three decades. temperatures could dip into the 30s in parts of the state so watch out for falling iguanas serious stuff now this showing dow 30 stocks and this is serious as well. a real downturn in market the only green on the screen is for merck but rest of them together add up to negative 500 points so 507 point loss on the dow. and percentage wise it is even worse much worse on nasdaq over 2.5% fall on the nasdaq so a little more of that coming up. meanwhile, norad gearing up for 67th year of tracking santa's sleigh we're going tell you when the big guy starts his around
11:47 am
the world christmas journey and how you can watch it live right after this. ♪ ♪ when you're through with powering through, it's time for theraflu hot liquid medicine. powerful relief so you can restore and recover. theraflu hot beats cold.
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david: good news for christmas fan of the holiday now you can stay in one of the homes that inspired the movie. roll tape. >> i'm here. i'm here. as one door closes -- that will be interesting. another one opens. oh. >> that was from the trailer, obviously, the home which is in the u.k. inspired kate winslet english cottage and now available to rent on airbnb sold out for christmas but there are dates available this winter starting at 343 bucks per night that doesn't sound bad. and meanwhile a santa claus himself has a pricey piece of real estate in the north pole according to zillow they've looked at it santa's house is worth estimated 1.15 million dollars it is increased in value
11:52 am
by 12% over just the last year. home was built in the 1800s and it sits on 25 acres of property. compound includes santa main living quarters, several elf homes about and a toy shop and a sleigh garage and stables, of course, to be clear santa's home is not currently on the market. let's hope it never goes on the market. next case, we're getting very serious here, norad north american aero space defense expand gearing up for their 67th year of tracking santa claus. joining me mow from norad headquarters is lieutenant colonel maxim courage good to see you thank you for being here i've talked to your folks before about this and year past. how does the santa tracker work? >> well we track santa with the three military systems. the first one being radar that including warning system up in the north satellites and military aircraft, of course,
11:53 am
assigned to norad. as soon as the warning system detect cairn tay departure from north pole norad transfers tracking responsibility to our globally integrated satellite constellation sat lutes are in orbit 22,000 miles above the earth and are equipped with a sensor to detect heat and from rudolf nose to that of a missile launch so no issue whatsoever tracking santa. and then -- norad fighter aircraft. >> sorry to interrupt you but it looks like you have not committed this to memory. are you sure you're up to the job in? >> of course we are. we do this every year and been doing this like you said for 67 years so yeah we are ready for this this year again. >> now do you have an estimate of how many homes santa actually visitings on christmas eve? >> we don't know exactly but we know it is in the billion range,
11:54 am
billions and billions of houses every year. and we bring our fighter aircraft you know close to him with santa throughout the u.s. we have american f and f22s with honor of joining santa on his wing on that fateful night, obviously. >> key question for those kids watching. i know a lot of children watch this program "varney & company" did you do you have to be asleep when santa arrives very important question. >> well, of course, you have to be asleep otherwise santa will -- will wait until they're asleep to deliver presents for the holiday season for christmas. david: i know your jets are up to speed but how fast do they go follow of sleigh? >> that's after classified number few one can tell you is f-18 i fly can go to had 1.8 times speed of sound that's not enough we have to put special devices in the aircraft to make the aircraft go faster. so it is faster than that so a lot of faster than that.
11:55 am
>> a lot of kid are worried that storm will mess things up. is that a possibility? >> you know what, our american fighters are all weather fight source you can rest assured throughout the u.s. that canada conduct our mission again this year like clock work. david: serious business lieutenant colonel maxim we thank you for that report appreciate it. let us know if anything happens after christmas. good to see you hope to see you next year by the way. >> thank you david. david: have a wonderful merry christmas yourself. we know santa is good at a lot of things picking out toys making lists but signing or singing excuse me -- singing may not be as strongest suit. roll tape. >> rockets red glare! the bombs bursting in air! [laughter] >> that was forgive me, of course, that was singing santa trying to sing national anthem
11:56 am
at the florida state university notre dame men's basketball game from a look on the players faces he didn't exactly hit the right note all of the time and now it is time for the thursday trivia question. where were candy canes created this is an interesting question. france, italy, mexico, germany, what's your guess? we've got the answer right after this. medicine cabinet! less sick days! cold coming on? zicam is the number one cold shortening brand! highly recommend it! zifans love zicam's unique zinc formula. it shortens colds! zicam. zinc that cold! . . recall
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♪. david: so earlier we asked, where were candy canes created. i'm playing this game against my wife, by the way. she chimed in by email, germany. i am going to say italy. this isn't a money bet. germany, she's right. how did she know? she couldn't cheat the way i could. i was sure it was italy. according to legend candy canes date back to the 16 '70s. a choir master would hand out young sugar sticks to keep them interested. the dow is down 500 points. nasdaq down almost 3%. neil cavuto. time for you. take it away, brother. neil: where is the santa rally, man, oh, man. thank you very much, david. >> you're welcome. neil: we're still waiting for that santa claus rally, does not appear to be materializing. down on the week, down on the month, down on the year, a hat


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