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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  December 27, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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the ball was made of iron and wood, it was fight feet in diameter, weighedhundred pounds. looking how many lights were on last year's new eve ball in times square, 32,256. there were only 100 for the very first one. how things have changed. look at the markets quickly for you. the dow picked up momentum in the last half hour or so, up 134 points good for for for .4 of a percent gain. nasdaq on track for the worst annual performance since 2008. on that happy note. my time is up. edward lawrence in for neil today.
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edward: i thought that was a lead-in for a joke, how many producers does it take to put in light bulks. i'm edward lawrence, also holiday neil cavuto. storms crushing the northeast cold temperatures and heavy snow and power outages. we'll have the story live. thousands are stranded as southwest airline has a complete meltdown over the holiday weekend. more cancellations are on the i. with storm brewing on the border. title 42 could end as soon as today. that would stop customs and border agents immediately deporting people. we have a how the white house is responding. president joe biden going on vacation. he will be in st. crow later on today, u.s. virgin islands.
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the high is the 83, a low chilly 70 degrees. where we find fox news jackie heinrich. with a storm bearing down on much of the night the optics don't look great as he goes on vacation, do they? >> reporter: i leave that up to the audience to decide, edward. the president approved a emergency declaration for new york state last night t unleashes federal cities stance. it also allows fema to destroy relief efforts. meantime the president is scheduled to board air force one to head to sunny same crow. we're waiting from pete buttigieg how they plan to mitigate all the snarledded flights across country. concerned about
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southwest cancellations and delays and lack of customer service. the department will determine whether cancellations were controllable and if south which is is complying with the customer service plan. republican critics say it is no time for the president to get go on vacation, especially when we wait for update from the supreme court whether title 42 could be lift #-d as soon as today. >> he is perpetuating all of this himself. he is creating crisis after crisis by allowing us to have a border that is not secure, by not following through on policies that secure the american people by increasing our energy costs, food costs. people are suffering and he's going on vacation. so i honestly wish the president would go back to hiss basement. >> reporter: one thing we're all waiting on is the plan from dhs how the administration will manage the coming migrant surge after title 42. officials promised it to us every day for weeks and weeks as
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we hurdled closer to the expiration deadline. then biden's department of justice asked for more time to put a plan together. they claimed that the supreme court hold had unwound inneragency and foreign policy efforts that were ongoing at the time. we still do not have a plan. there are no briefings expected this week with the president heading on a caribbean vacation. edward. edward: jackie a lot of questions planned as he goes there. thank you, jackie heinrichs there in st. crow. moving 100 miles south of the border. 2,000 were deported. meaning 14,000 were released into the u.s. fox news correspondent matt finn live in eagle pass, texas. matt, what happens to the numbers if and when title 42 ends? >> that is the big question, edward. a lot of experts are saying,
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hundreds if not thousands more per day will cross the border allowed into the united states if title 42 were suddenly to end. that could technically happen today. here at the border in eagle pass, texas. it is 11:04 a.m., our cree has seen 3:00 different mic grant groups crossing into the united states. totals 100 migrants. that is basically standard proper here. anybody can come here around see this happening. military personnel moved hundreds of personnel workers to el paso in anticipation of title 42 potentially ending. large planes carrying heavy vehicles. 400 soldiers from various agencies preparing for the el paso sector to explode with migrants. also in el paso, texas, in the middle of the desert, there is massive tent, as big as a football field will serve as
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processing center should title 42 end. whether the supreme court hear as challenge from 19 republican led states including texas that want to keep the policy in place. we have yet another high-speed d pure video to show you. a texas dps trooper pursuing a human snuggler from north carolina who had nine migrants crammed into his truck in maverick, county, texas. that driver was booked and processed. nine illegal migrants booked likely to be released into the united states. that is a scene played out over and over on the southern border. many eyes on the supreme court, coming days see what happens with title 42, because hundreds if not thousands of more per day could enter the united states here. we'll keep you updated. edward: matt, this is something we'll have to watch. could be a mess there. matt finn, appreciate it from texas. bring in congressman jeff van drew with all the reaction to this. the storms, congressman, you're
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on the house homeland security committee. title 42 the consequences ending that. in your mind what is the major consequence of ending title 42? >> well the major consequence is going to be obviously we're going to have even more illegal immigrants. they're waiting there. they have got large setups, remark tents, the second that title 42 done they will be moving across. we don't have enough security obviously by any meanse able to handle all these people. frankly the administration ties the border patrol hands most of them it is catch-and-release, catch-and-release. they should be sent back. she should be kept there. they shouldn't come over. we need to have strong boarders. i don't know how many ways, how times we have to say it. i will say as clear as possible this president, this administration, this majority wants it to be this way. there is no reason it would be
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this way. we could easily build, finish the wall. we could easily put the technology in. we could have easily put the dollars in the omnibus bill instead of reducing what we're really going to be using for protection with the border patrol. we should radically increased it. we have our strong, safe, country again. this is not rocket science. they warrant it this way. edward: congressman, why? >> god knows. edward: congressman, why do you believe -- >> if you didn't know better they would warrant to see the country diminished. they want us to become more like a third world country. i don't know what to say because it makes no sense but it's not normal. it is not right. it is not what america is about. safety has always been important inn our country. you are a legal immigrant or not. legal immigration is great. we keep saying that and which should redo the immigration system. that is fine we do it together and we do it properly but what
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we're doing to our country now is a crime, it is shameful. edward: congressman, you're in new jersey, not a border state. we're talking about 2.4 million people coming into the u.s. illegally in fiscal year 2022. that is three times the population of washington, d.c. that is on top of the 1.7 million people in fiscal year 2021. and another 400 plus thousand so far this year. the volume of numbers these people could end up in he have state, taking up state resources, right? >> they will end up in every state. they're sending them to every state. they pay for their first cell phone. they pay for their transpourtation. they pay for their health needs. they pay for residence. they pay for so much of it already. that is it where the money is going. everybody keep working harder out there because your government is taking your taxes making you pay for illegal activities. not they're folk to be in new jersey. they are in new jersey already.
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they're in new york. they're in pennsylvania. they're in california. they're in all these states. that's why i don't blame governor abbott when he sends these illegals over to the vice president's residence. like i said the other day i think that she should open her doors and welcome them in. she wants to be sanctuary. she should be sanctuary. feed them. they have cooks over there, a huge kitchen, big tables. let those folks have a nice place. you know what? the states don't have the money or room or ability to do this because the taxpayers don't. the bottom line we're hurting the taxpayer around we're hurting the strength of the united states of america and it has got to stop. republicans have plan. we have a plan to do all the things that i said need to be done. we're going to be in the majority of house of representatives. we're going to move forward with those plans, but, we obviously
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going to snead the support of the senate and support of the president. i don't know if will do that. edward: congressman -- >> quite frankly i don't if he is in the caribbean. he is not in his basement too cold right now. squeeze him like a soft lemon. edward: we have a number of topics to cover. i warrant to switch to the sky. department of transportation set to probe southwest, including holiday weekend with canceled flights. as a member of the house transportation committee what can be done about the "flightmare"? >> it is a "flightmare." our people are americans just trying to see their families and friends. they are the ones that get smacked across the face by this administration, by this secretary of the department of transportation. pete: doesn't have any idea what he is doing. we've done this already. he had a review already.
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he supposedly met with them already. obviously did nothing. no, number one on the congressional side we need real oversight hearings. we need to find out what the hell is going on because this is not acceptable. we need answers. we need to deal with the airlines. we need to make sure we know it will be a problem. this is not a surprise. this is not rocket science this is christmas. one of the busiest times of the year. you will have issues. you come together with a formula an plan to straighten this out. thirdly to make they have numbers of pilots, numbers of staff, numbers of people at every level they need. finally when they do behave atrociously like this between the government and the airlines for god's sake feed the people. take care of them. treat them nicely and if think need it, give them the vouchers including for a place to stay. i mean it was a disaster from
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day one. complete lack of concern for the american public. we're going to investigate this i want to see these people come up with a plan. it is secretary's job. he comes up with nothing. just don't blame the weather. edward: congressman, thank you so much for your time, great state of new jersey. appreciate it. more on the nightmare after christmas as the world's low cost air air year leaves passengers stranded. live from atlanta's airport after the break. ♪
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we finally gotten a reprieve. even though we saw snow showers here in the morning and could get additional snow in the afternoon. it has been a deadly storm with at least 35 dead. we hear stories of people found in cars, snowbanks, some people died in their homes due to medical emergencies first-responders were simply not able to get out to them because the roads were simply too bad. there are travel bans in place here in the city of buffalo in erie county and in surrounding communities although those bans are slowly being lifted as plows get on the roadways to clear things up. the reason for the bans they wanted emergency services to get out there first, to have first priority out there on the roadways. lots of people still without power. thousands of people in the dark without heat. utility crews are out and about trying to get power restored. last estimate, power should be
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restored to people by 11:30 tomorrow evening t can't come soon enough for a lot of folks. this storm caused travel chaos with buffalo niagra international airport closed until at least tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. that opening time has been pushed back and back and back as crews try to get off the runways, to make things safe for those planes to land. while things are definitely not normal here in the city of buffalo a little glimmer of hope today. supermarkets will be reopening, the first time some people will have is being's to fresh food in several days. back to you. edward: that is good news. quickly, max, did the storm come up too quickly, that what happened? >> reporter: well we knew about this storm t was well forecasted some people didn't take it very seriously this mart of the world is used to snowstorms. unfortunately people got caught in the storm very, very quickly
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t came in and conditions really deteriorated. edward: max, i appreciate it. stay warm out there in buffalo. >> reporter: thank you. edward: the "flightmare" continues for southwest with no end in sight. thousands of flights have been canceled. the airline says there are more cancellations ahead as they try to get out of this mess. steer harrigan at hartsfield international airport to sort it all out. steve. >> reporter: frustration is growing for many people day two or three trying to get home after christmas weekend. mountains of baggage around the u.s. 4500 flights canceled today alone u.s. and international. extreme winter weather, more than 2500 south-southwest airlines. many people we've been speaking to, they don't have their luggage, they don't have their clothes and most importantly they don't have information what is the next step to get them home. >> we literally spent half of
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christmas day at the airport finding another flight. we actually drove six 1/2 hours here to atlanta just so that we could find another flight to get back to lax. a little skeptical still because he did just tell me our flight has been pushed back like an hour. so i'm hoping, that is not going to mean 2 gets it gets canceled again report report the department of transportation says the level of cancellations from southwest airlines is unacceptable. the company says they will do right by its travelers. they announced 2,000 more flights canceled tomorrow. back to you. edward: steve, this is hitting southwest stock, but deslight flight issues it is jonathan hoenig. is this a buying opportunity for this company or is this
12:22 pm
revealing underlying weakness in the operations at southwest? >> edward, great to be with you. airlines is difficult business. you battle fuel costs, unions, government controlled, this is really obviously seems to be a operational difficulty, a operational failure of southwest. the fact they were so unprepared with their systems, their population, their people in effect during this terrible snowstorm. so what worries me not just the stock hit but the reputational hit to southwest. this is always the airline was known for its great customer service. we're hearing reports on the ground that is anything but the case. i think longer term southwest will really struggle as all airlines compete on cost or they go elsewhere after this christmas debacle for southwest. edward: david, i know you both work, but david would you book a southwest flight? >> [inaudible].
12:23 pm
[audio difficulty] business model. it may leave bad tasted in the mouth of consumers right now but as consumers flight inflation they will do lower cost situation. the memory of consumer is short-lived saving 100 on a ticket for family of four. i don't think this is buy on the tip of the stock just yet. i'm getting more instructive constructive on the area. more positive sentiment from delta on margins. i like them longer term but staying on the sidelines in the near future. edward: i'm seeing reports advanced domestic airline bookings, 80, 85% already full in mid-january, 2022. that was basically revenge for travel as people are cooped up
12:24 pm
for covid looking to get out. are you seeing airlines for 2023 looking at bigger profits in general as a sector? >> so much of it has to do with what their major expense is, edward. that is fuel. we saw such a topsy-turvy year for fuel costs, up big in the first half of the year, down big in the second half of the year. that will be a big impact for airlines as well as employees as well. companies had to step up to attract and retain employees as inflation hit. a lot of factors will be buffeting airlines in 2023 and southwest in particular, the index itself is down 22%. you have tech stocks down that much. i think to our guest's point that will be a difficult time for airlines to make any money especially as fuel costs stay elevated in 2023. edward: so, david, in the last 30 seconds that we have do you also see, i mean are we looking at possibly a gain for airlines in the mid to late next year in terms of the revenue that
12:25 pm
they're bringing in or will it be eaten up as china is hoping up as david, jonathan pointing out? >> i think i go back to the fundamental view what delta said two weeks ago. they're on target to hit their 2024. edward: target of $7 per share. eia said tsa through-put is pack to 2019 levels. yet delta came out and said yeah, that's true, but jet fuel costs relative to 2019 down 12%. that shows the efficiency of the business model resiliency. more importantly how a creative to margins. where the valuation delta is trading i could get interested in the future. edward: stocks trading in the last week of the year. it would take a miracle to pare out of loss this is year. will we see a choppiness going into to 2023?
12:26 pm
>> edward, this hit stocks investors and bond investors this is the worst year for bond investors in history. when i look under the hood, a majority of the stocks are trading below their 200-day moving average, 50-day moving average. today you have 400 stocks at new 52-week lows. only 40 stocks at new 52-week highs. as reminisce sent of stock operator goes, it's a bear market, in the first part of 2023 it looks to be a bear market for both stocks. edward: david, you can't talk about stocks without looking at the federal reserve. looking at three rate hikes next year, two to three although smaller percentages. given the larger hikes for 2022, will the smaller hikes, the market brush off and power up. >> i'm on the side where jonathan is. first half of next year will be very, very difficult. cohen brothers from the year 2000, a market in constant sorrow. i think jerome powell the rest
12:27 pm
of his brain trust put the nail in coffin last week, smashing.plot santa claus rally or return to in the future next year. the recognition by the market somewhat surprised me they don't think the fed will be able to hold rates at current levels for the duration of next year given what the discrepancy what the market believes and what the fed said i would fade any material market rally right now. edward: interesting, you guys are coming back. jonathan and david, talk to you next hour. big tech an big government might be closer than you think. why the latest round of twitter files says the relationship between the two goes way beyond just the fbi. ♪.
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♪. edward: welcome back to "coast to coast." twitter files part 10, the latest drop shows both the trump and biden white houses leaned on the tech giant to moderate content during covid. fox business's hillary vaughn is here with more on that. hillary? >> reporter: edward, this latest release of internal twitter company files show that both administrations under former president trump and president biden tried to insert politics into science and censor things that were not in their favor. as a result some doctors and scientists who had opposing views on covid were banned. independent journalist david is reporting on files, both trump and biden administrations directly pressed twitter executives to moderate the platform's pandemic come tent according to their wishes.
12:33 pm
he also said in my review of internal files, tweets labeled misleading, taken down entirely sometimes trigger account suspension and differed from establishment views. the biden administration flip-flopped whether they were involved. former white house press secretary jen saki admitted to the participating with the company and current press second their karine jean-pierre said they were. >> we are in regular touch and those engages with the senior staff and members of our covid-19 team. >> we were not involved, i can say that, we were not involved. >> reporter: sometimes sensor effort came from within the company. james baker seen in this email a trump tweet not to be afraid of could have spread taken down.
12:34 pm
why telling people not to be afraid was not a violation of twitter's covid-19 misinformation policy. roth said optimism was not misinformation. edward: hillary, the file releases keep getting more interesting and interesting. is this worst of it or will we see more damaging files released? >> it is interesting to find out. elon musk made it clear he will release the information to give the public a perspective what was going on behind the curtain and behind the scenes. thisthis is likely not the lastf it. edward: hillary vaughn the latest with d.c. this highlights the vast coordination between big tech and government age is like the fbi and cia let's dig into this with "new york post" columnist michael goodwin. michael this confirms what many people suspected but do the
12:35 pm
files show a diaper connection than first thought? >> well, thank you, edward. i think from the very least what we've seen so far suggested it's a wider connection. i don't know if it is deeper but definitely wider in the sense that what started this interest of course was the censorship of the "new york post" reporting on hunter biden and the laptop back in 2020. then when elon musk comes and buys twitters and opens the vaults we see it is of course about "the new york post." we see now it's about covid and trying to knock down any tweets that would call into question the government's policy at the moment. don't forget the government's policy was always changing too. so they had trouble keeping up with what is the policy but i think we have yet to discover how wide this runs into other areas in twitter. then of course there there is
12:36 pm
facebook where a number of fbi agents and cia agents went to work for facebook. mark zuckerberg acknowledged that the fbi had weekly meetings with them and advised them in advance of the 2020 election about hunt hunt. you also have google and youtube that did a lot of censoring. so i think what we're going to discover in 2023 is a wide, wide net that government and former government officials cast to block anything that didn't meet with their political approval. and i emphasize political because this is all about censoring those who disagree with the government, whether you be a doctor or a journalist or anybody else, that doesn't, that did not matter. what mattered you were saying something the government didn't want you to say. edward: right. how high do you believe it goes into the government? we're hearing about fbi, cia, a
12:37 pm
number of alphabets but does this go all the way to the white house? >> oh, of course it does. i think there is no question aides to president biden are at this moment have their fingerprints all over a lot of the things that have happened since he has been in office. you referenced earlier, a reporter did about the trump administration trying to get twitter to not post tweets about runs on supermarkets during the early covid days. so look i think that, what the government is doing is what it always wants to do virtually under any system, restrict the public in ways they find inconvenient. we fiber-optic it here the wide use of social media which makes easier because everything collects on social media. that is where information spreads most quickly. edward: right.
12:38 pm
>> you get the government with all the agents, former agents working on the social media platforms so nothing can break out into open society. i mean it's really several degrees different from what china does. edward: right. i want to get this thought in here. i want to get this thought before we have to go. we have only 30 seconds left. the hunter biden story, now do you feel like the light is being shown on twitter is that story still being suppressed? >> well, look i think that the suppression has been taken to heart by the mainstream media which, i don't think the hunter biden stuff is not currently being suppressed on social media. i think what has failed, what the success of that was to stop mainstream media from running with that story. i just, one quick example, the 51 former security analysts and intelligence officials who signed that letter saying that
12:39 pm
the laptop had all the earmarks of russian disinformation. we know that is true. the laptop is authentic. it has been abled authentic numerous times. where is the media coverage of the 1 officials. edward: we're still asking that. michael, thank you for joining us on this holiday week. so could there be an end to the tech wreck in the market? some analysts are hopeful about .023 create something new? our dell technologies advisors can provide you with the tools and expertise you need to bring out the innovator in you. -hey there. -hey. -hi. hey there. how are you? i'm with disabled american veterans. i was wondering if you had a quick minute to thank america's veterans
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♪. edward: some good news for recently laid off tech workers. data shows staff in that sector could have an easier time getting a job than in other fields. fox business's gerri willis here with more on that and your business headlines. gerri. >> reporter: good afternoon, ed. most tech workers are finding
12:44 pm
jobs shortly after beginning their search. shows the labor market is tight. new filings for unemployment benefits rose by 2000 but continued at a historically low level. 216,000 claims last week were in line with prepandemic levels. tesla shares hitting new 52-week low, even a two-year low, plunging on news the world's leading ev maker ending the year as one of the s&p 500's worst performing stock. the company market cap has shed $600 billion this year. last weak founder and ceo, elon musk blamed the fed raising interest rates to combat inflation. a report is tesla relosing out put at the gigafactory in shanghai next year. beginning in january the production will run for just 1days. it follows on the heels of a shutdown in the factory on
12:45 pm
december. critics say musk es acquisition of twitter is a distraction. the ceo says he will listen to twitter users and turn the company over to another second tough to run. the question is when. ed, back to you. edward: thank you, gerry. trouble for tech stocks could ease in 2023 according to wedbush analyst dan ives who says the sector has the potential to grow 20% thanks to upcoming mergers and cost-cutting measures being taken. constellation research ray wang joins me right now. ray, i've seen opinions on the other side stay away from tech stocks this year. which is it? >> edward, tech stocks will always do much better than other areas in terms after sector. they're growing at a 20 to 30% rate in terms of earnings. what they're dependent is stable and declining interest rates. i think we're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel pass to the fed's decision. you're also starting to see that focus on profitability instead of growth.
12:46 pm
so the era of easy money is over. so it is important to look at that. especially i want to look at big tech stocks where they had huge cuts. you seen huge cuts in valuation and of course in price. those stocks, microsoft, apple, tesla, alphabet, nvidia, amazon are paul areas where you actually see opportunity he specially in the big cap ones and long term investors have an opportunity, that is a unique buying opportunity if you're a long term investor to get in while the price is good. edward: how about some of those other, not the main one, not apple, not your facebooks, not your google, that might be leveraged a little bit with debt? are you concerned about the amount of debt the second-tier of tech companies have? >> well there are some tech companies that are actually in a lot more debt, leverageed on the debt side. they have gone through the pe rounds where private companies are doing mergers and whack is
12:47 pm
acquisitions. those were not be included because they're no longer public. there is a lot of spending on analytics automation and the cloud a number of enterprise tech companies, adobe, sales force, strike crowdstrike and palo alto are opportunity we see buying at the price we're at today. edward: sure, sure. with the plunge in tech stocks, we saw valuations thing, when you look at that, does it make some tech stocks look more attractive? or are the days of wild valuations, are they over? >> edward, they're definitely are a lot of great value in some of these individual stocks. i think what is important to look at you can't look at the entire category. you will have to pick some winners and losers. we're looking for companies that follow the rules of a digital giant. they have multiple value streams in terms of digital monetizaton. they're resolving areas i talked about earlier, analytics,
12:48 pm
automation, a.i. we have a labor shortage a lot of operational efficiency ahead. a lot of regulation. that is the type of tech i think a lot of enterprise companies will be buying. edward: so i wanted to ask you about tesla because we can't get through an hour without talking about elon musk. he stepped into a big pile when he bought twitter. much of his focus been there. is tesla becoming a forgotten asset from him and what does that mean for the divided attention for tesla in the future? >> you know there is a lot of conversation about whether elon has divided attention on this. usually what elon does, solves a problem, appoints a lieutenant, and that individual runs the show. you've seen that happen. that happened at tesla. that happened at spacex. i think long term it will be okay but teslas has a lot of potential. it is not just a car company. a charging network. a.i. in the future and more
12:49 pm
important assets in energy management whether at solar city or battery management. that all ads up together. the twitter acquisition as a couple things this is a way for elon for the long run to get cash out of tesla stock which he has. he has taken 40 billion out of tesla stock. he got caught make a merger, he got caught being stuck with the acquisitions he had to go out and do that. that is what is driving a lot of this. edward: ray, thank you. we'll talk to you later on this hour. don't go away from us. a tease, a winter storm, new yorking out power leaving thousands in the cold ahead of christmas. coming up next new concerns about the stability of our nation's power grid. ♪.
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edward: "wall street journal" editorial board writing an article titled the christmas electric grid emergency. they write, quote, strained caused by climate policies left too many americans shivering
12:54 pm
over the weekend. bring in power of the future ceo daniel turner. daniel, how does this storm impact, do you think the future of the power grid and the transition they're trying to make? >> yeah. i really hope it is waking americans up to this transition that is being forced upon us by government, right? it is not being forced upon us by the free market. it is not being forced upon us by democracy or ushered in by any voter referendum. this is combing down from big government. it is a failure, failure worldwide, right? i'm not knocking wind and solar for any other reason, other than the fact where it has been tried it has been proven to be a failure, notably germany and europe. then in america, places like california and new mexico. we're pushing this wind and solar effort knowing that it does not sustain a charge, it does not work in extreme weather. if they're so worried about
12:55 pm
extreme weather, here is a great point, edward, if they're worried about extreme weather, building a electric grid contingent on weather, sun shining, wind blowing? it makes no sense. edward: last week the new york state climate action council approved the climate plan in new york, 70% renewable energy for power by 2030. no more fossil fuel like gas in buildings. how does this push meet what is happening in reality? >> if you are alive right now in places like buffalo or parts of yes open ming or montana, or wyoming you are alive because of fossil fuels. sun power, wind power does not work with snow blanket. in new york, originally i'm home, born and raised in new
12:56 pm
york city, governor hochul is continuing biden's plan of closing coal plants. what will we do when the next blizzard hits buffalo? it will happen inevitably. this blame on climate change is the way government can absolve itself of the hard job of governorring. governor hochul does not have to worry about providing electric grid for new yorkers. she can blame it on climate change. edward: we have 15 seconds. european union restarting coal plants. are we headed down the road where the european is now? 15 second. >> yes. coal works. doesn't matter what the temperature is, doesn't matter what the sun is doing. coal works all the time. we have tremendous abundance in america. we should use it responsible like we've done for generations. edward: 2 would be sad to get to a point where the emergency
12:57 pm
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