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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  January 3, 2023 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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the tallest building in the world? on the screen are the choices. we're out of time, you have to tell us, what is it? >> 2411 feet. stuart: i'm going with 1988 feet. you were right there. stuart: 2716 feet. that is ties the height of the empire state building. mike, thanks for staying with us the entire hour. >> always a pleasure. stuart: we do appreciate that. thank you for all the hard work while i was away sunning myself in naples, florida. i feel relaxed. had a wonderful time. happy new year, everybody. time is up for me. as the market heads south, neil, it is yours. neil: i can tell the viewers are excited that you're back. i'm not getting that same level. they say, oh, you did not die?
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that really hurt me. that was coming from people on your staff. a little nasty. all right. happy new year, stuart. a great show. let's go right to it here. we're in and out of session lows. it is not helping tesla is down 14%. apple in and out of a 14-month low. that is collapsing the nasdaq. you know what it does to the s&p. certainly the case for apple a did i proportionate contributor there. we have call what will happen, whether we see a new speaker of the house elected, at least voted on by house members today. that is anyone's guess. let's go to ashiah hasnie where that particular battle stands. >> reporter: good afternoon do you, neil. kevin mccarthy came out of a pretty intense gop conference meeting here in the last hour where he told reporters when he came out of it he will not be stepping out of this bid for
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speaker. he will though likely lose that first ballot. he said there might be a battle on the floor later today after not accepting a deal put forth by his opponents. watch. >> last night i was presented the only way to have 218 votes. if i provided certain members with certain positions, certain gavels to take over the committee, to have certain budgets. they even came to the position where one matt gaetz said i don't care if we go to plurally, elect hawk keep jeffries, hurts front line members not to get reelected. that is not about america. i will fight to put american people first, not a knew individuals that want somebody for themselves. >> reporter: representative scott perry said they were not willing to let it go to a appointment where jeffries would become speaker. he is one of the holdouts not voting for mccarthy today. nine more members may be willing to join this opposition.
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in the last 24 hours we've seen mccarthy make some major concessions here including a new rules package which includes this policy that would ral how any five members to call a vote to remove the speaker at anytime but that is not good enough for some like representative lauren bobert. >> so i said from the beginning that my hard-line was the motion to vacate. single member motion to vacate. you cannot demand more responsibility unless accountability. >> reporter: we're told opponents do plan to vote for arizona representative andy biggs in that first round instead, possibly putting up a mystery candidate in that second round but again, neil, we're talking about a second round. we haven't seen this process go into a second round for some 100 years. so this is a very historic, a very chaotic moment underway right now on capitol hill. neil? neil: you have got to wonder
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other, ashiah, can only afford to lose four republicans, it is paved on number of present, get a majority of that. he has not been able to move minds yet. that alone seems to be telling. >> reporter: he said today during that press conference right out of that gop conference meeting he has been trying in good faith to negotiate with his opponents for months now. he has offered them a brand new rules package. he has met them in the middle so to speak. they still are not happy with the concessions he has made. so now he is digging into the ground and he is holding his ground saying this is how it is going to go now. either you vote for me or not. the question is, who is the alternative here? there still isn't one other than representative andy biggs who people will vote for instead. you cannot vote yes or no. you have to put your name own
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the ballot. we'll see. first time looks like this will go to round two, possibly more rounds after that. neil? neil: you always keep it interesting, asia, thank you very much. ashiah hasnie on capitol hill on this. head's go to chad pergram. the last time we got on to a second vote for speaker, go back 100 years. chad was covering that one. now to do the comparison. chad, where are we on this? >> reporter: neil, it took three days, nine ballots to elect frederick gillette in 1923. there was lot of consternation him return towing speakership. these opponents of kevin mccarthy appear to hardened their positions and further away from getting them than they were just a couple days #. this was a very intense, closed-door republican conference meeting. something that some members have talked to me is about, could
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they potentially pass a resolution if this goes thursday, friday, where they lower the bar to elect the speaker. that didn't happen in 1923 but it happened twice in the 19th century, 1849, 1856. we need first to get an understanding of the universe of members who are going to cast ballots. if you look at the house floor right now, cheryl johnson is the outgoing clerk of the house for the democrats. she is appointee by nancy pelos. you will probably see a lot from her over last couple days. she is in charge of the house until they elect a speaker. so the first order of business here is to call the roll, get a sense who is in fact here. the house should be at 434 members. 222 republicans, 212 democrats, and one vacancy. so the magic number if everybody votes for someone by name, by name is 218 but we don't know if people will vote for other members here as ashiah alluded
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to. there will be probably nine or 10 votes for andy biggs, the republican from arizona. we might have a few other names batted around. the more people vote for someone by name besides kevin mccarthy hurts kevin mccarthy. the other issue, people could vote present. first order of business is the attendance vote. around 1:00, 1:30, go to the first vote for speaker. it will not probably not be the first vote for speaker today. in fact they might do this two or three times today. they might also take a recess. it is up to cheryl johnson this sun trod territory. we've not been in the prosecutor on capitol hill in 100 years, neil. neil: is you about some of alternatives. one is steve scalise. name is always come up. he said he has no interested in the job. donald trump, former president. jim jordan, the ohio republican. that is about it. that is the about only viable list i'm working with here. it is not so viable. for that matter certainly a
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couple of cases credible but what do you make of it? >> reporter: it is interesting you mentioned donald trump you don't have to be a member of the speaker of the house. that has never happened before. it is possible. there is no way that donald trump, if kevin mccarthy can't get outright majority of house, donald trump will not have many votes at all that. is the problem for jim jordan as well even though right now he was a one-time rival of kevin mccarthy's. he is in the camp of kevin mccarthy but he can't get the votes either. the other two names i could keep an eye on, keep an eye on tom coal, republican of oak holm. patrick mchenry poised to be chairman of the house financial services committee. it is unclear about they could get enough vote among republicans if mccarthy can't. that is the problem. first past the post. he has the most votes in the republican conference by far. you will have a lower bar, lower ability like someone like tom coal, patrick mchenry to get
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to 218, whatever the magic number is. that is why the first vote starting in the house of representatives is so important. that tells you how big the house is. doesn't start automatically at 434. you try to get 434 people in the same room at same time. there are absences, people are sick, their flight didn't arrive. there is never perfect attendance. neil: that is the way kevin mccarthy could win. so call members of kevin mccarthy calls it, decide to be absent or sick today, some way that would lower the number about kevin mccarthy would need, would it not? >> this is helped john boehner win the speakership in 2013. there was a similar insurrection among republicans. knot nearly as intense as this, the house came in starting 414
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members, you had a number of members absent who went to the new york for funeral of mario como. the house started at a lower filling. it helped john boehner. this might have gone to a second ballot in 2013. this may take days. i think i spoken with other people in the building they think this will be more intense this is a lot tougher, if you're hakim jeffries, incoming democratic leader from brooklyn, took back take in the popcorn. they don't have to do anything. when i talk to the democratic leaders, republicans are eat being their own. let's play out on the public stage for everybody to see. maybe we can win the house back in 2024. neil: you're an encyclopedia, my friend. chad pergram on capitol hill, he will keep us posted. on the left of your screen you will see a initial kick off vote. kevin mccarthy probably will lose that. we have a second vote to come
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but don't know if it will come afterwards. david drucker, washing tone examiner. always good to see you. when you're kevin mccarthy whether you win this or not you're in a pickle, are you not? >> you're starting out you don't have a lot of influence over your caucus, right? when you have only five votes to fair, four votes to spare, depenting how you count it, means every bill you pass, try to pass across the floor is going to be narrow and you're going to need a unified conference. we saw past couple years, democrats had a five vote margin. they had a tough time passing legislation at various times. they tend to be more unified. nancy pelosi commanded the respect of her conference. was known as somebody who could lock down votes. kevin mccarthy is not known as someone with speaker pelosi's acumen in that regard, at least
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not yet. and here he is already starting out with the inability to put together 218 votes. it is an inauspicious start. it forecasts a lot of problems for house republicans in the months ahead. they will eventually have to pass legislation funding government, raising the debt ceiling, dealing with hot button political issues. if they cannot agree on leadership, it shows the possibility of major disagreements talking about legislation. neil: david, i don't want to interrupt you, my friend. take your attention what is happening on the senate side right now where john fetterman, the pennsylvania senate candidate winner as well as some of his democratic colleagues are being sworn in, as are some republicans today, to see meant the u.s. senate. this is the same day that mitch mcconnell, as leader of republicans will hold a very distinct, historic position as the longest serving leader of a party in congress, certainly in the united states senate.
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so we're watching that. that is mr. fetterman, united states senator officially signing in. the book you do this with, all of that, grand hoopla. david, i rudely interrupt you. i apologize about that. >> not at all. neil: the house, versus the senate which is 51-49 senate, with democrats picking up extra seat. tub tubs have 10 seat in the who us. two bodies close to 50-50. that is going to be tough? >> it shows on the one hand that the american voters didn't give either party a mandate, right? they really want the parties to figure things out together. the country is not in one place or the other. politicians love to say they're doing everything doing at the behest of the american people and that is cheerly not the case depending what topic we're talking about but your focus on
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the senate is apt, with house republicans with a narrow majority, anything they pass has to get through a democratic senate, a democratic white house. republicans over the last decade had trouble doing that with big majorities. this is the challenge for kevin mccarthy or whoever is republican speaker, how you put together majorities willing to govern when you have to compromise with a democratic senate and president joe biden. neil: got you. david, thank you. i apologize for that interruption, my friend. let's about to jonathan hoenig and rob luna, great market watchers. the reason i say great market watchers. this speaks of problems for leadership in one house or the other. the fact you know, it is so tight, it will be hard to get something done, that is normally tonic to wall street's ears, rob. maybe not now. what do you make of that? >> yeah. i don't think so, neil. i think gridlock is absolutely
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something that wall street actually wants but i think that's when it is in a position where they feel like free-market capitalism is working and a lot of people are very disgruntled about the situation a the low of people are hoping for change. what you're seeing going on in washington is epitomizing the bifurcation for the republican party that does not bode well for change that markets need right now. that is part of the reason outside of tesla while the market is really struggling today. neil: i was looking at tesla, john. tesla down 14%. that tech selloff we thought might be sort of peter out after last year, where the nasdaq lost what, about a third of its value, resuming now. does it worry you? >> 2023 starting out pretty much like 2022 with very well-known tech names. tesla down 13% after losing 70 plus percent last year. what is worrying the market
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longer term given the turmoil in washington, neil, the fact there is no leadership on number one issue per perplexing the market, inflation. you don't have leadership. i think that is one of the reasons the market simply seems lost. most stocks below their 50 and 200-day moving average. neil: i was looking at tech stocks, the drubbing, think about it, rob, microsoft for the year was one of the better performers, down only 28% but alphabet google fame down 40%. amazon down 50%. intuit, down 40%. tesla itself down 65%. you would think that would be enough to say all right this is overdone, maybe not. what do you think? >> yeah. i was absolute bloodbath, neil. i think a lot of it we're starting to attribute to tax-loss selling at the end of
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last year. you can't really use that excuse today. a lot of uncertainty playing out. we realize we're heading towards recession. there is a slowdown. what these companies will have to do is start cutting expenses. that is only way they will meet analyst expectations. i think right now the momentum as jonathan said, the technicals are just widely against this market right now and we need stocks to get some ground here over the next month or two months before we start to see a rally. neil: jonathan, normally after you have a bad year you have a better year. not all the time. of 21 down years since 1945 when we had down years we see the s&p rebound a little more than 14%, not by that exact figure but eight out of 10 times. will this be the two out of times that it doesn't happen? >> well, neil you never want to bet against this country, certainly long term. look even in the depths of 2001 and 2002 during the dot-com
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crash, look a lot of those dot-com names were survivors. ebay, priceline, many of them ultimately came back. i do think there is opportunity to sift among the wreckage. could be block chain and technology. some will be survivors. i don't think last decade where everything tech survived. i think you have to be a lot more choosy. look off the radar screen. early part of the 2000s, international stocks, value stocks, dividend orreriented stocks, those are winners in 2023 than the tech winners in 2022 and brief years. >> jonathan, thank you very much, both of you. appreciate your expertise, jonathan hoenig and rob luna. as we're talking we're watching what is happening on the floor of the u.s. house of representatives right now where kevin mccarthy could be defeated by his own side at least in a first vote. he will not be able to acquire
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218 votes he needs. it might not be 218 votes. we don't know how many house representatives are there or able to vote today. a good many, this is sort of scuttlebutt working hallways at the capitol. among those 14 or so representatives make up the never kevin caucus, that don't want him to ever become speaker, some are not so vehement about it and might be absent or not there or call in sick to allow kevin mccarthy a lower number, not 218 you need to become next speaker. that is gaining more steam right now as we hear that he is not there. will likely not be there on the first vote. there are multiple votes. there could be a second vote. there could be a third, fourth, fifth, i harken back to 1856, when we had 133 ballots. i remember that, i covered it
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then when banks of massachusetts ultimately survived that. that was then. this is now. that is a mess. like it was back then. we'll have more after this. when you stay at a vrbo you always get the whole home because is it really a vacation home if you have to share a house with a host? ♪ only with vrbo technically when enamel is gone, you cannot get it back. but there are ways you can repair it. i'm excited about pronamel repair because it penetrates deep into the tooth to help actively repair acid-weakened enamel. i recommend pronamel repair to my patients.
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♪. neil: a real quick peekaboo at
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the floor of the house of representatives. we're having a vote to decide whether republicans choose as their leader, defacto means the next speaker of the house. doesn't have to mean for all said and done, a republican or congressman. they can go outside sort of the fishing well if you will and there is no guarranty how this day ends or if it even ends this day. losing the first vote would bring us back to something we've not seen in better part of a century. a second, more likely votes, because it is tough to get to 218 you need to be speaker of the house. it might not be 218. a lot of people might not be there. a lot of people might be out. a lot of people might call in sick. to allow a backwards way for kevin mccarthy to become speaker. he needs half plus one to become speaker simple as that. the math is not going his way, we'll watch it closely. keeping close eye on dow, corner
12:25 pm
of wall and broad. we're having a broad selloff. we thought that would be gone with technology. susan li following this. what is going on with technology? >> reporter: tesla is and apple. elon musk is the first human on the planet to lose $200 billion. 200 billion. neil: still second richest on the man the. >> reporter: still worth 23billion. you know at peak of his wealth, i was shocked he was worth $337 billion. neil: incredible. >> reporter: tesla is having its worst year on record. had pretty strong deliveries last year. he is second largest, second richest is on the planet this is also surprising, tell me if you found it surpriserring. because of his tesla stock sales, tesla dropping in value 70% over last 52 weeks. 14% plus in tesla is worse less than the spacex ownership.
12:26 pm
spacex raised a 3/4 of a billion dollars at end of last year. that is 337 billion doll valuation for sending rocket in space. twitter only worth $20 billion. that is less than half of what he paid. he is probably regetting that. tesla another horrible day, missing 2022 deliveries. still strong as i mentioned to you, up 40%, but less than 50% elon musk guided for. neil: if he had not mentioned the 50% thing they would be off to the races. 40 plus percent is no thing to sneeze about. >> reporter: exactly. we've been guiding for that. why the stock rallied last few years, crossed a trillion dollars. there is demand issues. offering incentives in china and rare ones here in the u.s. quietly naming a new number two over the weekend. the china boss at tesla will not only oversee china, europe and north merge. that is something tesla investors calling elon musk to
12:27 pm
do, somebody else not preoccupied with twitter to oversee the company. neil: would that person ease their fears especially our tense relations with china? >> reporter: that is a great question. this person is pretty hardcore, tom xi, slept on the floor for weeks to make sure shanghai was up and running. you as well. china is slowing demand at apple. that is drag on stock markets, last two trillion dollar club. today's selloff there are no longer any companies worth two trillion. nikkei reported apple told suppliers cut production of components. going to wearables, ipods and mac books. foxconn apple factory is back up to 90% capacity. there is debate on the markets, neil. tell me what you think is going to happen. people say, the ones i talk to say recession is not guaranteed this year because you have china reopening and that's, that's stimulus for the economy.
12:28 pm
if you look at the china stocks, they're up 40% from the bottoms in october this year. neil: charlie brady our genius of a stock editor, senior editor, s&p 500 is down more than 20% from the record closing high exactly year ago today. we're back to bear market stories here. we're back to bear market plus stories with some of these technology stocks. tesla from its highss down 70%. >> reporter: 70%. s overdone. >> reporter: three out of four years the stock market rallies after a down year. that ih the s&p 500. there is gaming out of which tech stock you should be buying this year. usually ones that lagged last year. outperform the year after. so i think there is almost consensus bet that meta, which has lost about 70% of its value last year. neil: that's right. >> reporter: could be outperformer this year especially with tiktok regulation instagram could benefit from that.
12:29 pm
neil: would technology have to be a group that leads us back or gives people a reason to dip their toes back into the water? >> reporter: i think it has to. value outperformed so much in the last 12 months. maybe you're capped out how many gains, how much gains in particular names like boeing and the like. even technologies, apple is down 25% over past year. there could be some recovery. neil: susan a great job as always. i point out, we talk about the market selloff and free fall for all of that. all 11 s&p 500 sectors were down last year. i do want to remind you not everything was pummeled. energy stocks on average were up about 59%. guys i hear you in my ear but i don't hear you. all right. kevin mccarthy is in the chamber of the house. any sound coming out of that, melinda? not at the moment. these are surrounded by republicans. not all republicans here. he is trying to get votes of leader of republicans. again there are only 10 more
12:30 pm
republicans than democrats in this new house makeup here. until they resolve the leadership issue they can't do anything else. it behooves them to try to get it settled, settled right away, but the technical rules of the house are such, if they cannot decide on a leader, the indians have to sit, sit and stew. they're not sitting, they're walking and right now. the guy wanting to be the leader, shaking hands to see if that can press the fresh, press the results when it coombs to second vote. we don't know. we're own it. the dow down 218 points. stay with us. but eventually, it will remind you. when it does, aspen dental is here for you. we offer the custom dental treatments you need, all under one roof, right nearby. so we can bring more life to your smile... and more smile to your life... affordably. new patients without insurance
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the global drone market is $58 billion industry. volatus aerospace provides integrated drone solutions for commercial, industrial, defense applications and public safety, maximizing the potential of drone technologies around the world. volatus aerospace. >> reporter: welcome back to "coast to coast." i'm garrett tenney in chicago with an update on the buffalo bills football player who suffered a cardiac arrest in monday night's football game. the family of damar hamlin
12:35 pm
issued a statement thanking for all the prayers and support. the statement does not provide updates on his condition but it does say in part your generosity and compassion mean the world to us. damar in your prayers and we'll release updates as we have them. hamlin's marketing rep says the family taking it hour by hour, as everyone awaits a update from doctors on damar's condition. the last we herds overnight 24-year-old remains in critical condition. his vitals were back to normal. he has been intubated for swelling in his brain. going back to last night it was hard to watch. you could tell something was wrong. five minutes into the first quarter of the game, damar hamlin made what appeared to be a routine tackle on a bengals receiver. it was not a violent colugs where you expect someone to get hurt. hamlin came back up on his seat
12:36 pm
and toppled backwards. he suffered cardiac arrest. medical personnel were on the field doing cpr trying to restore the heart beat for nine minutes before they were able to get his pulse back. they rushed him in am bans to the uc medical center. the trauma center is a few minutes down the road. earlier today dr. marc siegel explained what probably happened to send damar into cardiac arrest. >> what is amazing about the heart, it is electrically caused to pump. it is a cycle. it is a elegant cycle. if you interrupt it exactly wrong time because after blow to the chess it can happen. it can happen without an underlying heart problem. but to be sure they're looking to see if the heart itself is inflamed. >> reporter: the family mentioned generosity they have been seeing pouring out since last night.
12:37 pm
folks donated $4 million to hamlin's charity that buys toys and school supplies for kids in his home of pittsburgh. we're hoping for even better news to come out on his condition. neil. neil: thank you very much for that, garrett tenney in chicago. let's go to jack brewer, former nfl player, great player and jack brewer foundation. going back and forth, did the team seem to handle it well, what do you think? >> i think they did an incredible job. this situation for me as a former player is very hard to watch. this is the worst nightmare as a player. i remember praying before i took a trip down the field on kickoffs to cover a punt or a kick. this is something you don't want to see. my hat really goes off to the coaches sean mcdermott, coach of the buffalo bills i played for. there is no better man in football than coach mcdemott. to pull his team off the field,
12:38 pm
make the decision quickly, show humanity. that is what the world needs to see. i applaud the nfl. i've not always been a fan of some of their decisions when it comes to player safety. i think they got it right on this one. we should all give them the respect rand keep mr. hamlin and his entire family in our prayers. neil: it was interesting too, jack, as you know, two teams settled on this, let's stop the game right now, talking about buffalo and cincinnati. they agreed to that. we were told the league heard that decision and was fine with it. is that how it went down? >> that is what i heard. this is unprecedented. i mean this has never happened in the history of the national football league. this is end of the season. teams are getting ready for the playoffs. for the national football league, this timing is not something that you would typically even consider but the fact that those players all took a knee in prayer. you could just see the pain in their eyes.
12:39 pm
again for me, seeing this is hard to watch. but it truly is the worst nightmare for a player, particularly a defensive player, that is making tackles each and every down, risking neck injures and all type of injuries and you know what you're going into each game. to see this definitely sends chills down your bones. i know being on the sidelines, no way you can go back on the field and play. >> what is the distinction made for a case like this though, jack and when someone gets really clocked or serious concussion, has to be taken off the field, where is the distinction and how does the nfl handle such matters? >> you know that is a very good question. i actually had this conversation with my mom last night. my mom was in town for the holidays. we watched this may together. as i saw them go to get his mom to go to the hospital i had six surgeries in my last three seasons.
12:40 pm
i remember my mom pushing me out of the hospital in a wheelchair. she said that exact thing. the league needs to start taking players off the field quicker when things happen. she was praying that this is a wake-up call, that it is a culture shift and change in direction with players this is routine tackle. i made hundreds of tackles like that where a player gets under your pad as little bit, kind of hits you in the chest. that is what happened. to see a man fighting for his life after making a play like that really is a wake a wake-up call. neil: jack, thank you very, very much. i hope he comes through this and he got attention he needed right away. we'll keep an eye on for you. keep an eye what is going on in washington, they have gone through the process here to get ready for officers vote on who will lead republicans in the next house.
12:41 pm
it's very close. there is a 10 person gap between democrats and republicans. i should also hasten to add, that there are 434 members in the house today. that doesn't mean they're all here today because one died. that was dan mckeep earn of virginia, died in late november after winning a fourth term. the other question is will there be others that emphasize the total. it changes math. you don't need 216 votes. in other words, 50% plus one. the lower the total goes, number of representatives there, the better chances for kevin mccarthy to get this thing. now whether that materializes on a first ballot, first vote if you will, i have no idea. but we'll get a good idea of who is there, because that general math will determine, that the denominator after all whether we're going to see this, see this happen.
12:42 pm
also i want to let you know with apple news, this big technology selloff you've been hearing a lot about. we're off the lows. it is all over the 3457, folks. apple's market capitalization fell below $2 trillion for the first time since 2021. that is a huge deal. first company to do so back in 2021. a lot of people say this is overdone. they said the same at the end of 22, when all of these issues, including apple were getting pummeled. the fact of the matter is, last year alone apple was feeling the pinch to the tune of about 25%. the selloff now ensues. it is engulfed microsoft, alphabet, amazon, intuit, tesla, nvidia. i could go on and on but to make the point the technology rout is not over. stay with us.
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neil: all right. want to take you real quickly to the house floor right now, where democrat of california is now reminding democrats that they too have someone who would be good for this process, fighting the good fight right now. that would be hakeem jeffries who leads the democratic group in the united states of house of representatives. there is possibility he could become speaker himself if it gets to be a very long battle to decide the next speaker. doesn't have to be the party in power in majority or even congressman or woman. that is a whole separate story here but we are getting official count from the house clerk, cheryl johnson, that there are indeed 434 members present. so all but one are there. that one is congressman elect who died right after getting voted in for a fourth term. so he is not there. i'm talking about done mceachen, democrat from virginia, died in late november after winning that fourth term.
12:48 pm
dealing with 434 members, with my math doesn't change the math you still need 418 to win. that herculean leap is still on for kevin mccarthy. both sides go back and forth. this is not a done deal, in other words. not a done deal with major storm, storm systems. doesn't adam klotz know it. he decided to brighten our day, reminding mother nature is at it again from the fox weather center. adam what are we looking at? >> we're looking at another big winter system across the southeast, severe thunderstorms, possibly tornadoes. tornadoes likely with this system as it continues to make that move. we look at a line of powerful thunderstorms. there have been a couple of radar warned indicated tornadoes. it is across where tornado watch is in place, from louisiana, stretching up in alabama, tennessee. ultimately where the ingredients are there. we'll likely see more tornadoes spin up next several years. we've got the heat, we got the
12:49 pm
humidity, we got the energy. pay attention to the time in the corner. runs you into overnight hours early into tomorrow. we could see the big powerful thunderstorms and of course some of those tornadoes. possibility of severe weather on wednesday. shifts a little off to the east on wednesday. maybe ingredients are little less there. you're looking into georgia, running up into the carolinas, spots where the severe threat will hang out there. not just big thunderstorms. there has been a lot of rain. this is the last 24 hours. there are plenty of places across arkansas getting six to eight inches of rain. he have rain continues to march across the region. we have flood watches, neil, from parts of mississippi, alabama, georgia. this is a big system, one we pay attention to all through tomorrow. neil? neil: thank you, my friend. in conditions like that people get sick, you heard about flu cases, you heard about covid cases. now the united states wanting to
12:50 pm
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neil: a lot of people sick with the flu, covid cases certainly spiking in china. spiking in this country too.
12:54 pm
should we be worry about that? so happy to have dr. kevin campbell, kroc consulting president, cardiologist. a great guy, to sort of calm me down when i hear this stuff. doctor, getting nervous about all of this stuff. we have sort of hike non-salant view of all of this. does that mike you a little bit anxious? >> it really doesn't. what we have now a society has been vaccinated or gotten covid, so we have that herd immunity. i think you will see a spike in cases but the difference is i do not expect the hospitalization and death rates to increase. i think this will be more like seasonal flu we'll experience year on year. neil: almost a hat trick, doctor. you have not only the seasonal flu, these covid cases, small as they are in total number, i get that, china is another story, we screen flyers from china over here for covid.
12:55 pm
respiratory ailments, do you often see that kind of a triple threat or is it relatively contained? >> i think what we're seeing now is what you would normally see in the winter. i think it is fairly common to have respiratory viruses and influenza. in the last few years we added in covid-19. it is not unexpected. the big difference we're much more prepared. we have tools to combat it. and because we developed herd immunity we're not seeing the same death rates and hospitalization rates we were seeing in 2020. neil: couple years ago, we were just starting to go through this, doctor, a lot of people wondered about the origins of this, where it started. a lot of people say is started in china whether deliberate or not. now two years later it is festering again in china. what are you to take of that? >> you know i think we have a lot of evidence to believe that it did originate there, whether it was malicious or not we don't know but i think the screening programs that we and others will
12:56 pm
implement with flights from the areas of origin make a lot of sense to me. i think if we isolate ourselves from some new variants. i think that would be a major win for all of us. neil: doctors always good seeing you. i apologize for the truncated time. we're paying attention to the speaker battle going on the floor of house representatives. society is on. the first vote where you have to get 218 votes to seal the deal in this environment. 434 representatives are present, are there to vote. you need 218 of them. kevin mccarthy thinks he has the best shot. it might not be established on the first vote. if that is the the case, first time in 100 years we go to a second vote. i know that because i covered it a century ago and here i am doing it all over again. stay with us ♪ acoustic soul music throughout ♪
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