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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  January 5, 2023 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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as the supreme court has required. until congress passes the funds, comprehensive immigration plan to fix the system completely my administration is going to work to make things better at the border using the tools that we have available to us now. today my administration is taking several steps to stiffen enforcement for those who try to come without a legal right to stay. to put in place a faster process, faster process to decide claim of asylum. someone says i'm coming escaping oppression. there has to be a way to determine that much quicker. for people creditly seeking protection from persecution. secretary of homeland security mayorkas will detail these actions very shortly after i finish at homeland security but here is one. neil: we are monitoring the president now doing an about-face. he ask visiting the border. he announced a plan to express great concern what is happening at the border.
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i do want to alert you to the fact that the dow is at session lows. not so much about inaction at the border but concern about an economy that looks very, very strong. we'll get to that in a second. all of this time as you know with a seventh try to see if kevin mccarthy can make the seventh time the charm. on the president's actions, big news nugget there, he will allow 30,000 migrants from cuba, nicaragua, haiti, legally enter the united states each month. this is a draw and a catch motive here looking at the countries where asylum cases are the highest, be more accommodative to them. they come into the united states. go through the asylum process. the others again the details to come. he will outline those details. we're listening to nothing dramatically new here. just the fact he is address being dragsing it and visiting the border next week. the developments on capitol
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hill, who will run the house of representatives, i want to go to after r ralph norman, still not a fan of kevin mccarthy. i don't know if that has changed, congressman. there a seventh attempt to see what if anything can be done. where are you now on all of this? >> we had a lot of interesting discussions. late last night, early this morning. we're discussing things. what you will sea nomination again for kevin mccarthy or adjournment which we're going to oppose. you will see byron donalds being put up by a number of people. i will be voting for byron donalds. that being said there are talks. everything starts with a conversation. i think we're having talks now. neil: congressman i would be remiss if i didn't mention what the president wants to do about the border. he will visit there. he is talking about these asylum cases, those, preferential categories for likes of those
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coming in from cuba, nicaragua, venezuela, haiti. that is the only difference i see, sir. you're probably familiar with more than i will ever be, what do you make of that first off? >> just words. he indicated he is not interested in the border. he has been president now going on two years. he hasn't visited the border. neither has the vice president who is supposed to be heading up the border. it is just words. we're i think, we don't know how many people illegally are in the country. it is probably in the neighborhood of five to eight million people which is pretty as strong niching. more people on the terror watch list which is national security. what we have is an invasion. he has no interest in stopping that. neil: congressman, when it comes to, you're still a no vote on kevin mccarthy. we're told there was this gathering of you know, your colleagues to iron out some of these things and that the, the republican leader did make some concessions including one that
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would allow a single congressman to recall him if it came to that. none of this seems to budge you. why not? >> well, my number one concern is the budget. my number one concern is, economic security is national security. what i want to make sure is that whoever the speaker is, he is using every tool in the war chest to cut spending. you can't balance a budget until you start cutting. it has to go through regular order. the 12 appropriations have to be on time and it is insane the spending taking place. whoever is speaker has got to assure us, not just words. we've got to make sure that he will actually will do it. that is what we're discussing. that alone -- neil: for the time-being, congressman, are words, promises. he can't act. he can't do anything. he is frozen in place. are you worried about that? are you worried if this caucus
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of those anti-mccarthy forces doesn't budge, this could go on for quite a while? >> it could go on for a while but this is a good process. we were out of session, out of the capitol 172 days last year. that is five 1/2 months. can we not take two or three days longer to vet the most powerful person in congress i would argue, particularly in the house of representatives, person third in line for president. we're vetting him like anybody in business vets a ceo. we need to find out what his priorities are, what he is going to do. the trajectory this country is on right now is not good. we need a fighter who will fight what the biden administration is doing. that is all we're doing. the senate is out of session until i think the 23rd of this month. it is not like a lot of things can be done anyway. neil: do you worry, i ask, congressman this might be bigger than a lot of policies that you
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alluded to. a lot of colleagues mentioned they don't like kevin mccarthy. some were bristling as the notion of the speaker's office akin to measuring the white house drapes and carpeting before someone becomes president. what do you make of that? does that part bother you? is it a personal thing with some of your colleagues, maybe even you? >> everybody will speak to that themselves. with me it is not. i like kevin mccarthy. he has done some good things but when it comes, again the budget and some common sense things to be in place that is what we insist on. we would insist on anybody. i will not coronate anybody just because line of progression into speaker. we need the next speaker to use his leverage, power, one to keep america safe, get a balanced budget in place. that has got to be done. hopefully we will come to a, you know, some kind of an agreement where we're happy with, trust is
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an issue, i will tell you that. trust is an issue. we want to make sure, we told kevin this, make sure whatever he says in words he carries out indeeds. neil: doesn't sound like you trust him? >> pardon me? neil: it doesn't sound, sir, like you trust him? >> no, not, he hadn't sold us yet. what you will see on the house floor today, if we don't adjourn, and i hope we don't, with youville byron donalds nominated from our end and i think kevin will be nominated. it will be the seventh vote. i realize it hadn't been done in 100 years. this is democracy at its best. this is, you have different views being debated. the public can see what is going on. i don't buy that the sky is falling, the sun is not coming up. so i think it is a good process. i'm glad we're doing it. neil: congressman norman, thank you very much. good catching up with you. good luck today. could be a long day, maybe a long night. again to put it in perspective we're awaiting what will likely
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be the seventh vote. likely, there could be call for adjournment. that was very, very close yesterday but obviously republican forces won out by only four votes i believe. so they almost were forced not to adjourn. they're regrouping right now. we're told a number of concessions were made last night by kevin mccarthy, including his open now to this idea that a single member can out of him if oust him if he is not doing what he said he would be doing. he said i will consider that. he is also now looking at more members of the freedom caucus, conservative caulk can yous to the rules committee which delegate as lot of legislation on the hill. that was another one, the big concession. also that he is open to allowing floor votes to institute term limits on members and on some of this border policy legislation. so a great deal of talk about
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that. of these changes that had been made, i want to emphasize, they were made to woo this group of 20 or so, congressman and women who aren't too keen on kevin mccarthy but in so doing he might have alienated right now possibly, possibly, the moderates who were not too keen on some of these adjustments saying that for every conservative you gain we could have other problems, but medical linda, just repeat that? all right. chad pergram is with us right now following all of these developments. chad, all those concessions, and i'm getting the impression of course, you want to bring that number of 20 votes against kevin mccarthy down but will you get to the point where it is four or less? >> that's right. well the key is for kevin mccarthy to demonstrate signs of progress. he certainly never showed that yesterday. that surprised some members of mccarthy's team. now fox is told they are inching toward an agreement but mccarthy opponents are dug in,
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listen. >> previous restaurant owner, function better part of my life in long time. this constitutional republic at work is a really, really beautiful thing. doesn't really matter what my vote is at this point because he doesn't have 218. there are too many people, excuse me, who are committed not to vote for him. >> if the house winds up in another lengthy vote series, members say that shows mccarthy lacks the vote. >> there are a group of people, five, six, seven people don't like kevin mccarthy. they have had issues with him. they will not vote for him. there are another group of people who want policy or procedure issues. you add that together with a very small majority you end up with a stalemate. >> now the problem for mccarthy is making concessions to one side and alienating the others. there are demands for mccarthy opponents for positions on key committees. they reserve the right to demand
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a speaker's vote in the middle of the congress if they don't like mccarthy. democrats worry the house is still not operating three days into the drama. >> national security, vulnerabilities, this is a dangerous moment for americans and for the world. one of the reasons why the congress needs to organize. there are public health vulnerabilities. >> also something to watch, potential absences that could either help or hurt mccarthy depending who is out. in 1923 it took nine votes to elect the speaker. we're not there yet but in 1923 it also took three days. this is day three. now neil, on the floor right now they just took a quorum vote, a live vote. this was not a actual vote where they asked people to cast their votes electronically but asked the clerk of the house, cheryl johnson, who is presiding right now to count for a quorum and they have not adjourned. we thought they might adjourn in fact but that is not the case. we were hearing from some they
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could move to adjourn because they didn't want to have another vote with kevin mccarthy not getting the majority. if you look at the house floor right now, kevin mccarthy has just walked down the censor aisle, big applause from republican members here on the house floor. it looks like they're trying to try to move to another vote here. start to place peoples names in nomination. that is what we have had the past couple days. neil: to that point, chad, i do want to go back with you, michael waltz, florida congressman-elect, republican. good to have you. you still will have elect to your name until this is resolved. does that bug you? >> what bugs me what i was reelected to do i can't do. near and dear to my heart is accountability for those 13 gold star families from afghanistan on top of china, border, covid, the covid origins, the china select committee that we should have put in place yesterday, the
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irs agents we should have defunded the day before. that is what i'm frustrated about. let's get to work. neil: you know, congressman, i do want to get your thoughts on these apparent concessions made last night, including one that would lower the threshold to oust the speaker from five members, that was the original proposal kevin mccarthy found obnoxious to one, freedom caucus members would serve on rules committee that would set the agenda on the hill. extending their influence. these are a couple. he agreed with those. some of your moderate colleagues are anxious. are you? >> well, look, to your point on the moderate colleagues if, you know, they could exercise that right, you know, for one person to put in place a motion to vacate. we have moderate members that
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won over biden districts. we have to have that to have the majority in the first place. a lot of them do have concern. my concern is we start getting into some type of a quota system for committees. we're a party of merit. we're a party of competition. we have to make our case to our peers on why we deserve to lead some type of committee. and you know, holding those hostage or some type of quota or affirmative action type system i have issue with. we haven't had that full conversation as a conference. so i will leave it at that. neil: is there a point, forget about kevin mccarthy and what he does, congressman, which you say, all right, we're doing the same thing again and again and not changing the results and that you look elsewhere? >> well, look, i don't think this is about kevin mccarthy or steve scalise or jim jordan or anyone else. i agree with actually president trump with, with jim jordan and others, that are saying this is about the agenda that we were
12:15 pm
elected to do, just importantly, about stopping biden's agenda that is bad for the country. it has taken us down a road towards socialism. at the end of the day i work for 750,000 floridians. that is what they expect to us do. and you know, as a national security focus member, when we have chinese state media, iranians, venezuelans, cubans, north koreans, pointing at this, enough is enough. we made enormous progress, i agree with a lot of changes we demanded and made, get spending under control, legislation is turning into a christmas tree not germane to the original appointment of the legislation. important reforms we made. now it is time, neil to get to work. neil: it seems very rigid, sir, i don't mean to jump on you there, the numbers are not changing much. you're in on the meetings.
12:16 pm
i'm not. so maybe some numbers go kevin mccarthy's way. i'm sure that is what you hope. let's say they don't. then the issue becomes what will it take to change that? i'm just wondering when you talk to your colleagues, have you heard any of them who plan who plan to switch? in other words those who were not keen on him who are, or might abstain, not vote, present to lower the threshold number? >> i think the majority are about these policy changes, getting the ones they absolutely are dug in on. i think that is the vast majority of the 20. i do think there are a few this is personal towards mccarthy, period that will never come over. i think the majority are about getting policy changes they have been fighting for. that said, neil, they need to understand democrats are reaching out. they are floating proposals for some type of coalition
12:17 pm
government. i won't go for that. i'm a hard no on that. they need to understand those go too long out of box ideas will con to be floated to some of our moderates. to me that is the ultimate unacceptable outcome. neil: marcy kaptur from ohio, open to the idea, was said she would cross lines to get resolved, vote for kevin mccarthy. row ro khanna, certainly open to crossing lines, not for kevin mccarthy. there is idea some democrats would stand down, say present, lower the threshold, how do you field -- >> neil, they're not going to do that for free. neil: right. >> some things being floated we have to check with them before we subpoena the biden administration. even split on committees. taking up anything that the democrat senate passes. those are unacceptable compromises. the holdouts right now need to understand that those conversations are being floated.
12:18 pm
we could come out with a far worse outcome. neil: so that is nonstarter to you. >> that is an absolute nonstarter. neil: i'm sorry, sir, is it a nonstarter to your moderate colleagues? >> those compromises with the dems, with democrats are a nonstarter to me and i think to many conservatives. you know at some point, as you just said something is going to break and what we need to have, we need to solve this internally. let's get policies and rules in place. let's move forward and get to work. neil: congressman, while i have you here, you know the president has indicated in a speech some of the changes he wants to see including beefing up asylum status for those requiring to get here from countries like venezuela and cuba, but he also talked about going to el paso next week, woulding with republicans who he says have not been working with him, didn't really pay much heed or answer his plans on immigration reform
12:19 pm
at the beginning of his administration. we can go back and forth on this forever. >> yeah. neil: this notion of him going to the border, then to mexico, obviously he is timing this with some of the drama going on around you now and saying i'm doing something and they're just twiddling their finger. what do you think? >> this is for optics, neil. this is check the box from biden. at the end of the day you cannot have any changes to our immigration system, our legal immigration system until you secure the border. otherwise you will be right back where you started a couple of years from now. by the way he is going to mexico to sit down with the leader of mexico and canada and that's where things like remain in mexico, putting their national guard on their southern border instead of letting migrants flow through and other reforms should be discussed. we'll see if he actually does it. neil: all right, we'll see what happens today. if you had to make predictions,
12:20 pm
congressman, doesn't sound like there will be a vote in kevin mccarthy's favor when -- >> look i think we're, i'm going to be an optimist, neil, say we get this reed solved by the end of the week. neil: okay. maybe not today, by the end of the week i think is tomorrow. congressman, good seeing you. thank you very much for that. we're waiting to see how this goes. in the middle of all of this the dow down 400 points. fewer jobless claims. unexpected big surge in private sector jobs ahead of the big jobs report tomorrow. you know what that means, stronger economy looks, more looks like higher rates are coming. they're betting on quarter-point hike next month being more half a point. who knows. we're all over it after this.
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♪. neil: all right, just showing you the action on the floor of the house of representatives where right now they're doing nominating speeches they do ahead of every vote right now. this one for hakim jeffries, the democratic leader in the house. each and every time we've had votes, we had six of them, 212 votes, every single democrat. there are nominating speeches on his behalf. nominating speeches certainly on kevin mccarthy's behalf. we'll also see that with byron reynolds, florida congressman
12:25 pm
after little more than two years in the house vying to become speaker of the house. keeping track of that. keeping track of a selloff at corner of wall and broad. not for bad reasons, actually for good reasons. jobs are still looking plenty at thisful and job losses feared, looking virtually nonexistent. luke lloyd with us, mitch roschelle is with us. luke on the jobs thing, the interpretation was, or the claims were a lot less than thought. private sector growth remained growing at remarkable pace ahead what could be a strong jobs report tomorrow when finally out. the interpretation of that, good news is bad news. the fed will keep hiking. we can expect higher rates for a longer amount of time. are you in that club? >> absolutely. i mean the only way to flight inflation is to destroy the labor market and the federal reserve has a ton of work to do. you know i've seen with the jobs data this morning, most likely tomorrow. i don't know when the stock market is going to learn.
12:26 pm
this has happened now for the past six months. the market doesn't believe the fed, only to find out, you know, every single month that the fed isn't bluffing about higher interest rates for a longer period of time and then the market sells off, right? the market would have lost all its poker hands to the fed because they're calling a bluff at the wrong time. there is a reason why the market doesn't believe the fed. it is because the fed lost all credibility saying inflation was transitory and pushing inflation under a rug for the entire year of 2021 so it is understandable but the federal reserve is pounding their chest and they will try to regain their credibility now. neil: there might be something to what he said, whether you disagree with his premise, there is money to be made. shorting stocks ahead of jerome powell speaking or getting comments from six years prior. it is a consistent theme. they're racing, having a great
12:27 pm
time. he speaks, comments from six weeks back, from the last fed meeting and all hell breaks off. what do you think? >> what i don't understand, neil, wall street is supposed to be the smartest people in the room yet their initial reaction to every time powell speaks for every time the minutes come out or every time there is data point their initial reaction is one thing. within hours the reaction is completely the opposite. i thought they were smart could figure it out pretty quickly and make their decision. so that's the confounding thing about all of this but you're right, there is a predictable trade. powell speaks, he says something, the markets good, hours later the markets bad. sell his lips and buy, buy a couple hours later. that is probably the trade. neil: yeah. might be. you know, luke, this applies to you as well, mitch, stepping back on the other side of the screen we're focusing on the vote going on, back and forth, third day running, likely
12:28 pm
seventh vote who will lead the house, next speaker of the house, with all the results it has not been kevin mccarthy and might never be so i want to get ahead of myself if you don't mind, if it is not kevin mccarthy, i don't know how long this drags on, that's an unknown or unexpected development of itself for wall street, will wall street pay attention or care? luke what do you think? >> in the short term no, but absolutely in the long term but with all that being said i don't necessarily think it matters who it is. i think it matters about the actual gridlock and congress fighting each other. i think that is good, that is great for the economy and markets no matter where it comes from. gridlock stops the government from doing things. it stops the government interfering in our life and making things worse by spending our money. the gop needs to figure out what they stand for and who they are and i think this house stalemate will help figure that out. i mean, heck in my lifetime i watched the gop change, many much more fiscally irresponsible
12:29 pm
than they used to be. culprit trying to keep up with the democrats and their irresponsibility. neil: your lifetime is minutes compared to, i'm going to say me, not mitch. your lifetime is a limited time frame, my friend. so let me ask you about this. >> it is. neil: if kevin mccarthy does not get this job, i don't know whether it will be scalise or not, i'm wondering, wall street is not paying attention. some argue that welcomes this, because if gridlock gets to be gridlock among republicans so be it, but what do you think of that, luke? >> i mean one of the reasons he is not, not getting the full votes because he has been rubberstamping everything over the past couple years. the thing is, the freedom caucus is trying to make more of the republican party what it used to be. over the past couple years when one party buys votes the other has to buy them as well to keep up, right? so the government is very bad picking the right direction and the biggest long-term issue
12:30 pm
we've seen the past two years is the government get bigger and the middle class get smaller. at the foundation, as the government gets bigger the middle class gets weaker. most americans become financially weaker as well. you can't have the best of both words. everything is a tradeoff. you can't have a government that spends like a drunken sailor. hopefully gridlock where it comes from, might not be mccart sympathy, throughout 2023 and 2024 gets us back on the track for fiscal responsibility. that is what we need. neil: think about it, mitch, markets sell off on unexpected developments. i can remember s&p downgraded u.s. debt. we had a debt agreement. we avoid ad government collapse. it was all the chicanery before that, memory serves right thatdown grade. i'm wondering that was unexpected kind of a jolt. a development like what we're seeing now, say this drags on for a very, very long time, the markets have shrugged shoulder
12:31 pm
response, how long would they be shrugging their shoulders a long, long time? >> if it went on, bled into next week, it could be something that the market begins to signal but you know, to pile on but pivot from luke's point, i think the bigger issue here is it's not the house. it's the senate because the senate, whole bunch of republican senators voted for that ridiculous omnibus bill. and if we want to have fiscal responsibility in the party, okay, then you know, i think mitch mcconnell has got some work to do to get you know, senators in line that voted for that omnibus bill. so i don't know that there's gridlock per se because you had a completely democrat-controlled two chambers legislative branch and the republicans were the swing vote to get that thing through. so i think that there is a lot
12:32 pm
of dysfunction within the party and if, to answer your question, neil, if the dysfunction starts to really become ugly, i think it is something that the market is going to respond to in some way. neil: we'll watch closely. gentlemen, don't wander too far. want to pick the fine brains more. down 362 points. going through all the introductions including, vote for and recommendation speech on behalf of byron donalds, the republican floridian who is taking a stab at this. others might as well. we shall see. it is still early. kind of. ♪
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neil: there is going to be a seventh attempt to see what if anything can be done. where are you now on all of this? >> well, we've had a lot of interesting discussions late last night, early to morning, this morning. we're discussing things. what you will see on the floor
12:37 pm
today is probably a nomination again for kevin mccarthy or an adjournment which we're going to oppose but you will see byron donalds being put up by a number of people. i will be voting for byron donalds. that being said there are talks. everything starts with the conversation. i think we're having talks now. neil: all right. south carolina republican ralph norman with me at the top of this show saying he is still inclined to vote for byron donalds. the florida republican, the only other republican so far in this speaker lobby quest even though donalds himself has said he is not really interested in the job. so it's a little bit weird. why are you voting for yourself you're not interested in the job. be that as it may, the vote is on, seventh vote is on to determine if they make it, already, already, we're at four no votes, four alternative votes beyond kevin mccarthy. he really can't lose more than that. if, at the rate we're going he
12:38 pm
is going to. because, you know, think about it. we haven't even gotten to some of the ones who really hate him. so this could be another failed vote. so we'll watch it very, very closely. they're watching it at the white house as well. their point today we're on to bigger and more important things get being stuff done like on the border. jacqui heinrich, how they're reacting to all of this, what they're doing in in the middle f all of this. jacqui. >> reporter: before i get to that, the president was asked if he was watching the speaker's house. it was funny, the vice president bailed him out a little bit, i've been following it with great, great, he couldn't pull up the word. she said attention. he have ended up saying attention. pretty interesting there. they were hold these remarks because the president is offering his border plan finally. announcing he will visit the border on sunday going to el paso. he claims that he didn't want to head down there until he knew the fate of title 42.
12:39 pm
he announced this program today and what it does, it expand as program that the administration began last october open to people from venezuela, expands this program to cuba, nicaragua, haiti. allowing people to apply remotely, essentially for asylum. the dhs will accept 30,000 people per month from those four countries. then also send back 30,000 to mexico that do not meet the requirements for the program, which include a rigorous background check and also a sponsor here in the u.s. now the teeth in the mechanism here is if you are, if you apply and you're rejected and you cross illegally, you will never be able to participate in that program. if you do get in, you can work legally in the u.s. for two years. now the president said it is not going to fix the entire problem but it is certainly going to improve things. they have been seeing that with the pilot program they had for
12:40 pm
venezuelans. listen to the president here. president biden: trying to leave nicaragua, cuba, haiti and agreed to begin a journey to america, do not, do not just show up at the border. stay where you are and apply legally from there. starting today, if you don't apply through the legal process you will not be eligible for the new parole program. let me reiterate. you need a a lawful sponsor in the united states of america, number one, you need to go through a rigorous background check, number two. >> reporter: president doesn't often like to talk about the border. we hardly hear him mention it. however he did talk quite a bit bit today. he blamed republicans for the situation getting as bad as it has. because they did not vote for his plan that would have given 3.5 billion in funds to secure theer, hire 1000 immigration judges, 100 immigration judges,
12:41 pm
2000 asylum officers, that is the reason why things got so bad at the southern border. take a listen. president biden: the failure to pass and fund the comprehensive plan increased the challenges that we're seeing at the southwest border. no one knows this better than the vice president. >> reporter: no one those this better than the vice president. the president says he is head toggle paso on sunday. he talked about cracking down on fentanyl. he had screwed numbers talking about how deadly it is. he made a mistake t was really something, neil, to hear the president talking about fentanyl and border-crossers and, and border security. topics he generally avoided in favor of other things for quite some time, neil earnings because after months of you pestering him on the subject. >> reporter: could be that. neil: i say that in pa good way. thank you very much, jacqui heinrich at the white house. before i go to phil wegmann of "real clear politics," love having phil on as well, looks like the seventh time not the
12:42 pm
charm for kevin mccarthy. at least five votes not for him, seven not for him now. the most no votes, no to him, we don't want you kevin, was 20. so maybe he is hoping given some concessions late last night meeting with republicans that he could whittle that down a bit and the trend would be his friend but at the rate we're going that might be hard too. we're in a position where to decide this we'll have to go to at least a 8th vote. phil wegmann, what do you think of this? >> whether or not the concessions from mccarthy will pique the interest of caucus members. this point repeatedly made by bret baier today, he is running out of arrows. there is only so many concessions he can get to conservatives to get their vote, get them on board. on the flipside if he says yes to motion to vacate, if he says
12:43 pm
yes allowing more conservatives on the rules committee, so on, so forth, it will make it more difficult for him to wrestle the house when he needs to get the gop caucus on the same page. it is possible all the steps he is taking to pick up the gavel in the end could make him a pretty anemic speaker. neil: you have to wonder too, i had ralph norman, south carolina republican who was involved in those meetings, to your point, neil, was not impressed, would still be a no vote on him, would still support byron donalds. given the fact even moderates were getting concerned about the concessions that mccarthy was making, forget about life as speaker trying to deal with that, he might never get to speaker because of the way he is dealing with this? >> yeah. i think what we're seeing right now you do have a republican party in the wilderness but there is no moses to guide them out, right? you're not going to have donald trump step in, jim jordan, any of these more conservative populist folks
12:44 pm
bring the party together because you have the moderates who are suspicious of the right flank and vice versa. and i think if we look at this through a soda straw, we only see what is happening currently, we miss the forest for the trees. the fight that kevin mccarthy is having right now is a continuation of the gop civil war more or less that boehner and paul ryan had with many of these same conservatives. these guys are frustrated and they're concerned. the reason why they're fighting mccarthy now, they look over to the senate chamber, they see minority leader mitch mcconnell shaking hands with president biden, celebrating hiss infrastructure package at a photo-op in kentucky yesterday. these conservatives are saying to themselves, we need to fight now, we need to put a mark he down now, if hes up the gavel, mccarthy will not so easily acquiesce to everything the biden administration wants. neil: phil, wondering i wonder
12:45 pm
if something simple as all of this, they don't like kevin mccarthy. >> yeah. neil: i heard more than a few, he was bristling at the notion he was using the speaker's office, waiting this out, a little bit arrogant, they said early on in talks, going back a week or two he was very dizzies must have of their concerns, snap at them, condescending toward them that was impression of a few, i want to stress. these are the same few to a man or woman still locked in the same 20 we had almost from the outset here. so i don't, to turn on that old phrase, it is not business, it is personal. i'm wondering if we're missing that? >> well i think perhaps some of these principled disagreements are further curdling the bad blood exists currently. we saw mccarthy, real flex move into the house speaker's office before even had the votes. neil: right. >> yes, he has done a lot to shore up his right flank. he stood with conservatives,
12:46 pm
complains about the omnibus. he pushed for more, to happen on the southern border. the guy is much more aligned with populist conservatives than maybe ryan or boehner was. he is certainly an ally of the former president but yeah, maybe it does come down to they don't feel like he is in their corner. frankly you know, if you listened to the argument from representative jim jordan who essentially said you know, mccarthy isn't an ideologue. he is kind of flexible best kind of speaker have, maybe some of these conservatives are hearing that, no, not at all. you know, the snapping and the anger in committee hearings behind closed doors, maybe that just further turns them off. neil: something is turning them off to your point. phil, always good seeing you, my friend. hopenew year going well for you. not going well for kevin
12:47 pm
mccarthy, for time being, seventh time he failed in in the pursuit to become leader of congress, the leader of the gang in congress, 20 of that gang yesterday, at least yesterday, could be same number today just are not keen on it. just not into him. more after this. lowed me everyw. so i consolidated it into a low-rate personal loan from sofi. get a personal loan with no fees, low fixed rates, and borrow up to $100k. sofi. get your money right.
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neil: all right, they generally say sometimes seven is a lucky number, not lucky for kevin mccarthy today, the man who wants to be the next speaker of the house, proving for seventh time in a row he aim going to get it. the only thing we know he is getting no votes he didn't want to see. he wanted to reduce that. he might when all said and done, number to beat is 20, that is high as it got. he can really lose no more than four republican colleagues. he is well past that. he got as high as 20. maybe take some solace in the end he reduced that number but we'll know in the end. so will chad pergram on capitol hill. chad, what do you make of all of this? >> we need to see if kevin mccarthy makes progress here today. keep in mind he was losing 20, 21 votes yesterday, people voting against him, byron donalds republican from florida. voting against him today. there are 10 votes on the
12:52 pm
scoreboard, against him with byron donalds, this is rattling that former president trump could become speaker. matt gaetz, he voted for donald trump. keep in mind this has never happened but you can have a speaker of the house who is not a member of the house this is where we've had scenarios floated that maybe a former member, fred upton or lee zeldin, former members just of a couple days ago could be tapped by republicans to be speaker of the house. that would never happen before. that would frankly be extraordinary. the right now one thing we do know on this vote, the seventh vote on the third day, kevin mccarthy once again does not have the votes. the question whether or not there is some improvement. now some history, in 1923 it took three days and nine votes because kevin mccarthy is short right now, he is probably going to have to go on an eighth vote. that is something in the till
12:53 pm
next. it remains to be seen whether or not they will do that after this vote or whether we could have an adjournment again. that is what we had last night after three votes. they came back and they voted to adjourn again. this is where it gets tricky, if you're some of the mccarthy people, you might not want to keep showing on the scoreboard that you don't have the votes. that is the problem. this is why democrats are voting against adjournment to stay in session. the mccarthy opponents the same thing. the vote last night it could have gone the other way. the democrats could have prevailed in that. it was almost a tie vote. a tie vote by rule loses in the house. that would have kept the house in session. they would have had to kept voting last night. so we will see here shortly at the end of this vote. they have a long way to go to see whether or not they're going to have an adjournment. one thing we do know at some point there will be an eighth vote. i will say in the building this morning there was a little more optimism. i'm talking about 20% more
12:54 pm
optimism that they might be able to finish this today but here in the past, you know, couple of hours, seeing where the votes are, talking to some members, kind of taking the temperature, it seems like they don't exactly have all of these mccarthy opponents nailed down. the things that we heard about them doing is putting members on key committees, making sure that mccarthy is a super-pac does not play in certain primaries of conservative candidates but again, if you do some of that, you might start to alienate people on the other side. so it's a very tricky balance. this is where ken buck, republican of colorado indicated earlier that maybe, you know it is clear that kevin mccarthy just does not have the votes and never will. i compared this yesterday to newtonian physics. you cannot change the rules of newtonian physics. same here in congress. if you don't have the votes, you
12:55 pm
don't have the votes. this is the construct you have to operate in. even though he does have the most votes he does not have enough votes. neil: chad, i barely survived physics. thank you for reviving that high school memory. for get the 20, the people out there who hate kevin, whatever, when do mccarthy's own allies and supporters say, boy, kevin we love but this ain't happening? when is there that proverbial come to jesus meeting they say look, this is not coming together? >> it would happen if they had somebody clear in the wings. they don't have that right now. you see that is why they have to, you know, kind of dance with the girl that brought them to the dance. so that is why they are kind of dialed in. this is also getting personal here, personal not so much in terms of the opposition to kevin mccarthy which some of that might be but personal between members who are supporters of kevin mccarthy and the animus they have toward those who
12:56 pm
oppose mccarthy. some of the language i have heard that i can't say here on the air that people have said to me on the phone or in the hall or whispered it is pretty extraordinary. this is this internet inside of republican party. regardless whether kevin mccarthy is the speaker or somebody else this is going to be a rocky, rocky two years. how are they possibly going to govern because they can't pass bills. you're always going to have these factions. we didn't get our amendment. they say they want to cut spending. you know how you cut spending, you cut entitlements, that is 70% of the federal budget. add in the pentagon. that is another 15%. so you will balance the budget on that other 15%. they're not going to vote for that. how is that bill going to pass? this is where it gets very squirrly. neil: i hear you. you're newtonian yourself. i remember interviewing newton a
12:57 pm
number of times. he predicted eventually the apple does fall to the ground. i have no idea what that means, chad, i do know this. we're down about 381 points having very little of anything to do with this. concern these guys are fiddling, while the economy certainly in this case today, the market are the burning. we'll have more after this. . this dad and daughter were driving when they got a crack in their windshield. [smash] >> dad: it's okay. pull over. >> tech: he wouldn't take his car just anywhere... ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: he brought it to safelite. we replaced the windshield ..
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