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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 9, 2023 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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americans whether you are a republican, democrat or independent should support. elizabeth: what worries you the most about this? >> just what i said, the politicizing of the fbi, you heard jim jordan say the weaponnization of fbi, we don't want our most important law ep enforcement organization to be inter fearing in elections and taking sides with political candidates, that is not something that anybody would should want, we need to get to the bottom of this, that is why i welcome those investigationses. elizabeth: michael we'll have you back on, great interview. >> i am elizabeth macdonald you have been watching "the evening edit," have a good evening, join us again tomorrow night. >> hello monday. he did it! he did it! president biden at long last visiting the southern
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border, was that so hard? but president is he really genuinely interested in solving the crisis down there? or just a fancy photo op? yesterday president biden touring border wall in el paso, he met with some border agents to discuss the migrant situation, me didn't meet with any migrants, that's too dirty, it is a sanitized version of the border, camps were packed up and cleared out. that kind of stage craft makes republicans spitting mad, governor abbott was waiting at the airport for the president with a long list of border problems and said that crisis is the fall fault of the administration. >> the president who caused chaos at border, needed to be here, just so happens she he 2 years and 20 billion dollars too lairkt i late, i provided
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him solutions that will stop illegal immigration. kennedy: president of national border patrol council said that biden was in the wrong place if he wanted to learn what is going on. >> he spent vast majority of his time at airport of entry, that is not where the problem s we're not seeing chaos at the port of entry. kennedy: i worry about him sometimes. >> president biden still did his best to look busy, asking how many people are crashing the border. >> i know you have people every day, i'm trying to get a sense of the average. >> every day, 3 to 400. >> over a thousand per day, 900, average is 300 to 500. kennedy: that doesn't sound bad at all, how does this the president not have this information already?
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and crisis has been a slow motion disaster. scz feasking a few basic questions does not solve anything, did he just go to border to cross it identify his to do list. we have former trump member, hotels risk. jason meister. and with former biden campaign strategist, also a man who loves to go south of the border, he want the president to go there for a long time. time kevin walling. >> and a podcast, by -- olivia rondeau. welcome. so, jason, we have seen this happening for quite some time. jean-pierre likes to say, no the border is secure, and numbers are going down, but the numbers are higher than
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ever, did the president's trip to anything to stem the tide? >> no. it has done nothing, joe biden inher jobe inherited the most secure border, he temp na terminated, the result has been a humanitarian crisis of. 4.3 million illi illegal immigrants have shown up to the border since president biden took office. we apprehended 16 million pounds of fentanyl that could kill up to 3.3 billion, cartels have turned human trafficking to a 13 billion dollar industry. so if kevin mccarthy, the new speaker of the house and g.o.p., are serious, about holding this president and
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his administration accountable, in my opinion, they need to impeachment joe biden on this issue alone. kennedy: well, it say pretty serious issue. kevin. you can't deny that. that is why he is there but what i find to be curious, he tasks the vice president with solving the border crisis, if she can't do that at least coming up with a few key words they could call the root causes. what wasn't the vice there with him, will they ever be honest about real w root causes. >> vice president was in president in roosevelt room last week. kennedy: that is not the border. >> that was more impactful with what president announced with expansion of title 42. providing for additional spots for league migration from the 4 key countries, 300 border patrol agents as part of the federal funding
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bill and president's visit to el paso. these are good starts points, i was encouraged to see texas governor down there with some ideas he presented. i am hopeful that president the respond to those, you have a bipartisan senate delegation heading to border tomorrow, chris murphya part of that. kennedy: i'm more hopeful about that than the president's visit. they did just sanitize the area. he didn't talk to any migrants. if you want the real story ask them, they will tell you about the root causes, they will tell you what is happening, i guess those simple peasants from far away lands are too filthy to shake the hands of our fearless leader. let's talk about this a little bit, olivia, president has been there. it is not doing anything. if you know, kevin said it is a starting point. two years into your first term, seems lo like a pretty late start to me.
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>> it is a humanitarian crisis, you are right, they didn't want to talk to the actual migrants, they view them, i believe as not even human they clear them out like they don't matter. i think because the answer is so clear, visit the border, bring back ti title 42, and enforce doe port we -- deportation, they know fentanyl is comes through the border, they are on some type of payroll, the answer is clear if they cut off the sphrstream of migrants coming from border and drugs, their income source would be cut, it true on both sides of border cartels work with the government to drug traffic and human traffic, it is human rights abuse. kennedy: someone is getting
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enriched. the big winner in this story is not the president, not the vice president. it is the cartels. bang up job federal government. all right, president biden's border pitstop of the about one thing. trying to make himself look good, he will need an embalmer for that, reportedly quote, all in to run again in 2024. it might be a slow waddle, his team to be prepping an announcement in february, right around the state of union, senior aides supposedly pushes president out on bipartisan photo ops and house in turmoil o speaker election. will he be able to run as a moderate in 2024? i hope not, when any one party marches in lockstep you get presidents like joe biden. >> he ran as a moderate in
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2020. right? the dnc knew they had no vinyl two-term candidate in 2020, that is why they chose the most compromised, complicit, compliant and corrupt candidate they could with intent of doing as much damage as they could in the aloallotted amount of time, i do not believe that american people will,ii extend that time to joe biden in 2024, nothing has been built back better, i have seen the control demolition of our country under his leadership, over 71% of nation believes we're headed in wrong direction. kennedy: i don't think he'll be nominee in 2024, there will people who say democrats have a shallow bench, do you believe that to be case kevin. >> we have a great bunch, you saw gretchen whitmer
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rereelected. the president wants to run again. went to st. croix to talk it back with his family, and ready to run, she h he as two years of legislative accomplishments to do that and bipartisan victories, you mentioned, mitch mcconnell shared the same stage with him this past week. highlights infrastructure bill they passed, president will go to a lot of ribbon cuttings. kennedy: really? ribbon cuttings, that is great. to jason's point, why do 70% of people polled always say that country is going in the wrong direction, if what you say is true? if i could take what you say
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at face value, they would say the opposite, 70% of people if they lived democrat talking points, they would say the coupler country is amazing but they are holy hell, i cannot pay my gas bill, i'm schal swallowed up by debt, how do you square those? >> a good point. americans of living paycheck to paycheck. i think that president the say, we passed policies over last two years, with democratic control, they are kicking in right now, medicare able to negotiate cost of prescription drugs, americans will see their truth prices -- drug prices go s go down. not immediate in terms of large policies that democrats have passed, we need to give them for them to be implemented. kennedy: time, all we need is time.
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we is read the bill once we pass it just we need time, olivia, do you buy that? >> not at all. i don't think that anyone who is paying attention buys it, we saw biden attempt to run as centrist in 2020 this did fool a lot of people, a good portion of american voters are not paying attention but i think last two years saw a lot of moderates, centrists wake up to, that i don't think that anyone in that camp who has been paying attention thinks this joe biden is a moderate jawft just because he was pictured with mitch mcconnell, i don't think they like mitch mcconnell that much either. >> you are right. >> we can agree on that. kennedy: the whole kevin mccarthy fiasco provided a road map for other leaders and other parties, i hope they take them up on that. panel don't go anyway, a super hot monday night, you
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will need oven mitts for the remote. >> kevin mccarthy may be finally holding the greasy speaker's gavel, is he really the winner, we break it down, the winners, losers with greatest winner of them all katie pavlich, she is next. ♪ ♪ oi'm every woman ♪ ♪ life is for living. let's partner for all of it. i'm so glad we did this. edward jones ♪ ♪ ♪ voltaren. the joy of movement. ♪ >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite. this dad and daughter were driving when they got a crack in their windshield.
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kennedy: we have breaking news, house moments ago, passing a so-called rules package that republicans will use as a road map during their new majority. comes two days after kevin mccarthy finally wound the speakers gavel. he prevailed after 15 voting rounds, but was he biggest winner? maybe not according to some analysts, saga's losers might include but not limited to kevin mccarthy, former president donald trump, and jim jordan, winners are joe biden, and mitch mcconnell. cocaine mitch, byron donalds and matt gaetz, i don't know if i agree with the last one, joining me now. fox news contributor, katie pavlich. so, this whole thing watching this play out, day after day, vote after vote.
7:18 pm
it was unlike anything, i think we have seen in our lifetime. >> i thought it was great. kennedy: were winners. >> i disagree with losers, winners based on concessions in this bill. that just got passed including stopping proxy voting they have to go to work in person and go to floor it debate these things. american people think that informatioin -- you can no longer smash the bills together without any sense of what is in the bill. also avoids that allows representatives to avoid debating bills on their merits and voting on them for record, individually they push it to one thing and make an excuse that is a win, it curbs spending that is why some republicans were skeptical.
7:19 pm
we're 34 trillion in debt, it targets spending everywhere, the country has to grapple with, but republicans given their agenda and what they promise the voters should do. kennedy: less painful if you do it now. than forced austerity. what about matt gaetz, he inserted himself in there, i think there were other more h honorable actors who truly fighting for freedom into limit the size of government, my heart went to them, i fell for them, tray athey are trying to do what they were tasked to do, i felt that matt gaetz was starring in his version of the of the mat -- matt gaetz show. >> republican texas congressman chip r roy is serious and dedicated to
7:20 pm
limiting government, he was not fundraising. and m matt gaetz even after mccarthy got the vote was still fund rising. it is clear that matt gaetz was interested in getting attention, but chip roy, was driving the force behind getting a list of concessions, accusation against 20 holdouts it was personal, for matt matt gaetz it may be personal for chip roy it was not, it was a false accusation. kennedy: you know, when we were having debate last week, whether this was a good or bad thing. how else do you guess change unless people in your party hold your feet to the party. byron donalds emerged as a star. >> interesting to see his name and he voted for himself, and he voted for
7:21 pm
kevin mccarthy, accusation when his name was put in pat, hat, he does not vechave experience, the speaker of the house does not even have to be in congress. actually, you can elect anyone to this position, if people wanted him to be speaker they verve right to vote for them. kevin mccarthy is now the speaker, but good to really throw some different names in there, see what people think, get concessions that are better for the nation and how the house -- >> that is what we'll talk about long-term are some rule changes, do they limit size and scope of federal government? they are too powerful, too big, they take too much money this may be first step correcting course. >> some people have been saying they are so limited this is not enough, i would say, you have to start some where, better than not trying to go for rule
7:22 pm
changes, argument was that could have been done after a speaker was elected these conversations could have happened. well 20 they would have had leverage to get these promised. and i will say to kevin mccarthy's credit tonight with rules package, passed. second big test. first is getting elected speaker, was month to the wasn't sure, on the same page, but one, pretty good start to the 118 congress. >> we'll see, it is not going to be unexciting. >> it will be great, gridlock is good. kennedy: thank you. >> coming up california governor gavin newsom said his state is the freedom state. [ laughter ] the sky is green. and grass is blue. you hack. he is wrong, i'll tell you why in my memo, that is next. the dribbler, and the day-dreamer...
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♪ ♪ come on little honey ♪ ♪ fire ♪ ♪ kennedy: in we go. i'll be your fire woman, tbaf gavin newsom is a shameless fraud for him words have no meaning, anyone who sent time in california knows that state is paralyzeses it's own weight, newsom opined about the one thing he s state is lacking, freedom, tweeting quote: anyone where there, is moving of where el, state is losing
7:28 pm
population, and losing businesses, big and small. that really hurts the economy, it lost 11 mu fortune 1 thousand companies. california has 12% of nation's population. but 30% of the nation's homeless. and 50% of the countries unshelter population, they are free to poop on the streets, assault the vulnerable and sprinkle used needles willy-nilly, california has unhoused population grown by 6 .2%, between 2020 and 2022, florida there homeless cop laypopulation down 5.6%, maybe all florida hobos are flocking to
7:29 pm
california. half of california,i ecoeconomy pats -- ex-pats relocate to texas, there is no state income tax. and lower taxes to boot, they probably won't have to live in fear of violent criminals to run major cities then follow them home rob them in comfort of their own driveway, criminals don't have to worry, they are not prosecuted in the places like l.a. and san francisco, it is impossible for anyone to own a legal firearm in california, no one can properly defend themes, don't get parents started on lack of educational freedom in rusty golden state, he sent his angelic spawn to private schools during the pandemic but shut down the public ones at bee h behest of teacher's union, they should move to circle jerk
7:30 pm
island and leave the rest of us alone. if those things equal freedom, newsom and the other liberty crushing losers should stay away in exile and never seek power again, that is the memo. >> gruesome newsom said, 2024 run is out of the question, i'd be a great president, remember how cozy he looked in the white house this summer. is he channels his liberty loving rivals to get health, the party panel is back. olivia, you and i have partied in my california backyard, you live there. is this a free sp state. >> no, can i say, someone from east coast, everyone hear talks how you read
7:31 pm
gavin newsom's voice, it not a sa free state, i went to ralphs the other day, i was attacked by a homeless man that was in the store, no one did anything, that is what happens here, can i carry a gun to protect myself, no. of course, not, they make it hard as possible. it is ridiculous, for him to say this a free state, free estate, when it and i believe range 48 out of 50 -- that absurd. kennedy: and ranked low taxes, education, you know, when you take taxes, crime and homelessness, and you do nothing about those, it does compromise quality of life, he is making stuff up now, that is fun. >> the governor has a bit of a complicated second term with budget deficit looming, he will have to make tough
7:32 pm
choices, homeless crisis, olivia i am sorry you could pexperienced that. we have similar problem here in washington, d.c. and most cities, in even in suburban areas in this country, governor has faced voters of california 3 times in last 5 years, been elected or reelected by 20% every time. so, you know, the people of california are content -- some of the people in california are content. in is an indictment against the republicans in california, they can't get their act together if it is so bad they can't field candidates to take out governor newsom, he has won in last 5 years. kennedy: also laying down the exit mat for companies
7:33 pm
like hewlett-packard to tesla, they cannot lure workers to california, the zoning laws areo prohibitive there is not just a houses crisis for unhoused, but a houses crises for families who can't find apartment and homes they can move into they can't afford, it is easier to set up shop anywhere else. >> my hope is one of greatest lessons we learn through the pandemic we allowed elected officials to become tyrants this the name of "public health he is a covid by ran tyrant, he pushed -- >> -- today doctors that disagree with the california
7:34 pm
department of health can lose their license, this is out of control. he is limiting free speech. kennedy: the state decides what is misinformation and the doctors are paying with their licenses, jason we have to move on in the name of time. biggest class clown in america is at it again, teacher union president. randyrande weingarten when a troll tweeting this about the catastrophe she helped create: >> thanks captain obvious, don't let the door hit you where the lord split you, did she just say that, she campaigned to keep children
7:35 pm
out of schools, should this wicked witch not resign in shame? >> she should resign in shame, i'm baffled how she is so st stupid, so dumb, what are you saying the water is wet, you lobbied to keep the kids out of school, now that was false, there were people before that happened who said don't shut down the schools, the k the kids need to be socialized in person, she said no. kennedy: do you think she working with republicans and libertarians as a pro school choice mole? >> i don't know about, that. we have talked about this for you know past two years, that our kids are hurting coming out of this covid crisis lost years of academic experience, not just the books and learning
7:36 pm
and classroom element but the rain building. kennedy: socialization. >> yes, and connection, and human emotion. and we'll have a crisis, we talked about it last week on out numbered, the solitude they went through wild we'll be dealing with this for generations we have to focus on kids and how to repair what is lost and broken. kennedy: i think that what is lost and broken is education system in the country, there are a lot of us who said, maybe this pandemic should be about protecting the vul nir vulnerabe they are v vaccinated first in safe, but in california you had bar and restaurants that were open but schools were closed. and they were closed because the teachers unions, they donate 95% of their graft to
7:37 pm
democrat politicians, the democrat politicians in power in places like new york and california were doing their bidding, keeping the schools closed, i will never forgive them for that, even if is opposite day on twitter. >> you are 100% correct, randy weingarten and teacher union are personally responsible for the destruction of a generation, and also between parents and their schools because of what they have done on our children, at the end of the day it was a hyper politicize response to a virus that you caused far more damage to our children than the underlying virus did. kennedy: we were screaming that in real-time, we said you can't do this they are like, we need 200 billion
7:38 pm
dollars f ve v ventlations. eat glass. >> it will take years to undo the damage. that these people have done to our children. and i hope that we all as parents and citizens of nation learned from this. kennedy: i hope they are scared and quaking in their booties, you will see a massive paradigm shift away from one size fits all education that decides when and where children are punished and rewarded. this whole sick experiment has been a failure, and i here by deem that randi weingarten is no longer a part of the discuss. >> it is so, party panel thank you, jason, kevin and
7:39 pm
olivia. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up damning new report claims that irs is targeting low income earners far more than rich people. they were not supposed to do, that how are they getting away with it does this corrupt institution still seek to make lower income people miserable? yes that is next. yes. ♪ ♪(fis about an hour ago ♪ ♪ you sell high commission investment products, right? (fisher investments) nope. fisher avoids them. (other money manager) well, you must earn commissions on trades. (fisher investments) never at fisher. (other money manager) ok, then you probably sneak in some hidden and layered fees. (fisher investments) no. we structure our fees so we do better when our clients do better. that might be why most of our clients come from other money managers. at fisher investments, we're clearly different.
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♪ ♪are you ready for me♪ ♪are you ready♪ ♪are you ready♪ kennedy: hello darling, president biden was full of malarky about taxes wealthy, lowest income earners were most likely to face irs audits in 2020, 5 times, 5 times. 5 times more likely than millionaires. audits came in the form of automate the collected notices, they are cheap and easy. they had no realistic way to challenge their alleged
7:44 pm
debt, with 87 thousand potential new irs agents will o audits like these become a way of life for everyone, joining me now to discuss. it is chris edwards. chris taxation is theft. welcome to the show. what is most troubles about this for you. >> i am against the 80 billion dollars in increase spending for irs, particularly the vast majority that biden wants to spend enforcement the wrong direct to go. u-- there is no big t tax cheating crisis, americans are very honest on their taxes, u.s. rate of tack cheating is half of what it is in europe, there is no problem here, i differ a little bit on the low income audits, irs audits at bottom end, is because the -- we run the giant well fair
7:45 pm
program called earned income tax credit butax -- threw the tack codes for year there has been 25 percent fraud inner or rate, i think it is reasonable to audit that. a lot of people are cheating, taking the eitc and they are not eligible. kennedy: what other programs have been exploited post pandemic, should irs go after people who took loans that maybe they fudged t the applications for. >> that was a huge problem as well. the covid related programs are overwhelming the irs. a real huge screw up on at irs, congress keeps making code so complicated it is impossible for the irs to administer, you know members of congress are hypocrites, they say, the irs doesn't get enough funding, they
7:46 pm
keep raising tax rates and makes tax code more complicated when trades compliance cost, people don't understand the code and submit the wrong amount of money to irs, and irs does not have resources to audit all of fancy engineer tax credits and electric vehicle tax credits, simplify the codes and lower tax rates and irs will have pledgeymoney to administer. kennedy: they have been lobbies to simplified the code for as long as federal government has been collecting taxes,ure right there are these sweetheart packages that nominally will make the world's better place but really don't do anything. let me ask you, we're about to creep into tax season, if
7:47 pm
my gas vehicle, identifies as a electric vehicle, can i claim that? >> look, you know i think there will be huge fraud and cheating around these new fancy energy tax credits that biden and democrats have passed 2 law, that is the real crisis, i think that republicans in house are doing right thing, saying, more money for customer service, so at least irs will answer the phone when you have a question. and maybe more money for computers and i-t at irs. but no more money for enforcement. the reason is because there is a huge trade off there. more enforcing there is, the less freedom we have. there is a civil liberty trade off, and a compliance. that is why more enforcement is not a good idea. kennedy: could you imagine, if you calmed target -- called target and they called you names and came to your house and punched you in the face every time you had an issue. you bring one of the best points, a big difference
7:48 pm
between customer service, and enforcement, people don't like to be forced to give their money away. at the end of a gun. >> chris thank you. >> and thing that -- people forget that irs gets it wrong they chase after people, and they calculate taxes wrong. kennedy: i'm not wesley snipes, chris thank you so much. >> and topical storm is next, how about that? it's monday. a small business gets real, progressive gets you right back to living the dream. now, where were we? [ cheering ] for back pain, i've always been a take two and call in the morning guy. but my new doctor recommended salonpas. without another pill upsetting my stomach, i get powerful, effective and safe relief. salonpas. it's good medicine.
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7:53 pm
got spooked, turned to run and slipped on ice, he got cold feet, he fell head first in pavement, what witnesses say looked like a scene out of movie home alone, mostly because, he looked like joe pesci. bright side he was able to ice his injury, charged with armed robbery. and prosecutor will round up a dozen naked mole rats to be judged by a jury of his peers. >> topic two. let's go to ski races on the slopes of swiss alps, you thought you had to watch cnn can for slanted coverage, alpine ski world cup, coldest world cup event sent renaldo got benched this year er -- the race courses are made almost entirely of artificial snow, the swiss alps are covered in as much fake size as
7:54 pm
tekashi 69. so they can go down hill faster than "game of thrones" franchise. now covered in plant life, in o off austria the hills are alive with more than the sound of music, they're a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ topic 3. have from australia. an at risk baby giraffe arriving as a zoo that special sized in giraffe care, also known as maintenance, the biggest australia baby hint mel gibson.
7:55 pm
mhe is one-day-old, already in a zoo, he knows how it feels to be born in new jersey, he will be caged with his half sister, with the same mother, known as sister from another mister. the. they are to grow to 19 feet, so far he only has 4. >> a squidis swedish companies that created an all electric sea boat, they call it tesla of the sea, it will be underwater soon. it. gap between boat and water reduces friction, that makes batl battery last long distance e, longest lasting battery you will see outside of a waffle house at 2:00 a.m., and the boat never
7:56 pm
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