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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  January 11, 2023 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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us capitals of all the other choices? stuart: yes i can. it is the capital of colombia bogota. singapore, that is trick question. it is island city state. don't have. uruguay is montevidio, sierra leone i think is free tone. i used to known all the countries in the world. >> peru. stuart: lima. >> you made attention in geography class. my recall is not as good as it used to be. i can't recall every single one like i used. i will never go on yep -- "jeopardy." it is yours, neil. neil: do you know all the names
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of popular meats and cheeses? stuart: game, set match, great show as always, stuart. we're following what you're following. still ahead of what could be very good inflation news. we're following on the airport outages across the entire country. you're looking at philadelphia international airport, hartsfield-jackson in atlanta, in north carolina, orlando, it has been a mess. those airports were closed for hours this morning. we're kind of getting back into the groove but not before we had nearly seven thousand flight delays, 1000 cancellations. american airlines now says they will wave fees for passengers affected by faa system outage. get the latest from grady trimble at chicago o'hare airport. how are things looking there, grady? >> reporter: neil, pretty calm on this side of the security checkpoint. that is not how it was earlier this morning. probably not how it is when you go to the gates on the other
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side of the security checkpoint. flights have been taking off several hours now, since the system was restored this is causing ripple effect of delays and cancellations here at o'hare and across the country. i want to draw your attention to the departures board here. that gives us a sense of the problems we're seeing here. first thing this morning morn we started seeing delays. some giving reason for delays. at first it was strictly blaming the faa system. now we're seeing crew connection issues. the planes haven't arrived that is the ripple effect we see every timing is like this happens in terms of delays and cancellations, they get worse and worse. across the country almost 7,000 delays today, more than 1000 cancellations. this started overnight with that outage of the faa computer system, software system and then it is only gotten worse. that led the faa ultimately to put in place the first
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nationwide ground stop since 9/11. we talked to passengers going to los angeles, going to hawaii, dealing with these delays and to say the least it has been a hectic day for them. listen. >> now all backed up. this is insane, man. this is traumatizing especially with three kids, it will be traumatizing. >> i'm straying to be calm and relaxed but at the same time everything is intense. i have never come to the airport and been so tense right now. >> reporter: so even though the faa appears to be to blame for this it was their system that went down, airlines are trying to practice good customer service and make it right by their passengers. you mentioned american off the top waving those change fees or fair differences if you want to change the flights. we can actually confirm, neil, all of the major airlines, united, delta, southwest, and american are doing the same. the question now is, we expect the delays and cancellations to continue at least for the rest
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of the day but will this cause problems later in the week as well? we'll have to wait and see. neil? neil: thank you, my friend. grady trimble in chicago. let's go to hillary vaughn at the white house right now. the administration has gone out of its way to caution it's a little too early, to views of cyberattacks. they say that was not at play here, right? >> reporter: they say they can't rule it out, neil. transportation secretary pete buttigieg did an interview moments ago where he was asked that question, could this outage been caused by a cyberattack. he says they can't rule anything out. but the bottom line they still do not know what caused this outage. >> any indication there is a cyberattack involved? >> there has been no direct evidence or indication of that but we are also not going to rule that out. >> reporter: buttigieg did talk to president biden on the phone this morning. the president says right now
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they still do not know what caused the outage but they're going to find out. president biden: i spoke to buttigieg. they don't know what the cause is. they expect within a couple hours they will have a good sense of the cause and we'll respond at that time. >> reporter: lawmakers on capitol hill though are skeptical there isn't something more to this system failure and they want to know if anyone was behind it. >> we don't know if this was, just a technology issue or if it was something deeper. >> we're hearing now it is not a cyberattack f that is the case how could a stable platform like that suddenly go down? >> reporter: neil, there are two interesting things at play here when it comes to capitol hill. the first faa is operating without a official leader. the nominee to lead the faa has not received confirmation hearing in congress yet. also the faa's reauthorization is coming up soon. that is something congress will have to approve. sew when it comes to questions whether or not this system was just out of date and that is
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what caused this failure, is going to be something that lawmakers consider when they're thinking about how much money the faa needs. neil? neil: all right, thank you for that, hillary vaughn for that at the white house. we have kyle hill, faa former analyst and former faa safety team member. kyle, good to have you. people get scared not knowing what is going on. many people were comparing it to 9/11 when all air traffic was groundinged obviously for very different reasons then? what do we really know? how would you assess what happened here? >> i mean it typically, seems like a typical government system having a glitch. as you know government equipment isn't like the private sector. they don't have funds and funding like the private sector has. so to bring everything up to speed we're talking months to years. it is not just a matter of replacing a couple servers. there is data coming into the notam system from all over the
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world. it is not just large airports. it is basically every single airport in the united states and also abroad and not to mention the airspace all around the world. so everything from a crain at the runaway that might obstructing a runway to volcanic activity in the pacific ocean. everything is on the notam system. good news it is not a threat to flights in the air at the present time. neil: notam notice to air missions. explain a lit bill about that? >> the pilot basically prior to the flight he looks at notas taking off from the come, and arrival apart. he will have any information that care controllers deem important, such as cranes around the airport, runway closures, deer in the vicinity or on the airport. everything from, like i said
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volcanic eruptions. anything that might affect the safety of that flight from takeoff to en route to landing will be in the notms. some are short notms, some notms go on for days and months, bottom line if notm is down period, pilots don't have that kind of guidance, or nothing to go on. so is it there not to fly or faa says notm is down we don't think you can check it, we don't think it's a good idea to fly? >> the faa was basically covering themselves to make sure everything was perfect from a safety standpoint because they didn't want something small falling through the cracks. even at a small airport, 10 notms from a small little airport. some of bigger airports could have same if not more. multiply that by number of airports in the country, talking about possibly hundreds of thousands of notms around the
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world, affects airports, airspace, pretty much everything. neil: is there anything in question here that has to be beefed up or modernized? you mentioned the government, the private sector, wasn't private sector southwest with all the problems because their system wasn't up to speed, i'm just wondering given a lot of infrastructure dough, coming a lot of transportation services way, i know too early to get committed and spent already but is a good chunk of that meant for what is going on in the airlines and to beef up and modernize their system? >> yeah. it takes time now. neil: right. >> when you're dealing with the government and upgrades you're dealing with the bureaucracies and bidding process and everything. where in the private sector they have the best analysts and engineers. let's face it, if you're one of the top analysts or engineers or experts i mean the government is not going to pay you what the private sector is paying you you know, half a million dollars a
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year. but they need to recruit the best of the best but unfortunately this takes a lot of time. it is not going to happen overnight. you know, you could be looking a year or two years to have a system completely up graded or even replaced. neil: you know, kyle, i always wonder when people see this, get word, oh, did you hear this morning the entire air system was grounded and stopped, they have very, disturbing images fresh in their minds not only for those thousands who were stuck across the country on southwest planes that weren't flying but we see this play out again and again and they're leery of flying. some of them take to driving which is tough to do if you're going to a place like london or paris. but the point being this will put a chill on travel or at least give people pause, what do you think? >> you know, on the flipside of that, we saw the faa issue the ground stop across the country.
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they're doing that for safety and they reacted quite frankly as they should have. so there should be no doubt in the general public's mind that the faa will do what is necessary to make the system safe even if at this time is shutting down the whole system which they did this morning and one quick thing, if for people who are at airports, delayed flights, canceled flights, you can check to see on most airlines where the plane is actually coming from. so for example, if you're flying from newark, your plane might have been in sarasota or miami and other cities. so i always tell travelers, check to see where the airplane is coming from, check to see if they got off the ground because it might give you a better reading than the actual flight board in the airport. neil: got it. good stuff to know. kyle i appreciate you, you know, guiding us on this one. kyle bailey, former faa safety team member among other things. so planes are flying again. airlines are trying to accommodate angry passengers yet
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again. so we'll keep track of that, how this process is going with thousands of flights delayed at a minimum and a good many canceled. we're over the worst of it, or so the airline industry hopes. so we'll keep you up to date on that, keeping you up to date on continued rally on wall street. we're up this year. a lot of this is buoyed by optimism that the inflation situation might be over its worst. in other words, still high but, but the momentum and increases are coming down. we'll get a remind reminder of that tomorrow when we get the retail inflation rate and that is expected to slow on on annualized basis. that is what they're hoping for anyway. that is what is driving a lot of this, after this. ♪
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♪. >> all right. there is an effort afoot right now to kick george santos out of the united states house of representatives the disgraced congressman was caught lying, quite a bit of lying to get that
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seat. now he has that seat. says he is not going anywhere. despite nassau county, new york, republican party already called for him to step down. he says he will not step down. separately, u.s. house speaker kevin mccarthy for whom santos voted on he have single ballot, all 15, i believe, he is not getting any mercy out of the speaker who says he will not be, that is santos, serving on any key committee while serving in congress. that is if he is allowed to continue serving in congress. we'll keep an eye on that. also keeping an eye on this market, slowly, surely continues advancing along. it is positive for the year. picking up speed. picking up speed in the nasdaq as well after three days of running up. what is going on here? could be growing optimism that the inflationary problem is over, not will be as bad, could be subsiding. we might see that in the retail
12:18 pm
inflation report for december, so-called, cpi, consumer price index, which is expected to be rising in the latest period, at a much slower rate, maybe 6 1/2% than an annualized rate of 7.1%. certainly down from the 9% plus we're seeing in the summer. is that justified and is this buying justified? kenny polcari joins us and danielle dimartino booth as well. danielle, optimism that inflation is stablizing, at least what people are hoping for. some data does support that, not all of it. where are you on this? >> well i do think that we're seeing many areas where prices are actually falling, whether you're talking about new rents or used car prices, certainly the most visible of all prices, prices at the gas pump have come down appreciably. i think what investors are missing, i think a lot of this is buy the rumor, sell the news. so much is baked in in terms of euphoria, enthusiasm going into
12:19 pm
tomorrow's cpi report, you might see a little bit of a selloff ahead of friday earnings bank season kick off. the federal reserve is not looking for 6.5%, great improvement it would be. negative 0.1% on month over month basis. they're looking for the year-over-year number to down much closer to 2% and planning on keeping policy tight until they see that. that is certainly not what markets are pricing in now, neil. neil: if that is the case, say we get a 6 1/2% number, concern any, you're still in the camp, one way or the other at the end of the month, 31st, february 1st meeting they will sty hick a half a basis point? >> mary daily said you could make the argument both ways whether you want to go 25 or 50 at the end of the month. neil: i love when they make a
12:20 pm
bold prediction, like that, kenny. it could go both ways. thank you i could do that. go ahead. >> to danielle's point we're seeing some weakness in used car prices, that's great. you can't eat a used car. it doesn't help a family trying to feed a family. food prices remain high. that is the part that continues to hammer home with people. if tomorrow, i think what they're trying to do get us set up, i think number will be weaker than even the expectation which is viewed as a positive as they try to force the fed into a position of you know, trying to back off on their narrative. danielle will know this, i don't think the fed will back off at all. i think they have been very clear about it, they will maintain it. whether or not jeff gundlach or anyone else likes it or not i think the fed will stay the course and actually hike in the february meeting and the march meeting, the may meeting and that is when i think the pause comes. neil: danielle, i was curious when you were on the fed as an advisor, dallas fed advisor how
12:21 pm
much advance notice did you have on economic numbers? i'm not saying all of it but you had a lot of the pieces, didn't you? >> typically that would be the case but if you're thinking about jay powell being in stockholm, sweden yesterday, whether or not he had the cpi print in front of him if that was the case, typically the leadership of the federal reserve who might have data 24 hours in advance, neil. even if he did have the cpi print in hand what he said yesterday in stockholm was that taming inflation was no, in no way part of a popularity contest. he did not want to win a popularity contest. so even if that's the case, it seems like he will still stay the course, if he had the data in hand, they were weaker he is still saying i will hold my ground. neil: we're having a up year thus far, kenny. will it last? >> so i think that the, i think we've had this up week 1/2. i think the market then runs into some trouble as we move through earnings season and then
12:22 pm
we see what the fed is going to do in terms of the rate hikes. i said i think they hike into may. i think the market will remain volatile. then i think, once they pause in may, we start to see what happens with the data, if the data continues to come down i think the second half of the year is actually constructive, right? do i think we're going up 30%? no. do i think we could have a 10 or 12% year on the upside? yes. neil: interesting. i want to think you both very much. remember how interest rate sensitive largely technology stocks are. so this could be the wind at their back if they don't run into any headwinds with the number and cpi due out tomorrow. meanwhile talk about some headwinds, a lot of folks are probably delighted to hear they can fly now if they can get a plane now because with this forced shutdown of all air travel earlier today for the better part of three hours they're having a devil of a time
12:23 pm
finding a flight. >> i'm really upset but what can i do? >> it makes you kind of nervous is there something else that maybe we're not being told right now? ♪.
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neil: who knew the evil and the biggest threat to our lives was right in our homes? gas stoves. you heard me right. there is a push now by no less than the government, the federal government, to ban them because they're deemed dangerous. madison alworth has more from new jersey. madison, what is going on here? >> reporter: neil, for me a gas stove like this might be dangerous because my family knows i'm not the best cook but
12:28 pm
we'll attempt it for tv. the concern from the consumer product safety commission they're worried about a potential link between childhood asthma and gas stoves but advocates, people who work within the industry, they're hoping that before the commission makes a final decision they run their own studies and look at cooking in general before they do something as drastic as a ban. take a listen. >> regardless of cooking technology, whether it's gas or electric you will have some air pollutants that are generated. ventilation and filtration, turning on your range hood will have a positive contribution to cooking and will help to mitigate some of those air pollutants. >> reporter: right. so the big thing seems not breathing in the smoke rather than whether you're using gas or electric. americans are really waiting to see what happens. many would be impacted if a ban like this would go into effect. we're talking about 39% of homes
12:29 pm
in the u.s. use natural gas for cooking. here in new jersey it is even higher. 70% of the homes here use natural gas. we wanted to talk to the people and get their reaction to the potential ban. take a listen. >> i don't like to be mandated to do anything, i'm sorry. it is my decision. >> unless you have a clean source of energy from the beginning no matter if you have an electric car, or an electric oven, you're burning some sort of a fossil fuel. >> electrical outages you can still cook. >> gas all the way. >> go to any nice restaurant, go back in the kitchen they have gas appliances. >> reporter: neil, people that are against this move, they say this is another veiled attempt to come after natural gas. you heard from some of those americans that cook at home, they say natural gas is a way to get a good meal. for me, it will possibly take a little more than natural gas to become a good cook, hey, you know what? i had burnt eggs this morning. the grilled cheese is turning
12:30 pm
out better for me. my photographer and i will dig into the meal. natural gas is very common in new york. they're already cutting back new apartments, new builds will not have the natural gas in next couple years. neil? neil: that is just incredible. but the grilled cheese looks incredible. madison thank you for that. madison following developments. steve harrigan following more big developments more immediate. this shutdown of all flying in the country for a good few hours today. everyone was lost and confused but you see little drawings of planes all over the country they're flying again. thousands are still not reaching the destination. from those delays that will being compounded as the day ensues. steve harrigan at hartsfield international jackson airport in atlanta. steve, how do things look there? >> reporter: neil, beginning to get back to normal here but that gap this morning will be hard to catch up with. it was almost a three-hour gap
12:31 pm
when there was a full ground stop on flights taking off. they let flights depart from here due to concerns about congestion. overall at least 7,000 flights delayed today. when you talk to people who arrived at the airport today. they have been you there the christmas delays, now this, a lot are fed up with flying. >> really unexplainable. everyone is dealing with it coast to coast. everywhere you go you hear the same story. i really thought because of the holiday travel that was the main issue. clearly it is still happening. >> reporter: this was a failure of a safety notification system known as notams that gives information to the crew about flying local conditions at a airport. not clear what causes the failed lure. no evidence of a cyberattack but when you walk around the busiest airport in the world. you see some strange sites, empty baggage carousels, empty cush lines and empty check in
12:32 pm
lines. neil: thank you, steve harrigan. bill cassidy, energy resource committee, finance committee, on all the crucial committees, kind enough to join us. senator, what can we do about this? this was a unique problem i understand. we we have not seen anything like this since 9/11, it had folks a lot nervous. what do you think. >> i'm struck, they scant control the border, they can't keep planes flying but by golly you will not use gas to cook. [laughter] neil: that is a good point. i warranted to pick your brain on the gas stove thing. i know a good chunk of those infrastructure funds from the legislation were marked for airline advancements and upgrades and for the faa. it is a little naive of me to think that money would be already spent and put to work but certainly called for, isn't it? >> every high-tech system should have redundancy. the more important the system,
12:33 pm
the more redundancy should be built into it. the idea from what i read there was a systems update that did not work. ideally you would have two systems and you would update one, keep the other running. make sure it was running well. if not you go to the redundant one and then you would update the redundant one. either their systems are bad or the people running it are not very good but there is really no excuse for a three-hour shutdown affecting thousands and thousands of flights in the united states of america. neil: i'm just wondering as well, senator, will do about people thinking of flying between this today, all the problems with southwest before and before them frontier and before them virtually everyone it seemed in the summer with all of the difficulties and long lines, that people might think twice about flying in general. that could have clear economic implications, are you worried? >> it could, but, frankly, americans have become so used to
12:34 pm
commuting by airplane, i imagine it would take a little bit more for this to happen. but on the other hand this is an unforced error. there is no reason why the federal government should not have redundancy in their systems. any ceo of a company that's well-run would have had that and those who don't end up getting rightfully criticized. now the ceo of this company is joe biden. i think ultimately he is the fellow, the buck has to stop with him. neil: let's talk a little bit about this gas stove thing because, it is a bit of a leap to sort of ban the sales outright. i'm wondering what republicans plan to do about that? >> well, first in louisiana we use gas to make ru-ees and gumbo, it does cook in superior fashion according to my wife, she is the expert. one of your interviewers he pointed out this is a backdoor way to go after natural gas. let's strip it away.
12:35 pm
let's take away the childhood asthma, right. no, this is their kind of, what can we do to inhibit the role of natural gas in our economy? even though, because, even though, because we in the united states have used natural gas instead of coal, we have actually decreased our emissions down to less than the emissions we had in 2005, despite a bigger economy, more people, and more manufacturing. this administration can't control the border, they can't take care of airplanes but by golly they will do after fossil fuel. that is the way you have to approach this. it will damage the rest of the economy but i'm not sure they care. neil: yeah. well there are bigger battles it seems, should be fought right now. we'll follow it. senator, always good seeing you. hope you have a happy new year. it's a bumpy year but happy new year. senator, much appreciated. in the meantime that weather system out west, it's changing that doesn't mean it is getting better. actually it is getting worse. we're out there after this.
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neil: all right, when it rains it pourss. quite literally goes on and on. thousands have evacuated the southern california area and that area is spreading. let's get the latest from the storm front that is just not quitting. robert ray, fox weather multimedia journalist is in california. how are things looking there, robert? >> reporter: neil, it's a flury of activity. we have a buzzsaw moving here, trying to get these new planks into the sand as they dig out here. they're tying to build a new, essential walkaway up into this pocket in aptos beach that has been decimated by huge waves. if lance, my photographer, looks out at the pacific ocean. neil, what you see now is 10 to 15-foot swells. you can imagine five or six days
12:41 pm
ago, upwards to 30 feet of swells coming in just pounding the beachside homes, many of them a quarter mile ruined as there is debris on the front ends of them. people taking out insides of home, kitchen ables, couches, tvs, you name it. we've been talking to business owners all around this area. listen to what one man told us yesterday on capitola beach. >> spent entire day yesterday, watching it decimate the restaurant, saddened. cried a few times. drank a little bit. heartbreaking watching it all, everything we worked for our livelihood getting pushed into the middle of the street. >> reporter: back here live, here you see, this home here boarded still as the activity from workers trying to, trying to get this back in order. many restaurants destroyed as you heard that man and a lot of
12:42 pm
heart ache unfortunately. 17 confirmed deaths in the state of california. light rain comes down here this morning, neil. we're expecting three more of these atmospheric rivers in the next five, six days. it is relentless and california is just in the lock of mother nature right now. they need a break. a bad way to start off 2022 for sure, neil. neil: to your point, robert, this has been dragging on for days. now to your point, another few days, maybe up to five or more from there. robert, be safe yourself, my friend, robert ray in the middle of all of this in aptos, california. jason frazer back with us, a fox weather meteorologist. jason we were saying during the break none of this stops anytime soon? >> the good news for folks in california as well as central southern california they will be getting a break at least today. let's take a look right now at the radar because some of you across california are just
12:43 pm
seeing a little bit of rain. there are some scattered rain showers, that you will notice here part of the rain is going to end up dissipating here as we go through time here. so that is going to allow, especially those of you across southern california, a chance to finally see some of those rivers, as well as some tributaries end there. what is happening across the pacific ocean, we have more rain on the way. this will be likely impacting those in the golden state as well as oregon sometime this weekend. so that is going to be the downside of all of this. but at least, though, the folks over in california will be getting a break. neil, take a look at estimated rain totals over the next seven days. some parts of california could receive anywhere from another two to four inches of rain. all of this of course being caused by what we call atmospheric rivers which is basically a fancy way of saying a conveyor belt of moisture.
12:44 pm
so it acts like a manufacturing plant where it transfers rain from one part of the pacific ocean to california. the good news is, i mean that is why it looks so lush out there in the west. they have been dealing dealing e drought, the downside of course they're getting all of this rain. it in such a short period of time. neil: what was yield jason, you can always answer my questions of this stuff almost every week we have monster after major storm, not just gripping a region but a good chunk of continental united states. this is week, but just different types. >> these type of things do happen across the united states. we typically do have different seasons where you know, sometimes in california you will end up getting a whole lot of rain like we are seeing but i admit, what california is seeing, it's pretty historic. you know other parts of the country, particularly the southeast may have been dealing with some ongoing severe weather. to your point, neil, it does
12:45 pm
seem like every week we are talking about severe weather and you know typically people think of severe weather season as the summer or the spring but we can get severe weather at different times of the year. it just really depends on what part of the country you're talking about. neil: the south could be dealing with some problems later this week. >> yeah, for those of you in the western part of kentucky, the northeastern part of arkansas, later on tonight you could experience just either some downpours or some thunderstorms but the main event is really going to be impacting not only birmingham but those in the atlanta metro area. the downside, this will impact you just as many people are heading home. we're talking about damaging winds as well as the potential for some isolated tornadoes. neil: wow. jason frazer, fox weather meteorologist. you got to get the fox weather app to put -- chokes me up because puts it all in
12:46 pm
perspective in english. fascinating when it is laid out they do a whole map of the united states. you can look around, get an idea without turning sound up sometimes what is happening but do turn the sound up. those who keep the sound down during this show, turn it up again! >> sound like my mama. neil: i don't know exactly how many saw the video of at brooklyn jewelry store ransacked in the middle of the day. people couldn't believe it, there was no fear. they come in, they destroy the place. a lot of people wonder whatever happened to those guys? that store owner is here. a compn for your full financial picture. with the right balance of risk and reward. so you can enjoy more of...this. this is the planning effect.
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♪. neil: you know there are crime events and then there's something like this. this is a jewelry store that was ransacked. facets fine jewelry, park slope, brooklyn, very nice neighborhood. of course it was. this is probably one of the more dramatic you know, robberies caught on tape. this lasted all of about 38 seconds i'm told. $2 million plus in jewels
12:51 pm
stolen, in what police typically call a smash and grab. that is polite way of saying got the deed done. they were out of there fast. yet to be caught. we have that for's owner. she was there with a coworker and a customer i believe at the time. maybe tell us what happened? >> so you know, we were with a customer. we had an appointment, typical regular sunday. neil: middle of the day. >> middle of the day. families coming in and out. we were really busy that day. 4.58 hits. a man walks up to the glass. a littlea little bit after glare it is slightly dark already. i opened the door. i buzz him in, assuming that he is client. there was you -- neil: would the door normally be open? >> we close at 5:30 but we liz buzz all the clients? i gave the benefit of the doubt
12:52 pm
for the client. he held the door for a few seconds longer and allowed his colleagues to enter. neil: if we go full, guys, just to see, what irina had to put up with here. comes in with how many? >> three total, three total. he starts destroying the place, taking everything in sight. what did he take? >> took all of the diamond rings we had in the showcase. all of the biggest diamond rings we showcased in the store. seems like they knew where to go. they, as you can see in the footage. they didn't look around. neil: they knew exactly what they were doing. they were family with you. obviously someone came into the store and knew it? >> i don't know if they specifically had been in the shop. i doubt that. maybe someone was sent to scout the place out at some point, maybe during christmas. i mean, this has been a very
12:53 pm
busy season and maybe we missed something. we're very careful. we do have all you know, precautionary measures already in place, clearly not enough. we usually had a security guard. we did not at this day, at this time. neil: did he know that? >> i don't know. neil: i was out like i say in under a minute. have the police caught him? do you know whether they're on his trail or their trail? >> yeah. so as far as i know the police are still searching. i, i don't know where they're at. i don't know, if there are any leads or what's going on. i know, as you can see in the video, they ran up to 7th avenue and president and walked up to 8th avenue. that is a residential avenue. it's very rare to find outside cameras to be able to see exactly -- neil: were they running out, a get away car? >> two of them walked out and one of them ran out.
12:54 pm
so the tall one who held the door, the one who, buzzed the door, he seemed a little bit more shook it looks like. so he ran. the other two were -- neil: did any of them threaten you personally? >> yes they did. neil: what did they say? >> guy holding the door, my employee was actually standing closer to them, closer to the door, she was next to a showcase. when she saw that they started smashing the shorter guy started smashing the glass, she ran over to me and grabbed the phone, which is such an interesting reaction because she didn't even think she could get hurt, you know what i mean. neil: did they notice her grabbing the phone? >> in the cam, doesn't look like they did? neil: if they did they would have harmed her? >> sounds like it. she is grabbing the phone. handing the phone over to me, they start yelling, cursing, what are you doing? don't move. we're going to shoot you. almost like it was funny. >> we can include, show irina
12:55 pm
again, guys, a lot of people can't believe it when they see it. there have been robberies in the area, right? un. >> unfortunately. neil: nothing like this. what are other store owners saying? are they scared of being in that area? that is a nice area? >> i spoke with another jewelry store owner who is a block away. had a smash-and-grab couple months ago, middle of the night, with a sledgehammer. when he let him know what happened, he said nothing is going to change. unfortunately that is the attitude that people are having you know this is just how it is. and this is what we're living through. unfortunately, there is nothing you can do. neil: you've been there for 21 years. >> correct. neil: are you rethinking it? are you scared? >> i'm being told to be scared. i am being told to be scared and relocate. i don't live in new york city. and so, everyone is telling me, relocate your shop.
12:56 pm
neil: easier said than done? >> not only is it difficult to start fresh, it is also, that's my home. that's where my clientele is. i don't want to be scared. i don't want to run away from anything. i'm hoping to shed some light on this situation and do something about it because i don't think this is how people should live. we should not live in fear. neil: you seem very calm. if this were me -- >> this is my personality. neil: something that never happened to you, right? >> no, no. neil: afterwards, you were saying all right, i need better security. i need to have my security guard here all the time what are you going to do? >> the thoughts i had immediately after were so sad, you know. i second-guessed my entire life. i just said, you know, what am i doing wrong? because i'm a very spiritual person. i believe in god. neil: this has nothing to do with you. >> but that is where my mind went initially, fir two or three
12:57 pm
hours i was hysterically crying. the detective said would i like to speak with someone? what do i need? neil: yay. >> i'm somebody who shuts down clearly. so i kept saying i don't need anything i'm okay but i now have, you know, picked myself up and said i have three very young children, starting from eight to three years old. and for -- neil: you have to move on. >> you have to move on. i want to set an example to them. neil: you do to me. you do to everybody watching. what you went through was ridiculous and hellish. you survived it calmly. i don't think many could. reminder what happens with a crime wave out of control. just look at irina. discuss look at her store. more after this.
12:58 pm
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