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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  January 16, 2023 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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♪. david: so yellowstone inspiring a western fashion trend among the hit series fans. viewers, many who live far away from the pastures of montana, taken to dressing like cattle ranchers, embracing cowboy culture. the difference between and urban cowboy and a real cowboy, what is it austin? the real cowboy has the bullcrap on the outside of the boot. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." forgive me, folks. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: okay, these images coming in. the president avoided reporters today as democrats and the media
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rapidly turn on him. accusations of a coverup. the white house admits no visitor logs to his delaware properties and his family lawyers do not have security clearances to touch the nation's secrets that biden is accused of mishandling a fourth time. so why are they. congressman pat fallon, matthew whitaker, former deputy sy assistant tom dupree, sam dewey, economic pro liz peek, washington examiner's byron york and "the hill"'s joe concha. we have breaking newss the drug industry allegedly lobby twitter to censor posts on covid-19 vaccines and the pandemic? we've got it. president biden calls house republicans quote, fiscally demented. why was former speaker nancy pelosi's family recently dumping stocks in a big way in december after republicans seized coal of the house?
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nbc chuck todd, attacking senator ron johnson where is the crime with hunter biden when the justice department is investigating hunter for multiple alleged crimes. chuck todd's own network nbc reported on. more states on the move, stopping china, russia, others from buying real estate. from the nation's secrets to pandemic fraud the border and more, who is in charge? who is watching the store? i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. thanks for joining us. special counsel robert hur kicks off his first full week investigating president biden's mishandling of the nation's secrets. a fourth batch of classified documents discovered at the president's wilmington, delaware property. fox news david spunt at the justice department with more. david? >> reporter: this week marks the first full week on the job for special counsel robert hur.
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he doesn't have an easy job investigating the sitting president of the united states to see if a crime was committed. robert hur previously served as the u.s. attorney in maryland during the trump administration, appointed by then president donald trump. he also received praise from both sides of the aisle. hur worked with deputy attorney general rod rosenstein as the mueller investigation dragged on. over the weekend the special counsel to the president, richard sauber announced he discovered additional five classified documents. they were discovered on president biden's delaware property that revelation even has some of the president's biggest defenders asking and answering tough questions. here is an important timeline. one week ago on january 9th we learned of the existence of classified documents found by the president's lawyers at the penn biden center in washington, d.c. a week before the november midterm elections.
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on january 11th one more document was found at the president's wilmington home by his personal lawyers. on the 12th, attorney general merrick garland appointed session counsel robert hur. that same day white house special counsel sauber found five more documents in wilmington, only to reveal the fact to the public two days later in a statement released saturday. now there are three active special counsel investigations in washington. one looking into joe biden, one looking into donald trump, the other looking into the origins of the trump russia narrative. busy time. back to you. elizabeth: david spunt, always great reporting from you. joining us now, former deputy assistant attorney general tom dupree, former congressional investigator sam dewey. gentlemen, thanks for joining us tonight. house republicans are on the move. they're going to investigate. the white house is saying they don't care about the underlying classified documents. just last week the white house said half a dozen times the
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search was complete. so, tom dupree why isn't the white house releasing all visitor logs for his delaware homes where he spent 40% of his presidency? >> i think the short answer is they don't have any visitor logs for the house in delaware. now, look it is true historically presidents have not maintained visitor logs to their private residences but it is also true presidents typically, former vice president wouldn't use their houses as a repository for the nation's secrets. so i think that the administration has a real problem here is, that the number one question who might have seen these documents while they were stored in the garage. i don't know how they will provide an answer to that. elizabeth: how could he have no records who visited? what do you think, sam? the white house lawyer richard sauber admitted the biden family lawyers in the search do not have security clearances to handle the nation's secrets. why were they in the first place looking for classified documents? why are they even allowed to
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touch the nation's secrets? >> we don't know that. that is an important question, as tom said one of the key issues here who had access to these documents. we're talking a very broad period of time. we're talking when joe biden leaves as vice president all the way through and your question about visitor logs, sure there may not be a quote-unquote visitor log but the secret service knows who is going in and out. you can reconstruct it if you really wanted to. elizabeth: should they subpoena the secret service, the house gop? >> i mean i think that information is going to be a fight because the executive branch is going to resist saying confidentiality i think it is reasonable to say look, give as you list who had access, who had access during this time period, i think is a very reasonable ask. we're not asking who was there when on what subject, let us know who had access to the house. elizabeth: merrick garland signed off on the change about basically blanking out the visitor logs but that is a fight
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that could go to the supreme court. this is crime scene. many are saying it's a crime scene. jonathan turley pointed out, tom, they're acting, president's family lawyers are acting for the president's personal interests, not the nation's. democrats and media rapidly turning on president biden saying this is a coverup before the midterms to help democrats. watch this. president biden: how that could possibly happen? why anyone could that be irresponsible. totally irresponsible. >> will you testify before the special counsel? mr. president, are you sure there are no more classified documents? president biden: i think i'm kidding. i'm not kidding. [laughter]. so i'm excited about it. >> is it possible that national security was jeopardized here as many including you raise that possibility with the mar-a-lago documents? >> i don't think we can exclude the possibility without knowing more of the facts?
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we have asked for an assessment in the intelligence community of the mar-a-lago documents. i think we ought to get that same assessment of the documents found in the, in the think tank as well as the home of president biden. >> how big of a mess is this for the biden administration? >> it is very, very big, not legally, but politically it's a very, very big deal. >> it is an embarassment, no doubt about it. elizabeth: sam by the president's own standards wasn't he totally irresponsible with classified information? because, sam, "the evening edit" has been reporting since 2020 about the intersection between president biden and hunter biden 's's deal-making. there is reference where the documents were taken out of the white house six years ago? go ahead, sam. >> it is important to establish who had access when. i do think there are also the questions of, you know, equal treatment here. why was everything about president trump's case leaked? why do we know relatively little
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about this case? why was it the case that everything about president trump's case was affirmatively made public by agencies? why are we only finding out about this now, continually hearing a changing story? elizabeth: to what sam just said, "usa today" even putting up an op-ed saying the president mishandling the nation's secrets he was doing this before his presidency. even under jimmy carter, tom, then senator biden helped stop jimmy carter's nominee ted sorenson running cia. accusing the ted sorenson breaking the espionage act taking documents about his friend in a biography of jfk. this is a big one. hunter biden pressed a box on the home claiming to own joe biden's home in delaware through off-balance sheet company. he was reportedly paying $50,000 a month in rent. why would he pay so much rent if he owned the home?
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>> that is one of the great enduring mysteries. anytime hunter biden pops up with anything you have to raise a suspicious eyebrow. to your point about joe biden's experience in washington. look, this is not his first rodeo. he is a creature of washington. he served in this city for decades. he knows better than that. he knows the importance of maintaining secrecy of classified documents. he knows he is not allowed to take them when you leave the government. that is one of the more mind-boggling aspects of this. why he thought he had the right to do something which he knows perfectly well he had no right to do. elizabeth: he has been around since the nixon era. he chaired senate foreign relations, to what sam. one report he only listed under 20,000 in rents received. in 2018, no rent the received. hunter biden had texted his daughter in 2019. he paid half his salary to the family, to joe biden. tom, sam dewey. >> absolutely. and that is all just again what
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makes it, makes it such an incredible story this is someone who knows how washington works. they're found there and it would appear that during this time period hunter biden and others had access. elizabeth: we'll stay on the story. tom dupree, sam dewey, thanks for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thank you. elizabeth: we're digging into the records ourselves here at "the evening edit." this story, former house thank you, mr. speaker nancy pelosi why was she doing big year-end stock sales after the gop took back control of the house? was it for tax purposes or what? plus new twitter files dropping today. they alleged the dug industry lobbied twitter, pressure twitter to censor vaccine and covid information. as many as 1000 purely officials doing that too? former acting attorney general matthew whitaker next are ours too. and vanguard retirement tools and advice
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♪ elizabeth: could this be a deal breaker for big tech and its cozy relationship with government on things like censorship? the supreme court about to hear a new case that would pit big tech against the fight to lift its big shield that big tech gets from the government, protections they get from the government against things like lawsuits. kelly o'grady in los angeles with more. kelly. >> reporter: always good to see you, liz and that's right.
6:16 pm
the supreme court is set to hear gonzalez versus google. it is setting up a key fight around section 230. prevents like twitter or etsy being responsible for content they post because they're platforms, not editors this alleges that they used it to as the algorithm actively recommended propaganda and therefore bears responsibility in those deaths. the case is critical because of the precedent it will set. are google and other sites still entitled to protections 230? google argues it undercuts internet. google says sites would be forced to over block, hurt expression and leave the communities of. you're left with overly curated sites or ones flooded with objectionable content.
6:17 pm
those believe section 230 does not account for the power they wields, and needs to be revised. they remove content when it suits them without consequence. for example the twitter files reveal thousand how the government worked with social media companies on censorship. the supreme court hears the case next month. this is a hot button issue. certainly will not be the last we see of it. elizabeth: thank you, kelly o'grady. great reporting. we have breaking news. bring in former acting u.s. attorney general matthew whitaker. great to have you on. we have new twitter files dropping. the drugmakers, this is the new twitter files, they allege drugmakers including pfizer and moderna set up a $1.3 million lobbying campaign to pressure twitter to censor and suppress posts about covid vaccines as misinformation. this is the breaking news too. the drugmakers actually helped twitter create robots that upally picked which automatically pick which accounts to take down.
6:18 pm
that is automatic robot censorship. what do you think, matthew? >> that is extraordinary. what i know you can't do through a private company what the government can't do themselves. you now have this idea of the white house both under trump and biden together with these vaccine manufacturers trying to make everybody believe that the vaccines were completely safe and there was no reason or no dissent as to these vaccines in their efficacy. even doctors that were legitimately looking at data provided by these companies were sometimes silenced if their conclusions were different than from what these companies wanted. it is outrageous. i think the case pending in the supreme court is equally interesting as well. elizabeth: critics say, some of the misinformation was truly unhinged. claims that the vaccines had microchips in them but focused on potentially censoring negative tweets about vaccine
6:19 pm
passports, vaccine mandates. this, sir, big pharma, drugmakers are accused of ramping up fears low cost generic vaccines were more risky, riskier, this happened in low income countstries and nations needed them. that they were doing that censorship to protect their bottom lines. what do you think? >> well there is no doubt that this was a in addition to public health issue, there was a moneymaker for big pharma. this was, you know, they need to sell more vaccines, more boosters and so obviously anything that is cutting against those sales is potentially dangerous to their marketing operation. i just look at the law behind this. i think this is why congress needs to act in so many different areas. the underpinning of our first amendment is the right to free speech. if we can't speak freely, even if we're wrong, that's a real problem. we can't have censors, whether
6:20 pm
public or private, knocking out legitimate debate and discourse. elizabeth: i mean the nation's founding fathers said the fix to bad speech is more free speech, not censorship. they're running away from that. >> exactly. >> more and more studies, cdc data, fda scientists are looking at it. the dangerous side effects of covid vaccines. it this is now the new national conversation. the hit to the body for vaccines. doctors say yes, get vaccinated a lot of critics are saying wait a second there is harm to the body from these vaccines. in 2020 through last year, even now, we had democrat operatives and social media bullying people, sir, even raised a question or said no. they don't want to take a vaccine unless they know fully what the consequences are. let's watch matt taibbi, leading the charge with elon musk on the twitter files revealing widespread government interference on twitter. watch this. >> that foreign influence task force only refers to the people
6:21 pm
in fbi, dhs and director of national intelligence office, but actually this includes people in a variety of agencies, both federal and state. we've seen requests from basically all 50 states, most of those go through dhs to, to twitter. so i would estimate the personnel somewhere between 500 and 1000 people. that is based what we've seen so far. it may be more than that. elizabeth: it may be more than 1000 government officials involved in doing this? what do you think? >> well, clearly suppression of free speech. it is inconsistent with our constitution. i think you will see several lawsuits filed on behalf of ordinary americans who had their constitutional rights violated based on government actors using private companies to suppress their speech. it is un-american. you know to your point, founding fathers did not think that
6:22 pm
censorship was the answer when you disagreed with someone. elizabeth: attorney general matthew whittaker, thanks for joining us. it is good to see you. >> thank you, liz. happy new year. elizabeth: nbc's chuck todd, he is getting called out for attacking senator ron johnson that the senator is in quote cable cocoon on things like hunter biden laptop. even as his own network, nbc reported on the hunter biden laptop and the doj is investigating hunter for alleged crimes like money laundering. also this, why is former speaker nancy pelosi and her husband dumping stock big time in december after the gop takes control of the house? is it for tax purposes or what? economic pro his peek on "the evening edit" next. ♪.
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♪. elizabeth: okay, grab the popcorn. you are going to see a gig fight blow up this week. the nation is set to hit the debt limit. house conserve are demanding more cuts to out of control government spending. edward lawrence at white mouse with more. edward. >> reporter: because of the deadline, treasury secretary will do extraordinary measures to make the government doesn't reach the debt ceiling until mid-june. they will not put new investment in government health, benefit funds allowing that ceiling not to be hit until the summer. president biden saying he will work with congress but his spokesperson said not on the debt ceiling.
6:27 pm
president biden: i'm ready to work with the new republican house or republican congress to make progress for the people of america. >> we will not do any negotiating over the debt ceiling but broadly speaking at the start of this new congress we're reaching out to all the members through the office of leg affairs making sure that they, making sure that we have those connections with those new members as i just stated. >> reporter: white house allowing members of congress to work this out. the new house speaker is ready to sit down with the president to get spending cuts not to hit the debt ceiling. republicans and democrats remain as far appoint as bitcoin from the high where it is now. we'll see if the talks work something out. elizabeth: always terrific journalism from our very own edward lawrence. look who is back, liz peek. fox news contributor, and liz is a great writer. you will hear president biden
6:28 pm
say he again cut the deficit. no he didn't. the deficit dropped because the massive government spending on the pandemic went away. hear him attacking house republicans. watch this. president biden: federal deficit is down one trillion plus dollars. hear me that is fact. hundreding of billions reduced over next decades. these dice are fiscally, fiscally demented i think. elizabeth: fiscally demented? what do you say, liz to all of this? >> pretty rich coming from a guy who basically spent america into a really serious situation, liz. look, i think unfortunately this will turn out to be a giant public relations battle over the next many months. already we heard the first opening salvo you pointed out from janet yellen. extraordinary measures. they are not measures, the treasury does every time we
6:29 pm
approach debt ceiling which is basically every year. look, the gop had absolutely no input on this year's spending bill, the omnibus bill we all thought was such an atrocity and it was an atrocity. so they're going to try to attack that bloated budget bill through basically concessions in order to raise the debt ceiling. we have to raise the debt ceiling. everybody knows that but in order to do so, the gop has some leverage here. they don't have leverage in the senate. the senate just let at that bill go through but now they have leverage in the house. to think that the republicans are the only ones who should be concerned about trillion dollar deficits stretching out as far as the eye can see because of course joe biden is lying how we're saying the deficit will be going down in coming years. elizabeth: yeah. >> the only way to approach it is through basically demanding cuts in order to get this done. elizabeth: yeah. house republicans, they will hold a hearing on
6:30 pm
february 1st to probe waste, fraud and abuse. they spent roughly $5 trillion in covid aid. house gop says democrats under pelosi never held a hearing under this. liz, they added equivalent of something like the equivalent of italy france and i think the uk combined in spending. it might be spain. so that, combined in spending is put on the nation's ledger. there is also this, wall street is asking, nancy pelosi and her husband are doing a fire-sale of their stocks right at the year-end in december after democrats lost control of the house. liz, they're talking over $2.5 million the pelosis are taking in losses. some are speculating this is to cut the amount of taxes they owe for 2023 but they are dumping some big silicon valley names. what do you think of all of this? >> well, look, they were heavy invested in tech which isn't surprising given they live in
6:31 pm
california, particularly san francisco, home of tech. and i'm not surprised that they were doing some tax loss harvesting at the end of the year because it was a down year, a big down year for tech stocks. so that makes some sense to me. yes, it will help the tax situation, but liz, the whole idea that the pelosis or any other legislator that influences policy regarding companies like tesla where they had a very big position is ludicrous. if you're in a big bank you're not allowed to buy and trade individual stocks. i think the same rules should pertain to people who make policy that will determine the future of those companies. elizabeth: to your point -- >> this is not complicated. elizabeth: december, there are polls show half of americans don't have a good view of the speaker here on this but you know, the wall street tracks their financial pickings, the
6:32 pm
family's financial pickings, but to your point, liz, nancy pelosi ran out the clock on a ban on stock trading before end of last year. your final word. >> she opposed it because her husband made tens of millions of dollars. maybe it had nothing to do with policies and committees she was party to or information that she had that wasn't public but the whole gist of insider trading you're taking advantage of knowing somebody not available to the general public. all congresspeople should basically have to pay attention to that, abide by that same rules. elizabeth: yeah. >> amazingly they don't. that is ridiculous. elizabeth: both democrats, republicans. liz peek, thanks for joining us. good to see you. we're coming out of the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business network. more states join florida in stopping china, russia, north korea iran from buying real estate inside of their states. also nbc's chuck todd attacks senator ron johnson. says he is living in quote a cable cocoon. what is wrong with the
6:33 pm
hunter biden story? even as nbc, chuck todd's own network is reporting on it and the doj is investigating hunter biden for alleged money laundering, things like tax evasion. we have the hill's joe concha next on "the evening edit". ♪ well, the stock is bubbling in the pot ♪ ♪ just till they taste what we've got ♪ [ tires squeal, crash ] when owning a small business gets real, progressive gets you right back to living the dream. now, where were we? [ cheering ] moving forward with node- positive breast cancer is overwhelming. but i never just found my way; i made it. and did all i could to prevent recurrence. verzenio reduces the risk of recurrence of hr-positive, her2-negative, node-positive, early breast cancer with a high chance of returning,... as determined by your doctor when added to hormone therapy.
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elizabeth: look who is here, we governor this guy, "the hill" media columnist joe concha. joe, you were the person to talk to, have on the show about this fight between nbc's chuck todd and senator ron johnson. take a listen. >> do you have a crime that you think hunter biden committed? because i have yet to see anybody explain it is not a crime to make money off of your last name. >> chuck is it a crime to be soliciting and purchasing prostitution in potentially european sex trafficking operations? is that a crime because chuck grassley and i laid out about $30,000 paid by hunter biden to those types of individuals over december 2018, 2019, about $30,000. this is about the same time that
6:38 pm
president biden offered to pay about $100,000 of hunter biden's bills. i'm just trying to lay out the facts that certainly senator grassley and i uncovered. they were suppressed. they are censored. they interfered in the 2020 election. conservatives understand that. unfortunately liberals in the media don't. this is information. >> go back on your partisan cable cocoon and talk about media bias all you want. i understand. it is part of your identity. let me move to what happened in brazil. elizabeth: cable cocoon? nbc itself, chuck todd's boss, their, they are reporting on how the doj is investigating hunter biden for alleged tax evasion crimes like money laundering, foreign lobbying violations. nbc is reporting on the hunter biden and the biden family making $11 million cashing in on joe biden's job. what is about cocoon. >> this is why no one will ever
6:39 pm
confuse the late great tim russert actual journalist the current democratic activist moderator of "meet the press" and chuck todd. he made senator johnson's point around media bias for him, didn't even know it, getting personal with him the personal attacks at the end as far as a cable news cocoon. by the way, this is the same chuck todd who insisted time and again there is no liberal bias in the media. he says that is a republican talking point. just amazing this is actually arguing influence peddling the family name of countries like china, ukraine, russia, giving your father 10% of the profits according to tony bobulinski, that is in the emails and bobulinski himself says the big guy is joe biden and got 10%, i'm pretty sure that is something that congress should be looking into and absolutely ace huge story but i think now when we asked how is the media going to cover the hunter biden hearings on capitol hill as they
6:40 pm
happen, we'll get a preview moderator of "meet the press," right? elizabeth: joe, nbc reported on senator ron johnson's fight with chuck todd. focused on electoral college fight, nothing on hunter biden laptop, what jim biden, joe biden's brother doing overseas. the hunter biden laptop has depraved information on it consorting with european prostitutes. to your point the information is out there. senate finance, senate homeland security, their reports september 2020 doing things like flying to china on air force two with joe biden. then hunter biden coming back with a 1 1/2 billion dollar business deal. >> that's the story, right? again, chuck todd saying no, i don't really see anything that happened that was wrong here. elizabeth: no there there? we should all, really, there is no there there? when the doj is investigating hunter biden, there is no there there, really, joe.
6:41 pm
>> exactly. that is the chuck todd argument around taxes obviously. he lied obviously on a gun application when he said he had no drug use in the past. there are some things here that are worth investigating. as you said, not just about hunter biden. this is more about a sitting president of the united states compromised by our biggest adversary in china due to his son's business dealings there, jim biden as you mentioned as well, president's brother. put it this way, elizabeth, if this was donald trump, jr. do you think chuck todd would be defending him if donald trump, jr. had laptop with all of this evidence? that is rhetter to call question by the way. elizabeth: legal pro, jonathan turley, he recalled a chuck todd went after trump with adam schiff on show, about his foreign deals, trump was compromised because something might be amiss. talking about fara, foreign lobbying violations. we know the government documents biden family purposely set up
6:42 pm
off-balance sheet shell companies to handle cash flow from overseas, hunter said, in order to avoid having to register as foreign lobbyists with the government. so msnbc, everybody on nbc, we're all supposed to be okay with all of this? we don't know what influence was affected in terms of you know foreign policy here in the united states but we're copastetic with it and happy. joe. >> sure that is the thing. journalist, if you're a real journalist you should have a one gene that makes you a journalist, that is curiosity. to get to the truth, hold the powerful accountable. instead chuck todd is whistling past the graveyard appears at this point. elizabeth: joe, we'll have you back on. we'll stay on the story. come back soon. >> absolutely great to see you. happy new year. elizabeth: please if you could be so kind and generous to adjust your schedules we're a week away, one week away "the evening edit" moving to an exciting time, talking one hour
6:43 pm
earlier to the 5:00 p.m. eastern time slot. this will start this coming monday january 23rd. we'll be on after larry kudlow. maybe we can jawbone with larry kudlow, make him laugh again. as long as he doesn't take over the whole a block. we're kidding. mayor eric adams is headed to the border himself. he is heading there. he is slamming president biden. why? because of biden's border collapse hitting new york city. plus more states joining florida in stopping china, russia, iran, north korea from buying real estate inside of their states. we have byron york, columnist with "the washington examiner. he is an author. he is with us next on "the evening edit." it will remind you. ♪. arby. so we can bring more life to your smile... and more smile to your life... affordably. new patients without insurance can get a free complete exam and x-rays,
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and 20 percent off treatment plans. schedule your appointment today.
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♪ elizabeth: look who is back, author, washington examiner columnist. he is byron work. byron, good to see you. when you heard there was a fourth batch a fourth back of top secret classified documents found in the president's delaware home what was your reaction? now democrats and the media are
6:48 pm
rapidly turning on the president for covering up his mishandling of the nation's secrets? >> well, my reaction was, we're learning more from the biden lawyers and you know, when there is, a controversy going on you have to ask yourself how do i know what i know? and right now everything we know about this is stuff that we've been told by the biden lawyers. oh, there is five more documents here. there is 10 documents here. there is a small number there. we have no independent way of verifying this right now. so one of the things that we've seen in this growing scandal is that the public gets information from the biden lawyers. then the appointment of of a special counsel, the justice department completely shut the case up and congress will not find out about it. this is restricting information which is something of great public interest. elizabeth: this is a total coverup. the biden family lawyers act in
6:49 pm
the biden family interests, not the nation's. they do not have the security clearance to touch the nation's classified information. so why are they? >> that is a great question. we don't know yet because we have had a situation where biden family lawyer comes upon a classified document and then stops and says, oh, wait, i have got to call somebody with a security clearance to find this? and this is absolutely haphazard what is going on. here again, think of base i can issues in this, november 2nd, 2022 biden says some of his lawyers were clearing out an office. what was going on with that? why did he still have a private office at that time? he was president a year-and-a-half. so many unanswered questions. elizabeth: it's a double standard. president trump's mar-a-lago estate gets raided and biden family lawyer allowed to do this, it's a double standard. byron, let's move on to this, now we have texas joining
6:50 pm
florida pushing new laws, banning china, russia, iran, north korea from buying real estate in texas. byron, the question is this doable? they can use holding companies to do this anonymously buying this real estate. you know gop state lawmakers in texas, byron, they're saying in america, you as an american go buy land near a chinese military base to see how it works out for you. it would never happen there, it should never happen here. >> absolutely and look maybe this won't be the perfect way to deal with it, think of this, loughlin air force base in texas, it is the largest facility for air force pilot training in the country. a chinese billionaire, who just happens to be a former general in the peoples liberation army buys 130,000-acres of land not far from the base. what's going on there? i think it is reasonable for the u.s. government and also the state of texas to be concerned
6:51 pm
about what is going on, what we saw ron desantis do in florida, now texas with governor greg abbott doing the same thing. this is something that all states should be doing in areas around sensitive areas. elizabeth: byron york, we'll have you back on, good to see you. thanks for joining to us night. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: new york city mayor eric adams he went to the border himself. he slammed president biden for collapsing the border. the crisis is now hitting new york city hard and other cities as well. congressman pat fallon on "the evening edit" next. ♪
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elizabeth: new york city mayor eric adams went to el paso at border in texas, slammed the biden white house for collapses the border, that crisis is hitting the nation's cities, madison with the story in network. reporter: new york city is paying millions to househunt reds of migrants that arrive on a daily basis. an employee telling fox, some are hoping for a better life, surge left hotel a mess with some drinking all day, doing drugs and
6:56 pm
engaging in inappropriate behavior in stair wells, december migrant numbers will exceed 250,000 for first time in history. the official numbers have still not been preleased. on friday, new york city mayor eric adams issued an emergency said request to sstate. it is. >> on trip to border this week adams made it clear, he is expecting help. >> we're not pointing the finger at el paso or houston, we're pointing the finger where it should be pointed, that is our national government, this is say national problem. we must have real immigration reform. reporter: new york city is not only city dealing with migrant surge. liz. elizabeth: great thank you. welcome back to show
6:57 pm
congressman pat. you heard that report, you filed impeachment were articles again mayorkas. >> he lost operational control of southern border. in the secure fence act of 2006 it states that homeland security director or secretary, must have operational control. when you see 5 million people crossing the border, in last two years, and the drug cartels running am amuck and making profits he clearly lost border control. lastly, he undermined his own border patrol anxi agents, there was no whipping of any migrants, we. elizabeth: to your point, let's watch more from new
6:58 pm
york city mayor. he is up sit, new york city and other cities are contending with the president's border collapse. >> we must immediately have short-term fix of making sure that the cost of this does not fall on our local cities, our cities are being undermined. we don't deserve this migrants don't deliver this and the people who live in the cities don't deserve this. we expect more from our national leaders, to address this issue in a real way. elizabeth: border states, whole nation does not deserve this mayor adams headeds to -- heads to dcthis week. >> he sounds like he should be welcomed into republican party, he is final realizing true, accurate situation, are liz we're broke as a nation, almost 32 trillion
6:59 pm
dollar debt, we can't have 5 million people coming across the border every year, when they don't have skill set to contribute, they are not asylum seekers, they are economic migrants. >> also a pentagon inspector general report, nearly 50 thousands afghans whom biden white house housed on 5 u.s. military basis, since 2021, they cost text payers 190 million in damages. forth so, talking damaged walls and ceilings, floors and doors and plumbing, electric systems, they just sort of damaged throughout the facilities and more. >> you know on afghanistan, issue, there were folks that were with us that work with us, they themselves and families were in danger, but then there were other people we didn't know who they were
7:00 pm
that happened to get on the planes, biden administration said they would be robust screening, they did not, very few people were sent back to afghanistan, we know that majority of folks who came here didn't have anything to do with helping us in our missioned. mission. elizabeth: are we vetting beam enough at the border. >> no, nota at all. venezuelan says they want asylum, wh once they hit colombia they hit asylum. i am elizabeth macdonald, you have been watching "the evening edit," thank you for joining us, we hope of you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. >> welcome to best week of your life, another day, another batch of documents


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