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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  January 17, 2023 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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"the evening edit" right now. elizabeth: breaking news come in, the justice department said no, having fbi agents monitor biden lawyers collecting classified documents that he mishandled at his home. the white house cannot definitely rule out there are not more top secret documents out there. media, democrats call out the president's recklessness and coverup. how all of this intersects with biden family influence peddling. why are president biden's tax returns removed from his campaign website with us congressman jim jordan, congressman kat cammack, former fbi agent bobby cahcon. economic pro carol roth and energy expert nick loris. the president champions even more irs audits today. government data shows this will hit the lower and middle class hard. the government watchdogs speak out against the nih conflict of
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interests deep money ties to big farm that, covid vaccines. wyoming gop lawmakers stand up to more states trying to outlaw your gas cars. climate czar john kerry bizarre comments today that climate changers are quote, extraterrestrial saviors as demands more of your money right as d.c.'s big fight over the debt ceiling. it is about to explode. greenpeace, greenpeace is slamming the world's elite including john kerry as quote, ecological hypocrites. we're going to explain. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. we begin with stocks ending mostly down. here's the story. goldman sachs travelers, had disappointing earnings. that was weighing on the markets. new york area manufacturing
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activity dropped, much more than expected in january, to the lowest level sin may 2020. this is the second month in a row of contraction, fears of recession, amazon tomorrow beginning the biggest layoffs in its history. 18,000 workers there. and now to this news, house republicans say they plan to question members of president biden's family on who visited biden's properties where there were no visitor logs. the white house today could not definitely rule out that more classified documents could be found. fox news ashiah hasnie has the story in d.c. >> reporter: elizabeth, good evening to you. republicans are laying the ground work for their investigations right now. they have already sent out preservation notices for records and representative mike johnson who sits on judiciary, tells us, house republicans are even willing to go after president biden's family members now to get around the lack of visitor logs. >> we would assume that family
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members would be there, but the question who accompanied family members? did hunter biden spend nights there? did he bring friends, i don't know from other countries, maybe our adversaries. >> reporter: does that mean formal subpoenas and for whom? johnson says we don't know that yet. what we they that republicans are ready to use the new judiciary subcommittee on weaponization of government to get answers. kevin mccarthy meeting with top house republicans to finalize committee assignments. republicans look at both the biden and trump documents. but he has his own questions about ag garland and those special counsels. listen. >> so it is not a fair process when you equalize this out and that is what is wrong with the system. is it right garland should even be in charge of this? the house, we have a constitutional responsibility to oversee the justice department and that also means overseeing the special counsels. so we will look into both
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situations. >> reporter: if you're wondering when we might start to see some public hearings, republicans tell us they're going to take their time gathering information and investigating first before announcing anything. elizabeth? elizabeth: ashiah hasnie thank you so much for your great reporting as always. joining us chairman of house judiciary, congressman jim jordan. congressman, welcome to the show. "the wall street journal" reports that the biden justice department rejected having fbi agents monitor the search by the president's personal lawyers at his homes. this ostensibly they say to avoid complicating the investigation. they do not have security clearances. how is that complicating the investigation? >> it's not. the fact they thought about it, said no, no, we're not going to do that, this is what stands out to the american people. the one standard they have for president biden, different standard they had for president trump. i would point out it's a different standard it seems to me for democrats and republicans because i asked the same question of secretary clinton
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several years ago, in front of the benghazi committee when she mishandled classified information, 60,000 emails, some classified on her personal server. mad sam secretary, we don't need to see your personal e-mails. privacy is important. but we don't trust you and your lawyers to do it right, what the american people are entitled to see. how about we do it this way, have a neutral third party a retired federal judge examine those 60,000 emails. they will decide? her and her lawyers said, no, no. we can't go that way, we're going to do it. same kind of concept, no no, we can't have the justice department act company. you do it your way president biden. elizabeth: how can that be? how can you stop that? they do not have security clearances. jonathan turley says they're witnesses to a crime scene. potential human intelligence sources could be at risk. information about iran, uk, go ahead, sir. >> but liz, they pulled
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themselves back, they found classified documents they pulled themselves back, what happened? the white house counsel, mr. sauber went along with the doj. so even then someone from the white house went along with the doj folks to get those classified documents. i think that is a problem too. at least it is unusual. elizabeth: how can you stop this? how can you as chair of house judiciary stop this? >> step one get all the facts on the table. that is why we do investigations. why we have constitutional duty to do oversight. we're going to do that to make sure, the first step in stopping this unequal treatment under the law, this political dynamic that exists at the justice department is to first get all the facts on the table, not just about this situation but about all the others we've seen with pig tech and big government colluding working together, how they targeted parents at school board meetings. on and on it goes. we'll focus on all the information. we'll start with the fbi agents, the brave fbi agents who came to us as whistle-blowers and told
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us about what was going on. more than two dozen who have come forward talked to us about the political shenanigans at the justice department. elizabeth: are they talking about hunter biden because americans -- the white house suggested that americans are focused on the economy, not the biden document scandal. there could be more secrets unguarded out there. they couldn't rule that out. white house press secretary refused to say whether or not the search is complete. focusing on the economy instead. let's get to this, how does this intersect with the biden family accused of cashing in on the president's government job? >> we don't know. we don't know what the documents were related to. there were reports documented related to iran, potentially ukraine. we don't know. whale see what they tell us, what they find out. maybe some determined in the house intelligence committee under chairman turner's relationship. we'll wait and see. all kinds of things raising red flags, and raising concerns. chairman come her wants to see
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suspicious activity reports related to banking transactions. we have the tax question, hunter biden saying he was paying rent and tax issues. i think that will be handled in representative, chairman comer's oversight government reform committee. we're focus the on the doj response. that is our responsibility on the judiciary committee. elizabeth: the tax returns were removed from the campaign website for the president. 2016 to 2018. that is right when you know, the rental payments you noted, the biden family doing deals overseas. >> yep. elizabeth: that was period of time. hunter biden wanted a office at biden think tank. we saw emails about that. you oversee judiciary, how is the fbi, the doj, how is it okay for the lawyers, biden family lawyers to touch the nation's top secrets but then trump's mar-a-lago gets raided? >> no, it is not. it just underscores the double standard, this concept that there is one set of rules for thelyally connected, a different
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set if you're regular folks. a different set if you're republicans. a different -- here is another great one. one set of rules if you're pro-life activist praying in front of abortion clinic. a different set if you're pro-abortion folks protesting in front of supreme court justices homes. totally different standards. it is not supposed to operate that way. that frustrates so many folks i get the privilege representing. they want us to investigate with all the facts all the evidence, all the truth on the table for the full country to see. elizabeth: we can't see visitor logs, records who was there. we don't know if there were visitor records for biden's think tank in d.c. from the penn biden center. >> yeah. elizabeth: we can't see money flows coming in from overseas on tax returns, they used off-balance sheet shell companies, right? that is what is happening. media, democrats, even obama ethics chief, walter schawb, say this is appalling and reckless. more in the media are talking
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about a coverup. watch this. >> [shouting questions] >> reality is these documents are well-marked. they are belle marked. cover page, every page is stamped with classification level. >> any way to find out -- >> it would have been helpful for joe biden first came out, we have tape of joe biden saying that trump did something stupid and shouldn't have done it and it was bad. he should have said look, i know i look hypocritical on that tape. i'm sorry about that. >> there is nothing stupid about saying we need to know what documents were in an unsecured garage in wilmington and at a place where you didn't have visitor logs for people that were coming and going because it was a private residence. elizabeth: your reaction? joy behar claims the fix for the president is just admit he is a hypocrite? already 2024 is like going up in flames, his re-election bid for that. >> yeah. elizabeth: so again, how is it
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okay, how is it okay for personal family lawyers to interfere in something involving the nation's secrets? >> yeah. it's not and just tell us the truth. the white house has said repeatedly over the last week we're being transparent. really? then why did you tell us on january 9th when the story first broke only about the original documents found at the penn biden center and didn't tell us about the ones you found on december 18th in the garage at the residence? why did you tell us half the story? you can't say you're being transparent and all the different things going on so different from how it is supposed to work. that is the problem. that is why several committees will look at this, come at it from different perspectives. elizabeth: what would have happened if this information came out before the midterms? >> yeah. well who knows. i do know this, 91 days before the midterm election they raided president trump's home. they knew about this before the midterm election. we were not allowed to know. this is the second election where they have done that in
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2020, did the same thing with hunter biden laptop story. stay out of elections and let american people make all the facts to make a decision. elizabeth: we're supposed to be okay with the president spending 40% of his time in delaware where there are no visitor logs? where hunter biden had the access todelaware home. apparently spent $50,000 a month in rent for the home. there is no rental income noted for that sum on the president's tax returns. now removed from his campaign website. >> yeah. elizabeth: do you see them circling the wagons? do you see the coverup? final word. >> one thing i would say there has to be some kind of a law particularly since he has been president, since january of 2021 there has to be some kind of log of people going there. i would think the secret service has the record of who is coming in and out of president's home, particularly if they're not family members. there has to be something like that. mr. comb other on the oversight committee is looking into it. elizabeth: congressman, come back soon. pleasure having you on. more on the government watchdog
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calling out nih conflicts of interest because of its deep money ties to drugmakers. gop lawmakers furiously push back on president biden calling republicans, quote, fiscally demented? after a multitrillion dollar spending binge on inflation. and the president, he is championing, he is applauding even more irs audits. government research shows that will hit the lower and middle class hard. florida congresswoman kat cammack next onkn "the evening edit"ow. u get advi. just stop. go for a run. go for ten runs. run a marathon. instead, start small with nicorette, which will lead to something big.
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elizabeth: president biden under fire for declaring republicans are quote, fiscally demented after on his watch the government added in spending equivalent of economy of germany and spain. inflation hit 40 year highs. inflation was 1.4% when the president took office. hillary vaughn is on capitol hill with more. hillary? >> reporter: good evening, liz. president biden has a new name for republicans who are placing blame on his policies for adding to the nation's ious. president biden: these guys are fiscally, fiscally demented i think. they don't quite get it. >> reporter: on thursday the u.s. debt is expected to hit the
6:19 pm
limit, means no more borrowing money to pay our bills but the white house is not interested in negotiating at all with republicans who want to put biden on a budget before giving him more borrowing power. >> there should be no hostage-taking here. there should be no attempts to exploit the debt ceiling. >> reporter: republicans say it would be fiscally demented to continue to enable out of control, irresponsible spending of money that we don't have. >> i think it's a sign of arrogance even if you say he wouldn't even discuss it. if you had a child, gave them the credit card, kept raising it, they hit the limit, you raised it again clean increase, and again and again. would you just keep doing that? would you change the behavior? we're six months away. why wouldn't we sit down now and change this behavior. >> reporter: not just government spending responsible for this high debt. it is interest we owe because we are not spending money we don't have. the latest from the congressional budget office the
6:20 pm
interest payments will cost the u.s. $400 billion just this fiscal year. that is about $3,000 for every american household. liz? elizabeth: hillary vaughn, great reporting, thank you so much. joining us now florida congresswoman kat cammack. great to see you. what was your reaction to the president calling republicans quote, fiscally demented? >> that is really rich, coming from a guy that takes his orders from the easter bunny, contact complete a coherent sentence but regardless we'll the ones getting fiscal house in order. he has no interest in being serious about it. this man in the white house spent $10 trillion over first two years in office. he wants to balk at us discussing the scope and size of government. i don't know if anybody noticed recently the price of eggs is what people will be getting at the grocery store for a long time to come, upwards $12 a
6:21 pm
dozen. i know they have not shopped for themselves recently, people like me, everyday americans, we're sick and tired of inflation. we're sick and tired of the welfare state. we want to get our house back in order. republicans are going to do it. elizabeth: so you know, every democrat since jfk, even through the democrat platform through george w., with obama was about cutting spending, cutting taxes, economic growth. it is more, i think it is more like five trillion since he took office, 10 trillion before the pandemic. so, congressman byron donalds is saying we spent $400 million for borders protection in countries in the middle east and we're not doing enough for our border. >> well that is exactly it. our priorities are all over the place. they're completely misaligned with what the american people want and need. when you look just at numbers. of course this is cyclical. we go through seasons. but if you go back to 1980, for example, i was born in 1988 as point of reference, you look at
6:22 pm
1980 now, our gdp on average adjusted for inflation was 5.3. compare that to the debt since 1980. that is averaging 9% a year. i'm a blonde but i know those numbers don't add up. we're spending more than we're taking in. we cannot continue down this path. we have to get our fiscal house in order. we need to end emergency declarations, end covid spending, regulatory environment the silent killer of american dream processes $2 trillion a year. 1.3 million regulations on the books. somebody is paying for it, you, me, everyone else in every day america and which have to address the mandatory spending. people are panicking thinking that means social security, medicare, medicaid. elizabeth: got it. >> there is 20 million worth of fraud in the mandatory spending. elizabeth: that is a lot of trade there. how he and democrats really want tens of thousands of new irs
6:23 pm
agents and workers. watch this? >> you know all of these new irs agents we have because they fired a lot of them, and a lot are retiring. guess what? who needs serious agent to know what they're doing or not doing? the billionaires, the multi, multimillionaires. elizabeth: how can somebody who has been there since the nixon era not know the upper classes can calf ford tax lawyers to fight back against the irs, lower and middle class, cannot afford the tax lawyers? cbo, congressional reserve service, joint committee on taxation already said what they're doing is going to hit the middle and lower class hard with audits. so what is with the consistent gaslighting here? >> it is just a losing message that they're trying to promote. just like how they said the inflation reduction act would actually redawes inflation but even bernie sanders said it would expand it. they don't know what they're
6:24 pm
doing, and that is exactly why republicans are back in charge of the house. why we will take the senate and white house back in '24. we have to get the guy who creepily whispers northern sense call answers out of the white house. i couldn't answer it better than myself, doesn't make sense. elizabeth: congresswoman cammack of the good to see you. a government watchdog speaks out nih conflicts of interest and monty ties and deep connections to big pharma and vaccines. more twitter files on how big pharma tried to suppress debate about vaccines. more problems with it and more information about the fbi was working with twitter to red flag tweets about things like hunter biden. former fbi agent bobby that cone next the on "the evening edit".
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♪you fill up my senses elizabeth: welcome back. get you updated on this, this is opening day in elon musk's trial over his infamous tweets that got him in trouble with the government. kelly o'grady with the story in los angeles, kelly? >> reporter: that's right, liz. today kicked off the jury selection process in what is expected to be a 10-day trial. the billionaire is facing a class-action suit over those tweets that state back to 2018. as refresher on august 7, musk tweeted he was quote, considering taking tesla private
6:29 pm
at $420 per share and that funding had been secured. naturally, investors got excited. they bought up the stock on his messaging and the price closed up 11% that day. but those gains were quickly wiped out of and then some when the funding came into question. court filings interviews since then, musk maintains weighs being truthful but plaintiffs contend he was aware what would have been a 72 billion-dollar deal at the time would never go through, claiming quote, investors lost billions of dollars absent musk and tesla fraudulent statements these losses would not have been suffered by tesla investors. there are a number of headwinds against the billionaire including the judge already ruled the tweets were false. the jury will have that context during deliberations. musk paid $20 million to the sec over those tweets which could be ad mission of guilt. the lawyers say odds don't look good for monkses and what damage
6:30 pm
that will do and to the tesla brand. elizabeth: great story, kelly, thanks. we look who is here, bobby chacon, former agent with the fbi. good to see you, sir. back to the breaking news that the "wall street journal" reports that the justice department considered having fbi agents monitor biden's family lawyers collecting classified documents from his home but then the doj rejected that. what is your take on this? we've got people saying they are witnesses to a crime scene instead. >> well, liz i think that look, the fbi knows what position it put itself in the past by applying different standards treat people differently on similar crimes, similar patterns of crimes. in this case what the justice department had us do versus trump in his documents make us look one way. we better try to look the same way here, we're handling the same way. main justice apparently had them stand down.
6:31 pm
apparently the fbi in this case wanted to do monitoring. there is lot of questions when they found the documents, and why, when they were turned over and why it wasn't made public, things like that. the fbi was told to stand down by justice. some people will have to answer for that. elizabeth: to what you just said as a former fbi agent, we keep hearing from former fbi agents as well they feel that the d.c. headquarters got really politicized. the twitter files reveal the fbi red flagged to twitter tweets, tweets and users for potential censorship for things like the hunter biden laptop story. now, bobby, we have twitter files looking like they were doing censorship on behalf of big pharma over covid vaccines and the like. >> that's right, liz and i think when i was a fbi agent operating under something we called attorney general guidelines. we couldn't have somebody working for us doing anything in our name we do ourselves.
6:32 pm
government cannot censor people, that is what the first amendment is about, restrict shun on government power to sensor freedom of speech. private companies can do that to some extent. in this case not only looks like twitter was working with the fbi but for the fbi with the content moderation panels the fbi was putting them on to certain accounts, saying you should look at this one, you should look at that one, implying sensor this one, shut that one down. it happened with covid information, misinformation. it is happening with big pharma. big pharma is tied up in this. i don't have as much of a problem with private companies doing that. i have a problem with the fbi directing some of that activity. elizabeth: bobby, to your point the fbi has a lot of good men and women working hard to keep america safe. that is what you did. now they're involved in things like surveillance and red flagging. they're supposed to be federal cops catching bad guys on crimes. do you understand? this is a weird time for the fbi. your final word? >> i think the fbi in some
6:33 pm
respects is off the rails with some of these things. they need to take a step back, reevaluate their role in this high-tech society. elizabeth: bobby chacon, terrific interview. come back soon. it is good to see you. we're coming out of the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business network. we have wyoming gop lawmakers standing up to the growing push nationwide to get rid of, to outlaw your gasoline cars. we have the bill's cosponsor trying to do that push. a government watchdog speaks out against the nih's conflicts of interest of its money machine and deep ties to big pharma for things like covid vaccine. this fight roped in dr. fauci. economic pro carol roth next on "the evening edit". ♪
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♪. elizabeth: biden white house in talks with china this week as wall street increasingly warns of a recession this year. edward lawrence at the white house with more.
6:38 pm
edward. >> reporter: well, liz, the meeting with the chinese vice premier will lead to more talking. we're exactly in the same position we were in 2018. the only difference is former president donald trump went on to impose tariffs that forced the chinese into a phase one trade deal. now since president biden took office the chinese ignored about every part of that deal and biden administration has not triggered the enforcement mechanism in the phase one trade deal. so it means we're back to where we were in 2018 before we had the agreement. yellen will visit with the man ho signs the phrase one deal. >> china wants to take our place. they want a pleasing image, overlooking rights violations, be good economic partners, slowly gradually don't have much awareness of it assume our position all over the world so they're the world leader and
6:39 pm
we're not. >> reporter: treasury secretary will go to meetings in several after from can countries armed with a pledge of the president $15 billion in two move way trade and investment deals announced last month. china already moved into africa. the u.s. is trying to counter what they're doing, but it could be about a decade too late. back to you. elizabeth: edward lawrence great reporting. joining us former wall street bank investment banker carol roth. you're a author and great writer. we want to see this reaction government watchdogs on russell brand on conflicts of interest of nih scientists getting royalty payments from vaccine makers for drugs. >> nih, national institutes of health is actually a revolving door. every year they dole out about $32 billion worth of grants to about 58,000 health care entities across the united states. think pharmaceutical companies, universities, research outfits, the entire public health complex. that buys you a lot of friends.
6:40 pm
that buys you a lot of allies. coming back through the other door over the course of the past 12 years has been $1.4 billion worth of these hidden secret third party royalties that enrich the agency, its leadership, and 2400 of its scientists. if u.s. public health was a game show, if it was reality tv show, i think we would have to call it meet the faucis. dr. anthony fauci and wife christine grady, most don't know chief bioethicist at national institutes of health. elizabeth: what do you say, carol, meet the faucis? dr. faucis says he donates his royalties to charity. what do you make of all that? >> i like the game show name but call it entire government conflict of interest. unholy triumvirate between government, big business, special interests. it is constant legal money
6:41 pm
laundering between cronies. unfortunately we're ones paying the price. it doesn't matter if it is allegations against the nih. it doesn't matter if it is congress doing insider trading. everyone who seems to go into public service in some way, liz, comes out really, really wealthy and they are supposed to be serving the public and we're ones paying for it. elizabeth: to your point, they keep saying payments are legal. so is game of sale accounting selling derivatives built on mortgages in financial crisis. that was legal too, padding wall street books and profits. carol what you're saying, what he is saying, the watchdog is, basically when a federal worker or bureaucrat pops up on television giving us health instructions, lockdowns and more and then they get paid and for what research and technology? again dr. fauci says he donates his royalties to charity but you know, critics are saying how can you check that? >> yeah. i mean trust no one and i don't
6:42 pm
think the legality issue is the problem here. i think it is the scope of what the government does. if the government didn't have so much money to spend, if they didn't have such big of a purview, they wouldn't be able to cut these side deals and create these sort of crony relationships. so the only way we're going to get away from this is not through creating a lot more laws or what not, it is by shrinking the size and purview of the government. elizabeth: so when a patient agrees to a clinical trial or experimental treatment from a drugmaker, we don't know whose financial interests are involved in the government? >> no, we don't know anything about it. if you go back to the drug crisis, think about how many of these opioid drugs were approved by the fda only to find some people from the fda went back and started working for these companies later. i mean every aspect of government, it is not just health recommendations. every aspect has these inherent conflicts of interest.
6:43 pm
you need to do your research, be really skeptical about everything you hear because apparently they don't have the same disclosure requirements, liz, the rest of us have. if i tried to work with a company on social media and i didn't put sponsored or an ad next to it i would be in really big trouble but apparently you're with the government you can get away with that. elizabeth: it is wild stuff. we will keep digging. carol roth, good to see you. >> you too. elizabeth: controversy with climate czar john kerry demanding more for climate change after we did a record binge of spending on that. john kerry called climate changers extraterrestrial saviors. greenpeace slamming world's elite including john kerry as ecological hypocrites flying polluting airplanes to davos, switzerland for the world economic forum. you have the fight for wyoming lawmakers standing up to the
6:44 pm
push nationwide of trying to get rid of your gasoline power cars. ♪
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6:49 pm
money, money, money, money. and i'm sorry to say that. elizabeth: nick, is he really sorry to say that? people on climate change are quote extraterrestrial? what did you think of all of that? >> that is extraterrestrial thinking that is for sure and john kerry said something else. he said they're doing the talking in davos when in reality it is the people out in the world making progress on energy abundance and climate change. it is investors, innovators, private sector actually getting to work to make sure americans and rest of the world have affordable, reliable energy and a cleaner planet. elizabeth: all right the government just approved $369 billion on climate change. kerry needs even more taxpayer money when we don't even know where the money went, if it was going toward profitable, successful endeavors? how are they getting their climate change goals when he is flying planes to davos, and
6:50 pm
around the world? >> what they really need to be talking about getting government out of the way. we have permitting obstacles. regulatory obstacles. that is impeding energy progress. we need the private sector to lead. we use and need money, money. that money needs to come from the private sector, taking their own risks to provide affordable, reliable energy. that should not be built on the back of taxpayers. that is how you get economic losses and a lot of market distortions that impede energy innovations. elizabeth: why couldn't they skype or zoom? greenpeace is saying they're flying polluting airplanes to davos like john kerry saying this is ecological hypocrisy. yesterday flying those planes was equal to 350,000 cars. half of them could easily have taken a train. that is what greenpeace said in a commission study. >> yeah. the environmental hypocrisy has
6:51 pm
been going on for decades now. that is what frustrates american people the most is that, you have a lot of elites and government officials telling people how to live their lives, what car to drive, what stove to use, you know what type of food to eat, while they do all of the opposite things that actually make the climate worse. so we should have more consumer choice. we should have more energy innovation we should let consumers decide rather than having government elites telling people how to live their lives. elizabeth: watch more of crazy stuff they say in davos. watch an australian politician take it on. watch this. >> i think it was principally about power, energy independence. >> these lunatics in the united nations, ecological operations benefiting pushing climate alarm, they're essentially saying that this planet around us, this speck in the universe is controlled by humans and it is absolute [bleep] and it is dangerous [bleep] >> that was senator chris coons, kicking it off saying climate,
6:52 pm
you know, green energy will make us energy independent. what did you make of that and what the australian politician just said? >> yeah, there is a lot to unpack. certainly climate change is real. humans are having impact and we're driving warming but at the same time we need sensible all of the above energy strategy that empowers american innovates to. we need fossil fuels. we'll need nuclear renewables. it will be all of the above. that is the way we get to insure we have energy security, we keep the grid reliable, make environmental progress. we should take action on climate change but can't do it in ways that harm american consumers, american family or economy. elizabeth: nick loris, thanks for joining us. the fight over getting rid of your gas cars is heating up nationwide. wyoming state senator dan doxader next on "the evening edit".
6:53 pm
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elizabeth: joining us now from great state of wyoming, senator, good to see you. you and your fellow legislators have been trying to push to ban electric cars in wyoming by 2035. a real push back against the move by 15 states to outlaw
6:57 pm
gas cars. why are you doing this. >> we're an oil and gas state, a mineral state. we have reached a point of frustration, they created the laws and saying to us what we'll drive and when and all that, we came up with that we would ban the phase out new built electric vehicles by 2035, this is a resolution not an actual piece of law, we brought it as far as the committee, put it on hold there, we felt it carried a message because of the number of jobs that creates in wyoming, oil and gas and minerals, minerals alone, if you count pin off jobs 16,000 jobs there. and we just were frustrated. that continually hard to say these jobs are important to us, but it is hard to work
6:58 pm
with the states that are banning our products. elizabeth: is your state ready for all electric cars? >> no. not at all. we love our pickup trucks in wyoming. we want to keep using them. doesn't mean people are not using them, that is fine for those who have them, we simply want to say, our product, what we produce here, oil and gas all mineral products we want to say, that is important too. elizabeth: go ahead. >> this big push to change everything, people don't realize there is all of these jobs behind it. if you are ban all this, what do you do with the workers and their families, i ran legislation to try to keep oil and gas, mineral products, and coal in the fronts, k we can't abandon these people, they are good
6:59 pm
hard working people. elizabeth: 15 states moving to all electric cars. that is what they are trying to do. i don't think -- you know we're seeing power grid, i don't think that the power grid is ready, your word? >> they can't do that try to power that grid with wind and solar, no. it is still, mineral products, coal that we have there that is what powers up that grid. elizabeth: you know california was going all electric, they had to pullback as they blew out their budget deficit, this will be a tough push. >> they can't dod do it and keep air-conditioners and light on. we want a place at the table that keeps people employees in wyoming and the nation, we're not only mineral product state out there. we want to -- continue to be
7:00 pm
employed throughout the nation. elizabeth: wyoming state senator, thank you, so much. >> we'll stay on breaking news, justice w department said no to having fbi agents monitor biden family lawyers, collecting nation's secrets, classified documents. white house today could not rule out that there are more top-secret documents out there. we'll stay on this story, we'll be sure to have more tomorrow, white house is saying to america focus on the economy, instead. i am elizabeth macdonald, you have been watching "the evening edit" on fox business, that does it for us, thank you so much for watching, we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night


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