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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  January 19, 2023 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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david: box office smash. avatar the way of water, the top grossing pandemic era film, surpassing "spider-man: no way home." the sequel is the 6th highest grossing film of all time with $1.92 billion in global revenue t only cost 300 million to make the film. they made a handy profit on that. thanks so much for watching. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. ♪. elizabeth: okay, this scandal is growing. parents are watching this nationwide. they're upset. we've got seven teen 17 schools
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in virginia held back national merit awards from now 1000 students in broad stratgive equal out comes at schools. this debate, is this the fox to stopping the quote, equal out comes push in schools that hurts students? make every school official who does this give back their pay? so they're all paid equally or better yet, fire them. with us tonight, virginia lieutenant governor winsom earle-sears will take on that story. house budget chair, jodey arrington, former federal prosecutor andrew cherkasky. vivek ramaswamy. jon levine, wor radio host mark simone, aviation expert mike boyd. gop strategist, ford o'connell. secret service can give congress a list of visitors to the president's delaware home after the white house said they do not
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exist. we're on the story. president biden allegedly used a fake government email with his son hunter biden. the white house and congress battle over the debt ceiling. the white house official claims congress raising the ceiling is a prudent thing. critics say no it is not. it is a sign the system is broken. one surprising issue both governors ron desantis actually agree on. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: let's get a check of your money. stocks down a third day in a row on renewed fears of recessions. mixed earnings, sticky inflation, more fed rate hikes spooking the market. now this. has it really come to this in virginia? governor glenn youngkin has to propose a new law too make it mandatory public schools notify
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parent when students win national married awards? 17 schools doing that 1000 students involved. all in the name of fairness and equity. schools cite human error. 17 is intentional. it's a pattern. lydia hu in new york with more on the story. lydia? >> reporter: good evening liz. the superintendent of fairfax public schools is continuing her public meetings with parent and she is apologizing acknowledging that trust must be rebuilt. when we first heard about the delay in notifying students of their merit status it was called a unique situation and blamed on human error but now we're getting a very different message. watch. >> i would venture a guess it is not unique to northern virginia. it just happens to be the we're in the middle of conversation right now. >> reporter: virginia governor glenn youngkin promises new legislation to require schools to notify students and parents immediately of awards and scholarship opportunities. for some family it is too late.
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>> what i didn't know, martha, that fall, my son had gotten national merit award. they kept it a secret from me. he is now a sophomore in college. i'm paying out-of-state tuition. >> reporter: school districts are promising changes creating formal procedures on how and when to notify parents and students. these changes come as the virginia state attorney general's office is investigating. he wants to know whether discrimination is at the root of this scandal. liz, back to you. elizabeth: lydia hu, thank you so much. joining us now virginia lieutenant governor winsom earle-sears. lieutenant governor, a pleasure, excited to have you on. what was your reaction when you heard about this story? parents are scared, upset over what is going on with their children in schools? >> you know, liz, i want to smile because i'm on camera but i tell you inside i'm so angry because i can't emergency that
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this is what's happening in our schools in virginia, some of our schools. 17 schools when we were told, don't worry about it, it is just one school. here we have schools that are withholding information crucial to a child's success. talking about free tuition. talking about recognizing achievement. my god, when did that become controversial, liz. elizabeth: to your point they're missing out on scholarship money this feels like, they always talk about systemic bias, right, implicit bias. sure feels like that. i mean should every school official who did this turn over half their pay, so they're all paid equally to fix income inequality? should they be fired? should they be gotten rid of, get rid of the super bowl because the losers will feel inadequate, you know what i mean, lieutenant governor? >> i know exactly what you mean and you know who else knows what you mean, the voters. the voters who sent us here, changed everything top to bottom
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in virginia. the lieutenant governor's office, the governor's office, attorney general and the house, said we want different. we want our children to succeed. we want you to start listening to us as parents. we mean what we say, recognize our children. stop this darned equal outcomes. it doesn't work. there is no place in life that it works. you're not going to work for the same pay as somebody else who is working half the time so why would you want it for my child and it shouldn't be here in virginia and we also had to pass a law that said parents are stopsable for the upbringing, the education and care of their own children? my god, these are common sense things yet we had to do that. here it is now, governor youngkin had to put in proposed legislation that says, if my child has earned, earned an award, earned some kind of a recognition as a result of the good things that he has done as the work he put out, you will not withhold that information from him. my god, you know, i'm just in
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shock. you're waiting for the next shoe to drop. what is wrong with these schools? what is wrong with these school boards? it flows your mind. elizabeth: who is doing this when you look the issue? who are the people doing this? >> well i got to tell you, we don't like to play the political games, but folks we have to call a spade a spade. these are ultraleftist democrats who are doing this because you know that they always know what's best for the rest of us except they don't live by these kind of rules. i guarranty that if it had been their child who earned these awards, maybe we ought to investigate if they had children who had earned these awards, did they keep them from getting these awards, their own children, or did they pass them through? it is all the rest of us who suffered? this is why i have. elizabeth: go ahead. >> i have a bill. hb 1508. parental school choice. carried by dell glen davis, god
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bless him. we're getting hit from all sides. parents final have the chance to decide where the kids go to school. not be all, end all, 2/3 of funding stays with local schools. only 1/3 goes. it seems like that is not enough. we have to start somewhere, this is the craziness we're trying to get away from. elizabeth: teachers unions are fighting that? >> teachers unions are fighting it, liberal democrats are fighting it. parents from public housing telling education subcommittee, they want to do, they want to decide where their children should go to school. ultrademocrats ultraleft, saying no, black parents don't want this. we provided those people to come to talk to them and these democrats, one of them said to the parents face, well you can make that decision right now. they just told you they can't
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afford it. they want it. this parent told you they're working three jobs in order to keep the child in the school. another one said, well they're concerned about the children who are not going to take this opportunity, but guess what? it was all hypocrisy because this democrat puts his child in private schools, not once, but twice. apparently it doesn't work for him. elizabeth: that is an important point you just made, right? it is attitude, like taxpayers work for them when they work for us. taxpayers pay their salaries. this report, fairfax county public schools, they paid a so-called equity consultant $450,000 out of taxpayer money for nine months to work on things like this? then get equal outcomes for every student. you never get equal outcomes with any student period. it doesn't work like that. >> you don't get equal outcomes with anything in life, anything. as we said, these rogue, these
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rogue educators, that they have gone off their rocker, let me just say it that way because, i don't know what else to call it. i'm telling you that these people should be fired. don't apologize. just go. you have done a wrong thing. you have wronged my child. i can't get that back but you already have your education and you're denying my child that ability. we're not standing for it. let me final say this. the teachers unions who are against parents having the ability to decide where their child should attend school, guess what? if this thing passes, don't, don't you be surprised when these teachers unions run and try to find teachers who are now in private schools to go and organize them. it is always about the money for teachers unions. not about the child. it is not about the teachers. elizabeth: it is about the dues to your point? >> it is about the dues. it is about the money, folks. don't, don't let them kid you.
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no, no. elizabeth: come back on the show? that was a great interview lieutenant governor. good to see you. come back on the show. we love interviewing you. >> i will. because i will fight for these kids. elizabeth: when you say you will fight for the kids, just one last question, when you talk to, as you point out these far left democrats in the teachers union, you say things like that, what -- you say what they're doing is wrong, what is their response? >> their response is, we know best for the parents. do you know what parents they're talking about? black and brown parents. because they're assuming that we're all dumb but i tell you what? we had democrats, black, latino, and they watched every single democrat on that subcommittee vote against them, look them dead in the eye, vote against them. eyes are opening. these are things we prayed for, yes we prayed for these eyes to be open and folks it is going to be different come election time
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in certain places. elizabeth: got it. come back soon. lieutenant governor win winsom earle-sears, pleasure have youing on. this story, a white hot bottle, the white house and congress battle over lifting the debt ceiling. we have this story, a top biden economic advisor claims congress already lifting the debt ceiling something like 78 times is quote, a prudent thing? it is a good thing to do? critics say, no it is not. it's a sign the system is broken. secret service now says it can give congress a list of visitors to the president's delaware home after the white house said no, those records do not exist. plus more on vice president bide allegedly using a fake government email to send government business and information to his son hunter biden. former federal prosecutor andrew cherkasky, "new york post" jon levine next on "the evening edit". ♪.
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we're here today to set the record straight about dupuytren's contracture. surgery is not your only treatment option. people may think their contracture has to be severe to be treated, but it doesn't. visit today to get started. ♪. elizabeth: okay, this story, turns out the secret service does have a list of visitors to the president's delaware home and is ready to give that to congress after the biden white house claims they did not have them. fox news david spunt, he broke the story today. he is at the justice department with more.
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david? >> reporter: hi liz, according to two sources familiar the secret service not only has information about the people that crossed over the gates on to president biden's delaware property but the service is willing to share that information with congress. i'm told the secret service wants to be cooperative here in this case. the agency keeps records of who comes and goes to see the commander-in-chief at his private residence in wilmington, delaware, but our sources are quick to point out their information is not an official visitor log. in response to congressional demands the white house just days ago indicated, white house officials do not have official visitor logs from delaware. now there are logs for white house visitors but they don't include security information, just names and dates of a visit. those are maintained by the national archives. in delaware, sources say those closest to the president are considered arms length to the president and are vetted more thoroughly than someone would be at a distance. how long do those names stay on
6:18 pm
the secret service list in delaware? well it despends on a number of factors, including the person, the background check, the proximity to the president. some names stay on for 30 days. other times the names remain on the list for years. when then vice president biden left office on january 20th, 2017. he received secret service protection as six more months as his standard. in july 2017, he was on his own, from july 2017, to early 2020, when he received secret service protection as a presidential can date, it is possible those documents were in his garage, they were there without secret service protection around the wilmington residence. elizabeth? elizabeth: this story keeps getting more complex. david spunt, we need journalism on this, great reporting from you. joining us former federal prosecutor andrew cherkasky, new york columnist jon levine. wow, that is blockbuster story,
6:19 pm
gentlemen. andrew, first to you, the president has the authority to declassify any top secret files. he can declassify to say this is what i talk from the obama white house to my home and think tank. doesn't he want to prove he has nothing to hide? >> well president biden keeps talking about how transparent he wants to be, but at this point he is acting more like a criminal defendant than the president who is trying to make us all believe he is forthright what is going on here. in fact we have seen week after week after this point more and more information slowly come out and the white house continue to stop the press corps from asking these tough questions. there are tough questions that need to be answered, like how did these documents get out of president biden's, vice president bide's control back then? where was it during the time that president trump was in office? what's been going on through all of this? what ultimately led to the slow drip of information that came out over the last few months? elizabeth: yeah.
6:20 pm
>> there is no transparency t seems like one of the deepest forms of hypocrisy we've seen from the biden administration to date. elizabeth: to what andrew just said, transparency, right? doesn't look like, it jon. "new york post," you guys reported on this, then vice president biden under the obama white house used a fake government email account in 2016, right before he left the obama white house to send multiple emails communicating government business and ccing hunter biden on them, like a meeting with the president of the ukraine? >> right, joe biden was in contact with his son repeatedly while he was vice president and thereafter many ways on the hard drive. this is one of the big questions which it relates he was involved in his son's overseas business dealings. the president said refeetedly he had no involvement yet we saw last year one revelation of another, hunter biden and joe biden on the golf course with business partners. business partners meeting
6:21 pm
joe biden at the white house, handshakes here, lunch visit there. it is no longer sustainable that joe biden was not involved in his son's overseas business dealings. now the question what is the extent of that involvement. elizabeth: to what jon just said, cnn reporting that president biden's brother frank sold access to the biden presidency. this is during this term. all we know to your point, andrew, what now biden's lawyers and doj are saying, right? the debate, biden's lawyers handling top secret documents. they don't have security clearances. do they suddenly declassify the nation's secrets on the spot? we're supposed to trust that? when hunter biden recklessly left behind the laptop at a computer repair shop? you know what i mean, andrew? >> i do it is very complicated when president of the united states is being criminally investigated. we saw that many times over through presidents throughout the history. so it is a difficult point to look at but constitutionally we have to remember that president biden is in control of the
6:22 pm
entire executive branch. when we hear the press secretary push off questions to the white house counsel. we hear them push off questions to the doj, ultimately the buck stops in the white house. so the questions that we have, those answers are obtainable from the white house. but like i said earlier, right now i think that president biden is doing everything he can to protect himself, really from a criminal perspective because, there is a very deep problem when these classified records are just laying about, so many people, even people with classifications who had access to them, but not a need to know. that is a deep risk to national security, something we absolutely have to take seriously, just as they took it seriously when they accused president trump of having classified documents. elizabeth: to what andrew just said, national security, jon, china, the biden family is accused of making nearly five million dollars in deal-making in china. china's global times newspaper
6:23 pm
even saying quote, the two parties put all their effort on political struggles rather than governance. that this is really a problem, what is going on with this biden documents drama. >> i would just point out that the time after joe biden left the vice-presidency, 2017, 18, 19, was a period of major and frenetic business activity from hunter biden and china. he was working with a chinese energy company to export u.s. natural gas to china. it is a deal that would have given the chinese a toehold in our energy sector. something that house oversight committee chairman james comer is a primary focus of his investigation. this was all going on white hunter was saying at the house, with the classified documents. it is all stuff we need answers to. elizabeth: wow, what a story. andrew cherkasky, jon levine, thanks for being on tonight. we'll have you back on soon. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: look what happened at the world economic forum at
6:24 pm
davos, they're calling out media bias. congress and white house battle over lifting the debt ceiling. a a biden economic advisor said they're it's it lifting the debt ceiling is prudent thing. no it is not. jodey arrington from house budget is next. [smash] >> dad: it's okay. pull over. >> tech: he wouldn't take his car just anywhere... ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: he brought it to safelite. we replaced the windshield and recalibrated their car's advanced safety system, so features like automatic emergency braking will work properly. >> tech: alright, all finished. >> dad: wow, that's great. thanks. >> tech: stay safe with safelite. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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♪. elizabeth: the u.s. hit as debt limit. battle on between the white house pushing back on house republicans demanding cuts to out of control spending. edward lawrence at the white house with more. >> reporter: treasury secretary janet yellen sent a second letter today to house leadership saying they will impose extraordinary measures. this letter also says that those measures will be in place until june 5th. we have a first possible date the u.s. could hit the debt ceiling. representative andy barr on the house financial services committee. congress left taxpayers with more than $31 trillion in debt and the president's inflation is at 40 year highs. that is why republicans and democrats must work together not just to avoid default but also >> i do believe the american people gave house republicans the majority to put a check on the runaway spending we've seen from the biden administration, with inflation continuing to
6:29 pm
crush americans, with the national debt continuing to grow at astronomic pace. we have to find a way to inject basic fiscal sanity. >> reporter: white house saying the president will not negotiate. >> republicans in the house, hopefully not all of them, are willing to say that if you do not do extreme things for perhaps balancing the budget, significant cuts to medicare, medicaid, social security, if you do not do our agenda we may not extend the debt limit. >> reporter: republican house leadership is formulating asks receipt now for the president. one proposal being floated from representative brian fitzpatrick would change the debt ceiling to debt-to-gdp ratio that triggers discretionary spending decreases over five years if the ratio gets too high. no final decisions have been made what asks will be. back to you, liz. elizabeth: edward lawrence, thank you so much. look who is here, the chairman of house budget. congressman jody jody joe arrin.
6:30 pm
did you hear the balancing the white house budget extreme. have we fallen through the looking glass? are we on the other side of the mirror with what is going on? >> it is certainly more than just extreme. it is irresponsible and reckless to continue on our debt path which is completely unsustainable. 16 trillion over the next 10 years. 116 trillion over 30. half of the debt over the next ten years is interest alone. we'll be spending more on servicing the debt, that is interest payments then all of national defense in 10 years. so to, to simply raise the debt ceiling, to ask for a new line of credit for this president and the profligate spend democrats, it is absolutely unacceptable. we have to put fiscal reforms in
6:31 pm
place alongside of raising the debt limit. it has been done several times in the past so this is an action forcing opportunity to right the ship, put us on a sustainable path. elizabeth: aren't republicans demanding $130 billion in cuts? what could be cut? i thought house speaker, we thought house speaker mccarthy promised spending cuts when he negotiated with the 20 conservative holdouts to get the speakership. so i mean, where is the 130 billion going to come from? are you going to get it? >> well, look, there's, we've had hundreds of billions of dollars over pre-pandemic discretionary spending. then of course you've got0% 70% of the budget with auto spend with mandatory spending there is plenty of fat there, there is plenty of unnecessary,
6:32 pm
duplicative spending. i don't think it's a matter is there enough to cut, is there political will to do it? we did it with 2011, spending caps within 10 years. they have expired. those were negotiated on a bipartisan basis. we're asking democrats -- elizabeth: they're off the rails. they're off the rails. they have gone off the rails. this is not your parents democrat party. let's watch white house advisor brian deece admitting how broken it is. prudent for congress to keep raising the debt ceiling no. it is not. congress has not prudently done its job. has not passed a budget in decades. instead 11th hour spending deals and bills no one reads. watch this. >> what needs to happen what congress done time and time again prudently do its job. raise the debt ceiling. that '78 times since knight 60.
6:33 pm
that will need to happen here. elizabeth: does he hear himself, raise debt ceiling 78 times, so you should do it again? that is not success that is abject fail ture. it has gotten so bad, democrat senator manchin, working with mitt romney, rescue committee to rescue social security and medicare. elizabeth: congress is the committee. congress is the commission. will house pubs hold the line here? >> absolutely. we have the power of the purse. we have negotiating leverage. we're going to put us on a sustainable path. elizabeth: but can you get senate democrats to to do? didn't mean to interrupt? can you get senate democrats to go along. >> we have the lead in the house and senate has to make up their mind to come along with us. two out of three americans, democrats, republican, independent, think this should
6:34 pm
be one of the top priorities of the country. the american people have seen the consequences of the broken economic policies affecting their pocketbooks with this runaway inflation and soaring interest rates. sovereign debt crisis would be the undoing of this republic. it would affect our economy, our national security and our way of life. so that, that is the greater risk here. and that's why we have to have this discussion and attach some fiscal reforms as we look to raise the debt ceiling that is the only option. elizabeth: congressman arrington, thanks for joining us tonight. come back again soon, okay? >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: before we go, we want to say our thoughts and prayers are with congressman greg stuebe and his family. the congressman was in a accident at his florida home. he is recovering in the hospital. we wish him a speedy recovery. we can't wait to have him back on the show. plus we found this story, look at this the one issue governors ron desantis and gavin
6:35 pm
newsom actually agree on? also the world economic forum in davos, even they are calling out bias at big tech and social media companies. the author of of ""woke, inc."." vivek ramaswamy is here next. ♪ hi. i'm charlie kirk.
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[upbeat rock music] [ambient sounds] [male narrator] however you unwind, take time for you, ♪ ♪ >> look who is back, the author of a fantastic book called "woke, inc.," vivek ramaswamy. love having you on, great to see you. what was your reaction when you heard elon musk slam the world economic forum as an unelected world government? >> i think he is on the right theme. it is not just about the world economic forum in particular. it is about the word's view
6:40 pm
represents. what its chairman klaus swab the great reset. dissolving boundaries between leaders of public sector and private sector. dissolve boundaries with different nation what is they view shared global challenges, climate change or racial inequity. guess what? a lot of citizens around the world, democracies around the world in the united states are saying absolutely no to that vision. actually the way we're supposed to settle those political disagreements we say is through free speech and open debate in the public square and that's really what the world economic forum represents. elizabeth: they're not doing that. >> old european view. doing opposite of that. that is exactly right. the world economic forum represents the alternative world view, the way old world europe used to work. fought a revolution in this country, 1776, we settle disagreements as citizens. the world economic's forum world view is different. we do it the old world european way, behind closed doors on the
6:41 pm
ski tops of davos. elizabeth: our way or highway. this story, u.n. secretary-general gutierrez is going after big tech bias at the world commission forum. vivek, watch. >> social media platforms, it is put by people but not our responsibility but the truth is algorithms are made in such a way they amplify in a preferential way a certain number of things and where the. when the algorithm amplifyies, then there is in my opinion a responsibility and there should be a accountability including through the legal system in relation to those situations. the business model of social media are constructed in such a way that they tend to expense the, i would say, information,
6:42 pm
the positions, the ideas that are more extreme, that are more controversial, that create more trouble. and so i think it is, it is not a question of censorship that will solve the problem. the question is, the business model needs to be redesigned. the algorithms need to be redesigned in order not to be based on evil to make profits. elizabeth: he is calling for legal action against evil, quote evil algorithms, vivek. what was your thought when you heard that? >> so look i think he is on to an important theme but he doesn't mean the thing that you think he might mean. he is not criticizing onesided political censorship. he is saying undesirable content is being amplified. there is in some kernel of truth what he says the fact these algorithms to prey on our insecurities as human. at the very least, get addictive
6:43 pm
social media out of hands of kids in under the age of 16. that is the only area i would agree with him. other issues i different point of view, all ideas being shared with free speech and open debate. elizabeth: we see more legal action against big tech and social media? >> i think it is coming both from the right and the left. i hope it is in the direction of disentangling the from the big government. that should be the priorities than priority of democrats. elizabeth: good to see. >> you good to see skew get ready to adjust your schedules, if you could do so, this coming monday, january 23rd, "the evening edit" we'll move to an exciting time, coming at you one hour earlier 5:00 p.m. eastern time. we'll show you a lot of news right after larry kudlow. here we come, everybody. get ready larry. we love to get a chuckle out of larry. we'll try. media heavily criticizing
6:44 pm
transportation secretary pete buttigieg. look at this a new non-partisan report was warned about ahead of time about the faa meltdown earlier this month. we have one surprising issue governor sanity accept governor ron desantis and gavin newsom agree on. we have wor radio and joe concha next we can't wait right here on "the evening edit". when aspen dental told me that my dentures were ready,
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elizabeth: look who is here. gop strategist ford o'connell, welcome to the first time for to the show, wor radio show host mark simone. thanks to you both. thanks for joining us. here is what is happening politically. both california governor newsom and governor desantis agree thw? governor newsom is saying it is fundamentally broken. title 42 getting rid of will make it worse. he was with the president
6:49 pm
touring disaster scenes in california. what do you think, mark? >> i think he is trying to run for president in 2024. getting in in the middle of the thing. corpses could tell you there is a border problem. anybody can tell you the border is out of control. that is sign he is running. >> ford, watch reaction of governor see tan detan -- desantis is going on. >> they don't have enough to intercept the boats from haiti and cuba, what we're doing, we're out there in the florida straits, we're using reconnaissance, alerting the coast guard when folks are there, stopping boats. they are picking people up. we will not wait for other people to make it happen. sometimes people say wait until the federal government to do everything. that doesn't work when you do that. >> that is governor desantis, ford, he is putting down the red
6:50 pm
lines how he differs from president biden. >> he is absolutely right to do it. look on biden's recent mexico trip he made it very clear he wants illegal aliens to be able to come here easier. president biden has the ability within his fingertips to significantly mitigate this crisis he chooses not to. what governor desantis says if he will not act i will act. i tip my hat to him. elizabeth: governor is showing the policy differences between the president and newsom on covid mandates. governor desantis wants to outlaw all covid mandates. >> deis tis is be desantis is the best governor in america. conditions in florida are phenomenal. there are left-wing liberals in california watching us. they think we're crazy. they think california is a
6:51 pm
paradise and florida is a mess. the whole world should copy everything desantis does. elizabeth: to what mark just said. what desantis is doing too as well, ford, he is saying, listen california governor newsom you're totally wrong financially penalizing doctors for so-called pandemic misinformation. florida he is pushing for a proposal to protect doctors freedom of speech, ford. >> look, california is everything that is wrong with today's democrat party from progressive policy to woke ideology and i'm a floridian. i will tell you that governor desantis has turned florida into a beacon of freedom and epicenter of the gop. frankly what he has done is a model going forward for the rest of the nation. elizabeth: got it, ford o'connell, mark simone. thanks for joining us tonight. good to see you both. >> thanks, liz. elizabeth: the media is now criticizing transportation secretary pete buttigieg very hard. we have a new non-partisan report, it finds congress was
6:52 pm
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6:56 pm
faa's coming meltdown. before this month's nationwide grounds of the air flights, where the bureaucratic apathy,. >> the faa asked congress for 30 million dollars to upgrade the notice to air missions system, congress has known the system was not working that great before the outage that paralyzed runways with a ground stop. saying it has been on congress' radar for years, saying this: >> the system also is criticized for being arcane and difficult to use. this is not only issue that faa faces. they don't have any administrate or, the democratic controlled senate
6:57 pm
has not given president biden's nominee a hearing, manage that chuck schumer said will happen to year. >> we'll clear the runway. there will be an administrator, they can do his job. >> in the hearing anyone can ask any questions they, we ought to have the hearing. reporter: some republicans are not fans of the nominee that president biden picked to lead the faa, he lacks aviation experience. but he? chhe is in charge of denver international airport. elizabeth: hillary vaughn. >> look who is here, mike boyd, a pleasure having you on, president of the boyd group international, you have studied aviation industry. what do youi make of that report. >> it has been known. i didn't know schumer could go any lower than he has in
6:58 pm
the past. to say he is clearing the runway but putting someone in charge of the faa with no aviation background specific to the faa, he is putting leaving at risk, to be honest with you, the faa has a lot of challenges, whole new systems, the massive mess, and overhaul facilities overseas, he wants a guy there that does not know anything about that, boy, this nation is in trouble. elizabeth: why can't we get app air force general to run the faa like from west point. >> they could, but they are not political appointees. i am sure he is a very nice guy, but he is not qualified, he is a political appointee when schumer said he will clear the runway, he is digging holes in the runway. reporter: te pu buttigieg has been criticized.
6:59 pm
not focusing on nuts and bolts to fix of nation's transportation system. what do you think? >> cut him some slack, he is not qualified to be there, that one item. let's face it, s he is criticizing southwest for not upgrading their computer system a mess but he has shut down the whole nation with his system. >> what would you do to fix it. >> if you would appoint me, i would resign. you have to have people who know the back ground. we have no electric airplanes coming on line in next three years, huge differences in main maintenance and safety, they would rather have political
7:00 pm
appointees than people who want fear the most. elizabeth: what do you fear the most. >> they put a guy in front of faa with biggest challenges that faa ever had, i fear it will be more of this messing around, as long as we have hot air coming out of people like schumer, it will not get fixed. i fear for air transportation system, we got the best airport system in the world, and best airline system, there are problems there but overall, we have oversight that doesn't know what it doing. elizabeth: mike boyd thank you. >> i'm elizabeth macdonald, you have been watching "the evening edit" on fox business, thank you for joining us. we hope you have a good even, join us tomorrow night . kennedy: five years in prison. that is what actor alec baldwin is now facing if convicted on charges


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