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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 19, 2023 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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appointees than people who want fear the most. elizabeth: what do you fear the most. >> they put a guy in front of faa with biggest challenges that faa ever had, i fear it will be more of this messing around, as long as we have hot air coming out of people like schumer, it will not get fixed. i fear for air transportation system, we got the best airport system in the world, and best airline system, there are problems there but overall, we have oversight that doesn't know what it doing. elizabeth: mike boyd thank you. >> i'm elizabeth macdonald, you have been watching "the evening edit" on fox business, thank you for joining us. we hope you have a good even, join us tomorrow night . kennedy: five years in prison. that is what actor alec baldwin is now facing if convicted on charges of
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involuntary manslaughter, his attorneys call it a terrible miscarriage of justice. they are paid to say that. will biden get locked up for killing his cinematographer on set of the film "rust," robert shapiro will answer that and more, you know him, he is and oj's dream team, he will join us in moment. i am excited. first up, recapped today. baldwin was filming his movie in new mexico in october of 2021, during one seen he pointed a pistol at halyna hutchins. and the gun went off. she was killed, direct or was wounded. to this day alec baldwin claimed he did not pull the trigger, today ju ju judge jeanine spoke with prosecutors. >> we believe he pulled trigger, fbi lab report
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confirms that. >> all right, his statement is not correct under any circumstances? >> we don't believe it is. >> mr. bal baldwin had a duty at base level to never hold a gun and point it at a person while pulling the trigger, and also as actor and producer to have bullets checked or check them himself to make sure they were not live. kennedy: not enough checking, gun experts say it was impossible for the gun to ox accidentally go up. >> this is the same gun, same model use the to the set, trigger will do nothing unless you services cocked gun, you pull the hammer back it sets and trigger will activate the dropping of the hammer you have to do two deliberate actions to fire the gun. kennedy: but baldwin is not only one charged.
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armorer hannah gutierrez reed and a a. she and alec baldwin could be in deep yogurt, where does the case go from here, joining me now fox news jonathan hunt. reporter: alec baldwin will fight the charges if his attorney statement is anything to go by, a statement that accused prosecutors of being wrong in said quote this decision distorts halyna hutchins tragic death and rips a terrible misjudgment of justice, mr. b baldwin had no reason to believe there was live rounds in the gun or on the bo movie set. >> the miscarriage of justice would be if nobody was held to account for
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haley ghail halyna hutchins' death, this is about her. and what happened to her, i believe we're doing what is right for halyna hutchins and what is right for the process and integrity of law, no one is above the law. reporter: prosecutors argue that not only was alec baldwin responsible for checking the gun before using it during a scene rehearsal but as a producer he had a wider responsibility for safety on the set of his low budget movie, "rust." he failed in that duty they say. >> there was a lot of safety concerns that were brought to the attention of management he did nothing about it. that there was a loose and reckless scene where safety was compromised just to save money and yeah it was a big problem. i think he should have known as a producer who was going on and did know. reporter: attorney for
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hannah d g gutierrez reed also issued a statement sayings: >> the family of halyna hutchins said in their open statement: reporter: chargers will be filed by the end of this month, shortly after that we
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are expecting a first court of appearance by baldwin and gutierrez-reed, prosecutors tell us they will not request an arrest and both of the accused can make their first appearance by video. >> jonathan, has there been talk between gutierrez head reed and baldwin of a plea deal with prosecutor. prosecutor. reporter: the prosecutors were asked that today, only answer was that they cannot comment on any potential plea deal, they cannot do that by law. they would not do that. we don't know. it is possible but we don't know factually whether any of those kinds of discussions have happened at-this-point. kennedy: okay great reporting, we know that case is not do away. >> sure. kennedy: and alec baldwin attorney plan to fight the
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changes, they believe they can win. problem is, right after the shooting, actor gave interviews like this one, claiming his innocence. >> i didn't pull the trigger. >> you never pulled trigger. >> no, no, i would never. kennedy: except for the time where you pointed a gun at someone, somi legal expert believe that interview did more harm than good, what will his courtroom strategy look like, does he have a chance of beating the charges, joining he now to discuss. legal zoom founder, robert shapiro joining the program. >> thank you very much kennedy, first, my sympathies to the hump inhalyna hutchins' family. >> and you know at heart of this, there is a tragedy, there is also been a year
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long investigation. seems as though prosecutors and fbi have been pretty thorough. do you like alec baldwin's attorney's chances fighting the charges? >> without a question, to convince 12 people beyond a reasonable doubt that alec baldwin had the necessary criminal intent to commit to crime is going to be exceedingly difficult. what they will have to show, let me go right to the jury instruction, his conduct personally has to be so reckless, 1. >> that is an extreme burden they have to prove to 12 people beyond a reasonable doubt. i don't believe that they will even come close to
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that. kennedy: what about hannah gutierrez-reed, she is the armorer do bluf believe shias more culpability. >> she has a more difficult case. she is actually the person in charge of the ammunition, somehow, a live round got into that gun and from the information i know of her responsibilities, that is something she should have checked and made sure there was only dummy ammunition involved in the gun. kennedy: i talked with a gun store owner in los angeles county, who knows her quite well, did not have great things to say about her the day after the shooting and assumed that it was her responsibility. so, where does the case go from here? >> from here, prosecution i
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think, is really going to have a battle they are not going to win. number one you have a popular public figure, second, to show that his state of mind personally was so reckless for disregard of human life, he is an actor, he is not there to check ammunition, i am far from an expert, i would have no idea when a dummy bullet looks like or casing with ammunition. he is relying on other people. much like any actor would. he is not an expert to the best of my knowledge. and even if he was, i don't think he has a responsibility to check and make sure that everything is accurate went that weapon.
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look, there is a civil case, where the burden of proof is much less, it is simple negligence. perhaps, they will prevail there. but in a criminal case, they are not going to prevail, he will be acquitted as he should be. kennedy: halyna hutchins' family did settle with the film. they did reach a set settlement there. he wasn't just an actor, he was the executive producer and he has worked with firearms on movie sets for decades. and i'm hearing from my coworker, brian kilmeade, he was also a member of his father's rifle club and very familiar with firearms from a young age. if they bring all that up, i don't know if it is as much as a slamdunk. mr. shapiro, last time i saw you, it was so great, he were at robert evans house
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in his bedroom talking with robert evans, you, me and slash that happened. >> oh, my god. yeah, well i certainly, as i am sure you do miss robert evans, look at these. executive producer is a title. i don't think that -- many times see 5 or 7 executive producers. >> jim: th kennedy: he was in charge, i'm telling my executive producer that is a title. we have to go, please come back on the show. >> i would be delighted to, thank you so much kennedy, nice to see you again. kennedy: good to see you thank you so much. >> coming up biden white house can't stop lying to cover-up their document disaster, new photos from hunter's laptop raises
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sit down for this one, president biden possibly caught in another lie. what! i know very hard to believe. photo show cracking hunter had access to joe biden's beloved corvette, at the time, joe claimed it was comment in a locked garage, yeah, alongside with the classified documents, and president's approval rating as plummeted. president just doubled down, saying, there is' there, there. so will the new photos put his presidency on the rock? wwe break it up to with our party panel. jimmy failla. book. and democrat strategist -- >> there it is. kennedy: she is a radio host, a fox news contributor in los angeles lo lesley marshall, and jeff dice is
7:18 pm
back. so, jim, start with you. >> boom. kennedy: you know, like here's hunter, pictures that we know him, with a couple of dames how to we want some of these broads he had in the garage and corvette were not ho honey traps. >> we don't know that, that is the problem, what raises alarms this guy. suffered from addiction, unfortunately, people who are addicted will do anything to get money. i know a guy who had a gambling problem, it rhymes with -- i know when he was in a pinch he would get resourceful when it was time to pay the man. we need to get to the bottom of this. kennedy: i heard that bimy kayla took a show, one nice
7:19 pm
thing about biden corvette, you never had have to worry about a flat because the fires have plenty of inflation. kennedy: oh. and lesley, my problem is, not what they did once the public found out about documents but, who had them, and how did they get in the garage, who put them there? why does no one care about that? >> special counsel cares about, that now that we have one let them to their job, we don't have verification of the images, we don't know what you said, how did they get there, when did they get there and by the way, i'm sorry, i don't care a grassy knoll around this is a conservative outlet says they found images on hunter biden a lap top, you can't
7:20 pm
make that stuff up, jimmy, you use it for your comedy routine. kennedy: lesley -- >> lesley, you said it was a conservative outlet, when laptop was uncovered, and everyone was like. they uncover a laptop, and everyone who said that is now conceded it was true. if laptop is real e-mails are real and to be fair, i don't know definitely they were compromised but a guy accused of selling access to government you have multiple changing story lines from the administration. kennedy: okay -- by the way, jim, jim, hold on, i want to bring jeff in, point out something if you photoshop anything on hunter biden a laptop, it probably would have been crack pipe and the gun and strippers, it wouldn't be him in a corvette with a family member. and another woman, like those are not photoshopped
7:21 pm
iimages. >> no. kennedy: this is -- laptop was stolen, it was stolen by -- i want to bring in jeff. >> well, i guess first, almost quaint a corvette, very boomerish, not a tesla or a amg mercedes. did media suppress hunter biden laptop, they probably did, would it have mattered, we're at point we have scandal fatigue w almost accept political corruption, he has had drug problems, he may have sold access to his dad, i don't like his dad at all but he had a couple of scandals of the decade, i'm not sure this is what the republicans want it to be, but, so let's say it hurts
7:22 pm
biden. to they want to run against someone else that is the question. kennedy: i think democrats want too run anyone else, yes or no? >> some -- some do, some don't, i agree with some of what jeff said, nobody at mar-a-lago had dealing with foreign governments like china e or russia. hypocrisy is killing me. >> it's not hypocrisy. kennedy: did they get billions from communist chinese, don't say go. >> why let's go through everyone at m mar-a-lago maybe they did. kennedy: maybe they didn't, wiener neiner . >> a d -- al gore floghting in a climate rant. >> that is what is boiling
7:23 pm
the oceans, creating atmospheric rivers and rain bombs and sucking moisture out of the land and creating droughts and healthing ice and raising sea levels, we have to act! kennedy: act! i think a trillion climate refugees, someone get him a 2500 dollar hooker. how afraid should we be of getting boiled by our oceans and blown to bits by rain bombs? >> well this is the thing, man, we were having a fish fry the other day, but we caught the fish they were already cooked. on a sellish level that is defying one of my favorite per suits which is cooking. >> al gore is a clown some smaller side shoes, with climate, whole gr grift there are a bunch of pr
7:24 pm
preachers the world will end give me your money now, when it does not end he goes, a way for a few years, these guys keep passes collection plate with more gloom and doom, rain bombs, boiling oceans, the man has no name, my fake take away from him and john kerry, two guys that wanted to get president, they could not get power that way, they got it this way, they tell you, you are burning in 5 years if you don't put more fuel in their jets and give them singles for the hookers in davos. kennedy: they don't take signals. a majority of people on planet care about the planet they want it to be better if sake of betterness. hysteria does not work. >> well i agree it does not work, some people would say hysteria, some say unhinged
7:25 pm
and some say emotional and passionate. it is subjective, i want to say something about l learjets, i don't think that elon musk made one that you plugged in yet, last i checked were there not electric planes. >> >> fly commercial. kennedy: most pe don't have access to their own planes, elon musk done a lot more to save planet with millions of electric cars he hold than the prince harry and his hypocritical ginger balls and the do dummies, lly n leonardo decapri or john kerry. >> good intention matter
7:26 pm
more than actual results there is no such thing the climate hypocrisy with these people. gore was exhibiting religiousty. you think of a e e evangelical preacher. we're not getting rid of fossil fuels any time soon unless we want to improperish the well being of the the planet. -- impoverish, there is a pipe treatment, the fact that climate change is an animating impulse for the left shows we're watching two different movies, politics cannot solve this, this there is nothing i can say to al gore. kennedy: they are persuaded
7:27 pm
they have been radicalized. there are orthodoxy knows no bounds aut. >> other than shame everyone else in to submission, endless you are china or russia. we have to succumb to rationality, panel, coming up. >> a very special treat for good boys and girls, game night. we're turning back the clock with biden time, america's preferred game about your prehistoric president, grab the prune juice and play along at home. i'm bill lockwood, current caretaker and owner. when covid hit, we had some challenges like a lot of businesses did. i heard about the payroll tax refund, it allowed us to keep the amount of people
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♪ ♪ going back in time. some of president biden critics say, he is too old to be president, like in he
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accidentally leaves classify documents on the floor of the garage, how hold is the president, we're setting record state with biden time. i will ask panel what is older joe biden or a particular product, invention or historical event. whoever getting most correctly getting one year cprescription to america on-line, you got mail. >> number one. which came first joe biden or the world's first hibatchi restaurant. >> i hate those, they put the shrimp in your mouth like you are a seal at seaworld biden came first. kennedy: correct, on the board. opened in n 1945, brought
7:33 pm
to america by benihana, steve a -- dad. >> which came first, joe biden or fr froze yogurt, i think joe biden came before it. kennedy: called frogurt. in 1970s. >> all right. jeff, you are ready? >> i am. kennedy: you are. >> joe biden or the christmas song jingle bells? >> ♪ ♪ dashing through the snow with hunter and his blow. or the fra garage we go. >> i'm thinking old-time piano music, i'm saying, the song. precedes joe biden. kennedy: everyone on the board, that is right. 1850, commi.
7:34 pm
>> before the civil war. jim. which came first joe biden or the computer mouse? >> what? it has to be a trick question. i'm saying hillary's laptop, i feel there is a classified information joke, i am going biden. kennedy: built in 1964. joe biden built in 1864. lesley, which came first joe biden or frank sinatra's first number one hit song? >> that is a tough one. >> oh, -- >> i don't know, i think senat sinatra's hit in 50s, i am saying joe biden. kennedy: no, 1940, i'll never smile again, he got hit in the mouth by a gangster.
7:35 pm
jeff, which came first, joe biden or hindenburg disaster . >> wow that is a tough one. i'm imaging all the people jumping. imagine that yeah. there are a couple metaphors . you know i'm saying, that hindenburg is before joe biden. kennedy: yep, just by a few years. 1937. >> very sad time. >> i remember the coverage. it was a tough time for america. >> jimmy. which came first so great, joe biden or pakistan. >> [ laughter ] i'm still riveted by h hindenburg comparison, one is greatest disaster in history, and the other is hindenburg, i say pakistan
7:36 pm
for the win. kennedy: no, joe biden came first. it was part of british indian empire created in 1947 as homeland for muslims of british india. lesley, expwro joe biden or world's fi bungee jump. >> joe biden. kennedy: lesley tied with jimmy, everyone has two. first bungee jump in 1979. bby oxford university dangerous sports club, that is gone. jeff, joe biden or woody woodpecker. keep it clean. >> woody woodpecker? okay. you know i'm thinking of the cartoons that came before the movies. kennedy: good. >> w woody woodpecker is
7:37 pm
not silent, not silent movies, and joe is not that old, dang. i'm saying, barely woody wood picture. kennedy: he would barely be right, in 1940, last round two points each. two points, everyone gets two for a correct answer, which came first joe biden or unleaded gasoline? wow. i should know this as a guy who sniffs gas as a hobby, i'll say joe biden. >> you are right. you now have 4, lesley, which came first joe biden or rocky road ice cream? >> i'm saying joe biden. kennedy: no. rocky road ice cream in 1929 by william dryer. he used his wife's scissors
7:38 pm
to cut up walnuts and. >> when came first joe biden or pickle ball. >> joe biden and pickle ball are again, closely correlated. kennedy: he does have pickled balls but we're talking about the sport. >> if if is exploding. >> i am saying biden came first. kennedy: jeff, you win the game, joe biden came first, pickle ball in 1965. what a night for freedom. confcongrats you get whatever we said we were giving you, thank you beautifully done. >> stop the steal. >> ukraine president zelenskyy, we would like him to stop stealing from department of defense, he
7:39 pm
said he is not sure if putin is still alive, mike baker is here, fighting ninjas on the way to the studio, there he is.
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♪ ♪ wooden ships on the water ♪ ♪ kennedy: all right. we lost a good one. god rest his soul. >> could vladimir putin be pulling a weekend bernie's. zelenskyy is not sure that putin is running the ship in moscow any more. saying quote: kremlin
7:44 pm
denied the talk. joining me now in studio, author of new book company rules, edge everything that i know about business, i learned from the cia, spying on a lot of business there baker, mike baker. >> do have to do the interview with voice of gru. >> i was say this, i don't think that a lot of people dislike zelenskyy, down dislike him, but i don't think that i trust him. >> he has been successful, right at rallying nato, ever since the dippin beginning, he has captured the narrative chrv acc, it has been trustiat frustrating to
7:45 pm
putin, i am worried about where it is going, putin and lavrov and others have been trying to turn narrative to this is not russia invading ukraine, it russia trying to save itself from the west, pause the because the west wants to destroy us, you fall t down that narrative and zelenskyy talks about we're reclaiming everything, including crimea, we have to worry about where is this off-ramp, we can't keep supporting this effort with no official settlement inside. i am saying we have to think about it. kennedy: there has to be an adult in the room who says, maybe it if we engage this deeply with a nuclear power it could end badly for all of us, i don't think that anyone had reinvading
7:46 pm
crimea on their bingo card, you have to do basic measure, what is the end game, how to we get there, and what does victory look like. >> to your point. you know people feel about zelenskyy, the longer this goes, if nato does back that idea of let's reclaim crimea . it a -- this bizarre situation, in b 2014 when russia took crimea, nobody cared, president obama was said, let it happen, no one was walking on streets of new york or any wear wear -- anywhere waiving ukrainian flags, i understand courage and patriotism of the
7:47 pm
ukranians. kennedy: it is f f phenomenal and they won't give up. >> they are looking at what u.s. and nato are doing we have supplied them, and training them, and talking about tanks. i got nothing. when you throw out -- i think, what we have to again, you have to step back and be pragmatic, god bless the ukrainian effort, people have been putting up with incredible suffering this is russia's doing, putin's fault but they are starting to look in their minds from compputin's we're making it all about the west. medvedev has been talking
7:48 pm
about nuclear. kennedy: right. >> i do party circuit weekends. >> i wear a mustache. >> for fun. >> is is one of those things, you have to separate emotion from pragmatic and understand what is in the best inl interest. but for the ukranians as well. kennedy: look at this face, mike baker. >> i love when you are in studio. >> i do too. . blinking of the set, how dare you. >> topical storm is next. t yours are ours too. and our financial planning tools can help you reach them. that's the value of ownership. detect this: living with hiv, i learned i can stay undetectable
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kennedy: new study claims people should drink less coffee to combat climate change, according to al gore it's too latte. topic one. taliban created afghanistan's first super car according to them, it is the safest car in the world. because women are not allowed to drive. this is the modda 9. built around engine of a toyota corolla. it was built by a team of 30
7:53 pm
engineers who designed when of the finest vehicles and buildings that afghanistan has to offer, amazing, and unique safety features, navigation is pro loaded with locations of ied's, they are giving the car away for free, they are legally f forbidden from drawing a profit. that was funny, speed is lacking, taliban is expecting car to get from zero to 60 by 2028. not a bad car, but as far as afghani transportation, this is still the goat. that is right. michael jordan of vehicles. >> artist in michigan created a fake food store everything for sale is made from plastic bags or as the world calls it subway, filled with plastic meat,
7:54 pm
and melons and, it is like cardi b,and with fast plastic parodies, it looks like lucky charms it tastes like raisin brand, all stores are filled with bags, dirtbags, and wind bags, this is the cheap of trip to the grocery store since trump administration, you better off than you were two years ago, topic 3. italian design studio announced plans for a ji giant floating city or as al gore calls it, new york in 3 years. it shaped like mitch mcconnell. house up too 60 thousand guests, and series of villas and apartments and hotel rooms you could live on
7:55 pm
water like mary-kate olsen. filled with amenities, fitness centers, outdoor parks and shopping malls everything on sail. >> the boat will float on a loan. can i have more money. >> topic 4. thirsty thursdays, the common thirst trap of automatic changes, tipsy, a robot bartender making drinks in las vegas, makes a great old fashion, she can make 120 drinks an hour and never needs to take a break, the robot bartender stirring up controversy, a viral video showed it charges customers e extra 10% fee
7:56 pm
some, say, the most shocking change in vegas since the tiger came at roy. god left rest his soul. >> topic 5. speaking of people who deserve to get served. time for viewer mail, john starts with. do it john, bang away? you are a walking concussion. >> you stole my life, give it back. craby pattie, you get nothing and like it. damn, kennedy, you are a mean one, hash tag savage, and you are hotter than sun's core on a summer's day, what about summer's eve, douche.
7:57 pm
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(funky music) - welcome to the podcast, folks. we have special guests today. - yup. - okay, the robertson ladies have showed up. - this is my first time, so i'm excited.


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