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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  January 27, 2023 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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ns? ahhhhhh. managing exemption certificates? ahhhhhh. business license guidance? ahhhhhh. does it connect with accounting? ahhhhhh. item classification? ahhhhhh. cross-border sales? ahhhhhh. what about? ahhhhhh. ahhhhhh. do you have those budget markups? thank you. mmhm. [bubbles] larry: please stop lying, mr. president. the republicans have some pretty good idea, if you would give them the chance. up next, my pal, liz mcdonald. liz: this story coming up. the d.c. blame game over economic growth. the president takes a victory lap ahead of the state of the union. we'll break down how he's
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preparing. is the summer of 2020 back when innocent small businesses and voters were attacked. the alabama attorney general, and former fbi agent chacon. democrats wants your retirement money for climate change and more. biden family deal making on oil and gas overseas as the president undercuts u.s. energy. elon musk is on capitol hill as house investigations heat up over social media censorship. the fda warn giving the flu shot and covid shot at the same time could increase the risk of
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stroke. but the white house advised doing that. i'm elizabeth mcdonald, "the evening edit" starts right now. thanks for joining us this friday evening. the federal reserve's favorite inflation indicator trending down. it's still the highest since 1921. major cities coast to coast brace for riots ahead of the release of police body cam video showing the arrest of tyre nichols by five police officers charged with murder. >> non-no one really knows
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what's going to happen the next two hours when the police body cam footage is expected to be released. it's brutal. it lasts for about one hour. and included in that hour are 3 minutes of heinous appalling beating by officers so badly that three days later he basically bled out in the hospital. there are concerns about violence in memphis and across the country. the georgia governor has called out the national guard. fbi field offices across the country also on alert. we have been hearing from family members of nichols. his mother and brother taking different attitudes towards the five policemen charged with killing their family member. >> you also disgraced your own families when you did this.
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but i'm going to pray for you and your families. >> the honest truth, i hope they die. >> the mother says she'll pray for the five former officers, the brother says he would like to see them dead. four of the five officers have been released on bonds. they face a number of felony counts including second degree murder charges for all five. that could bring a penalty of up to 60 years in prison. liz: joining us congresswoman claudia tenney and congresswoman, the cities bracing for potential riots. philly, la, dallas, austin and new york city. reports that professional anarchists, antifa rioters are pouring in. is it social justice to attack
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innocent small businesses or incents voters? >> this is a problem plaguing everywhere. even in my region of rochester, new york. we see some of the highest violent crime rates in the entire nation. so it's upstate new york, it's not just the big cities. i'm very concerned. we continue to not do anything about it. antifa is just an idea which is what some of our famous democrats said. we have to crack down on criminal justice problems we have and give our justices back the ability to determine dangerousness and put people who commit violent crimes like antifa behind bars. liz: the economy grew at 2.1% last year.
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listen to senator john kennedy. >> president biden is the only person in the milky way who thinks our country is headed in the right direction. look at the facts. last year our economy grew 1%. china's economy was shut down and it grew at 3%. 13.5% inflation cumulatively. that's what president biden has given us in two years. i don't mean any disrespect. but if that was my record, i would hide my head in a bag. president biden says my party, i want to gut social security and medicare and medicaid and that's just not true. not even george santos would make up a whopper like that.
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the president knows that. liz: what do you think? >> following senator kennedy is a tough act. but let's look at it this way. the cost because the fed raised interest rates to try to tamp down inflation, the cost of the big pile of federal debt that we have is greater than the increase in the economy. so our debt to gdp ratio is headed in the wrong direction. it used to be cheap when interest rates were who. now we are borrowing at 5% on average on our debt that's newly issued. that's considerably higher. we are not going to get out of this mets, no way. liz: a new gao report, the government accountability office. saying they find the government is so big, they don't even know
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how many government programs they have. >> that's why we want to find a way to cut those government programs, especially those that have been dormant for so long. when you have 7 of the 8 past gdp quarters not meeting expectations, you have a problem with the economy. when you have nancy pelosi taking over the house of representatives going to $30 trillion in debt. and the siege on the small business owners. and healthcare costs have doubled since president biden has become the president of the united states in the last two years. huge burden on small businesses. then you have the -- have the unemployment insurance.
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and it's being hoisted on the small businesses. new york state is a perfect incubator of what not to do. we are hoping there will be some federal relief on new york businesses so they can stay afloat. liz: the president's state of the union is coming up. there are deep concerns he has been misleading american voters all along. >> i went to law school on a full academic scholarship. the only one in my class to have a full academic scholarship. i graduated in the top of my class. >> he does not have three degrees from college. biden actually went to school on a half scholarship and ended up in the bottom of his class. >> i say this has the father of
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a son who won the bronze medal and lost his life in iraq. i was appointed to the academy in 1965. and corn pop was a bad dude, and he ran a bunch of bad boys. >> you had to put on your wind shield wipers to literally get the oil slick off the windows. that's why i like so many other people grew up to have cancer. >> nothing he said there was true. what do you expect from the president at the state of the union? >> probably a better rehearsed version than that. the left keeps using the expression, the big lie, if you listen to the talking points that come out from kjp, it's lie
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after lie after lie. when the facts aren't even close to reality, that's troublesome. liz: thanks for spending time with us this friday evening. it's good to see you both. joining us now, alabama attorney general steve marshall. democrats in the white house, they have not had enough of record climate spending, now they are coming for our retirement accounts? can you tell us what's going on and why you and the 25 states are suing the white house. >> this is to stand up for the american worker. thprioritizing esg investing ovr the best interests of americans. they are placing that at risk to
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impose a radical climate agenda that this administration can't pass through congress nor can they allow for states to engage in similar behavior, but they are using the department of labor to do that. which is inconsistent with what congress wanted. liz: what can people do. how can they figure how the their pension money is being misinvested. liz: it was president barack obama who added the most to the national debt. >> this gives safe harbor to investment managers to engage in speculative investing of these accounts. we have 25 states coming together to stand up for the american worker.
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this is this administration using every tool it believe it has to invoke this radical woke agenda. it's not good for the return of these fiduciary plans, when you look at the studies, esg does not prove to be a good return for those dollars. walk us through next monday. what happens to the retirement funds of 152 million workers. what will these fiduciaries start to do? >> we'll see these fiduciaries who are not accounts toobl these workers. we have the ability tone join this rule in its tracks to make sure we allow for pecuniary interest. and don't allow woke agendas to
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be in place when deciding where to invest. liz: you are talking blackrock, states street and vanguard. they have taken the lead role in this esg movement. they could start moving money towards climate change investments. is that the idea? >> most recently intervening in a case involving vanguard where they are trying to take over more energy assets. this is a coordinated attack on many of the interests of american workers and the value of the return they get for their investment plans. i'm proud of our colleagues coming together to fight this. liz: how dangerous is this? >> we are talking about $12 trillion being at risk for hundreds of millions of americans out there that used
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their hard-earned dollars to invest for their future. we are risking the future of the american worker. liz: we have to pay more attention to what they are doing. people just put it on auto pilot. they treat looking at their 401k accounts like looking at the weight scale in the bathroom. >> we would expect our asset managers to be fiduciaries of this money solely investing for the financial returns. if this rule goes into effect they will be able to impose this radical climate agenda. liz: we are going behind the scenes of elon musk's visit to capitol hill. we have house probes into social smead yeah censorship.
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and i've kept it off. golo is real, our customers are real, and our success stories are real. why not give it a try? liz: we have republicans blasting president biden and his veto threat against leghtd laights that would ramp up porous * domestic drilling for oil. it puts in focus the biden family profiting off oil and gas deals. >> we need to know where the money came from and where it's going. it's something the house will finally have a chance to look at. it's amazing to me that we have
5:21 pm
not had more coverage on these details. we have a lot of information about where hunter was getting money from, but it's not gone far enough to have these details. this could be why the biden white house is stonewalling on classified docs, no? >> i think you are right. but we don't need to wait for the white house to give us the docs or tell us what was in them. there is no reason the house can't go and look at what the documents were at the time that joe biden was vice president. and what they were saying about ukraine with the memos we know hunter biden wrote. we don't need the white house to give us those classified documents. they are there, they just need to look at them and do a
5:22 pm
comparison. liz: the hunter biden laptop has been authenticated by answer, cbs, "the washington post." one email talked about a natural gas deal with china in 2017, and it was joe's brother jim biden. they were brokering this deal to supply natural gas to the biden family's business partners in china. you are saying those details are there. >> right. and the house gets subpoenas to find financial information. the white house can stonewall all they want. but there are still avenues the house can use to get the details they need to get to the bottom of what was going on for 20-some years it looks like pay-to-play
5:23 pm
for his brother and son. liz: bp energy is expected to report a profit. and this is basically how the biden family immediate money overseas. >> i guess it's okay for hunter biden to make money off big oil. but anything else joe biden will take an aim at. it's the hypocrisy there. but they have to shift what the focus is because inflation is hitting average americans. they have to turn someone else into the bad guy. liz: the house oversight chair james cop cope -- -- james comb,
5:24 pm
what is the white house hiding? activity reports of the biden family's overseas deals. >> you have to take a look at all of the moving parts here. the treasury department withheld these when the republicans were not in control. now that they are in control, the republicans in the house had the right to this information. as the chair said, it's going to take a lot to go through all of these details. if there is nothing wrong, what's the problem biden has with this information being turned over. liz: treasury in its rejection letter says continuing them over might undermine the white house's intelligence and security activities. what are they talking about? >> that's a good question.
5:25 pm
lawen enforcement is trying to get to the bottom did hunter biden commit a crime and did joe biden have complicity in it. this is appropriate for house oversight to be looking at. liz: this story, the fda is warning getting both the flu shot and covid shot at the same time could increase the risk of strokes. but the white house had urged doing that. and elon musk on capitol hill as the house probes are heating up into social media censorship. ♪ my relationship with my credit cards wasn't good. i got into debt in college and, no matter how much i paid,
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liz: twitter's ceo, elon musk went to the nation's capitol and met with house republicans and democrats. he has not been shy for some of his dislike with what happens here in washington. but he spent the last two days smooshing with republicans and democrats. they discussed everything from twitter files to the origins of covid-19. musk also met with speaker kevin mccarthy. earlier to today mccarthy debriefed reporters on what he discussed. >> we wanted to talk to him about twitter being an even
5:31 pm
playing field as we move legislation. podesta and landrieu. they talked about their shared goals to go electric. the meeting signally that democrats in d.c. and elon musk might be turning over a new leaf. >> the outreach in the meeting says a lot of how important legislation is and the inflation reduction act is as it relates to e.v. and his commitment. >> musk also tweeted he met with minority leader hakeem jeffries in mccarthy's office. but jeffries' office is pushing back. he said he just happened to rub into him, and did not have a
5:32 pm
meeting preplanned. liz: elon musk goes to d.c. there are plans to probe the twitter files, including the revelation that twitter was paid for working with the bureau on things that could lead to suppression of posts. this nation has been through years of hysteria over trump russia. the conversation has been manipulated. is elon musk do you think ready to expose how bad that was? >> i think elon has become an important truth teller. had he not purchased twitter, we would not be in the situation we are in. we have known intuitively a lot of this was happening and big tech was colluding on misinformation. but we didn't have a lot of evidence until the twitter files
5:33 pm
came out. we are grateful to elon. i think he wants to be an honest broker in this. certainly the information that he has is critically important. i think all the american people are very interested in it. it's obvious what's happened certainly over the last two years. with the biden administration. and some of the federal agencies designed to serve and protect the american people have been turned against them. we have seen many examples of this over the last few years and we have to get to the bottom of it to make sure it doesn't happen again and correct it immediately. liz: the twitter files reveal growing number of government agencies were reaching out to twitter to manipulate the national conversation. so what -- how deep is this?
5:34 pm
how bad is it? do you think it's worse than we realized. >> this is rather shocking and it's frightening to think how the government might be involved in this. manipulating the public square. the free exchange of information. and affecting the outcome of elections. they did the with regard to the vaccines, they did it with hunter biden's laptop, and we know they did it in 2016 and 2020. how they portrayed the president and the russia-collusion hoax. we know specifics about the table top exercises they conducted at the aspen institute in 2020. you had the biggest players in big tech around the table gaming out how they would cover this story about hunter biden's
5:35 pm
laptop and how they would bury the information. and that would have had an effect on the outcome of the election. these are things the new select committee will be looking at. our challenge is to focus our attention and determine what priorities we'll get first. there are so many with the biden administration. >> what will you hit first? >> stay tuned. we are in the early stages of this. among the top concern for the american people is this idea about big tech. in our generation this is the free marketplace of ideas. in previous generations it was the literal town square. now it's done on line. liz: maybe we should not have social media at all. maybe twitter and facebook should go away.
5:36 pm
because the national conversation was so distorted, and we see how deep the tentacles came out of government into social media. you and i talked about this last year about frank church after the nixon administration talking about a church committee warning government intelligence agencies would manipulate media in support of the government to keep those in power. the media reacted negatively against facebook and instagram reinstating trump. facebook said they would do that two years ago. somehow that fact dropped off that facebook was saying? 2021 we are going to put him back on. he was kicked off facebook and instagram over the capitol riots. google and apple kicks the parler app off their stores.
5:37 pm
do you see how insidious this is and unfair the is. people should hear all the information they can on their own and decide for themselves. >> that's right. they did that to the president of the united states which is an extraordinary thing to think about. they did it to average american voices across the spectrum. they developed their software to deamplify conservative voices and stories they wanted to bury. arguably if it involved the government it violated the constitution. liz: what if they did that. put that pressure on the "new york times," "wall street journal" or washington post? they would be screaming bloody murder. they want to keep their sources happy and can been their coverage that way.
5:38 pm
but this is a grander, bigger scale. your final word. >> it is. it's frightening and has huge implications going forward. we have to restore the american people's faith in our institutions. this is serious. liz: why this matters to the white house. the white house stonewalling over how the president mishandled classified documents, and reports coming in, more locations could be searched as well. the fda warns, saying do not get the flu and covid shot at the same time. it could possibly increase the risk of stroke if you get them both at the same time. the white house urged and advised doing that. congressman ronny jackson next on evening edit. windows,
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liz: look who is back with us. former white house doctor for the biden and trump administration. congressman ronny jackson. kaiser permanente tells the fda getting the covid booster shot and flu shot at the same time on the same day may raise the risk of stroke. but the white house said do that. what is going on here? >> first off, liz, i have no confidence in anything the white house says anymore. our public health director and the cdc and otherrentities that give us information, they lost a lot of their credibility as well. the cdc in one of their data bases identified potentially a
5:44 pm
risk for those over 65 years old for a stroke if they receive the covid vaccine and flu vaccine together. that should cause the white house and the cdc and the fda to take a step back. but they are pushing forward with it which is somewhat irresponsible. i am not coming at this as a person who is anti-vaccine. the politics that surrounded this from day one have been horrible. there are some side effects out there from the covid vaccine. liz: millions of americans got both shots at the same time. the covid czar said this. >> i really believe this is why god gave us two arms. one for the flu shot and the other for the covid shot. liz: we have the cdc data base
5:45 pm
red flagging the potential stroke risk for senior citizens. to your point, all these questions and studies popping up about the problem with covid vaccines. then this lawsuit turning up government emails showing biden's national security council was working with the cdc and other agencies to do crackdowns on information about covid vaccines. so misinformation. we are not allowed to ask any questions about the covid vaccines whatsoever. >> they want us to be sheep and follow blindly. they have gotten used to the last few years telling us what to do. and people not being able to ask questions and being punished in the process. they need to stop treating us like children. they need to stop manipulating.
5:46 pm
this is an example. it's supposed to be a trusted part of our government working with ocean media to create a narrative that only supports one side of the argument, the side that's advantageous for them. we are adults, we can make decisions for ourselves and our kids. especially when it comes to our health. that's what irritates me about this whole thing. liz: why the biden story of the president mishandling classified documents is a bigger deal than many people realize. >> senators willing to you give these former officials the benefit of the doubt wonder what could be in these documents that has the administration stonewalling.
5:47 pm
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so you get more of the speed you need for day and night streaming. more speed you need when you're work from homeing. and more speed you need as your family keeps growing. check in on your current speed through the xfinity app or upgrade to the speed that's right for you today. liz: the national archives is demanding all former presidents
5:51 pm
and vice presidents search their records to see if they too mishandled classified information. reporter: bipartisan lawmakers are frustrated the intelligence community isn't for forthcoming about the documents found at the homes of form vice president joe biden and president trump. haines says the intelligence community needs to change its culture after the spate of loose documents. >> we need to develop a system that develops the appropriate classification. and we need to facilitate the down grading and declassifying information as it ages to promote sharing and disclosure to promote a better democratic
5:52 pm
debate. reporter: a bill is being created to bolster penalties. >> we are look at negligence, sloppiness, not taking care of documents. the statute doesn't deal with that. how can we fix that so there is a deterrence so people don't continue to do this. reporter: it's unclear what was in the documents held by mr. trump and president biden. liz: both democrats and republicans are ratcheting it up, adamantly saying this sounds like a cover-up. that the white house has no good reason not to give the senate information about the mishandling of classified documents. cbs is about to do an interview sunday with senator mark warner
5:53 pm
saying this will not stand. if they keep look like they are covering up, the american people will see it. >> they look like they are covering up now. we are seeing it in realtime. i think the senate intelligence committee should be outraged. they have the appropriate clearances. they have a long history of looking at classified information and not leaking it. i take issue with the director of national intelligence saying these things should happen in the future. she should be address what's happening now. and when the documents will be available to the salt in intelligence committee and the american people. liz: it's just like talking around like you are listening to kjp. senator mark warner said they were given access to documents during trump russia and they could read it in a scif in the
5:54 pm
basement of the senate. what's the white house hiding? >> that's what we all need to know. there needs to be more transparency. they raided trump's mar-a-lago estate on an affidavit that a crime had been committed. now we see stuff in a garage that's unsecured. we have no idea who had access to these documents and we don't know what the documents are. the american people should know what's in these documents. if there are sources and methods they protected that can happen. but we need to know the just of what's in the documents. what type of documents they were. they splattered pictures of the documents on the flool of. mar-a-lago all o over the press. liz: biden's family's dealing
5:55 pm
overseas fits into the timeline. fbi director wray and john kirby are talking but rules. it's about breaking the law. watch them downgrade the conversation to rules. >> people knead to be conscious of the rules regarding classified information and appropriate handling of it. >> we all know what the rules are and follow the rules. the procedures exist for a reason. they have been developed over many years as the nature of classified material has changed. it now includes electronic capability. liz: bobby, it's the law, not rules. >> it's outrageous. the verbal gymnastics these guys are trying to do when just a couple months ago we had a probable cause affidavit saying a crime had been committed and we need to search mar-a-lago.
5:56 pm
i know people on the left are trying to distinguish the two situations. trump was in negotiations and he turned over two boxes. all that stuff was used in the affidavit, stuff trump and his people turned over to the affidavit. if you are going to sit there and say this is a violation of the law and we have probable cause to believe there are more documents there. one document violates the law if it's of the appropriate classification. i don't know how the american people look at this dealing with an administration differently than the biden administration. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this.
5:57 pm
i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so... ...glad we did this. [kid plays drums] life is for living. let's partner for all of it. i'm so glad we did this. edward jones they're looking for you. who? who's looking? there is no time. they will kill you....but my daughter. mama.
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