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tv   WSJ at Large With Gerry Baker  FOX Business  January 29, 2023 9:30am-10:00am EST

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maria," weekdays 6-9 a.m. eastern. do join us for that. and i'll see you this sunday over on the fox news channel for "sunday morning futures," i've got interviews with senators ted cruz, mike lee, former secretary of state mike pompeo. and she ran for rnc chair, harmeet dhillon will be with us along with trey gowdy. that'll do it for us for now right here on "wall street." thank you so much for being with us, and i'll see you again next time. ♪ ♪ hello this week on the wall street journal at large. everyone it seems, has secrets
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as we learn that more former presidents and former vice president took home classified documents when they left office. is donald trump now essentially off the hook and, more importantly, back at the front of the republican field. crime among youngsters is surging with kids, killing kids, and washington's mayor finally says she feels anxious about her city. how do we undo the criminal damage progressive policies? plus. joe biden promised thanks to the ukraine that the u. s doesn't actually have available in kiev. wait months for the assistance or is this the boost it needs to defeat the russian invaders? and bill gates tells us china's rise is a huge win for the world. just as he backs research to reduce the environmental damage from burping cows. which emissions make more sense. gates or those of the cows will be discussing all this this week with my guest, tammy bruce and richard fowler. but first, let's be honest. we've all done it, quit a job and grab a souvenir from the office to take home. maybe that office stapler that's
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covered by everyone. the squeezy ball that's supposed to reduce stress top secret classified government documents. alright maybe most of us haven't done that last. but it's starting to seem that for top political figures in both parties, it's pretty much routine. this week, reports from former vice president mike pence and even former president jimmy carter followed the latest revelations from president joe biden about classified material sitting in places they shouldn't be. now the big political implication of this seems to be becoming clearer. the justice department's attempt to make an example of donald trump for his misdeeds with secrets. seems to be hanging by a thread. how can they go after the former president when the crime of which he is accused seems to be pretty much common practice, including for the current incumbent? now it probably is true that trump's handling of his documents makes him more vulnerable to prosecute prosecution than others. but for many republican voters, and indeed other voters, this is a subtle distinction. the underlying issue of classified secret is what counts and they think trump is being unfairly targeted. the white house press
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secretaries continued stonewalling on the issue only raises suspicions about the politics. behind all this, i would refer to the white house counsel office moving on. i am just not going to be speaking it from here, i would refer to the white house counsel's office. he has been asked the question a couple of times, and he's answered it. and you all have heard from him on that comment from from here on that i would refer you to the white house counsel seems to mark a new turning point in donald trump's fortunes. the end of last year, the former president's plans for glorious restoration seemed to be falling apart. paul. midterm election results for republicans were blamed on his candidates, then in a series of missteps, including an ugly choice of dinner companions at mara lago promotional sale of trump memorabilia and a selection of characteristically poor takes on politics in the constitution is polling numbers among gop voters sank. with rhonda santis, securing a smashing win in florida's given notorious race. it looks like the party might be over for the man from mar a lago. but the double standards that now seem to be on display
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over classified documents seem to have helped turn those fortunes around. three new polls in the last week have given trump a lead in the republican party primary over the sentence of 26, 20 and 12 points. that's an average lead in the three of 16 points. it's more. two of those polls showed trump jumping out to a general election lead over joe biden. and there was more good news for trump this week. well if you can call it that, when facebook announced that after a two year suspension, the former president will finally be allowed back onto its platforms. so where does all this leave the race for? political control of the country is trump now back in front of the republican field could his problems with classified documents derailed? joe biden? let's talk about this . with our panel. joining me now approximations get tammy bruce host and fox news contributor tammy bruce and forbes contributing writer and fox news contributor richard fowler. thank you both for being here. tell me if i start with you, you're here in studio. so these latest revelations where it seems that kind of pretty well,
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everybody. now all former presidents are being asked to check their documents. everybody seems to do this. this was something that donald trump was going to be prosecuted for. it seems that i have all these revolution revelations. now, do you think fundamentally changed the politics of the republican party here and in particular in terms of the presidential race? well, it changes the conversation from one of the corruptions taking stuff out of the white house having stuff you shouldn't have. to again the democratic party and the system . what appears to be somewhat argue in a persecuted torrey mode against donald trump. so that becomes the conversation and we can look at this and whether it's pants and if it's biden and if it's jimmy carter, but not george bush of the obamas have not answered whether or not they have stuff yet, but we're realizing now that wait a minute. this was another weird thing. that was an unforced error. americans want solutions to their problems. i think it's going to be a very exciting buying term for the republicans . there's a very deep talent bench, the more people that run the better, and donald trump
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will once again have to prove to the american people that he's the one that can deal with the corrupt system that ends up doing things like this. richard fowler, i'm sure you want to weigh in on trump. can i ask you first of all about biden? do this revelations and they do seem to be proliferating about biden's documents and where they've been found have been found in multiple places. now do you think this raises new questions about biden? suitability for the president is a challenge to his own presidential process re election prospects. well, thanks for having me jerry, number one. i do think that the fact that there are classified documents found in multiple biden offices or places of dwelling is problematic for the oval office . there's no question about it, and i said this and i'll say it again. we need to be having a larger question. i think what you see happening on capitol hill, the building just a block from this studio. here is a lot of finger pointing and partisan point scoring instead of our folks in congress, saying wait a minute if both parties are having issues with classified documents, maybe just maybe. now is the time for us to have
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bipartisan hearings, bringing down the folks that classified documents and the national archives saying, how does the process work? what's not working in this process? are we over classifying information and what's the impact of the open for classification, and then from those hearings, they should probably pass some laws to determine how documents are classified in the future, because there seems to be a problem here get you want to talk about the politics? there is interesting conspiracy theories around richard as there always are with these things. why these documents came out there is even a theory that you know, maybe there's some democrats who actually wanted to damage biden's. they don't want him to run in 2024. that's why we learned about these documents at this particular time. that's why especially after the midterm elections. what do you make of that? why did why did we? why did we? why did we learn about these biden documents now, after biden had been so critical of donald trump in a way that is obviously so embarrassing for him to be caught, essentially, you know, conducting the same crime that he's alleging donald trump committed as a journalist . i won't speak to conspiracy theory. but listen, if we want
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to play the politics out here, i actually think that the problem of how these documents were released or how the impact how you know the news of these documents released was problematic on the white house's front. why not release as soon as you knew about it, right? why not release this one? the democrats had the gavel in the house of representatives. i actually think it speaks to a you know, gives it gives a bidet more credibility here that even though you knew that you had these documents in november, when speaker pelosi had the gavel you decided to release the historic came out. the cbs reported the story after kevin mccarthy was given the gavel when you know you'd be under greater scrutiny or the potential of greater scrutiny one where there is the possibility that there was going to be more partisans points trying to be scored with republican chair people trying to score those partisan points because they've already told you that they were going to investigate you before they even had the very quickly get me on that one more credibility for the white house out of this. i don't think so. you're also seeing this kind of drip drip drip. it's as though and
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remember his first reaction was. oh i don't know what's going on sergeant schultz. he had no idea what was going on. when we knew he knew for months it was at the penn center and his home. this has been deeply embarrassing and serious problem and gives other democrats away in. alright, much more to come on this, of course. big cities grapple with a surge in juvenile and violent crimes ♪ my relationship with my credit cards wasn't good. i got into debt in college and, no matter how much i paid, it followed me everywhere. between the high interest, the fees... i felt trapped. debt, debt, debt. so i broke up with my credit card debt and consolidated it into a low-rate personal loan from sofi. i finally feel like a grown-up. break up with bad credit card debt. get a personal loan with no fees, low fixed rates, and borrow up to $100k. go to to view your rate. sofi. get your money right. ♪
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♪only pay for what you need♪ ♪ custom home insurance created for you all♪ ♪now the song is done♪ ♪back to living in your wall♪ they're just gonna live in there? ♪yes♪ only pay for what you need. ♪liberty liberty liberty♪ ♪liberty♪ >> we have been seeing over the course of 2022 and even going into this year a significant number of teenagers and young adults involved in violence. we have to do better. gerry: that's new york city police commissioner on wednesday addressing the issue of a series rise in juvenile violent crime in major cities. the number of underage murder suspects has doubled in new york city alone, and authorities are pointing a finger at the state's new raise the age statute. similarly in d.c., mayor muriel bowser admitted this week she feels anxious about crime in the capital after the city council
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voted to lower even further sentences for criminal conduct. so can years of these progressive policies -- [audio difficulty] damage to our criminal justices system ever be undone? richard fowler, it is pretty striking when you even get democrats like eric adams here many new york city questioning some of the things that have been going on such as, you know, much more lenient approaches for criminals in washington, d.c.. these are policies finish how are hay not going to actually increase crime rather than actually reduce crime, which is what people want? >> i think you have to sort of parse that question just a little bit to get to the answer there. it's not one hinge or another. it's not -- the answer can't be lock them up and throw away the key. the answer has to be how do we get to juveniles early enough, how do we intervene early enough to insure that -- can. [audio difficulty] a life of crime. and here's what we know works. what works is this, how do we create early interventions, rec centers, 24-hour basketball
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leagues so we're creating alternatives for folks who turn to crime. and what often happens is there's a lot of finger-pointing, blame this party, blame that policy, blame this thing, blame that thing the, and the real conversation is how do we get into these youth's homes, blocks, and how do we transform those blocks where there's hope and not the opposite. gerry: richard, i must press you on that. >> sure. gerri: when you have these progressive prosecutors who believe not prosecuting certain crimes, more lenient sentencing, this whole approach which is, as you say, a decars ration which followed on from defunding police, it seems to be -- it doesn't fit common sense, does it? these seem to be policies designed to do the opposite. >> i'm plaintiffing because -- laugh, because what i'm not saying is: if somebody commits a crime, if you murder somebody age 13, 14, 15, you should be
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penalized. what i'm saying is how do we get doha person at age 9, 10, 11 and 12 so they don't commit a murder. gerry: tammy, richard makes a good point that we do have to find ways to kind of, you know, change the social conditions in which some of these kids are growing up. but policies are contributing too, aren't they? >> well, policies are the issue. you've got dynamics where young people are watching mass lootings, you go in there -- behind plastic and you see this is happening. you know -- [audio difficulty] they don't stay in jail. they're backed. they're the ones who have money. it's not because they're bored and don't have any place to play basketball. this has been a cultural dynamic where young people have been encouraged and also we have the framework of gangs where you have, certainly, a lack of a prosecution if someone below a certain age and so in certain major cities like los angeles, you have gangs choosing minors and appointing them to go do the
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more serious crime because an adult will actually be taken away and put in jail where the minor will be less likely to be handled in that fashion. gerry: dueck some democrats are starting to get the message on this? >> i think democrats have always been comfortable with this, and this has been a kind of wave, and it's been pushed in a great deal from washington, and heavy got to stand up against it. i think they know, they see it with their constituents. they know it's not parents who aren't having the right influence with the child who easel or -- child who's 8 or 9, it is the entire environment that's changed over the last few years. what we're seeing now wasn't delivered to us by -- [audio difficulty] it was delivered to us by policy. >> i just have a question for tammy. there's some troubling language, what does cultural dynamic mean? >> it means rhetoric, constant attacks of police, it's rhetoric that's telling people that society is not fair, etc. -- >> so wanting to hold police
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accountable, that leads to people murdering each other? >> talk about misrepresenting what someone is saying -- >> no, that's exactly what you just said. >> that is denigrating law enforcement, law and order, it is placing blame at the police -- [inaudible] society. gerry: you have to acknowledge there has been a lot of that the last few years. >> come on. >> no, no, no. ful i mean, we watch -- there's a case pending in memphis with the where the family and the police chief said the black young man was beaten like a piñata, and when black communities say we want accountability and transparency because nobody deserves to be beaten like a piñata, tammy is saying that dynamic is -- [inaudible conversations] gerry: no. i don't think she's -- >> that's not accurate at all, and that's -- [audio difficulty] this is unfair. gerry: i think we both know what tammy was saying, what richard was saying. but anyway, on to russia and ukraine. russia's saber rattling as the united states and germany prepare to send tanks to the ukraine, but is the latest
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pledge enough to win the war, or will it only get worse? we'll talk about that next. >> these tanks are ed of our unflighting commitment to ukraine and our confidence and skill -- the. [inaudible] it is not an offensive threat ♪ ♪ wow, we're crunching tons of polygons here! what's going on? where's regina? hi, i'm ladonna. i invest in invesco qqq, a fund that gives me access to the nasdaq-100 innovations, like real time cgi. okay... yeah... oh. don't worry i got it! become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq >> woman: why did we choose safelite? >> vo: for us, driving around is the only way we can get our baby
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the argument is they need these tanks for that reason. we know that even the abrams take some training. that was, you know, okay, we'll send ours, and involved multiple countries. now it appears, obviously, and they're saying -- pentagon has confirmed -- oh, we don't have them. and i think they didn't mean to do that as some kind of a trick, but what it signals is nobody checked while they were making promises. and so now in public for all the bad actors in the world, they now also know we don't have 31 extra rah tanks no if -- extra tanks no matter what's going on in the world. i don't know how many tanks are
9:53 am
sill in afghanistan, but -- [inaudible] but this is what gives bad actors enthusiasm. putin now knows that that a he should ramp up. america does not have what it needs. we don't know what germany will do, to say nothing of what our allies think when they're negotiating in good faith, and they find out the president and his staff and other officers in the cabinet don't know what they're talking about when they're negotiating. gerry: richard a fowler,rer spentive of if and when these tanks arrive, is this measure -- and, of course, germans are sending tanks, other countries sending franks responding to the ukrainian request, you can certainly talk about the -- [audio difficulty] once again this is another escalation where getting closer and closer, as russia has accused this week, getting closer and closer of correct conflict with all of this additional military. all of these things we said we wouldn't initially send, we are sending. does this bring us close closer
9:54 am
to a direct conflict with russia. >> listen, we're almost at the year mark, and it seems very clear to metathat we've really been engaged if -- to me that the rev been engaged -- we've been engaged the entire time9. not only as much as the united states wants to continue to support ukraine, we have to deal with our allies who are across the pond who are much closer to the conflict. and as we talk about descending of tanks, the abrams tank specifically, i think all along -- based on reporting from a number of folks who were closer to this, what you find is we've all along the goal was for us to send a contract to the group that the produces the abrahams tank -- abrams tanks because we didn't want to send them our tanks directly. now we mow going to take longer, but i think this speaks to what happens with international diplomacy. the easy way out would have been for the germans to send these tanks directly, but because they want to continue to do the business with the russians -- which is how we got the nord
9:55 am
stream ii pipeline to begin with, is why we're here. nato needs to ask themselves this question: how engaged do they want to be, and do they actually want to defeat the russians or help the ukrainians defeat the russians? and if they do, in the words of one of our colleagues, you know, they really just need to get after it, and they do. gerry: okay. next -- [audio difficulty] wisdom from bill quaints week that included cheering on communist china and tamping down on -- [inaudible dad, we got this. we got this.
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saying the rise of beijing is a huge win for the world and they need to play a stronger role. he then backed an australian start-up that is trying to keep cows from burping is and emitting methane. china's good and cows bad. let's take this up quickly with our panel. richard fowler, what makes more sense to you, praising communist china or listening to emissions from cattle? [laughter] >> neither of the two. i'm sure me and probably -- damn and me probably agree on this. i'm not sure what's happening at this moment. [laughter] gerry: it is nice if you agree, but it is weird to be praising
10:00 am
communist china. >> it is, when they're really the largest producer of -- for the climate, etc., when it comes to plastics in the oceans and when it comes to carbon emissions, etc. it's a strange disconnect. it's virtue signaling on one hand with a group of creatures that you can control, you think, a bunch of cows, versus the chinese who you cannot control. we need to focus on, if we're serious about issue, we need to focus on chinese. gerry: good to end on a note of agreement after a lively show. my great thanks to tammy bruce and richard fowler. i'll be back next week here on the "wall street journal" >> "barron's roundtable" sponsored by global x etfs


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