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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  January 30, 2023 10:00am-11:00am EST

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♪. ashley: look at fox square. that's stu's favorite song by the way by cardi b. that's all. i gave that secret away, sorry,
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stu. good morning, everybody, it is 10:00 eastern i'm ashley webster, in yes for stuart varney today. let's get straight to your money. the markets a little bit of a turnaround. slightly positive. nasdaq is down but coming back after a down opening. let's look at treasury yield. see where the 10-year stands. up over 3 basis points at 3.54% on the treshtry. look at the price of oil if we can. oil down 1 1/2% at $78.53 per barrel. what about bitcoin. we follow bitcoin in the crypto space. bitcoin is, survey says, up 217 bucks at 23,272 for bitcoin. all right, that is where the markets are. former president trump by the way is going after the governor
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of florida, ron desantis and nickly -- nikki haley floating idea of running for president in 2024. >> ron was a good governor. i hear he run, i think that disloyal. go by your heart, if you want to run. she puckly said i would never run against my president. he was a great president. sean duffy joins me now. this is classic donald trump. he still makes me laugh. i don't know, but he does. is this a good tactic? >> so first off, if you're donald trump of course you say these guys are disloyal. he was helpful in elevating both of them, ron desantis to the governorship, nikki haley after she was governor into the, into the u.n. so, yeah i would feel like he feels disloyal. what will be helpful is a raucous republican primary and if you feel like your heart is can tent to run, get in the
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race. let your ideas shine. can you stand on the stage with donald trump? can you take the heat coming from donald trump? ron desantis has been a great governor. i don't know his debate performances have been amazing. donald trump a pretty good on the stage. i'm excited as a viewer. i will get my popcorn, ashley. i will watch this happen and may the best man win. ashley: it interesting, isn't it? 2017 we could see 17 nominations. maybe not 17. nikki haley, or ron desantis. nikki haley seems to be heading in the direction. desantis more quiet. you have mike pompeo. you have great potential candidates out there, a strong bench if you like compared to the democrats i believe. do you have any sense, i know that is an impossible question but, who do you like? >> well, let me first say this
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anyone who runs in this cycle, there will be more than donald trump. i think you will have two handfuls of races. eight, 10, 12 candidates and they're all going to run, ashley, on donald trump's ideas. they will run on america first. the ideas that were not that popular in the republican party before donald trump. they're going to come and say, listen i'm the policy of donald trump but i'm not donald trump. you can get the look-alike of former president trump or get the former president himself. it is going to be unique to see this thing play out but you know for me, i do listen, i'm a huge fan of president trump, the policies were amazings especially for rural wisconsin. we were doing better in rural wisconsin than any other president. more wages, more opportunity than in recent memory that was great. i think the, the voters will have to decide do i like the policies, do i like the fight? ashley: yeah. >> but do i not like all the back and forth? the media hates president trump.
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the left hates them. they lose their mind over president trump and again i think the voters will decide. i'm going to sit back to watch it for a while. again i'm a big fan of the president. ashley: i'm with you. popcorn will be a great spectacle if nothing else. by the way, sean, you have house speaker, you have house speaker kevin mccarthy on your show, "the bottom line" tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern. so much to get into. what is the one thing you really want to get from kevin mccarthy? >> so i was in the house, it is always hard to navigate a majority. kevin mccarthy has what a five, six seat majority? i want to see how it comes together as a republican after a prizing, tough, speaker's race. will they work together? will they compromise of the very conservatives, the moderates, can they come together to fight to win for america? that is the my main question for the speaker. dagen and i 6:00,
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"the bottom line" fox business. ashley: you guys are a great success, a lot to talk about. that is how we love it. great to chat with kevin mccarthy. we look forward to it. sean, thank you very much. the governor of new hampshire by the way talking about potential can states chris sununu apparently weighing in on the 2024 election. come on in lauren. who does he say or the gop will nominate. >> giving to ron desantis. here you go. >> obviously desantis and trump are the two candidates. >> he has not declared. >> not publicly declared he has hundreds of millions of dollars. obviously ron desantis is looking to run for president which is fine. he would probably win new hampshire now without a doubt. lauren: ironically sununu's name also comes up as a contender, ashley. he warns again the crowded field like we saw in 2016. he sees new hampshire as the first primary state responsibility to referee
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candidates. ones that are not viable, they can't win, they drop out. in the end you have two to four names, that is what he said, could all potentially win. is he one of those names? i don't know but he thinks ron desantis is getting it. ashley: sounds good in theory. we'll see. thank you, lauren. by the way what are republicans looking to focus on in 2024? lauren: education. keeping webbing and sexual gender identity out of classroom. he was the first republican to have education as part of his platform and actually win. we heard from desantis. trump, will keep his plans for education and keeping woke policies out of the classroom. that is the big issue as of now. ashley: very good. i can see that. all right, lauren, thank you. take a look at this, a whopping 71% of americans believe the u.s. is headed in the wrong direction. i mean that is almost 3/4,
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right? leo kelly joins me now. leo, are you surprised by that number? >> not surprised at all. this has been a tough road over the last year or so. the economy is really sending confusing signals. on one side the jobs market is very strong but on the other, wages are buying less and less with all the inflation. of course we have a stock market and bond market which had a horrible year in 2022. so portfolios are down. 401(k)s are down. folks are just confused right now. ashley: well, i noticed perhaps a little glimmer of light a little glimmer of hope in your points of view, leo. you said you've been bearish for the last, 18, 24 months, but now perhaps looking a little bit better. is that overstating it? >> no. i think that's accurate. we have been looking at the markets and we were never one to believe in this transitory
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inflation nonsense. we thought the fed was well behind schedule in trying to battle inflation and that's really the primary reason we were so concerned about the markets. as we look at 2023 we have more ground that we have to cover. there will be volatility. the fed isn't done. remember, the fed gets what it wants. it is going to tame inflation even if there is a recession coming as a result of their actions. they have been clear and they have been resolute in their language and so i think, i think investors have to understand, it is going to be a little choppy. on other side of that time has a way of healing these issues. so the fed is finally getting in front of inflation. prices are down, which means assets are cheaper and are better buys. and i think that we're going to start to see a new leadership start to emerge over the next couple years, give investors the opportunity to start to make money again. so i would tell investors, it is
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good to have cash on the sidelines, especially when treasuries are paying over 4% and it is good to have those cash holdings as dry powder to take advantage of volatility. ashley: any particular areas that you are thinking are still good value at this point? >> well we think the transition of leadership is still early. and so whether we're talking about value, traditional value securities, international stocks look historically cheap relative to the u.s. small cap stocks look, very, very inexpensive relative to the large cap breath en. for investors the bottom line is simply this, you can't look what has been successful in the past and hope it goes back to way it was because that is going to be struggle. we have rising rates. they will continue to go higher. we believe, quite frankly we are in a secular bear market in bonds, meaning interest rates will be going up for a long, long time. that changes the dynamic of the
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market. it brings in volatility. it makes it a little harder for the growth stocks. so we think it is time to rethink how you look at the markets. this isn't a market you throw the money in the s&p 500 and go to sleep to make the highest rate of return. those days are behind us. ashley: they are behind us indeed. leo, terrific information, thank you very much, sir, for joining us this morning. let's bring back lauren if we can. you're looking at movers, lauren, phillips. the dutch health care tech company. lauren: job cuts, so the stoke goes up. not only are they cutting 3,000 jobs this year, ashley, they're cutting another 3,000 by 2025. it is just this fall, they announced 4,000 layoffs. what do they do? schedule mri canners, ultrasounds machines and reported a loss for the fourth quarter. on top of the loss we got the job cut announcement. they're trimming costs that is the bottom line. goldman sachs says macy's is best positioned among retail
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stocks and the shares could rally 20%. kohl's, flat to sharply higher. had been down slightly. 27 price target. colgate paul poll i have you need toothpaste, et cetera, upgraded in morgan stanley. this is a buying opportunity they say because the stock sold up 10% in the past month. they think colgate has the best pricing power in the sector. ashley: great info, lauren, thank you very much. now this, new york city mayor acre l eric adams is forcing all employees to undergo crt training. we'll have more details on that. mike pompeo says chinese invaded every major american university. >> the mine cheese party is in every major american university. with research dollars and
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students. they're in the university of pennsylvania too. ashley: we're on that story. plus elon musk gave dave ruben a behind the scenes look at twitter headquarters in san francisco. dave learned about musk's fight for free speech. he will tell us about it next. ♪. if you have diabetes, then getting on the dexcom g6 is the single most important thing you can do. it eliminates painful fingersticks, helps lower a1c, and it's covered by medicare. before dexcom g6, i was frustrated. all of that finger-pricking and all of that pain,
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♪ earnings businesses across the country are pouring billions of dollars into art official intelligence advancements. lydia hu joins me now. lydia, what exactly are companies looking to do with this new technology?
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>> reporter: actually they have different objectives. they range from improving search functions, imitating credible thinking, and even up next reading human emotions. the one common goal here is making money. the a.i. market is exploding. the global market value reached nearly $120 billion last year and it is expected to exceed 1.5 trillion by 2030. microsoft is partnering partnerh open a.i. that is the maker of chatgpt, marrying chatgpt with microsoft search platform bing presents the company with the opportunity to compete with google but google which has long been considered the leader in a.i. is also said to be refocusing investment in artificial intelligence technology and will reportedly roll out new products this spring like its own chat bot. despite trimming 11,000 jobs meta is investing in a.i. to
10:19 am
improve ad targeting while it recovers from apple's privacy changes that limits meta's ability to gather information about users. money is flowing to startups, ashley. humai has raised more than $12 million with the goal to teach automated systems to understand human emotion. it already gained hundreds of clients that include call centers. and now, as china's tech company baidu plans to launch a chatgpt style bot in march, ashley also needs to be said the race is on between america and china to be the leader in artificial technology. ashley. ashley: amazing. a.i., means all in apparently. lydia, thank you very much. now come in here, lauren, talking of which a.i. technology like chatgpt is rising in popularity of course among children in particular. so the question is, is there anything like yourself can do to
10:20 am
protect their children? lauren: talk about it? does your child really know what it is? maybe work together using it, you can't say it is bad, you can't use it. explore it. there are negatives and also positives. if we like it or not chatgpt will usher in a new era of education, right? if i were a student i would want to use it, right? think about it. you're always on the computer, ant don't want to do your homework so use isn't parents and educators need to get around it, talking about when it is okay to use, when it is not. ashley: would have been really handy for me trying to do my homework. lauren: yeah. ashley: i was using encyclopedias back in the day. the internet didn't exist. that is how old i am. lauren, thank you very much. twitter's ceo, elon musk just gave dave rubin a behind the seen look at twitter's headquarters. lucky guy. dave, you join us now.
10:21 am
what did you learn during your trip? i would imagine it is pretty fascinating, so many layoffs, selling everything, was it kind of like a warehouse? >> yeah it was. it was rather extrordinary actually. i was there for two days. both times i met with elon after midnight. this guy is quite literally burning the midnight oil. he is working all day long, tons of engineers there, all night trying to fix the massive, massive problems but to your original point the place itself kind of feels like a ghost town. when elon got there he took there, the workforce was 7500 people. i think they have 3500 now. he fired half the people. i think that is just the beginning of what he is going to do there but what he kept describing to me i thought was most interesting he described the whole system as as a fractal rube goldberg machine jenga. you build the tower with little wood blocks.
10:22 am
if you pull one out that you might nokia the whole thing down. the code is layered, so much confusion, bad actors, bad programing, truly malicious things, hidden by the previous regime at twitter led by jack dorsey, is he trying to fix all of this. they fix one thing, then something else screws up. ashley: right. >> more than anything else i learned this guy is really, really trying. he kept talking about free speech. there was no talk of we want to censor people or anything else. he want as good product. he would like to make it profitable but i think first he wants to fix it. ashley: did he talk about shadow banning, dave? >> there is way more shadow banning going on that than we thought. one thing we learns from the twitter files, there were ways they could outwardly label the account, so internal they could see you're labeled misinformation. they found out first about my account, they did a deep dive
10:23 am
into nye account, layered in the codes there were several other waives they could be labeled they did not know about until last week. they're trying to figure out how many people were hit with this. if anything, i learned that it seemed like the entire system was built to shadow ban. so when jack dorsey, who was the former ceo testified that they don't shadow ban, i guess technically the word shadow ban is a little amorphous. call it whatever you want. there was a system in plies to make sure certain ideas would not be heard. ashley: fascinating stuff. i want to change topics completely, dave, i know you're very heart on this one. former secretary of state mike pompeo issued an alarming warning about china's threat to u.s. national security. listen to this and i will get your comment. >> we need to find out if the chinese communist party may have had access at the university of pennsylvania where president biden clearly had documents. it would be a pretty open space. maria, you talk and i talked
10:24 am
about this for years. the chinese communist party is at every major university. with research and students. the chinese officials met classified documents in the space. they were in the same place. we need to toe h to know if there is any risk they might have gotten ahold of them. ashley: do you agree with that assessment, dave? >> of course. i had secretary pompeo on my show last week. he reit rated that point. what he is talking about something we all know. china has its fingers in almost every part of american society right now. let's not forget, according to kevin mccarthy, the house majority leader, eric swalwell had a relationship with a chinese spy since i tend to believe since the media refuses to debunk it. if they're in it with our congressman, and in it at our educational institutions god knows what else, we have a real issue here, we better figure out fast. this country seems to be, i would say at a federal level
10:25 am
veering out of control. there are good things happening at the state level. we need to figure out what is going on at the top right now. >> and as soon as possible. dave rubin, great stuff. thanks for joining us. we really appreciate it. >> thank you. ashley: now this, employees in new york city -- thank you. employees in new york city will have to take manadatory critical race theory training. lauren, come on in here. what is this all about. lauren: fox news got a copy of the training, mandatory for all new york city employees by eric adams. they need to complete it by march 6th. what is it about? three types of racism, individual, institutional and structural. you learn about each one but the bottom line everything is looked at the through the lens of race not only establish but also justify systems of power and privilege that have been in place. so got to take it if you work for the city. ashley: leave it right there
10:26 am
apparently, that is mandatory indeed. lauren, thanks so much. an advisory committee for the fda is raising doubts about an annual covid booster shot. we talked a lot about this. they say the virus is still too new. dr. marty makary son the show. we'll ask him what he thinks about getting a yearly booster shot for covid. shocking bodycam video of tyre nichols being beaten by five police officers is sparking protests across the country. the former cops are expected to appear in court later this week. charles watson will have the very latest report from memphis next. ♪ you'll always remember buying your first car. but the things that last a lifetime like happiness, love and confidence... you can't buy those. but you can invest in them.
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and you are? i'm an invesco qqq, a fund that gives me access to... nasdaq 100 innovations like... wearable training optimization tech. uh, how long are you... i'm done. i'm okay. ♪. ashley: all right, let's take a look at these markets. very cautious this morning, a little bit of selling. the dow marginally higher but s&p, nasdaq, down one 1/4%. come in here, lauren. you're looking at other movers. let's begin with apple. lauren: big tech selling off big time today. the well-known apple analyst says apple will launch a foldable ipad next year as a result of that it will slow the pace of ipad releases and updates this year. one of the reason apple is down.
10:31 am
take a look at ge health care. it is the first sole -- solo spin off report after sale to ge. they expect sales to grow five to 7% this year that is good enough for a 4% pop. american express, at least eight brokerages raising their price target. the highest i see 197. many reports say similar thing. citigroup says customer spending won't fall off a cliff, spending could weaken and credit losses could rise faster than expected. ashley: doing better this morning. american express up a 1 1/4%. now this, protests erupted across the country over the weekend after body camera footage was released in the killing of tyre nichols. he was allegedly beaten to death by five former police officers. charles watson in tennessee this morning. charles, what is the latest?
10:32 am
>> reporter: ashley we learned five former memphis police officers charged with second-degree murder and other offenses in death of 23-year-old tyre nichols. they will have a bail arraignment february 17th. after release of the body cam video, we warn viewers it is disturbing and hard to watch, there are questions whether others will be charged as well. on the video you see officers participating in a savage beating of nichols where he is kicked, punched, pepper sprayed, struck with a baton multiple times as nichols is least seemingly defenseless. you also see in the video other officers show up on scene and stand around as the bloody nichols is left to wait more than 20 minutes to get medical attention. at least two memphis fire department employees and two they shelby county sheriffs deputies were relieved of their duties pending a internal investigation. we spoke to a defense attorney about this here is what he had to say. >> to go to a scene like that
10:33 am
where your coworkers are beating somebody to death, stand around with your hands in your pocket. that is not good enough. that is just like economisting the crime yourself. >> reporter: yeah, protests in memphis and other cities across the country remain largely peaceful this weekend at the request of nichols family who described nichols who was someone who was non-violent. he was a father to a four-year-old who loved to skateboard and watch the sunset. his mother says she is determined to get justice for her son. >> i'm not one to stop until every person that had anything to do with my son's death is prosecuted to the fullest of the law. i hate the fact that it was five black men that actually did this to another black man. my son probably was their age. >> reporter: yeah, that is calls for police reform continue.
10:34 am
we're learning at least two of the officers charged. >> darius bean, haley joined the memphis pd after department loosened hiring requirements for officers in 2018. the department was short-staffed t dropped the requirement that recruits have an associates degree and full-time job for at least five years. but to be clear, we do not if bean and haley did not meet the more stringent requirements. we learned that the scorpion unit was disbanded permanently. at least some of the officers involved in the beating were part of that unit. we're learning that the parents of tyre nichols will be in attendance at president biden's state of the union address next week at the request of the congressional black caucus. ashley? ashley: charles watson in memphis thank you very much. we have a gabriel a former
10:35 am
antifa activist. good morning to you. to charles's point we have seen protests across the country. they have been mostlies peaceful correct? >> they have been, good morning. what happened to tyre nichols is sickening. many people want to reform police tactics to have voices heard and that is great. we have to acknowledge the threat antifa poses. they don't just want voices heard they want to abolish police and start violence on the street. they put out a call on violence. they wanted to quote, burn it all down. we want to be sure they don't turn into the summer riots in summer of 2020. law enforcement and politicians have to have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to vie violence. ashley: antifa, is it persistent in violent reactions as it has been or starting to fade a little? >> there is definitely a strong presence in antifa to this very day. you know something, look at new york, for example. there was and antifa activist
10:36 am
got on top of a patrol cruiser and started breaking the window. you know what the police did? they immediately pulled him down and arrested him. i commend the police officers. that is how you fight against antifa. you take swift action when they try to start violence. what ends up happening they start the violence and regular citizens start piling on among all the chaos. in order to fight antifa you have to take swift action and that way it stops the violence from spreading. ashley: very quickly, gabriel, i know in georgia, following unrest there on another issue, when over cop city, the new cop training facility in atlanta, i think some of those arrested were charged with domestic terrorism. is that right and is that what needs to be done? >> yeah. domestic terrorism is very simple. if you're trying to enact political change through violence that is basically the definition of terrorism. so i applaud the atlanta officers who, who charged him with domestic terrorism.
10:37 am
you know something. i want to add this. we commission ad national survey, 75% of americans support fully funding the police. americans understand fully funding the police will stop violence like the kind we saw in georgia and other places. as a result we'll hire more qualified police officers if we fully funding the police. without that we have chaos. ashley: thank you, gabriel. thank you for taking time to chat with us. i do appreciate it. an air force general, thank you. make as chilling prediction saying we could be on the brink of war with china in just two years. kt mcfar land will deal with that in the next hour. republican senator tom cotton congress will impose pain on the white house until they give them access to the biden's classified documents. peter doocy with a full report
10:38 am
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♪. ashley: president trump and vice president pence, of course let's not forget president biden, have all recently found classified documents in their homes but there may be bipartisan agreement whether documents are considered classified too easily. peter doocy is with us, great to see you, peter. the question are lawmakers going back to see what actually needs to be classified s that the case? >> reporter: a big part of the problem now lawmakers still don't know what the whole document mess is about and here at the white us, no surprise officials are not saying much about this at all. that doesn't mean there is not growing support, growing concern
10:43 am
on capitol hill about sources and methods. >> these actually put peoples lives at risk who are working to try to protect our country and to keep our secrets safe. >> reporter: others on the hill are puzzled why they are being stiff armed by intel officials. >> these are probably materials we already have access to, which just don't know which one they are. it is not about being nosey. here is the bottom line. if in fact the documents were sensitive, materials were sensitive and they pose a counter intelligence or national security threat to the united states, then the intelligence agencies are tasked with a job of coming up ways to mitigate that. >> reporter: the justice department is trying to figure out a way to tell senators more about this without jeopardizing the biden special counsel investigation or the trump special counsel investigation. so far top democrats are among those very unhappy with the lack of transparency. >> our job is not to figure out if somebody mishandled those. our job is to make sure there is not intelligence compromise.
10:44 am
while the director of national intelligence had been willing to brief us earlier now that you have got the special counsel, the notion that we're going to be left in limbo and we can't do our job, that just cannot stand. >> reporter: president biden is trying very hard to change the subject. he has got a full week of trips out of town to talk about infrastructure and some dnc fund-raisers as we inch closer to february, the morning, earliest month he is reportedly considering announcing for re-election. ashley? ashley: nothing to see here. move along. pete doocy, great stuff, peter, thank you very much. let's take a look at this, an equal number of americans are concerned about the classified documents found at both president biden's wilmington home and mr. trump's mar-a-lago home, despite how differently the two responded. joe concha joins me now. great to see you, joe. what is your reaction to all of this? it was outrage of course when the fbi raided pre-dawn hours
10:45 am
mar-a-lago and then there is joe biden, oh, just in the locked garage next to my 'vette, interesting. >> right. not just that garage but obviously at the penn biden center in washington as well. but i think, ashley, as far as the act of taking classified documents during or after leaving office i think it has become a wash for both joe biden and donald trump in terms of changing any votes in the 2024 elections because we not only have biden but we have trump, now we have the former vice president pence all committing the same act. has anybody checked on dan quayle lately? almost like a high school kegger. everybody is drinking. everybody is underage. seeming everybody is doing it then it doesn't seem as much like a horrible sin but it is just amazing, regardless who we talk about here, how easily classified documents could be taken from the white house or other sensitive areas and the bigger question as it pertains to the sitting president, ashley, what is in these documents? does any of have classified information that has to do with hunter biden, business dealings in china or ukraine or both and
10:46 am
did joe biden profit off the deals based on influence peddling of the family name. if that is the case we have at least in the case of china a sitting president compromised by arguably our biggest adversary. it is not so much the taking of the documents, that is important, don't get me wrong but what is in them will be the next chapter in the story. ashley: right, exactly. now this topic, joe, democrat congressman jim hines claims house speaker kevin mccarthy's move to kick out adam schiff and eric swalwell out of intel committee could hurt national security. listen to this. >> i know adam schiff. i know why republicans are angry with adam schiff he led in my opinion capable investigation what the president of the united states did holding up to aid to ukraine that made them angry. to appease his right-wing kevin mccarthy sort of had to throw adam schiff on the fire along with eric swalwell that hurts our national security. between the two of them they have 20 years of intelligence
10:47 am
oversight. that evidently is gone now. that makes us a less safe country. ashley: you know what? i think intelligence is misnomer here, joe, because let's face it, schiff was the one who went around touting the steele dossier, screaming collusion, russia, russia, was completely wrong and then of course we have swalwell who has a relationship with a chinese spy. give me a break. >> precisely. adam schiff actually put the steele dossier into the congressional record without verifying it whatsoever because he wanted to believe it, right? must have been opposite day when that interview, if you want to call it that when it was conducted by the way. adam schiff he is the michael avenatti of congress. tons of media attention, lacking any shred of credibility, ashley. washington's worst-kept secret by the way, schiff leaked to the press time and time again. he simply can't be trusted especially on the intel committee. for years he had evidence of evidence of collusion between donald trump and the kremlin he never produced it.
10:48 am
other media outlets continued to book him on several interviews and treated his word as goss fell. if you play the game, eric swalwell when you first two words you come to mind when you hear his name, fang fang would be the number one answer. elections have consequences, ashley. when democrats side to move republicans from committee. republicans were given green light to do it when they came into power. this is how it works unfortunately. ashley: unfortunately is right. joe concha, terrific stuff as always. thank you for chatting with us. >> great to see you. ashley: thank you, same here. a group of teenagers vandalized a brewery in michigan causing $200,000 in damage to the property. the owner of that brewery says he may never be able to reeven. he is on our show to talk about it. police releasing video of attack on nancy pelosi's house and the alleged attacker is speaking out from jail. we have his chilling message
10:49 am
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10:53 am
attack on former speaker nancy pelosi's husband paul has been released and the alleged attacker in this is speaking out. take us through it, lauren. >> so the video, we'll show it to you. it shows police at the pelosi's doorstep. there is paul and his attacker, david depape his attacker. depape grabs it, literally hit pelosi over the head. that is when police barge in. it is hard to watch. he pled not guiltity with charges attempted murder and earlier abuse. in jail he called a san francisco tv station, and announced his motive but also his disturbing regret, listen. listen. >> i have an important message for everyone in america. you're welcome. liberty isn't dying. it is being killed systematically, distributely. the people killing it have names and addresses. i got their names and addresses
10:54 am
so i could pay them a little visit. i want to apologize to everyone. i messed up. what i did was really bad. i'm so sorry. i didn't get more of them. >> so ashley, he was attacking people he thought killed freedom and liberty. he wishes he was able to attack more of them. ashley: very disturbing. lauren, thank you very much. talking of disturbing my next guest spent years trying to build up his business. now he may be forced to close his new brewery before it even opens. this after a group of vandals broke in and caused $200,000 worth of damage, disgusting. ryan long, is the owner of dirt bag brewing company. he joins me now. ryan, take me through it. what happened? >> showed up, well two weeks ago, juveniles were on site there. i showed up on a thursday morning and found that the end of the building all the windows were blown out of the overhead
10:55 am
doors. the door was passengersly open. the pettibone was there that was destroyed. they taken caps off the hydraulic lines, oil lines. pulled the air filter apart, put sand in the motor. went through the building breaking enpiece of glass, every piece in the building being ready to go up was destroyed. they came back for three consecutive days. ashley: oh. have they been found? have they been arrested? what is the story there? >> they have been identified. they have, yes, the juveniles have contact with the police. they all have records. they all have three confessions. unfortunately at this point they are still, still around town. no consequences, no accountability at this point. you know, nobody has came forward to say anything to myself or the business or anything like that. ashley: right. >> it is pretty disturbing for
10:56 am
the community. we live small, rurally. the school is worried what will happen. concerns with these juveniles. just being a sense of, such a senseless, you know, demoralizing attack here. ashley: well it is absolutely disgusting. i really hope you can get back on your feet, ryan. i hope you don't have to close permanently before opening but we would like to stay in touch with you to chart your progress. we do thank you for taking time to speak with us this morning. ryan, thank you so much. >> yes, thanks. we are looking for -- ashley: thank you. >> thanks. looking for help. ashley: all right, bryan. good luck to you. we promise we'll stay in touch. all right, still ahead, steve forbes, kt mcfarland, dr. marty makary and leo terrell. the 11:00 a.m. hour of "varney & company" is next. ♪.
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