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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  January 30, 2023 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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eu what is the answer, lauren? >> i was vase lating between 12 and 16 but my final answer is 12. ashley: i told you. you are a star. the answer is 12. but here is the classic thing about this the 12 stars do not have anything to do with the number of member countries. the eu says the gold stars, quote, stand for the ideals of unity, solidarity, harmony among the peoples of europe. in other words it has nothing to do with the number 12th. that is classic eu. leave it at that, lauren. markets heading lower on this monday. dow, zap, nasdaq as you can see, the nasdaq is moving lower. that is all for "varney & company." "coast to coast" starts right now. neil: there are big weeks and then there are really big weeks and for investors they don't come much bigger than the next
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five days. no wonder so many are anxious. you would be too in 20% of s&p 500 companies reported earnings over these next five days. the fact is they do. federal reserve policy makers holding a crucial meeting, likely ready to hike rates jet again. they are. perhaps the biggest economic statistic of them all, due early end of this week on friday morning, this crazy week potentially rattles investors all over again. the fact is, the january employment report is due out then. and we are all over it right now. let's go right to kelly o'grady with the very latest. what we could be looking for in this crazy of crazy weeks. kelly. >> reporter: hi, neil, certainly a big week ahead for earnings and economic data. let's see how that is manifesting in the broader market right now. i want to start on a positive note for once, take a look at the big winners today, so you have got ge health care. it is trading up close to 4% right now on its earnings report
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this am. first since being spun off from general electric. showed strong revenue growth and a showed a bullish out for 2023 with increase of digitization in the health care space. i want to look at carvana. this one is jumping significantly over 35% right now. the stock had to be halted briefly on the performance. the company is slashing costs amidst potential bankruptcy. the stock last year was at $162. it shows you such a big difference very as you a year ago. let's look at ge medical innovation. that is up 83%. the company received another patent for their vital signs monitoring system they're developing. a lot of health care stocks having a strong showing today. we have got on losers. luxury ev group, lucid, they're down over 6% right now on the news ford is cutting prices on their evs. that follows a similar move from
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tesla that continues to reverberate across all the ev stocks. i i want to look at jenner rack, down significantly right now. one of the worst performing stocks in the s&p 500 last year. they are up 1% for the year. finally nvidia also down today. likely, you can see there, roughly 3 1/2%. likely as tech stocks get set to report. of course, speaking of that, it is a big week for tech. you have got meta on wednesday reporting. amazon, apple, google all reporting thursday. and after microsoft last week's shared dismal guidance, you can see a lot of trepidation manifesting in the big tech stocks. all down over a percent. meta down over 2% right now. i want to highlight these results will include the holiday season. that is normally the best time for product sales and ad spending so the guidance is really what we're going to be looking for as we flirt with a recession. a lot of analysts are hoping for
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cuts in the expansion areas that drag down profits. i want to close quickly with the look at nasdaq for the whole. over the year doing well up 10%. it was close to 2% earlier. the nasdaq is tech-heavy. what you're seeing the hesitancy ahead of those big techers this week. of course neil, many have been doing major layoffs. so you kind of see manifesting in there what does that mean for the quarterly results we're going to see from the big names this week. certainly would be good stuff to see this week, neil. neil: they see headwinds. so obviously they're cutting so we'll keep a close eye on it. great job wrapping it up, kelly. go to jonathan hoenig what is happening on nasdaq, clearly technology stocks. jonathan, you and i discussed the group a favorite of the last big runup. a lot of people are hoping to see that run up resume. that we can't have one without them in it or maybe them leading it. where are you on this, what are you expecting? >> well, neil, tech has had a
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pretty amazing bounceback as kelly mentioned. it is up almost 10%, the nasdaq. interestingly some of the worst stocks of last year, she mentions carvana, it is up 30% this year. up 130% just this year. of course still down 70 or 80% from the all-time high. neil, we've gone from oversold at the end of last year with overbought now, with 80% of stocks above the 200-day moving average. you have a lot of enthusiasm out there. that is what makes these earnings so important. when you look at meta, all the major tech stocks, they're still a big part of the indices. the old saying when elephants dance mice get trampled. investors have to be very careful. we'll see some major moves in markets this week. neil: you know a lot of these guys, technology companies were laying off not in large percentages, when you hear thousands of workers laid off, certainly sounds that way, not in large percentages. ken fisher has interesting column in today's "new york post," talking about how prepared we are for recession that might not come
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but he likes seeing that because often times a lot of companies, as our investors are caught flat-footed ahead of one. where are you on this? >> ironically, neil, the companies you mentioned that have been cutting, like the big cap tech stocks, often times when they announce the cuts, stocks go up, so in effect they're liking the fact a lot of that fat has been cut. honestly, talk to any one in the tech industry. during expansion, during the stimulus, there was a lot of hiring, pie-in-the-sky thinking. not only inflation, excuse me the earnings will be important, what the impact on inflation will mean for these companies. keep in mind last year's market downturn really started when facebook announced impact of inflation on the bottom line going back to february or march of 2022. all eyes will be on earnings. market has all the time in the world. what is interesting is, even as tech has bounced still off the all-time highs, value stocks are right up at their all-time
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highs. that is bullish sign so today we're seeing names like verizon, at&t. you haven't heard about them lately but if i were to put money to work i think value is the top idea much more than tech. neil: unless something goes kablooey by tomorrow, we'll have a up week for the markets particularly nasdaq on the month. a lot of people cling to the january indicator as preview of the year. as january goes, so goes the rest of the year, not all the time, certainly most of the time. what do you make of that? >> the problem with investing like that is that it works up until the point it doesn't. i think you have to keep an eye on today's market. you know, honestly, do some context searching from your own perspective as an investor. neil, people think they're in it for long term. they start looking on week to week or month to month basis. back in the early 1970s, 1966 and 1974, the market went from 900 to 800, five or six times. so the market is almost like a
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bucking bronco, it wants to buck us out. even more important to keep the long-term perspective. neil: i don't know, you get to my age, long term is breakfast tomorrow, jonathan. we'll see what happens. always good talking to you on this. >> good luck, brother. neil: jonathan touched on other developments, just the macro environment, federal reserve could go a long way determining where that bows. they wrap up a meeting starts tomorrow on wednesday they expect to hike rates quarter of a percent, slowing things down. maybe a sign of things to come. we have diana roth, university of washington, adjunct professor, suffice it to say a real smarty pants. diana always great having you. quarter point given, question comes another six weeks later is another quarter point given or is that the meeting they hold off?
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>> very important for the fed to get inflation out of the system. america is made up of small businesses, farmers. these are hurting because of inflation and i think if they have a 25 basis point increase this time they will have another one and they will keep on a series of 25 basis.increases. they could still have a 50 basis point increase this time, just to show that they are serious about getting inflation out of the system. but they can't do it alone. congress has to help by reducing spending and the administration has to help by reducing regulations. that all owl place upward pressure on prices. neil: not putting my bets or optimism on the latter. i hope you're right. i don't know, diana. let me ask a little bit about the possibility you raise of a half a point hike. obviously that would rattle the markets. you see it as one of the things you can do to send a clear
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message. they're serious about this. wouldn't the fallout be pretty brutal for socks? >> i think it would be, neil. most people are expecting a 25 basis point increase but we should not take a 50 basis point increase off the table. it is a possibility and it would show that the fed was serious because, inflation is still running hot. we cannot let our guard down. neil: you know, know diana, if you think about it, last year at this time this hadn't started. two huge event started around the beginning of march. federal reserve hikes, of course the war in ukraine. both have significantly impacted the global economy. i don't know where the war in ukraine is going but i really don't know the path of interest rates, where that is going. i see banks, the world over, continuing to hike, maybe not to the degree they once did but i would imagine it's a theme that will play out for the year.
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what do you think? >> yes. not just in the united states. also in markets abroad. inflation did peak in july. it has been going steadily lower. the pce index, the fed's favorite measure has been going lower. that is not excuse for the fed to take off, take its foot off the accelerator right now. although the fed also doesn't want to be driving the economy into a recession. we are looking for a soft landing. the fed is looking for a soft landing. as milton friedman said, lags with monetary policy are variable and unpredictable. neil: but if they had a quick jump ball decision to make a soft landing that turns into an outright recession or not, they would go with the recession, wouldn't they? i mean the battle against inflation is such, they would rather err on the side of overdoing it? >> they would. that's why it is important for
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the administration to try to reduce unnecessary regulation. it is important for congress to try to tamp down on spending and this debt ceiling fight is one way to do that. but, a series of 25 basis point increases is still going to place downward pressure on inflation and still preserve the possibility of a soft landing especially with the job market being so strong, neil. we haven't had such a strong job market in the past with high inflation. neil: i'm glad you mentioned that diana. that is the powerful backdrop we often forget. you never forgot that. i appreciate that. diana furchtgott-roth. many see that, i would point out, many wouldn't see a degree a of hikes we had since. we're getting word that the tiktok chief executive will testify before congress. probably not a moment too soon
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and it's only available to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. >> who is really scared because tiktok might get banned [bleep] >> bro, they're banning tiktok in five states, one of the states is texas. i live in texas, bro. >> what do i do [bleep] what do i do [bleep] >> tiktok is getting banned. never mind it is not. only banned a little bit. just kidding it is being banned a lot. neil: all right. i guess those young people are not too keen on the possibility that tiktok could soon be banned. forget in different states. we'll talk to a governor working quickly to make that happens in his. national federal effort to do just that. could explain why the tiktok executive, decided to testify
12:18 pm
before congress in march, i believe before the house energy and commerce committee. ahead staff is montana governor, greg giantforte, who right now is leading effort to get a ban on the app at least at montana universities. governor, good to have you. you heard how a lot of young people feel. i don't know if you're getting the same sthey say know harm, n, leave us alone. what do you say? >> thanks for having me on. it is important. the chinese are not our friend. they have been infringing on freedom. continue to make montana a sanctuary for freed tom. we don't need the chinese communist party monitoring students and our people. so we issued a directive. we removed it from all state equipment. now we're working with universities to remove it on campus. neil: did you, or do you plan, governor to, make any efforts to reach out to those young people? i don't know the sentiment in your state versus other states
12:19 pm
but we played some of that here. i'm not saying that mirrors exactly how all young people feel, far from it, but a lot of them are cynical, jaded about this. people whether they're chinese or american companies, always spying and listening in on what we're doing, so no big deal to them. not all, to many though. i'm wondering how you reach out to them to explain the gravity of the situation as you see it? >> well it is important. i would just basically, those individuals who -- not an example. we love freedom here. we don't want people collecting our personal and private information and using it for nefarious purposes, or to threaten our national security. so i think it is important we have this dialogue with young people and all people. so i've been very clear with people of montana. i would say to all americans, tiktok, communist chinese government are not our friends.
12:20 pm
if you have it on your phone you should remove it. because you don't want people in your business. neil: all right. governor. i'm sorry pressed for time. other breaking news developments we're following. thank you very much. i appreciate your clarification on this. you're not alone. of the governors who are trying to ban outright in their state, running into some criticism but from younger users of tiktok that remain as favorite social media site. in the meantime, we now have word the president of the united states and kevin mccarthy speaker of house are indeed going to meet on wednesday, i believe. there a couple things told could make the debt talks, not exclusively debt talks, problematic. chad pergram on the latest what we can expect. chad. >> reporter: neil, let the kibe buck key theater begin. house speaker kevin mccarthy and president biden begin a delicate dance ahead of wednesday's meeting. president insists he will not investigate on the debt ceiling.
12:21 pm
president biden: not let anyone use the fulls, faith and of the credit. united states which pay our debt. it took 200 years to accumulate that debt. >> reporter: there is risk especially if that position rattles the markets. the meeting is a major test for mccarthy. conservatives want to see if the speaker shows backbone and can rumble with the president. the gop demands deep cuts. >> i don't want to sit and negotiate here. i would rather sit down with the president and let's have those discussions. the one thing i do know, we cannot continue the waste that is happening. we cannot continue to just spend more money and leverage the debt of the future of america. we've got to get to a balanced budget. >> reporter: democrats insist the gop showing exactly what it would cut. democrats argue the plans are not realistic. republicans have discussed cuts to military spending and health programs. the left warns of the political danger posed by deep cuts to
12:22 pm
entitlements. >> our old friend donald trump, you recall what he just said a week or two ago. he said to his republican colleagues, don't cut social security and medicare. they will listen to him. other job is to create pressure around an agenda that works for the working class and middle class. be aggressive, pass the bill in the senate. >> reporter: entitlements comprise 70% of all federal spending. the government can lump along not paying some bills until june. lifting the debt ceiling coupled with a some sort of a budget pact, requires a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers to vote yes. neil. neil: i do understand, chad, kevin mccarthy said social security and medicare cuts are off the table presuming in the debt negotiations. you and i both know especially given the cbo report next week the social security trust funds stands to run out of money in 10
12:23 pm
years. cut the or at least trimming growth may be extending this out like we had with ronald reagan and tip o'neill in the early '80s does not seem to be a likely development? >> reporter: this is what they talked about in the mid-1990s when newt gingrich came into power as speaker of the house. were they making a cut or altering the rate of growth? of course that is in the eye of the beholder. neil: right. you're right about that thank you very much, chad, we'll keep an eye on that. keeping an eye on the beatle over the documents from the biden white house, what do they say, how many are there but there is sort of a competition going on between the general counsels in charge looking at this and some of the committees that want to get their hands on this, after this. ♪.
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neil: all right. we have the classified document battle going on right now with the white house and the white house of course working through the justice department is saying you will see them when they say it's appropriate that someone should see them. right now justice is sort of giving away to the general counsel working on this. committees from two in the house to one in the senate are saying, it has got to be a better way to do this. how do you find a good middle ground that satisfies everyone? good luck with that. aishah hasnie on capitol hill with more. >> reporter: hey there, neil. the doj is keeping very busy responding to all the committees requests. over the weekend they finally responded to the senate intelligence committee to tell them they will at some point, we don't know when, they will brief those senators about the trump
12:29 pm
and biden classified documents. take a look, according to cbs assistant attorney general carlos sent a letter that reads in part we're working with the office of the national intelligence to support the provision of information that will satisfy's the committee's responsibilities without harming the ongoing special counsel investigation. so this all comes after dni avril haines failed to provide any sort of briefing or even damage assessment to this committee last week. members say that she was citing the ongoing special counsel's investigations, even though the doj is now attempting to find a compromise, neil. it is really unclear if it is going to go far enough because chairman mark warner and vice-chair, marco rubio, they want to actually see the documents. >> we have a right as not only members of the intelligence committee but as part of the leadership to read virtually every classified document. the notion that we're going to be left in limbo and we can't do our job, that just cannot stand.
12:30 pm
>> reporter: vice-chair marco rubio in fact said the panel is even willing to withhold funding to intelligence agencies to get access to these documents even though he says he would prefer not to go down that road. we don't need that sound bite because i want to actually tell you about this new letter, neil, that was just sent over by the same assistant ag to now the judiciary chairman, jim jordan in response to his request for information. this time though, neil, he is actually denying jim jordan some of his requests saying they are central to the investigation. they could hurt the investigation, for example, jordan has requested communications between the fbi and the doj. he also wants to know where fiscally these documents are right now, the physical location duarte writes in the letter, disclosure to congress, actions and investigations and risks jeopardize the investigations create the appearance congress
12:31 pm
may be exerting improper political pressure or attempting to influence department decisions in certain cases. so in this letter there are somewhat rejecting jordan's request. meanwhile, just to remind you, tomorrow is a big day because the house oversight committee will actually finally get to sit down and interview, kind of in a deposition type situation, the national archives general counsel that happens tomorrow morning. and chairman comer told reporters today, that he is going to ask him if they think, if the national archives thinks this mishandling of documents was in fact malice or if it was just ineptitude? they will try to find out from the national archives. neil? >> either one or both are awful if that is the case. thank you very much for that. i want to go to victoria spartz, sits on judiciary committee and oversight of two house committees looking into this,
12:32 pm
besides what is going on in the senate with the intelligence committee. congresswoman, always good to have you. let me ask you about the order of event, congresswoman. what if the senate intelligence committee gets the info before your committee does? >> let me tell you, thank you for having me, neil, but really the issue we're talking to here no one is above the law and no one is below the law. what is interest for me, we're doing investigations, we didn't address when hillary clinton had a lot of classified information on her private server. if any 18-year-old private in the army would have the information he or she would be in jail. this is serious issue. we do not need to look what happened, how we can change this, it is not acceptable. it's a double standard. neil: i know big emphasis will be to talk to the national archives chief counsel. you could make an argument the national archives should have known about missing documents. they in all of these cases,
12:33 pm
congresswoman, were the last to find out. so i'm wondering if things need to tighten up there? they are absolutely the purveyor and holder of these documents and responsible for their welfare? >> well, it seems like this is pretty pervasive issue. the same issues that we have fisa violations, that we have with the department of justice and fbi. we have to start looking into this seriously. there are some serious national security threats could come out of it. i don't think we just need to just investigate for the sake of investigation. but actually develop solutions, how we can go forward, not to have this situation with the next administration or this administration again. neil: you know, congresswoman, while i have you, you stood out among many republican colleagues expressing concern of, for the ouster from key committees of congresswoman omar, swalwell, that surprised you. you were not for that. i don't want to mischaracterize
12:34 pm
how you felt about it, but could you explain? >> thank you so much. i want to just be very clear. i'm not here to defend any of these democrat representatives. there is no love lost between them and i. i'm here to defend you know, the rule of law, the presumption of innocence and due process and freedom of speech. anyone should be entitled to due process. if we as republicans believe in the rule of law we cannot be hypocrites and cannot keep other side, have a double standard because otherwise we'll have a tyranny of the majority, what they want mob rule. i grew up in mob rule. i'm fine with that, a lot of guns and ammunitions but i don't think a what our constitutional republic is founded upon. there are better solutions. have a tit-for-tat, we can go through proper due process and address a legitimate concern. the members need to address, not through making messaging. neil: so when you hear, you know, that democrats did the same thing, not allowing certain
12:35 pm
conservative firebrand of your colleagues on their committees, you just don't like the whole tit-for-tat going on? that is not a way to run government? >> it is not and as i said two wrongs don't make a right. we can go and look at fixing it. we can establish processes to address this issues but we have to, you know, support the rule of law. we have to support protection of rights. as a constitutional republic i have a problem with that we were complaining in that committee, i personally, stood on the floor and complained to democrats that they're violating all of our rights of freedom of speech and doing censoring of conservatives. we need to make sure we're not accused doing the same. there are legitimate concerns but that is not the way to address. these people have to be able to defend themselves and make their case. they would have to make a decision. neil: congresswoman, thank you very much. you speak your mind very eloquently. victoria spartz, indiana congresswoman who separated herself from kevin mccarthy and
12:36 pm
others in republican leadership in the house ostracizing democratic members even though she finds them equally repelling, this tit-for-tat is counterproductive. meantime, tesla owners on fire, not because their vehicles are on fire, new buyers were getting big cuts in prices and they never were. they're letting it be known after this. ♪ at adp, we use data-driven insights to design solutions to help you manage payroll, benefits, and hr today, so you can have more success tomorrow. ♪ one thing leads to another, yeah, yeah ♪ hi, i'm katie, i've lost 110 pounds on golo in just over a year. i was a diet soda addict,
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12:41 pm
for example, texas, tweets, neil cavuto should be the guy you have come in when everyone else called in sick. it is a little mean. we have michigan man, cavuto is a dork and not entertaining whatsoever. you know, michigan man, you've written before. apparently i'm not that dork enough because you keep writing. all right, then we have jonathan clark, neil strikes me as a geek but a nice one. i like that. i think that is fairly accurate. i am indeed a geek but i like to think a nice one. we had this kathleen viewer email, saying i can't believe you read my email on your show today. richly rewarded if you say nice things by the way. proves i do watch your show and i made national news. i also won't babysit my grandkids on saturday unless i have the tv to watch your saturday show. i'm worried about your grandkids but thank you for that. again we would love to hear from you, all kidding aside here. tweet us @teamcavuto.
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email us at cavuto @fox dot-com. my staff warned me when you open it up to everyone, people ask me the ratio you get flattering versus unflattering? i will not tell you that but it is over medical mingly flattering, i'm not one to brag. my modesty is one of the qualities love myself. one ever qualities i love edward lawrence as well, on the white house beat right now, the administration's not so modest approach, that the infrastructure plan the reason, right, edward? >> reporter: exactly right. the president any minute is supposed to leave his delaware home, going to baltimore. he will tout a major bipartisan infrastructure bill in investment in a train tunnel under residential areas in baltimore. the current tunnel in place is 150 years old. only a single track goes through
12:43 pm
there. 30 miles-an-hour trains have to go through there. it take as bottleneck for people. after president biden says he is doing everything he can to lower gas prices yet there has been no change in energy policy from this president since he took office. >> the department of energy is working with refineries to bring capacity back online, swiftly and safely and the president will continue to do everything he can to keep lowering costs for the american families. >> reporter: some republicans though calling this lip service which americans see through. in fact a new nbc news poll shows 71% of people think the country is on the wrong track. >> first off he declared a war on american energy production, literally day number one of his presidency when he signed an executive order that killed the keystone xl pipeline. by the way, killing tens of thousands of union jobs. okay? but he, went out of his way to make it harder to permit, make
12:44 pm
it harder to have infrastructure. >> reporter: now he talked about gas prices are creeping up. $3.50 today, eight cents more than a week ago. 33 cents more than regular unleaded a month ago and one dollar, 11 cents more than when president biden took office, neil. neil: edward, thank you for all of that, my friend, edward lawrence at the white house. by the way trying to keep up with tesla. of course its earnings surprise on the upside. sold a lot more vehicles than thought probably because it cut the price of a lot of those vehicles and that did speed up sales. good for those new buyers. not good for existing tesla owners who felt they got duped. susan li with that more on the story. >> reporter: ripped off. they didn't get the 20% price cut they are not happy. tesla cut the price this month of best-selling cars here the u.s. and elsewhere around the world. discounts were aimed to get the sticker prices below $55,000.
12:45 pm
so americans can qualify for the tax credit of $7500 back from the federal government but for those who bought their teslas at full price, they're now asking for freebies to make up for it. free or discounted software download on full self driving for instance. we know tesla, the tesla china owners flooded into showrooms last month protesting the price cuts there when they paid full price. tesla cut china prices by 6 to 13% over the past month. now price cuts as you have seen, they have upset car owners but for tesla stock owners they have been pretty happy this month. the stock had the best week since may 2013 since last week. up a third in five sessions. the stock is up 44% in a month's time. you heard elon musk on the earnings call, i listened in, the price cuts that demand outstripped production by two to one. baron's research called tesla a buy this morning with $200 in their view.
12:46 pm
tesla price cuts igniting a price war for electric cars around the country. ford this morning saying it will cut the price of its electric mustang mach e by as much as $5900. that depends on the specs and model that you want to buy but the ceo says they won't make money and profit on each mach e model as a result of price cuts but they're doubling production of the second best-selling ev model. they will make 1,830,000 going forward. speaking of electric cars, have you looked at lucent east stock, neil? they're giving back 45% on friday. the stock was halted several times on friday. jumped almost 65% at the highs. there is a rumor going around that the saudi public investment fund might buy 35% it already don't own in lucid. that is kind of a classic short squeeze, a third of lucid shares are being shorted right now. it only makes 7,000 cars
12:47 pm
compared to 1.4 million tesla makes there is a cash burn of two to three billion each every year. kind of like the neil cavuto household. neil: right. you can bet price cuts on those vehicles, no platter who owns the company. tesla started something good or bad on existing customers. they are rightly burned about that. we'll see how that sorts out. thank you very much for that, susan li. man, oh, man, "the big money show" has taken off, never looked back, great debut, they still keep chugging. taylor riggs, what you have for us? >> i'm all over the ford and tesla story. that is so interesting. the analyst at b-of-a tesla has high margins, it is a lot easier for them to cut the price of their evs than ford. i'm looking for the fight to continue to play out. stay with us, coming up, texas attorney general ken paxton is set to join us. a new bill on esg investing but will it cut into your retirement savings?
12:48 pm
we're all over the story with ken paxton next hour. on the prosecutor story, they are trying to prevent sbf contacting employees and working to get client money back as well. all that coming up at the top of hour. morere "coast to coast" coming p next. appiness, love and confidence... you can't buy those. but you can invest in them. at t. rowe price, our strategic investing approach can help you build the future you imagine.
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♪. neil: all right, we have general jack keane with us almost all the time i have the good general on with us i talk about russia, i talk about ukraine, what is going on. i don't want to be remiss and ignore that but i would be remiss if i didn't talk about another general who fears the possibility the united states and china are headed for war in a couple years. i want to get general jack keane's thoughts on that. what do you think, general, what he is saying within two years? >> yeah, well, this general is writing a memo to his own troops and leaders and, we're a peacetime military right now and the principle mission of peacetime military is prepare for war and i can remember myself when i was commanding troops at various levels, you know, to make certain they understood with clarity what we were about. you know i would often cite to them, look it, guys, we can be at war in a week, a month, and a year, we have to stay focus what we're doing because we never know when it is going to happen.
12:53 pm
that kind of language and i read his memo. it is direct, it is blunt and he clearly raising their expectations that they could be at war in a couple of years. the truth is you know, the general, myself and others we really don't know that answer but we -- it is subjective analysis that leads you to some kind of a conclusion, his, that war is imminent. mine i don't think it is in the near term but it is certainly possible and different congressional members come to different conclusions themselves but the reality is, what when he should focus on is the fact that we are not as prepared as we should be. we do not have an effective military deterrence in the region. china has more ships, more planes, and more missiles than the united states has to include our allies wrapped into that and secondly we know for a fact that taiwan is not as prepared as it
12:54 pm
should be and we face that reality dealing dealing with ukd russia and we should not repeat that mistake. neil, there is $19 billion of backlog equipment that is scheduled for taiwan and they have paid for it and they have been already waiting for it for a number of years. the congress has got to fix that system. it is broke. it is called foreign military sales. so if you look at the danger and the risk, yes, there is risk there. we have to help taiwan and we've got to fix our own problem and our own knitting. that is what we should really be focusing on. let's remove the risk and be prepared for war. that is how we prevent war. we prevent war by being prepared for it. neil: well-said, general, thank you very, very much. general jack keane on all of that. meanwhile when it comes to
12:55 pm
amusement parks disney, universal they are not prepared for things like war nor should they be but they are prepared for something else. what universal is doing could be deemed a promising development or a sad commentary on our times after this. ♪. ... it eliminates painful fingersticks,
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neil: all right, there's a new mario kart attraction at universal hollywood but fat chance you'll get to ride it if you're, well, fat. lydia hu has more. lydia? reporter: hey, there, neil. is there a sadder sight than a kid at a theme park whose in tears because he or she is not tall enough to get on a ride, until today, now maybe there is, because as you mentioned at universal studios not only do you have to be tall enough for certain rides. you also have to be thin enough. a few new rides including one called mario kart bowser's challenge are using tighter restraints on the rides to make sure that the small kids can't wiggle free, but that means some visitors now are too big, it seems. you can see on this disclosure, take a look about the bowser's challenge ride. "guests whose wastelines are 40 inches or greater may not be
1:00 pm
accommodated on the ride" and for some context here, neil, the cdc says the average line for men is about 40.5 inches for women 38.7 so basically if you aren't average or close to it, you're too big. if you're wondering how the screening happens there's a test seat at the entrance to help guests figure out who they can get on the ride. we reached out to universal for a comment and didn't get an immediate response but neil, i will say this. i would hate to be the worker that has to police this. can you imagine telling people, get off. you don't fit. that be the worst. neil: that's horrible. absolutely horrible. i be reliving all my childhood nightmares, neil, go this way. all right, man it is what it is i guess. i don't know. lidia, very thin on that reporting as we needed a very very fat person to do that but that's not available. taylor riggs to take us to the next hour. taylor: thank, neil, hello. brian: i'm brian


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