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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  January 30, 2023 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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larry: all right everything joe biden says about the economy or taxes, gets 10 pinnochios or 20, my pal david asman is up next. >> it is ironic, media was talking about how trump could. say anything that was true. and suddenly when biden says everything that is false, media is primarily. larry: have a great show. >> thank you.
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>> president biden on his infrastructure spending push. touting the economy despite record high inflation. and as gas prices go up, should americans be expecting higher gas prices? and the latest on biden's classified document scandal, a text-message services from hunter biden allegedly asking for boxes to be moved. was hunter looking through the classified document? and california firefighter use 6,000 gallons of water to put out a burning tesla. that burst into blames and challenging which mayor lori lightfoot slammed for dancing as crime skyrockets in her city, more on how nih reportedly funded risky coronavirus research. i am da david asman in for elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit" starts right now.
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>> we begin with stocks kicking off the week down, dow sinking more than 250, fed and stock market on a collision course this week, as fed officials will meet for their first meeting of the year tomorrow and wednesday, they are expected to raise interest rates by a quarter of a points, as president biden is traveling throughout northeast to tout infrastructure spending, he is so good at spending. you could feel more pain at pump, warnings of $4 a gallon gas by march, edward lawrence is live at white house with more. reporter: it is all part of inflation. president biden touting some of the spending at baltimore and pato mack -- tunnel.
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here is president biden listen. >> all studies show if you get from point a to point b by rail faster than you can by automobile, you take the rail, it will be a game changer for the environment, this is what we're doing across the country, not just her. here. reporter: tomorrow, he will be in new york talking about a rail tunnel under the hudson river, his tour is happening at same time as gas prices are creeping up. the strategic petroleum reserve at lowest level since 1983, aaa said regular gallon will cost 3.50 on average today that is 33 cents more than a month ago and up more than $1.11 since
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president biden took office. >> president trump filled up strategic oil reserve what the oil prices were low, that was great for the american people, joe biden emptied it, now we have to try to refill it at an all-time high. reporter: republicans is a that the rise in gas prices is a result of the president's policies, and president believes he can spend more and bring the prices back down. >> thank you, edward, joining us former omb director, mick mulvaney and monica crowley. good to see you. monica, the strategic petroleum reserve, that was used by a political slush fund by the president before the election to get the gas prices down. that is not what it is m meant for, is it. >> you are right, spr was
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established for national emergencies like war and economic catastrophe, not to be used and abused by presidents or politicians for political gain, yet that is what we saw biden administration do it brought down the gas prices temporarily and marginally. this administration's war on domestic production continues, they have made no changes to their policy, day one he stopped keystone pipeline and camed war on oil and -- waged war on oil and natural gas production. yet they refuse to get it out on to the ground in to american's gas tanks and homes. and on the world market, they refuse to do it. we're not back to where we were before donald trump made us energy independent. >> i want to talk about what we have that we're not using that we could use even much more cleanly than foreign
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oil that we're is using. mick, sticking with tragedyic preserve or reserve, we have used up, he has drawn down about half since he was president, over 12 man months drew down about 40%, we have a little more than a year to go before it all gone, this is a danger for u.s. if there is an emergency. >> that is to monica a points, this is designed to protect against real initial enginternational emergencies, if something were to l happen tomorrow we're in a weak position. another aspect to this. that has been a slush fund for a long time, you could go find dozens of democrat bills over last two years that use money they will generate from selling the
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oil to pay for democrat spending. you can't do that 5 or 6 different times, there are all sorts of abuses. it will cost us a fortune to refill it we need to refill it for security reasons. it is another bad decision by the biden administration. >> another thing we're doing with it, we're soli selling it to china, china brought a few million barrels, and they could be reselling it, making money off of the oil we sell to them. >> keep in mind that actually can change. one first bills that kevin mccarthy's new house majority passed to stop the sales of the strategic petroleum reserve to chinese corporations that passed with an overwhelming bipartisan majority. there is a chance for that to change if democrat senate will take it up. >> monica you talked about oil, mckenzy and company, not known as a conservative
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outfit they came without with a report saying we could get attract 2 billion barrels a day just by drilling in gulf of mexico, that is cleaner and has fewer emissions. not only are we not doing that, extending our production of oil from the gulf, but they are talking about cutting back in the gulf, this is the opposite what we could be doing instead we're getting dirtier oil. >> you are right. if you thought how an administration could really put the united states on its back heel, this is it you could not come up with any other strategy than this. selling our reserves to our premier enemy, china then not doing the drilling and exploring a we should be doe ag home. -- doing at home and donald trump and his administration gave the green light to and
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got us to energy independence. we know that they have a broader agenda. the great reset, about reengineering the west, we engineering the u.s. economy. the biggest lever they have to them to do that is the energy sector. that is why defying all common sense they continue to attack that sector, it will get them to more collectist socialist economic model. >> mick, you have 30 seconds to solve the debt crisis, how will that end up? >> we'll raise it. but there will be a negotiation, democrats have to negotiate, they have always negotiated, i am not sure where biden was getting this attitude of no negotiating there will be some reforms, i don't think there will be big spending reductions.
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but the republican majority will get something as part of this, debt ceiling will be raised and things will move a little bit in the right direction. >> the president just said, he has never been more optimistic about the economy. just so you know, you can sleep soundly tonight. good to see you both. >> thank you. >> by the way tune in to the bottom line for their interview with speaker mccarthy with his upcoming talks with president biden. >> taking a look at this chicago mayor lori lightfoot danced in the street as her city suffers from crime, the mayor's reelection campaign in full swing, election day is under one month away, joining me now fraternal order police national vice president joe. i hate to tell you, lori lightfoot is one of the most conservative candidates
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running, there is a field of 9 including her, running in this election. only one that i have noticed, willie wilson, he is pretty hard-core, and on crcracking down on crime but rest follow her policy. >> well, she is the dancing fool while her city burns, that is great. imagine the audacity and you on tone deaf you have to be. under your watch violent crime is up 98%, shootings up 58%, murders up 28%. folks, if you are leaving in chicago, you must -- live in chicago you must vote for change, vote for a candidate that believes in law and order, and supporter police officers, it has destroyed your tack base, businesses are moving out, let's get the community back to hard working law abiding citizens, not the dirtbag
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criminals that have taken over the city. >> i knew moment that tape was released. before the weekend. what happened in memphis that lead to killing of tyre nichols this would make it difficult for anyone to talk tough about police activity in an upcoming election. it was a horrific tape what we saw, your reaction to the tape in a moment, does that make ital momentum possible for anyone to talk do getting tough on crime. >> i think it is a that will, people are rolling out their normal talking points about we need to defund police, we had aoc, a charlotte ton and a hack saying that officers show the at thousand people last year, with no nuance to the conversation about how over 95% of those people were armed and we're living in the most violent time in this nation, and fact that we have 700 police officers
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shot over last two years, when you have conversations like, that you just political hack, it does not move the conversation forward. only separates us further. >> the officers in the tape, clearly did not have the training they needed to deescalate the situation or if they did, they were not the right people for the job. let's face it. does it show you anything about how desperate cities are to hire people, the fact that there is such depression among police all over the nation, right now, because of the defunding of the police, disrespecting of police it is hard to get good recruits. >> you know, i have been a police officer for 18 years, what i saw in the tape was not police work, it is not consistent with any training that i have seen. there are 800 thousand police officers across the country that do a great job every day, those 5 are not indicative of them.
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they go out and put their lives on the lines for the community, the ex-officers were fired, and arrested and charged with felony and murder, the system is working, but to your point 'recruitment and retention, this makes it more give difficult to find people to take a job and much more difficult for the officers already out there, now we have to live in aftermath of that, people continuing to call us murderers and spit in our faces, we don't support, that we just as pissed off as everyone else. >> we support you and your work as sergeant of police force thank you. appreciate you coming in. >> thank you. >> turning to sacramento. california firefighter respond to a scene in -- rancho cordova, a tesla model s respond
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spontaneously caught fire. >> the car was traveling at freeway speeds when it burst and flame into flames and battery cell continued to combust. it is the latest viral incident involving a tesla. nhtsa investigating 40 plus cases of tesla accidents involving full self-driving, elon musk said .1% of all teslas have caught fire, tesla is igniting a price war here. after cutting prices by almost 20%. this is really part of their global price cutting campaign. to get more buyers in. they cut china prices up to 13% the last few weeks. those who paid full price aare upset. you had tesla buyers in china so unhappy, they flood
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into showrooms to protest, thewant freebies now to take up for it tesla car owners may be frustrated, the stock holders are happy. the stock up 24%. -- 44%, a third of gain the let week. and some recovery from 65% loss of last year, the worst year for tesla stock. >> it was down today thank you. >> we will have more on that with energy expert alex epstein next on "the evening edit." >> next latest on biden's classified document scandal, now a text-message allegedly from hunter biden, stick right there.
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david: firefighter used about 6 thousand gallons of water to put out the tesla fire, average american family uses 300 thousand gallons of water in a day. joining us now energy
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experts elex epstein. s extra costs that have never been factored in to transition to world without fossil fuels never seem to end, do they? >> no, i think what we're seeing is that whole green energy movement is a scam. it pretends we'll move rapidly to these things and do everything necessary, it will be smooth. one example we have the bidbiden administration saying no to mining in minnesota. and green energy agenda involves more than doubling more than 10 types of mining. that never happened in economic industry. history in one industry. not a serious movement that is trying to increase energy it is looks for a justification to oppose fossil fuels. david: it will cut off the
5:22 pm
economy. we're going to have to mine more for all of stuff that now the interior department is locking up from us. either we become dependent on mining in china or africa or we have to stop everything. they will stop fossil fuels, now the major ingredients in batteries that make electric cars. >> the point i make they oppose fossil fuel, but also nuclear and hydro, and mining, which is essential so sto solar and wind. iit they are not sincere, they want to reassure the public, we can get rid of fossil fuels and there will
5:23 pm
be no consequences. there is no serious idea. that does not make sense on any time table and not thought through which is a tragic thing to do to the global economy. david: the major kink with turn to the electric, where do we get the attract energy for the electricity for -- or electrical grids already are overwhelmed, imagine tripling that to power the electric utilities. whether cars or whatever. we just don't have the energy. if we get rid of fossil fuels we don't have the fuel to power these new electrical things. >> i think you are talking about the most urgent thing that congress some pressure the president about. this move toward let's total depend on electricity and restrict reliable electric,
5:24 pm
where i am in california, we have that, governor newsom saying don't use combustible vehicles then you can't charge your vehicle because there is no electricity. >> the epa, all bureaucrats coming up with these crazy rules that are counter productive even to their own ends, they just got an extra 100 billion dollars, that goes to t epa climate aid turmoil, t. how much money they are getting, and what it will be used for, we know it will be used to empower bureaucrats and regulators more. >> yeah, if people look at one of my web sites energy
5:25 pm
talking points and 7 epa, epa has a plan to have 7 new rules. they will relate them to climate, they would wreck our grid. they would eliminate up to 20% of reliable electricity capacity in next 7 years. >> it would be nice have a real energy expert, be our energy secretary. our energy secretary, someone who is an experienced politician but not in energy, we have the wrong people running things here right now that say problem. >> she is e-mail me, i'll give her advice. david: i pry pray that happens, alex thank you. >> more on how the nih reportedly funded correction ofy coronavirus research at wuhan lab without proper oversight. >> and latest to biden's
5:26 pm
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david: now to classified document battle at white house, bipartisan members of intel committee demand access to trump and bride inclassified docu documents. -- biden classified documents. reporter: they feel they are getting stonewalled by the dojgot getting details they need about what were in the classified documents. and whether or not national security was breached because of it. >> these are probably materials we already have access to, we just don't know which ones they are, not about being nosey,
5:31 pm
somehow only people not allowed to know what was in there are the congressional oversight committees. >> the notion we're not giving the oversight committee the ability to do its job. until the specials f prosecutor says as okay does not hold water. reporter: they are rejecting requests for some information that some house republicans want them to hand over. telling house judiciary chair, jim jordan this. your letter request nonpublic information that is central, disclosures to congress about active investigations, risk jeopardizes those investigations, and create appearance that congress may be exerting improper political pressure or attempting to influence department decisions in certain cases.
5:32 pm
-- they are not afraid to cut the purse spring, senator rubio saying if they have to withhold funding for intelligence agency to strong arm them to cooperate with congress they. >> hillary thank you. >> welcome to show, former arkansas governor, asa hutchinson. great to see you. you had a lot of experience with this type of thing, as a prosecutor and member of senate, what is your reaction to that report? >> i was in congress, i served on the intelligence committee. they are used to handling classified information, they know how to protect that, there job, it is important that oversight committees have access to the classified documents that were found in the president's home and former president's home, so they could know the level of risk and what is at stake, secondly, reeng reason of they say, you
5:33 pm
can't have that, there is an on going investigation by sp the special prosecutor, this happens all of the time. st is importance they go on s simultaneously. >> and also see what the documents were, there may have been members of biden family, besides joe biden himself, that were looking at this. there are now indications that perhaps some things that hunter biden was writing to his friends in ukraine perhaps china as well had to do with some material in those documents, senator cruz was speaking about that. i want to play a sound bite and get your reaction. >> hunter biden didn't write that, he is not an expert on ukraine or eastern europe, not an expert on russia. but that e-mail did help get him on the board of burisma
5:34 pm
and paid 83 thousand a month. because it showed a level of expertise, not from him, but he got it from somewhere, that is clearly from some sort of briefing, i also believe it is critical for fbi to search hunter biden's homes, home and office residents to make sure there are no classified documents there, given alls every that is piling up, we need to ascertain who had access to what and when. david: we d dealt with each another during clinton impeachment hearing, whole family came into the discussion of that, does this remind you of clinton family mixes of, and politics? >> well, it is hard on the extended family, but, couple things you can't do, you can't misuse information, you should not utilize the access for making money on the outside.
5:35 pm
here in this case, with senator cruz's comments, we have to follow the facts not just speculation, this is something a special prosecutor, they will be able to review this if they need to widen the investigation, they should be able to go to attorney general get authority to widen the investigation. let's not get ahead of the fact, follow the facts, and i think it raises good questions, we don't want to put too much speculation in there too early. >> you look at some e-mails by hunter biden, he did use that house to set up an office. one of text-messages, have what is in storage sent to my parent's guesthouse, he was look at a lot of documents that the president had brought to that house. >> absolutely, those were
5:36 pm
legitimate concerns and questions. in light of the documents found in the residents, here again, this is one of the reasons that the intelligence committee should be able to look at those documents and make their own determination, also the level of seriousness. as to the classified documents. whether they were over classified, or they were out of date or spill something that national interest has to be protected. let's follow the facts, they need to have that information to have proper oversight. david: yeah, well we need your expertise. perhaps we'll be able to use it. thank you governor appreciate it. >> good to be with you. david: now they are coming from canada. northern border sees a 743% spike, a correct number. in illegal migrants trying to cross in a year due to easier entry than even in
5:37 pm
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edit. david: covid origins questioned. they missed find to better monetary the test in wuhan involved dangerous path jens with pandemickic potential, we welcome congressman murphy, you are also a medical doctor, tomorrow the house to s vote on two covid bills. >> congressman, i understand you will vote requests for
5:42 pm
both of the bills. >> i think that you know, data is clear, electric public health emergency, people are getting covid and dieing from covid, the ramification of what that bill means are over. the keeping of 18 million individual on medicate when they don't qualify for allowancing of certain things, it is really the ramifications of what the public health emergency has allowed. biden has weaponized his power during this endeavor, it needs to end. david: what about states like new york for example. that are not going to hire back people they fired unvaccinated health workers they fired. would your law overrule the state decision on this? >> a federal law any institution which was get federal funds, medicare or medicaid would be subject to, that sad thing, the
5:43 pm
intent is good to try to keep our healthcare workers healthy and not transmit it to patients, but we know covid vaccine does not affect transmission, per se, there are a lot of population that do not benefit from the vaccination. david: what about the nih and their role in pandemic in funding what appears for all of world to look like gain of function research. >> you will neff con-- never convince me, i believe this is a fact, we can't prove it because china scrubbed that lab 10 months before w.h.o. went over there, you look at a plus b equals c, i believe that was doing gain of function research specifically on this virus and it looked out, if you look at what fauci has done, he has been very much an
5:44 pm
advocate of gain of funk -- function research, the nih funded the wuhan lab to do such gain of function research, bad part that nih, did not follow its rules and regulations, it was not a correct oversight, allowing this lab, over a leaking lab, to let what i believe the virus out. david: doctor, when you look at the nih, and you look at all of the federal agencies, cdc and et cetera that have given out such bad advice for every last couple years, as a doctor, what does that mean for the efforts that doctors make to try to convince patients to do the right thing. >> this has really hurt medicine. the fact that fauci came up and b f flip flopped
5:45 pm
and dr. walensky. i don't know how long it will take for us to get that back. david: a shame. it is hurting the health of america. congressman murphy, a tough battle, i hope you stick with it thank you very much. david: medical schools seem on lower the bar, who would you trust with your life? >> and oh, canada, northern border with a 743% spike in illegal migrants crying to cross in a year due to easier entry than in mexico, congressman carlos gimenez is here on "the evening edit" next. absolutely, nothing. it really is something. as an expedia member, you can save up to 30% when you add a hotel to your flight. so you can have a bit more money, to do even less.
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david: a revolt in new york city this week illegal migrants who were shipped from border refused to give up their $500 a night hotel rooms paid for by the city, the city wants to move them to a cheaper massive intake and in brooklyn. the same is happening in other cities like chicago, mostly illegal immigrants are also refusing to give up some of what they have been given by local governments.
5:50 pm
joining us now to sort it out. from homeland security congressman carlos gimenez. your family and my family, had a different experience, we came here from different country, legally, not expecting anything from government. what happene? >> i don't know what happened. we came here for political reasons, i'm a migrant myself. i really don't know what is going on, and why someone would feel they have the right to a hotel room, coming here. it that is not the experience that i had. david: may i suggest something, that comes from the late milton friedman. who said problem is you can't have an open immigration system in a welfare state, he said, immigration is a particularly difficult subject, no doubt it is a right policy in libertarian state but in a welfare state
5:51 pm
it is a totally different story. is that the problem we are now a well surface-to-air state. welfare state. >> yeah, yesterday i had a meeting with secretary mayorkas asking him how much money we're spending on millions of migrants, he does not have an answer, maybe he would not want to answer that. i think that numbers of will mind boggling. yeah, you know, migrants, we came over for freedom, a lot come over to work. there are plenty of jobs here, how many got work permits, so they don't have to rely on the government. you know but we don't have that answer either. and the policies of biden administration are just driving this crisis further and further. david: you mentioned mr. mayorkas, secretary of homeland security, you are on the committee of homeland security. did you recommend him impeached as your colleagues do? >> at-this-point, unless we get straight answers, yeah,
5:52 pm
he should be, when you have 4 1/2 million encounters at border since biden administration took over and another million and a half people that got away. in our country, where we don't know where they are. when they are doing here. what the mr. mayorkas is doing is not working it time for a new secretary. but maybe also, it his boss, doing what his boss wants, i think we need a new boss in about two years. >> we have problems, we a full screen up, showing a 743% increase in illegal immigrants coming from the north. from canada. right now, in canada in many of these border crossings it is below zero, a lot are from tropical countries, collapses of them -- chances of them freezing to dat death are good. >> because of open border at
5:53 pm
least message is that u.s. is open, we're putting a lot of lives at stake. we have to change our policy, make sure that we have secure border, that would keep a lot of migrants away from making perilous journey. david: it is different from when we came. >> a different world thank you very much. >> my pleasure. david: medical schools lowering the bar, who would you trust with your life? next parents defending education, alex nester on "the evening edit." a nunormal with nucala. nucala is a once-monthly add-on treatment for severe eosinophilic asthma that can mean less oral steroids. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions,
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david: so get this, medical schools are bailing on academic merit, with some now opting out of u.s. news's popular graduate school ranking because they want to base the rankings on equity, rather than on the grades and test scores of incoming students. to weigh diversity over test scores and grades. parents defending education investigative fellow. alex. alex, very simple, ask anybody on a operating table whether they would have somebody who had the right ethnicity or somebody who had the right skills and 99 times, probably 100 times out of 100 we want the skills, definitely. >> absolutely. we're at a very frightening place place if deans at nation's top med schools focusing on academic performance means we're
5:58 pm
focusing on the wrong thing and that is exactly right. to the patient on the operating table identity, lived experience does not matter. what matters is that doctor's ability to save their lives. david: in a "wall street journal" editorial on all of this, here is what those deans, two deans from a medical school said, i'm quoting, we believe that the quality of medical students and future physicians is reflected their lived experiences intersecting identities, research accomplishments, commit to social and racial justice and a set of core values that are aligned with those of our school. well if you can have those in addition to the very basic outstanding skills that you need to get into medical school, fine, but the question is whether they're choosing one over the other, equity over skills? >> they're absolutely choosing equity over schools. you put it perfectly. the "u.s. news & world report" already has a ranking of diversity at these schools. so if these deans really cared
5:59 pm
about both diversity and academic performance they would not be conducting this award on merit as we're seeing now. david: there are some very vital occupations that require skills. i'm just thinking of pilot schools, for example. would you rather have ethnicity, equity in a pilot or would you rather have somebody with the skills necessary to fly an airplane? i mean just seems, it seems crazy. >> absolutely. look the bottom line here is, the war on merit means that administrators will pick kids based on immutable characteristics rather than their abilities and that is both up down unconscionable and dangerous. david: you have only 30 seconds. it requires a longer time than that but how do we stop the madness? >> we stop the madness, goaling into schools, helping kids. if you want all kids to succeed, get time and effort to get the
6:00 pm
kids into nation's best high schools, colleges, med schools. these platitudes about anti-racism are not enough. they will not save these children. they certainly won't save the patient on the operating table. david: absolutely. or flyer in the airplane, got help them. alex, we appreciate the work you're doing. we certainly need it now more than ever. david: of course. thank you for sharing your monday evening with us. tune in tomorrow. liz will be back in the house. she has an interview with the house majority whip tom emmer. you don't want to miss that. follow "the evening edit" on twitter @eveningedit. i'm david asman in for elizabeth macdonald. you've been watching "the evening edit" on the fox business network. stay with us. ♪. dagen: imdagen mcdowell. sean: i'm sawn


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