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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 30, 2023 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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sean: now time for our bottom line. rural america, makes america great. great. >> i know rural rage, that does it for us, ti drop guacamole all over my tennis shoes at kennedy's last night watching football, i didn't think it was guacamole. kennedy: what did you think it was. >> dagen ran there and home,
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that is impressive. sean: tomorrow, dry kennedy is over, or dry january. kennedy: yes, monsoon february here we come. kennedy: thank you. >> we have breaking news. horrific death of tyre nichols, 3 memphis fire department employees have been fired two emt's and their lieutenant, they failed to assess the patient when they arrived r. the body cam footage shows memphis police officer repeatedly beating nichols, he died of those injuries, days later, today we learned a 6 and seventh memphis police officer involved in initial traffic stop have been suspend in addition to
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5 ex officers that are facing murder charges, they have been released on bond. protests across the country over the weekend parking a national debate over police reform, nichol's mother said she wants those responsible to be h held accountable. >> i'm not going to st stop until every person that had anything to do with my son's death is prosecuted to the fullest of the law, i hate the fact it was 5 black men that did this to another black man, my son was probably their age. kennedy: a tough story, it gets more tragic. will we see more charges for the officers, joining me from memphis, steve harrigan. reporter: fallout from this death of tyre nichols continue to grow as numbers continue to grow of those
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fired or suspended. some of those fired or suspended could face criminal charges. let's sum up the numbers right now. keeping in mind the numbers could grow. first, 5 black former memphis police officers, they were fired, and charged with 7 felonies, including second degree murder and kidnapping. they could be facing 60 years in jail. today we learned of a 6th officer, he is white, he fired a taser at nichols according to police, this is number 6. right now he is suspend he may face criminal charges. also three more law enforcement officials have been targeted and suspended. the total is 9 members of law enforcement. you mentioned the fire
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department. two emt's, arrived on scene from fire department, they did not carry out the basics, is tyre nichols breathing? can we stop his bleeding? they did none of that, they pretty much waiting 10 minutes until an ambulance came. a third member of fire department, a lieutenant stayed inside of the emt vehicle, did not get out, a young man beaten twice, bleeding to death on side of the road, propped up agents the car, two emt's offer no treatment and a third lieutenant in the vehicle. the numbers continue to grow, police and fire. it getting to be not just blacks but blacks and at least one white. and more than the initial violence. we're now seeing a lot of people, not doing their jobs. and really from violence to contempt. contempt for a man who was dying, failure to do your
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job, to offer as a-- help, standinged by while someone dies. >> is there details about funerals. >> it the take take place wednesday at 11:30 a.m., a media presence in the funeral. and a live feed. it will be a big day, starts at 11:30 eastern, reverend al sharpton will deliver the eulogy and we will hear from the attorney for family ben crump. there is outrage. >> all right, i agree, we will see more charges as this case continues to unfolded. it has been almost a month since that happened. steve harrigan thank you.
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>> the killing of tyre nichols now sparking calls for congressional action here is democrat senator dec -- saying it is not enough. >> it had many elements in this that are important, banning chokeholds, dealing with no warrant searches. dealing with acred doing of police departments it is necessary we do all these, but not sufficient. kennedy: you have to start somewhere, republican congressman jim jordan said that problem runs deeper and attacking law enforcement will not help. >> they don't get enough people applying, taking the test to enter to be a officer, because there has been a dee defund police con sep and the attack on law enforce. , you are not getting the best of the best. kennedy: are police too empowered or too
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demoralized. we break it down with tonight's panel, chris barron is back. and democrat pollster, co-host of the five, jessica tarlov. and vice presidential candidate, the chair of you of the power spike cohen. spike, sometimes in congress perfect is the enemy of good. here it seems if you take ktim scott's bill and cory booker's bill, you find the best part that would be the good foundation. what. >> here is what i would say. i think the -- there are good elements to tim scott's bill and cory booker's bill, but, there is tweaks made and proposed, talking about
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tweaking qualified immunity, not ending it and tweaking no knock raids, and talking about adding additional funding to a corrupt system. we see this in government often, when government fails their answer is we don't have enough money, the answer here is simple. the problem is officers like this get away with aggressions after aggression after victimization, without any accountability, until they feel invincible to point they beat someone to death on multiple camera angles thinking nothing will happen, the solution end qualified immunity if city or local government involved settles instead of letting individual officers get sued, instead of making taxpayers foot the bill take it out of police pension fund, you will watch police officers so quickly act to root out bad actors in their departments, faster than your head will spin but also it will force department to
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require for officers to get liability insurance, like any other high-risk profession. and they have too many claims and insurance companies will n insure them, they can not be hired, we need to root out bad officers first. accountability like -- and end prosecute rally immunity and absolute i immune too. kennedy: a vast majority of cops are good, every police officer that i have spoken to is outraged and disgusted by what in a saw. i'm wondering is this a culture issue within the police department. how do you fix that to jim a points, and i think despite
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-- to spike a point we need very smart and necessary reforms, but even if you have them at federal level, they may not have taken affect to a group of cops who feel up vicin invincible. >> i don't think that solution is to disband entirety of memphis police department. that is what no one wants when you look at polling of this. i think that everyone on panel can agree with that, it should be a solution. this -- they were not run of the mill cops, they were street crime cops, they are different from the police officers that we may see around or those we say are good guys. these are cops who are rougher than most, scorpion unit had a poor representation, for how they bebehave and treat people, and how rough they
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are. expectation from people that comment on this, they have gotten away with things like this before. a few beatings here and there then they go about your. you listen to their narrative of what they are doing that runs counter to what is happening, saying to tyre nichols put your hands up when they are already up or lay down when he is already laying down. thinking no one will add up what is going on with their bodycams with when they are saying, they feel they are above the law. last kind of folks you would want to be in a police department. disbanding them, writ large is not a solution, but looking into units like this and they are different from your run of the mill cop,. kennedy: they are not responding to calls, they are actively patrolling areas. to proactively look for
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people -- >> trouble. >> people who are committing crimes, that is what they are tasked with. >> they are profiling. kennedy: we have 30 seconds, get exr chris. >> respond to this, because, i worry that where we're at, we've gone to such extremes in terms of conservation about law enforcement. you invite all good cops to leave this is what you are left with. >> can we stop only caring about them when they are politically cou convenient for us, democrat spent last two years tell there was nothing wrong with a capitol hill police officer shooting a woman in face on january 6, and killing her, can we put politics aside, i police excesses whether the 5fbi or local police level they are wrong, we should do something to stop it stop letting lizard brains like
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durbin run around thinking it political winner, we need serious people, not just more talk. people who understand that we have problems, from the very top. from fbi, all the way down to local police, we should be looking at a comprehensive reform package that talks about all of that. not just one what are is little bit like a advantageous for one group. kennedy: that is why you need people from both major parties some, day independent and third parties, working on legislation like this to make problems better. i agree. instead of trying to score political points. maybe cory booker and tim scott need to get together and work with people in now what is a republican controlled house and come up with smart solutions that are not just geared to make one side look good this bad for everyone. we have much more coming up with the panel.
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♪ ♪ fireball ♪ ♪ woo woo ♪ ♪ kennedy: that right, fireball is hot water, mini bottles, story makes me so mad. mini bottles have been popping up in super market and gas stations, you are like they can't sell booze, butium, th yum, there is no whiskey, a lawsuit claimed fireball producer is misleading customers by selling a malt-based beverage called fireball cinnamon. nearly identity label. people who are buying this at gas stations probably already drunk. they are not looking
7:19 pm
closely. and malt is dangerous for people like me who have sealiac disease. joining me to discuss attorney taking fireball to task. spencer sheehan. welcome. >> thank you, kennedy. kennedy: when was this brought to your attention, how disgusted were you? >> well, this was brought to my attention last fall. i regularly get contacted by people with issues 'consumer fairness and labeling, i had seen fireballs myself. once this person brought it to my attention there was no whiskey in here, i first skeptical, but, you know time i learned more about it, it was shocking. kennedy: they label is with natural whiskey, and other flavors, when you say with natural whiskey that founds
7:20 pm
like natural whiskey, not a whiskey flavor. that is some very slippery language. they do look identical but not the same product, has anyone else approached with you a malt intal intolerance and consumed fireball and very miserable. >> yes, that has been one of the main areas that people have been contacting me about, they brought that to my attention, i was unaware it was in a give rents, malt and ces whiskey may come from the same source there is a difference with distilling. kennedy: malt is not distills. >> many people were not only misled. but they were mislead it upsets their stomach. >> it causes -- if you
7:21 pm
sealiac like i do, which sucks there is no cure. you introduce a gluten containing products, you have an auto immune reaction, your body attacks itself. a bunch of scam artists now they can sell their item willy-nilly, not the same thing, they should lak label it differently, i would like a lamb bore genie lamborghini is to too much. >> not for gone to ask to get compensated, whether or not we're getting lamborghinis that is to be diseased. we could start with accurate labeling. >> i have not shared this on tv. when i was in youth legislature, a sophomore in
7:22 pm
high school. my partner, sponsored a bill about honesty in food labeling for better part of 35 years it is my life's passion, whatever you give us be honest. that is all we ask, he and alex, she probably mortified i am on a more conservative network, but he can suck it up and maybe join the lawsuit as well. >> that sounds like something i can get behind, thank you. kennedy: i look forward to working with you, i think 5 million way too low, we have been harmed, agrieved, i'm not one to sue people, i don't think i have. threatened a few. my dad was a lawyer. but i am onboard. let's do this. >> thank you so much kennedy. i'll make sure to get your information down and hopefully we'll have some success.
7:23 pm
kennedy: all right, big checks and big bucks, thank you. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up, president biden said, he is ready to pru run in 2024, to the toilet. a a -- democrat put pouring c cold water. >> -- hard to watch, but important, part, part party panel returns to discuss after this. our clients' portfolios for their long-term goals. (other money manager) but you still sell investments that generate high commissions for you, right? (fisher investments) no, we don't sell commission products. we're a fiduciary, obligated to act in our client's best interest. (other money manager) so when do you make more money,
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okay, seriously. finding out this family history, these things become anchors for your soul.
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kennedy: someone get a mop, democrat senator warren cleaning up after a fresh mess, refusing to back vp kamala harris in 2024. >> he should run again, he is. >> why. >> he has gotten a tremendous amount done. >> kamala harris be his
7:28 pm
choice second time. >> you know, i really, want to defer to what makes biden comfortable on his time. they have to be a t team, my sense is they are. kennedy: really? now the powwow gal spinning like a top, clarifying yesterday, i fully support the president and vice president's reelection together. >> no secret harris has not been living up to the top second job, did senator warren say the quiet part out loud, party panel is back, christopher, funny. this was such a politician answer from warren, always sort of prided herself on an anti-politico. she was like, oh, i know kamala harris, i have nope known her for years, but
7:29 pm
i like her, this was no ringing endorsement and no accident. >> of course it wasn't, my favorite part, she tries to clean it up, heavens to betsy, i never meant anything like b by, that come on, if you get asked about are you supporting joe biden yes. and how about his vice president, oh, i don't know. come on. why wouldn't you just say, absolutely, in that case. only reason you don't, because you hate her and want her job. that is what it is. and by the way, if there is anything who has worse political sense than kamala it may be elizabeth warren. kennedy: she made it further the campaign than kamala, she didn't get the vote. warren was one of last people standing for nomination in 2020.
7:30 pm
>> chris, the basement joe talking point. a little warn out, elizabeth w warren and successful politician in democratic party and garnered support of a lot of hill clinton supporters. kamala harris had to drop out before iowa. i was surprised she said this, it did seem intentional and telegraphing something going on in the conversation, even if you do numbers joe biden will be 82, starting his second term. kennedy: young. >> at heart. no so much in numbers. joe biden is old, everyone knows. then you to look to fact you may end up with who whoever is vp, not saying he will pass away, but she saying i don't know if kamala is the
7:31 pm
person for that job, i think that is a conversation. kennedy: i think a lot of democrats feel that way, it okay to be honest about it i don't think that she inspires confidence that harold ford jr. does. why doesn't president make him his h vice president nominee, a lest conservatives who watch fox news might be delightd. >> no comment from me,y love working with harold, i would said hate to see him go. kennedy: spike, old people, choosing other old people to run the country to the ground. how exciting is that for libertarians? >> i am happy she didn't claim to be jamaican, it baby steps but they are steps. what a weird thing to punt on. either say you don't support her and you don't think they are a good ti team, or say during instead she got
7:32 pm
in a weird wishy washing very political response that no one like. this leaves joe biden in position of deciding whether to say with kamala harris, who as you mentioned did not make it to primaries or about gwith liz warren, who came in third in her home state. i'm making a brief defense of kamala harris, i think i'll probably never done and never again. kamala harris in 2018 flew to massachusetts to help liz warren on her campaign, and waited until liz warn dropped out to endorse joe biden this is how warren repays her. kennedy: a former lady secretary of state said there is a special place in humanhell for women who don't support other
7:33 pm
women. >> now details to light in october assault on paul pelosi. california court released video from that night, with 911 call. that triggered police response, suspect david depap allegedly seen breaking into the pelosi, hammering through the door, so creepy, later police bodycam foo footage caught the attack, i can't watch it i'm turn away. graphic warning. >> drop the hammer. >> nope. >> hey. >> what is going on. >> not getting answer, oh, [ bleep ] kennedy: so hard to watch. with in new video, can we finally put the crazy conspiracies to rest. chris? a lot of people want to manufacture something like, they had -- were lovers they had a past relationship, no this was a crazy person. who sought out nancy
7:34 pm
pelosi's house and almost killed paul. >> it was a crazy person doing something crazy and paul pelosi is 100% a victim here. it should put it to bed. will it, i doubt it will. because sometimes even video evidence does not seem to convince some people. but can i say, can we just admit this is a lunatic and not politically inspired attack like donald trump inspired him, this person has been in crazy conspiracy theories, paul pelosi did nothing wrong this is a crazed person, he was not inspired by a ga. >> and he also said, he admitted, with a local san francisco outlet, he. ed to visit a lot of other people in power in
7:35 pm
washington, but he had remorse not for trying to kill paul pelosi but he didn't have a chance to corn to -- confront others. i have no time for journalists who say this is trump's america, do you like it. >> i think that water going that far. i'm always reminded about the crazed bernie sanders fan that shot steve scalise. and bernie sanders expoak spoke out right away, i disown this person. you do have to pay attention, as chris said there are a lot of theories, who they are coming for, there are tons of montages on internet of conservatives, republicans, floating conspiracy theories about what happened it was a gay cuar w quarrel.
7:36 pm
people are not truthful than 82 ear 82-year-old man was attacked. she has been made a boogeyman by the right. kennedy: well. they do not wish ill on her family. >> for people who made it to a conspiracy theory told vicious lies about this and not stopping at-this-point, they have seen this. kennedy: and -- >> internet is poisoning people. kennedy: people need to stop. like we need to stop with political rhetoric on both sides. you know saying you want to blow up white house, or that someone has a target on it is stop with the -- expiek spspike we need people
7:37 pm
like you with good ideas. >> i think so. >> the government has a long history of lying to us. by, if every dpem -- you look at number of democrat that believe trump stole 2016 election and republicans that believe biden stole 2020 election, if a small fraction of them sought to harm elected officials there would not be a single elected official left alive this guy was a sq. . >> you ball with a hammer. if he can't trust government to protect him, neither can you, this speaks for need
7:38 pm
for us to keep and bear arms to protect ourselves, government will not protect you, at best they will show up and arrest the perc person who just beat you in front of them with a hammer. kennedy: how is someone who is mentally off, filled with that rage. so easy for him to cross the line. that is what scares me about political environment we're in. >> also interesting to me, what you listen to how well paul pelosi handled, they called merged ser emergency services. >> the 911 operator was a ding bat, lady, he has been awakened by an intruder, he is speaking in's low voice,
7:39 pm
send the popo . >> thank you so much. >> thank you. kennedy: thank you. >> coming up no umbrella big enough protect you and janice dean. she went from meteorologist to meteor shower, she is joining me next. ♪ ♪ how will i know ♪ ♪ nothing, it really is something. as an expedia member, you can save up to 30% when you add a hotel to your flight. so you can have a bit more money, to do even less. second date, wish me luck buddy. mouth to mission control. we have a denture problem. over. roger that. with polident cleanser and polident adhesive refresh and secure for any close encounter. if your mouth could talk it would ask for polident and poligrip.
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and bleeding or bruising. blood clots that can lead to death have occurred. tell your doctor if you have pain or swelling in your arms or legs, shortness of breath, chest pain, and rapid breathing or heart rate, or if you are nursing, pregnant, or plan to be. i'm making my own way forward. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. kennedy: welcome back, pandemic brought out the worst in so many public officials, turning elected leaders to power mad tyrants is formed heros from every day americans that is how janice dean went to a freedom fighting hurricane, she is shares stories of others who took up fights against powerful. with me now fox news senior
7:44 pm
meteorologist, author of i am the storm. job-- j janice dean. >> thank you. >> the book. it is great. people may be familiar with your fight agents andrew cuomo, former governor of new york whose horrible policies relegated your husband's partisans to retirement homes that were forced to take covid patients, and they died. they had no defense. i -- it is such a tragic story it angers me to think about it. somehow, you turned that, you found stories of other people fighting against the odds and giants, including sweet maureen flavon. >> yes, that fact was
7:45 pm
writing the book brought me so much hope in a time where there was so much grief and anger. while i was writing it i fell, that by the end of it, after i completed 18 chapters of top people who had risen against all odds and triumphed or still in middle of their battle it really did give me great solis, and maureen flavon is one of those role models, she did not know impact she had of her weather forecasting that changed trajectory of world war ii. i don't want to give the whole story away, i think you know history changed because of the weather forecast. she was part of that. kennedy: incredible. do you look to her as like, the proto-weather bitch . >> i have to tell you, during the fight with cuomo, they like like to demean me, using my job, she is just a weather girl, not
7:46 pm
reliable, but maureen flavon brought me show much hope, a woman changed world with her forecast. so she is premier weather bitch ? i love it your righting is great, and honest. -- your writing is great and honest. hard to write it down it is because it galvanizes people against the powerful, there was a time before andrew commotcuomo resigned, this guy is never going away, i were warned by friends of yours he is a vengeful person, do you think she worst person. >> during the pandemic, i would put him up there there are other governors that put covid positive patients in nursing homes. he run won the emmy and wrote a book while people were dying.
7:47 pm
instead of writing condolence notes he was the writing a book about himself to congratulate himself that makes him the worst politician. kennedy: yes, there was a time people were trying to rally you to run. do you think you might have a political future? >> i will let you know if that ever happens. kennedy: i will be your biggest cheerleader, your communication director. >> you will be my running mate. >> hell, no. i will be your smoothy better, i will print out talking points and force people to be sunny on your behalf. janice dean, you are a miracle goddess, i love working with you and being friends. >> right back at. >> janice, thank you. >> love you. >> love you too. >> get her book. >> topical storm is next, holy cow.
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kennedy: scientist say they discovered a meet meteorite that contains a billion-year-old material. that is a comet falling flat, this is the topical storm. one. >> mug shot monday, smile! we meet a boob, 35-year-old
7:52 pm
britney, has been charged with criminal mischief for allegedly vandalizing a church in fargo, north dakota. i want fargo, i'm guessing she was angry about the cost of that on her car, she broke into church with no shirt, no bra, no shoes, no problem, or in north dakota they call it, casual, she was caught on camera ripping a statue of jesus off the wall, she was busted busting a bust with her bust out, she needs a better support system, she could face hard time, the statue will coastal most 12 grand to replacement that it make it most costly mistake in fargo since they hired chris rock. >> japanese company,
7:53 pm
launching a line of whale meat vending machines, they offer is a -- skin and bacon, you don't have to eat the candy bars to fill yourself with blubber. they are considering whale related proportions like half off a humpback or buy one get one free willie, the vending machines are pushing buttons of environmental activists but company said that whale meat is a part of jz japanese culture, not all are the same, after you gate -- topic three. this weekend, tampa bay area
7:54 pm
hit biggest party of the year, like last year, it was no thanks to tom brady. it is gas parilla festival, they get drunk, march through streets dressed like pirates, parade has a representation for being adult oriented. hello, filled with scantly clad partiers, a fre great place to see pirate booty. even today city of tampa runs on captain morgan, story foes that gaspar ruled for 40 years stealinge food and treasure, and kidnapping locals, he was the origin at florida man. >> famous painting found
7:55 pm
covered in feces fees sold for millions. here is an oil painting by anthony van dyke. datings back to early 1600s. looks pretty good for his age, discovered in a shed in upstate new york. there was bird poop in the back of the canvass, from the back if atiered to be a jackson pollack. it was purchased who identified it as a classic. now the buyer is having the last laugh, selling it to a private collector for 3 .1 million, you missed your chanyour chance to see it in person.
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woo. we'll be right back with mouth trumpet monday, i got to go warm up the brass, next. so it's decided, we'll park even deeper into parking spaces so people think they're open. surprise. [ laughs ] [ horn honks, muffled talking ] -can't hear you, jerry. -sorry. uh, yeah, can we get a system where when someone's bike is in the shop, then we could borrow someone else's? -no! -no! or you can get a quote with america's number-one motorcycle insurer and maybe save some money while you're at it. all in favor of that. [ horn honking ] there's a lot of buttons and knobs in here. [coughing] hi, susan. honey. yeah. i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad. try this robitussin honey. the real honey you love, plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? robitussin.
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