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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 31, 2023 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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r, and i have a new lease on life. golo is the only thing that will let you lose weight and keep it off. who loses 138 pounds in nine months? i did! golo's a lifestyle change and you make the change and it stays off. (soft music) dagen: hour bottom line this evening is that white house before intended for you to american people to find out that classified documents were stashed here, there and well, where else will they be found. sean: they lie to you and all of us, that is sour bottom line. -- what is our bottom line, what is up next. dagen: kennedy. kennedy: i found classified documents in morning, thank you president biden and thank you.
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kennedy: about da damn time, 8 months after declaring pandemic is over, joe biden told congress he is ending the covid-19 national emergencies on may 11. maybe they forgot to tell joe biden about it, he seemed a little confused today. >> what was behind your decision to end the emergency. >> it will end when the supreme court ends it. kennedy: supreme court. the covid emergency will end may 11. may 11. it was ended by our president, not the supreme court. when national emergencies end so could pause on student loan payments, free access to vaccines and covid tests and title 42 immigration policy, after 3 years.
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3 very long years, why now? could sleepy joe have an alterior motive, is it possible he couldic ic extended the day, we start with jimmy failla and we have the movie home alone was inspired kevin walling. and host of the sharp way show, larry sharp. jim, i start with you, a lot of things go away. when the national emergencies are kaput, they should have been 86ed a long time ago. >> a long time. kennedy: among them title 42. now democrats are freaking out, they are like now we'll see mass migrations. like, idiots, did you not consider that. >> this has been going on
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for a while now, so many ways to come at this. first is that world health organization doesn't want him ending the pandemic, bouabide en thinks that the who is a british rock banged, why are they singing. >> keith moon. >> live the scientific date of may 11, the virus is like a gps, gives us an eta, this has opinion a pandemic of bureaucracy, they used it as a trojan horse anything else they wanted to piggyback anything. they could work around. it is over now, walling. >> i'm excited. kennedy: kevin, should it be overred, tripledemic means we should be masks forever, you justed "demic "on the end, you give your civil
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libertys. >> this the die celebrate, this is coming to an end. this administration as with last administration had to have it both ways with cover of the declarations that enact different policies. there is a bureaucratic element to all of this and a timing issue, there are a lot of ramifications with medicare, and medicaid and reimbursement with our hospital and hospital systems have to give it more time,. kennedy: a government created problem. >> it a cruises ship. we'll see, i think it should have been over yesterday. kennedy: us could give them 5 years, they would never get their ducks in a row, bureaucracy gives way to disorganization, but it is the concentration of power, larry, i don't care if they claim something will end, they will never give it
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away. >> why would they want to? the problem that biden has, nobody is happy. a chunk of country saying oh, my god you are crazy, people are still dying, you are a monster. forever. you have others saying, i've been done with this forathons months and others saying where is my apology for destroying everything. we're getting more student debt, people thought that would go away. we have we'll have worse health care insurance. we thought that would get better, and we're getting more migrant workers, we get nothing but bad, this is lose. as a bonus, government gets no accountability. kennedy: no, none. >> a win, win. kennedy: they could say we ran out of money. we need more money for immigration and courts, and border agents, we hate them
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and everything else. they create these problems, to get more money, which only gives them more power. i thought it was interesting, omb, office of management and budget, wrote of the ending of the covid national emergency, an abrupt end, would create wide ranges chaos. >> what! kennedy: i think people are pretty good with idea of going back to lives they lived pre-pandemic. >> that is what we're getting out of this, an attempt to a return to normalcy, most of the country finished covid like two years ago. kennedy: yes. >> we're watching seen one of the crown right now as a bureaucracy. everyone else is on their third queen. what is going on. they have been out. since, i could tell you, september of 2020, covid was done in most of the country, i am not saying people were not getting sick but people
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were done havingb lives governed. >> we knew more about the virus. we knew people who were vul nivulnerable and dieing. >> we did not utilize it. >> parents were ready for their kids to go back-to-school september of 2020, but they said, the teachers union, we can't. >> no. kennedy: if teachers are in same rooms at kids saying die, the private school data did not bear them out, shame on teachers union that you love so much. >> i'm never coming out against teachers union, i want a career in politics, there are a lot of lessons learned. we had so many conversations about effects of covid that will be with us for generations, for young people, dealing with these issues for a long time. and we did not get our act together, on the school issue. kennedy: shame on them, they were told they knew, they
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knew. >> all right, man panel will return. we'll have much more with them. but first, another win for school choice great state of iowa latest state to give parents freedom to choose where they send their kid to school, should every state follow suit, iowa republican goc governor kim reynolds will join me next. ♪ ♪ just can't get enough ♪ ♪ over. roger that. with polident cleanser and polident adhesive refresh and secure for any close encounter. if your mouth could talk it would ask for polident and poligrip. this thing, it's making me get an ice bath again. what do you mean? these straps are mind-blowing! they collect hundreds of data points like hrv and rem sleep, so you know all you need for recovery. and you are? i'm an invesco qqq,
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kennedy: look at this, state of iowa became freer, governor reynolds signs student's first act allowing all iowa families to choose where their children learn. iowa joins arizona and utah in passing universal school choice. taking power back from teachers unions. what does this mean for iowa students. joining me now to discuss iowa governor kim reynolds welcome to the show. >> hi, kennedy great to be with you, i love talking about something i am passionate about, that is giving parents the choice and their child's education. kennedy: are you surprised that originally you got some republican push back. seems like republicans have
7:13 pm
really owned the issue of school choice but i'm still surprised in states that there are a few stragglers who are slow to the game. >> it is, i've been working on this for 3 years, this bill is the best by far. it gets to us universal school choice in three years, it is most aggressive bill. thank goodness for arizona for leading the way, it took them 8 years, we're at universal by year 3, a a lot of discuss had to do with our rural school districts and options they had. i weighed in and we got individuals who ran on school choice elected. that helped our numbers. i went to schools and sat down with principals and superintendenters, i talked about how important it was that we have a strong public school system, but every
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parent, should be able to have the choice to put their child in an environment where they can be the best they can be. tell me, what can we do to help you be more successful and to really meet your mission, i heard over and over was what happens with bureaucracy. they need more flexibility and they wanted the ability to pay teachers more to be competitive with some of the more urban areas, we were able to do that and make that a part of the bill. i think that helped make it successful. now they still done didn't like it, but it helped me in engining our rural -- engaging our rural republican law makers, they saw the writing on the wall tax payers use our schools, and they streeted for the republicans, i won by a significant margin, we picked up seats in senate. and house. and school choice, parental
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freedom was front and center throughout the campaign, we did have a mandate, i believe to really push and get the bold plan across the finish line. kennedy: people who are opposed to school choice, unyou know they love, and they talk about the the kids who are left behind. if you have a failing school. you know half of money goes with students whose parents are proactive and they find better places for their kids to learn. what happens to those kids who are left behind in failing schools under a system like this? >> the kids that are not able to move and provide -- find a choice for their student. is that it. >> if you have a group of students who are left behind, in a bad school, do you just assume that bad schools will crumble under the weight of their incompetencey? >> we're working with them
7:16 pm
as well. we have identified bottom 5%, 10% of schools on the fails list, i put together a team, that is part of education reform we are going to schools and working with them, bridge expertise to school and electric look at whether it is absenteeism or english as a second language. what is driving it. perhaps teacher don't have the correct curriculum. this friday i start my first school visit to work with schools this is comprehensive education reform, we're giving parents choice that will elevate education overall. i think this elevates education overall and then we're give school districts flexibility, be more competitive, but work with them to be innovative and make sure that educators and add m minnesota straightor -- administrators are getting resources they need to help our cuttings succeed
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and get them off failing schools list. kennedy: part of it is a bad teacher, enjoys the same pension and benefits as a great teacher, we need to do something about that system, great teachers and reward them. and we need to take bad teachers and fire the u unfirables, they don't care, they are not invested in the student's lives and learning, but good ones are, good teachers will change your life, we need more of them. >> amen. >> this is not very often do you get a chance to break up a state monopoly, we did that, we have done it twice in last 6 years. we took on collective bargains and overhauled that. it is merit based, this year we passed school choice. we have really taken on two large state monopolies and i think that combination for
7:18 pm
between of two, is really going to reward good teachers, help them be successful and -- >> as much as school choice, we need to get the bad ones out and reward the good ones. >> governor reynolds, thank you so much, i appreciate it best of luck. >> thank you. kennedy: president biden out for a joyride. yesterday president tweeted a picture of himself in a gmc hummer, an electric vehicle saying on my watch the great american road trip will be fully electrified. now through a tax credit you can get 7500 on a new ev . at a time when americans are struggling to afford eggs, president airbag wants us to give 8% off bonus on a $87 dhows car, b
7:19 pm
,000 car, but the best part is the hummer ev does not qualify it is too expensive. joining us bengie backer is back. welcome back backer. >> great to be back. kennedy: let's talk about this. there are a lot of good intentions but are we teetering on mercantilism and price fixing. will that safe the planet. >> i like the hummer ev, i like that fact that general motors is trying to innovate to country that countries are doing. what i don't like is that it is so out of touch with where americans are. we can't afford to pay six-figures for an electric vehicle. it is pretending to be a silver bullet to solving our world's environmental
7:20 pm
challenges. reality is, environment at issues are complex. that means they require complex solutions. forcing an electric vehicle that people can't afford on to them dud not solve the problem. we still use fossil fuels to power the the car -- cacar, on the grid. it very out of touch. it means environmentalism needs to be at heart of our live and our economy together, right now that is not how the biden administration is pitching this to us. kennedy: they hate capitalism, environmentalism to system is orthodoxy -- to them is orthodoxy, they are radicalized fanatics, they don't necessarily have good intentions who want to to things in moderation to make it betterment they want all of it, they want it now, and punish you because you are bad. but to your point, they can't fuel the grid they
7:21 pm
have in california. where they push for electric vehicles, and driving gas powered vehicled out of the market in 7 years? but, you go to west virginia. it is coal, fired f power plants. >> the 7 year idea that california hat has to ban gas power cars, they know it is not going to work it is political posturing. on other side, governor ron desantis is leading on environmental effort and, privately -- not fry he is working with democrats that is not talked about in media, he is finding a bipartisan common ground on the environment that can be found. we have two options, revolution, that is not working or evolution toward cleaner future, means all
7:22 pm
option to table in a way that is a cost effective, i would like to evolve toward a cleaner. it s of no wonder so many people are turned off about it. kennedy: same thing with school choice. there are liberty lovers who have better ideas for doing things in a timely manner, that is with things like innovation. bengie backer thank you. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up, nba legend steph curry is a nimby nit wit, opposing low income housing near his exclusive california community. where does he want the great unwashed to lay down their stingy heads? i'll break it down in my memo, next. ahhhh...
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kennedy: steph curry and his wife don't want simple to knows living in their community they written a letter to officials in hamlet of attar ton, california, begging the city to ban the poor, by disallowing affordable housing near his house, housing is outrageous in california, but none more so than atherton . he has no problem ponying up for choice real estate. every town in communist republic of california has to offer some version of affordable housing since government zoned every working stiff out of a half way decent place to live, steph and his chatty wife eners t-- endorsed joe biden in 2020, they are hypocrites and want too build a giant wal
7:28 pm
around their compounding but he claims to be a social justice warrior who wants equality for lesser privilege. contrast that with soccer star. he built his people in his hometown a hospital, and host office and gives themselve zeros a month, and 4g internet. saying why would i want 10 ferraris, 20 diamond watches and two planes, what will objects do for me in the world, i was hungry, i have to work in the field. i did not have have -- today i can help my people, maybe he can help nimby steph curry remember what it
7:29 pm
means to be a little more gracious. steph. that is the memo. >> medium home -- median is 7 million there, they dropped 30 mill. he is involved in other charity work. why not spread the love close to home. party panel is back, jim failla, kevin walling and larry sharp. >> it is hot. kennedy: what a hypocrite. >> listen, nice to see steph curry play defense. >> is that a sports reference. >> good night. >> it is the same hypocrisy,
7:30 pm
we get with human rights abuses in the world, everyone likes to howl about oppression that peaked two00 years ago, no one undermines our faith in social justice initiatives more than people pushing them, he paid 8.5 million an acre because h he didn't want to be around regular people, that is the scam, we're not the classless d -bags, you know whose party is. >> hey, now. >> hey. kennedy: kevin? >> i wasn't talking. i had an itch. >> larry. >> libertarians now. >> an itch. >> kevin? yeah all of the rich, rich fancy pants want to tell us how to live. >> of course they do. kennedy: they are not me, i don't live by these rules, prince harry. >> a tale as old add time,
7:31 pm
no one wants affordable housing in their community, we have a huge housing prices in the country -- crises in the country. not just california but in florida, and new york, and dc, we need more affordable housing. kennedy: i have 4 he hobos living in my apartment. >> bring them to the show. kennedy: they are here working, marco and jim, and austin. >> nicest looking hobos. kennedy: they clean up. if you take the time to care. >> i care be about everyone, the teachers union. >> eew . >> that is a joke. he has a right to protest. kennedy: protest. >> but not from a -- >> writing a letter, as he did that was written to his -- great unwashed. >> he can't lecture anyone. >> larry, what is larry's libertarian solution?
7:32 pm
>> the answer is the same, follow a nongovernmental answer, you should not have to go to government for this. football player gets it, you set up a situation people come in and they can actually own, you want an ownership mentality, i don't want more of a let's have low rental forever, i want poor communities to have a ownership mind set, take every government housing project, and make if a rent to own project, so slowly they went to own, people get upset. what if they are on public assistant. now we'll pay for them to own a home or you will pay their rent mor -- forever. kennedy: there are more buildings like that in new york. a great incentive, for younger renters, if they do,
7:33 pm
have whatever they paid in rent applied to value of the home, that after a couple years is a down payment. kennedy: when wealthy people leave their home they get a check, those who are not they may be get a half of their security -- if they are lucky. we have to insensitivize private companies to do so, governments should not be building this, that is why it is a disaster, nycha here in new york this is an embarrassment. kennedy: talking about new york city housing authority. >> i'm sorry. >> yes. nycha. when these people, big business buy these big properties and sell them they pay mass tax, give them a tax break at end, you do that if they do rent to own, you say larry they are n not pays taxes, they are giving people homes. kennedy: if you want to stay
7:34 pm
where you are living maybe you will make something happy. >> also -- great in always follow the gays. >> there we go, amen. >> you know it. >> gays find the best. >> except jennifer coolidge, they are killing her. >> no. >> >> that is a thing? >> a thing. >> in the clubs. >> i heard always follow the gays and made a note to delete my search history. kennedy: speaking of fun messes, queen of clean is full of clutter, marie said it's okay to be messy, now you tell me! she is finding joy in other ways after having her third child. is here life about to crumble like a cookie on her carpet. is the panel a bunch of neat
7:35 pm
freaks or sloppy sallys? jim, i heard this story, i just assumed that marie had been taken hostage, this was her way of letting the rest of the world know she is in danger. marie saying, you know, i don't want to tidy. >> this is like when dillon went electric. people feel betrayed from her original folk rock roots, she was a neat freak, if a woman with 3 kids is not climbing cleans any more, that means at one point she thought about killing them she was so annoyed with keeping the house clean. kennedy: tough with kids. >> yes trashing the place. >> my home was never messier when i had a baby and preschooler. it is -- it is disconcerting but for what she does, now i have teenagers, i can organize and i did this during the pandemic, everything based to condo method, she is my pay
7:36 pm
patron saint the fact she is giving up. >> did the girls agree. >> they -- in some ways yes. they have internalized that but not as systemically as i have. >> i want to know what happened with a third child that kicked her off her rocker, how terrible is that third child. >> all she did was keeping and her folding method is great if your kids are out of the house and all you have is time too fold things and stack them by color, all day long. but if you -- that is all you would do. >> thank god for my fee fiance, he keeps everything neat in the house. >> she is all about sparking joy. >> she had 3 kids. you can't keep. >> there are moments of joy. >> but with kids.
7:37 pm
>> a a lot of fluids. >> joy with kids but not folding. kennedy: she had on her netflix special, involved her oldest daughter, watch how we tidy up together, one kid maybe you can bamboozle them, but they have allies, and they out number you, nope. this is boring. we like ch chocolate hand prints all over the white furniture. >> like forward to her new book about hiring a cleaning lady. >> interviewing skills. >> it is wonderful. soy, it was funny, when the condo pandemic folding organize could cr crazy was at its height. people are like this, is great. goodwill had never been overrun with nicer stuff.
7:38 pm
>> poor marie. >> the heck, something happened, maybe she did get taken hostage. >> that was first thing i thought. >> hold up this news paper. > no. >> i think her friends actually started to not gets much from her, she could not do what she amed to do she ran out of time, three kiddinkids is a lot, you run out of time. >> she is a hands on mom. >> true. kennedy: but marie saying i'm done tidings up like aoc saying i think that government should stay out of our lives. leave us alone. >> we can only hope of. >> now with marie saying that being nece messy is new tidy anything can happen. >> anything can happen. >> a libertarian president in 2124. >> let's do it, man panel thank you so much. >> beautiful. >> i want my shoes. >> i'm in. >> okay.
7:39 pm
coming up will president biden send f-16 fighter jets on youk yeusk ukraine, -- ukraine. bryan suits is joining me next.
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♪ ♪ don't you want somebody to love ♪ ♪ don't you need somebody to love ♪ ♪ kennedy: hello welcome back that was last night's mouth trumpet monday song, winner was matt. don't you want someone to deescalate world war iii, president biden meeting your man. >> united states to provide
7:44 pm
to ukraine. >> no. >> but president has gone back on his word over and over again, with ukraine, will he stick to it. here with me now, bryan suits. thank you, suits for being back. what is the deal the f-16s and how would they change the course of this stalematey war? >> zelenskyy will get f-16s probably not direct american. but we'll do is when powelp-- trap for their -- >> allies with american f-16s from south dakota international guard and utah and rest, rest,
7:45 pm
[inaudible] >> so, when we sep our f-16s to restock the f-16s that will be septe sent to theater, doesn't u.s. military just make more f-16s that is a circular bank wank . >> but that is baked in the cake. biden is afraid that putin will see a direct connection between u.s. at war with russia and put something in hunter's crack. kennedy: or boris johnson's. he is not even prime minister any more. i thought about a nerve agent, b boris don't drink tea in public.
7:46 pm
>> as b boris said, jolly, i will give you prince harry's address. hugaddress. >> brian, how do you see things shaking up. is russia having a resurgence, should it be worrisome? >> logistically putin has 5 man to every ukrainian man. if you increase quality of ukrainian soldiers, you still have a 5 to 1 advantage. quantity has a quality of its open, sorry about my connection. kennedy: it is normally better, it one of the dogs chew through the line. >> elon is mad at me. kennedy: you have that. brian. i'm so worried for you. russia has more men.
7:47 pm
ukrainian soldiers have more fight in them. and ghis zelenskyy is a one man marketing machine who can appeal to every first world leader. what does that get us other than a war that lasts forever? >> there is a gap between when the tanks arrive and -- putin has people in place, they are making progress in center part of donbas, it does not look good, he knows that window for victory is closing. kennedy: have you thought of getting a sign language interpreter with you, we could kind of understand what you are saying what you have a bad connection? >> [ laughter ] that is the only kind of sign language we need on on this show, suits. thank you so much, always good to talk to you, stay safe. out there in the great white
7:48 pm
north. >> sorry. kennedy: so good. himy friend of, you are worth every penny, 98% of people watch with the sound down. >> topical storm is next, before the break. guess punch line on twitter. why did the skeleton get a prom date? next. paradontax blood when you brush could lead to worse over time. help stop the clock on gum disease now. parodontax toothpaste... 3x more effective at removing plaque bacteria, one of the main causes of bleeding gums. parodontax. the gum experts. ♪limu emu & doug♪ hey, man. nice pace! clearly, you're a safe driver. you could save hundreds for safe driving with liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance...
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kennedy: jeff bezos is sends his sassy girlfriend on the next b origin rocket flight. this topical storm. one. we gip with cultural fyre festival on island of cuba. like last fyre festival, was there no food. this is the march of torches, annual cuban traditional university of havana, only college more full of communists than yale. i have not seen this-fire in street since last mostly
7:53 pm
peaceful protest, they gather to celebrate the birthday of jose marte. a rum and coke with lime. he was a writer and statesman whose political activism helped win cuba's independents from spain, after that, they lived happily ever after. >> topic two. to video from smithsonian national. zoo. two-year-old panda baw falling on his bottom, rolling over and over and over. that is what happens when you play on the playground while barefooted. i am understanding why they are endangered, he could be the worst cl climber but
7:54 pm
so cute. i'll miss you dry january, i will not. >> high eats 12 hours a day. that is why he is fattest thing in black and white since jackie gleason. >> the car company is selling suv with bullet proof glass, strobe lights and military grade tires, a car strong enough to take a family of 4 out for ice cream in chicago. the only car custom built for vehicular manslaughter. the safety features, include electrified door handles. while it might look nice it is -- well now. an eye soar, the side view mirrors disperse pepper
7:55 pm
spray on command. it is also release a smoke screen to confuse people who follow you, a feature inspired by alissa milano's twitter account. it comes with passenger protection. bulletproof vests and helmets and military grade gas masks or reasonable covid precautions, the body charges with solar panels on the roof, your suv will be as powered by the sun as the biden crime family. >> dallas zoo believes two of their mop monkeys have been stolen, police are working hard to track the perpetrator. missing monkeys reported yesterday after the zoo found th the enclosure was compromised. there were clear signs of monkey. police are asking for identifying this map, they
7:56 pm
man. every potential went in case saw nothing. dallas police say if you spot the missing animals you should call them. monkey see, monkey do. topic 5. >> time for tickle me tuesday. why did -- why didn't the skeleton get a prom date? he didn't have the guts to ask anything. >> you have really done it this time. >> i'll take it, jeff and jobset got it right on twitter, you bet your bottom balls they did. thank you for watching t the best hour of your day. look at me. tomorrow night, brad polumbo
7:57 pm
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