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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 1, 2023 8:00am-9:00am EST

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minigenerations african americans became corner zones thvr country christina coleman looks at life of the first black family pilot betsy
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coleman. . >> betsy coleman first black american woman pilot in 1919 working as manicurist in chicago her brother second of in world war i told her women were flying aircraft in france she decided to learn to fly the double stigma of race gender meant would have to travel to france to realize her dream she learned french applied for flying school in france received international pilots lins in 19 1, in 1922 staged first public flight by black american woman wowed audiences with techs at air shows mastered adadvanced maneuvers, betsy got her plane a world war i surplus army training refused to participate in shows with segregated mission died before
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a big show in jacksonville, florida to encourage and inspire women black ammens reach demonstrators america celebrating aviator betsy coleman. . . >> welcome back. good wednesday morning. thanks very much for joining us this morning. i am maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, february 1, your top stories 8:01 a.m. on east coast, fed day first trading definite a new month futures indicating a decline start of trading, the dow industrials down about 128 points right now the s&p and nasdaq down fractions as we await an announcement from federal reserve, amidst more earnings news to report, central banks ready to make first policy announcements 2023 with fed expected to raise rates this afternoon, by a quarter of a point, 25 basis points, later today jay powell to speak 2:30 earn time this
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afternoon bank of england yufrn central bank out with their decisions tomorrow morning earnings news peloton beat revenue missed on earnings per share the stock this morning is rallying, peloton shares off highest levels nonetheless higher by 4 1/2% meta after the bell out stock down about 1%, we are waiting on adp out in ten admits time 8:15 a.m., eastern time, then january jobs' report out, of course, tomorrow friday morning, and we've got all-hands-on-deck for that asian markets this morning, mixed, we want to tell you about the border security failures, today the house judiciary committee will hold first hearing onboard safety since republicans took control of the house, lawmakers are seditioning in on fentanyl, security. as migrants infiltrating new york city as well as rest of the country more details on that all morning long "mornings with maria" is live right now. . >> and ceo tiktok set to
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testify before congress, next month in march to address security concerns, with chinese owned app fox business lydia hu covering the story, we want to hear what when tiktok ceo has to say. >> seems may be opportunity to dissaid lawmakers from passing a nationwide ban we are taking a look at mountains of data social media platform is collecting and storing from its more than 80 million monthly active users in the united states according to tiktok terms, services you can see right here all information that they are taking from each user information like your name your age your phone number, taking information from your devices, like ip address mobile carrier device model keystroke patterns devices connected to, also receiving your messages drafted in app even if you don't send them just in draft
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form i noticed they say saving messages that have been just composed taking payment information credit card details, when you give permission your phone contacts, if you have android requesting gps location at least once an hour, so just to kind of give a big world view what you like who you are where you are with, and information from your photos your videos like what you look like biometric o identifiers face prints voiceprints recording text of words that are spoken, and videos something stood out to me maria it says quote even if you are not a user, information about you may appear published by users on platform even if not on tiktok if i appear in a photo, of someone else's tiktok account my face print app taken recorded, of course, all this many of the information that is stored, by tiktok, raising
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concerns from cybersecurity experts, watch this. >> they are allowing a single organization, that headquartereded in china to be able to go do this, that is a concern not just from -- me a agency a person right? as a citizen who wants privacy but broader for he sort especially united states to think about what does aggregate amount of data represent in the hands of someone who is viewed as foreign adversary. >> tiktok has promised that the information gathered about users in united states is stored here in the united states, but there are doubts about what this means after reports last summer showed leaks audio from more than 0 internal tiktok meetings discussed employees, tiktok parent company bytedance based on china repeatedly asked for nonpublic data with american tiktok users surely a topic of conversation come march when ceo appears before congress. >> we know that if you're a
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chinese company based in china if ccp says we want this, that this data you are going to give it to them. >> right. >> that is the law in china. >> i mean different than american company being based in the united states very little separation between, private businesses in china and chinese communist party. do we want tiktok to either responsible for all the data that is amassed on millions americans especially, about our minors youth children as young as 13 years old or younger, imagine what they can do with that information now, project into it the future. >> that is key protected go future lydia thank you joining us all morning long with hot kaupz joe concha john lonski tiana lowe, parents say who cares what my children are having fun with this, what are they going to do with data the bottom line you don't know what the chinese communist party is going to do with this data we've seen stories before
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they blackmail people, we don't know where your kids are going ultimately, will they run for office? is that in a position ccp doesn't like do they have anything on you? this serious stuff. >> also internet written in stone we never have to worry about sort of data from birth we can consent to data come plyings disturbs me when i see mom and kid tiktoks i made clear dangerous to have tiktok if you choose to use tiktok you are abdicating security. >> where are implications for people around this on are wireless network is your information at risk? if you are sharing with somebody using tiktok is your data, house -- people around. >> great question what we do know that tiktok is pulling in in recognition of other wooibdz outside of platform, kids consentsing to that i am sure lawmakers going to ask that very question, another thing i thought what tiktok
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doing very interesting that because tracking low, also, understanding who we are hanging out with other people that close proximity to do you want tiktok possibly chinese communist party knowing who you are where you are going how you spend your time. >> skoo especially police stations in new york by the way, this is very concerning, and this is just one of several different vehicles for the ccp there are cameras all over america. there are surveillance all over secretary pompeo keeps bringing up ccp inside gates of america because of surveillance dwakts right now. technological advantage do you agree with term digital fentanyl to tiktok addiction i have a 7, 9-year-old we did a story area interviewed congressman wants to ban social media for anybody under 16 you don't know how you do that how do you regulate that? kids are going to find what
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they want to find on internet. >> i understand that term digital fentanyl because making sure chinese dits get different vehicle, more yaelg than what we are getting mere probably because of addictive nature pumping out. >> the addiction to alcohol, tobacco through what? taxes, maybe there is a way that weekend go ahead and tax,s usage of intent to discourage excessive use. >> we are -- >> we will cut from -- >> murphy made a great point said lot of onus not on parents individually but parents of a community, right? from my experience friends, parents everyone has to be onboard, all kids not on snapchat use text-messaging until 16, 17.
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>>. >> that community spoke is important you need apparent buy-in. >> have takes a village. >> stephanie pomboy on the other side of this break. ♪ ♪
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. >> stocks don this morning on first trached day of the month to look at futures a triple digit decline start of trading dow industrials down 136 first fomc rate decision of the year coming out this afternoon, 2:00, pm eastern futures market still fully pricing in a quarter point rate hike when fed comes out at 2:00, joining me right now macromavens president stephanie pomboy, great to see you thanks so much for being here a new year new day, do you think we are
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going to see a hike of more than 25 basis points and give your sense of the year ahead. stephanie: i think, the fed will probably go 25, i mean pretty clearly seem telegraphing everything they are going to do so shock would be if they did more. the we is what is powell's tone in the press conference. and you know based on what he has done over the last year, i would suspect a more hawkish note than markets anticipate. as you know maria the markets have been violence at odds with the fed basically since they started tightening, the fed repeatedly, said that they are going to take rates higher, and leave them there longer which is critical. and narcotics continue to price in this pivot starting you know at early part of the summer. so, the fed is going to have to really push against that because obviously, the more the markets build in a pivot
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and rally in the face of it, the easier financial conditions are and then more aggressive fed has to be to rein them back in, are i will be listening carefully to what he says in the press conference. >> breaking news he the january adp is out just crossing the tape 106,000 private sector jobs, added to the economy last month, this is weaker than expected a lot weaker than expected. we were expecting 178,000 getting 106,000 private sector jobs as the economy in the month of january, the december numbers are also revised, which are pretty much right in line with what analysts were expecting but we've got january jobs' report out on friday. stephanie jobs continued to grow as rest of the economy slowed down going to speak with name nick timiraos wrote
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about the wage problem could be getting easier, for corporations, now, what are your thoughts in the jobs market? and where we are in terms of wage inflation. stephanie: obviously, employment is a lagging indicator yet everyone has been kind of wringing their hands how strong it has been in the face of slowing economic activity well it is last shoe to drop. and that is especially true when you've gone through a pandemic where companies had a really hard time bringing people back to work, so they are willing negatives to let go of people when sales start to slow, is pretty limited, they want to hang on make sure that the slowdown isn't just a blip. but that it is going to be sustained before they start letting these people go. but, as you well know maria we've seen a ton of layoffs at largest corporations particularly in tech sector but in a lot of other areas of the economy as well. so, i think you know the question is wlnt employment
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numbers disappoint on downside it is why haven't they done so you know till now i think that shoe is going to drop, and drop hard. and nick i2i78 tim is right temporary employment declined we are on cusp of a major dhe eslaergs the issue. >> the markets down right now, on this number, but look 64% of americans are living paycheck to paycheck including nearly half 6 configure earn pat gelsinger, paycheck. john: when you look at data you find out hard times for
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middle to lower income american consumers, we have a jump, in the subprime auto loan delinquency rate discover capital one focus on lower-income americans noting a jump in charge-offs much more difficult, in line with what stephanie said despite numbers in november, december real consumer spending suffered back-to-back monthly declines coming down quickly i can't help but think, companies are in no mood to hire workers, when according to faction the expected increase by s&p 500 revenues goes from a 10 1/2% jump in 2022 to guess what? only 2.6%, in 2023 who is going to hire anybody. >> exactly to what stephanie has been predicting talking about profits recession over a year tell us your thoughts on
8:21 am
what you are hearing from john and how this going to play out this year. stephanie: a broken record on that score, so thank you. we've had 23 months where the ppi, input cost of businesses has been going up faster than ability to raise prices to consumers and, i know there are signs that consumer is hitting break point we saw a huge increase in this credit card borrowing to accommodate increase in cost everything people couldn't live without but recent numbers, parse that people are saying look i am not going to keep running up credit card balances actually trying to rebuild saving a little bit that is going to continue to provide a headwind, to corporate earnings, consumers are closing pocketbooks i would describe them spent up lent up. and that is going to be a real problem, on the earnings front. as of now, the forecast for
8:22 am
s&p arranges this year is zero growth, so that is definitely down from the double-digit growth they were forecasting months ago but we were facing a profits recession on order of 15 to 20% going forward so i think there is a lot of work for the market to do in terms of pricing, this earnings recession that is ahead of us. >> yeah, i i mean i believe the only growth in earnings is in oil. the oil companies, are seeing growth in have earnings, always a pleasure thanks so much you are great we love seeing you stephanie pomboy macromavens, we love seek you calling out biden's bad borrowed policy what to expect from hearing on border crisis cal congressman darrell issa is here, back in a moment. .
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responsibility says border is secure doesn't go to border didn't go there when a mile away, when he was in new york yesterday, you've got to see what is happening on west side manhattan with migrants refusing to leave streets camped out like homeless. >> one of the challenges we face not normal illegal grants not normal migration five million plus people allowed to come to the country are enjoying special privileges special support, this is not people sneaking in, to get a job, those jobs were already taken, in the proof is the unemployment that we were looking for, for people to take jobs in we can't find
8:28 am
them well five million aren't here to do that because of how they come in they've come in under an entitlement program, created by this administration, every member republican member of the yeah committee has seen people heard them say they are here because biden told them to come there are reports the house could consider moving congresswoman omar from the foreign affairs committee as soon as today thoughts? >> i don't believe in at this time tit-for-tat, a bipartisan committee one in we are united to support key allies including israel she made terrible statements over the years embarsment.
8:29 am
>> are you surprised not just omar but adam schiff eric swalwell on a immediate tour past week or so, playing the victim card as if surprised this happened didn't democrats set the precedent during the prior congress that they will remove folks from the other party, from committees, based on rhetoric or the fact they disagree with them so with schiff swalwell are you surprised this game of woe is me. >> i am surprised anyone would listen to them schiff and swalwell had items that made it very, very dangerous, for them to remain on select intelligence committee, and so i think that was the case. in the case of omar, i think it falls into that that a little bit of dit-for-tat they didn't like speech of two of our members including before taylor green was a member of
8:30 am
congress removed chemical from committees this case not moving her from all committees just one she seem ill suited for. >> congressman i want your take on what you all are going to do with the stonewalling. you lived through the russia collusion lie. you tried hard, to search for the truth i know that, i was there, you tried hard, to come out with the story that you knew as you knew it, because you saw whatever documents talking about you took testimony and, yet, the white house and the dni are saying, no to any you know, information that congress wants. you've got "daily mail" reporting that hunter biden has millions of dollars in debt legal debt allies starting to help him pay for probe into finances he reportedly threatened to withhold his assistant's paycheck if she agreed to illicit facetime sections
8:31 am
study does not stop "new york post" columnist miranda devine on with me yesterday how hunter biden and actions, are now a serious national security risk watch this. >> hunter biden with his father his life was chaotic would keep coming back he wag was doing business making phone calls so on out of joe biden's house, and he was desperate for money, he was a drug addict, and he was a -- you committed crack addict, if those secrets were sold to highest bidder overseas that is a real who knows what the cost is to america's national security? we are just at tip of the iceberg. >> the connect between laptop and influence peddling to classified did you mean to say gross negligence as well of joe biden what are you going
8:32 am
to do about all stonewalling? >> you know, when people deny, and then delay, it frustrates us but at the end of the day, if the american people able to get the information they need, then there will be pressure for us to provide real change, and maria let's remember one thing we thought we had laws there would prevent this nepotism clearly not sufficient, so there is a legislative purpose which is we have to have an enforcement mechanism that says never again, do you nie from mexico city, to china, get on air force 2 after you meet with business partners in china. and nie off with vice president, that kind of conduct over and above all other allegations but the known conduct is wrong it needs to be changed judiciary is looking at part of it but a unusual of committees are going to look at it until we get to the truth, and candidly
8:33 am
making changes to prevent this in the newt is this. >> for god's sakes laying to lobby alcoa wanted money from aluminum company for giving alcoa information on rival a russian oligarch oleg, into nining we know that the hunter biden investigation by fbi, were concealed in effect right they were investigating hunter biden long before we. >>. >> going on five years. tiana: we know fbi was able to can i investigation of joe biden document scandal we know o oversight specifically with regard to lag time public finding out will there be separate investigating into fbi. >> skw and election interference. >> there will be part by
8:34 am
select committee put into judiciary specifically to see that suppression of free speech but it is a good example where two are going to be tied together, and chairman jordan going to be very busy. >> great to see you happy to have you this morning -- we so appreciate your time congressman darrell issa join us this morning. thank you, sir are. >> as to kwoj achieve economics correspondent nick timiraos is here. he is up next.refu ♪ ♪ ♪
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>>. >> . >> welcome back. tom brady a surprise announcement for fans may sound familiar, cheryl casone with details, a surprise cheryl: second time, here we go. the buccaneers quarterback announcing his retirement, again. . >> i am retiring. for good.
8:39 am
. i know the process was a pretty big deal last time when i woke up this morning i figured let you guys know first won't be long windy you only get one emotional retirement essay i used mine up last year really thank you guys so much, to every single one of you, for supporting me. cheryl: okay on that one he put out video at any twitter a few moments ago says retirement is for good this time. he made a big announcement he was going to retire exactly a year ago tie, by the way, then changed his mind some speculation that addition put end to marriage, supermodel gisele, mayored 13 years not anymore last time proos quarterback cowboys beat him we got beat i move on, this is serious, at least two people have died on road in texas,
8:40 am
two seriously injured a deputy pined under a truck more than 1800 flights across u.s. canceled freezing rain hazardous road conditions ice storm warnings in effect, according to flightaware southwest air also reeling from holiday meltdown canceled more than 560 flights yesterday delayed 350 more that is into day based in dallas as american, see fox weather for the latest on this storm. >> day, this time the salary of intel ceo pat gelsinger taking 25% reduction in base pay senior leadership all getting 15% salary cut this as chipmaker looks to preserve cash in effort to turn around the crunch struggling as of late stock up more than a quarter percent right now, new
8:41 am
data reveals california congresswoman maxine waters used campaign fund to pay daughter big ducks in 2022 election cycle money from so-called slave mailings to waters campaign featuring other ballot candidates do it in california not really the rest of the country, she paid daughter 192 grand over 300 dollars during election cycle reffing totals 1.2 million, it is not illegal, the data comes from the fair election commission to be clear not breaking a law, but -- you can frown on this say how much does 1. million in campaign donations to give to daughter do donors know where money was going? they do now. >> do they not care. tiana: i don't think mansion
8:42 am
in poor district makes people not care about george santos stuff. cheryl: over and over again. >> term limits two words, it is fed decision day, traditional bank to make first policy announcement of the year 2023 at tech in the afternoon we will be all over it expecting rates to go up again this afternoon, by 25 basis points the market is fully pricing in that quarter point hike joining us right now "the wall street journal" chief economic correspondent author of must read trillion-dollar triage nick timiraos here great to see you. >> thanks for having me maria. >> we were just talking about your piece this morning, and your focus on pay game shrinking we spoke with barry knapp one of the leading economists out there i want your take what managing partner of ironsides macroeconomics told us about an hour ago. >> there is a number of ways you can reduce your demand for
8:43 am
labor, right one is you can work people fewer hours that really that labor income -- [no audio]. >> talking about, fewer hours work very similar to what you are you're waying about in your column you write that pay games shrinking in new sign of easing inflation what would you say about wage pressure today? >> so, you know if you look at this report that came out yesterday, the employment cost index, not something a lot of people pay attention to fed pays a lot of attention to it because it is a very high quality measure of compensation. and showed compensation slowing last year but maria if you ignore the past three years, the pandemic period, wage growth was still higher than in any you know quarterly report for previous 20 years. we were looking at a very high wage growth not quite as bad
8:44 am
for fed as looking at earlier last year what does that mean for fed? if they get wage growth to slow down without as big increase in unemployment rate, as maybe some people were thinking just a few months ago that they might need, that would be you know, good for everybody, right the fed doesn't have to take as much recession risk, to try to get inflation down, they pay a lot of attention to wages when you get through, some supply chain distortions, home prices off the boil, what you are left with when trying to figure out what underlying inflation is going to be it is wage driven that is the concern of the fed, so the report yesterday, was closer to 4% annualized wage growth earlier reports closer to 5 pv% if you have 2% nation target maria that is eye wateringly high to have 5 1/2% wage gains so 4% is going to be seen as more manageable if sustained.
8:45 am
>> you write employers spent 1% more on wages benefits last quarter versus prior three months lowe horizon . % increase in third quarter sounds like believe that inflation certainly as relates to wages, has peaked, but what about employers spending most of on wages benefits last quarter. >> the issue for the fed is that things are moving in a better direction, if wage growth has peaked but the worry is that it is going to settle out, the still uncomfortably high levels, 7% inflation last year 9% in june, coming down, now expected to come down, more this year i mean the market if you look at break even evens, the fed say we thank you closer to 3, 3 1/2%, so if you get to that place, where you still have 3 1/2% inflation,
8:46 am
the fed has 2% inflation target, going to be very hesitant, to declare victory at 3 1/2%. you don't have to take as many risks you know you don't risk having a huge recession perhaps. to get inflation from 3 to 2. the way do you, to get it from 5 1/2 down to 3 so that is going to be the big question this year, is you know in 2021 if fed said we thank you inflation is going to be transitory. they were wrong the concern disinflation this year is transitory that inflation sets out at 3 starts to accelerate that is not something fed is going to want to see. >> great point john lonski. john: the only way fed is getting rid of inflation once and for all by way of a recession. a lot of demand destruction weakening labor market bring wage growth down to 2 1/2 to 3%, that we had back prior to
8:47 am
covid. and remember it wasn't that long ago that we had underlying rate of inflation very much in low side 1.8%, core pce price index prior to covid wage inflation of only, what was it? 3% moiment rate was very low 3.5%, so, prior to covid many argue the phillips curve was dead and gone finished with, now all of a sudden we see the phillips curve trying to come back we get unfavorable trade-off between, wage growth, and the unemployment rate. perhaps we can go back, to what had become normal prior to covid. >> that is absolutely right i think that is going to be, the big debate at this meeting, probably the next couple meetings going to have some people might be willing to
8:48 am
argue look, if wages peaked, and if wages are now the rate of growth is slowing, that means we do not have conditions for a wage price spiral we do not have to be quite as concern as weakening the labor market to get inflation down there will be other people making exactly the argument you are making 3 1/2% unemployment rate a risk this friday a really good payroll number if you continue to add 250,000 jobs a month, it seems unlikely that you are going to have the unemployment rate falling 3 1/2% it could go lower, you know all macroeconomic models say that is not consistent with getting inflation down i think the big question, if wage growth peaked what next. >> nick to put a bow this on does this then support a 25
8:49 am
basis points hike today 25 basis point hike perhaps in march then a pause? are you expecting a cut at any point in 2023? >> really depends on outlook for the economy maria. the market is pricing in, a half point of cuts in the last part of the year. but the market has 5 up of more kt optimistic view about inflation they see inflation coming down faster than the fed, the bond market treasury yield market anticipating a recession, so if you think we're going to have a big increase in joblessness, and that is going to yet get inflation down faster not crazy to see you you would see cuts the fed is saying no, no, no, this time is different inflation as high as its you know are there saying reaction function how they would respond to a downturn will be different than the past they will be slower to cut want to try to make sure, that they don't repeat mistakes of the mid 1970s you know the pausing
8:50 am
debate getting there now the i expect a 25 basis point today want to see effect of earlier movers it depends on cat from here maria. >> nick what is most important item you are look for from jay powell when he gives that press conference is it where he thinks terminal rate is going something else? that is that nugget you are looking for? >> yeah having expectations of the terminal rate changed from december in to that i think the point john raised was key, how much, unemployment how much do they think they need to see unemployment rise has outlook about immediate to weaken labor market chang as they see wage growth coming off the boil, if they think they can get that soft landing, does it make them you know more open to a pause in the spring than otherwise have been this case i think the big question here. >> nic graekt to talk with you thanks so much. we will watch nick timiraos from "wall street journal," quick break points guy founder brian kelly is here you are
8:51 am
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ammes if you don't have airline loyalty travel is beneficial if you have a specific loyalty with delta, american do you stand by the safire preferred or border agent to get airline specific card. >> absolutely i agree with you too, you know i have also amex gold, for dining, and grocery stores 4 points per dollar you can transfer amex points over 40 different partners, i like to play around we don't made to just one credit card, as far as the airline credit cards themselves they are good for free checked backs reporting early but don't put all money on to one airline so many people that are i like jetblue going to use jetblue card that is not going to help you when you want to take family to hawaii or, that is what chase and amex, shine because those points you can transfer to multiple air looirp hotels. >> others cashback i good one
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stuart: good morning, everyone. yes, i know it's important and i know it moves markets and economies, i get it, but i still find fed


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