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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 1, 2023 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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sean: time for bottom line, the joe biden position to not negotiate a debt limit increase is unsustainable, he is going to fold like a cheap suit. dagen: get rid of 370 billion dollar green energy slush fund that biden and company will use to double deal and hand out to their cronies. sean: destroying the american economy. who is next. dagen: kennedy. >> hey. kennedy: i'm right here, highi wet february. >> thank you. >> numbers down lie, there is a crisis on our southern
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border, last year. 2. 4 million people trying to cross over. in last 4 months. there have been over 300 thousand known got aways, almost 2500 a day. well done, drug smuggling hit an all-time high since october. agents recovered. today house judiciary members held first of many meetings, committee chair jim jordan, putting the blame on the biden watch. reporter: biden administration does not have operational control of the border. month after month after h month rewee have set records for migrants coming in, i think it is intentional, i don't see how anyone with commoncommon sense,
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or logic, could reach another conclusion. kennedy: democrats on other hand saying, there is nothing to see here. >> fentanyl crisis is not happening where you are claiming it is happening. >> it is not biden's border crisis. >> issues that we're talking about today require my republican colleagues to tell a lot of statements that are not true. there is no invasion, there are no hoards of invaders, our borders are not overrun by dangerous criminals. >> all evidence to the contrary, madame. are they blind or collectively awful, joining me to discuss, california republican congressman. tom mcclintock. welcome back. >> thank you. kennedy: let's talk about ted lieu. he was very interesting, saying it has been a border crisis for last 50 years, he
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is right. there has been no administration that has really successfully tackled the problem. but we have seen what is going on. you had a lot of other democrats admit it has gone from a problem to a crisis. it has not always been a crisis, why did they squander their majority and not doe a do anything about it. >> i think, as jim jordan said, the democrats are deliberate in their policies, this is a deliberate effort to move millions of illegal immigrants, i disagree that border was secure in final days of trump administration. we were nearing complex of the wall, remain in mexico policy was having a dramatic impact on reducing illegal border crossings. i.c.e. was enforcing court order deportations. on inauguration day biden reversed all of those
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policies. since inauguration day biden reversing those policies, this government has deliberately admitted into this country about 1.7 million illegal aliens and trafficked them to every community in the this county. and border patrol has been distracts, changing diapers and taking names, we've seen 1.2 million known got aways cross the border, that is 2.9 million illegal immigrants brought in under these policies since inauguration day. kennedy, that is the inter population of the state of mississippi. it is getting worse. kennedy: so. you have three administrations in a row who tried to kind of tackle immigration with series of executive orders that shut down by the courts. one after the other. when this really should be
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the job of congress. i know there are tough decisions to make. we have to decide what does it look like to offer asylum to people in the united states what does that mean? how many people can we offer it to. who qualifies. congress has to stand up and answer some of those tough questions. we have to decide how many people we want here to work season alley and then allow them to go back to their home country and return against legally to work when it is required. why can't democrats and republicans work together to those two things, forget comprehensive immigration reform. >> a number of responses, i met with border patrol agencies, rank and file agents, a few months ago in yuma, i said we're congress we can't enforce laws, we can write them, what laws do you need to us write. they said not a question of writing new laws but
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enforcing the existing laws, we saw trump administration do that. we saw the success they had. other thing they told us, this was shocking to me from federal employees, don't sending us any more money. all that money will be used for to process illegal immigrants faster. if you look at testimony from democrats in today's hearing, they made that very clear that is what their objective is to more quickly and efficiently move illegal immigrants into our country, you tell me how or schools are improved by packing your classrooms and our hospitals made m more accessible. how are the communities made safer with the ka the -- and working americans made better by flooding the market with cheap illegal labor, and how is our social safety net improved by putting millions of
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impoverished depe dependent emigrants who are here illegally. kennedy: i agree there are 3 areas which have to be covered. one is border enforcement. this administration has and kateed that, there is the immigration system it is confuse and over wrought and broken. then you have the other side, people wanting to come here, good people, then you have bad people, that is also the job of federal government to vet people coming in. only way we'll break the stalemate is if rational democrats rational republicans work together to fix and recognize the difference aspects of the system. sticking their heads in the sand does not do good. i would say, what doesn't do good, paints people with a
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negative brush, some of really good people who want to come here and work harder than anyone else, you have young people here who don't want to work at all. >> right, come here, legally, and obey and respect our laws. that is all we ask, our immigration laws were not written to keep people out but assure as people come to america they come with a desire to become americans. without our immigration laws, being enforced we have no borders, if we have no borders, we're no longer's country, we have a package of legislation we promised in commitment to america. among the items to the package, establishing a title 42 to protect our border. when we run out of detention space for asylum claims, we return unacompany --
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unaccompanied minors safely to their own country, rather than bringing them here. kennedy: i agree with you there. i think that asylum citizenship are two sacred things, they are dangled and promised by this dang because you know, they know that even with the presidency and senate they have got enough power to do something. which is what it seems like, unfortunately both parties want to do, i appreciate that you are from a border state you have actual workable solutions that can make it better, i hope it improves lives of people who are suffering and come hearing and certainly for americans who feel they are subjected to lawlessness, congressman mcclintock thank you for your time. >> high pressure kennedy. kennedy: coming up new study micur measures a major drop in worldwide freedom. how do we get it back, cato
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kennedy: we love hot freedom but this this varieties, freedom under fire in world, 94% of global population saw a drop in freedom during the
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pandemic. tu.s. dropped 7 spots since 2019, now named first, second, third, 23rd freest country in the world. that is embarrassing. how can we hip rip the government monkeys off our liberty loving backs? joining us now, cato institute vice president for international studies, ann vasquez. welcome. >> thank you. kennedy: the pandemic did so much to erode our freedoms, at first people willingly gave them away. do you think that global citizens are surprised at how hard it is to get it back. >> it happens in a country where there is a crisis. people when they feel en
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ien in-- in-- in secure are more willing to give their power over to government. pandemic was a worldwide crisis. not just severe in the extent but in the degree to which it reduced freedoms. this was really unprecedented in last several decades in the world. kennedy: yeah. >> you look at the data, it was really striking, it crossed all sorts of indicators of freedoms, a big fall. it really set the world back in terms of freedoms gained by more than 2 decades. affect was greater than financial crisis of 2008 and
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2009. i think it is problem fair to say we're still less free today than we were in january of 2020. kennedy: and it has been a pretty consistent decline for the united states in 2000, we were the 6th freest country in the world. that was great. everyone loved the year 2000. it was fun a interesting, now we have dropped so much. economic i i'm mobility is one of factor, switzerland at the top of the list. what makes them so free? >> they are free in virtually every indicator we look at. covers economic personal and civil liberties. countries at very po pop-top of index are free in
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all those areas. switzerland is the free estimate economic freedom is a very important aspect of overall freedom. when you look at collection of data you find that there is a strong relationship between economic freedoms and personal and civil freedoms, they go together. so that if you really value personal and civil freedoms, you better value economic freedom as well. >> amen. >> like chocolate and peanut butter. >> you better pick a country that has high levels of economic freedom. the data does speak with a single voice on that. it is very rare to maintain high levels of personal freedom if you don't also have economic freedom. kennedy: can't have one without of other, that is why next time see me, i will
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be in a maui van in new zealand peacing out with "the hobbits." >> thank you. kennedy: great survey ian. nese new new zealand on the list. >> good news, americans seem to be wising up to fact maybe it our government that doesdoesn't have our backs, in a pole americans say the government is the pop problem facing the nation. that is shocking. disliking the government is one issue that brings everyone together. is the era of big government on the way out? or will our leaders keep grasping for more? let's ask the party panel, with inez stepman, and joined by author doug schoan. he has thoughts and poles, also tonight, based politics cofounder brad polumbo. welcome to you. >> thank you.
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kennedy: inez. what do you think people mean when they say government is the greatest problem facing us right now? specifically what do people have in mind? >> i think probably inaccurate to read into this, sort of libertarian mentality that that when government is here to help that is terrifying. most terrifying 9 words. people mean is is their leadership, that includes government, and elites are not capable. of a basic level of competence, they can't carry out the most basic tasks that a government is to deliver for its people. and there is a widening gulf between the actual problem that confront average american and what the government seems to be focused on. i think this is a broughter indictment of the leadership of the country rather than a specific government focused one but government is a huge part of the leadership.
7:20 pm
kennedy: i will start broad. go to specifics. people have specific issues, they like to take up with government officials. local and national. you are a pollster do you disagree with the findings? >> i don't. i think people on the left, on right said that government is disfunctional, we don't get things done, we don't have a common vision of united states and more divided, polarized and disfunctional than ever before, i think that gallup is right, this is a crisis for our national home and abroad. kennedy: thank you very saying abroad. i feel welcomed in the scene. >> that is why i said it. kennedy: brad, part of the problem is not just the emergency mandates that you know we still wish i knew how to quit you, national
7:21 pm
emergency. but trillions of dollars in spending that means that government will come after more of our money with more coercion and a greater vengeance. >> yeah. the fact that americans now say that government is the biggest problem in their life, this is my shocked face. that is just not at all surprising. just think about the last few years that we lived through. the government closed our businesses, they changed their mind every 5 seconds on what health advice was necessary, b blocked people from going to church, took kids out of school stuck them with crappy remote learning. and they wasted trillions of your dollars, commandeering the rental market and caused too many other problem to remember, including highest inflation levels in my lifetime. that is followed up their other double whammy like, spending 20 years, thousands of american lives, in
7:22 pm
trillions of dollar in afghanistan, to replace the taliban with check my notes, the taliban. it would be shocking to me if americans were not look at the government right now. and sclg s asking what is going on and blaming them. kennedy: i am glad you reminded us of, that sometime we have a narrow focus of rage, when you widen it out, it makes more angry, panel, i have bigger tasks for you. >> coming up. see bernie sanders fuel anticapitalism gu gunk, that will cost you a hundred bucks, thanks bernie, my memo is next.
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kennedy: bernie, good job, bernie sanders getting rich selling idea that capitalism is evil. and can't get enough of his joke, sanders cranks out books at about a million a pop, that is what dictates from the market, how much his nonsense is worth based on number of commie devotees who bought his hot garbage in the past, the book, it's okay to be angry about capitalism. he is really grudge humping the straw mistress, tickets are sold through ticketmaster, and they go from any between 35 bucks up to 95. for a front row seat to smell the m moth balls yourself. in zero sum socialistic system bernie sells at premium. all seats should cost the same. in a positive sum system, wealth creating, that bernie
7:28 pm
knowingly participates in. the more you pay, the more you expect. like an expensive hookers and hig higher price seats mean more money for the venue. and uncle bernie pockets his cut as he screams. i don't shame bernie sanders or anyone else for producing and marketing's product they know that people want, he is doing it in a dishonest fashion. bernie sells his own program of socialism. and gobbled by eager devotees who feel beholden to government opportunity lone loan pay offs and quietly quit the jobs they feel are beneath them, that is okay bernie will do the work. he keeps his people down in low paying job as a passively whine about the
7:29 pm
man, wake up but t butter cup. bernie sanders is the man. he is just stoking fake outrage to sell books to pinko chumps who don't have the guthe good sense to work hard and market their own success, they could better the world through good old fashion premarket capitalism, that is the memo. >> conservatives and lawmaker calling bernie out. so if he is not practicing what he preaches could he preach what is perhaps, panel is back, inez stepman, doug schoan and brad polumbo, brad, you love capitollism, do you think what bernie is doing is a clever hoodwink or fraud? >> well, it is hypocritical. on that level, a little bit maddening. i think funny, berniea l 's accidentally reminding us
7:30 pm
why capitalism is great, there are people out there, i don't know what hard drugs they are smoking people would pay 95 dollars to hear bernie sanders speak at his anti-capitaliismi event. bensche is getter more from doing the event than in from that money. for his 3 houses, than he wwould get from doing something else, with his time. it is a win-win, capitalism, it is an example how everyone wins. in a free market system. when people can trade and exchange. just funny, deeply funny it is coming from someone who has built a career of try turning mine that system. >> live nation, the parent company of ticketmaster, they have done just fine. raking in billions of dollars in this disgusting system that bernie sanders
7:31 pm
abhors, why is bernie sanders going to a ticketmaster venue? could he not have it in a public park and not charge a thing? >> he on could do that, that is how he started his career. kennedy: sure. >> best to go to the largest player in the ticket dissemination fields, they have all sorts of issues. now with that tailior staylor swift. maybe next is time bernie will have premium seats for more than 95, a couple hundred and a few autographs, he is the american way, he is a capitalist who talks left and actions right. kennedy: well said, true. maybe that is why everyone loves him, secretly everyone wants to be a capitalist.
7:32 pm
>> yes. >> i don't know if everyone wants to be but they behave that way phenomenon of hipster trendy is not a new phenomenon, people paying marked up 80 bucks for a shirt with a mu murderous communist. this is telling that bernie is on the becl decline. now the philosophy in democratic party looks more like a managerial corporatetism with large mmulti national corporations, more so, than by his age and his -- bernie will be pushed out by the woke corporations. in his open party, that is a
7:33 pm
fitting end to. >> he has been consistent. give him credit. brad are people waking up to notion that none of this works. >> it doesn't. they never seem to be able to practice what they preach, if they did, it would require a lot of personal sacrifice, it's okay to run a family like a marxist society, everyone knows each other and lay they love each other, they have mutual interests, but you can't run a society like that and personal lives of these people proves it every time. >> that is the microversion of macro versions are venezuela and north korea. and all of eastern europe during the soviet era. speaking of climate crazies, president biden taking war on climate one step too far,
7:34 pm
giving grim warning to donors at a fund raiser that global warming is a bigger threat than nuclear war, he said, if we don't stay below 105 degrees we'll have a pro problem. -- should president biden be more worried about ou autumn wind or atomic bomb. >> the atomic bomb. kennedy: thank you. >> one leader now, i count two. kim jong-un and vladimir putin who have actively threatened nuclear war against the united states we need to modernize our nuclear arsenal. stay competitive with our
7:35 pm
adversars build 2020 version of tragic defense initiative not be climate alarmists, yes, we need to worry about the climate, control carbon and the like, but give me a break. kennedy. this is about the survival of our people and our value. kennedy: whatever part of humanitarian is participating in terms of global war warm i'm -- i am confident there are -- innovation on business headh that will allow to us be energy independent, with clean natural energy, not with alarmism, i don't think that works any more, like socialism, it is not attractive at a certain point. >> you are not convinced by
7:36 pm
doomsday clock in union square in new york city telling us we have 7 years do live bi before the plan set in ash heap, maybe that is correct if nuclear war is on the table. this problem will be sold through innovation, and wealth. one of reasons that there is so much carbon is you have country like china with billion people actually you know raising their standard of living, that produces a huge amount of waste, this is fantastic to us. country become wealthier they become cl cleaner, no one wants to liva in a smokestack. on americans and rest of the world, let's keep rest of the world poor, we have achieved wealth with this
7:37 pm
capitalist we'll generation this is an elite attitude. something that president as well as post of -- in america buy into, i look at it as doomsday religion, the guy on the corner screaming about the end of the world, the clock always updates. >> that is my dad. pump your brakes a little bit. you have to have climate hysteria combined with forced authoritarian, they have no problem dest destroying the economy to appease their green god. >> they can reward special interests in their home states or industries like they like, like green industries. it is baffling to me that president biden could say with a straight face, that we are at a greater risk from global warming than
7:38 pm
from nuclear holocaust. , even if you take them at their word. the worst case for global warming, i think is a problem can be adam adapted to, a tremendous economic cost and millions of lives lost but not extinction of h humanity. with nuclear war you might be, the president cannot see when one of those is a bigger threat? that adds to long list of reasons i am doubts his competence. kennedy: it is n not only a threat to human kind but a threat to dogs, on wednesday night it is kennedogs. >> inez stepman, brad polumbo and doug thank you. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up. california wants to squeeze
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♪ ♪ it's the eye of the tiger ♪ ♪ the thrill of the fight ♪ ♪ rising up to the challenge ♪ ♪ kennedy: that is right. hi. let me know we're on air, i'm doing -- oh, hi. new study claims that americans are fleeing from north to south, at fastest rate, not just for barbecue, that say big part. state with biggest gains in 2022 have lowest individual income tax, texas and florida, 0 income tack, they saw biggest begans and new york and california with double digit state tax rates, lost the most.
7:44 pm
so, what are big government blue states doing? guess? yeah, raising taxes. joining me now to discuss host of the next revolution, steve hilton. welcome back. >> well here you go, every time you point this out to democrats your policies drive people away, they deny it. there is proof, last year for first time in california california lost a congressional seat. they are driving people away. they are making it worse, sometimes i think they joined the population control maniacs, too many people, they put up taxes and maker is vice worst, we
7:45 pm
have the worst public schools, highest taxes, but worst poverty we have total squalor on streets, with crimes and truth scenes, housing is unaffordable, and gas is expensive. it is unbelievable how complete it. the funny thing, the guy precede everything on this is looking we expect for promotion, america, you have been warned. >> i don't know if you can see, we have video right now of homeless encampmentings in san francisco. if you live in middle of country, your state could look like this. if gavin newsom -- sorry gavin he is president, this is your new home. a tent on the street, covered by a tarp when you
7:46 pm
chuck your needles in public air and step over feces for fun parlor game with all your sidewalk friends. a horrible thing. they are taxes people on the way out, that is what so crazy. bad enough, but now when you leave, like thank god, let's get the kids and public school. and. they will tax you as you leave. >> by the way new plans for a we whi wealth tax there are already a wealth tax. on top they want another one to make sure people who start businesses, who create the jobs, that generate jen wealth for everyone, those people in particular are driven away. it s say -- it is a joke, adding one thing, i saw new
7:47 pm
language california -- state of california uses for people who are in the jails, prisoners to be preferred to as justice involved people. [ laughter ] justice involved. yeah. victims are a bunch of hacks who are asking for it oh, steve hilton, i am so happy to see your face. thank you so much. >> see you. kennedy: topical storm is next, features kennedogs, a doggy duo night. enough was enough. i talked to an asthma specialist and found out my severe asthma is driven by eosinophils, a type of asthma nucala can help control. now, fewer asthma attacks and less oral steroids that's my nunormal with nucala. nucala is a once-monthly add-on injection for
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kennedy: new study finds people from pennsylvania are most likely to eat ch chicken kings during the super bowl. safe to say dr. oz will have a salad. this is the topical storm. one. >> a marijuana company sponsors a contest to spend night with seth rogan. i have not read rules, i assume if you win, you don't have to do it. brought to you by house plants. seth rogan's personal life style brand, this time i thought it was doritos. company is teamed up with airbnb to offer 3 overnight stays in a home with seth
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7:53 pm
the team hoping to recreate lost par bird dna. with the closest relative, doodwas wiped out in 1600s, due to di disadvantages it was slow to reproduce, laying just one egg a year. opposed to seth rogan, and they had no fear of humans. they would expose themselves to visiting sailors, like me in fleet week. they hope to bring back the bird in next decade, you could find an expired bird in the subway turkey club. what is that smell? history made in scotland yesterday, women were
7:54 pm
allowed to march in annual viking parade. just like every parade in scotland, it was full of skirts, here it is. in their s s shetland island, here is is they traditionally get drunk and horny. the women were in part of after parties, all part pay lists filled with harry styles this year the women on the march, here they are posing in softest viking since kurt cousins. a viking longboat, set on fire with play. flaming to everyones. >> a art exhibit in argentina offers an experience through works of frida. it is unibrow art, telling
7:55 pm
life story ofs of the iconic painter, seth rogan's work is a journyo journthrough your suffering. ♪ ♪ here is one for you pervs, asking for a feet pick, weirdoes. her work didn't get much recognition. it is most valuable art sold at auction. second to this collect of blobs, painted by hunter biden. with his fluids. if you like you could enjoy hi experience by drinking a bottle of cough sir up. sire up. time for kennedogs.
7:56 pm
two dogs are better bet than one. meet el and milley. they are so lovable. love you. next lisa's pup winston and chief. they are ready to party. they want the chiefses to win. here are talk, they love each other. almost as much as they love tennis balls, look. it is joe from the kudlow team's dog tito. and his brother remy, they are cute. up next we have for nara and ziggy, two retires racing greyhounds, and gabe's pup, marcus and oliver on a doggy bed. they are best friends. we love you all, thank you so much for watching the best hour of your day, follow me on twitter and
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