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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  February 2, 2023 10:00am-11:00am EST

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it is 10:00 eastern. i want you to see what has happened it to your money especially the nasdaq. it is up 220 points, the better part of 2%, big rally in the nasdaq. the dow was down 200 points but that losses accounted for by just 3 dow stocks. other than that it is a rally. look at the treasury market, the 10 year treasury yield is way down, 3.38%. that helps big tech along with metro and the other good reports we are getting, look at big tech. all of them on the upside, every single one and significantly so. it is up $26, 19%. up about 5%, amazon 4%, apple 2%. i will take 2% for microsoft. now this. the university of north carolina is going to establish a new school called the school of civic life and leadership and it will be dedicated to the
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open-minded study of history, literature, philosophy, political science, even religion. note the words open-minded, that means and exchange of views is okay, debate, free speech, what a concept at an american university in the 20 first century, the new school will be a separate entity with 20 new professors from a variety of ideological backgrounds. that's a good idea. at unc right now democrat professors outnumber republicans 16 to one. that is how it is at so many colleges, the left runs the show and enforces leftist ideological purity. no intellectual curiosity allowed. you can't stray from being woke. i question the quality of a liberal arts education, are you educated in the humanities if you've never been exposed to a variety of opinions? no, you are not, and you are not prepared to go out into the world unless you are an activist whose goal is to undermine businesses like they
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have undermined high schools and colleges. i sense the pendulum is beginning to swing away from safe spaces and towards open debate. it will be a fight, the faculty at unc is not happy with the new school but it is a fight that has to be fought. the quality of education is at stake. in north carolina campus free-speech is making a comeback which second hour of varney just getting started. chris bedford is the executive editor at commonsense society. a fine organization. is free-speech really making a comeback, i am suggesting it is. >> there are some good signs out there. there is a market for this, people who don't want to send their children to indoctrination academies anymore. you see this at flagler
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university in florida where they are working to make the place more open-minded, catholic university of america, new college of florida, university of austin, texas, people responding to the call, hillsdale, there is a serious problem, the market is open to be served. the uproar that you have seen from faculty, the uproar from activists, the absolute vitriol and accusations of fascism from anyone who dares question this orthodoxy shows the absolute dominant force on this field is the left-wing academy other toleration for dissent is 0, the human resource department, diversity officers and faculty to suppress students or anyone who dares to speak out. it's good to see some soldiers in the field but we are outnumbered in the battle for free-speech. for free speech. stuart: did you see this? students attending one of the 64 state universities in new york will now be forced to take
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a social justice course, that is in order to graduate, you don't take the course you can't graduate. what do you think of that? >> not surprising at all. we see colleges across the country doing things like that, universities telling 18-year-old girls if they don't take a vaccination shot they will be expelled from school unable to participate, we see people kicked out of classes for questioning the teacher, teachers kicked out of classes for questioning the students and this is producing a generation of people who are not challenged. members of congress who say outlandish and silly things frequently because they went through a top-tier school where their dumb ideas were never challenged, no one pushed back on them. one thing is interesting about this environment, it has produced some intelligent conservatives and contrarians who pushback against this, constantly challenged, have to think for themselves, the vast majority of americans more comfortable simply agreeing, when they come out as you
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setting your opening monologue ill-served and uneducated. stuart: well said, come and see us again soon. i like your style, see you later. back to the markets. why not? there's a rally going on especially in the nasdaq. it is up 212 points, one. 7% on the nasdaq and look who is here, gary kaltbaum. looks to me like, the fed says inflation is easing. that looks to me like a positive backdrop for the stock market, things are looking up, so are you. >> i don't care what the fed says. i watch interest rates and the yields on the 10 year dropping 4.33 to 3.3, that has done the trick and all you have to do is look at the yield's top down, october, that is when the market bottom, it is the direct correlation that is driving stocks up and down.
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if yields start the backup again market will suffer but if they stay down, nothing but good news right now but i don't think we have a completely all clear in the market. 10 to 12 dow stocks act terribly off their numbers but the technology complex has completed a gigantic bottom in here and hopefully it continues higher because that is the risk on area that i love so much. of the one are you worried about a recession down the road? do you think we can reboard a recession were completely? >> i'm sure we will have a big recession down the road because what government is doing, you can't spend $6 trillion a year and run 5. $2 trillion deficits and not have trouble but right now i am a big believer the market is smaller than all of us. you can't have the london ftse at all-time highs, caterpillar and your highs, industrials being strong and there's a recession. if they start to gag i will start thinking differently but i think we are safer right now,
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down the road i'm scared what these politicians are doing to us. stuart: scared in the long-term. briefly, apple, what are you looking for? that could really move the market today. >> is 12% of the nasdaq one hundred. they have got to talk about how many iphones and what the future looks like, numbers are going to be soft. it's everything about guidance and the big talk is facebook, meadow this morning, keep in mind that 10%, the big buyback represents 10% of the market that is why you get the move but also keep in mind they have been buying a ton of stock back since $380, producing nothing but money so much better action off the lows, 50% off the highs. i'm not in it, not buying it just yet, hopefully business gets better and stock will go higher. stuart: a positive outlook from gary kaltbaum. looking at some of the movers
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including murder, drug company. lauren: it is a drug company, they forecast lower earnings. bunch of reasons but one example, they make the antiviral covid bill, it hooked $6 billion in sales of that drug, this year the estimate is for 1 million. that is a big decline. stuart: it sure is, that's a lot of money. pinterest please. lauren: job cuts second round, first round was in december. we don't have the number, interest is confirming the cuts, bloomberg reports 150 workers, 5% of staff. they are up. stuart: they are doing well because of social media platforms. you're going to think i don't know anything about health deity. you are wrong. neil: what do you know? stuart: it stands for eyes, lips, and face. stuart: why are they up so much?
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lauren: they raised their full-year forecast after earnings - revenue rose 50% because we still want to look pretty, just don't want to spend a lot on the products. eyes, lips, face, yes, benefiting from that. stuart: it is not health, it is el f. i know this beauty stuff. stuart: are you absolute positive? stuart: eyes, lips, face, i know it for sure. i will tell you the source later. >> you are right but it is self. stuart: the biden administration wants to limit late credit card fees. lauren: they want to the late fees at $8 a month from as much as 40 one dollars a month now so it adds up to $12 billion a year for the banks. if this change goes through, $12 billion the banks bring in in late fee revenue goes down
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to $3 million. as a consumer you might say this is great. this is government overreach at its finest. this is biden's reasoning for doing this, quote, it is a small it intended to build confidence in the government's capacity to help americans. leave us alone. when you pay a bill on time, when you pay up your student loan debt, that is accomplishment because you committed to doing something and you did it. you swiped your credit card, you pay the bill. we understand people have hardship, that is just the way it works. stuart: a little later i will editorialize about entitlement. our rational entitlement sentiment. stuart: researchers are working on a new vaccine that prevents addicts from getting high on fentanyl. they are calling it a game changer, we do have the story. alexandria ocasio cortez is among handful of politicians who paid a chinese foreign agent thousands of dollars in campaign cash.
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we have that story, believe me. a border county sheriff gets back at secretary mayorkas's claim the border is secure. watch this. >> our southern border is to all public conference statement out washington dc the worst i have ever seen it. when i look at public safety, national security, humanitarian on the southern border this is the largest crime scene in this country. stuart: that sheriff will join us next. to you, it may just be an elevator. here goes nothing. but for a young homeowner becoming their parents, it's a learning opportunity. come on in. [ chuckles ] the more, the merrier. paris, huh? bonjour! we got any out-of-towners in the elevator? tom. it is not easy. 10th floor, huh? must be a heck of a view. okay, see how everyone else is facing this way? progressive can't save you from becoming your parents,
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i have dropped seven pant sizes and i've kept it off. golo is real, our customers are real, and our success stories are real. why not give it a try? stuart: just receiving this, new reports the top economic aid to president biden will --
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she's going to step down this month. he currently serves as director of the national economic council. 's departure was long planned, being commuted to washington since last summer from new england where his wife and children live. according to a senior cbp, border patrol source, there were 48,000 known got aways on the southern border, northern and southern borders just in the month of january alone. fox went on a ride along with texas dps. what did you see? >> reporter: we saw the daily game of cat and mouse that plays out at the border between law enforcement and illegal immigrants who don't want to turn themselves in. look at this video we shot as we are embedded with texas dps starting with body cameras, going after these illegal immigrants who are runners, running through the brush and
10:18 am
looking to evade, switch to our video, you see the guys they took in custody, most are single adult men, most of the people in this area are from either mexico or the northern triangle countries of guatemala, hunter s and el salvador but a cvp source telling fox that in january alone there were at least 48,000 known got aways, law enforcement trying to get the number down. look at this video. why we were with dps we encountered this group of three chinese nationals who had just crossed illegally into michigan. they told law enforcement they paid $35,000 each to the smugglers to get smuggled into the united states, to come over on rafts. those cartels and smugglers charged with the chinese a higher rate than other countries because they consider them exotics. there were one hundred 70 countries that showed up at the southern border. look at this pursuit video of a human smuggler in the rio
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grande valley, texas dps showing a trooper chasing that smuggler on local highways and streets. this is what locals have to deal with every day. at times the chase got up to 90 miles an hour, it was bad weather and the driver lost control multiple times and eventually goes off onto a dirt road to try to get away and everyone bailed out of the vehicle. look at this video, the second half where people bail out into the brush, four illegal immigrants and the driver, texas dps goes after them, they take the driver down and these four illegal immigrants hide in the brush. what was wild about this is there is a 2-year-old migrant child from el salvador who was in a vehicle that entire time. damage for that child, that driver was arrested, and lastly, take a look at this mug shot, border patrol in tucson, arizona arresting a convicted child sex predator. this is an aggravated felon from mexico with 2016
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conviction for sexual assault of a child out of the state of illinois. border patrol in the tucson arizona sector, they recently arrested two convicted felons who they found 30 miles inland from the southern border. shows how far some of these guys are able to get for border patrol to catch up to them. stuart: great reporting, thank you. dhs secretary alejandra mayorkas was hit with new impeachment articles of impeachment over his handling of the border crisis. watch this. >> we have a public official violated public trust and there's nobody who typifies that more in my opinion than secretary alejandra mayorkas. stuart: that was andy biggs as you saw. the sheriff of cho cheese -- cochise county, arizona, i want you to describe in every day terms what is it like living on the border?
10:21 am
>> thanks for having me. what bill is showing to you in texas is similar to what we having cochise county, we are part of the tucson sector. we don't get the give ups when they come to us to give up. we had a media team with us two nights ago, 15 different incidents of smuggling, people stuffing cars and we are seeing the same thing, single male adults, 20, 30, 90% of what we found in cochise county, this is a huge challenge to the quality of life of my community by cartels and smugglers, migrants, go across the board, not a good thing. it's not working, this policy is failing. stuart: the administration will rollback the covid emergency on may 11th. that may also mean the end of title 42.
10:22 am
if it is lifted, then, are we going to get another surge? >> here's my position on that. covid is gone. nobody is supporting covid, the pandemic is set aside. i'm glad to hear that. covid was put into protect americans. what we are doing now is taking away title 42 on may 11th. what is the measures to protect the borders in crisis mode. there' s no measure and you would think secretary mayorkas and this had been a straight and would put some kind of operational plan to show sheriffs, state police, locals and the even their own agents what they will do. once again, there is no will, intellectual -- abandonment on this administered in. stuart: sounds like you have been completely overrun and that is the way you describe it, strong stuff. thank you for coming on the show and telling us what is going on can we appreciate that. come again soon. the nypd and sanitation crews
10:23 am
cleared out the group of migrants camped outside the hotel in new york city. they cleared them out but where are they going? ashley: they were bused to a mega shelter, the migrants made this encampment outside the hotel, protesting the decision to move them out to make way for families who had children. the standoff turned ugly after a group about side activists showed up and used open umbrellas to prevent the news media from documenting the scene. that's when several migrants began confronting journalist, there were a few scuffles but it got resolved, members of the nypd were brought in, no arrests were reported and they are now in brooklyn, those protesters. stuart: another hotel in new york city was just approved to become a migrant shelter, which hotel?
10:24 am
lauren: ashley: a bankrupt holiday and in the financial district. it will house migrants to the tune of one hundred $90 a night. that's going to cost taxpayers about $100,000 a day. u.s. bankruptcy court approved the contract which could last until april of 2,024 with the city paying 10. $5 million over the next 14 months. it is estimated the 492 room hotel could house a thousand migrants, the city is going to provide 24 hour security. of the migrants are in the hotel after the contract expires the city will be required to pay holiday in $160 a night. it is outrageous. stuart: it really is. lawmakers have been targeting tiktok but experts warn another
10:25 am
chinese owned apps proposes a bigger security risk. we have a report. republicans believe billions of dollars have been stolen but aoc says gop investigation into covid fraud is rank partisanship. watch this. >> i cannot for the life of me understand why the majority would send these letters to these 3 states that leaves us with no other conclusion but there needs to be some rank partisanship in this investigation. stuart: weren't you worried about fraud in the first place? nancy mase responds to that next. ♪ ♪
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10:30 am
lauren: they are number one trending ticker on the retail trading form, they are surging today. this your carvanas a 190%. silver gate capital, crypto bank, put them up on screen, 44%, bed, bath, and beyond, 17%, they missed one billion dollars because they don't have money in bankruptcy looms and meet is up 20%. all highly shorted, all rocketing. stuart: they are meme stocks. lauren: another 300 people doubling their size during covid. now they are trimming some of that. the stock is going to $90. stuart: hanes brands, know them well. lauren: up 23%. fourth-quarter loss on 16% drop in sales, retail customers cutting their orders, hanes is
10:31 am
cutting its dividend to show off its balance sheet. stuart: you got it. there's concern about espionage at the self driving truck company 2 simple. spying? a truck company? tell me more. ashley: the justice department urged to take a closer look at this san diego-based self driving truck company that security experts say has close ties with china. us national security panel concerned the two founders of the company and current chief executive are in that it in properly transferring technology into a chinese start up. this is the issue. the panel recommending criminal charges but the investigation continues for now. 2 simple is linked to a chinese startup that is building a hydrogen powered semitruck's, the company denies any wrongdoing, stock is a $2 stock up dollars stock up 14% or $0.35, this comes as the biden
10:32 am
administration has a range of steps to prevent us technology from being stolen by chinese entities. stuart: got it, thank you. parents and lawmakers focused their attention on tiktok when it comes to privacy but we checked, they may have a better security risk. what is the problem with we chat? >> reporter: disinformation, concerns about that circulating on the apps. there's a lot of conversation over regulating tiktok, the we chat apps is as troubling for privacy and free-speech advocates. it is china's super apps developed by chinese company called $0.10. it is a 1-stop apps for communication, shopping, groceries, news, transportation needs, billions of chinese speakers around the world including 20 million monthly active users in the united states.
10:33 am
the problem is we chat routinely centers content, ranging from the pandemic to human rights abuses, we spoke with one us resident suspended for 6 months after posting news stories about covid that undermine china's 0 covid policy. >> an independent blogger -- accelerating 2 or 3 years, strong indication that we chat censored public account for the favor of the chinese communist party. lauren: here is an example of its influence document and by the atlanta council, we chat accounts were allowed to amplify narratives that were critical of the conservative party in canada. just ahead of its 2021 parliamentary election and a conservative party member seeking reelection lost and it is believed the misinformation
10:34 am
spread about him on the apps is to blame. expert say this shows how this apps shapes worldviews with profound consequences. >> imagine all the american social media was wrapped up into one apps. what people think of the united states in the war in ukraine and covid and all that information is distorted. >> reporter: the company point me to a statement that says it has no editorial control over what is posted on the apps and because there are now talks to ban we chat, quote, banning we chat would only result in a less connected digital environment that harms all, but some states are also banning access to the chat as well. stuart: thank you very much. congresswoman nancy mase joins the now. you say protecting our cyber infrastructure is very important. what is that? are you talking all the apps on
10:35 am
your phone? how can you protect all those apps? >> that's only part of it. every week we hear about a new company or chinese technology being abused by the chinese communist party as you detailed moments ago. that is only part of it. when we learn about we chat, chinese, the chinese communist party stealing american consumer data, censuring certain voices over certain messages, that is a huge problem and it's good to see state governments but also the federal government should look at it as well, banning this technology for a whole host of reasons because china has been infiltrating our country with technology, stealing intellectual property from other american companies, it is a huge problem. the other side on cyber would be working together, republicans and democrats are working on a quantum computing bill that was signed into law by the administration, we have
10:36 am
to look at ways to ensure that our infrastructure, in the private and public sector is ready for what is coming and what is already here today. stuart: separate issue, alexandria ocasio cortez accuses republicans in the house oversight committee of partisanship, because of their investigation into covid fraud. roll tape. >> i believe the methodology for these three states is highly questionable. i cannot for the life of me understand why the majority would send these 3 letters just to these 3 states that leave us with no other conclusion there needs to be some rank partisanship in this investigation. i ask if we start off, let's do it right. stuart: the oversight committee is looking into fraud in the covid emergency. aoc says they are only investigating blue states, not red states.
10:37 am
what your response? >> reporter: she was not in the same hearing i was in. her questions were answered clearly by the administration. talking california and new york, largest states in the country by population with the largest covid 19 fraud. the math adds up and they should be investigated. all 50 states should be investigated. the chairman of oversight said yesterday, the biggest partisanship i saw in the oversight hearing was the far left attacking covid 19 as if it was the former president that created it. it doesn't see democrat or republican, it just sees everybody in the world as a host for this virus. stuart: nice to get the fraudulently obtained money back again. thanks for joining us, appreciate it. a handful of lawmakers paid
10:38 am
thousands of dollars in campaign cash to a chinese foreign agent. what is this about? ashley: democratic representative alexandria ocasio cortez and a number of other politicians including two democrats and one republican shelling out thousands in campaign payments to a subsidiary of the hong kong-based sing town news corporation. all of that was for advertising expenses, but this is the same hong kong-based company the department of justice forced to register as a chinese foreign agent back in 2020 one. this is according to a review of the campaign finance by fox news digital, in addition to aoc democrat representatives kevin mullin of california, grace mann of new york, republican nicole malliotakis of new york spent one thousand, to $7,000 in campaign cash with the chinese company. so far none of those campaigns
10:39 am
have responded to the report. stuart: thank you. a canadian province is decriminalizing hard drugs like heroin, fentanyl, they think this experimental plan will lead to a drop in drug overdoses. the house just passed a bill to force federal workers back to the office. republicans believe remote work is causing a major back log at the irs and lengthy wait times at the veterans administration. mike emanuel has the story after this. ♪ thinkorswim® by td ameritrade is more than a trading platform.
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stuart: the house just past the show impact. it forces federal employees to return to the office at pre-pandemic levels. mike emanuel is with us. will this go anywhere in the senate?
10:44 am
>> it would seem unlikely. it needs 60 yes votes but perhaps it gets tucked into another piece of legislation as an amendment. it past the house late in the day yesterday. here is some of the debate. >> the federal government's abuse has gotten so bad washington dc mayor muriel bowser called president biden to suspend its telework policies for federal workers or turnover federal buildings in dc for conversion to affordable housing. we should embrace telework as part of a balanced workplace policy to promote employee satisfaction and overall mission outcome. >> the american federation of government employees union is morning forcing government workers back in the office would be bad, quote, at a time when agencies across government are struggling to hire and retain a new generation of government employees congress should be focused on improving pay, benefits and career developed opportunities is.
10:45 am
instead we see message bills like the shot back that denigrate the federal workforce and undermine recruitment and retention but the house majority leader says enough is enough. when it comes to government telework. >> millions of americans have already gone back to work. americans show up every day to work. washington shouldn't be the last place to get back to work, it should have been the first. >> the white house is not taking a strong position. it saying the focus should be on delivering results for the american people. stuart: mike emanuel, thanks very much, see you again soon. fedex is the latest company to announce job cuts. lauren: non-check company, white collar workers, 10% of managers think officers and director ranks, wall street loves it comes to group upgrades them, saying stock number 240, this is the is the year of efficiency as mark zuckerberg said for much of corporate america. the theme is cost-cutting, reducing cost cutting.
10:46 am
-cutting. stuart: i wonder if our producers, can you just put up the nasdaq on the screen please? it is powering i had. it is the best part of 3%. the nasdaq is up 340 points reaching well above the 12,000 level. that is a significant rally across the board today. sorry, i interrupted lauren. you've got news on amazon. lauren: anything to mess up this rally we will see. safety violations at amazon, 3 more warehouses were cited, 6 in total, very broad review. osha found amazon expose workers to high risk of injury and muscle related disorders because workers are handling a lot of packages up and down over long hours, they also said that medical clinics were understaffed and inadequately trained which the justice department now probing whether
10:47 am
executives know about safety hazards and misled workers and misled the agency. is this a big deal? of course it is a big deal. amazon is battling the unions, the unions want more protections. they point to data that shows amazon workers suffered serious injury at two times the rate of other companies. another headache. stuart: it is serious business. now this. one airline is charging customers $400 for unlimited flights this summer. you can fly anywhere you want. what's the catch? there's got to be one. we will figure it out in a moment. university of north carolina is going to establish a new school liberal promote free speech and public discourse but the faculty is not happy, the unc chapel hill trustee will tell us about this move next. ♪
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and you're not tired anymore, and your anxiety, everything is gone. it's definitely worth trying. it is an amazing product. stuart: the university of north
10:52 am
carolina launching a new school of civic life and leadership. kelly o'grady, explain to me how this school will take on woke in college? >> there idea is to create a space where you can speak your mind free from any political constraints on what can be taught in a classroom. in practice it would create a new program that would have its own dean and higher over a dozen new professors in every discipline from history to political science, students would be free to enroll in the new courses or stick to the current selection. announcing the decision the aim is, quote, to be a place that brings together people of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints to debate the key issues of our day. we need to be stewards of our democracy. faculty, however, pushing back, for the board to do this without their input flies in the face of protocol. we spoke to a former unc chancellor and he argued is a solution in search of a problem. >> i never had a tense moment where people couldn't exchange
10:53 am
ideas. to me, this isn't a serious problem they are so focused on. this is just a very productive political talking point. >> reporter: others argue there's evidence of liberal ideology being pushed, in some cases overtly, it also manifests in students self-centering and academic reasons, unc is not alone in its new school of thought. governor ron desantis releasing a package of reforms change and ending what he calls indoctrination at his state's universities. it is representative of a larger pushback against one dominant ideology in education, certainly going to be a key issue heading into the 2024 cycle. stuart: yes it is. kelly o'grady, see you again soon. we have with us, marty on the board of trustees, thanks for coming on the show. this is a bold move, launching a brand-new school. are you taking direct aim at
10:54 am
wokeism? >> i wouldn't say we are taking aim at wokeism, we are creating an environment for civil discourse. when one side is represented and the other side is allowed to speak up it may seem we are taking aim but we are trying to create a level playing field. stuart: why isn't this popular but the faculty? >> faculty hasn't addressed the school. they are more focused on the process which is a shame. we should be discussing the merits of the ideas. their reaction or some of their reaction is indicative of why we need such a program. stuart: will there be safe spaces at the new school? >> there is no safe space in life. i think allowing people to have a civil dialogue and feel comfortable in their own skin and feel comfortable sharing what they think, not feeling
10:55 am
like they are being indoctrinated is the key message we are trying to do. stuart: long-term how do you make sure the new school is not dominated by the same old woke politics, same old tactics? >> allowing for the two sides of the coin, different perspective to be presented, by having that you will have that constructive dialogue. the problem, you only have one message and it is not really are versus d or woke versus conservative. it is allowing freedom of expression and ideas, exchange of ideas, which is the foundation of the university. stuart: with you all the way and i think you will have a big fight on your hands. thanks for being with us, appreciate it. now we have chat gpt, just became the fastest growing consumer apps ever. how many users?
10:56 am
lauren: one hundred million in 2 months time. it took tiktok 9 months to get one hundred million, instagram 2 and half years. two months for chat gpt. some people don't know what it is. i say the name to my parents friends, what is that? just launching right now. open ai is the company behind chat gpt and they are testing, still free, they are testing a subscription so you -- it can do more things for you as you are a paying customers, lawmakers, teachers, parents, facilitating the possibility for academic dishonesty and misinformation the comes with a major advance with ai. we will microsoft wants to put $10 billion in it. lauren: one hundred 10 billion by 2032. stuart: here's what we have just ahead. ncaa all-american swimmer riley gains will join us.
10:57 am
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