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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  February 2, 2023 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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larry: key question. will government spending policies allow the fed to to get the inb inprate down, my pal elizabeth macdonald is next. elizabeth: now about no. it is good to see you, this story. look at this. a day of confusion, hunter biden and his lawyers, ran to the biden administration demanding to investigate
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anyone disseminating hunter biden a computer data, basically confirming -- and the house g.o.p. kicks off its probe into hunter biden next week, with us tonight. jason smith. and former acting u.s. attorney general matthew whitaker, oklahoma state treasure todd russ. and news and g.o.p. strategist ford o'connel. we have more democrats talking fiscal insanity. talking no caps on spending. breaking their oaths to protect americans, as inflation is hitting big tech earnings. major fights in congress. we have the blow by blow. house oversight said that white house is stonewall. it locked national archives.
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president biden mishandling u.s. secrets, states are moving to stop female athletes from being injured by transgendered athletes, and more people telling wolf wall street keep your hands off our money. and media is bearing down hard on 2024 contender governor ron desantis. i am elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. elizabeth: we begin with stocks ending mostly up, nazdaq with the best daily gain since november. these bellwether stocks on the economy, apple, google and amazon, they have been moving up and down after hours. amazon reporting it had a 2.7 billion dollar loss last year, week wall street liking the guide, gho
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google disappointed in profits and sales. susan lee with the story. reporter: i spoke with ceo tim cook on the earnings. really he said it comes down to 3 factors, the slowing global economy, making the dollar stronger and reduction lockdowns in china. and china production is back to where they need it to be. i asked him what he saw for u.s. consumer and economy, cook said, what he would say, we really invest are in long-term. and highly confident for long-term, but if you look at china in particular, with reopening in december, we have seen increase in traffic compared to november. then i asked him about layoffs, apple is the only silicon valley giant to not yet fire, he said in many areas in the company they're not hiring, and engineering we continue to hire some and
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cost for quarter came in half billion dollar below their guidance, they are looking at everything and ask if they could do it better, i asked if apple builds more of their products in u.s., he said america is their home. we have an advance manufacturing fund to spend in united states. the numbers confirm first quarterly sales drop in 4 years, we saw services like apple music and tv plus hitting a milestone $20 billion, does not sound like a big slowdown in count super you are still making 43% margins on each product you sell. elizabeth: thank you so much. chair of house ways and means congressman jason smith. we're getting a mixed picture on big tech earnings. you and committee republicans, you are going to front lines of the economy in west virginia next week. what do you want to get out of that? >> we're doing things
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different than what democrats did when they controlled congress. that is we're going out to talk to real americans this is the first hill hearing that i have been a part of on house, ways and means committee, first member of any committee this member of congress, we want to know the status of america's economy in appalachia we want small businesses, families, american workers telling us the issues they are facing in biden's economy. and what are the solutions. elizabeth: we have a new fox poll. people are worried about inflation. 9 in 10, gallup saying that it is government and poor leadership that are america's number one problem. arkansas governor sarah
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sanders delivers the response to biden's state of the union. the problem is there is fiscal insanity in dc. you have seen it. dc is letting the economy go up side down. more and more americans are dropping out of the workforce because we're paying people to stay home. >> nancy pelosi, and president biden and chuck schumer have created an inflation crisis with their reckless spending, just in last two years they have increased federal spending by $10 tril y trillion over next 10 years that is outrageous. that means for everyone day americans they have to pay more to put food on their table, and gasoline in their cars. you got federal checks going to prisoners. you have parking lots and
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beaches in south carolina, ski resorts in iowa, wasteful government spending, that is what that money went toward. elizabeth: you see -- this is the hair on fire moment, labor force participation. here is what it means, people who could be working, that are out there in the workforce, it was around 67%, it plummeted 5 percentage points in a generation, that is a hair on fire moment. but now katie bar the door, grab our wallet, enter base. senator durbin saying that democrats want unlimited spending no caps. >> my belief and others share it that say to congress you can disagree with the president on extending debt ceiling but with a vote, that is us come out to recordo on this
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issue without jeopardizing the economy. >> we could, spending, and freeze it over 5 years it would lead to balance, you have to reduce spending and stray there for a few -- stay there for a few years, republ. i think we have to be more dramatic, if we do, we'll be rewarded with stable dollar and stable prices and get rid of inflation. elizabeth: senator durbin talking about a need for a vote to have a debt ceiling debate? you have -- you are in the fight of your lives right now, u.s. debt is 120% of gdp it larger than our economy it is time to fight. this has to stop. we're turning upside down on the economy. >> that is right.
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in 2021, spending caps ended under democrat rule, since then they have increased spending by over 400 billion, in just discretionary spending that is crazy. now they are fearmongerring that republicans will default, republicans will not default, but we want us to address our debt and deficits, we have to get this fiscal insanity in order, now is the time. since 1985 we used the debt limit 11 times to get huge fiscal spending caps, budget reforms, things that help deliver and stop reckless spending we need it to that again. elizabeth: we're not protects american people frfrom inflation. we have long wait times at irs and passport, people waiting for benefits and health care records that is blamed on government workers
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not showing up ef up for their desk job. 48% of workers in dc work remote. governor's worker union says that get back to work act, the show up act that republicans want is is --. >> undermining them. >> it crazy you have to discuss making sure that people show up to work, every federal employee needs to be showing up to work like every day americans, we should not ask more for tax payers to do than what federal openies it is ridiculous. they are staying home and not working. >> congressman smith good to see you. >> thank you. elizabeth: author, and karol roth. we needed you for this story, we had blowout fights in congress today, let's
5:11 pm
take this, far left democrats, tlaib and aoc enraged over the resolution to remove omar from foreign affairs. >> it is so 15 painful to watch. how ironic, they are moving to sensor congresswoman omar in the same week they introduced a bill to ban federal employees from engaging in censorship. where are free speech warriors today. hypocrisy is obvious to the american people. you are showing who you are. really. >> time is expired. timetitime -- time is expired. >> through the claim bar chambe. >> this is about targeting
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women of color, thank you. >> nobody's life should be threatened is anyone censoring and of them or ilhan omar. >> oh, my god, congress is a place where t perform political theater and launder money, they are doing a lot on theater side, no one is sensors ilan omar it is not about her, it is about what is best for american people, she can say it is political or political hit job, but the idea it is about women of color, when you have schiff and swalwell who are taking off committees on the senate side. you had scott lee taken off committees, there is a big outrage because the squad, only thing they are gooda atlata brands them --
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good at is brands themselves making a big deal about it. elizabeth: we done see the banging of podium on that. let's watch senator scott. in his ad about what is going on in the nation. >> we're on the road to woke socialism, and republicans are just a speed bump, we can't keep doing the same old thing, time for republicans to be bold, speak the truth and stop caving in, help us change our party, join us. elizabeth: republicans doing that? >> you know i keep hearing we need to speak about this, we need to actually take action on things that matter. your last segment you are talking about fact that we need to cut spending. republicans have been just as guilty as democrats in terms of increasing spending, i don't want to hear anythi talking about anything, i want to see real results and see them with dollar signs attached, going down.
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that is what i care about. elizabeth: this is how it is goiing in the house. democrats are even fighting over things like saying the pledge of allegiance. >> thank you, mr. chairman. we're charged with vindicating the constitutional rights of our fellow americans, national pledge of allegiance is a national symbol of pride and unity it was a great honor to invite one of my constituents this morning to offer the pledge. my amendment gives the committee opportunity to begin each ofs this meetings with the pledge of allegiance. >> we pledge allegiance every day on the floor, i don't know why we should do it twice in the same day. >> i'm not seeing mernadler mr. nadler on the floor when the pledge is done, most members are not present. >> from new york mr. nadler. once he completes his phone call. for his opening statement.
5:15 pm
elizabeth: they can -- you know what everyone stand up and say the pledge of allegiance, he is on the phone in the middle of a hearing? >> yeah, it is justin santee. i love our flag, i love saying the pledge. but again at the end of the day people can't put food on the table. we have a lot of energy issues, these are not things that every day americans care about. it seem -- >> they care about the country. i hear when you are saying if you care about the nation and a serious as you do aspect in attitude who is needed to fix the nation and get together and unify, do you it with the pledge of allegiance, you agree with what we're talking about, you need to stop with insanity in dc . this is now out of rails. our inflation rate is now headed into double digits if they don't stop, they are
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talking getting rid of fiscal caps to spending, that is what they are talking about. >> even the treasury put out report that shows that level of spending is unsustainable, and over the next several decades we could spend 60 trillion to in trust it is time for congress to come together and not focus on themselves but the american people and fix it. elizabeth: 60 trillion, world gdt is 65 trillion, thank you karol. this fight, over in ending the covid state of emergency. >> we break down the day of confusion out of hunter biden and his legal team, they ran to biden administration demanding an investigate anyone disseminating0 hunter biden's computer data. wasn't there all russian disinformation anyway?
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elizabeth: is this another long drawn out dc investigation. or are you getting answers
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this is special counts robert hur. now on stick with his criminal investigation of president mishandling u.s. secrets. reporter: this is robert hur's second official day on the job, he has been getting briefed for weeks. since appointed by attorney general garland. hur and his team are going over documents taken from penn biden center in november, and biden residents in december and january and documents taken from rehoboth beach. it is possible that some of the documents that were taken, which including handwritten notes had some claclassified information, they are not marked classified.
5:22 pm
material will come back to doj with hur and his team, hur is working at an know disclosed -- an undisclosed location in washington. white house continues to be in damage control with a new chief of staff, jeff zine at helm for his first day. doj is being told or white house is telling reporters to reach out to doj, they are not saying going anything about it and "wall street journal" first to report fbi agents are negotiates with the team of former vice president mike pence to search his home and office in indiana and an office in dc, pence last week told fox news he has and will be cooperative with the investigation. small amount of documents
5:23 pm
marked classified were find in his possession. story just continues. >> it does, we need you on it david thank you. elizabeth: joining us now former acting u.s. attorney general matthew whitaker. great to see you. we have biden team -- excuse me lawyers for the president, in there scrubbing his property since before the midterms. nobody believes that this is serious to find out what is really going on with the president taking u.s. secrets and how he used them and for what reason. and now house oversight chair james comer saying white house or justice department blocked the national archives even talking about how the president mishandled classified documents. >> good to be with you. i think there are a couple of interesting pieces in each case whether penn biden center or lawyer first there
5:24 pm
going through the fields -- thefiles, each case president and his team had a chance to if through before the fbi came in. that is a different set up from what we've seen with president trump's raid on mar-a-lago. this vice president pence is a interesting case. to your reporting they are negotiating with him on whether or not to go look at his files. this is a curious situation. at the same time, president trump was treated differently from the other two. elizabeth: we're on new ground with the next story, we know bill clinton had a problem with his brother, and jimmy carter had a problem with his carter. biden lawyers now stepping on their own feet to contradict themselves, hehunter biden lawyers go to the biden justice
5:25 pm
department, they ask. -- confirming the data is real. mud slide laptop is real, today issued a statement saying, they are not confirming the laptop left at the computer repair shop was real. they did not say that in their initial letters. what is going on? >> it is all over the map. can't argue both sides. contract with repair facility in delaware of the clear, after 90 days it was abandoned and ownership went to the shop and shop's owner who could do with it whatever he wanted. this information has not been out there completely, i don't think that anyone has seen the entire contents of the lap top. i -- my biggest concern in this story, where -- you
5:26 pm
know why now? did joe biden or you know his lawyers say to hunter, we need a counter offensive, we need you to go out and fight back wherever you can fight. >> how about hunter biden come on media. and his lawyers come on media and talk to us and talk to us about every e-mail and text that is in contention. instead of running to the biden administration to get his father's cronies to do his bidding, listen who what hunter biden said in the past about the laptop. >> is that laptop yours? >> it is so you don't need a laptop, you have a book. i don't know. >> you don't know. >> i truly doe not know the answer. >> did you leave a laptop with a repairman. >> not they remember. >> not that you remember. >> no. but whether or not someone has my laptop or whether or
5:27 pm
not it was a it was hacked or there exists a laptop i don't know. >> are i missing a laptop. >> not that i know of, but you you know, read the book, you will realize i was not keeping tabs on possession very well for about a 4 year period of time. elizabeth: does not know if it is his, claims in that interview it was hacked. bottom line is, isn't it corrupt for biden side of aisle to try to criminalize journalism to ask people who owe their jobs to joe biden -- e-mails are real, cbs, and nbc, and cnn, the times, "washington post," this is after two plus years off biden family claiming it was russian disinformation now there are letters today saying that is real, this is nonsense. >> yeah. i could not agree more. biden family wants to stand
5:28 pm
behind the carefully worded statements instead of answers the difficult questions that would get to the heart of the issues. elizabeth: matthew whitaker thank you. this story coming up. we have a new state virginia, moving to stop what is going on with transgender athletes in sports in schools in the state of ve virginia, fight over ending covid state of emergency, dr. nicole sapphire on "the evening edit" next. ish to make new ones every day with verzenio. verzenio is proven to help you live significantly longer when taken with fulvestrant. verzenio + fulvestrant is for hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer that has progressed after hormone therapy. diarrhea is common, may be severe, or cause dehydration or infection. at the first sign, call your doctor, start an antidiarrheal, and drink fluids. before taking verzenio,
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elizabeth: joining us now dr. nicole saphier. we have a breaking news story coming in cdc said people should immediately stop using eye drops that may be linked to one death in and a case blindness. a bacterial out break hitting people. it is esrwrry care.
5:33 pm
>> we're at preliminary beginning phase, cdc issuing a warning about have been about 5 five cases of bacterial infection, 85% of the people have used the ezr a care eye drops. it is not 100%, but one person has died from the ocular infection, and others have suffered permanent eye damage, cdc is warning to stop using ezri care. >> this story. we have talked a lot about pandemic and state of me emergency. ure will hear p powell say
5:34 pm
that papac pandemic is not important. >> i understand well, that covid is still out there. but it is no longer playing an important role in our economy. we kept that statement in there for quite a while. we knew we would take it out at some point. there is never a perfect time. we thought, people are handling it better in the economy and society are. >> the pandemic is over. . elizabeth: make sure we get everything done. that is what president said. what does he want to get done? >> i think waiting until may 11 is far longer than it should be, i think state of emergency should have been rolled back a while ago. there are some things that
5:35 pm
will happen once it rolled back, part is when people are hospitalized right now with covid, hospitals are reimbursed 20% higher rates by medicare, some people suspect you have the people over counting covid hospitalizations because there are incentives. if you remove the higher reimbursement rate, preliminarily you will see lower hospitalization rates we may bet real numbers. someone who goes in with any form of newmonialia will be treated. >> a couple things. >> go ahead. >> one thing, i'm concerned about telehealth services, they have expanded that is crucial for people with difficult access to health services with mental health and substance abuse and others. a lot of that will be rolled back, you won't have as much
5:36 pm
access to telehealth, they say they are keeping it for mental health and substance abuse. >> thank you so much dr. niknicole saphier. >> thank you. >> more and more people telling woke wall street keep your hands off our money. >> and stopping female athletes from getting injured and hurt by transgender athletes. riley gains who tied with transgender athlete leah toms as, she is coming up next on "the evening edit." plan. >> it just so wild that you can turn around and see a 6-4 biological man pull his pants down watching you undress. no one is going to stick up for you? the only way we can get our baby to sleep, so when our windshield cracked,
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. elizabeth: we're seeing bills in a number of states, push back growing against colleges and universities going too far left, g, ron desantis trying to end indoctrination of florida's universities and kelly o'grady is joining us live. reporter: the piece on desantis is interesting, it is representative of a larger push. north carolina, unc their board of trustees created a school of civic life and leadership to promote free speech and democracy. in practice program would have own dean and hire over a dozen new professor, they share, unc has no shortage of leftist views but the same cannot be said about conservative views, their faculty is pushing back, sharing they were blind sided by the decision, they
5:42 pm
don't feel students are being silenced. but others argue there served of liberal ideology pushed. you mentioned a florida gov governor ron desantis, they would include tighter control on tep tenure and banning critical race theory programs, unc and the governor are being called out take a step back, others call it a recover, the original purpose of education. elizabeth: thank you. >> look who is here. former university of the kentucky -- riley gaines, a champion and a hero to many, we were excited to have you on, we read your op-ed for fox news calling for nation to protect female athletes, what is going on? >> well, there has -- men have eroded into the woman's
5:43 pm
category of story by the discriminatory policies inplace by ncaa and ioc and other large governing bodies allowing men to hurdle themselves forward inflational rankings, stealing scholarships and opportunities and titles from women when worked their whole lives to get those spots. >> you tried with tr trtransgender athlete leah thomas in f freestyle, a biological male, scam for swam . >> kwam swam 3 years in the men's category. >> what we're seeing,
5:44 pm
evidence is growing that trans gender athletes are physically injuries female high school athletes in competition. volleyball, ugly and hockey, women are different. we're hearing you say are girls are being bullied into silence? >> these universities put the girls in a position they are terrified to use their voice. they are emotionally blackmailed and told they will never get to grad school if they speak out, the poor girls, leah's teammates, i talked with several, they told me that i ivy league and civil aid told them if they feel uncomfortable seeing male genitalia in their locker room they should seek counseling resources.
5:45 pm
elizabeth: what was threatening you? who is saying you won't get jobs or get into the graduate programs if you speak out? >> people within the administrative roles at universities. i'm fortunate at university of the kentucky my university was phenomenal tto me. i realize it is an anomaly, at threatening directors tell their girls to not use their voice or telling girls, their school made their stance for them. elizabeth: you are censored? not allowed to speak out. that is outrageous you are treated as a not humane. because you are saying, it a matter of fairness. right? >> right. elizabeth: this is a frs g-- for girls coming up
5:46 pm
through sports. >> this is a problem in fairness and safety and privacy, this is becoming an issue of freedom of speech and now bean sport -- beyond sports it is in prison, and education. >> riley gaines, we'll stay on the story thank you. >> of course. elizabeth: media is bearing down on 2024 contender ron desantis. more and more states tell woke wall street, keep your hands off our money with oklahoma state treasury or todd russ, he will join us next on "the evening edit." you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description.
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5:51 pm
accelerate clean energy manufacturing and communities more resilient to impacts of climate change. >> a hell scape from the photos, poorest people in world are gorging for a will dodollar to collect cobalt. elizabeth: that is the dirty secret about climate change. you would have to strip mine the planet to get enough cobalt for their electric car and car batteries. that is a lot of people suffering in africa in dangerous toxic conditions at 2 bucks a day. >> yeah. that is just crazy. that is what has a lot of energy states fired up, i'm glad to join that conversation about how dare do you that to the great
5:52 pm
people of america. pulling them out of energy industry as we know it and trying to make them pivot to something else. we'll address that in oklahoma. elizabeth: talk to us about what you are doing? what are you telling wall street? >> i tell you, fortunately i have a great legislator in oklahoma we're conservative and big energy states, it is a easy lift for me to take a stand with my energy companies and legislatures, they passed a bail last year, house bill 2034 allows me and treks me to divest from the companies that large money handlers that are trying to divert money from fossil fuels and other types of petroleum energy and when we identify those and go through process we'll make a list, i'll make a list, we'll ask the people to do, somewhere else. elizabeth: more and more
5:53 pm
states are joining oklahoma? >> yes. there is -- a great group. elizabeth: todd russ, good to have you on. >> thank you very much. elizabeth: this story. media now bearing down on 2024 contender florida governor ron desantis, we have ford o'connel and "newsweek"'s batcha on the evening edet next. and i just didn't feel well. but then i found clearchoice. [ forde ] replacing marcia's teeth with dental implants at clearchoice was going to afford her that permanent solution. [ marcia ] clearchoice dental implants gave me the ability to take on the world. i feel so much better, and i think that that is the key.
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♪. liz: breaking news. ford o'connell, "newsweek," size of three buses. it was defected over montana. it seems to be traversing across the united states. ford to you. pentagon saying it want shoot it down, it might harm people on the ground with debris. what do you make of this development? this robust from kind to come into our interior. >> i said china is the greatest threat in the 21st century. every time we don't take china seriously they will encroach into our space. liz: what ford is saying, three missile silo fields in mon tan, miles air force base. when you herd the story what was your first reaction?
5:58 pm
>> we're sending billions and billions of dollars and military equipment to ukraine to fight russia when our greatest adversary is china. the democrats have a real problem. they're soft on china from a domestic policy point of view. soft on china from a foreign policy point of view. hard to imagine this is happening under president trump's rule. what will president biden do about it? hard to imagine he will take a robust, appropriate response. liz: what batya said, this is the not the first spy balloon coming into the u.s. from china. >> no it is not. this entire nation as batya focused on ukraine and russia. every day we're not focused on chinese communist party, belt and road, aims to take over the world economically and military is a day lost to america this is not just a spy balloon. you have the chinese communist party buying up farmland around the united states. they are a clear and present danger to america. we need to start taking them
5:59 pm
seriously regardless of political party. liz: the president has been briefed on this. you know, batya, china does not have aerable land. only has 10% of its land is earable. why are they doing surveillance and going over missile fields and. what do you think they're looking for? >> opportunities to harm us. what is tiktok except a china export designed to destroy the mine of our children, spying on them, spying on everybody in america including people working in government. they are good at seizing every opportunity to underminus. they see us correctly as a big threat. the problem we're under democratic rule we don't see them in that way which is exactly what they are. liz: how should the president respond, ford? >> state of the union coming up next week. that is the time to actually make the case to the american
6:00 pm
people the chinese communist party is a clear and present danger to the united states not only military, economically. at batya points out there is a bill from josh hawley looking to ban tiktok in the united states. we need to take that seriously. we need to follow through, the ways we're vulnerable to the chinese communist party. liz: how should the president respond, batya? 10 seconds. >> agree with ford completely. ban tiktok, do something big, symbolic and effective. liz: thank you, ford, batya handling the breaking news. thanks for watching "the evening edit" on fox business. that does it for us. we hope you have a good evening. join us again tomorrow night. ♪ dagen: i'm dagen mcdowell. sean: i'm sean duffy. welcome to "the bottom line" covering the stories that matter most to you americans. dagen: let's get right to it. why did yo


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