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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 3, 2023 6:00am-7:00am EST

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for children fighting critical illness, you can make the stars align. because when we come together, hope and joy will shine. help us make every wish come true. ♪ ♪ larry: that is it for "kudlow". thank you for watching folks. ♪. maria: good friday morning everyone, thanks so much for joining us, i am maria bartiromo friday february 3 your top
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stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast, big tech to enter disappointed sets the tone ahead of jobs this morning. futures reversing yesterday's gains trading lower as we wrap up a big week for technology earnings and the latest employment data this morning the dow industrials down 104, the s&p 500 on 33 and the nasdaq down 195 points right now. that is one in our present, stock surge and the technology lead rally. the nasdaq seen the highest close in september 12. the dow industrial pullback 39 but the nasdaq yesterday up 384 points that was good enough for a gain of three and a quarter percent. then the damage began after the closing bell the hot streak comes to an end for tech, alphabet missing on earnings-per-share and revenue, apple single largest quarterly revenue decline since 2016 and amazon reported the first unprofitable year since 2014.
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all of the stocks yesterday trading down in the aftermarket. amazon down better than 5%, apple lowered by three and a third%, alphabet lower by four in the third%. today were looking ahead to the january jobs report it is at 8:30 a.m. eastern economist are expecting 185,000 jobs to add to the economy in january with an appointment rate coming in at 3.6%, we have all hands on deck coming up breaking down the numbers checking for market reaction first let's check the prices of oil oil prices are low lower brent crude, down a quarter% crude oil at 7574 donna fraction. the european markets look like this the eurozone is also mixed, s&p 113, can't conduct 20 jacks index lower by 100 and asia overnight markets were mixed hong kong the weak spot as officials were of a chinese spy balloon flying over the united states right now.
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the gate stone institute fellow gordon chang is here joining me later on an hour to talk more about a breaking story. hunter biden's lawyers are revising their statement of the biden laptop arguing they are not admitting it's his laptop but they're trying to pro tanto blame the laptop repair member hunters influence peddling as oversight committee gears up for hearings into president joe biden and his family set to begin next week on wednesday. all the details all morning long "mornings with maria" is live right now. ♪. maria: hunter biden's lawyers are now on damage control days before the house gets into they are reversing course and trying
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to paint the laptop scandal as nothing more than a defamation case. all of this coming after hunter biden confirmed himself that the laptop is his and after the owner of the delaware. >> repair shop john paul mac isaac is suing hunter for $75000 in damages in his own defamation suit legal experts are calling this a desperate ploy on biden's part joining me with a hot topic michael lee strategist and freedom works economist and former trump economic advisor steve moore. great to see you guys thank you for being here. this feels like one last desperate effort before the house oversight gets into n0 and on all the evidence of influence peddling. your thoughts? >> is unbelievable how stupid the mainstream media and hunter biden's lawyers thank you are they have never ever at any
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point deny the authenticity of the laptop, there are several instances, dozens of foreign influence peddling in addition to other security violations in terrific crimes on the laptop. remember when rudy giuliani reviewed with the prosecutor in new york city they drove it directly to delaware the next day to deliver to the attorney general the state of delaware. he gave it directly to the fbi who already had it for over a year. this is an unbelievable cover-up of epic proportions never have we seen such detailed influence peddling from a public official and nothing being done about it. it is disgusting to hear these kind of maybe it's ours, maybe it's not, were not admitting it, this is a joke from the fact
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that the media wants to talk about george santos and not the most horrific documented instance of foreign influence peddling we will receive in the country i should say a blows my mind but it's become part for the course. maria: that's absolutely right you are spot on. unfortunately this is not just a story of drugs and sex. this is a story of national security that is why from day one this is not hunter biden story this is a joe biden story we have specific e-mails from the laptop the indicate hunter biden trying to get money from everybody from ukrainians to chinese tried to get him to pay them so he can get money and get information on a russian oligarch, we have this james gill your e-mail when they're doing the cefc 10% held for the big guy which we confirm the big guy is joe biden these are
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national security issues and this is the reason we have to question whether or not the president compromised because of his soft response to china's bad behavior is america for sale in a story that is not about misdeeds it is selling merck's national security one thing mike said i'll brief you on one little thing at first remember they did deny the authenticity of the laptop, remember in the polls show if americans had known of the authenticity, there was a cover-up of this for many months until after the election this might've changed the election outcome. one other quick point i find it comical the latest line of defense from the biden administration they are still sticking with the story this is a right-wing conspiracy.
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maria: i think mike was spot on how stupid do they think we are fox news is confirming the president biden to get into a $50000 line of credit on his delaware beach home on december 5, we are watching not to see if this has anything to do with all of this but we have been seeing a tie between the hunter biden bad behavior and the potential crimes of influence peddling america for sale as you rightly put it to the classified document scandal where joe biden had gross negligence in handling classified data and then we see the e-mails of hunter with his business partners explaining in detail about what was going on in ukraine and clearly he got that from classified information. we're just getting started on this we have a lot coming up. we'll take a break but we were coming back will in on the spy in the sky the pentagon is
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confirming a chinese spy balloon has been floating over military bases in the northwestern states. we are on the explosive story, why isn't joe biden doing anything about it, that is the question. jobs friday all hands on deck from the january jobs report, how to 8:30 a.m. eastern. don't miss that were getting a window into the economy, you're watching "mornings with maria", live on fox business.
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maria: will come back a look at your money in the morning futures are down after disappointing technology earnings yesterday which we predicted would happen. we were watching apple closely and this is certainly setting the tone alphabet missed on earnings and revenue.
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apple saw the largest quarterly revenue decline since 2016. amazon reported a profitable year since 2014. all the stocks are down this morning. having investors question the huge rally year to date, apple down three now present amazon down 6%, also but down for now percent. on wednesday matter reported on this on earnings-per-share but beat on revenue the company announced a $40 billion stockpile back plan. the medicine there soaring yesterday we were talking about a 20% rally in data all morning yesterday i would appoint our guest recently the founder and portfolio manager dan niles talked about buying meta before the quarter and selling or shorting google watch this back a couple weeks ago. >> the final one is facebook 13 times. expenses are under their control. i think that with google or internet advertising names is very interesting.
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if you dig about last quarter the problem was not the numbers the business as you pointed out is a product that competes with tiktok a billion and run rate revenues and went to 3 billion in september that's doing well, good user engagement, user growth and the expenses are where people hated it but they came back and kept the two weeks after they gave guidance. i think you will see it go down. maria: dan niles nails it, see fra research equity analyst, great to see you, thank you so much for being here. we see lots of slowdowns we have a slowdown in digital ads, slowdown and quad businesses. it's all coming on the tech earnings how would you assess what you heard so far in earnings. >> thank you for having me, as far as what we heard so far this earnings season i kind of agree it seems that a lot of the pressures are definitely
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starting to hit these companies as well as the ongoing post-pandemic out there you have the difficult comps you having to lock. anything about the links of apple clearly there are some company specific type of things going on because of the supply constraint they had to contend with the december quarter and on the agate base side of things that is clearly slowing down as you go into the q1 season here. it looks like there is additional pressures as well. but that said, we do think things clear up hopefully by the second half of the issue. maria: will look at lots of tech layoffs as well. u.s. employers cutting was 103,000 jobs in jittery, up 440% from a year ago, the tech sector responsible for 41% of the layoffs and apple is only tech giant that is not announced mass layoffs this year. are you in the camp that believes what happened these
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companies are over bloated with jobs and had to cut back after kobe? what happened? >> i'm kind of in that camp definitely during the pandemic of a certain kind of revenue growth rate that was taking place for the tech companies. they had to kind of hire in anticipation that a lot of that will continue unfortunately that did not persist and as a result you have to normalize the business model author and if you look at the companies that hire the most those are the ones that need to cut the most. so you look at the meadows and the amazon of the world increasing north of 80% prepare endemic to now cutting the most out there in following suit yet microsoft and alphabet and apple being apple historically been it efficiently increasing 20% over the two or three year timeframe not doing any cuts out there. maria: where are you on the
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macro story what are you expecting in terms of 2023 and can you identify where there is growth in profits? >> as far as 2023 is concerned for tech clearly the way it looks yet the macro pressures after it looks like as far as tech is concerned the areas getting hit the most of the first half of the year are the most cyclical areas of the market so you're thinking the biggest decline over year-over-year 20% decline for the semiconductor industry year-over-year in q1. as you progress through the year you start to see a lot more favorable comps for big tech. a lot of that has to do with the softness of the dollar and the fact that using the cost cuts that are to be fully implement it over the next quarter that should allow the margins to see an acceleration as you see the
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growth trends returned by the second half of the year. a lot of that has to do the easy comps again whether you're talking about apple unlocking the supply constraints that we had to go through whether it be the act-based issues regarding the issues that we seen over the last two years in the second half of the year. a lot of those soft areas of the market start lapping later this year. outside investors are starting to get a little bit more encouraged on the big tech side of things right now. maria: investors are obviously encouraged, but it is up 56% year to date. google is up 20% year-to-date. it's incredible with these evaluations looking hot again. michael lee jump in. >> it seems like the stocks really want to go higher all three of the major names disappointed last night and
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premarket there down, last time they were up yesterday you go back a day ago facebook outperformed in their stock was up 24% in a single day so it seems like the risk in tech is not asymmetrical and there's a feeling to me that people want to buy the stocks and everything that didn't work in 2022 is working really well in 2023. how much longer do you think something like this will continue? >> i think the set up for 2023 looks pretty favorable for big tech and to name some of the reasons you alluded to the got absolutely destroyed last year on evaluations and got completely hit. meta probably more so anybody out there and that's what you see the gains over there. going into the numbers last night, you got a little bit too hot in terms of some of these names they kind of ran into it like alphabet up 7% or so yesterday on top of meadows numbers. it was inevitable that they were
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to disappoint. at the end of the day these are names that are going to go straight up to the right is going to be a bumpy road out here but we do think when you look at the damage that was done last year end opportunities are ahead, specifically on the a.i. side of things with the news by microsoft opens up a lot of ice for investors as we look here. it's a near-term opportunity outside of some of the terms that we see in the past like the metaverse. i think on the set up in 2023 and looks a lot more favorable for big tech. maria: we will be watching, good to see you, microsoft made the stake in open a.i. your morning movers qualcomm down in the premarket semiconductor company reported first quarter earnings last night and missed on earnings and revenue the company's revenue decreased 12% from a year ago qualcomm is
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calling for sharper decline in the next quarter saying the economic environment in higher channel inventory is impacting results stock is down three and three quarters or% right now, stay with us, we'll be right back.
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maria: welcome back the texas department of safety detaining three chinese nationals trying to cross the border at the rio grande valley bill melugin finding that they paid smugglers more than $100,000 to get into america, democrats on the house judiciary are using the border hearing to minimize the crisis, watch. >> the first hearing will showcase the racist tendencies of the extreme maga republican wing of the party. >> many seem intent on demonizing migrant families portraying them as fentanyl traffickers and violent criminals. >> is not bidens border crisis this is a crisis for over half a century. maria: wow, joy to be virginia congressman and member of the house judiciary committee ben cline what is your response to the colleagues in the democrat party? >> is an endangerment of national security the border
6:27 am
crisis is an endangerment of national security, hunter bidens is a national security, the documents the divided administration are trying to keep hold of or a violation of national security all the while the democrats are pushing under the rug. maria: i would like to know why adam schiff is minimizing the fentanyl crisis 100,000 plus american citizens are dead because they were poisoned by fentanyl. underlying chemicals in fentanyl coming from china are going into mexico in the dangerous cartels are making a recipe and tracking into america and you just heard adam schiff minimize that, why? >> we heard testimony from a father who lost his son to fentanyl that was trafficked over the border. every community is aborted community now because fentanyl is killing people in all of our communities. we have the population of my hometown lexington virginia, 7000 crossing the border every day, 5 million almost as many
6:28 am
live in the commonwealth of virginia crossing the border since biden took office. this is a national security crisis and we have to act in the judiciary committee and jim jordan is acting. maria: what he could do where is this leading clearly what we hear in the hearing is education for some of the media who refused to cover it, when you hope this is going are you planning on an impeachment trial valley handrail mayorkas for the dereliction of duty? >> we're going to lay out the facts and the judiciary committee is my observation the facts will lead to the impeachment of secretary mayorkas because his willful neglect of the border is deserving of his impeachment and then we will follow the fax to where they lead. if they lead to the west wing we want to know who in the west wing has known about the crisis for many, many months and has decided to do nothing about it. maria: it's a good question when i spoke with senator joe manchin he told me mayorkas is completely aware of what's going on but is been directed by joe
6:29 am
biden to the biden of administration to say that the border is secure. i would like to know where your fax take as and where they take it on the hunter biden laptop story. bidens attorneys are demanding more from a criminal probe of those who release the laptop and share hunter's information does not mean there admitting the laptop was hunter's. if you can follow that it's absolutely extraordinary george washington law professor jonathan turley tweeted this hunter has avoided any public discussion of the foreign dealings yet. if he carries out his threat and sues for defamation he would invite a deposition under oath and under hostile conditions his father would relish the prospect before 2024 as much as drinking bolted lead, bring it on maybe we need all the record deposition from hunter biden. >> it shows his lawyers are
6:30 am
scribbling in panic mode the judiciary committee is very interested in talking to them and to hunter biden as is the select committee on the weaponization of our intelligence agency because information on hunter bidens laptop is a national security threat. when you're dealing with hunter bidens laptop in chinese by balloons we know we crossed over into a whole another realm. maria: that's right, that's why we've kept the spotlight on the story so much because we recognize number won this is not a hunter biden story this is a joe biden story this is not just about and drugs this is national security. we have the e-mails indicate hunter biden lobbying to get money for chinese officials, ukrainian officials. even alcoa in exchange for him giving them information and now we learn the pentagon has admitted the u.s. military is monitoring the chinese surveillance balloon hovering over montana. the government has detected a
6:31 am
high altitude over the continental united states, what is going on? >> divided administration won't shoot it down that's what i don't understand what is her sensitivity about the chinese by balloon that is monitoring over montana they need to go ahead and shoot it down and protect our national security chinese interest are major threats to national security and whether it is information that were in the documents in joe biden's garage and information on hunter bidens laptop that may deal with ukraine or china. these are issues that need to be answered that's what the judiciary committee establishes special select subcommittee. that's why am the chairman of the subcommittee to enforce this they are taking the seriously on the democrat side because it made eric swalwell the ranking member on the new subcommittee that i'm sharing. i ascended the heavy hitters so we're going to bring ours as well and get to the bottom of
6:32 am
it. maria: is he still sleeping with a chinese spy, eric swalwell. >> is been taken off intel committee is looking for ways to make news is good to use a subcommittee to get back into the news but we're going to make sure we get to the bottom of the fax to make sure we protect our national security and we're going to do that in the near future. maria: unbelievable. they must have so much on him that he walks on egg shells in terms of responding to the provocative aggression from china. we're going to be watching airport work. thank you very much, ben cline joining us this morning we will talk soon, the spy in the sky we have more details of a chinese by balloon that has been floating over the united states military bases. more on the explosive story with the greystone institute senior fellow gordon chang will be with us next. say that again president biden seems confused again about the ladies of the u.s. a
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maria: welcome back in new jersey councilwoman is dead after she was shot in the car in front of her own home. cheryl casone with a troubling story. >> the fbi is joining the investigation into the death of new jersey council councilwoman a targeted attack. officers found the republican councilwoman died in her car outside of her home with multiple gunshot wounds, the neighbors say they heard multiple gunshots before calling the police, watch. >> our friends that lived over there said two sets of four shots. pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. they looked outside and this also be running into the woods which leads to the parkway.
6:38 am
>> authorities are searching for a motive they have not yet named any suspects, she leaves behind an 11-year-old daughter, the devout christian was just 30 years old. >> i storms and freezing temperatures being blamed for ten deaths across texas, arkansas and tennessee for hundred thousand residents in texas are still without power this morning in more storms on the way in hundreds of flights canceled as a dangerous arctic blast sent to slam the upper northwestern mideast enter middle east this weekend temperatures plunging to negative 20 in some areas. -40 minnesota. stay with the "fox weather" for extended coverage on the wild winter storm. activists ryan towing taken a massive steak and nordstrom he reportedly plans to push for a shakeup of the board and challenge the leadership role, the stock to been sliding was
6:39 am
slowing sales and a looming recession. brian cohen made his mark in all of his money. an online pet retailer chewy taken a look at nordstrom in the premarket stock is up 30% jump on nordstrom this morning. there is this president biden making a very bizarre declaration about women on the job, watch this. >> off the women in my cabinet, more than half the people my cabinet more than half the women in my administration are women. >> what? , townhall philip holloway mocking the president, a lot of people are blocking the president he says i completely agree with the president more than half the women in his administration and he's apparently not sure about the rest of the women in his administration. president biden speaking of the 30th anniversary, all the good there it was very strange, strange moment and very confusing what he said.
6:40 am
maria: i don't know, thank you. the u.s. is tracking a chinese spy balloon floating across the country over the past few days we have learned about this fighter jets were prepared to shoot it down but the biden administration decided not to the balloon was recently spotted over montana where 150 nuclear armed intercontinental ballistic missiles are stored at the air force base this comes days ahead of secretary of state anthony begins trip to china. arkansas senator tom cotton is calling on them to cancel the trip joining the gate stone institute senior fellow and the author of the coming collapse of china and the great u.s. china tech work, gordon chang is here thank you so much for being here, you also believe anthony blinken should not go to china, tell us more.
6:41 am
>> anthony blinken and shouldn't have gone to china before the chinese by incident. the reason is he's not going to accomplish anything and by sending in their the chinese think we are sending an envoy to the great court and that we are a vassal. this was never going to work out but clearly in view of this by incident this, there is no reason for him to go at this point what it is showing in chinese minds they believe they could do anything that they want including violating our sovereignty and we will still try to seek cooperation. in china's mind that shows we will not defend ourselves i'm not saying the chinese are right but that's a chinese mentality nafta and actually dangerous situation when they believe that. maria: unbelievable this is extraordinary you have been so good about identifying all of the subject surveillance programs that are in place in america from china whether it be tiktok, spies in the
6:42 am
infiltration of academia now we find the spy balloon why are we shooting this down and what do you know about the spy balloon. apparently he could disperse biological weapons or have a nuclear device to disable american nuclear to responses customer. >> there could be anything that the balloon carries including what you just talked about. we know where it came from its track has been public and i think probably the biden administration believes they do not want to rile relationships to china and the been responsible for restraint. unfortunately as i mentioned the chinese don't do it that way they put a different spin on it. we have to remember the chinese leadership especially under xi jinping in the last three or four years does live in its own world and no constructive
6:43 am
reality and not reality is what is important is a very dangerous with what they are doing for instance interceptive unarmed u.s. air force in international airspace in december, this goes one incident after another and it's not leading in a direction. maria: this is an incredible develop it now we know that china's spending and transcending more than a dozen jets and four naval ships around taiwan. they did this this morning, cia director william burns warned yesterday that xi jinping should not be underestimated with regard to taiwan and he ordered his military to be ready to invade taiwan by 2027 but i spoke with the head of the china select committee mike gallagher and he said he is looking at 2024. that could be a year that we see some kind of an invasion or breach three here's mike gallagher, watch this.
6:44 am
>> 2024 is a year end looking at where a presidential that we're going to be internally divided and distracted. more portly taiwan is a presidential election. i think those two things conspired to convince xi jinping he can't achieve this political warfare so he might choose the kinetochore hard power options. 2024 is really the year of maximum danger in my opinion. maria: 2020 for the year of maximum danger, your thoughts? >> it could be 2023, especially with the dangerous intercepts is not just american planes is also australian planes in may which was the most dangerous intercepts yet apart from april 2001 that led to the collision. i'm worried about an accident that will spiral downwards especially because the way the chinese view the world it's not just the plain incidents it's on
6:45 am
the surface of the south china sea and the east china sea we see them deepened indian -controlled territory the large incursion in december and stepped up provocations against the philippines and japan and of course the taiwan air intercepts that you just talked about. it's across china southern and eastern, it is somebody different targets at once and it's also the united states. maria: house oversight committee james comer opening an investigation into john kerry meanwhile in his role into secretive high-level meetings on quote unquote time in negotiations with china. comer sends a letter to carrie writing you have continued to downplay the ccp human rights violation and antagonism against united states while promoting climate negotiation at the ccp does not appear to be interested in entering, nobody believes the biggest polluter in the world which is china is going to
6:46 am
follow any guidelines that the u.s. has on climate change why is john kerry doing it is he getting in the way of national security? >> certainly john kerry is getting in the way of national security because he believes climate trumps everything else. we saw those in his comments vladimir putin a day or two after he invaded ukraine. the house can cut money off from john kerry's negotiation. i believe they should do that because they're not in the interest of the united states or the international community. this is falling and we should understand that these negotiations should stop immediately. >> i have to say i am suspect the anything is going to be done to hold china to account or change the situation where the ccp is surveilling america that regularly until there's a new president the white house. honestly he's just not doing anything about this.
6:47 am
>> no he's not in the air force base was only a couple of days ago when the assistant secretary of the air force said i don't think the chinese should be building the corn processing plant within 12 miles of our sensitive communication facility. it took that long for the administration to say what everybody else knew that china shouldn't build surveillance facilities throughout the midwest and now we have this balloon. what can you say, this administration is not defending us and i believe that's an aggregation of president biden's constitutional duty his most solemn one to protect the u.s. from foreign attack. maria: they must have so much on him that is all i can say that's all i can conclude from all of this. when are we going to notice all the police stations, a chinese ccp police station in new york, should we do nothing until it's out of control like this balloon is out of control, thank you. we'll keep watching on this and
6:48 am
will keep the spotlight on it, we appreciate you gordon chang a quick break ilhan omar getting the boot republicans voted off the house foreign affairs committee as a fellow squad members has a meltdown is making about this morning we're on it you want to "mornings with maria" live on fox business ♪ ♪ what if you were a global energy company? with operations in scotland, technologists in india, and customers all on different systems. you need to pull it together. so you call in ibm and red hat
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>> this is about targeting women of color in the united states of america don't tell me because i didn't get a single. >> time has expired. >> the gop is now doing what it is best act weaponizing hate against the black beautiful muslim woman. >> the gentlewoman's time has expired. >> the gentlewoman time is expired. >> the gentlewoman's time has expired. >> i'm sorry our country is failing you today through the chamber. >> the gentlewoman is no longer recognized.
6:53 am
>> the meltdown underway and that is a hot topic buzz alexandria ocasio-cortez and rashida tlaib exploding over the house decision to remove ilhan omar from the foreign affairs committee because of anti-semitic remarks that she made and she removed the congresswoman omar over her history of anti-semitic and anti-american remarks. steve we heard these remarks many times from ilhan omar, your reaction? >> i think they should be removed from these committees. by the way the tape i loved it she sounded like greta, how dare you, anyways this is a wise move to get people who actually care about our national security on these committees. >> mike, how do you see it? >> the democrat "in of worms when they did this to marjorie taylor green and they were warned and also paul they were
6:54 am
warned and is coming back to them and of course they kick and scream but rashida tlaib is crazy and anybody wants further verification google rashida tlaib getting thrown out of a truck probably in 2016 she was forcibly removed by the secret service for acting insane. it's out there on the youtube and google, give it a look just in case you were wondering. maria: unbelievable this is incredible that they are having this reaction no comment whatsoever about her actual remarks. >> , no consequences for the left maxine waters can call for violence against trump administration officials nobody says a thing. if it wasn't for double standard select would not have any standards at all. maria: coming up the border crisis hit the big apple fox business madison all work is in
6:55 am
downtown manhattan coming live from a holiday and with an update. >> this is the tallest holiday inn in the country and soon all 50 floors argued to be taking migrants the price tag that the taxpayers are paying is huge i'll tell you that number after this po break. and it only takes eight minutes to qualify. i went on their website, uploaded everything, and i was blown away by what they could do. has helped businesses get over a billion dollars and we can help your business too. qualify your business for a big refund in eight minutes. go to to get started. powered by innovation refunds.
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maria: welcome back. the world's tallest holiday inn just won approval to shelter migrants for several years with
6:59 am
taxpayers picking up the tab. fox business's madison alworth is live in new york city with more. madison. >> reporter: good morning, maria. the hotel behind me right now is still open for business but on monday, following this weekend, the entire hotel will be rented out to migrants and taxpayers are footing the bill. this is 50 story tall hotel, it won the right to you house migrants for $190 a night per room. that's around $100,000 a day. it's the tallest holiday inn. it also hads has a tall problem. the hotel is bankrupt following the pandemic. with this deal, they're helping with a had that situation. the contract lasts until april 2024. if migrants are still in the rooms past then, taxpayers will be paying $750 per night for each room. like i said, right now the hotel the is still open but come monday, that changes. we reached out to brand for comment on the availability of hotel rooms, they said to us,
7:00 am
quote, as of february 6 this property will not be operating as a hotel nor open for booking during this contract. this is not the first hotel to be switched to a migrant shelter. it is the latest. here's a list of all the hotels that have already been serving as shelter areas for migrants, paid for by taxpayers. this is all happening because since last spring, 40,000 migrants have moved through new york city's system. either currently being housed or moved to other locations. right now it's around 28,000 currently in new york city. the mayor sayses this cost will be about $1 billion this year alone. pushing for the state government to provide more funding and more help and you understand why when you see this building behind me being completely filled. maria. maria: wow. that is just extraordinary. what happens when we run out of the hotels? madison, thank you. madison alworth. the next hour of "mornings with maria" begins right now. and goods friday


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