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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 3, 2023 7:00am-8:00am EST

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property will not be operating as a hotel nor open for booking during this contract. this is not the first hotel to be switched to a migrant shelter. it is the latest. here's a list of all the hotels that have already been serving as shelter areas for migrants, paid for by taxpayers. this is all happening because since last spring, 40,000 migrants have moved through new york city's system. either currently being housed or moved to other locations. right now it's around 28,000 currently in new york city. the mayor sayses this cost will be about $1 billion this year alone. pushing for the state government to provide more funding and more help and you understand why when you see this building behind me being completely filled. maria. maria: wow. that is just extraordinary. what happens when we run out of the hotels? madison, thank you. madison alworth. the next hour of "mornings with maria" begins right now. and goods friday morning,
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everybody. thanks very much for joining us this morning. i'm maria bartiromo. it is friday, february 3rd. it is 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. we just spoke with fox business' madison alworth on the worsening migrant crisis here in new york. but americans nationwide are having concerns over the border across the country as well. according to a new fox news poll, 47% of voters believe that the border is a national security crisis. not a humanitarian crisis. 61% disapprove of the be's handling of both -- president's handling of border security and immigration. joining us right now is michael lee and steve moore. steve, your reaction. >> i'm surprised only 61% disapprove of biden's performance on the border. how could anybody approve of anything that's happened there? by the way, maria, i'm as pro-immigration as anybody you'll have on the show. i think immigrants are great for the country. but we have of of have order at the border. and the fact that it is such chaos is actually disrupting our whole immigration system because
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americans, they want a secure border but they also want legal immigration and by the way, did i hear madison correctly, $750 a night at these hotels. you could put people up at the ritz for that amount of money. what's going on here? maria: that's unbelievable. you know, it's not just the number of people, mike, because we know that 5 million plus people have been apprehended crossing the border on joe biden's watch and 1 million additional have g gotten away. the ones we know have gotten away because we've seen them on surveillance camera. it's also the illicit drugs, the narcotics, the drug car he'll the are taking home billions and bbillions every week by peddling and trafficking of drugs. here's one part of the hearing we watched yesterday from the house committee with their first border hearing. watch this. >> the cartels pose the greatest criminal drug threat
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the united states has ever faced. these ruthless, vie p lent criminal organizations have associates, facilitators and brokers in all 50 states. the cartels are destroying families and communities with callus indifference and greed. maria: yeah. mike, at this point everybody knows somebody who has died of fentanyl. >> maria, it's a tragic situation where the inside of this country is being rotted out from within. this is not a border crisis. this is a migrant invasion of our country, this is a new chicago every single year of the biden administration of people and by the end you're going to basically have put an entire new york city into the population of people who did not come here through ports of entry but came here illegally. this is enriching the car he'll t-- cartels to a degree they've never seen before. when you think about what many
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people have to go through to get into the country, and the fact we haven't built a wall, haven't locked it down, makes the administration complicit they the sexual abuse and other horrifying things people need to go through to get here. this is blood on their hands and they're simply doing it so they can get cheap labor and new voters and humanitarian crisis be damned. >> can i add one thing. maria: yeah, sure. >> we're seeing like 100,000 deaths a year from these drugs. it is one of the leading causes of death had of young people. meanwhile, the biden administration is spending hundreds of billions of dollars on climate change. nobody's dying from climate change. and we have a real crisis that's causing death h of our children and the administration does nothing about it. if i sound angry, i am. maria: we are all angry. they need more voters to vote democrat to stay in power. >> maria, tens of billions of dollars for ukraine but not
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3 billion for a wall. which could save tens of thousands of lives, okay. and potentially save millions of people from the horrifying journey they have to go through to get here. i mean, this is a mess that will stick with us for generations. it is a complete dereliction of duty. this should be the key thing for impeachment for the biden administration and it is worthy of removing h removing him from. it's a total dereliction of duty. it's hard to put into words all the consequences and negative things that are going to come of this. maria: absolutely. we've seen it up close and personal. we took the show to the border five times in different areas of the border. it's absolutely chaotic and incredible that we are allowing this to take place. and by the way, earlier we reported that the border agents apprehended three chinese individuals who were coming in.
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that's also mind-blowing to me, that the ccp is sending people even through the wide open border, they're already abusing the policies on visas, the visa policies and now they've got people coming in from the border with their massive surveillance programs in place. not to mention 100 people on the terrorist watch list, steve. there were 100 people that were apprehended, they were actually on the terrorist watch list in the last two years. >> you know what is really frustrating to me, maria, you know i work with donald trump. we secured the border. none of this was happening. the border crisis had really come to a halt under donald trump and in two years, look at the wreckage of our policy. mike is right, why aren't we finishing building the wall? this was a very successful poll. maria: right. they were all successful policies had that joe biden decided he wanted to undo because of his trump derangement syndrome. we've got much more ahead. coming up, it is jobs friday, the january jobs report is out in about an hour and-a-half.
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welcome back. time for the word on wall street, top investors watching your money. joining me right now is michael lee strategy founder, michael lee and university of akron endowment fund chairman, dennis garth man p. thank you for being here. mike, with the market that is lower although off of the worst levels of the morning, we had disappointing technology earnings last night and amazon, alphabet are trading down as a result this morning.
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alphabet missed on earnings and revenue. apple saw the largest quarterly revenue decline since 2016. amazon reporting the first unprofitable year since 2014. now, wednesday meta reported a miss on earnings but it beat on revenue and it also announced a $40 billion stock buyback program. the stock was up 20% on the session yesterday but the others are faltering. what do you think is going on in tech, mike m? >> these names just want to be bought. there is more buyers than sellers. i'm not sure if it's the $5 trillion in liquidity and money markets that's sitting out there, the fact that the stocks did horrible last year or expectations among the buy side, not necessarily the sell side estimates were so bad that the earnings are coming in better than feared. but it seems like these technology stocks are going higher and bo barring some yeah. >> i thing with the jobs number, you could see names that missed last night up for today and the risk in technology at least for
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the moment is not asymmetrical. the misses from amazon, apple and google were nowhere near -- we're fairly similar to the beat that facebook had on wednesday. but facebook is up 24% in a single day. and all a t these other names ae down less than they were up yesterday. they're only getting back a portion of the gains from the market yesterday so we have seen a complete rotation and reveer sal from 2022 and 2 2023 where tech names are ripping higher. they're widely held in indices and individual portfolios. this is retail back to buying the dip. if you were short these technology names it is very tough to be you so i suspect there's -- we came into this year with extremely low expectation, extremely bearish sentiment. i imagine there was short positioning out there. as the shorts are being covered,
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as retail investors are putting their toes back in the market, nothing changed sentiment as quickly as price so a little momentum behind this, a lot of buyers emerge from nowhere and here we are. maria: am i supposed to believe that 56% gain is warranted for meta or a 22% rally in shares of apple year-to-date, i mean, we're talking about one month's time and meta's up 56%. >> maria, for facebook it's even more drastic. in november the stock was 88 bucks and now it's at 190 something. so -- maria: 188, 77 this morning. >> these are dramatic moves. i imagine it was too far to the downside and now we're going to get a little too far to t upsid. it's important to remember, the stock market is not the economy, the economy is not the stock market. stocks are fairly if ever fairly valued. normally under or over valued and inherently irrational.
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i imagine we get more strength in tech be be they the days to come. maria: we're waiting on the jobs numbers this morning. your thoughts ons what's going on in tech and what to expect in terms of growth? >> first of all, i've been bullish for the past four or five weeks. i have been bearish since january 5th of last year until about five or six weeks ago. i could see the stock market refusing to go down. but i think we had a strong enough rally. i think you should be very careful at this point. i would not be following tech. a lot of people bought into the idea had that meta was buying back $40 billion of stock, meta stock went up 23% the other day. take a look at what happened to chevron when they announced the buy back, the stock went higher and you now we're almost 10% lower. be care beful what you're buyin. i like tech. i like tech a little more than i like anything else at this point. the only thing i'm long in my own account is a little bit of tech.
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maria: what about the january jobs report out in an hour and a 15 minutes, economists are expecting 185,000 jobs added to the economy with the unemployment rate staying at 3.6%, dennis. >> yeah. i'm not going to argue with that. i think that's the full betters shall be. you have -- numbers shall be. if we have 185,000 jobs created last month, that's what we averaged from 2000 to 2019, that was the average monthly number. it shouldn't be a too dramatic. we shall see. there's a lot of strange numbers that come out. we have the birth death number that is difficult to estimate. we have the number of jobs that were created or people returning to their jobs in california at the universities which is going to have a supplemental impact upon the numbers. be careful when you're trading the numbers. the adp number was reasonable hey impressive. so i think we're going to see 185, maybe -- as i've always
7:17 am
told me over 40 years, watching that number, anything within 50,000 plus or minus of 185 should be considered to be a bull's-eye. hard to believe that's absolutely true. maria: well, you've also got all these cutback, mike. u.s. employers cut almost 103,000 jobs in january. that was up 440% from a year ago. the tech sector responsible for 41% of those layoffs. and for the first time ever, florida's workforce outpaced new york's in december. mike you're in florida right now, yes. >> yes, i'm one of the statistics. i moved my family down there a few years ago. look, it's a much more business friendly state. they've been warning new york about this for decades that you're going to have -- that people are going to leave so you can thank cuomo and kathy hochul for being the number one realtors for the state of florida. you have an attack on private enterprise in the state of new york. in addition to all the covid insanity and then you have a state of florida with great infrastructure, beautiful weather, no state income tax,
7:18 am
budget surplus, and so it makes sense for a lot of people to be down there. you're seeing it on massive corporate levels, especially on finance and people like myself. maria: kathy hochul just released the proposed budget. i don't think that will get anybody to change their minds. she wants a ban on gas stoves and more money in terms of the migrant crisis as well. we'll be watching all that. dennis, good to see you. thanthank you so much. quick break and then the house of representatives voted to quick congresswoman ilhan omar off the foreign affairs committee. their reasons, coming up and what her squad members had to say about it. complete meltdown, next. ♪ she's got electric boots. ♪ a mohair suit. ♪ you know i read it in a magazine. ♪ benny and the jets.
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when i first started golo and taking release, my cravings, they went away. and i was so surprised. you feel that your body is working and functioning the way it should be and you feel energized. golo has improved my life in so many ways. i'm able to stand and actually make dinner. i'm able to clean my house. i'm able to do just simple tasks that a lot of people call simple, but when you're extremely heavy they're not so simple. golo is real and when you take release and follow the plan, it works. maria: welcome back. well, the house voting along party lines to remove minnesota congresswoman ilhan omar from the house foreign affairs committee over her past anti-semetic and anti-american comments. omar's fellow squad members, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and rashida tlaib had a meltdown on the house floor yesterday about it. >> this is about targeting women
7:23 am
of color in the united states of america. don't tell me because i didn't get a single -- >> time is expired. >> my life was threatened. thank you. >> the gop is now doing what it is best at. weaponizeing hate against a black, beautiful muslim woman. >> the gent gentlewomans' time s expired. >> i won't be silenced. >> the gentlewoman's time is expired. >> our country is failing you today through these chambers. >> the gentlewoman is no longer recognized. maria: what a circus. joining me you now is north carolina congressman, member of the house rest veterans affairsd house ways and means committee, greg murphy. how do you react to your colleagues on the left? >> i don't know what to say. it always goes back, maria -- it's getting to be ridiculous. everything is the race card right now. if you're of a certain race or creed, color, whatever, you get
7:24 am
a free out to be anti-smithic, to be anti-american and to then in those same veins would be okay to go and represent the united states of america to foreign countries. no. you don't get it. it always degrades now to the rrace card rather than what the real issue was. my god, these are things that she was taken off her one committee for because of what she did while she was in the house. it wasn't like marjorie taylor greene for what she can did before. so this is an entirely different issue. it's an entirely different narrative. but these people, this is all they do. they scream, they rant and rave, don't make any sense. and it's comical. it's embarrassing to be very frank, maria. it's embarrassing. maria: what specifically did she say so that our audience is reminded of why she was taken off. you can't be on the house foreign affairs committee i guess if you've taken a side. and she's taken a side against
7:25 am
israel, a survey found 66% of americans agree with a congressional investigation into the origins of covid and the government role in funding gain of function research in wuhan, china. i want to get your the take on those two bills that passed as well but first, walk us through exactly what omar said. >> all right. well, she said several different things. one is remember in re real one f the most egregious was the 9/11 attacks and her response was some people did something. and in other words, you know, i'm sorry, the truth is, these were muslim terrorists that a attacked this country and she just pushed they that aside, some people did something. 3,000 americans died. second thing is she talks about all about the benjamins, saying that implying that jewish people want to buy their y power. and she goes on to say other things like -- i'm blanking on the other ones. but it's just a vein that she
7:26 am
goes in and says the anti-commitic, i'm sorry, israel is an apartheid state, it's essentially an aggressor nation. it just goes on an on. and she says oops, i didn't know what i'm saying, oops, i'm sorry. we don't buy it. the american people just don't buy it. maria: not on the foreign affairs committee. >> absolutely. maria: she can have her opinions, not on the foreign afares committee. i wanted to make sure we had the details of what this was all about. let me get your take on the other two bills the house passed this week to end the covid public health emergency and the federal vaccine requirement for healthcare workers, congressman. you are the co-chair of the house gop doctors you caucus and to me i am stunned that here we are in february of 2023, covid showed up in this country from china in january of 2020. and we have not had one hearing. you all have not had one hearing on the origins of covid-19. the american people want
7:27 am
answers. not just because we want to point the finger at wuhan and the chinese communist party, playing around with bioweapons. no, we also want to ensure that this never happens again. how is it possible that you and your colleagues have not had one hearing on the origins of covid-19 and what can you tell us as the co-chairman of the gop doctors caucus. >> it's because the democrats were in charge. they were in the majority in the last sessions. fauci in my opinion was complicit with this. he understands the eco alliance which funded the wuhan lab which knew they were doing research and they knew the lab was at high risk for leakage which in my opinion is exactly what happened. number one. number two, you can only conjecture, why is biden so weak on china. i think there's something they have over he and his family. that's pure conjecture.
7:28 am
i don't have anything to substantiate it. when it looks like a duck and smells like a duck, oftentimes it's a duck. maria: nothing to substantiate it except the clear language on the biden laptop which shows influence peddling where the biden family exacted tens of millions of dollars from chinese ccommunist party officials and why he's so soft on china. there's a balloon in the sky right now from china that is surveilling american people. tiktok as well as intellectual property theft and he cancels china initiative. i think there's more there than just conjecture. >> yeah. absolutely. and you know, if you look at the pattern which is what we have to look at, of what he's done, there has to be something that they're holding over the biden's heads regardless. but you know, our wonderful left progressives love to worry now about th the pronouns. we spent an hour and 20 minutes
7:29 am
debating the world welfare the other day. we can't get down to the real work of the people because they're worrying about he pronouns and some of the other things. if you look at what things really matter, we lost a large number of our workforce because they were kicked off the job because they wouldn't take a vaccine. look, maria, i've been very pro vaccine but the purpose of a vaccine is to help affected or at risk individuals he prevent severity of disease and possibly transmission. it's not 30 year old females who i got so many calls, because i still practice, from nurses at my institution saying i don't want to take the vaccine, how can you help. our institution, not to be singled out it was a cms requirement they that any healthcare institution required their individuals to be vaccinated. and it just was wrong in this particular instance. and it's gotten to the point where insanity, where in california they're requiring kids who are at the lowest risk of this virus to be vaccinated. so it's just gotten out of control and we're trying to actually just bring some
7:30 am
balance, by god, to some balance back to government. maria: well, by the way, we still don't know the long-term effects of these booster shots and there have been questions about them. so it's not out of the realm to actually raise a question about it. congressman, real quick. yesterday 100 democrats refused to condemn socialism. i don't know what that was about. and also kevin mccarthy met with the president on the debt ceiling. you're not going to allow the u.s. to default on debt, correct in? >> absolutely not. what we're going to do is -- secretary yellen is what they call extraordinary measures, moving around the numbers a little bit. what we want to do if things go south and we can't repay our debts, we're going to pay debts to social security, soldiers, medicare, those type of mandatory spendings that we v until we can get sanity back in the spending ritual. remember, right now for every dollar that we take in, the government is spending $1.29. think about that. think about how that adds up.
7:31 am
progressive left, some think well, the debt ceiling we should throw it away. my god, that's how democratic cities end up like they are. we're not going to handle the american economy that way. maria: we'll leave it there. congressman, good to see you. greg murphy joining us this morning. >> take care. maria: hunter biden's lawyers are revising their statements n tthe biden laptop saying it nevr existed. it does exist. everything you need to know bow about the hearings which begin po on wednesday. back in a minute. we will work with you every step of the way to help you achieve it. so let us focus on the how. just tell us - what's your why?
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maria: welcome back. more damning testimony in the double murder trial of alex murdaugh. cheryl casone with tails now. cheryl: the chiefer of the chil officer saying she confronted the disbarred attorney of missing funds, happened the same
7:36 am
day the wife and son were shot and killed. >> i told him i reason to believe that he received the funds himself and a that i needed proof that he had not. >> received those fees himse. >> yes. >> needed proof that he had not. >> what did did he tell you. >> he assured me the money was there. cheryl: he is facing at least 99 charges related to fraud in addition to the murder charges. well, los angeles police arresting a man suspected 06 making threats only to find high power firearms, seizing two assault rifle, one shotgun, three pistols, more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition, one of the guns was pointed at a public park. police responded to a possible mental health illness call only to discover the massive stash of guns. the man of course has been arrested. well, the uuda recalling canned
7:37 am
meats over packaging concerns, produced between december 12th and january of this year. the issues could cause the food to rot or become infected. netflix is called out after an old tweet encouraging password sharing resurfaces, days after they announced a crackdown. crackdown six years ago they tweeted love is sharing a password. one user said just like that netflix said, quote, love is dead. you can still share your account with anyone living in your household. there will be a fee if you want to share it with other of people and the stock in the premarket is down almost a percent right now. and fine ily, maria, today is go red day. here at fox, year after year fox news comes out, supports the national heart association. it's national wear red day.
7:38 am
cardiovascular disease, the number one cause of death in the u.s., in particular, women are not getting the bystander cpr they should in an emergency. 20% of women are less likely to survive an out of hospital heart yattack. my grandmother died of heart disease, rest in peace. i think it's great our company is doing this. maria: me too. i'm happy to participate as well. it's amazing to me with all of the medical breakthroughs, cheryl, that heart disease is still the number one killer and it has such a significant impact on would. cheryl: yeah. it really, hopefully awareness like today will fund more research and also remind people to live healthy lives. maria: yeah. go red and thank you, fox, for getting the word out there. great commenting on that, cheryl. thank you. meanwhile, fox news digital obtaining records showing president biden quietly securing
7:39 am
a $250,000 line of credit against his delaware beach home back in december. so the fbi seized private notes and materials during a search of they that home this week. as hunter biden's attorneys are now claiming that they want a criminal probe of anybody who released and shared n hunter biden's laptop information. but while saying that, they say that does not mean we are admitting the laptops was hunter biden's, telling fox they want a probe of manipulation of a personal data batch. joining me right now is the common sense society executive editor, christopher bedford. chris, your thoughts on this. >> i actually think that makes a little bit of sense what the lawyers are trying to say there. and i think that because it's possible this material was hacked from hunter biden. there's no denying at all that that's hunter biden's e-mails, that's hunter biden in the pictures, this is information that was at one point on a computer owned by hunter biden had. if that computer was actually the one that ended up at the repair shop or if that
7:40 am
information was shared elsewhere is a question that's up for investigation here. maria: well, look, christopher, there has been no word whatsoever of the contents of the laptop from these lawyers which clearly indicate massive influence peddling by the president's son while he was a senator and while he was vice president. we've got e-mails that indicate that they were accepting money, tens of millions of dollars in money, from officials in china who are tied to the chinese communist party. so that has led all of us to question whether or not this president is compromised. that they have so much on him that he refuses to do anything about the ccp's provocations from spying on american citizens to stealing intellectual property, in fact, for god's sake, they canceled the china initiative and this morning a blockbuster story, the u.s. is now tracking a chinese spy balloon which is floating across the country over the past few days, fighter jets were prepared to t shoot it down but the biden
7:41 am
administration decided against it. no, they will not shoot it down. why, chris? why are they so soft on china? despite all china's efforts to undermine the united states. >> this is a wild story. our intelligence services seem to be so busy investigating january 6th and this and that, a massive chinese spy balloon is over one of the ballistic missile bases in montana. they that's something that's a massive oversight. the military is saying if we shoot it down, it could endanger people and structures on the ground but the end result is right ahead of tony blinken's trip to china potentially this weekend as we look incredibly weak. the chinese are collecting evidence. a lot of the information had they probably could get from satellites but they're up there, floating over one of our military bases. the united states is unwilling to do anything. biden appears compromised, his son certainly is. that is a great show of of
7:42 am
american weakness. maria: this is devastating. this is why senator tom cotton is calling on antony blinken to cancel the trip. he said he should not go to china right now, do something about the spy balloon. why is biden giving all this business to china. the biden administration issued a 20 year ban on mining in north minnesota. the forest area. that's home to some of the largest domestic critical mineral reserves, chris. so now things like nickel, copper, we can't mine for in minnesota. we'll have to buy it from china. >> yeah, this has been a long problem. essentially, a reverse opium trade where the united states buys overpriced green technologies from chinese manufacturers that in turns makes our manufacturing more expensive and we can no longer compete with the chinese who undercut our industries in the united states.
7:43 am
it's wild to see. shutting down another copper mine in minnesota, copper is something that's pretty essential in high powered computer chips, used in ammunition. biden administration is going to shut down the ability to do mining of a precious and important metal, shut down the ability to take energy from the ground and the end result will be as opposed a strong america, one that's reliant on adversaries like china. maria: it's all here in plain sight. and yet the lawyers for hunter biden have this last desperate grab, this desperate attempt to change the narrative ahead of wednesday's hearings on biden family influence peddling. that is when the house oversight committee will begin their hearings. what are you expecting? >> i'm expecting a lot of show. i'm expecting a lot of television hits. i'm expecting a lot of republican voters to nod and say we knew this all along, of course. but as far as hunter biden being held accountable, as far as big
7:44 am
tech organizations they that suppress story from the democratic party being held accountable or joe biden, i wouldn't hold my breath had. maria: you have to question democrats for yelling russia, russia, russia all those years when china was the number one adversary and undermining the united states and here you have adam schiff undermining and basically minimizing the fentanyl crisis yesterday during the border hearing. chris, we're going to keep a spotlight on all of that. we so appreciate your thoughts on this. thank you. christopher bedford joining us this morning. >> thank you, par yay. maria.maria: quick break and ta spring break one month away. we tell you how to get the most for your buck and how to save for your vacation. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ suddenly i see this is what i want to be. ♪ suddenly i see. ♪ why the hell it means so much to me. ♪ suddenly i see. ♪ this is what i want to be. ♪ suddenly i see. ♪ why the hell it means so much
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to me. maria: next week on "mornings with maria," monday, secretary of state antony blinken heads to china, michael pillsbury reacts. tuesday, over 2,000 got aways a day at the southern border. chad wolf is here. wednesday, grading president biden's state of the union address, house majority leader steve scalise will join me. thursday, she says america is tired of democrats wasting their hard earned money. senator marsha blackburn joins me. and friday, we are gearing up for super sunday, by revealing some exciting new super bowl ads. it's all right here on "mornings with maria." ld. when covid hit, we had some challenges. i heard about the payroll tax refund that allowed us to keep the people that have been here taking care of us. learn more at hi. i'm charlie kirk. i started turning point usa to do the work to help save america.
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or pay by the gig. all on the most reliable 5g network. with no line activation fees or term contracts. saving you up to 60% a year. and it's only available to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. maria: welcome back. so spring break is right around the corner but inflation costs could have you rethinking your plans. joining me now is travel expert janine toritor. thank you for being here. how much does it cost the average person today on spring break? >> well, it depends on where you're going. if you're going to one of those hot spots, you know, you may be looking at $1,500 to $2,000 per person. so it can get pretty pricey. especially as we're seeing still a lot of pent-up demand this year. maria: yeah. okay. what do you suggest for people who want to go on spring break vacation but know that money is
7:50 am
tight? >> well, look, there's a few tips i would give you to start out regardless of where you're going. number one is all about flexibility this season. so if you want to go to one of those hot spots think about leaving midweek so you can save on your flight or it's really think about the experience you want to have and not necessarily the destination in which case think about those destinationses that maybe in the shoulder season or in their off season so you can save money that way. look at those hotels and what amenities they have and be really intentional about taking advantage of them so is there a breakfast, your entire family can use that to save money. is there a free shuttle that can get you around your destination, are there bikes you can check out, those things seem small but they save a lot of money and sign up for loyalty programs. i tell everyone, regardless of if you plan on being loyal on all of your trips, just signing up for a loyalty program can get you a lot of perks, things like free wi-fi, free parking and save you money right off the bat
7:51 am
on the rate. maria: so tell us where we're going to all of this stuff, where do you suggest people look for a tropical vacation on a budget and where can we get all of these things you're suggesting? >> well, look, if you want a tropical vacation this spring, the best value you're going to find out there is by taking a cruise. despite the fact that demand is really high right now for cruises, a lot of pent-up demand, they're still the best vacation value out there. you have major brands like carnival, the largest in the u.s., had that just rolled out a new ship over the holidays, the celebration. they have another one coming out of the port of new york in the spring. yet another new ship at the end of the year. look, there's all these new ships, new experiences, people are loving this and it's a great value for those tropical escapes to give you a couple of examples, you can get a four night western caribbean cruise on carnival out of miami from $244 per person. another example, five day carnival cruise out of galveston
7:52 am
in february, $584 per person. so in some of these cases you're talking less than $100 a day for an all inclusive tropical escape experience. maria: love it. what about a snowy escape? >> well, look, we've seen some fantastic snow record breaking snow out if they the rocky mountains this year so this is on the top of the list for a lot of travelers right now. what i always say, if you're looking to save some money and still have a great experience, look for what i call the local gems. colorado is full of major resorts. look a little off the radar, these places like durango, colorado, home to t the perga te at.ry ski resort. it offers kids 12 and under skiing and riding for free. february, you can findic the et cetera from $72 for lift tickets to get on the mountain. that's substantially less than
7:53 am
some of the larger ski resorts. and look, we're seeing that a lot of families and a travelers are looking for these smaller resorts because they offer a better experience with not as many crowds but still a lot of great amenities that's you're going to find at the bigger resorts and places like durango, you're talking 30 minutes outoutside of the area. it's the entire experience. maria: we will leave it there. good to talk with you. thanks so much. quick break and then americans are getting squeezed by higher prices everywhere they look. now they are tapping into their 401-k accounts to pay the bills. yes, it is making a buzz this morning. we'll be right back. ♪ i'm like a bird i only fly away. ♪ i don't know where my soul is. ♪ i don't know where my home is. ♪ baby, all i need for you to know is
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>> welcome back time for "hot topic buzz." more americans are dipping into 401(k) plans to pay bills a record 2.5% people into times are being sooifkz to may off emergencies medical bills eviction. mike we talk about this all
7:58 am
the time you are not supposed to tap into your 401(k) people have become desperate because of 40-year high inflation. michael: we're entering society hf and have-nots, last year are 285,000 people had power shut off. in just state of illinois. savings rate multidecade lows credit card debt all-time highs those rates interest rates credit cards don't seem to be tricking down at all. >> steve? we did that study about how plans have been reviewed 30 to 35,000 because of biden inflation terrible stock market last year make taking money out of 401(k) plans already losing not a good situation the other thing that is happening, maria, big story
7:59 am
in "the wall street journal" the other day i have been warning about this on your show credit card debt continues to rise, at alarming pace because people are having a hard time, paying bills, and you know this maria, you pay 15 sometimes 20% interest rates on credit card debt the worst way to borrow, people are -- in that much financial stress they have to, got to get inflation rate down. maria: yep, look we are talking about inflation off the peak, but you still have massive inflation in foods, steve what is the story that price of a dozen eggs up 60%, butter bread, et cetera, in double digits no let theup of inflation. >> i don't know if you saw cartoon a woman drops her egg on the floor says i'm going to have the call insurance company see if i can get reimbursed how expensive eggs have gotten.
8:00 am
maria: mike. michael: a. >> things tend to have an awfully for people on bottom half income spectrum in this country. >> don't forget higher gas prices came down, but now a lot of foreclosure saying 4 dollars a gallon biden is probably going to celebrate look i brought gas prices down 2.50 a gallon truthful left 3.50 now headed to 4 dollars again next hour of "mornings with maria" begins right now. . good friday morning. thanks very much for joining me this morning i am maria bartiromo. it is friday, february 3, top stories righ


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