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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  February 8, 2023 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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larry: to quote governor sarah sanders, the choice is not between right or left but between crazy or normal. next up liz mcdonald. elizabeth: crazy, larry. >> thank you. >> good to see you. fireworks in the house today, twitter former executives testify it was a mistake to give in to the
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fbi. also this bombshell, then senator joe biden pushed bills to cut social security. cut medicare, medicaid and v.a. benefits, senator biden wanted that, but now he attacks republicans who say they don't want to do, that congressman french hill, and kevin hern and steve moore. and big tech expert jessica. and bill mcgurn. and joe concha. critics say that president's state of the union address is a textbook case for why we should get rid of it. gallup found this. half of the nation say they are worse off under president biden. and the white house leaks on its china spy balloon debacle backfire.
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>> the teachers union abandons teachers in the teacher vaccine mandate fight. >> they want them to hire their own security guards. i'm elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit" starts right now. elizabeth: welcome to the show, check your money, stocks ending down, federal reserve officials today saying that inflation is still running too white hot, they are not done raising interest rates. the president in wisconsin talking jobs, after he got booed and heckled last night at a state of the union address, he was heckled dozens of times it looked like the british house of commons, edward lawrence is with more at the white
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house. >> president playing it a little loose with some facts of the state of the union address, misrepresenting the amount of jobs created under his presidency and claiming that republicans want to cut medicare and social security, that has set off the chamber. >> as w we agree, social security and medicare is off the books now. right? we. >> this afternoon white house press secretary walking back that part of the state of the union, doubling down saying she has seen for years republicans try to cut social security and medicare. >> not one republican in the house of representatives is talking about changes medicare or social security benefits, not one. of course, the president could not name one. we want to be respectful, but let's stick to the facts a little bit. it was out of touch with
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reality. reporter: president went after oil companies and calling for quadruple tack on corporate stock buybacks, he spent 4 lines on the crisis at the border. >> president wouldn't come to capitol without putting a fence up but he won't secure our own borders. elizabeth: edward lawrence thank you. >> joining us now congressman french hill. from house financial services. president biden is attacking republicans. claiming they want to kill social security. he is talking about senator scott's idea to look at all federal programs every few years, but what president biden was a senator, he said to cut the deficit he demanded ledg legislation to sunset and cut spending on social
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security, medicare and v.a. benefits. he brought it up again in 2018. >> i make everything joe biden talked about last night was incoherent. he is a hypocrite on all this stuff, he just confuses the american people. republicans want a responsible plan. to raise the debt ceiling and go back to prepandemic spending debates, i pine for the days steve moore when we had democrats and republicans that wanted to balance the budget, have smallest deficit and they thought about how to do tomorrow what joe biden is delivering to the american people is 1.5 trillion dollar deficit for next 10 years, he said last night was wrong on deficit, wrong own flag, he spent more time talk baghdad an fees for airline -- gag baggage fees for airlines than china, deficit, debt or border. elizabeth: steve, what do you make of that and the
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then senator biden saying to cut social security, medicare and medicaid and v.a. >> i have been in this game a long time, back to therreagan years, every 2 or three years this argument comes up that republicans want to cut social security and medicare. medicare. i think that i'm not a politician, i think we should find a way to restrain medicare cost. but you know this, we it talk like adults, both of these programs have massive financial shortfalls, they are going bankrupt. have we to do something about it. right? i thought that was irresponsible rhetoric. the main thing was i took away from the speech, he is makes this case that somehow the american economy is somehow in the land of milk and honey right now, people cannot afford the milk and honey right now, when you have 61% of americans saying that economy is bad, and biden is up there talking about a wonderful things
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are, i felt he seemed out of touch with real america and main street. elizabeth: inflation up 13. 5% total. he skated past the china spy balloon debacle. china has been floats spy balloons over 5 continents since 2018. we don't know who leaked that out from pentagon that it was happening under trump, the trump team did not know about that. right from the get go, he was opening with mistakes. he incorrectly called senate majority leader chuck schumer minority leader, he could not remember the name of ukraine ambassador to u.s., that ambassador of the sitting as a gift guest of the first lady. >> as i said, the speech was incoherent, you could not understand what he was saying or the points high he was making and you
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look at policy proposals as sara huckabee sanders said we have gone from normal in this country to supporting crazy, the speech fell flat, but sticking to economics, we're having real wages grow below the rate of inflation, our families are not keeping up and contrary to his jobs message, businesses cut 2.5 million jobs between december and january. joe biden's economy is bad, when he said we need oil and gas for 10 years, he doesn't even listen to his own department. elizabeth: watch, with random up scripted line about china that people say made no sense. >> name me a world leader who changed places with xi jinping, mai name me one, some republicans some republicans' medicare and social security sunset. i'm not saying it a majority. i don't think it is even a
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significant -- what is being proposed by individuals. >> i'm not politely not naming them but proposed by some of you. folks. i'm a capitalist, but pay your fair share. >> nel norther fentanyl is killing more than 70 thousand americans a year. >> it's your fault. elizabeth: steve, your reaction, he broke the border, wiping out trump's policies. we have the size of three nebraskas now crossing. >> just one observation fentanyl crises is one of the greatest crises in america one of leading causing if not the leading cause of death of people under the able of 18. for our children. yet, we're -- think about this we're spending billions of dollars on climate
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change, nobody climbs from climate change, we have 70 thousand americans dying from this poison brought in across the border, there is almost nothing in the budget to deal with that. elizabeth: he decried covid shutting down the economy. it was the democrats who shut down the economy, he backed the pandemic shut downs and fired people for not being vaccinated. half of americans say they are finish worse off under biden in the new gallup poll . you know, this truly bizarre slogan last night, finish the job, finish the job of what? two years of falling wages after rising inflation, food and rising crime. congressman, the big whopper is the idea about false line of pay your fair share taxpayers pay more than their fair share in federal and state taxes about half in multiple states, how much more do they want.
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>> setting facts straight we have a record of federal revenues because of the appr efficient trump tax cuts, we have a spending avalanche. that is why the biden administration needs to negotiate with house republicans get back to common sense pre-pandemic spending fights, we need to do that for our kids and grand kids, the debt on our country is debt and deficit. elizabeth: he keeping talks about fixing the nation's problem, when he has been in washington since nixon. >> from out of control inflation and violent crime, to the dangerous border crisis and threat from china biden and the democrats have failed you. in the radical left's america, washington taxes you and lights your hard irearned money on fire,
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but you get crushed into high gas prices. prices,. empty grocery shelves, the choice is between normal and crazy in washington, biden administration is doubling down on crazy, president biden inherited the fastest economic recovery on record. the most secure border in history, cheap abundance home homegrown energy, fast rising wages, a rebuilt military and a world that was stabe stable and at peace, over the last two years democrats, destroyed it all. >> what do you say? >> hard to improve on that. i think a star was born last night in the great state of arkansas.
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i will make a prediction, i think that sara huckabee could be first woman president in america, not hillary clinton. i think she was -- people are talking all over washington about what a star she was. >> all right, congressman hill, steve moore thank you so much. >> you bet. elizabeth: let's bring in chairman of republican study committee, congressman kevin hurd, what is your reaction to last night's speech. >> i think one of the biggest -- thank you, i big one is there is no republican in washington, d.c. that wants to cut the benefits for seniors on social security and medicare, that is as a lie. you saw what he said let's work together, every month in the room stood up together and said we need to protect these benefits, people work a lifetime for the benefits. only person in washington d.c. that we know right now who cutting those is joe biden, cut 4.7 million out
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of medicare advantage, a program out of medicare with 48% of all medicare eligible citizens taken that up. he doesn't like it say free market approach, he wants to get more people back to the government medicare. elizabeth: the senator biden, he said yes free spending on social security medicare and medicare and v.a. benefits to cut deficit. he talked about that in 1975. through the 90s and 2007 when he ran for president to bet2018. >> well, what is going on, his audio does not match his video, we've seen the bad movies it does not lineup. we saw that last night, this is one example of that. he talked about the southern border, 70 thousand people dying a year it is really over 100 thousand. only perna person that changed border policy is the president, he changed
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policies, almost 5 million people have crossed the southern border, fentanyl is rages and he criticized energy companies and off script he acknowledged we have to be on oil and gas for at least 10 years. >> watch him flip flop. >> we're going to need for oil for at least another decade. -- beyond that. we're going to need it, last year they made 200 billion in the midst of a global energy crisis, it so outrage out, they invested too little to domestic production. >> the green new deal, policies that are killing american jobs, he shut down american energy, all of his climate czars are flying in
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private jets telling you to sit at home, and drive in your electric vehicle by yourself with three masks on. people are fed up with this lunacy. elizabeth: you have to i mine the planet to get all metals they need, it was 1 n96 billion for the big 5, they since back a hundred billion in stoke buybacks when you hear the president talk he did, what was your reaction. >> he is out of touch with america, americans at home at their kitchen table have to make decisions on how they pay for gas for their car, food for their table and energy for their home this president is out there sending billions of dollars in the world to places like iran and venezuela for our oil, a and crushing our energy industry and criticizes them because of bad policy.
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his handler, his policy people will tell him he smspoke --er also when you look at budget side, there has been much talk about debt ceiling, he does not want to do anything to curtail the spending every economist, have said, that was due to fact that we have excessive spending with this administration, he wants to do nothing about it. elizabeth: critics keep saying this is a failed presidency, congressman hern thank you for joining you us. elizabeth: this story coming up why did the teachers union abandon teachers who are in a fight over vaccine mandates? we talk with a new york city teacher. >> and fireworks in house. twitter former executives testify it was a mistake to cave in to a politicized fbi and sensor the hunter biden laptop story before the 2020 election. >> twitter former top lawyer
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elizabeth: former twitter executives are still getting grilled. on suppressing things like hunter biden laptop story, kelo o'grady with more in los angeles. >> over tight hearing just wrapped. it hit over 5 hours, we got a taste of the approach to big tech we may expect from newly republican lead house. they teased out strive over how leadership justify the suppressing "new york post" article. >> i think you got played by the fbi. they say hunter biden story has all classic earmarks of a russian information
5:23 pm
operation, that was run on you guys. >> with fbi revealing many individuals at twitter would have weekly meetings with them meeting up to the election. >> i am angry for the millions of americans who were silenced because of your decisions because of your actions and your collusion with the federal government. we don't know where the fbi ends and twitter begins. reporter: fbi just responding with a statement moments ago rejecting allegations of an inappropiate relationship. at hearing democrats painting this all as waste of time dismissing inquiries on the n "new york post," aoc calling it a half truth. >> they weapon use the use of this committee to do it again. hunter biden a half baked lapper to story. this is an embarrassment. >> committee members have five-days to request
5:24 pm
additional information but liz, this hearing is to be part one of the inquiry into on-line censorship. elizabeth: kelly thank you for joining us. >> let's welcome back to show tech expert jessica melugin. let's listen, we want your reaction to more of today's fireworks at the hearing. >> american people that he had never spoken on his son about his overseas business dealings, however, the details exposed in post article indicate that joe biden lied to the american people. immediately following the story publication, america witnessed a coordinated campaign to suppress and da-- that morning twitter and other social media companies took steps to suppress that story, hyundai.
5:25 pm
>> that letter was accepted by mainstream news as proof that the laptop was fake. joe biden used that letter to rush aside few requests he received about the story. >> i think you got played by the fbi, that is the scary part, we had 51 former intelligence officials 5 days after you take down the hehunter biden story and block "new york post" account, and then they say, hunter biden story has all classic earmarks of a russian information operation. elizabeth: even twitter cofounder dorsey testified it was wrong. >> i think that is one thing that everyone can agree on. even the ex-executives. telling congress we made the wrong decision. you can see how there is a lot of players at work, questions about fbi.
5:26 pm
questions about how some in the media handles this story. and just the way that twitter did or way that other social media platforms handled it will not be the whole story. that is what i think is interesting whether or not the executives are politically bias or they were afraid of fbi, i don't know and i don't know how you go back and figure out the motives, i know that all americans, democrat and republicans should be concerned about the government pressures a private company to do what they can't -- government is not allowed to do, i hope these hearings will focus on how to not let this sort of thing happen again. >> let's watch twitter former deputy -- james baker. he will dodge questions claiming he cannot recall whether he talked with fbi about censoring the hunter biden story before the election, just a couple years ago. it is dubious that he cannot recall.
5:27 pm
>> mr. baker, you said y you think it talk with the fbi that day, did you talk with fbi about hunter biden laptop story after then or prior. >> i'm trying to make sure i can answer this consistent with restriction. >> a simple question, did you talk to fbi about hunter biden story. >> to the best of my r recollection, i did not talk to fbi about height high hunter biden story before that day. >> after. >> your response is real specific, i did not to fbi on that day, i want know if you talked to them before or after. >> i i can't recall speaking to the fbi about the hunter biden matter. >> why did you answer the way you did? >> -- mr. dorsey testified before congress, twitter changed policy within 24 hours. and admitted its initial
5:28 pm
action was wrong, twitter should have reinstated the post account. elizabeth: what do you think? >> i think that is a great display of jim jordan when he does best, the questioning in hearings, and a lawyer with real lawyers but not answering much of the question. i like that jordan is drill down on the r real issue, that was government role in persuading the companies to take down the story, that is where you have the first amendment problem. i think we need to have hearings on this, they are right that private platform side is not a first amendment issue, but if the government is telling them to do that, it can be a first amendment issue that is what we have to discover here, how pressured were the companies to, did they file feel they had a choice in this. elizabeth: they were reimbursed 3.5 million to process the moderation requests and fbi agent elvis
5:29 pm
chan from san francisco was e-mailing twitter before election day via this transmission line, platform called teleporter to send information to twitter, it feels really under handed. >> yes, that is right. i hope that democrats on the committee exercise first amendment restraints when they complain how the platforms don't take enough down, we need everyone out of account of contend moderation. elizabeth: jessica. come back thank you. >> critics now slam cnn don lemon for ignoring cnn's own reporting a then the the hunter biden lab lapplaptop story. >> and why did the teachers union abandon teachers in their vaccine mandate fight. that is next on "the evening
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anymore. find out if you're sitting on a goldmine. call coventry direct today at the number on your screen, or visit elizabeth: let's web to show michael caine, new york city public schoolteacher for over a decade, he quit the teacher yb, founded teachers for choice over new york city vaccine mandate, a lot of teachers don't like that mandate, and bill mcgurn is here, senator tim kaine's wife, and other democrats on virginia board of education, that kicked off board member who disagrees saying that public schools should not teach socialism as being combatable with democracy. >> and constitution as
5:35 pm
remarkable documents, without also acknowledging they contain fundamental flaws of slavery and limiting protections they provided for only to white property men, i'm not comfortable with that language. with the language of centralize government planning in the form of socialism or communist political systems, that is in incompatible with d democracy, i would concede on communism. >> i think socialism is just about as bad as communism. it -- prop correspondents important decisions. >> they just made a communist move, kicking her off because they disagreed with her. >> i think she had some experience first hand with socialism, you know the view
5:36 pm
that was expressed, you can afford to have that video if you are a rich person in virginia, someone who is poor in the socialist country would have different point of view. elizabeth: virginia governor is stepping in saying these democrats on the board are wrong. michael, across the nation, teachers were getting fired for not taking the covid-19 vaccine, why is this teachers union standing up for them. >> they paid dues. >> the teachers union has abandoned us. i was in court today we had to fund on our own attorneys that are fighting for us in the second circuit court agents this mandate, saying our constitutional rights have been violated, the union is nowhere to be found, i don't know why i have been paying dues and fund this thing on our own. it is just a travesty that
5:37 pm
unions are more interested in political ideology, and in trying to manipulate curriculum than representing their members properly. elizabeth: a new york city teacher said she was pregnant and would not take the vaccine, and you see a new york city firefighter upset. >> statement put out by mayor is, quite disgusting. it says we can reapply for our positions. you know this is really nothing but a punitive measure on his part to continue to punish us for going against his mandate. why would i re re reapply for a job, to start at the bottom again with no tenure, and a salary very much less than what i was making. >> captain for new york city fire department.
5:38 pm
i served for 20 years. i went from being essential to being disposable from the mandates. >> i gave my best years to the stay, 20 years, from 21 to 41. and then they take it away. at peak my earning career, i made it to captain, i was allowed to work in the city but not allowed to east in a restaurant in the city. i was allowedded to work through the pandemic. but i was not allowed to eat in a restaurant, i can wear the uniform, go to a burning building, but not eat here. what wrong with you people. trust the science, you are [bleep] up. >> we have shortages of cops and firemen, this last month, randy weingarten, she flames teacher shortages on things like culture wars. >> not a surprise that teacher unions are doing this. they are one of worst actors
5:39 pm
in covid crisis, work with cdc, it is not based on science what they did, masking up young kids have low risk of covid some people, justn 't to want to boss others, you see the human cost of people that lost their jobs. for not wanting to take a shot that violated their conscience. this is outrage ours bill barr said, there is no pandemic excepttion to the constitution. he is right. you can look a lot of people that made a high price for what the teachers union add voy kataadda advocated. as michael points out they don't represent the teacher themselves, some don't walk in lockstep with the union. elizabeth: you have been all over this.
5:40 pm
this was an emergency use vaccine. fda advisers were worried about it they are now red flagging with signals of side affects. but michael caine, when you hear all this, and you heard that teacher and firefighter, what is your reaction? >> i know rangal and brendan well. we have been fighting this for over a year now. i could not agree with you more. randi weingarten is more concerned about what joe biden thinks about her than what maybe think ma membership thinks about her they don't care with vaccine is best thing, it forced me to least union. i lost my job. but stay abreast at teachers for choice, we're still in court, the battle continues,
5:41 pm
i'm convinced we'll be victorious. i don't know when but i am convinced our day will come. elizabeth: we're sorry we last you as a teacher, we appreciate you coming on and bill mcgurn you are terrific, thank you. >> thank you. elizabeth: tune in tomorrow night. virginia lieutenant governor . >> and this. chicago democrats they now want to force small businesses, slammed by crime over their week policies, they want force them to pay for their own security guards and critics slamming cnn don lemon for ignores cnn own reporters on hunter biden scandals. the hill's joe concha is next on "the evening edit." st fs you've been a huge help. at ameriprise financial, more than 9 out of 10
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. elizabeth: joe concha is here. your reaction to don lemon. >> the time we're in, facts are sort of flexible. >> fact checks and real-time a great interview. >> the "new york post" as credible source saying that facts are -- just, it and i can't believe that we're here. moving on, listen. that is a big issue. with the american -- hold on with the music. a big issue with american people. american people will have to suffer through all of this stuff. from election d deniers to people who don't believe in facts. >> he called off the commercial break. cnn had authenticated hunter's laptop e-mail.
5:47 pm
so did nbc, cbs and new york times and "washington post," what is don lemon lowing. >> last check, the "new york post" was not only first with hunter biden laptop story but got it right while cnn intelligence analyst called it russian disinformation at the time, they never had access to that laptop to actually analyze it. they went on national television, and declared it was russian disinformation, while don lemon is interviewing them and shook his head like it was bobble head night and accepting it all. elizabeth: it was speculation, they admitted it. cnn itself , . >> of course. elizabeth: what is his point? >> his point i guess is to say, that don lemon has more
5:48 pm
credibility than the "new york post." that is like, jack c -- teaching the h hymleich. >> how do you take lowest rated primetime anchor, that don lemon, and say, let's give him one more hour of air time, by giving him 3 hours in the morning, he had a show for years alone, now you say, you have to share the stage with that ego, one of his co-hosts, caitlyn collins was reduced to tears respectly because of the way don lemon has been treating her. elizabeth: let's watch this. house oversight chair james comer confronted twitter former executive roth with his tweet calling conservatives nazis. >> mr. roth. did you write this tweet?
5:49 pm
>> i regret the language that i used in some of my former tweets, but yes, i did post that. >> i'll read the tweet, yes, that person in the pink hat is a bigger threat to your brand feminism than actual nazis in the white house. >> do you believe in the nazi. >> certainly not. >> those who worked in. >> twitter did not have a practice of restricts employees. >> what are on the left, have people gone haywire and emotional and not sticking to facts calling people they disagree with fascists or nazis. like swearing or cursing to win an argument. >> and here is the thing, roth who james comer was grilling there, he was the
5:50 pm
head of site integrity for twitter, he is tweeting there is nazis in the white house. such an insult to everyone holocaust survivor, families of survivors, they justin tthey --y this invoke this language over and over again, watering it down. now done so often with racists it has no value. >> joe, good to see you, we'll have you back on soon. >> new democrat bill in chicago, to fight skyrocketing crime after weak on crime policies? it would force all,s in chicago to hire their own security guards, joe is next. for back pain, i've always been a take two and call in the morning guy. but my new doctor recommended salonpas. without another pill upsetting my stomach, i get powerful, effective and safe relief. salonpas. it's good medicine. >> woman: why did we choose safelite?
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elizabeth: joe is here. when you heard chicago democrats, now want a new law, after they push weak on crime policies this new law would force all businesses big and small in chicago to hire their own security. what was your reaction? >> you know small businesses are already struggling, 47% saying they are not making it another year, so pile it on. the lawmaker is a real peach, take our revolving
5:55 pm
door criminal ju justice policies and past it owhat a joke. the politicians, they are be are ab abhorrent individuals, saying let the criminals run free and make sure that businesses are responsible. elizabeth: this is same time irs is pushing a voluntary program to get people to report their tip income, restaurants bars and the little guys. they get it at federal and local levels. >> it is another attack on small, earners, have we not helped them enough already with covid lockdowns and inflation that are killing the small businesses. and now you want to hit tips on servers and make sure business owners are paying for security it your responsibility to provide that safety. here is a thought. why not actually fund our
5:56 pm
police departments and let police officers do their job. and we could safely secure communities so you wouldn't have to strong arm the, owners in to paying for it. elizabeth: what worries you most about this? >> i think we're on i wrong paths in this country, a culture of lawlessness that gripped us we have record homicide rates that we've not seen in 30 years and 700 police officers shot in last 25 months. and nobody is talking about it. we are on the wrong track, we need to get the train in the right direction, otherwise we're not recognize this country in a new years. >> thank you, joe. >> g good to see you. >> thank you. elizabeth: we'll be right back. stay right there. we'll be right back. into the no-too-distant future of lincoln. ♪ ♪ it's what sanctuary could look like... feel like... sound like... even smell like.
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