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tv   Maria Bartiromos Wall Street  FOX Business  February 12, 2023 10:30am-11:00am EST

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they announced a new ceo, it is trading cheaply compared to the broader market. i think there will be a lot going on with cost cutting. might be a bumpy ride. ben: it got knocked down this week. it is looking pretty interesting here. jack otter: more people might be using their equipment post covid. to read more, check out this week's addition of barron. follow us at twitter, barron online. enjoy th dagen: it is three, kennedy and i'm going to a rangers game with her in three seconds. sean: have a good weekend. dagen: we will see you monday ♪ >> from the fox studios in new york city, this is "maria bartiromo wall street". >> happy we could to walk up to the program that analyzes week that was in position g for the week ahead. i am maria bartiromo.
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>> the state of the union, it is strong. 12 million new jobs, half a million jobs this last month. inflation is coming down, folks i hate to disappoint you the biden economic plan is working. >> i know a lot of republican street mrs. cut social security and medicare. let me say this. if that is your dream, i am your nightmare. some republicans in congress threatened to have america default on its debt for the first time in making history. if we don't agree to the cuts that they want. maria: president biden hitting the road with the state of the union message touting his economy in battleground states this week, continuing his fear mongering and misinformation on false claims about entitlements, joy to be tennessee senator bill hagerty, thank you very much for being here, your assessment on what biden is saying, blaming the republicans, you want the country to the fall? >> the whole point of being
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switch biden is using is trying tfear mongering america there is no reason where to put the full faith and the credit in the united states to get our fiscal house in order what we are trying to deal with massive overspending of his petty problem here in america what joe biden is arguing we need to give a blank check or we're going to put the full faith and credit medicare, social security risk that is not what were saying at all we need to get our fiscal house in order. maria: i the way we would like to hear honesty, the truth is the social security trust fund will be insolvent by 2035 according to the committee for responsible federal government, what i did not hear this week was a plan to make social security solvent again. >> indeed spivak this is been very unserious. the approach is been very unserious. if you think about the speech he spent more time talking about resort fees they dated talking about china or a border it took an hour to get to china these
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claims lies in many cases talking about taking credit for getting jobs back that major democrat cities caused to be lost because of all the shutdowns. that is false advertising. maria: that begin to take on china the foreign relations committee both the holding hearing on the threat from china and all of a sudden got a classified briefing on that spy flight and the balloon, president biden claims u.s. relations, after the u.s. shot down the balloon after a week of having to collect data he laughed off the question from pbs. i'm wondering why it feels like the u.s. is supposed to be on its heels. isn't the ccp the chinese communist party which sent that flight to monitor the u.s. nuclear facility is in at the ccp who covered up the covid-19 pandemic and killed 1 million americans why aren't we feeling
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like we are worried that the relationship got damaged. >> is absolutely amazing that the biden administration would constantly posture from a position weakness rather than place american position of strength, strength is what china appreciates that's the way we need to appreciate the dresser 0 credibility and sense joe biden took office, china is taking this to the bank by floating a balloon across the entire united states of america they were testing us. they were testing us to see what our result would be i wonder what would happen should the news publication had not need this public. taking the photo up the presidency i began to wonder what is going on in this administration. maria: not only that they very successfully change the conversation to the enormity of what we just witnessed to this is happened before and china has a whole string of balloons that they are surveilling the world,
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let's be clear senator, never in our history have we seen a spy flight a week above u.s. nuclear installations in u.s. airspace, he allowed this to travel across the whole grouping of military installations, can you tell us what this balloon was able to get post your intelligence hearing? >> according to the state department the balloon had antennas that are capable of keep venturing picking up a bit occasions i'm certain what they were doing is monitoring everything over military bases they floated over my state oak ridge national lab very sensitive operation facilities there all across the united states the balloon was capable of collecting very material very sensitive information and i'll tell you what shocked me to hear the pentagon a senior official from the pentagon in a named official coming out trying to deflect blame saying this had happened in the chapel administration. again if it did happen it went
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undetected this is hearsay classified information it reveals lack of capability that should never be used in that manner and classified information not mean or for political purposes reflexes and administrations weakness in the tennessee to political excuses in the flexion. >> that is also my point it did not flow for a week to gather so much data to send back to the ccp, even if we were to understand that there were other balloons, how long were they here were they ahead above nuclear installations? >> i assure you if that had happened the chapel administration would have dealt with it the trap of initiation political leadership had known anything about this they would've dealt with it. there is a lot more to come out on this but is clearly a situation with the chinese communist party has tested the biden administration floating for multiple days across this country watching limited public and the world watches us amicus
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responses week, the biden administration is not dealing with the situation as it should and the chinese communist party that no killing our kids covid has been unleashed on the world with no accountability in the biden administration is worried the ccp might be angry with them, this is preposterous. maria: it's insanity, let me point out you will have not had one hearing of the origins of covid-19 there is no pushback whatsoever from this administration on the threat of china. we will be watching, thank you for your leadership. ♪ ♪ wow, we're crunching tons of polygons here! what's going on? where's regina? hi, i'm ladonna. i invest in invesco qqq, a fund that gives me access to the nasdaq-100 innovations, like real time cgi. okay... yeah... oh. don't worry i got it!
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>> i'm a capitalist but pay your fair share big oil reported its profit record profit, last year they made $200 billion in the
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midst of a global energy crisis, if they had invested in the production to keep gas prices down, instead they used record prices to buy back their own stock that's why i propose we quadruple the tax on corporate stock buybacks and encourage long-term investments. >> president biden attacking public companies with his push for a huge tax hike on stock buybacks, joy to me montgomery chief investment strategist it's great to see you, thank you for being here this weekend. >> thank you maria let me say with republicans controlling the house this is unlikely to happen right now. if it were to go through and biden get his wish of a quadrupling how would that affect business in the markets? >> i think it would affect both and i've seen an estimate that 1% tax is currently being applied to a corporate buyback that went in to official status here in the beginning of the
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year is enough to draw basically one half of 1% off of expected earnings growth over the course of 2023 quadrupling that would obviously impair corporate profits even further do one of two things, impair those companies particularly that are serial by backers relative to consistent frequent activity and following through with them ultimately and could also serve as a deterrent to other companies for all the right reasons might look at it as a means of improving shareholder yield by utilizing the cash flow at a very discounted price relative to the prospects that would not only be a win for shareholders but also for the employees that reside in these companies is very short-term i did prospect that can be counterproductive to what these county intercompany's are trained to do not just feather the beds of management like a
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politicized but to benefit not only employees but shareholders at large many of which 403b and 401k plans. maria: he wants to raise taxes and that is it i want to get your take on this market, year to date big gains, technology leading a big move in the nasdaq year-to-date i just spoke with famed investor kathy would darken the ceo her main fund is up 33% year to date she invested all of the growth names she said arc is a new nasdaq, watch. >> the new nasdaq this is an expression we've been using we were trying to get me to kate last year, our portfolios do not include the stocks in the nasdaq for the most part except for tesla perhaps. and the world is changing incredibly quickly here. we are seeing this with a.i. all of the news that is capture the public's imagination, business
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imagination. it is happening very quickly in our portfolios are very focused on the future, the nasdaq another broad-based benchmarks are much more traditional they are really the names of the top of the portfolios and the companies that it really done incredibly well over the years we think many will be disrupted. >> mark what about that she had a horrible year we know that tesla is her top holding and she told me she is inspecting tesla stock around 200 to go to 1500 or 1600 what a prediction what are your thoughts on the leadership in the market year-to-date are these gains sustainable look at meta up more than 50% year to date. >> welcome the gains after the horrible year in the market at large level and specifically to the ark innovation fund having said that it seems a bit impetuous at this juncture
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although i think you can nationalize in the context that jay powell at the morse under most recent federal reserve talk no less than 11 times then using the word disinflation in these companies that are the nasdaq leaders were the kind of companies that propagate kathy was portfolio really thrive in an environment unreasonable growth slow and also low-inflation or dis- inflationary environment. so the tailwinds are really helping to manifest the gains we seen at the market at large read by tech related companies and obviously exaggerated by some of the portfolio holdings of kathy woods is impressive and i can't help but think investors have gotten a little bit of head of themselves relative to the economic fundamentals that don't get matched impressive gains have been put on by some of the stocks were portfolios. maria: by the way we are seeing a lot of layoffs within the sector as well, where you think the market is headed into you
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think we will see a recession? >> sure on the latter point i think it does seem likely that we see a recession in the second half of this year although increasingly given the strength in the labor market i think the odds are probably if we don't we see it pushed into 2024. in the environment i think you can validate not only improvement from here in the stock market overall but even perhaps much higher levels maybe that could tease the levels that we peaked on january of last year. maria: it's great to have you, thank you very much. >> markley sheeny joining us this weekend democrats are blasting the inquiry into twitter's 2020 censorship of the biden laptop as silly and embarrassment, the new york post post. the divine bre
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and it stays off. (soft music) maria: welcome back grilled on capitol hill republican-led house committee calling for explanations from former twitter heads who played a role in the suppression of the new york post biden laptop story, democrats did not see the point. >> simply does not begin to capture this obsession the professional conspiracy theorist who are haggling this private company have already gotten exactly what they want an apology what more do they want and why does the u.s. congress have to be involved in this nonsense we have serious work to do for the american people. >> a whole hearing about twitty for our hiccup in a right-wing political operation that is why we are here.
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it's an abuse of public resources and abuse of public time we are talking about hunter biden half fake laptop story, this is an embarrassment. maria: president biden says the public does not care about the new york post and miranda divide has been all over this biden laptop story from the beginning her latest column the democrat litany of hunter biden laptop lies, miranda devine joins me now, thank you very much for being here this weekend what did you think of that hearing? it was rather frustrating we came close to a few choice answers from james baker who is twitter number two lawyer in the number one lawyer at the fbi when russian gate was going on, he was never pressed hard enough he was particularly uncomfortable when he was asked who hired him at twitter five months before the 2020 election.
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and he evaded questions by citing attorney client privilege and pretended he could hear and did understand this question and he could not recall, he was a very slippery customer and i think james comer mega behind-the-scenes in a film deposition january 6 committee style. maria: let's talk about the facts. i'm really unnerved by the fact that these committee heads in these committee lawmakers can go out there and lie about things wired to under oath the witnesses are under oath and the facts as we know it and we can educate alexandria ocasio-cor ocasio-cortez. >> you are absolutely right, that really should happen they all should be under oath and accountable for their lies. take alexandria ocasio-cortez, she called the new york post a right wing hit operation, to
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newspaper the fourth-largest by circulation, it leans conservative, moderately conservative, she said it was a 24 hour hiccup, the new york post twitter account was locked for more than two weeks up until a couple of days before the 2020 election. that seriously happened to get our stories out, they cost us money. daniel goldman and jamie raskin they just wanted to turn that hearing into another january 6 committee hearing, they lied nonstop they kept on bringing up donald trump and insurrection which is completely irrelevant that should concern all democrats and republicans and independents in this country which is you had the fbi coercing the social media companies to center american
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speech in sheer violation of first amendment rights. maria: what about all the evidence on the biden laptop the tens of millions of dollars the biden family has taken now we have to wonder we have to question why joe biden was so soft on china after we saw spotify into the country into breaking our sovereignty in our airspace and spy and take information about our nuclear installation back to the chinese communist party that is on top of the ccp cover-up of covid-19, a million americans dead can can try to do no wrong after all the money is taken. >> exactly, that's the problem the biden the administration has, it's very difficult to tease out incompetence or weakness from this administration in joe biden can be compromised and what we see
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on the laptop and elsewhere that his family used his name as vice president for eight years to extract money from america's adversaries overseas particularly from china, it's impossible to look at our fallen policy without looking through the lens which is why the syrians are so crucial and why yesterday the democrats really engaged in a blitzkrieg of lies they brought in the heavy hitters and they did their absolute best to muddy the waters and they brought in their own completely relevant witness to talking about january 6 that is all they have one of the democrat congresswomen said this hearing should be about january 6 and they didn't have their own star chamber last time. that is all they have and they desperately tried to bury the truth and they can only do that
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by rebranding the laptop and trying to attack our stories which are factual and accurate and that's been confirmed by so much media sentence and finally the left-wing cover-up of joe biden has had to come clean. maria: alexandria ocasio-cortez and jamie raskin don't care, there you have it they will say what they want but they're not under oath. thank you very much, if you work on this we appreciate you joining us this weekend, miranda devine joining us from the new york post, one impor (fisher investments) in this market, you'll find fisher investments is different than other money managers. (other money manager) different how? aren't we all just looking for the hottest stocks? (fisher investments) nope. we use diversified strategies to position our client's portfolios for their long-term goals. (other money manager) but you still sell investments that generate high commissions for you, right? (fis we're a fiduciary, obligated to act in our client's best interest. (other money manager) so when do you make more money,
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maria: welcome back ahead of next week the record amount of money people will be shelling out betting on this week and super bowl insiders are expecting more than 50 million
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americans will bet $16 billion on the game more than doubles last year's estimate of 7.6 billion this is also the first super bowl to be played in the state would legalize sports betting so fans at the game and glendale arizona state farm stadium will place mobile bets during the game as well you can catch all the action on fox sunday night 6:30 p.m. eastern i will see you on the "sunday morning futures" on sunday. sunday money features like attending them and have exclusive interviews with jim banks former senior advisor to president trump, stephen miller and sideline reporter michelle, join us live that will do it for us for now, thank you for joining us have a great rest of the weekend i will see you again next time. ♪ hello and welcome to the "wall street journal


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