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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 16, 2023 7:00am-8:00am EST

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accumulate over time and they become a felony. but right now it's $500. $400 for me and next place. there's no consequence. they walk in. but at sports system what we are doing is stopping the people. we apprehending them. we had four instances last week, we caught them all. maria: good for you. we will be watching. thank you very much for joining us this morning. duane kensly, thank you, sir. next hour of mornings with maria begins right now. good thursday morning, everybody, thanks very much for joining us this morning. i'm maria bartiromo and it is thursday february 16th, it is just 7:00 a.m. on the button on the east coast right now. crickets in washington in three unidentified object. republicans calling the biden administration for lack of leadership and transparency on whether those objects are connected to the chinese
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surveillance on america. white house aides are deciding when president biden will publicly address the issue which may come as soon as today. we are watching. u.s. officials are reportedly saying that the u.s. chinese spy flight was aiming for guam and hawaii but was blown off course by wind. florida senator marco rubio is not buying the narrative from china. watch. >> i do not believe -- i heard, chinese talking point and some people are saying in the administration because they don't want to heighten tensions any further. coincidently sensitive over u.s. facilities right in the middle of the country. that's just not a coincidental path. maria: vice president kamala harris told politico that the surveillance im flight should nt impact relations with the country. >> i'm stunned that this
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president and this vice president are still on their heels basically appearing that they are afraid to ruffle any feathers in the ccp, lee, our relations are not going to be damaged, okay, so what else can the ccp do to america, covid-19, covering it up, a million dead, a balloon to surveil american citizens. you know, intellectual property theft for decades and decades. no damage to our relations b. >> what about the deterrence that your words matter, your policies can result in a change of behavior that would be protecting america's best interest abroad. americans want strong leadership and they don't want to see the first words coming out of leader's mouth suggesting that there might not be any consequences and maybe this is okay. playing along with what is clearly a ccp information op narrative. we should not be echoing it and we shouldn't be forgiving it.
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the chinese need to understand, the ccp needs to understand there are consequences with their actions for us and unfortunately the message getting sent from america is that there is none so you lose out on deterrence. maria: john. >> something that -- this administration tracked when it was launched and into air space and we didn't find out about it because there was a press conference we found about it because it came to visible air space and someone in montana took a picture and then they said, well, okay, there might be some kind of a balloon and later learned that there was a planned meeting between secretary blinken and the chinese that they didn't want to disrupt and this could be disruptive and if it hadn't come to visible air space we might not have known about it. maria: the question of whether or not this president is compromised keeps coming up
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because of all of this. they could do no wrong. >> for both parties to come together. sputnik moment where both parties if you have of the opinion, maybe, china we can work with them, this would be a clarifying moment. maria: could be. >> you mentioned deception. let's not forget a couple of weeks ago china said that this was a civilian balloon. now they are saying they are going to retaliate. why would retaliate if a civilian balloon, that doesn't make sense. i want to share something that was shared by someone who was a pilot. we were talking about this balloon was probably above 60,000 feet because that's our class a air space and he said we only have two jets that have a ceiling of 65,000 feet, f15 and the f22. the f15 is still being produced but outdated.
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the f22 much better technology, we ordered 750 but because of budget cuts we only accepted delivery of 187 with the last one being delivered in 2012. we haven't continued to upgrade that technology. we've been a little lack as it relates to that because of the defense spending cuts and i think this has shown some of our vulnerability. maria: well, sure. it's also a question as to why we were not expecting any of this and why we allowed this balloon to travel throughout the country when they were tracking the it from the moment it took off, it lifted off in china. >> what about the next few balloons? fortunately we are able to start the conversation from the start of the flight of the first chinese spy balloon and where it should have been shot down and the debate over and the spin over what it was and where it
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was heading, what its motives were. you have multiple objects that have been shot at the sky since and we can't even sit here and have a great conversation to assess, you know, who is responsible for these next objects, where did those flights start, what were the motives and intent behind whatever that was trying to achieve and as far as the government goes, they -- they have to know more than what we are being told. and the senators when they were coming out of their classified briefing a few days ago, they were saying a lot that they were told that should not be classified that you should -- should be explained to the american people. what is it that the government knows that they are telling senators in private classified settings, the senator says, hey, that makes no sense why you are not sharing with the american public. maria: whoever was in the briefing, ron johnson, other senators, everything that we heard could be told to the
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american people. there was nothing classified or, you know, important that would put anyone in -- in danger that could not be shared with the american public and yet they won't share it. >> has to be frustrating for the senator and congressman. maria: you can't talk about it. >> i saw senator bit, this is the number one question that she's getting asked about and i'm sure she and her colleagues would love to be able to answer her constituents questions. this happened over the years where i'd be in classified briefing and i'm hearing stuff that should be told to the people in a public-open hearing and questions should be asked and answered but unfortunately in classified setting and members of congress are afraid to share the details because you're not saying what can be shared publicly and what not and pointing in one broad brush, none of this can be shared. maria: way to share any conversational question. it's classified. the faulkner host, she will join
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us as special panelists at 8:00 a.m. hour. don't miss that. tomorrow newt gingrich in the house, he will join the panel at 8:00 a.m. we are happy about that. don't miss it, you're watching mornings with maria live on fox business. ♪ ♪ ♪ dad, we got this.
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maria: welcome back time for the word on wall street. top investors watching your money. morgan stanley director and private adviser kathy and strategic wealth partner ceo mark tepper. great to see you guys this morning. kathy, thank you so much for being here. >> thank you, great to be here. maria: welcome to the program. i want to kick things off with you with the market trading fractionally lower this morning ahead of another potential market moving report this morning with the producer price index.
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we will get the january ppi in about an hour and 15 minutes. we are expecting a gain 4 tenths of a percent. would this be something that markets would focus on do you think, what are your expectations for this report? >> i don't think it's a huge market mover but i do think it has big effect on the long-term outcome, great leading indicator in terms of the client, clients, the consumer, they are not going to be able to continue to afford things, things are getting expensive, they are not able to lift up the markets as much as they had in the past and i think from that perspective there's going to be some changes that we have to be aware of and plan for. maria: look at this market, up yesterday, 110, higher on the nasdaq, obviously big moves year to date. what is your expectation for 2023 and would you put new money to work here? >> yeah. there's been crazy moves that's been up and down. i would say that what we are looking for is actually more of a pullback. we still think that the key here
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is earnings, corporate earnings and it's not showing in the markets where it should so we are being cautious, we are asking clients to stay with some very boring and basic things such as cash which is paying a pretty decent amount right now and we are also talking about fixed income, clipping your coupon and defensive stocks and starting to really, like, start to go into the markets a little bit at a time but we are looking for a bigger pullback and then there's a big opportunity. we think for the long-term and for long-term growth. maria: i think i agree with you. we haven't really seen the lag effect of this string of rate hikes just yet. we have certainly seen it in housing, mark, up 7 points yesterday. the highest monthly gains sin once of 2013 but mortgage rates are rising again, up 6.39%, what would you do in terms of the housing market, are there
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opportunities? >> we have gone from 31 to 35, now back to 42. we were at the 42ish level back in like september of last year when mortgage rates were around the same level. so mortgage rates kind of went up from september into november and then they kind of start today come back down. i would assume that a lot of this has to do where mortgage rates are at right now, however, housing is still in a recession. whenever the reading is below 50, it is in a recession. obviously building permits, lead housing start. that's something that we are going to keep an eye on and one of the things that we have seen happening and i talked about this in past shows is that when you look at the builders like a dr horton as an example, they say they canceled a lot of contracts. but when it comes time to accept the house and take out the
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mortgage and close on the deal, it's been tough. they haven't been doing it. and, you know, housing makes up about 20% of our economy when you add in all of those ancillary businesses like furniture, appliances and things like that. certainly a leading indicator. to your point about corporate earnings and expecting a pullback in earnings in -- in the market as well, the earnings that everybody looks at, they are down like 2% year over year right now. but gap earnings, when you start to take out all the weird one-time things that affect earnings, gap earnings are down 23% year over year. that's -- but that's a number nobody pays attention to and nobody talks about. so we are experiencing a -- one heck of a profits recession. maria: that's what you were saying. >> absolutely. the consumer is paying more for their stocks than they should be right now and they don't realize
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it. maria: are there areas that we will see growth? i mean, last year the only growth that we saw was in energy, the oil companies. you didn't really see growth in any other sectors, in profits. >> yeah, i still think there are areas where you will see a little bit of growth but i think for the most part -- so last year for us to say we were in a profits recession we had to strip energy out of the equation. this year even with energy still adding earnings growth to the picture we are in a profits recession. so i think right now, you know, probably -- probably on the same page as you. right now is the time to shed water. right now it's not the time to step up to the plate and hit home run. that -- that time will come. it's not right now. maria: you think it will come off big selloff? >> i think we will have a selloff and there will be an opportunity right after that to
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invest and move forward. so you want to take a look at what is interesting and look at areas that you understand and you know and you believe and you want your portfolio to look at your life and you want to invest in the things that you are using on a -- >> like the peter lynch model. you know what, when we talk about shedding water, value overgrowth, that's where you want to be. the interesting thing they have underperformed this year. on your point about a selloff, we are expecting a big selloff as well this year. i would expect as we approach the summer and the debt-ceiling showdown really start to hit home, that's where we are going to see unbelievable buying opportunities where we can reposition into those stocks that are going to be home runs. maria: yeah. all right. we will leave it there. kathy, great to have you.
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kathy joining us, mark tepper with us all morning long. we are grateful. quick break, gop demanding answers in the origins of covid-19, whether taxpayer was used to support research. congressman brad winstrop is here on why he says this is one of his priorities. ♪ ♪ ♪ moving forward with node- positive breast cancer
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maria: welcome back, trade between united states and china growing in 2022 despite escalating tensions. that's 6% increase compared to the year earlier, u.s. exports to china meanwhile rose nearly 2% to 153 billion. so a lot more that we are buying from china than china is buying from the united states. the republican lawmakers have introduced a china trade relations act last month to strip china of trade status. lee, i want to ask you about this. with all of this, you know, prof cases that we are talking about with china, why is it that we
7:24 am
still have favored nation trade status with china, seems off, any ledge of pull to keep the ccp, hold them to account? >> i don't know any willingness to pull the lever. i think that's a goal it was and still remains to be a popular, populist message with americans. they just want fairness. they want a level playing field. they want to see the numbers popping up on the screen exporting a similar number than what is coming from china and unfortunately that's not the case. maria: well, remember it was 2020 actually when the trump administration put in place a new deal with china and the chinese leadership, i remember, they knew about covid, they went, sent a whole host of people to davos for the world economic forum and they went to
7:25 am
washington and everybody shook hands and they were there on stage talking about this trade deal, not a mention from the chinese communist party about covid, shaking everybody's hands acting as if nothing is wrong and i don't think they ever kept their promises on any of that anyway. >> that's right. and it's a long game. here in america we think, okay, there's a presidential election coming up in just over 18 months. we have new administrations coming, new policy sometimes our policies change from one month to the next inside of an administration and in china they are laughing at us. they just have to get through that current administration to get to the next one. we need to be discussing this as americans regardless of whether it's a republican president or democratic president, it needs to be a consistent united states foreign policy as a long game for our country. china is winning the long game. maria: meanwhile they continue to send all this money to universities to try to get students to be spies, send back
7:26 am
intellectual property. we have new report that the university of delaware received more than $6.7 million in secret chinese donations after president biden set up biden institute records at the university of pennsylvania also showed it received millions in funding after biden announced his penn-biden center. republican lawmakers are vowing to investigate this. doesn't look good, mark. >> it does not look good. we need to see more transparency out of these higher education institutions. china obviously you mentioned espionage, they are trying to monitor our students, monitor our curriculum, possibly monitor curriculum and for everything that we were just talking about, when you take donald trump, love him or hate him. the guy played ball hard with china. right now we are not playing hardball. the playing field is not level, in fact, we are getting whooped by day them day in and day out and it's time that president
7:27 am
biden grow a spine and stand up to them but obviously that's difficult when you're on china's payroll. maria: and if you've taken all of that money from chinese officials tied to the ccp. let me bring back wolf pack chief investment officer dan david. great to have you. you have done work on the topics. i want to get your take on the latest provocations from china and what the u.s. can do about this. >> well, look, the u.s. could do a lot about this. they can stop kicking the can down the road and deal with these provocations as they happen. i mean, if we are just talking about the confucius universities and donations, this has been going on for 20 years and it is really affected a generation of our children. so it's something that we really need to look into. we really need to change the dynamic and stop taking foreign money to influence the education of our children. maria: i mean, do you find it
7:28 am
odd that we haven't really seen any response from a massive 200 feet able to fit 3 buses in it surveillance balloon from communist china that was allowed to travel across the united states before getting shot down in south carolina and they were able, this balloon was able to snap images of nuclear installations and yet we haven't heard a word from joe biden about it, we haven't heard any response other than the u.s. canceling a trip of antony blinken? >> yes, this is a carryover from the obama administration, the biden-obama kind of consortium that they ignore the things. way above american people's heads, everything is fine, no big deal, nothing to see here. it is a big deal. it's a big provocation. it's testing our metal, it's showing that to them and what
7:29 am
they are playing over in china were a paper tiger and they are not only doing with balloons, they have been doing this with smaller drones that have been unchallenged and small enough not to be seen on our radar. it's been going on for some time and we ought to get after it and shoot them all down. maria: john, jump in. >> i would say extremely disturb to go hear that and to see that u.s. air space has been repeatedly violated by foreign objects and spy balloons all of these years and we had no idea. i think and -- the question really is are question in sort of a second cold war here ultimately. to lee's point about a consistent american foreign policy, during the cold war whether you were democrat or republican, it was very consistent, policy of containment and there wasn't a lot of differences between handling the soviet union. going forward what we need to see is a unified foreign policy from both countries. you're correct, every 18 months
7:30 am
we change what we do and they are laughing at us. maria: we haven't seen any response. there are reports that maybe joe biden will address the nation later today. we don't know if that's true. dan, i know that you very report on the investment landscape as well. i want to ask you about the new report that you are calling b riley financials. you say that they have skeletons in the closet. let me say we have not heard from b riley financial on this at all so we don't know about the skeletons but tell us what you -- what you are alleging. >> well, look, you know, b riley financials is a quasi investment bank but looking at fundamentals last year they lost 950 billion to negative 350 million and when you look at their loan book and their equity portfolio it's in big trouble for this bank. they -- they've had two loans go
7:31 am
bankrupt in the last two months. we see another 300 million coming off from bad loans and the equity books know better, down 46% last year. so none of this is going well, so the proprietary businesses that they have that are -- are not going to drive their business. they brought magic jack 5 years ago, the dial-up business, robust dial-up business in the 90's and they didn't pay cash for it. there's negative tangible equity. so that's what they got out of those acquisitions and most concerning i think here is that b riley himself has pledged 4.3 million shares taken loans in the market, that's 16% of the entire -- maria: float. >> float, yeah.
7:32 am
if the stock price goes down, takes another hit because of a bad loan, get some more news, this fourth quarter, we don't believe is going to go well and they get to about 30 bucks, they could be 3 bucks in minutes. maria: wow. >> yeah, that's 430 million shares. that's ten days volume hitting the market right away if access bank decides to do that. and to show the kind of credit trouble they are in, they have term credit agreements that was 365 million. they no longer are saying their cue that they are in compliance with those agreements. that's been a misin the last cue and every other cue. maria: well, we will call b riley and try to get comment there on your work dan and your predictions, just to be clear this has nothing to do with china, this is a separate report that you are out with dan. what would be your
7:33 am
recommendation for joe biden if came and address the nation s. there a response that you would like to see him make to that spy balloon? >> i would like him to be strong and committed and say we are not going to tolerate this anymore. we have a policy and that is to shoot down spy balloons and catch people in the country and prosecute and not just send them back to you. and reciprocity should be on board too. we should be doing some of the same things there on the south china sea which they claim it is theirs, it is not and we need to prove that. maria: we will leave it there. dan david joining us, quick break, january producer price index is out in about one hour's time we will break out these t numbers with the panel coming up.
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cheryl: house judiciary committee, maria, is demanding big-tech collusion. jordan says, quote, the subpoenas are the first step in holding big tech accountable. microsoft and meta tell fox digital they are producing documents, amazon have not responded to our requests so far. take a look at scenes out of chicago o'hare airport where homeless camps are sprawled out from the front doors to baggage claims. staff and chicago residents are calling the problem out of control telling mayor lightfoot they do not feel safe. many are outraged as they wait for her to take action and maybe take a little responsibility. well, basketball legend michael jordan donating $10 million to make a wish foundation which is
7:39 am
the largest donation in 43-year history. jordan has been working with the foundation and becoming most requested celebrities all coincides with the star's 60th byrd, make a wish celebrating the milestone and donation on the web page for big happy birthday message for mr. jordan. finally there's this, maria, this is cool. never before seen footage of the titanic wreckage was just released. the haunting video shows remote control vehicle exploring the ship for the first time. it was actually shot back in 19986, excuse me, that wasless than a year after the wreckage was first discovered. they didn't find it till '85. the ship is 1250 feet below sea level. it's 80 minutes of uncut, unnarrated footage, remember back in april 14th, 1912 the titanic hit iceberg from england to new york city sinking the entire ship. only 700 of the more than 22 on
7:40 am
board survived. there's a window and the really crazy part, there was a chandelier still hanging from the ceiling. anyway, so that's one big story. the other is that jack could he have survived. >> there was room for him on the door that was floating, there was room. maria: that was cool. i like that. that's a good story. thanks, cheryl. >> you bet. maria: chinese communist party pulling the wool over everybody's eyes when it comes to w.h.o. halted covid origin investigation. ccp claiming china supports global origins tracing but opposes any political ma manipulation. joining me right now ohio congressman pan dem ebbing select subcommittee and member of the house and ways committee brad wenstron, we are grateful that you are working into this investigation into the origins
7:41 am
of covid-19. but my question is why and how it is even possible, we are sitting here in february 2023 and covid showed up in february 2020 or january 2020 and as far as i know you and your colleagues have not had one hearing on the origins of covid-19, is that right? >> that's right. we really have not. of course, we haven't had gavels to call for those hearings and that's been the problem. you know, you mentioned the w.h.o. in this situation, the world health organization, and they are stepping back from phase two of the origins of covid investigation. well, the reason they are stepping back and that's because china has not been cooperative. you know, the world health organization should exist to benefit all human kind and you to have willing members of the world health organization that will cooperate and share information if it's going to be
7:42 am
functional. the question is, why is china still in the world health organization, why are they not expelled from it because they don't cooperate? but look, with our investigations and what we have been doing quietly really predominantly with republicans on various committees especially the intelligence committee, we are trying to discover what others won't willingly tell us and in this case it's china. and they are going to propagandize this and the reason w.h.o. is getting out is because we didn't do anything wrong and we have nothing to do with it, it just happened to start in china. we are going investigate this. maria: isn't it true, though, that it was xi jinping that placed the health of the world health organization in his job? >> well, that's -- that's the whole problem. so you have politicization of the world health organization where, you know, how much you invest into it i guess gives you control over it. and so that's a problem but you see that china is not been
7:43 am
cooperative, they haven't been cooperative with us and so we've got into get into all of this and be transparent and get to the facts and we can get to certain facts but it's not going to come from china unfortunately. so we have to dig. we are going to do basically afteraction review, lessons learned, the positives and negatives of the decisions made by our government and the effects around the world and hopefully develop a path forward, you know, our goal at the end of the all of this is not only to make things very transparent and people have an understanding of covid-19 but how it affected everything because we want to be able to predict and prepare and to prevent a future pandemic. that's our goal in all of this. maria: there was no response from the u.s. to china's cover-up of the covid-19 disaster and so why wouldn't they feel empowered to send a surveillance balloon to america potentially 3 others that were
7:44 am
shot down last weekend. you know, i mean, this is the issue here and i guess what i want to know from you is you've already done a lot of digging congressman, were they working on a bioweapon that escaped when covid-19 escaped? >> yeah, there are things, maria, that have been out there for some time. 2005, our own state department said they felt that china was working on bioweapons program and, you know, in 2015 we not only have published article where they have created a gain of function type of virus but also in 2015 the academy of military medical science in china and their fifth institute which works on coronaviruses and bioweapons published a weapon that talked about genetic bio-weapons. so their desire that is been there so certainly that has to be part of the equation of what
7:45 am
we are looking into and obviously that's going to take deep dive and investigation. maria: yes, i'm with your former colleague in the house lee zeldin, go ahead, lee. >> you can hear that congressman wenstrop is a military guy and key with less sons learned. it's not conducting oversight on what has gone wrong, what are the positives and, you know, congressman wenstrop, just spoke to that and how thaw are doing oversight correctly in not just trying to identify what is wrong and also legislative purpose. >> well, first of all, lee, great to be with you this morning. we miss you but, you know, you are exactly right and, you know, when i got selected to -- to chair this select subcommittee i immediately called dr. ruiz, democrat emergency physician and said please try to get on this committee and try to be ranking member which has become. look, he and i differ politically on a lot of things but we have worked together and
7:46 am
especially on things that involve the health of america. we've written many bills, we did the mission act, the no surprises act. this is something that i can work with and that's going to be our approach, to be professional about what took place and what were the motives of the decisions that had been made and were there positives or negatives, what are the effects on the education of our children and the social development of our children, how did our government programs work, where was the waste, fraud and abuse? how did the policies affect america and were they right policies like lockdowns and masking and mandates? we have to have those conversations and we need to do it frankly and so that we can be better going forward. they'll be some fallout probably for some people as to why they made certain decisions and we need to know were those decisions made politically or made on science, made for personal gain, all of those things we have to try to figure out but we have to go and follow the facts and follow the money.
7:47 am
maria: yeah, real quick. what do you want to hear from biden, why haven't we heard from joe biden on all of these objects that were shot down over the weekend? do you believe they are from china? >> obviously we want to hear from -- i just listened to what the vice president said in munich and said our policy with china has not changed. i know in 2011 joe biden said rising china is positive development. that sounds like to me i hope they are not mad that we shot down their balloon, you know, i want to see some toughness and i want to let china know that we are going stand up to them and they are not allowed to take over our country. you know, the united states of america is not the biden family yard sale. we are the united states of america and we are a sovereign nation and we need this administration to act like that. maria: it's just incredible to me that she says we seek competition and not conflict. i think it's pretty obvious that they are seeking conflict.
7:48 am
>> everywhere they turn they are seeking economic conflict, they are seeking military domination. they are seeking control -- let's look at pharmaceutical. if they shut us off for pharmaceutical ingredients that right now so many of them only they can provide we are sunk. we are sunk. maria: and they threatened to do just that during covid, right, through their propaganda, one of those propaganda sites said well, maybe we went send the prescription drugs to america right now during 2020. congressman, that leaves me to a whole another set of questions, why do we have all of the supply chains in china. we have to jump real quick, you want to answer that why this haven't been get moved yet? >> we let it go too far because it was cheaper. if we are not competing globally and not creating incentives for businesses and manufacturers to be in the united states of america we are going to continue
7:49 am
to have a problem and raising taxes which the biden administration likes to do does not help bring manufacturing back to the united states. maria: yeah. >> it's a national security threat and a national health threat. maria: congressman, we will be watching your very important work, thanks very much. >> thank you. maria: brad wenstrop joining us. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ baker tilly. a must in your medicine cabinet! less sick days! cold coming on? zicam is the number one cold shortening brand! highly recommend it! zifans love zicam's unique zinc formula. it shortens colds! zicam. zinc that cold! ♪ ♪ wow, we're crunching tons of polygons here! what's going on? where's regina? hi, i'm ladonna.
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maria: that was a clip from the hit hbo show the white lotus, beautiful views and experiences of beautiful shows and movies quickly becoming tourist hot spot. here with us vitusio vice president of public relations, misty bells, misty, great to see you. season two of white lotus was filmed at four seasons resort in italy. is this sparking tourists in italy? >> it is filmed at the santa monica palace, four seasons hotel. it's a 14th century convect and you also have incredible views of mountain edna. maria: oh, my god. >> you want to stay in the
7:54 am
junior suite where dominic stayed and you have a restaurant and you can head to villa which is harper and daphne went if you watch the show. this is a privately-owned four bedroom villa in the same family for six generations. maria: how about season 3 of netflix, emily in paris, did that spark travel to paris? >> of course, love letter to paris. it highlights it in the most beautiful way and for that show we turned to another four seasons hotel which is the most iconic hotels in the world. maria: i've been there. it's incredible. >> you could practically touch the eiffel tower from your suite. you can even go to a restaurant
7:55 am
called anona which is by the chef supervising chef for the show and have emily and paris experience go two and a half hours outside of paris. maria: have any of you been to these hotels? >> for season one of white lotus, where was that filmed? >> hawaii. maria: misty, thank you, we are dreaming of trips. we will be back with fox news lydia hu. ♪ ♪ ♪
7:56 am
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back, chatgpt exploding in popularity avwants to know who is behind this artificial intelligence platform fox business lydia hi joins us with more lydia good morning. good morning, maria. questions about who is behind artificial intelligence plchl are being raised because of evidence of a left-leaning political by seize merging according to "daily mail" when asked to write a column praifgz former president donald trump chatbot refused generated a poem for president joe biden, another example asked to write 10 paragraphs in support of fossil fuels
8:00 am
chatbot said i -- i cannot fulfill this request goes against my programming of fossil fuels use. >> confusion, cross silicon valley the political he donations of tech firms overwhelmingly supported democratic congressional candidates during midterm elections, 94% donations from twitter employees supporting democratic candidates openai behind chatgpt, led by ceo sam altman also has a documented history of political donations supporting democratic candidates nationally locally donated more than half a million dollars, he tweeted we know that chatgpt ha


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