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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  February 16, 2023 10:00am-11:00am EST

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ibly5 fox square down sixth avenue. up down up down describes the markets, down this morning. it is 10:00 eastern, 7:00 in california. i am ashley webster in for stuart varney, straight to your money, you can see we are down 49 points on the dow, more than one%, s&p down 1.5, nasdaq down one and one third, leading us to inflation numbers on wholesale prices and they came in harder than expected, the 10 year treasury yield starts to move up 5 basis points, now 3. 85%. let's take a look at the price of oil, that too slightly higher right around $79 a barrel, bitcoin starting to pick up the pace a little bit,
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now above 24,000 up $87 and 24,414. now this. going after nikki haley with false claims about her real name. one naacp leader said she changed it from mara rada to nikki to erase her ethnicity and msnbc's joy read claims she converted to christianity just to fit in. watch this. >> she focuses on her conversion to christianity, she has definitely tried to fit in. ibly5 rob smith joins me this morning, good morning to you. why this hate against nikki haley? >> you see a lot of these mouthpieces in the media going after republicans, the only thing they can say is these people are racist. if you are nonwhite republican and some sort of empty headed mouthpiece for white supremacy,
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and if you are a white republicans than you are straight up racist. the question that i always have when i listen to these things that are more obvious every time i hear them, are people dumb enough to fall for this. summary like joy read things or audiences as dumb as she is so she's going to peddle this lie and a lot of these things, they will say the same things. the question again is always are independent leaning voters going to fall for this or african-american voters seeing their livelihoods go down, gas prices go up, groceries go up, seeing quality-of-life go down under president biden, are they going to take this and say every single person running for president on the republican side is a racist. i do not know. ibly5 state lawmaker, she was a
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governor, ambassador to the un, impressive resume but it is all about her name. joe rogan is going after democrats for tying health and fitness to the far right. i will get your comment. >> there's a percentage of the population that is really lazy and fat and if you want those people on your team, you have to say there's nothing wrong with being lazy and fat, not being lazy and fat is connected to misogyny, racism, fascism, and the far right. people i like let's eat doughnuts and vote blue. ibly5 you are in great shape clearly and you are a conservative, privileged aleta. >> not only my conservative and far right but in great shape. i think joe rogan makes a strong point. when it comes to the fact that a lot of the messaging you hear from democrats on the left is they do want people to be lazy,
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they want people to be complacent and that is in line with physical fitness. you are a far right maniac if you stay in shape, if you take your health and fitness in your own hand so joe rogan is right about the fact that we've seen a lot of this messaging coming from the left, think about a couple weeks ago there were articles that suggested medical rising obese kids instead of just encouraging health, fitness, getting moving, all those different things, by the way when it comes to the left what happened to michelle obama's health and fitness initiative they were going after, 5 to 7 years ago, now they've gone crazy, they want everybody to smoke weed, eat doughnuts and everybody to be fat, lazy, complacent, independent on the industrial healthcare system. ibly5 i'm sure a small select group, that sounds very
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appealing but maybe not to the rest of us, thanks for joining us, appreciate it. many people who changed jobs the last couple years are benefiting from the decision to switch. are they making more money? ibly249% of job switches last year saw the average wage again, 7.3% versus 5. 4% if they stayed at their company. obviously if inflation is 6. 4% and you're getting 7.3 by switching, you are making more than the rate of inflation. congratulations. ibly5 i get it, good for them. let's get back to the markets, yes we are down because inflation rearing its ugly head, the producer price index, the wholesale prices, michael lee joins us now. i want to get your comments on that first, seems like lot
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markets took in cpi, strong retail sales in january and now another metric shows us this inflationary problem is just, beating it down is taking slow progress and we worry about the fed continuing to be hawkish. >> i think jerome powell needs to talk a little tougher. if you wants markets to take him serious. what you are seeing now is inflation pop back up, besides ppi, the most recent cpi, used car prices have jumped the most since 2021 so we had a double top in the last inflationary cycle. that the fed isn't aggressive enough, the same thing will happen and the market is a bit foolish to think we will get rate cuts this year and the fed to lose its resolve, the fed
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lost an enormous amount of credibility throughout the cycle with the money printing and elongated policy, i don't think they are in the mood to lose anymore could ability so i think rates will most likely go higher than the market thinks and stay there for longer. ibly5 you say the longer the recession takes to get here, rates will remain higher longer. when do you think is the recession here or when does it get here and how deep or shallow will it be? >> i think if we were to get -- you want the band-aids to be ripped off, you want a quick, hard recession so you can start your way to recover, the longer this gets pushed off by capital markets anticipating the fed cutting rates, meme stocks, bitcoin and all these risk assets, letting the market believe we are going to turn the corner, allowing inflation,
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losing financial conditions, allowing them to believe this inflation problem is solved means it will last longer. we need inflation at 2%, that's not an arbitrary number, if location is much hotter than that for a long period of time it is a disaster. inflation not only destroys markets and economies, it rips societies apart by their fabric so you have to take it seriously. when it comes to extraordinarily sticky, we are higher longer, you want to see numbers like the philadelphia fed today, hotter unemployment so we know we are on our way to killing inflation. ibly5 sobering words from michael lee, that's the reality, thank you for joining us, i do appreciate it. you are looking at some of the movers. let's begin with forward. ibly2 they are not producing the f one hundred 50 lightning, not producing it until at least the end of next week.
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the battery fire in one truck last month and now they are investigating, they do say if you have an f150 you are okay but this is why stock is down 2%. take a look at crocs, they are surgeon, they forecast their for your profit above estimates, strong demand not only for crocs but have you seen these? really big in texas. there revenue rose by 61%. it is a strange looking type of boat shoe. boston beer, loss of $11 million, stock down 13%, people stopped drinking truly hard seltzer. one reason their numbers were disappointing. ibly5 also, you lawn musk is weighing in on the boom in artificial intelligence was what does he make of it?
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ibly2 he said a i poses an existential threat to humanity and he also says regulate it now. >> one of the biggest risks to the future of civilization, ai. it has great promise, great capability. with that comes great danger. chat gpt has illustrated to people how advanced ai has become. it has been advanced for a while but didn't have a user interface that was accessible to most people. ibly2 he is hands-off in many ways, he is saying the government might want to get involved. he compared it to cars and planes, this is scarier. he also cofounded open ai, the company behind chat gpt.
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ibly5 thank you very much, fascinating. a new report claims secret donations by chinese donors were sent to a second university linked to president biden, details on that. us officials believe the chinese spy flight was blown off course. it was aiming for hawaii or possibly guam, this as vice president harris says the flight shouldn't hurt our relations with beijing. we are on that store. speaker mccarthy leading a group of lawmakers to the southern border today. derek van horton, one of those lawmakers joining mccarthy telling us what republicans hope to accomplish next.
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ibly5 take a look at these markets, down after getting that hot inflation report on producer prices, the dow of 360 points can we see bond yields biking which causes news for equities down 1% across-the-board. lawmakers in florida just passed a bill to send migrants from their state to sanctuary cities across the united states. how is that going to work? >> it would shift control program that relocates migrants out of florida to the florida department of emergency management so it could happen really fast. the state can award millions of dollars, no big contracts to facilitate this transportation and they have $10 million to spend to do so, that through june, listen. >> florida is not going to be one of those states. we don't have that ability and they should be transported to a state that wants to help on their behalf, this is a matter of public safety.
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we don't know who these people are. >> president biden has completely waved the white flag when it comes to enforcing our borders. >> waved the white flag, photo lawmakers say we are protecting ourselves, our state from the threat that is the biden administration, their words. ibly5 you can understand that looking at that video. house speaker kevin mccarthy is leading a group of republican lawmakers to the southern border to witness the migrant crisis firsthand. guess who's going to be there. bill melugin, what is on their agenda today? >> they will be seeing a part of the border that is much different than anywhere else, this is the tucson area zone or center known for its got away and put criminals. look at these images, border patrol arrested some of these
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evaders. almost all people they arrested our single adult men wearing camouflage looking to sneak into the united states. since october 1st border patrol says they have arrested more than 55,000 of these single adult men and the tucson sector, reporting almost everybody they catch here flees from their agents or tries to fight with them. nobody crosses without paying the cartel. many people are previously deported felons. look at these two mugshots, two felons they arrested in this sector, one is a guatemalan national with a previous conviction for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon out of the state of texas, the other is a mexican national with a previous conviction for felony assault by strangulation in the state of north carolina, human smuggling also a major issue here. look at this video, embedded with the local sheriff's department in cochise county as they pulled over a human smuggler near douglas, arizona,
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the deputy finding four illegal immigrants hidden in this woman's vehicle, that smuggler, a us citizen from the tucson area said she was doing this just for the money but these deputies told us they had only recently where they got 14 of these in a single night. fentanyl smuggling a major issue. look at these images. cbp officers at the port of entry seizing one hundred 90,000 fentanyl pills, two pounds of fentanyl powder hidden in a smuggler's vehicle. that is not far from where we are. house speaker kevin mccarthy will be here in cochise county later on this afternoon. we will be here for that and fentanyl likely going to be one of the many topics of conversation for them today. back to you. ibly5 great report. thank you very much.
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congressman derek van orton from wisconsin joins us now. you are going to be joining that group of lawmakers at the border, we've seen many of these groups see how awful it is, they come back and nothing changes. what are you hoping to accomplish? >> i'm down here with several colleagues. we are coming from around the country to highlight this problem, the biden administration is not doing anything about this problem, 150,000 americans died of fentanyl on his watch. what we can do is continue to highlight to the american people for intransigence of their refusal to secure the border. it is unacceptable. ashley: we have had so much talk about shooting down the spy balloon off the coast of south carolina but we have no
10:22 am
clue who is crossing our borders every day. how many more have gotten through. we have no idea. this is a major national security problem, is it not? >> it is 100%. 1280 wisconsinites, 9 wisconsinites in my district died last month. 4.6 million encounters on president biden's watch, 1.2 million got aways, folks who have gotten into the country, we don't know how many are on the terrorist list. at those numbers together we get 5.8 million. that is the population of the entire state of wisconsin. under president biden's watch we had the population of the entire state of wisconsin either encountered or gotten into the country illegally and we sent we don't know who they are and it is unacceptable and
10:23 am
unsustainable. we are down here with speaker mccarthy and the rest of the republican delegation to highlight to the american public that the biden administration is failing at their duty to protect the united states of america. ashley: what about failing to do his job, the homeland security secretary alejandra mayorkas repeatedly said the border is secure, he couldn't be more wrong. >> on the halter committee from the dairy state, if he were any weaker, he is not telling the truth. this border is wide open. ashley: thank you for taking time to join us and good luck with your tour today and hopefully something can be done about the situation. all right, a new economic
10:24 am
report, thank you, into economic reports as the us could default by the summer if congress doesn't reach a deal to raise the debt a limited. edward lawrence will break down the cbo's findings after the break. hundreds of thousands of federal workers getting paid the same amount, and stephen moore says this is one of the greatest federal government scandals of all time. stephen moore will explain next. ♪ ♪
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down 1%, same story on the nasdaq. you've been looking at the other movers, let's begin with the travel centers of america. >> it is up 70%, bp, the gas station announcing a $1.3 billion deal to purchase ta, a full-service truck stop doing businesses in almost every state and the reason is bp wants to goose their electric business, how are they going to do it? i'm scratching my head, the stock is down 3% but the numbers in the report card were really good and the ceo comes out and says, quote, we have yet to see signs of slowing. if you look at january performance, 65% higher than last year, 23% higher than before the pandemic, stocks down. toast, cloud-based platform for
10:30 am
restaurants to ease their operations, stock is down 18%, they reported a loss of $99 million in the corner, much deeper than expected. out. ashley: thank you very much. toast. a new economic report predicts the us debt could grow $3 trillion more than previously projected. edward lawrence is at the white house. breakdown this sobering report for us. >> reporter: in the last 2 minutes this construction equipment kicked up just for your show, the president has been trying to message the economy and the new congressional budget report does not help, it shows some very bad news going forward for americans. on the inflation front the cbo report says we will not reach the 2% target until 2027 because of current law are written into it, signed as well as going forward the
10:31 am
forward-looking economic conditions. it's no better when looking at the country's deficits or debt. president biden called the congressional budget office and said this. >> president biden: it is not the debt this your the last year, we cut the debt in the last two years. it is a 200 year obligation. i made it clear in the state of the union i will not negotiate whether or not we pay our debt. >> reporter: president biden increased spending and the emergency covid spending started to end in the first and second year of the president's term and that's why the debt came down to increased spending is starting to show, the federal deficit projected to be one. 4 trillion this year and the cbo says the deficit over the next 10 years has been revised up by $3 trillion because the newly enacted legislation and changes. >> the debt trajectory is unsustainable and you can look
10:32 am
at what is happening to net interest payments. it doesn't get better after 2053 so the fiscal trajectory is unsustainable. >> reporter: under current law the federal debt will reach $46 trillion by 2033. the cbo saying we have to cut spending or ad revenue. the republicans want to cut spending, president biden wants to add revenue. ashley: quickly, thank you very much. now we want viewers to take a look at this headline. it reads this is one of the greatest federal government scandals of all time, stephen moore joins us now. you are going after federal employees. explain the problem.
10:33 am
>> great to be with you. for the president to be touting his fiscal accomplishments in his debt reduction when you are seeing massive increases in debt over a year is so outrageous i have steam coming out of my ear. they added $4 trillion of debt just since biden has been in office and he's claiming he's reducing the debt and one of the major reasons the debt is rising so quickly over the next 10 years is interest payments on the debt. in other words we are paying, we are a tiger chasing its tail, paying more and more taxes, more money to pay for that, it is in the same, it has to stop and i am angry about something else. ashley: i can see the steam. talk about federal employees. >> it has been three years federal employees have not had to go back to work.
10:34 am
covid ended two years ago and we still have federal employees not returning to work, one out of 3 federal employees are showing up at work, 60% in the private sector and we can't get the congress to vote to require them to go back to work. this is a ripoff of the taxpayers. the point i made is how many people watching this show are aware of this? if they are not aware of it? maybe they are not doing things that are that important? maybe they should never go back to work, cut the deficit and get rid of this bureaucracy. ashley: are you saying they are not actually working or the theory being they are doing their job from home instead of the office? >> that is a good question. some people are being very honest and diligent and doing their job remotely.
10:35 am
i'm working remotely myself. i live in washington dc, i know people personally who are working three, four, five hours a day and getting a full-time paycheck at taxpayer expense. it is a ripoff of taxpayers. $1 trillion deficit, maybe we could cut this iraq received. ashley: no one would probably notice. i want to get back to the debt talk, president biden took aim at the plan to cut spending while speaking in maryland yesterday. listen to this and i will get your response. >> president biden: let's be clear what is happening. if you add up the proposals of my republican friends and what they have offered these now. it would add more than $3 trillion to the debt over ten years, $3 trillion. when i unleashed my budget a few weeks ago, 3 weeks from
10:36 am
now, you will see i made a commitment and kept it so far and will continue to keep it. ashley: what do you say to that? >> i think he is talking about making the trump tax cuts permanent, that is something i had a hand in when working with larry kudlow and donald trump on this. the evidence is pretty clear those tax cuts, because they helped juice the economy haven't cost money for taxpayers at all. we have record tax revenue this year, the highest number ever, very close to highest level in terms of a percentage of gdp. taxes are not the problem. we are spending trillions of dollars more, no one is putting a cap on it, that is why republicans are right, kevin mccarthy is on solid ground saying not going to give the federal government higher credit until we bring the debt down.
10:37 am
ashley: that seems common sense to me, which is why it is having trouble being understood on capitol hill. thank you very much. that is exactly right, take a deep breath. thank you so much, appreciate it. take a look at this. homeless camps taking over chicago's o'hare airport. just imagine walking through the terminals, getting to baggage claim and that is what you see. we have more on this story coming up. new york city mayor eric adams is changing his mind on remote work, he says the city is considering letting city workers continue to do their business from home. new york congresswoman claudia tenney will take that on next. ♪
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ashley: now this. one place named the most expensive city to be single in. where is it? lauren: new york city. singles here pay on average $19,500 more each year for a 1-bedroom comparing sharing the rent by living with a significant other. look here. san francisco, san jose, san diego, boston in fifth the. moral of the story, it is bad to be single for most people. some people like it but worse to pay more because you are single. that is all i have got. ashley: i got it, we hear it. the mayor of new york city,
10:43 am
eric adams, is reversing his stance on remote work. he says the city is exploring ways to let city employees continue to work from home. take a listen. >> we say to our agencies come up with creative ways of having flexibility, but when you do it, how do we operate as a team? what do we do for the people who can't work from home? how do we make sure we don't create a two tiered system where some can work from home and others cannot? ashley: why the reversal? claudia tenney, republican from new york, joins us. that would have major repercussions. remote work is costing new york city an estimated $12 billion a year. what say you? >> he has a good point. many firms especially across the state, who have an official office like an office where
10:44 am
they have people doing paperwork and then manufacturing plant that is the other half of the office, obviously when producing and making things you've got to come to work, you can't sit at home in your pajamas but what he's recognizing is this is an issue. i don't understand why he would reverse this. it is hurting new york. in a city like new york, toulouse $12 billion a year, to lose the revenue that would go to the surrounding businesses in new york and manhattan especially, where these people would be working not to mention the effect on the housing stock and the effect of the commercial buildings and sustainability of keeping commercial buildings going when they are empty, that is a huge issue and that is why you see so many businesses looking at new jersey and other places because taxes are lower. this is a larger issue than getting people back to work which is quickly important, but so much is happening in new york city, whether is the crime, the high taxes, high
10:45 am
cost of living. ashley: yeah. it is one after the other which leads to people leaving and that is not good for the city. mayor adams said shoplifting, the surge is costing retail workers their jobs. listen to this. do we have it? apparently he says they are losing chain stores that are closing down and people being employed in those stores are losing their jobs adding to the unemployment, the horrible thing is when you watch this video of people walking into stores, grabbing sweeping items off the shelf into a shopping cart and being very aggressive as you walk out without paying, all of this because they know they can get away with it, soft on crime, one thing leading to
10:46 am
another but it is awful for people who have to live in the city and go with it. >> how about you go into most retail operations, drugstores everything is behind plexiglas with a lock. this is the new world we live in with cashless bail, prioritizing criminals over innocent people and this is affecting retail. why should we invest all this money to not have protection we expect from government, nobody gets in trouble, nobody has to face consequences and the perpetrators get more brazen and more crimes are committed that reach a higher level. even felonies but they let them back on the street to commit those crimes again. if you talk to police officers, every encounter a police officer has is dangerous. it tends to be repeat offenders and they get comfortable and don't feel there's any consequence. this is a problem we pleaded
10:47 am
with governor hochul to change at baer adams has the power to do that in the city. they don't have the nerve to stand up to the far left who are just perpetrating and advancing these laws and justifying them. the evidence is there, and people see it, but politicians don't have the courage to stand up and do this and keep our city safe which is why you see the mass exodus not just in new york city. ashley: they just don't have the backbone. is pure insanity. thank you so much, appreciate your time. groceries have gotten so expensive many people are turning to restaurants for relief. robert irvine will take on the growing takeout trend in our next our. furious residents demanding answers about the toxic train disaster but pete buttigieg and the rail company were no shows at last night's townhall.
10:48 am
>> last time we heard from the white house. ashley: almost impossible to understand, they were in there, we will speak to someone who was at that townhall, she lives just miles away and fears for the safety of her family and friends and that is next. detect this: living with hiv, i learned i can stay undetectable with fewer medicines. that's why i switched to dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. detect this: no other complete hiv pill
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ashley: hundreds of furious residents in ohio demanding answers after the toxic train derailment, they want to know if it is safe. transportation secretary pete buttigieg is mia. lucas tomlinson is live with the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: moments ago beeler the office has spoken to the white house requesting federal assistance. we are not sure what the next steps are but his office released a statement talking about this conversation. so all of this outside the high
10:53 am
school where students had been in school since monday, but it was a different scene, very contentious here at the high school townhall, some people thought it looked like a science fair, many demanding to know where is norfork southern railway and those representatives who said they didn't feel safe coming so they skipped out on the town hall, residents demanding to know where is president biden's transportation secretary? >> they weren't there last night although we haven't been told why norfolk southern -- they had been threatened with bodily harm and were worried for their safety. as far as the secretary of transportation, i would like to see more from him. we need help. >> reporter: the ntsb is investigating the massive train derailment two weeks ago and focusing on this video showing sparks flying off the wheels on the norfolk southern freight train, 20 miles from the
10:54 am
ground, sending toxic chemicals into the air over small-town eastern ohio along the border. yesterday ohio governor mike dewine said the tapwater is safe to drink, it is right, did residents keep drinking bottled water. >> it is clear that water can be consumed by residents. people are concerned about that. we advise them, don't drink the water. >> reporter: we are waiting for president biden's epa chief to come here. we are waiting to see him. a lot of residents want to know, when we see him on camera drinking tap water. ashley: good question. thank you very much. appreciate that. i want to bring in jenna g giannis who lives near the toxic train derailment, joins
10:55 am
us now. my first question is do you feel safe there? >> good morning. i am 12 miles outside the factory. physically, i feel safe. is the tapwater concerning? absolutely. i am not sure how quickly tapwater would be impacted. it is all connected to where those chemicals were spilled. there are concerns. not a lot of transparency. we get a lot of different answers from different people. some say to drink bottled water, some say the tapwater is safe. it is confusing. ashley: you attended a townhall last night but norfolk southern wasn't there. pete buttigieg was not there. did you learn anything last night? >> the biggest message from
10:56 am
last night's how much the mayor cares and wants answers for the people. the original set up of that townhall was similar to a science fair and as we finally got in, they moved it to the q and a. it was really hard to hear. the audio wasn't set up for it. but i don't think anybody got any answers, norfolk southern wasn't there. i know they were afraid because it is dangerous, but they could have provided a zoom link for people to jump in and ask questions. if they were that concerned for their safety. it appears they are just hiding it. ashley: we wish you the best of luck. thank you for taking time to chat with us, we appreciate it. still ahead, celebrity chef robert irvine will be here and jason rantz.
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