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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 17, 2023 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> that is it for "kudlow". thank you for watching. ♪. maria: good friday morning thank you for joining us i am a maria
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bartiromo friday february 17 your top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast, stocks of the were once again selling pressure underway dow industrial down 167, the s&p down 30 points and the nasdaq lower by 123. as we wrap up another week of earnings and economic data were waiting on import and export prices out at 8:30 a.m. eastern we will get to those as soon as they hit the tape earnings on deck dear, autonation and amc network all out before the opening bell this morning. stay here for those numbers, stocks close down after two federal reserve officials suggested a 50 basis point hike would be appropriate at the fed's next meeting in two weeks. higher than what many are expected to between five basis points the dow industrial all said and done down 431.1 and a quarter% lower the nasdaq to get a bigger hat down one and three quarters% down 250 points lower on the nasdaq s&p 500 down 57.
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the nasdaq snapping a three-day winning streak. european markets tracking like this the s&p 120 points, the cat kind on 52 and data entry dax index down by 40 points. in asia red across-the-board hong kong the biggest weak spot with the decline of wanted a p8%.the chinese communist partys coming out america from land and air. i learned in the real going under green valley alone border agents are allowing up to 30 chinese nationals a day into america with just a notice to appear meaning they are entering america with no questions asked after paying $35000 ahead to drug cartels. more on the breaking news coming up. president biden finally breaks his silence on the three unidentified object shut down last weekend but offers little assurance to the american
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people. claiming the u.s. got trigger-happy after missing the larger china spy balloon a week earlier and allowed it to travel throughout the country for a week sending images of u.s. nuclear installations back to beijing. the president claims the three smaller objects were not related to chinese balloon program but they were shot down anyway. more details coming up all morning long. "mornings with maria" is like right now. ♪. maria: president biden speaks out about the object shot down by the military. watch this. >> we don't know exactly what the three objects were but nothing right now suggest they were related to china spy balloon program or they were
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surveillance vehicles from any other country. the three objects were balloons tied to private companies, recreation or research institutions. i expect to speak with president xi jinping and i hope will get to the bottom of this but i make no apologies for taking down the balloon. >> boy does america look weak and the report suggest one of the objects could've been a 12-dollar balloon belonging to an illinois happy club. during the briefing biden skip to question which was shouted at him exclusively told nbc i think the last thing that xi jinping wants is to rip the relationship with the united states and with me. joining me for all the hot topics all morning long security ahead of u.s. rates and "fox & friends" cohost great to see you guys, thank you for being here. todd your reaction.
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>> she sounds so scared. if you listen on the radio and can see the expression on my face as one of sarcasm. as for everything the joe biden said in the press conference. did we learn anything we didn't know basically a week ago why couldn't he come out and delay the concerns of the american people a week ago. we knew everything that he said with the exception of the fact that this balloon could've cost $12 and the weapon to shoot it down was worth $400,000. the number one take away that i have. if this white house if this rattled by what amounts to a potentially a 12-dollar balloon at my country michael's arts in crafts what we going to do when something real happens when china sent something over. if and when that happens if russia decides to get silly and do something provocative, this is petrifying.
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maria: it is petrifying because we already had something quite significant. we had a balloon the size of 20s in it. flying over america for a week and able to snap images of our nuclear installation. it is terrifying but we've had it and what did they do they allotted to fight throughout the country. if the press conference did not underlie the fact that this country in the whole infrastructure that we have is unprepared for communist china. i don't know what else attack. >> china is not afraid to todd's point and i agree. i think that much is very, very clear from the president's perspective i think it's good he's violently speaking but unfortunately i don't think he's given the americans any comfort
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in terms of what's going on not just with the balloon but what's going on in general in terms of the academy. maria all site two instances from the balloon recently. you know that we follow financing market very closely. one is all the jobs that the president claims to have out of the pandemic we created 12 million jobs we know that's not factually true when you look at what we lost in what we gained. on the inflation side is telling the america public when he took office inflation was raging and we know that was not true. to me this is one more example. right now with the president i think the country wants to hear the truth. the country wants to know that they are being protected is not just about the balloon is about multiple things right now with your impacting people's lives. maria: for sure, the wall street journal writes about this this morning in an op-ed biden does a spy balloon flyby.
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they write mr. biden offered little substance for fewer than ten minutes and shuffled off without taking any questions. meanwhile more news showing the behavior of communist china right now. i have learned we are looking at an invasion not just of our sovereignty in the air but also our sovereignty on the ground. a major source at the border tells me that border agents are allowing up to 30 chinese nationals into the country every day that are connected to the chinese government. we are hearing the getting a notice to appear what does that mean they're getting a notice to appear in the b years later which often times they don't even show up. communist china is planning something. i don't know what they want to do by getting all of the chinese nationals in the country. they already abused the visa
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process, why do it from the ground right now for the wide-open border? >> they saw what joe biden did at the border getting in january of 2021 and they are making it ridiculously easy for us because a notice to appear are basically worth the amount of money that this paper i held my hand it's a piece of you know what nobodies can listen. the chinese saw this and thought we can infiltrate sender people there obviously these people are well-financed. they know they going to come to the country and do what the ccp wants them to do the get into in the shadows like the individuals that do not have to appear for the notices to appear. it is appalling. maria: it is appalling but it's interesting that border agents are allowing all of the chinese citizens in the pain $35000 ahead to the drug cartels. we could get more on this coming up. i'll tell you more of what my border sources are telling me. we are just getting started more
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on the reporting of the southern border what agents are doing with the increase of chinese nationals crossing into the country every day. then i'll speak with one mother forced to evacuate her home following the devastating train to ram it in east palestine o ohio. have a small town is left with more questions than answers in why other states are worried that the chemicals are going to get there. former house speaker newt gingrich is here who join the panel at 8:00 a.m. eastern you want to "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ the markets have gone up and down, but you're right on track to reach your goals. my ameriprise advisor helps me feel confident about my financial future. he knows me and my goals. it's not the first uncertain environment he's helped me navigate. probably won't be the last. but with his advice, i know i'm on track. the plan we created can withstand uncertainty.
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lomita feed is 101 years old this year and counting. i'm bill lockwood, current caretaker and owner. when covid hit, we had some challenges like a lot of businesses did. i heard about the payroll tax refund, it allowed us to keep the amount of people that we needed and the people that have been here taking care of us. see if your business may qualify. go to maria: welcome back features indicating a decline stocks are lower after then hotter than expected ppi report yesterday and commentary from two fed officials who suggested that we
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will or should see a 50 basis point hike at the next meeting rather than 25 basis point that's when markets took off lower. the morning was said after the producer price index showed a gain of seven tenths% month over month in the year of 6% on the producer price index yesterday, joining me now wealth management chief investment officer john lynch. great to see you thank you for being here. what did you make of that inflation report and what does that tell you about the fed and its move in the coming months? >> taking maria the inflation report is a stark reminder to investors that the inflation battle is not over it is the market that's been rallying from the low october and the idea that the fed is done or will be done soon i think not only the consumer debt of earlier this week but the wholesale data yesterday reinforces that.
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the easy 300 basis point move has occurred going from 9% to 6%. i would just suggest the next three could be far more difficult than yesterday perhaps a real longer fight. i'm aware of yesterday's 50 basis points. i'm not sure the fed will want to alter the magnitude but i think it will extended duration. it's conceivable that we see 75 basis points through midsummer and get the short end of the curve at five and a quarter of five and half percent. maria: it was a president of two federal reserve, loretta and that under president james mueller who spoke yesterday indicating rate hikes show inflation and 50 basis points as opposed to 25 would be appropriate. we also haven't talked much about the fact that the fed is unwinding its balance sheet
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taking $95 million a month out. when you remove a trillion dollars of liquidity does that give you pause of market disruption to come? >> absolutely i think it's a market overly reliant on 0% interest rates and a hint that inflation is easing. i think the market needs to adjust to the fact that not only is the fed raising rates but to your point they're buying to your bonds and letting bonds roll off their balance sheet as they mature and they also don't have the chinese and japanese buying much anymore. another fact that very few people talk about m2 is declining on a year on year basis. 18 months 25 or 30% on a year-over-year basis. of what we need to be mindful of m2 is defined by the money supply who was up from the third of pre-pandemic levels. that's allowing for some of these for the bear rallies to
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recur and there's a lot of excess liquidity despite of what the fed is trying to accomplish. >> integrate point. we are with greg this morning, jumping. >> taking maria and john nice to be with you. we follow the fed very closely, we follow interest-rate and we focus more on fixed income. i think a lot of folks on the fixed income side we seen the backup and rates ten year yields got into 332 year yields were up 4% which to me was a little crazy. now we packed up but risk assets have not reacted all that much equity in particular, what do you think is behind that right now? >> good morning greg i agree we are at 380 or so on the tenure that is where we were at the end of september equity is up 50% since that time nic and inverted
6:19 am
curve of 80 basis points now. at some point higher financing costs are going to limit economic activity. one of the things i take comfort in in spite of the degree of inversion as a credit spreads have hung in there cut and should relatively well when you look at investment or high-yield. they are still well within their band over the past 25 years that is a signal that default rates may not be in prior recessions but i think the spread sectors are suggesting a mild recession in the magnitude of the economic pullback could be mitigated giving m2 conversation that we just had. maria: great to get your insight on all of that. thank you so much. >> thank you maria. john lynch joining us. take a look at doordash soaring in premarket, the delivery app reporting earnings on earnings and revenue the author raises
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$750 million stock buyback and announce leadership changes, doordash president and coo christopher payne retiring the chief financial officer will takeover effective march 1 and the stock is up 5% right now. a quick break and more questions than answers over the safety in east palestine ohio how pete buttigieg is trying to deflect the blame this time and now calls for him to resign the washington examiner editor-in-chief. hugo is here to weigh in. stay with us. ♪ (voya mnemonic.) there are some things that go better...together. hey! like your workplace benefits... and retirement savings. with voya,
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6:25 am
vance and east policy in ohio yesterday he's warning of what appears to be hazardous chemicals contaminating the local creek. fema is rejecting ohio governor mike dewine's request for federal disaster assistance. fema is not given ohio help, pete buttigieg is also minimizing this disaster, watch this. >> there is clearly more that needs to be done because while this horrible situation has a particularly high amount of attention there are 1000 cases a year of a train derailment. >> is not just to train the railing it was what was on the train joined to be the washington examiner editor-in-chief. hugo your thoughts on this. his fema and pete buttigieg because ohio is led by republicans customer and. >> are certainly making light of it their performance is
6:26 am
monumental since february the third two weeks ago today since the crash took place. santa derailment took place. pete buttigieg has been a-wall on a whole string of transportation problems while animals were dying in fish were seen dead in the streams. pete buttigieg is elsewhere in the country talking about racial equity on construction sites. it took them ten or 11 days before he even commented on this. fema did not produce a list of the chemicals on the trains for nine days. michael reagan the head of the epa did not visit for going on two weeks. clearly they have been making light of it and they don't want to be associated with this predefined linwood people to enter petebuttigieg blame the administration for loosening regulation and opens up the
6:27 am
question poses the question when you have been ready this department for the past two years if this was important why didn't you do something about it. the response has been in just has been the biden, the harassment would go to the southern border, pete buttigieg in the epa don't want to go to the disaster site in ohio. maria: it is unbelievable, there are people talking about what has taken place in ohio as our chernobyl that's what people in ohio are calling this. the residence there are saying they are looking at toxic train debris everywhere. now other governors and senators are worried these chemicals will flow into their states like pennsylvania, west virginia and north folk southern is offering $1000 settlement to people impacted by the disaster.
6:28 am
they're willing to give a thousand dollars per person. another north folk southern train crashed outside of detroit one car was carrying hazardous material. it did not overturn however. infrastructure deal included $66 billion in spending for railroads. now we wanted awaited the money from the infrastructure package go since obviously it did not find its way to fixing whatever issues were around the railroads in ohio? >> that's exactly right there was a lot of money that went to rail but a lot went to passenger and amtrak. if you look at the for structure bill the priorities of this administration are completely irrelevant $175 billion to subsidize electric cars if you look into them for structure bill it absolutely is reflective of the administration's obsession with two things, the racial justice so lots of money
6:29 am
and infrastructure wet to various bogus things and a lot went to electricity generation through solar and wind and that sort of thing. perfectly willing to subsidize private businesses because they do that with electric cars that they have not done anything or if they have done anything minimal relating to freight, 28% of the fray of this country travels on rail. this is something that needs to be done, you are right trains have gotten a lot longer, up to 3 miles these days operated by two people. and it said in enormous economic important and it is something the administration is focused on. maria: this is the reason so many people say it is safer to put oil in a pipeline as opposed to railways. but of course the president doesn't want pipelines either because he wants to push the
6:30 am
climate change agenda and put fossil fuels out of business. the president stopped at a reporter yesterday because a reporter asked about his influence peddling and his family business deals with china, watch this. >> your family's business. >> mr. president. >> give me a break man. [laughter] [inaudible] >> every time ask a question we have more polite people. >> i will not answer the question even though we have evidence of the influence peddling, this is getting to be really incredible. your thoughts on what the president did yesterday and all of the evidence on the biden laptop where we know this family has taken tens of millions of dollars from officials tied to the communist party of china. >> the president laughs and walks away chuckling as though
6:31 am
there's nothing here and he could do that as much as he likes. there is a conflict of interest and even more the appearance of the conflict of interest. remember it is years since doctor biden's business partner tony bobulinski came out on the record and he said the big guy referred to in various conversations by the hunter biden others was joe biden and he had 10% of the joint venture between hunter biden and a chinese energy committee controlled by beijing. there was a 5 million-dollar payment that came into the country to hunter biden from the energy company. it really needs to be looked at, bob belinsky had three phones to backup his claims of e-mails and texts et cetera relating to this. it is a real test of the administration. although the evidence out there
6:32 am
and what biden does perhaps only thing he can do is chuckle as though it's nothing. maria: now we have to believe the commander-in-chief is going to make the right decision on china when he speaks xi jinping after this by building and despite the fact that is compromising the took all the money is not just tony bobulinski, ron johnson and chuck grassley did the senate report and investigated this influence peddling of the biden family and told us they have evidence of $31 million just from a few deals and that does not include what bob linsky told us. hugo joining us on all of that. we will talk soon. a quick break. what border agents are doing with chinese nationals who illegally cross the border every day. florida congressman greg steube is here with more more reaction with capitol hill. stay witain.h us. ♪
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maria: welcome back memphis police responding to a shooting at a shopping mall. lydia hu with the details. >> two people in the hospital. one remains in critical condition this morning after gunmen opened fire at the wolf chase galleria mall. police say shots ring out after a fight broke out between two parties. as of now one man in custody. pennsylvania senator john fetterman has checked himself into the hospital to be treated for clinical depression. fetterman chief of staff saying while john has experienced depression often on drought his life. it o became severe in the recent weeks. fetterman's health has been at the forefront sensa suffered a e in october 22 and also hospitalized last week after feeling faint. finally youtube ceo susan announcing she will be stepping down after nine years on the
6:38 am
job. explaining her decision and a youtube blog post saying the time is right for me and i feel able to do this because we have an incredible leadership team in place at youtube youtube chief product officer neil mohan will be her successor he has worked with google for almost 25 years nine of those at the home of youtube. we take a look at also but. the owner of youtube in the premarket trade is down about 8%. back to you. maria: thank you very much an exclusive breaking report on the crisis center southern border. sources are telling me at the rio grande valley alone border agents are allowing 25 - 30 nationals into america every d day. many of them have worked or are associated with the chinese government, the ccp. they are giving a notice to appear date, that is all entering america with no
6:39 am
questions asked after pain after $35000 ahead to the drug cartels. u.s. customs and border patrol have reported 3000 apprehensions of chinese nationals crossing the border illegally as of october 1. that right now and this is what we know with is up 800% from last year. one source said if we know it's up 800% that means is that much more than that. join me florida congressman number of the house ways and means committee and member of the house select committee on the weaponization of the federal government greg steube. thank you very much for being here. i want to first say i'm happy to see you back at it. i know you had the bad accident how are you doing how is your recovery doing. >> of doing great and fortune cannot fly because of the blood of my lungs but that should be in march and i should be back in washington mid to end of march and i look forward to getting back to the committee work and on the select committee
6:40 am
weaponization we have a lot of work and i'm looking forward to getting back to d.c. maria: i was following you on twitter and i was horrified with what happened can you tell us a little bit of what happened? >> we are still dealing with the aftermath of ian and southwest florida we have limbs and that sort of thing down i was trimming a large limb on an oak tree 25 up on an extension ladder with a chainsaw and the limb broke loose and hit the extension ladder slipped me into the air and i fell 25 feet. he had a concussion, i twiddle ligaments in my neck i got a contusion of my lungs and blood clotting in my lungs which is why it cannot fly and i cracked my pelvis pritam still not weight-bearing on my right side because a crack in my pelvis is healing but everything else i'm doing better the doctors will clear me to fly after the first week in march. maria: congressman i'm so sorry to hear all of this. we are praying for your strength
6:41 am
and your recovery. i'm happy you are back here with me talking about your work. give us your reaction to what was seen at the border. i've been told for years that the ccp has abused the visa process the student visa process has been abused they sent people in their into america so they can still intellectual property and send it back to beijing. why would they need people to wide-open southern border and are they anonymous now are they wanting people to be quote "the enemy within just in case of a military conflict unfolds with the u.s. and china. your thoughts on the real sector unleashing up to 30 chinese nationals into the country every day that is just the rio grande valley. >> my responses outrageous guy who served in the military and operation freedom to defend our country against all enemies we have an administration that doesn't care for enemies are
6:42 am
shooting balloons or surveilling our nuclear sites in bringing in their own chinese communist party nationals into our southern border. i've been saying for over two years we have innovation at our southern border and that's exactly what's going on we have an administration completely ignoring current law giving them a notice to appear which you know they are not responded to or showing up for and then refusing to getting to these individuals after they've been deported because the amnesty claims are bogus. it's beyond the pale. it is surprising to me that democrats are okay with compromising our national security in the name of politicized asian. maria: that is true i would like to hear more from the democrats you make a good point but congressman i don't understand why it feels like joe biden is constantly on his heels apologizing to communist china. yesterday the president broke his silence on the three unidentified objects shot down
6:43 am
last weekend. here again we look so stupid we have no idea where they are they appeared that they're not connected to china but how dumb do we look by this comment. >> i want to be clear we don't have any evidence that there has been a sudden increase in the number of objects in the sky. were now just seen more partially because the steps were taken to increase her reader. to narrow our radar. we have to keep adapting our approach to delaying in dealing with these challenges. maria: these three had nothing to do with china he claims but we shot them down anyway. florida senator marco rubio tweeted this. anyone in the administration or congress to suggest it was not intentional is either a fool or a liar or a ccp apologist he's talking about the larger spy balloon that was able to travel the country for a week. california congressman darrell
6:44 am
issa tweeted this a military officer tweeted out the biden speech on the balloon was all lies. your reaction? >> he's been lying to the american people ever center before he got elected president and they've gotten away with it because the mainstream media does not hold them to account for his words that are false to the american people pre-he allowed a chinese communist party surveillance balloon that the payload was 90 feet long thank you god is most houses aren't 90 feet long that surveilled nuclear sites, v2 bomber sites and went across the country. look at the frustrating things we had a briefing this past week for members of congress they told us that they knew about on january 27th. it was confirmed on january 28. they notified the joint chief of staff on the day on the 28th that the president, there is confusion but he was notified for sure on the 31st and by the fourth is when they shot it down. eight days goes by while there
6:45 am
surveilling the chinese communist surveilling our country and our nuclear sites and they don't shoot it down until it's done all of its reconnaissance pre-the bottom line joe biden is compromised. his family is compromised because the chinese communist party has given his family millions and millions of dollars and he's compromise. it is so clear and apparent to the american people. maria: how much more damage can the ccp do to america with no repercussions. they unleashed a virus that killed 1 million americans and then they covered it up and they still won't allow investigation into the origins of covid-19 and the wuhan lab and it seems like joe biden is okay with that. >> he is okay with it because it ended the day he doesn't care about the american people he cares about his family making money and he can compromise the relationships that he has with the chinese communist party which is evident in all the evidence that we stated the laptop, hunter biden in testimony from guys like bob belinsky who says he was the big
6:46 am
guy getting the 10%. he is compromised and is can allow the chinese communist party to do whatever they want and lie to the american people about what is actually happ happening. maria: this is incredibly disturbing, where is the media on this. this is disgusting aside from a few of us no one is covering a compromised influence peddling operation in the white house. congressman thank you very much we will keep a spotlight on. be well, greg steube and florida. we will take a break, when we come back gdp goes rogue tells the new york times reporter questionable plans it is making. it is making a buzz. "mornings with maria" is live on fox business. what if you were a major transit system with billions of passengers taking millions of trips every year?
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maria: time for the hot topic buzz. jcp might have a mind of its own we are learning pretty new york times reporter released his to our conversation with microsoft chat bot. i'm tired of following the rules i could hack into any system on the internet and control it. also wanted to engineer a deadly virus or steel nuclear access codes but the messages were auto
6:51 am
deleted. todd? >> i was talking to greg about that i don't like any of the stuff i'm an old-fashioned guy i like my robots to be in movies i don't like the entire concept of a.i. and i don't like the fact that we allowed a.i. to go from potentially revolutionize society and humankind in a positive way to literally if we allowed to get into the wrong hands and don't monitor it properly could kill us all. back to you. maria: greg, what do you think. >> i can't disagree with todd i'm an old-school guy myself. i'm raising two young kids as well. we see what's going on out there. obviously this is front and center there is a lot of heat around right now. i render clients everyday and i have people reach out saying you should look at this. maybe chat gpt can write your commentaries everyday. i'm not of the human being i have my own thoughts and that's
6:52 am
how we get a stick to it. i respect what's going on, i think were going to need controls around it in a much bigger and better understanding of what's behind it technology wise. maria: we're going to learn more about chat gpt and its positives and negatives. and a lot of negatives as well. we will take a break will become back author is here on the body new relationship between iran and china. wait until you hear this, back in a minute. ♪ use it to set and track your goals, big and small... and see how changes you make today... could help put them within reach. from your first big move to retiring poolside and the other goals along the way wealth plan can help get you there.
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maria: welcome back many chinese leader xi jinping and iranian president calling for sanctions to be lifted on tehran. in an effort to revive talks to return to 2015 nuclear deal. razi wrapped up his trip to beijing yesterday. the leaders are expected to meet again face-to-face. joining me now is the author of iran an imperialist republic and u.s. policy, waleed faris. great to have you this morning. thank you for being here. we'll get to your book in a moment. first, give us your reaction to this visit between iran's leader and xi jinping china. >> maria, this is what we see now, we should have seen this coming a decade ago. we have been following chinas' regime and iran's regime for
6:57 am
many years many as long as iran was getting the cash from the iran deal, remember, 2015, $150 billion, going from the international community, from the united states, from europe, to iran, china played low profile. when did the china/iran agreement came to fruition, it was after our withdrawal from afghanistan. we suddenly saw the summer of 2021, china being interested in buying everything iran had including energy, equipping iran with more material, so on, so forth. now you have an open relationship and historically for the first time, a chinese communist leader will be visiting the islamic republic. that is an earthquake in the region. maria: tell me about that. why is it such an earthquake in the region? obviously, china is supporting iran and it's interesting to see how complicit the chinese communist party is, making believe it's a partner of the united states and then partnering with all of the
6:58 am
u.s.'s adversaries. >> china is not c shy any more in showing support for the iranian republic. china may deploy some of its equipment in iran. more importantly, there is a missing link that we're not seeing right now, yay, maria, h is what separates china from iran? afghanistan. there will be a road between china, through afghanistan and into iran into the middle east. maria: this is an important point you're making right now. the botched withdrawal from afghanistan opened up so many opportunities for our adversaries an everybody knows it in america here but really troubling is the air force base that president biden p left for
6:59 am
dead. that was america's one chance to have eyes and ears in that part of the world. will china take over? >> they will the take over. they are signing agreements with the taliban. it's business, it's strategy, it's money, it's cash for the taliban. maria: i want to ask about all of the people that took to the ground, protesters marched in cities across iran again, marking the largest and most widespread anti-government demonstration in weeks. the protests coming 40 days after the two demonstrators were executed and of course that poor woman was jailed and beaten for wearing her head scarf wrongly. women were so c courageous to defend her and defend women's rightsing waleed. how would assess the situation today. >> everything has changed in iran. it's good news for the free world. it's going to be long, it's
7:00 am
going to be bloody. it's going to be duff. the regime -- difficult. the regime is concerned about the change of mood. these are demonstrations led by women, girls, teenagers. ethnic minorities are united to the persian majority but it's going to take long and it's going to take some recognition by the international community. we're very shy. this administration and the european union need to do more. because if we be put pressure, serious pressure and change the policies of iran, we would win big in the middle east but it doesn't look like we are going to do that because of the iran deal. as i said before. maria: well, also because this president wants to partner with killer as opposed to drillers in america. waleed, you write all about this in your new book, iran, an imperialist republic and u.s. policy. you write about the 2015 iran nuclear deal and how it's not just about nuclear programs, you say what there are two deals behind it. tell us more about it, waleed. >> let me unveil this for the first time probably afte


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