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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 17, 2023 7:00am-8:00am EST

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going to be bloody. it's going to be duff. the regime -- difficult. the regime is concerned about the change of mood. these are demonstrations led by women, girls, teenagers. ethnic minorities are united to the persian majority but it's going to take long and it's going to take some recognition by the international community. we're very shy. this administration and the european union need to do more. because if we be put pressure, serious pressure and change the policies of iran, we would win big in the middle east but it doesn't look like we are going to do that because of the iran deal. as i said before. maria: well, also because this president wants to partner with killer as opposed to drillers in america. waleed, you write all about this in your new book, iran, an imperialist republic and u.s. policy. you write about the 2015 iran nuclear deal and how it's not just about nuclear programs, you say what there are two deals behind it. tell us more about it, waleed. >> let me unveil this for the first time probably after i be
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publish the book. there two deals behind the actual iran deal and in both tracks the regime is winning over us. the the first deal, baby deal is when we send cash to iran, we discussed this many years ago, in 2015, $1.5 billion and $150 billion, the iranians bought weapons an influence within the united states. that's why we can't get out of the iran deal. maria: by the way, we should point out that i'm told iran is providing arms to russia, drones and other hardware there. so china and iran are also backing russia in its death and destruction of ukraine. waleed, thanks very much for writing the book and for joining me this morning. we will continue to keep a spotlight on this important story, thank you, sir. >> thank you, maria. maria: waleed faris. the next hour of "mornings with maria" begins right now. and good friday morning, everybody. thanks very much for joining me this morning. it is friday, february 17.
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i'm maria bartiromo. it is 7:01 on the east coast. breaking news this morning on crisis at the southern border. sources are telling me the rio grande valley is allowing between 25 and 30 chinese nationals into america every day. many of those people have worked or are working and associated with the ccp, the chinese government. they are given, quote, a notice to appear date. that means they're gave notice to come back, oftentimes they don't show up at all. they're p entering america with no questions asked after paying the dangerous drug cartels $35,000 a head to get here. u.s. customs and border patrol recording nearly 3,000 apprehensions of chinese nationals crossing illegally into the country as of october 1st. this is just what we know of and that number is up 800% from last year. this is house speaker kevin mccarthy visits the border this week with four freshmen
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republicans. watch this. >> we've only been the majority for two months. the freshmen member that i brought here, they have done more in four weeks of looking at the border hand the president has done in 40 years. no one believes our border is secure. had. maria: yes, the gop led house judiciary committee will hold an on-site hearing in yuma next thursday. joining me all morning long is greg f fair nello and todd piro. is disturbing to see what's going on at the border with the chinese nationals coming in because the ccp has already abused the student visas process. they don't need to send people through the southern border but they are and i'm wondering why. are they putting the enemy within just in case there's a conflict with america down the road? are they putting -- sending these people here to steal intellectual property? are they working with the
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chinese government? we want these answers, these questions answered. >> that is the clear question, those are the he's questions. and it's important to be very, very clear, maria. we're not talking about this because these individuals are chinese in the aggregate. we're talking about them because of their ties toss the ccp. and one key fact stands out. you've been doing so much great reporting on the border for a while now. when you look at the dollar amount that the cartels get from these migrants, it's usually in the 3 to 4 to $5,000 range. you said $35,000. that dollar amount has to be paid for by someone. and typically these migrants are fleeing poverty. they don't have 35,000 even if their wildest dreams. you have to think the money is being provided by a larger entity and that's where the fear a that the ccp is funding this and trying to get these individuals who once worked for and may continue to work for the ccp to infiltrate o our country.
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s that's where the major concern comes. maria: we've talked about civil military fusion on this program, greg. turns out the wall street journal writes about it this morning, and that is the idea that it doesn't matter if are a private business, a commercial business, in communist china the rule is you will answer to the ccp and you will provide whatever the ccp wants for its military operations. so there's really no distinction. if you're a private citizen, if you're a private business, if the ccp says we need your work and help for the military, you will to do it. >> of course. and you know, a lot of these things are very well-known toed's point. look, -- toed's point. look, we need borders. if we don't have borders we don't have sovereignty in the end. just look at the u.k., look at brexit, look at what they did, what was going on with regard to europe and their borders. people coming in.
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nationationality aside, if the borders are open people feel like they have the right to come in. if they're coming in illegally we need to stop it. it comes down to leadership. i think some things in life are pretty basic. when it comes to immigration, when it comes to borders, when it comes to border control, and maria, yo you've covered this better than anyone and it's great to see speaker mccarthy down at the border. we need leadership. our leaders need to go down there, they need to understand what's going on and the american people deserve to know what the game plan is going forward and particularly now with speaker mccarthy and congress. maria: yeah. i mean, look, we're showing a lot of numbers. it's easy to getd or sort of muddy the waters with all of these numbers. would p tom line is this. -- bottom line is this. we've had more than 5 million i'll legal migrants apprehended on the border on joe bidens' watch, more than 1.2 million got
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aways, seen on surveillance cameras getting away into the country with no apprehension. that's 6 and-a-half million people that we know of. just that we know of. much more ahead this morning. coming up, apple and and docusin laying off workers. i'll ask the panel what that means for the tech sector. former house speaker newt gingrich will join the panel at the top of next hour. don't miss newt. he's coming up at 8:00 a.m. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ i'll be waiting all you have to do is run. ♪ you'll be the prince, bill the the princess. ♪ it's a love story, baby, just say yes. wow, we're crunching tons of polygons here! what's going on? where's regina?
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street. top invests watching your moaning. joining me right no is former guardedman letter editor, dennis gartman and cole smede. great to see you both. thank you for being here. dennis, with a market that is now reacting to this commentary from fed presidents, you had loretta master and james bullard indicating that larger rate hikes may be needed to l tame inflation. suggesting 50 basis point hike could be appropriate as opposed to 25 basis points after the latest numbers on cpi and ppi. what are you expecting at the march meeting which is just now two weeks away? >> i've always thought there would be 50 basis point increase in the overnight fed funds rate. i didn't think there's was any question they were going to go 50. i never thought of them going 25 basis points. they've been consistent in their conversations, consistent in their talk and they're following what mr. powell has made it ab itab
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abundantly clear for the past several months. i don't think we should be surprised by the comments. the market has taken it bearishly. i've been bearish over the past couple days, worried we'll have a technical circumstance where we might have a weekly reversal in the dow and s&p futures so you have to be careful. i've been bearish for a while. i'm getting more bearish as the hours go by. we're breaking trend lines, we had the cnn fear and greed index cut to 80 which was overextended to the upside. i think rates are going higher and stock prices are going down. maria: i want to get your take on learn. if write to put money into this market today and i'm looking to get some returns for the next three years, dennis, i mean, you were negative last year and you were -- that was great. were you spot-on. then when you started seeing the momentum in stocks, you turned a little positive in january.
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now you're saying things look negative to you again. are you expecting a big disruption in this market this year? >> i'm afraid what that we may challenge the lows that were put into effect in october last year, let us hope that's not true. let us hope that the market can rally. i have my suspicion bees it will not. i tell you if you have -- first of all, if you have the perspective of five or 1 of 10 f years, you can be a buyer. the next six months to a year, you need to be less involved and be a seller. over the long period of time stocks will go from the upper left to the lower right. i think the fed's monetary policies are being contraction contractionary. be careful. i was bullish for a short period of time. now i'm bearish again. and almost as bearish as i was in january of last year. maria: cole, look at this a market, up 13% year-to-date on the nasdaq. clearly, you've got momentum in the very stocks that sold off
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last year. even in the face of all of these layoffs, apple you now joining r technology giants in job cuts. the stock is down 1% this morning. docusign also laying off nearly 10% of the workforce to support the company's profitability objectives it says that stock finished up about 1 and a three quarters percent yesterday, cole. your a take on jobs and what we seeing from the job cuts in tech. >> yeah, it's a great question. thanks for having me, maria. to your point about tech, and just what we're seeing in stock prices, this looks like a bear market rally is what it looks like. it's big, violently up and the reality of the situation is getting worse. so the weakness in the economy now you sits in silicon valley, it's where the strength of the economy used to sit. the strength of the economy now sits be m the lowest wages in america, if you look federal reserve of atlanta that is doing
7:16 am
better than anyone. regardless of what the fed does in the next meeting, hell have to sustain higher rates to tackle inflation, even if they sustain higher rates can they tackle inflation. take that's the trillion dollar question if you will. but i would go further to say where i bodies agree with den -- would disagree with dennis, if we were having a conversation a year ago, i would have said negative 3 to negative 4% compounded in the s&p over the t decade in in dividends. if you have the s&p 500 and 10 year treasury, maybe take the 10 year treasury. way less volatility. we pick stocks. that's all i do. that's all i own. the risk reward relationship in the broad basket of stocks looks poor. this looks like 1974 phi if you go back was the worst part of the bear market and it was where the bluest of blue chip
7:17 am
companies like the big cap ex the, like the coca-colas did the worst. so this is just a really poor environment for equity investors that want to be broadly diversified. if you want to pick stocks and own oil companies can, i it's a dream. maria: you don't have any exposure to stocks then, cole? >> that's all we do i'm pointing out how poor the risk reward relationship is in the s&p 500. in other words, for example, can you buy interesting things out there? yeah, you can, economically sensitive, capital intensive businesses look good right now. those are not technology stocks, blue chip, low beta socks that grandmother's and grandfathers of america would like to own. maria: got it. all right. great analysis, guys. thanks very much. dennis and cole, as were you talking, markets did worsen. dow industrials right now down 156. we'll slip in a break. when we come back, the congressional budget office's new warning on the debt and deficits the country faces, raising the debt ceiling is on the table in the coming weeks.
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>> the president has long made reducing the deficit and being fiscally responsible as a priority. he's going to continue to cut the deficit by $2 trillion in the upcoming year of 2024 budget and that's something you all are going to see on march 9th when he puts forth his budget. maria: yes, that was white house press secretary karine jean-pierre yesterday after $5 trillion in borrowing on joe biden's watch, the congressional budget office released its 10 year outlook which projects the nation will add $19 trillion to the national debt in that time span. last month president biden blamed former president trump for the deficit. watch a. .>> and one quarter of that deb, one quarter of that debt was accumulated in the four years of my predecessor. one quarter of it.
7:23 am
maria: we've heard that before. right now, joining me is arkansas congressman, l member of the house foreign affairs committee and vice chairman of the house financial services committee, french hill. good to see you. thanks very much. >> good morning, maria. maria: how do you expect the debt showdown to play out in the coming months since we've already breached the debt ceiling and the congressional a budget office's numbers are quite alarming 19 trillion in debt in the coming years. >> they are alarming and joe biden's old budget was projecting $1.5 trillion deficit per year for the next 10 years. that's befores this current budget coming out in march and the president is just disingenuous about this ins crease in the debt. the debt increased during the trump administration principally due to the bipartisan effort to fight the pandemic. between what that pandemic spending and the $5 trillion in
7:24 am
new spending, that joe biden added in the last two years on top of what we spend every day, that's what's been driving this inflation when you combine it with too accomodative federal reserve policies. house republicans want a responsible budget. we want to go back to pre-pandemic spending debates. we want to raise the debt ceiling in m the a responsible way with a plan to curtail spending and flatten out spending and move back towards a balanced budget. maria: and the speaker has talked about going back to 2022 levels, congressman, and i know that if you were to go back to 2022 levels, the that would be a $75 billion cut in defense spending. so i want to get your temperature here on cutting defense spending at a time that communist china is getting more and more provocative every day. the state department is worried about the debt ot other countris owe china. we know china is the largest buyer of securities. a spokesperson said china can
7:25 am
use the debt to leverage pakistan and other countries. they probably can leverage using it against us as well. why is this administration silent about the u.s. trade deficit with china and do you believe that that's a lever for you all to pull in terms of blowback for this surveillance program? i mean, look at this two countries actually setting a new record in 2022. we're clearly buying much more from china, $536 billion from china, versus selling 153 billion to communist china. >> you've outlined one of the biggest challenges facing the country. speaker mccarthy says his biggest concerns about the united states are our debt and deficit and his concerns about china and china's maligned influence and plans to kick the united states out of a he global leadership position. so you've outlined it and here's the concern. first, we need to change our supply chains from china to
7:26 am
other countries. this is something facing companies in europe as well. we've never had a great rival power, nuclear weapons that's becoming aggressive economically and mi militarily and had a completely int greated economy. so that's a big challenge. you talk about china's debt position. their position in u.s. treasuries has come down over the last few years but they've taken creditor status and bankrupted the developing world and that's what the case is in pakistan. that's why we're not only concerned about china's credit status in pakistan but around the world. they don't play by the same rules and i hope janet yellen p will hold them account aable and make sure china joins the paris club like every mature, solid sovereign lender helps work out the debts in the developing world including pack a stan. maria: -- pakistan. maria: there are so many questions about communist china. we china renaissance shares are
7:27 am
plummeting because the company's ceo can't be found. he's unreachable. we don't know if he was disappeared by communist china the way jack ma was disappeared. this is happening at a time when china is getting increasingly provocative. i reported breaking news from my sources at the bore kerr did. congressman, what i'm being told is in the rio grande sector alone, 25 to 30 chinese nationals are being led into the country and they're just given a notice to appear. right. so they us just go, find a habitat in america, we don't know what they're doing. we don't know where they're going. and these people apparently have worked with the chinese communist party or they are associated with the ccp. what is china up to? >> well, this is why we have our select committee on china that was outlined by speaker mccarthy as one of his top goals for this congress. mike gallagher of wisconsin is going to chair that and we're going to look at all of china's
7:28 am
strategies and determine the best ways for the united states to counter those. what you say about the border is true. this is a failure of the biden administration generally to let in millions of people who are claiming s asylum and let them into the country without surveillance or monitoring whatsoever. so that's a challenge. i think the biggest issues is how do we counter china economically, militarily and i did blow 3459ic -- diplomatically when xi jinping is having a genocide in his own country against uyghur citizens, he's having business people disappear, he's cracked down and closed hong kong. hethreatening taiwan. this is not a mature global leader who is a member at the u.n. who is a responsible person in addition to buying all of russia's oil so this is why the united states has to have our allies join us in countering what china's doing. maria: so do you have any new information on this spy balloon? florida senator marco rubio is
7:29 am
calling out the administration for being weak on china. he tweeted out this, we have zero evidence suggesting china's spy balloon entered u.s. air space by accident. and compelling evidence that it was by design. and anybody in the administration or congress who suggests it was not intentional is either a fool or a liar or a ccp apologist, congressman. >> well, this is exactly what theintelligence community is gog to assess. this goes back to first principleless. principles. when we saw the bay b loons offn off the aleutian islands on the radar signal, that's when we should have done something about it. we knew what it was, we identified it. the biden administration left it drift across the united states. that's not acceptable. i know the congress will hold the administration accountable. we're going to ask the intelligence community to ascertain everything about it
7:30 am
and i think we should make it public and declassified. maria: real quick before you go, congressman, i know you're working on legislation and an overall standard for digital assets. that's another area that china wants to beat the united states in. can you tell us anything about what legislation will look like when it comes to crypto or digital assets in america? >> you're right, i'm pleased to chair that commit you at this. we want to have a regulatory framework in the united states for digital assets including digital assets of any kind inclinclude crypto that allows e innovation to take place in the united states. lets u.s. companies be able to innovate in that arena while we also protect developers and consumers and investors. we're going to develop that. we know we need it after we saw the debacle in our digital asset markets last i d year. maria: we'll be watching your leadership on they that thanks so much for joining us this morning. congressman french hill in d.c.e congressman french hill in d.c.e stay with us. we'll be right back.
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maria: welcome back. officials in michigan now in cleanup mode after another norfolk southern train goes off the tracks. lydia hu with the details now. >> another train carrying hazardous material had derailed, this time in van buren township, outside of detroit, michigan. police say there are no reported injuries and the area is not a hhazmat situation. at least six cars foal off the track. one car was carrying a toxic material and did not leak. the cause of the derailment is still unknown. this happening just two weeks after the devastating derailment in east palestine, ohio. we'll hear from a mother who has been forced to to evacuate her home later this hour, so stay with us. crypto giant binance reportedly transferred $400 million from its u.s. partner to a firm managed by its ceo. the transfers occurring over the
7:36 am
first three months of 2021. binance's u.s. executives were reportedly unaware of the transfers. no word on why the money moved or if any customer money was touched and then there's this, tesla recalling all 363,000 u.s. vehicles equipped with the full self-driving assist software over safety risks. the national highway traffic safety administration saying based on analysis, the feature, quote, led to an unreasonable risk to motor vehicle safety based on insufficient adherence to traffic safety laws. elon musk meanwhile responding on twitter, saying, quote, the word recall for an over-the-air software update inanachronist ticand wrong. the stock is down this morning. maria: president biden finally
7:37 am
breaking his silence yesterday on the three unidentified objects shot down last week and the larger flight that was able to travel the country for an entire week. watch. >> we don't yet know exactly what these three objects were. but nothing -- nothing right now suggests they were related to chinas' spy balloon program or they were surveillance vehicles from other -- any other country. these th objectses -- these objs were tied to private companies, recreation or research institutions. i expect to speak with president. presidentpresident xi and i hopl get to the bottom of this. i make no apologies for taking down the balloon. maria: biden claims that shooting down the chinese spy flight earlier this month sent a clear message about america's sovereignty even though he allowed it to travel across the country for a week, sending
7:38 am
images of u.s. nuclear installations back to china. joining us now, the author of today, hong kong, tomorrow the world, mark clifford is here. great to see you. thank you for being here this morning. you know the ccp up close and personal. you witnessed how you they came into hong kong and threw freedom fighters in jail including jimmy lai. your thoughts on the surveillance program from communist china. >> i think china is really trying to figure out how to make the best of a bad situation. i mean, they've had h this surveillance program for some time of course. now they've been called out. it seems that the balloons have been floating over the country during the previous administration as well as this one but i think what's interesting is how china's gone from being contrite and apologetic at first to lying, of course, and now trying to take the initiative and be aggressive an i think china's really confused and xi jinping is not about to fall from power but
7:39 am
he's facing a lot of difficult he at thises right you now. i hope -- difficulties right now. i hope the biden administration keeps pressure on him. there's talk of secretary of state blinken meeting with his chinese counter part in munich this weeks. i think china should be looking for a meeting. i'm happy that the president is trying to diffuse tensions. we don't want to go to war over a balloon. but it's a bad situation on both sides. maria: but mark, let's be clear. you said the balloons have traveled in other administrations. this was unprecedented. never before have we seen a surveillance tool able to travel across america for an entire week, able to snap images of our nuclear installations. so let's be clear. we don't have any evidence of any other balloons during any other administrations. however, if there were, the way this administration is claiming, they definitely were not traveling the country for a week, able to snap the kind of
7:40 am
data that this balloon did. >> this is part of a broad ranging chinese spying program, and a it's one where you see an all state approach with business and so you're seeing kind of a quasi business, quasi government program and of course there's a vast satellite program that -- i mean, both sides have, that is allowing pretty good chinese surveillance of our skies every day, unfortunately. it's the world we live in. maria: that's right. secretary of state antony blinken arriving in germany this morning ahead of the the munich national security conference which kicks off today. you mentioned he'll meet perhaps with his counter part china. the u.s. and china have reportedly discussed the potential meeting between blinken and china's top diplomat. we'll see what comes up. mark, what would you you like to see that conversation look like? we have no evidence that this administration has ever brought up the origins of covid-19 with the chinese officials. but this surveillance balloon is
7:41 am
just one more provocation from communist china w china that han the case for a few years since covid arrived. >> there's so much they could talk about. obviously they've got as your previous guest, congressman french hill mentioned, we've got this ongoing uyghur genocide, the largest civilian internment in concentration camps we've seen since the nazi period. we have in hong kong alone, a small city of 7 million people, we've got over 1,000 political prisoners, we've got a show trial of freedom fight res going on right now. there's so much that secretary of state blinken could talk about. when you go to the mack he crowa has a massive nuclear weapons program they're accelerating that will put them as a competitor status by the end of the deck ate. deck -- decade. there's a lot that secretary blinken should try to hold china
7:42 am
account for or get some answers or dialogue. maria: what would you say is the answer to now another well-known business executive missing in china. we know that we watched jack ma get disappeared for several months after he went against the ccp's line of regulation around financial services but now this morning we understand fan bau, a well-known deal maker in china, the top deal maker in china and the technology sector top deal maker he has been unreachable according to the investment bank he founded. the wall street journal reported by china renaissance holdings plummeting this morning in hong kong. they lost almost a fifth of its value because the ceo and founder is missing. your thoughts. >> i think it shows there's real political risk in china even for business people. so china is trying to tell the world it's back after covid. it will be business friendly.
7:43 am
hohong kong has started this heo campaign, we're back. i think the disappearance of the founder of china renaissance is another sign that the chinese communist leadership cares above all about power. you're not dealing with a normal government here. you're dealing with essentially a mafia state. maria: yeah. i mean, i guess this is an important warning for all of those american companies that want to go set up shop in communist china to sell their widgets to 1.4 billion people. will they ever have the kind of influence they would like to have, being a foreigners in communist china? >> well, fore foreigner or chi. unit's a warning to any business person they that you engage with these people at your risk. for hong kong, trying to say everything is normal there, when
7:44 am
you've got over 1,000 political prisoners in what was once one of the freest cities in say sharks certainly the freest city china. i mean, china can't help itself, as i say, this is not a normal government that respects business or rule of law. maria: mark, real quick. you watched what the ccp did to hong kong. do you thinks that's the kind of takeover we'll see in taiwan? mike gallagher, the head of the china select committee, l told us on this program that he thinks the chinese will invade taiwan in 2024. >> hong kong is what china envisioned for taiwan tomorrow. i think we saw deterrence fail in ukraine. we have to ensure had that deterrence succeeds in taiwan. the costs for the world are too high. this administration plays a key role in seeing we can keep peace in east asia. maria: all right. we will leave it there. mark, it's great to have you this morning. thanks very much. quick break and then a east palestine resident and mother of four, chelsea simpson is here,
7:45 am
she's going to tell us her story about what her and her family are facing after the devastating train dederailment. she'll be -- derailment. she'll be here, next. for businesses of all sizes, there are a lot of choices when it comes to your internet and technology needs. when you choose comcast business internet, you choose the largest, fastest reliable network. you choose advanced security for total peace of mind. and you choose a next generation 10g network that's always improving, getting faster; more reliable; and more intelligent to keep you ready for today and tomorrow. the choice is clear: make your business future ready with the network from the most innovative company. comcast business. powering possibilities™.
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>> why did this happen in the
7:49 am
first place? why wasn't the train labeled as high hazardous. a lot of people didn't know what was on the train in the first place. why have we gotten into a position where we're having hundreds of train derailments in the country when we spent a trillion dollars on infrastructure. this stuff should be less likely, not happening as a frequently as it is. maria: this is a good question from senator jd vance, questions surrounding the ohio train derailment. the senator visiting east palestine yesterday, posting a video on twitter, showing the water is so poll lieutenan pollh toxins, it's clear just by touching it. the residents are questioning the response of the federal government, governor mike dewine writes this, fema continues to tell governor he dewine that ohio is not eligible for assistance at this time. joining us now, one of the evacuated residents of east
7:50 am
palestine, a mother of four, chelsea simpson is with us. chelsea, thanks very much for being here. we're so sorry this has happened in your town. tell us about your experience and how you and your family are dealing with this. >> it's definitely been tough especially having four kids displaced out of their home. we're just taking it day by day here, trying to decide how to go about our next move. the kids aren't taking it so well. they're asking everyday when can i go home, why can't i go home. they don't understand what's going on. that's tough. it's definitely a mental anguish on everyone. i'm sure the whole community is feeling is. maria: tell me what you've experienced, what have you heard? what have you seen? and how close are you to the actual devastation? were you. i know you're not there while. >> we were a mile away from it when it happened at our home. now i'm about five miles away. i try to stay away as much as i can. i have made a few trips to the
7:51 am
house to frab some things and -- grab some things and in the few trips i've had a rash, sore throat, headache, all of the above. i don't really feel comfortable taking my kids back in that environment at this time. maria: so the kids did have symptoms then? how soon after the derailment did you notice symptoms? >> the 8-month-old it was two days later. he had a lot of respiratory issues. wheezing very badly. we went to the urgent care along with i had symptoms of a sore throat,s lots of congestion. maria: and what about your water? i know that you've been encouraged to drink bottled water but showers and all of that, how did you deal with the potential for leakage in the water? >> well, since we're not at our home i feel comfortable where we're at with the water, with bathing bu would i bathe my kidt
7:52 am
my home in east palestine, i would not. even though they say is fine, i wouldn't trust it. even a year from now. maria: what do you mean, a year from now. >> i feel like it's going to settle into the soil. we don't know. there's so much unnon. which don't know what it's going to affect in the future. maria: the governor is looking for help from fema but fema won't help ohio and transportation secretary pete buttigieg seems to be minimizing this disaster. here's what he said this week. watch. >> there's clearly more that needs to be done because while this horrible situation has gotten a particularly high amount of attention, there are roughly 1,000 caseses a year of a train derailing. maria: your reaction, chelsea? >> you know, i just can't help but think -- i thought they were trying to brush it under the
7:53 am
rug. so if fema doesn't come in, it's not holding norfolk accountable what they've done to this little town. this is a massive chemical spill but we don't qualify for the help? s is that so you don't bring more attention to the town and let everyone know how big of a deal this is? i can't help but think they're trying to hide something. maria: so were you given any guidance in terms of when it might be safe to return to your home? what are your longer term plans? >> they have said it's safe now once you had water and air tested and get your house clean and all of that. we don't have a plan to go back at this point. we don't know what we're going to do next just because like i said the long-term effects of the air, with our children, you know, those chemicals could be cancer causing agents and 10 years from now i would have to live with that, knowing that one of my kids developed something i could have avoided. maria: wow. well, we are praying for you,
7:54 am
chelsea, and all of the residents of palestine. thank you for being here this morning. >> thank you for having he me. maria: thank you. quick break and then fox business' madison alworth is talking to us from the world's largest boat show. madison. >> reporter: hey, maria. yes, we're at the world's largest boat show on one of the largest boats. even though boat sales dipped last year. boat makers tell me they expect this to be a banner year. that would be indicator of a strong market. we'll explain it all after that. maria: we'll have more when we come back. stay withs us. ♪ this girl is on fire. ♪ this girl is on fire. ♪ she's walking on fire. ♪ ese straps are mind-blowing! they collect hundreds of data points like hrv and rem sleep, so you know all you need for recovery. and you are? i'm an invesco qqq,
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the annual miami international boat show underway right now home to over 1,000 boats yachts 6 different locations, madison alworth covering this story live in miami madison what is going on? >> maria it is so big so much going on, this boat that we're on is just as big as the show this yacht for 17 million dollars, and this model that you are looking at right here, already has an n owner they can't make things fast enough we are hearing from developers of boats this size inventory is flying off the market.
7:59 am
last year a bit slower as a who will but for boats above 26 feet, this very clearly is, they cannot even keep up with demand the reason being, we're seeing higher interest rates this buyer not impacted by interest rates they are impacted by market that is looking, pretty good. >> we've had a great six weeks, since the first of the year actually last couple weeks of december pretty decent. just look at stock market, the boting industry follows the stock market. >> it is important to keep in mind that 90% boats purchased in u.s. are not yachts they are actually under 26 feet so that consumer is much more concerned about inflation and about interest rates. that is why in 2022 sadly down year-over-year about 1% keep in mind, 2020, 2021, two of the best years in the industry. so the national marine
8:00 am
manufacturing association says they are still 25% above their 10-year average, what i am hearing across the board whether small or big boats as long as people can afford it we are still prioritizing our family fun being outside. maria this counts as being outside sign me up i will go outside any day i will send it back to you. maria: i love it, it is a tough assignment somebody has got to do it right madison that is great. >> absolutely, maria. >> greg and todd. >> to look wall street doing a harbinger for wall street i must admit i kind of zoned out during that entire, i am not in position to buy a boat let me cry over my cornice here,. >> stay right there next hou


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