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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  March 2, 2023 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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larry: why does joe biden think he can or should damage the rate of retire. return for 150 million americans, very bad. que on the other hand, lelizabeth macdonald veried any. elizabeth: you are very good too. >> the president debunks his own middled class joe brand, insults a mother, she is asking he apologize for
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joking. >> president blamed it on trump. >> and white house against said he will not go to the toxic rail crash in east palestine, ohio, with us tonight congressman brian style, darrell issa and french hill. and steve moore, steve forbes. former top nypd officer paul moreio and erica. president biden is set to veto the new bill that would stop him from politicizing your retirement savings, more media report that democrats have a crime problem, nationwide. after lori lightfoot's loss in chicago, democrats oppose a new parental bill of rights in education legislation. house republicans demand former u.s. intelligence officials explain their discredited claims that
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hunter biden a laptop was russian disinformation. and john kerry again flies around the world this time in panama to lecture you about climate change, towns in almost every state reports coming in, they don't want green energy, they say it ruins their environment. i'm elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit" starts right now. elizabeth: welcome to the show, check your money stocks ending up. federate hikes are lower and slower. dallas fed bank economist warn u.s. home pricing drop 20%. and cbo director warned house republicans that government's 31.4 trillion dollar debt problem is a danger. fed can't fix it win rate
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hikes -- with interest rate hikes. and this news, next week, president will reportedly talk about raising taxes. let's welcome to show congressman brian style from house financial services and my former boss steve forbes, congressman your reaction, mother rebecca demands that president apologized, she horrified that the president joked and try t score political points after marjory greens outrage after she testified about her two sons poisoning from fentanyl. >> my heart breaks for families that have lost loved one to fentanyl, just in wisconsin alone we had over 1200 fentanyl related deaths last year. thousands aross t cross the country, moms and dads
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waking up to find out the fact that we have an unsecured border is results in deaths here in america, the president should apole apologize for his horrific policies. >> social media is reacting hard against the president. steve, your thoughts on this, first watch rebecca in kerr testimony. >> you talk about children being taken walke away from their parents. my which were were taken away from me, you are welcoming drug dealers across our border, you giving them protection, you are not protecting our children, if we had chinese troops, lines up on the southern border, with wimo weapons aimed at our people, you damn well know you would do something about it, this is a war, alike it. >> marjory taylor green,
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isn't she amazing. i shouldn't digress, i read -- she is very specific saying that mom a poor mother who lost two kids to fentanyl, that i killed her sons. well, the interesting thing is, that fentanyl they took came during the the last administration [ laughter ] elizabeth: your reaction? >> that is why they will be in trouble in 2024, that is why joe bideny is ratings among democrats are cratering, they don't want him to run again in next year that was thoughtless. and he should have answered the real question what the mother posed, why don't you control the border, we had control of the border who trump of the president. and building barriers.
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since then we had millions of people cross illegally, thousands of now roaming the nation. they are not showing up for those court dates, we don't know who is coming in, we know that bad stuff is coming in cartels are controlling this this administration still washes their hands on it. elizabeth: he seems cavalier about this crisis, cavalier about east palestine, ohio, what is with middle class joe brand here? >> joe biden wants to talk about a game, he is beholden to policies of the radical left, which is clear, you see what happens with his attitude toward securing the border, you realize he is not in touch with what is going on in the kau country, so many moms and dads lost their child like this woman, to a scourge of fentanyl. president can change policies but he refuses he is beholden to the radical
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left. elizabeth: how do you have any laughter near a fentanyl death. rebecca will be on with dagen and sean on the bottom line. steve, half of democrats say that president should not run again, we see that in multiple polls, dissatisfaction. >> just shows that this man is in a bubble, he doesn't understand things or people's o emotions any more that is whe. he would last saying it was ur under president trump not him, ha, ha. he is out of touch, his administration, you can almost date it from time it looked like he might win the election, border surge exploded before that the border was relatively under control. policies were put in place, painfully, through a lot of
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diplomacy. then theyy t throw them away because they came from donald trump there for they must be bad. and challenging which, an incumbent mayor running for reelection cannot get one out of 6 votes, people want real things done on crime, you see it in polls, you see did every else. they will not abable to hide from this more, that is why you are seeing democrats starts to say, oh, me we might have to do something about the border, hello, two years too late. elizabeth: what is amtrak joe with the toxic train crash. president said heal he will not g watch his reaction. >> let's put it in perspective, within two
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hours, of that derailment, ep wepa was. >> to you plan to travel there, have you talked with the mayor. >> i can't recall, i don't think i talked to the mayor. elizabeth: how does he not know. he said he didn't get a request from east p palestine, he needs an invitation. would it say dear mr. president, we would like you to visit our train crashsite. >> you saw administration more than happen to tout a infrastructure bill that puts electric vehicle charges stations across the country, but where we really need the help, this administration refuses to show up, acknowledge when the pain is that american families are feeling, we have to change the opportunity tune in washington. elizabeth: news is coming in. biden's epa will not -- is
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not testing for cancer causing dioxins in east p palestine, even rail workers are warning that they are falling ill. the epa says we'll not test for cancer causing dioxins, they don't feel it is necessary, they don't have baseline information about levels of d dioxins already in there, how can they take this white house seriously when they do stuff like this? >> this is astonishing from an agency like the epa, presumably knows it will be around who joe biden leaves office to have such a cavalier attitude, there are concerns it has been mishandled from get go you would think first thing they would do is test constantly. when they are told, we don't
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need the tests because there is no baseline, for crying outline, you don't know whether there is poison in the air, you need a baseline from 10 years? elizabeth: president biden now wants too spend 1.6 billion spend more money to fight covid relief fraud. is that like trying to fix an alcohalaholic with more vodka. >> taxes will hurt the economy, they should have been on the fraud situation from over a year ago, it was known it was out there. you deal with wrong doing, they put it aside and budget negotiations, put aside money they have not already spent, they have billions of dollars, they know they can recover, internal agents,
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they take a lackadaisical attitude 12345 92 they'd down take it seriously this administration is a one-trick ponyy tax and spend. we need to get workers back to work, this administration shows they are disconnected. >> thank you so much good to have you both. elizabeth: look who is back. commanding officer, in new york city police department, paul moreau. he has spoken about smart policing, vox magazine say the that lori lightfoot's loss so shows democrats have a problem with crime nationwide. what do you think? >> i'm not -- i think it is undeniable. you see it in all major cities in nation as numbers go bad.
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i think that there is a nuance this time. first, public safety is a benefit. we can't forget that, like any benefit when someone remove its people reaction. they don't like it we're seeing that across the country in t cities. it is removed through lax policies this time. it is institutionalized, here in new york we have new york state in albany the cock -- laws, there is a third thing this time. this time the we have phones everywhere. this time, we have phone video, you see that awful video of guy shooting homeless guy in
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st. louis. elizabeth: slamming minority communities. let's get your reaction to rebecca, the mom who said that president should apologize to her for trying to score political points off her testimony about her two sons dying, he said murder from fentanyl poisoning and percocet pills, and joe biden joked about marjory taylor greens outrage and flamed it on trump. >> it is so, you know, not anecdotal, we see people at federal level saying that it is cognizant. i would go so far as say what we're in midst of is an undeclared tactic of technical warfare. we focus on middle man the cartel south of the border, they are no good they are trouble. yes. we do everything we come
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this stuff is made almost exclusively in china. that goes back to all pharmaceuticals and the synthetics that have been imported from china, and repurposed, in mao era factories, it has been coming in for a while, these synthetics are killer they target vulnerable areas of on our population this no accident that we have this problem here, they don't seem too have it there. elizabeth: your reaction to top democrat official in chicago saying tide is turns against democrats and weak on crime policies, we have tracked this since the beginning, since 2018-19, "washington post" did a good graphic showing that the crime was exploding after they started to defund police, do no cash bail and weaken law enforcement watch this chicago official with
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tucker carlson. >> before we start let me say our hearts and prayers are with a officer in chicago tonight that was shot in the line of duty in most dangerous of american cities right now. with what happened with yesterday's election democracy worked and pendulum i believe is starting to swing in the right direction, back to m middle toward co common sense. elizabeth: is that true? is the tide changing? >> i think it is a little bit early to declare victory. remember, in this case like chicago, we have choice between someone on the left, someone on the far left. which is not a wide range of policy options, but that said, i think that fact that lori lightfoot who run every ward in chicago 4 years ago got trounced does feel like a little bit of a sea-change, we have
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bellwether elections coming up, i think jill -- gillibrand will be challenged from the left, i heard by aoc. elizabeth: paul, we'll have you back on soon, thank you so much. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: staying on story, president biden tests expump and under k cuts his middle class joe brand. we'll break that down with information coming on this. >> we have a former teacher -- teacher union member, mom. >> on why democrats oppose a new bill called parental bill of rights in education, we take it on next. ♪ ♪ leave them kids alone ♪ ♪
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elizabeth: a former teacher, former member of the teachers union, a mom. erica sand sy, rebecca key
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-- kee keys kiessling lost her sons to fentanyl. >> what a horrible human being. how can see hit there and joke about it. someone asked me, did he miss speak, i am like, you don't have to think about what you say. it shows this is why he just opened border so wide, he doesn't care, he is heartless. the president owes me of an apology and all of the other parents who lost their children. >> what do you think? >> i think that is a symptom how ugly polarization has got in, i saw the clip of the president, because he is so
5:23 pm
wants to win, i think, geagainst the other party he found himself laughs and joking in context of two boys that died, because they thought they were taking a p pus percocet. it had fentanyl and it killed them, she does deserve an apology, he made a huge mistake, laughing and jokes in a partisan way about something as serious as a mother losing two of her sons. >> this is quite a story that we're covering, your reaction to. house democrats they oppose house g.o.p. new parental bill of rights in education, so does teachers union calling it an over reach? is it a overreach, they say it would be harmful to schools and teachers.
5:24 pm
is this an over reach? >> i don't think it is overreach, but i think there may be a couple things in it that could be de debatable. >> where there is no debate, parents across political spectrum believe transparency is needed around curriculum. what are their children taught in school day and what is happening in terps terms of violence in the building, we've seen a increasing trend of school districts trying to keep parents in the dark about both of those, this is new, it didn't used to be if you wanted to know what the curriculum included or asked on surveys, you didn't run into a brick wall. i think that they are wrong
5:25 pm
on this reason this is bubbling up is because parents of every political stripe are concerned about what is happening in the school, including thei a political parents. >> my name is number nicole solis, am a mother from rhode island whoever sued by the teacher's union because i wanted to know what my kikikindergartener was learning in school, they said i had to -- i said they don't calm children boys and girls. they didn't want to answer any of my questions further. >> i am a fairfax county
5:26 pm
mother of 4. after governor youngkin announced his executive order, banning mask mandates in school, my daughter who is here with me now, she stood firm in her decision to no longer wear a mask to school. for that, she was suspended 11 times, 11 times. for not wearing a mask. about how absurd that sounds. that even the "new york times" re-- had to admit that maskses were ineffective and useless. elizabeth: what do you think? the white house just disbandedded the education department parentings advisory panel after the doj was accused of using doj resources and fbi to target school board parents, like on the surface of the problem, to your point, that
5:27 pm
the media they need to to more about addressing what parents are upset about. >> that has been most frustrating thing is coverage has been dishonest or they pluck one crazy situation and try to p broad brush everyone with that, parent council was disbandedded because they broke the law by only including partisans on the council. all they have to was invite parent groups with different views, that is another example of how they really are not on the side of parents, they don't want to understand what is that parents who tony don't think like they do, they don't want to listen to them or hear what they are saying this is not a political thing for parents, we hear
5:28 pm
from parents on lift, right, center all of the time, because, concerns about what shaping in schools, particularly who nicole mentioned, i know nicole, mother that had to file public record requests, if a school decided they are changing language in such a way they donor use words like boys and girls or mother and father and husband and wife, it is gender language, parents have every right to say, hold on, who made the this decision? and you can't make me play along with your language games. >> you are terrific erica thank you. >> thank you, lids. elizabeth: and you can watch rebecca kiessling, she will be on bottom line tonight. >> this, push on house to force former u.s. intelligence officials to answer to their discredited claims hunter biden lap top
5:29 pm
of the russian disinformation. >> we have former economic adviser to president trump, steve moore. president am veto a new bill to strong en your retirement savings and stop him from politicizing 401(k)s. steve moore is next. (vo) the fully electric audi e-tron family is here. with models that fit any lifestyle. and innovative ways to make your e-tron your own. through elegant design and progressive technology. all the exhilaration, none of the compromise. the audi e-tron family. progress that moves you.
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visit to book your free consultation. elizabeth: former economic adviser to former president trump, steve moore. steve, so, they must be talking about this. the president looks like he will veto this bipartisan bill to stop him from letting retirement managers push 401(k) and retirement funds into their politicized agenda on things like social justice and climate change. what do you make of that? >> it is outrageous. people here at cpac are
5:34 pm
talking about how enraged people are there are a lot of seniors here they now realize biden administration is gambling with their retirement funds, and requiring these retirement funds to be invested in low return, green energy programs and other programs that don't provide highest return. liz, you know you are a financial analyst, you know this, these pension funds have a fiduciary duty to people who own the accounts to get them the highest return, they are not doing that, they have to put politics ahead of the pensions, i think it should be illegal, it outrageous. elizabeth: half of the nation, 25 states suing in court ofs courts to stop them. white house said, this is just maga republican attacks. so incompetent, critics say trying to take advantage of
5:35 pm
americans by circumventing democrat process to push through their agenda. >> it is pathetic it was only 4 or 5 democrats in congress who opposed this, they put their radical green energy agendand racial social justice agenda ahead of retirement accounts. i think this is illegal, if you were a privacy pension manager -- you tried to do this you -- they would put you in jail for this. highest return. elizabeth: you wonder if this violates -- remember under former president obama. dozens of green energy flops like s -- solyndra was
5:36 pm
wasted. this news coming in "financial times" reports a dozen big u.s. financial companies, they are warning and their annual reports this growing backlash against biden's and democrats woke capitalism is a material risk to their own profits, they could lose more money as more investors say no, particular hit their representations. >> by the way, you are right about, that not just conservatives and republicans, i mean, democratic senior citizens don't want the government gambling with their retirement accounts. some people may think i'm speculating. no, we have evidence it is clear, esg funds under perform the market, last year they divested from and chd
5:37 pm
cono cophillips, i just say, i think i'm with most americans,ly keep politics out of people's pension plans. elizabeth: and out of our pockets. steve, he is talking tax hikes next week we'll have you back on, steve moore you are terrific good to see you. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: this story, border jar -- climate czar. john kerry was in pa p panama lecturing you and the world on climb at change. >> and darrell issa -- the story coming up ♪ ♪ i dug my key into the side of the pretty little souped up 4 wheel drive ♪ ♪
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elizabeth: we're staying on story, let's watch. rebecca k kiessling, here sons were poisoned by fentanyl. that was in percocet. she demands that president apologize. >> what a horrible human being. how can he sit there and joke about it, someone asked me, you know did he just missing speak. you dean have to thi don't have to think about what you say. to me it shows this is why he opened border so wide, he just doesn't care, he is heartless, the president owes me an apology and all of the other parents who
5:43 pm
lost their children. elizabeth: you know this is an outrage. is this under cutting his brand as middle class joe. he is not going to east palestine, ohio, he is pushing back on senate bill to stop a new department of labor rule that would let retirement managers decide whether to put your money into 401(k)s -- things like climate change rather, and social justice endeavors, back to steve moore se. is biden damaging his middle class joe brand? >> you know so true they put these fairly radical policies in place that are really al a alienating the trump voters, you know a
5:44 pm
worked under president trump, he was the popular he spoke to the middle class americans, and president biden is talking about climate change and running up on massive debt and robbing people of pension funds, a lot of middle class people saying, what is in this for me. the thing abuse of middle class worker right now is the inflation rate outpacing pea people's wages and salaries making people poor. elizabeth: you are right. the federal reserve cannot keep raising interest rates as the president pushes more spending to a system that is struggling coming out of lockdowns, steve moore thank you for pitching in. >> bring in congressman darrell issa. good to see you. we picked up something really interesting in attorney general garland's surprising response to
5:45 pm
senator chuck grassley on more than a dozen fbi whistle flowers talking to his -- blowers talks to his office on the hunter biden and biden family deal making overseas. >> a lawfully protected whistle blowers, disclosures indicate that justice want and fbi had at one time over a dozen sources that provided potentially criminal information relating to hunter biden. if the justice department received information that foreign persons hads e evidence of improper financial payment paid to elelected officials and those payments may have influenced policy. decisions, we a national security concern? >> yes. elizabeth: you see that. ag garland said yes. >> you know hunter biden is
5:46 pm
an national security risk. putting hunter biden when the president of vice president. on the aircraft in china. showing foreign nationals including one of our great adversaries china that hunter biden had the kind of influence that it iism implied this is a national security risk, right now chinese different believes that the president in their pocket because height site hunter biden height is in their pocket. elizabeth: we are talking jim jordan and mike turner sent letters to 29 u.s. intelligence officials saying, you have to come in explain yourselves and why you speculate that hunter biden laptop was russian disinformation before the 2020 election, we have cnn, basically a e-mails and new yor"new york times." we want, daily mail reports
5:47 pm
they found 2017 letter from president biden's brother james to qatar in mid east, saying my family can deliver a wealth of business opportunities at highest level of the u.s. government. congressman, he is touting his connection in u.s. government, via joe biden. to try to get deals with qatar a 170 billion dollar investment fund? >> no question that james or jim biden believes he has that family power connection. he is touting it the worst part is that the president has never separated himself from those family dealings, just the opposite he has continued to be supportive of his family, thus telling the world, if you do business with my family, you are doing business with me. elizabeth: such a story, congressman issa thank you for coming on good to see you again. >> good to see you. >> this story.
5:48 pm
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elizabeth: we're excited to
5:52 pm
have back on show congressman french hill. house familiar services -- financial services and foreign affairs, climate czar john kerry flying on a polluted airplane to panama. where why can't he zoom. >> that would make more sense. elizabeth: not solar powered it wouldn't fly if it was. worse than chity chit y bang, which. flew. we don't know what his office does, he is running a shadow presidency. >> reliving his days of beings secretary the state he brought us failed nuclear deal, now working on that climate. this week here in congress, in senate and in the house we rejected one of joe
5:53 pm
biden's most punishing mandates that he is putting on savers, union pension plans and teachers his department of labor environmental and social govern governance -- mandate, i hope that is the sign of more things to come we're on a bipartisan basis, to get back to an all of the above energy strategy to benefit america. elizabeth: in climate change spending is so great, why are soa more and more states suing because it ruins their own state's environment. over damage, maine, new jersey, michigan, tennessee, louisiana, nevada. if it's so great, they are putting wind farms and solar farms mostly in far to communities. >> you know they are triples
5:54 pm
on states rights and private property rights and not using common sense, you look at energy information agency we'll grow energy demand in world about 50% now between now and 2050, and half still be needed by fossil fuels, so to try to punish those suppliers, the developers now, that say mistake, you will make it more expensive and less available not only here in u.s. but third world. elizabeth: it will hit the poor. >> right. elizabeth: it will hit the poor and middle class and working class, they are trying to take away fossil fuels, raise everyone's electricity prices take away oil and gas jobs and they want everyone to buy electric cars, the cha charging stations are mostly in rich neighborhoods, oil and gas workers a are getting laid off.
5:55 pm
there is a 20% drop. >> right, this from day one of joe biden presidency. cancel the keystone pipeline. he has canceled permitting and offshore thrilling where it was very robust. he hurt things like this diagram of labor rule that put -- department of labor rule and made it difficult to get a bank loan in energy industry because of john kerry's climate recommendations. if we were serious, about a lower carbon future for power, we would have a global initiative to get nuclear energy back on track in asia, europe and here in united states. elizabeth: congressman hill. >> great to see. >> stick right there for my hot take, next, don't go away. ♪ ♪ all i think about is you ♪ ♪
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♪. liz: okay. this is our hot take for you tonight. the president debunking his own middle class joe brand. he reportedly is about to veto a bipartisan senate bill to stop the administration's push to politicize your retirement savings in the 401(k)s for
6:00 pm
150 million americans for things like climate change. the white house again today says the president wit not go to the toxic train crash in east palestine, ohio. one of the worst in u.s. history. he jokes about congresswoman marjorie taylor-green outrage over mom rebecca keislings testimony about her two sons poisoned to death by fentanyl. she demands he apologize. we have mir ranked today devine, bill mcgurn. thanks for spending your thursday evening with us. now time for the "the bottom line." you have mom rebecca keisling coming up. dagen: we sure do. it is good stuff. ♪ dagen: i'm dagen mcdowell. sean: i'm sean duffy. welcome to "the bottom line." dagen: let's get right on it. you may remember this michigan


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