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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 8, 2023 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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with a proven management team and board, a tight share structure, and a solid cash balance, u.s. gold's portfolio of world-class assets are creating american growth and homegrown strategic metals as the us moves towards an electrified future. u.s. gold corp.
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>> good news for the economy, good news on top is bad news for the federal reserve. we're in a lose lyses scenario and -- lose lose scenario and jay powell has boots on and sackmary shovel in his hanged hand and digging deeper and deeper. money comes due and what if interest rates are lower? >> volatility is so high and people have to know where their risk tolerance is. they're dumping a lot of stuff in the stocks and is it a good thing to be thinking about. stuart: what's the song in i'm every woman.
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okay. nice timing. it is international women's day. it is 10:00 on the east coast and how are you doing after yesterday's big selloff? more selling for the dow down another 100 points and down 570 yesterday and down 102 now and nasdaq slight recovery and up a mere 21 points. big tech it's all over the place this morning. yes, it is. alphabet, apple up and amazon, microsoft, meta down. here's the key story today. the yield on treasuries. the yield on the 10-year treasury is now at 3.92% but the two year has crossed above 5%. not good for the market. now this. it is march 8, 2023. on this day, 40 years ago president ronald reagan made an earth moving speech that has great relevance for today.
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>> the tempation of pride, tempation of declare -- temptation of declaring yourself above it all and both sides equally at fault and ignoring the sides of history and aggressive evil empire to call the arm's race a giant misunderstanding and thereby remove yourself from the struggle between right and wrong and good and evil. stuart: reagan talking about the sosoviet union and could have bn talking about china today. china threatens taiwan, rolls over hong kong and embarks on a vast military buildup and spies on everyone and suppresses freedom everywhere. if that's not an evil empire, what is? reagan responded to the soviets with a huge military buildup, which include add new high-tech missile defense system and it was ridiculed as star wars back then but reagan was right. he beat the soviets. what will our response be to
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china? it is developing and that response is being muted but reagan showed us how to stand tall and call out our rivals and enemies for what they are and gave the western world a moral backbone and seized moral high ground. maybe it's time for another evil empire speech, but i wouldn't expect president bide ton make it. third hour of varney starts right now. stuart: martha maccallum with me today. is that the evil empire? >> i don't. that's the relationship he says it's competition that we are in. it is not conflict. he says that despite the fact that we have covid, which is now determined by two big agencies
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to have been a lab leak and whether or not it was intentional and and we don't know the question and it was believed to be unintentional and perpetuated and not stopped to the extent it could have been and deadly in that sense. you've got fentanyl coming from china across the boarder and have them increasing their army and navy far surpassing our capabilities. you have pentagon concerns about whether or not we could defeat china in battles against the communist nation. there's a lot of questions there and what you're really honing in on there so perfectly is how the clarity of reagan's understanding of what we're facing as a country and heading into 2024 it's worth them asking if we have that clarity of purpose from the oval office. do people understand what we're up against and tiktok, that's a whole nother story that is just
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basically poisoning the brains of young people and there's a piece in the new york post about 14-year-old boys and what they're inundated with and essentially like pounding of guns and mis-sole judgeny and all that -- misogyny being fed to them and china doesn't allow it. stuart: maybe i'll ban my opposition on tiktok. >> banning should start at home. stuart: well said. you mentioned this earlier and intelligence chiefs being grilled about the origins of covid right now. roll that tape, please. >> it's fair for us to ask whether the virus killed 6.8 million people so far might have been accidently released from a lab in wuhan. the lack of transparency in china's aauthoritarian systems may mean we'll never be absolutely certain where covid-19 or god forbid the next pandemic could have or will next
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ornate. stuart: martha, do you think we'll get real transparency from china? >> no, there's no reason to expect that but i'd like to see real transparency'here, in this country. what we're learning now is there was a battle going on between dr. fauci and red field on the program this afternoon over whether or not it was possible it could have been a lab leak and we need scientific transparency here so we know we have the best minds weighing in and nobody's methods are being squashed and ignored and pushed way way so people don't get to hear both sides of the story here so i think that's where we need to start if we want to prevent it from happening again. again we need clarity, clear articulate, transparency from our own government and our own country to get a better sense of it. stuart: you're dealing with that on your show this afternoon. >> we are. stuart: 3:00 p.m. eastern on fox news, the story with martha maccallum, thank you, martha.
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always appreciate it. >> thank you. stuart: mark tepper is with me for the hour. okay, rate hikes are going to keep oncoming. >> yep. stuart: that's what jay powell is telling us. so that's going to hurt the stock market, probably. >> without a doubt. stuart: what's wrong with bonds? >> there's nothing wrong with bonds. especially the six month treasury, 5.2%. suddenly bonds are attractive again and one of the issues is investors if you go back to 2009 through 2021, all investors have known is tina. there's no alternative to u.s. stocks. there are alternatives now and as bonds become more attractive relative to stocks, the multiples on stocks should come down and the multiples engrained in people's minds since 2009 are a bit higher than what we'll see over the course of the next few years and i'd expect multiples to come down. stuart: i'm worried about the risk of using any extra money, which i might have to put into stocks right now. it's the second day of jay powell's testimony but it's up
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friday and we have the jobs report and could affect the market. next week cpi. risky time. >> yeah, little inside scoop as to how we manage money. we have our "prediction" on where the market's headed and never do we push 100% of chips in on that prediction. woe might be wrong and things might be way better or way worse than we expect and the tail risks might be 20% probability each. yes, i think pushing cash into stocks right now may not be the best move but if you're 100% in cash, you're running the risk of underperforming if the market comes in bettedder than expected and maybe putting a bit to work would be exposure. you'll have enough to be comfortable right now. stuart: yeah, if i have fresh money and going into six month treasuries, one year treasuries
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and municipal bonds to get a tax break. >> the six month treasury fits in best with our thesis and sometime around the end of summer is where we'll see the best buying opportunity. stuart: there goes the market routing you back into the stock. >> getting by the big boys when you're down and don't go anywhere, mark, you're with me for the hour. let's bring lauren back looking at movers out with silver gate. cryptolender. lauren: yeah, the bank is there's reports of talk with fdic to avoid shutting down and last week they warned they were delaying and questioning their ability to stay in business and i would imagine the report they were talking to officials to send the stock up and down it goes. stuart: dick's sporting goods and stopped selling gun as couple years ago and now they r. lauren: they're the sporting partner of the ncaa after the new partnership was announced with warner bro discovery sports and cbs sports with the stock up
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12%. stuart: what is united national as good as why are they down 26%? lauren: natural and organic and supply companies like whole foods and down 26% and they cut annual outlook and they withdrew their long term financial targets and the reason is, food is very offensive. that's how i'm interpreting it and did the campbell soup story and there's ways to do it. tough be creative. >> instead of organic to save a buck here or there. lauren: exactly. stuart: i don't buy organic stuff? lauren: never ever? i only do milk. >> berries last longer in the fridge if you get organics or they mold quickly. lauren: so you guy organics? >> only berries. lauren: that's really expensive. >> it is. it's almost twice as much but lasts twice as long in your pharyngo. stuart: tepper has vital
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important information. here we go, bus drivers in seattle say they're getting sick from all the fentanyl smoke on their buses, but one city official thinks it's a good idea that people are lighting up on public transportation. i did not make that up. we'll tell you all about it, believe me. california digging out from a historic blizzard and governor gavin newsom out of the office and on a personal trip to mexico. that has california guy leo terrell upset and he's on the show. two americans kid mapped in mexico dead killed by drug cartels and will the victims ever get justice in how do we hold them, the cartels, accountable? that's next. ♪
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with stuart: two of the four stuart: two of the four u.s. citizens kit napped in mexico are dead and the two others are back in the unit. congressman, these people were kidnapped and killed by the cartels and how do we deal with the cartels? deal with them inside america as a law and order fbi issue or do we send in our military into mexico? which way do you stand? >> we have to do both. i think it's time to label cartels for what they r. they're terrorists and they're terrorizing not only migrants and people on the border and now they're terrorizing americans and they were killed in broad daylight and something has to change and i have a bill, the security first act that labels cartels as terrorist first osars and it's time to take the gloves off and biden administration has done nothing and only emboldened
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these actors and i was in uvalde the other day and a gentleman told he this story where he had his granddaughter for the weekend and his wife was giving his granddaughter a bath and there was an illegal alien that broke into their home and terrified the family and he held that individual at gunpoint for a half hour it'll the sheriff showed and you happen there's lawlessness on the boarder and we have to do something and starts by labeling cartels as terrorists. stuart: two quick points, congressman, if we label them terrorists, that would give an execution for mexican nationalists to come across the border into america to escape terrorism. if we send in sale team 6 to knock off a couple of cartel leaders, the response would be extraordinary. >> i spent 20 years in the military and five years in iraq and afghanistan. i know what war looks like. war is hell, and i don't want war. i want to prevent war, but what we're seeing is texas -- the
11:19 am
communities that live along the border, we're in war right now. it is hell for us. something has to change and the other part is this is how you disrupt an organization and label them a terrorist organization and take their money. nothing hurts more than taking somebody's money. you take an organization's money and then you watch how fast they change their actions. these are some of the things i think the administration should push forward on. stuart: you're on the border and the white house is not denying reports that the administration may re-instate migrant family detention and they're not denying the reports. watch this please, roll it. >> you're not ruling it out either. why is this being considered possible now? >> i'm not going to comment on rumors out there and not saying it's not being considered but something that republicans can work with us on and put forward a comprehensive immigration policy on day one and seeing on the other side is political stunts and that's what they want to do and not looking to do
11:20 am
political stunts and looking to deal with a real issue. stuart: i just want to say, congressman, if we did re-instate family detention, that would mean we would have to build huge new facilities, schools, playgrounds, medical facilities, a ton of money. are we prepared to do that, congressman? >> we're not nor should we. it's starting to be where the american is last in all of this equation. wait a second. what about the needs that our communities have and this is where the administration is getting it wrong. they're putting all their time and effort into illegal immigration. people coming over illegally and people break our l laws and spending so much time and effort into that, yes, the asylum process needs reformed and we all agree it is broken and reformed but what the republican party needs to be the party of legal immigration. we need to be the party that goes, wait a second, for those that break our laws, you'll be deported and you'll be set back,
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repatriation flights and those that want to live and work can do is in a legal process. there's a opportunity for the republican party to go we're the party of legal immigration, not amnesty and path to citizenship and starts with work visas. stuart: congressman, two dozen border patrol agents have reportedly been transferred to the northern border. they were previously on the southern border and we don't have enough agents to cover both boarders do we? >> we don't. i recently joined the northern border patrol, the northern border caucus because what's happening at the northern border is similar to the southern boarder and not enough manpower and overwhelmed and threat of fentanyl and killing all our kids every single day is coming over in droves and something has to change and what the administration is doing is not enough and i would say congress has a role to play in this. we can't be pointing fingers and we have to pass meaningful legislation that ultimately can get signed into law and make a
11:22 am
difference otherwise we're just blaming each other for all the things that are wrong. we know what's wrong and let's fix it and find a bipartisan way to fix it and move it forward. stuart: congressman tony gonzalez, thank you for being here. appreciate you being here. new york city mayor eric adams wants to find work for the 50,000 migrants in the city and wants them to work. lydia hu is with us. from a pizza shop in new york. are they looking to hire migrants right there? reporter: no, it's housing migrants in the city and the owner said that's cut into their business because they're missing out on the revenue generated from hotel patrons and doesn't need to hire anyone right now. this is coming as part of mayor adams plan to create a new city agency tasked with helping to resettle migrants in and around the big app and will it's called
11:23 am
the office of asylum seeker and the business owner says the plan is not sitting well with many work staffs and years to get work off their own authorization. watch this. >> they feel betrayed and some of their families don't still have working papers and they've been here for years. reporter: right now, stuart, we don't know the annual budget for the agency and how much it's going to cost for job training but what we do know is that the city is already spending roughly $5 million a day on migrants in this city. we also know that some of the job train asking going to provide opportunities for about 100 asylum seekers to up state new york to live at a community college, a public community college and pursue postsecondary
11:24 am
education and degree opportunities and it's interesting about this opportunity being afforded as we're having a national conversation around student debt, access to higher education and it is affordability for the every day american, stuart. stuart: precisely, lydia, well said. lydia hu on it, thank you. florida's governor desantis demanding that novak djokovic be allowed to play tennis at a tournament in miami, even though he's not vaccinated for covid-19. lauren, what is the governor's solution to this? lauren: desantis says lift the restriction. stuart: right. lauren: let him compete. stuart: who would have thought of that? lauren: it's march 19 and totally nuts. they gave the administration until friday to respond and then he makes suggestions. what if you can't buy both. all the -- what if you can't bu- what if he came by boat. all the migrants coming by boat and they're not vaccinated.
11:25 am
he's one of the healthiest people in the world. stuart: and he's had covid twice. lauren: adding insult to injury, by friday this week, the u.s. is expected to lift travel restrictions on chinese people coming to the united states stuart: this is ridiculous. >> that is crazy. lauren: this far along and i understand equal treatment and got that during the pandemic and three years in when you can be vaccinated, boosted and the like and still get covid and transmit covid and he had covid. he should play. >> the cdc finally conceded that natural immunity is more effective against hospitalizations than the vaccines. what's the problem? he's had it twice. lauren: you -- it's outside, tennis is far apart. stuart: you're waiving your arms. i feel very strongly about it. he's the best tennis player ever and he can't play? get out of here. thank you very much, lauren. the head of the national security agency says china may be censoring tiktok videos in
11:26 am
america. how about that? democrats in virginia just rejected a bill that would have required schools to teach out -- to teach about the evils of communism. democrats reject that had and the teacher's union thought it will insight anti-asian hate. my next geeks is an asian american and thinks the -- guest is an asian american citizen who thinks the unions messed up big and that's next. ♪ y your ilild hadidiabet,, u'u'll le e how sysy dedexcom7 7 is. y your ilit's on.diabet,, d,d, he'ofoff. yocacaright on your phone,erers so you can always be there for yocacarigwith dexcom g7ne,erers
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flagship site, projected to be more than 100,000 ounces of gold annually. the company's fast-tracked phase 2 expansions, and ongoing exploration work support growing the mine life past its current 12.5 years. steppe gold. stuart: on the market and the picture with the dow down 100 and nasdaq up 30 and no huge price movements so far today. mark temer with me -- tepper with me this morning. you're looking at amd and nvidia. >> yeah, investors can't get enough of ai and looking to buy at any price and could be scary buying at any price and it's a little too early for another bubble but nevertheless good companies and good pla players n ai. stuart: how about tesla? >> the steering wheels fall off
11:31 am
while driving the car. that's not a good thing. so, look, i took my daughter to the cleveland auto show this past weekend because she's almost 16 and time for first car. scary moment for all the drivers in cleveland, ohio, but the best looking car there was the dodge ram revolution concept, which is an ev of the dodge ram truck. it was beautiful. when you look at tesla's valuation, it was one thing to justify it two or three years ago when there wasn't a lot of competition but the competition is coming for tesla and coming hard and they've got vehicles that can really compete with what tesla produces. stuart: you're going to get your daughter an electric truck? >> no, that's for me, stu. that's on my wish list for myself. lauren: you're buying her a brand new mice car? >> i don't think so. i wanted her to look at alled models on the floor. i don't know, she's my baby girl. maybe i will. stuart: we're hitting too close to home for you.
11:32 am
lauren: no judgment. stuart: a teacher's union smears asians as communists. she's with me now. is there animality asian bias in our schools and if so, spell it out? >> there absolutely is. you see that across a lot of the high schools that the best high schools from west coast to east coast is trying to limit the number of asians and the same thing of course is happening in grand scale it all of the universities is the supreme court case on that in fact and saw in something like thomas jefferson down in virginia and they were actually hiding the merit scholarships we've got and that merit scholarship is extremely, extremely important for kids to get their applications and admissions into
11:33 am
colleges and denies them also. is there anti-asian bias? absolutely. stuart: virginia's fairfax county school board banned white and asian students from college prep courses is that oturu instance of an tis asian wise? >> absolutely and antiwhite too because as you said it doesn't allow whites or asians to participate. stuart: isn't it also anti-hard work, anti-success? >> did denies all the hard work and achievement you see. stuart: we need a meritocracy and it's not in our schools. we're moving a way from it? >> correct. everything by so-called equity,
11:34 am
it's really cutting everybody's feet off at different levels so that the heads are at the same level and you shouldn't do that. put them all on the level grounds so they can rise as far as they can. stuart: indeed. i want to talk about tiktok. the chief of the national security agency m american, warns that china may be censoring videos in america to influence massive audience. roll that tape, please. >> tiktok concerns me for a number of different reasons and you can also turn off the messages when there's a large population of listeners. stuart: if i were to write or post add free taiwan video in america, would that be censored from china? >> i haven't try that had but i think that it probably will be. there's a lot of things with
11:35 am
china and tic tock on the case of -- tiktok and censorship will be fairly common and what they say and do on the line to get thrown off. stuart: they can from china ed it or den sore what -- edit or censor what i put on tiktok in america. >> i don't know if they do it in china or here somewhere in the cyber space there but, yes, correct. stuart: the censorship would be on me? >> correct. correct. stuart: thank you very much for being with us. very important story and hope you come back. >> thank you. stuart: thank you. we're really gone that change the subject, believe me, we are the world's first flying bike hit the market. here's the video and looks impressive and obviously in japan and what's the price?
11:36 am
lauren: half a million? officially in japan the company that make it is called aerowinds and can't ride it anywhere but just on certain roads. but think of this potential in disaster response. natural disasters and traffic. it's kind of cool and looks like a jet ski. stuart: used to ride a motorbike at 18, 19 years old and powerful 650. lauren: did it fly? stuart: no, it didn't fly but the excitement of the speed on a bike, if i had the money and availability, i'd buy one. that is a thrill. that's pretty cool. that's as cool as it comes. lauren: we can figure out a way to get you one but do you want to go to japan? >> let people go on bikes here and they're actually more dangerous than the cars. they drive on the sidewalk and ignore stop signs and traffic signs and fly around. that's scary. stuart: hiding at end of the desk there. lauren: she wants to say
11:37 am
something. stuart: would you buy and fly a flying bike? >> that would be kind of cool to rent. how's that? stuart: would you buy one? >> i like it. it looks like a lot of fun and president biden should not buy one? he wouldn't be safe on that one. i would buy one if i had the money to buy one. stuart: we'll leave it there, everybody. thank you for joining us. it turns out money actually does buy happiness. roll tape. >> once a year don and i spend a day treating ourselves. we treat ourselves to clothes. >> treat yourself. >> fragrances. >> treat yourself. >> mimosas. >> feet yourself. >> fine letter goods. >> treat yourself. >> it's the best day of the year. >> best day of the year. stuart: okay. there is now a scientific study supposedly that proves life is better with money. we're on it, believe me. president biden wants to tax the
11:38 am
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stuart: that old adage that money can't buy you happiness but i'm determined to give it a try. lauren: me too. stuart: tell me about the study. lauren: i think money makes life easier and in thatceps, yes, you can make the argument that, yes, it buys happiness but at what point does your income tap out on your ability to be happy and the national academy of sciences
11:43 am
study and they say that income taps out at $500,000 and you make 100k, happy. 200k, really happy and even happier at 500k and then the divorce happens. stuart: stop it. you made a lot of money for your clients. are they happy with the money that they've made? >> they're very happy. but let's also be honest, i know people that live paycheck to paycheck who are happy as a clam. and people worth eight figure who is are nasty, miserable people too. stuart: i know more. lauren: more money, more problems. >> to lauren's price, if you're at the median household income of 80 grand going from 80 to 100 ask a game changer and 300 to 500, probably not a big thing. . stuart: a tax the rich move and congressman barry loudermilk from georgia joining me now. congressman, i think we agree on
11:44 am
this, taxing the rich is very popular. there's not many rich people and we don't care much about them. in other words, if biden is determined to tax the rich, can you turn that around? can you turn it back? >> well, it's very difficult. how can you trust anything that's coming out of this white house? you know, he accuses the republicans of wanting to cut medicare and social security, which was untrue. he had came out last year saying he was not ever going to tax anyone over $400,000 and that didn't turn out to be true. and not getting thousands of new irs agents. that's not for the rich but middle income americans. he's coming out with the budget and extremely light and all we see is more spending. even in the state of the union he laid out this great spending plan and said he was going to cut the deficit by spending more. you can't trust anything coming out of this white house. stuart: okay, congressman, let's
11:45 am
change the subject. 23 dead after the planned terrorist side in atlanta. roll tape, please. >> if you have commit add crime, you'll be prosecuted for it. if you use violence to damage infrastructure or property in an attempt to change public policy and influence decision making, that's domestic terrorism and carry as 5-35 year charge. we're not oregon and washington and not going to look the other way. stuart: the attorney general will prosecute everybody. here's my question. there's a fund to bail out these people accuse the of domestic terrorism. am i allowed to know who wanted to bail out the terrorist and the names of people supporting them? >> that's a great question and we should know that. that's something about transparency we should know in the country and atlanta is one of the democrat-run cities that has seen the rampant increase in
11:46 am
crime and it's strange to me that here are these people that are protesting against training police officers and combat crime and using crime to do it. it makes no sense whatsoever. when they're put in jail and need to get bailed out and there's brian o'kemp and they're serious about prosecuting the criminals, that's how you end crime and m. stuart: holding domestic terrorist accountable for what they've done. from the great state of georgia. thank you for joining us, simplet appreciate it all. stuart: 11:45 and we'll show you a sense of the market as we always say. those are the dow stocks, 30 dow stocks and pretty even split between winners and lierses and the dow is down 82 points. remember, that's after yesterday's 574 point decline. we're back to 32,000 level on
11:47 am
the dow. film maker ken burns compares florida's education system and bill and something outs of the soviet union and leo terrell has a lot to say about this and leo is next. ♪ if your business kept on employees through the pandemic, can see if it may qualify for a payroll tax refund of up to $26,000 per employee. all it takes is eight minutes to get started. then work with professionals to assist your business with its forms and submit the application. go to to learn more. your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit
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check in on your current speed through the xfinity app or upgrade to the speed that's right for you today. stuart: this story is hard to believe. bus drivers in seattle say they're getting sick from fentanyl smoke on city buses. one health official, repeat, a health official doesn't think it's a bad thing that people get high on public transportation. can you explain this to me? lauren: yeah, i can. if you're shooting umm or smoking occupy on a bus and you overdose, the thinking is someone is there on that bus to help you and potentially save your life. this is the position of seattle's public health social worker she is a former heroin addict and knows a thing or two october drugs, overdoses and recovery. this is a completely inaccurate. what about the clean, nondrug
11:52 am
users on that bus. like the bus driver? one in seattle had to take emergency medical leave because he's inhaling the secondhand fentanyl smoke? what about the innocent people and fentanyl is getting stronger and stronger and stronger. 310 homeless people in seattle died last year and they're running out of places to put the bodies. that is soming from the morgue in seattle. stuart: 310 people, homeless people, dead from fentanyl in seattle in one year? lauren: yes. stuart: good lord. that's an extraordinary stair. i got to say. documenttarian ken burns comparing florida's new education bill to a soviet system, watch this. >> all of these bills that desantis and others are doing limit our ability to understand who we are and are not inclusive, they're sex collusive and narrowing the focus of what is and isn't american history. it's terrifying and feels like a
11:53 am
soviets system. or the way the natzis would build a village and rewriting of history in the irs and hugely to the republican. stuart: rewriting of history and leo terrell is with me now. you're a former teacher and burns said de desantis is rewrig history? what do you think? >> absolutely not. governor desantis is saving history. ken burns, stuart, has lost all credibility of as a historian. i together history and u.s. government and the terms the left use, diversity, equity, and inclusion. stuart, those are code words for race itch. those are code words for critical race theory and judging people based on skin color. governor desantis has it right and ken burns has it wrong and he's playing a race card and he's wrong. i >> i would have thought
11:54 am
stuart: i would have thought if you rewrite books or classic novels or movies from the past and try to rewrite them, you in fact are rewriting history. that's what the left is doing contraindication for cerumen; right? >> since the 1619 project and they're trying to rewrite and destroy american heritage and foundation and everything that makes this country great. the far left wants to destroy and rewrite it. they want to start with ground zero from their terminology. they want to docket reigns leading nate and basically -- ddocket nate and brainwash the young people from the universities and now, stu, it's down into the elementary schools. stuart: are we beginning to roll back this wokism? i see a few signs here and there that it's being rolled back, that the tide is turning. you think? >> yes, and it starlets in florida. great job in florida. it's arkansas it's moving throughout the country and very small step. there's a stake made in florida by governor desantis to say it's
11:55 am
not going to happen here and, stu, that's why people are moving to florida and people are leaving my state and going to florida because they want liberty, they want freedom, and they want the truth. stuart: you're a californian, you live in california, i believe. i don't know why, but you live in california. recently governor newsom took a trip to mexico. a personal trip to mexico. he couldn't go to any state that bans abortion so he has to go to mexico. maybe looking for the source of fentanyl, what do you say? >> i want everybody to know this. governor newsom checked out and he's a lame duck governor and only wants to run for president and he has a ban in california because there's a storm, a winter storm where people are still buried under snow in san bernadino, california. he does not care. his only ambition in life is to run for president and that's all he's focused expugn we have
11:56 am
crime and homelessness and you're correct. why am i still here? i love this state and hope there's chance for us to recover once this guy leaves and he's already mentally checked out of california. stuart: we hear you. leo terrell from california. love to see you in new jersey. come on over. we'll see you again soon, leo terrell. you're all right. >> thank you, stu. stuart: it's 11:55, that means it's trivia time, wednesday trivia quiz. good one. what is the last letter of the greek alphabet? omega, pi, omega pi or upselon? at answer after this.
11:57 am
11:58 am
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for risk information and instructions for use. consult your doctor before starting on omnipod. stuart: we asked the question what is the last letter are the greek alphabet. lauren? >> upsilon lon. stuart: okay. >> i will roll with xi. stuart: xi as xi xinping. i think not. i believe i know the answer. i believe the answer is omega. alpha and omega whom shall by. >> you got it. >> we usually give a explanation. there is no explanation required. omega is the last letter of the greek al pa alphabet. there is no explanation required. thank you, mark. almost called you emmer again. all great stuff. keyes to coast starts right no


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