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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 14, 2023 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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make you are the devil in disguise ♪ yes you are ♪ devil in disguise ♪ stuart: this is your guy, elvis, looking at new york city, good morning, 10:00 eastern, better take a look at this. i will call it a modest pretty good rally, down just real of 300, nasdaq up one. 7%, 10 year treasury yield going back up again, back to 3. 65%, modest gain for the treasury yield but way away from 4%. look at the regional banks. is this a signal that the price there is a crisis is winding down, these regional banks were clobbered yesterday, nice bounce back, 46% rate there. bitcoin, we haven't quoted that because it's $25,860 a rally a rally in cryptos today despite it all. that the markets, now this. i've lived in america for 50
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years, rarely has the news been so ominous as it is now. i go all the way back to the iran hostage crisis, the crash of 89, 9/11, the iraqi war, now we are hit with several crises all at once. it all piles up, your anxiety level goes straight up, the banking crisis on friday, the ripple effects still with us, people all over the country are worried about their money. the financial world very unsettled, we've seen the most rapid rise of inflation in decades, your buying power, interest rates have gone up too. borrowing money for house, car, or just your credit cards has quickly become very expensive, unaffordable for many. there is crime day after day, you turn on the news and see horrific scenes like this. that attack was a month ago. the woman still can't walk. i don't think the elites have the slightest idea the danger faced by everyday people every
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day. we are looking nervously over our shoulder. there's a boring ukraine was a confrontation with china. we are the ones being pushed around. and invasion at the border, millions of illegals flooding into every state and we are paying for it. are there any parents in america not worried about their children and fentanyl? the list goes on and on and it is happening now. what we need is vigorous dynamic leadership, we don't have it. the president isn't out front, not leading, he is reacting. he's 80 years old and shows it. america has always been a positive place where great things were possible and likely, now not so much. second hour of varney just getting started. scott shelladdy. i think the environment is
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ominous. crazies coming at us from all sides. do you feel an ominous feeling as well? >> i've been in this business for 37 years and i absolutely feel what you feel and to your point about how dangerous things are and what is happening on the border 43% of americans think we are walking headlong into world war iii, i think that's the way people are behaving so badly, people are frustrated, they don't see a way out. what's coming around the corner, there is no leadership, you don't feel the american exceptionalism anymore, you're told everywhere how bad america isn't how bad capitalism is maybe how bad you are because you're a white male heterosexual christian conservative. there's a lot of things that are frustrating people and that's showing up in their behaviors. the latest one you talk about is this bank call's, we are now faced with a no way out scenario of letting rates stay where they are or letting
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inflation run rampant or hike rates and see more bank contagion so our next choice is contagion or inflation, no wonder people are acting out. i get it. stuart: you used to live in chicago i believe. let me bring this to your attention. it relates to the ominous feeling in society, the ceo of the cme group blasting soaring crime in chicago. watch this, roll it. >> employ thousands of people in chicago and i said that excuse is gone and now they are worried about their safety. 3:00 in the afternoon my wife got carjacked in the city of chicago and it is insane what's going on here. i said why don't we invest in our future and invest in young people, they are worth saving so let's do it, but we have to incarcerate them in some way, shape or form, can't let them do the same thing an hour later, that's not helping them. stuart: you used to live in chicago and now you live in
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nashville. was crime one of the reasons you left? >> i see what 1-party rule was doing, that's one of the reasons i left in 2014. taxes going through the roof. i was paying more in real estate tax than i made in my first job coming out of college, those types of things did not resonate with me so i made a move for my pocketbook. the safety thing has gone down so this is where people feel frustrated. you feel taxes for the firemen to put your fire out and make sure the police keep you safe but when you are admonished by lori lightfoot for not protecting your own business and hiring people to stand at the door of your business for something you already paid for you are losing your mind because these things don't make sense. a bunch of nonserious people trying to run your lives and that's go through to people's behaviors, there are dead bodies in major if their affairs at popular times of the day that this never used to
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happen before. there's going to come an infection point where there's a reckoning where people say we can't take this anymore. i feel how you feel and people are reacting that way. stuart: the cpi report, 6% inflation over the past year. i'm saying that's fairly hot. i am asking you, will the fed pause rate hikes? >> i think they will slow them. don't say pause or shot. a slow their role a little bit and continue because what happened to 2% inflation? watch what happens. they will change 3% or 4% because it is going to be unattainable. we need to get in front of this and if we raise rates it will put small banks in trouble. if were faced with a no-win situation, inflation or contagion they are both served
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cold. stuart: like revenge, best served cold. see you soon. lauren: is back with us looking at movers starting with united. lauren: people are still traveling but fewer are traveling, january, february, march, higher pilot pay, they expect to report a loss. stuart: how about jetblue, they are up this morning. lauren: they lifted their outlook for revenue for this quarter. it could go up 35%. they see strong demand in leisure, more commercial. stuart: put them on screen. they were connected to spv. and $1 million in cash disclosing that now and swing to a loss.
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stuart: shareholders announced a class-action lawsuit. lauren: these top two executives, ceo and cfo being sued. they concealed how high interest rates affect financial performance leading to the bank run and accusing the fed of violating federal securities laws, don't know how much they are seeking but if you were an investor between june 6th, and 2021 is march 10th of this year. senator stuart: stuart: senator mark kelly is asking to censure information. lauren: the first bank collapse, people press the button to withdraw their money,
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how about this being the first twitter induced bank run? and they read this, last month, specifically flagged the debt and risk, then you have the bank run. on the zoom call, lawmakers and regulators, reporting several republicans said the democratic senator mark kelly asked on this call, on social media, to prevent a run on the bank. this is lighting up because you had a democrat calling for censorship on social media but got to get the social media companies involved in say what did you know, was therefore in influence, what happened on your sites? stuart: to censor information about banks is not something we wish to know.
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lauren: that is the report. stuart: still on politics, governor of florida ron dissenters broke from fellow republicans arguing the war in ukraine should not be a priority for the united states. desantis is in line with trump on this. it seems the republican party is split on this. what do you say? >> there are differences of opinion. i heard from some people announced for president and others rumored to be running, some take the traditional hawkish interventionist line that it is in national interests involved with ukraine, the defeat of the russians is in the center, china and other places. trump said this needs to end, to put a end to all the
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bloodshed, desantis is leaning in that direction. from what i read, tucker carlson asked this, i think he is taking a sensible path between the two polls but definitely leaning in the direction you suggested. stuart: it seems donald trump is coming on at a rally in iowa to get in. he is emerging as the front runner at this stage. stuart: >> no question, as i said, half of the nomination runs through donald trump. it will either be him or the one person who can beat him and i don't think there are multiple people who can beat him given the numbers. he's doing well with the national polls looking at state level polls, a number of key
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states, it's so early that things can change but you can't dispute that the last few months, trump is definitely surged. everyone sitting around waiting, is that other guy from florida going to get in? if and when that happens as i suspect it will, how will he respond to this endless barrage of criticism the trump is directing at him, i imagine that would change but when and how? stuart: it will be a political fight. guy benson, see you again soon. next, the administration approved a scaled-down version of alaska's willow project, the governor of alaska is on the show. i will ask if he thinks this was a good deal. bitcoin leading the crypto currency rebound after the collapse of silicon valley bank, we speak to the chair of the bitcoin foundation about
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this reversal. missouri senator josh hawley working on preventing the bailout from being passed on to tax payers, details on that coming out. ♪ ♪ there's my little marzipan! [ laughs ] oh, my daughter gives the best hugs! we're just passing through on our way to the jazz jamboree. [ imitates trumpet playing ] and we wanted to thank america's number-one motorcycle insurer -for saving us money. -thank you. [ laughs ] mara, your parents are -- exactly like me? i know, right? well, cherish your friends and loved ones. let's roll, daddio! let's boogie-woogie! ♪ what will you do? will you make something better? create something new? our dell technologies advisors can provide you with the tools
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lauren: he is the republican senator from missouri and here's how he sees it. the biden administration bailing out rich people in california and bank customers everywhere will pay for it. he's bringing legislation and regulation to prevent that happening. part of his tweet, the administration will impose fees on banks across the country to pay for the bailout. i thought taxpayer money wasn't on the hook. it's not. regulators use the regulars insurance fund which is funded by fees the banks pay for the deposits. but he fears banks are not just going to pay more fees but pass it on to the customer. that is what he wants to prevent happening. stuart: i am not sure how much will be passed to customers him it's not going to mean much for banks across the country. if there is a huge bailout, the fees will be significant. lauren: he gives no specifics yet. stuart: the crypto market, we
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have a nice rally, but coins at 29-9, ethereum at 1-7. brock pierce returns to the show today. i don't understand it. there is turmoil through the crypto world but bitcoin and ethereum rallying. i know you've got an explanation. what is it? >> this is one of the first times we have seen crypto currency, bitcoin, and many others not correlated with traditional financial markets. normally when they are down, the market is down, crypto is up and has always been a long-held view that this correlation should break and we see silicon valley bank's signature and everything happening, the banking world is allowed -- this non-correlation events to occur. stuart: are you saying cryptos
10:21 am
are a hedge against the dangers of the economy? >> that is what a lot of holders of crypto currency have always viewed speculation or investment as, this is one of the times we see it playing out in the market. what is happening here, single event isn't enough to form a definitive opinion but this is evidence of that occurring and for many of us you viewed as a hedge. stuart: i think of cryptos as an asset class whose time has come and gone. i don't know anybody who has bought anything tangible with bitcoin or application of the underlying technology which is block chain. i've not heard many uses for that. tell me i'm wrong. it's an asset class whose time has come and gone. >> for many they view it as a
10:22 am
form of digital gold. places like nigeria, it is happening, places like el salvador where it is legal currency. 30% for the population had access to financial services and that occurred within 12 months. we are seeing usage of the technology. it is lackluster. it isn't what most of us expect to see at this point but these check analogies and changing of human behavior takes a long time to happen. look at apple pay, most of us are still using our credit cards. it's another 10 years for the promise of this technology to be seen and felt. . we have some evidence of usage. stuart: thanks for being on the show today. see you again soon. the director of the now failed
10:23 am
signature bank, a former congressman in charge of the dodd-frank financial reform in 2010. this is barney frank. lauren: he lobbied to rollback some of those dodd-frank rules including, this is where it is getting political, rollback that happened in 2018 under trump that said not only banks, $250 billion in assets face the strictest of the stress tests. that meant svp with the just $200 billion was exempt. some democrats are blaming that rollback for this mess. barney frank did some interviews, he said that's not the case but what is the case? what are we blaming? for the collapse of sbb, lax oversight in san francisco? collateral damage from the fed? all that spending the had a hike in interest rates to contain inflation over and over again?
10:24 am
lots of reasons, can't just say it was dodd-frank which was 2,010 and tweaked in 2018. stuart: barney frank is not saying it was trump's fault, he can't say that. he is a far left democrat. we 've got one more for you. will 1 billion or ines kantor freedom did take a hit in the sbb collapse. we are talking charles schwab, executive chair of the company, has he made a rebound. >> stock price is up 9%, 10% around $76, charles schwab had a 6% stake in the brokerage, and when this first happened his wealth dropped, $3 billion in that time. and and it is 76 to for us -- 56.
10:25 am
>> >> the wall street journal, the wall street investor predicted that 2,008 lehman collapse revealed which bank he thinks will be the next bank to fall, fail, i should say. we will tell you all about it. senators warren and sanders blaming the silicon valley bank collapse on donald trump. president biden blames bank management. he was really out fall? outfall? carlton english on that next. ♪ ♪ welcome to ameriprise. i'm sam morrison. my brother max recommended you.
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stuart: check those markets. that is a rally, one. 4%. %. the nasdaq powering higher. and the lehman collapse in 2,008, now predicting which will fall next. name that bank.
10:30 am
lauren: that bank is credit suisse. robert, psaki is the investor, i don't want to ruin the suspense. >> i think the next bank to go is credit suisse because the bond market crashed, us dollar is losing its hegemony. they are going to print more and more and more of this trying to keep it from sinking. lauren: last week credit suisse got the late-night call from the sec and the stock plummeted, delay or report, it was just released, the risk assessment sites more customers, withdrawing their money. stuart: that is in the doldrums for a long time. credit suisse. i want to get to the silicon valley bank collapse.
10:31 am
carlton english joins me now. put those regional banks on the screen. they are bouncing quite nicely. do you think this contagion is beginning to wind down? >> measures to protect depositors, that restores faith in the banking system. i know my tech messages were flooded with bank investors and family members, it makes sense we are seeing that bounce back, i don't think we are out of the woods yet but that harsh initial shock. stuart: some of the regional banks, they did not see a huge outflow of deposits. we wouldn't see them lining up at the bank. you do on your phone these days. in the absence of a run on the
10:32 am
banks, that's a vote of confidence. >> you are talking the most concentrated imposter base, all based in the same industry. if one of them is hurting, all of them are hurting and they will rush out at the same time. they are more diversified. stuart: a lot of those are start up technical guys. california, liberals. >> it is something to say that. people were wondering if the bail out of the depositors, you don't want to lose faith in the banking system. it is bad for the whole thing. stuart: senator warren blames trump. president biden blames bank management. i blame massive spending and
10:33 am
printing which gave inflation and high interest rates. to the you blame? >> a little bit of every one. it comes to the bank managing its risks. people say trump use regulations in 2018, doesn't mean it should not manage risks. if regulations are eased, you do) by customers or investors or broader society. this was a case of mismanagement. interest rates were rising quickly. they didn't have a chief risk officer for 8 months. you need to manage that. stuart: that was great, appreciate it. the administration wants new legislation to stop airlines from charging extra fees. what do you have on this? >> the biden administration is urging airlines to drop junk fees.
10:34 am
to ensure kids can travel with it all for free. the department of transportation hope to address this through a rulemaking process and they think it will take too long. it wants congress to pass laws governing policies to jumpstart the debate, transportation secretary pete buttigieg sent letters to the vice president and kevin mccarthy and write this proposed law would mean us and foreign airlines should seat young children adjacent to an accompanying adult at no additional cost. you wants to make sure families are put in the same class of service. they launched an online dashboard, to see which, the airline industry may not be thrilled with the idea of congress handing new rules to them. passenger airlines working to accommodate especially those traveling with kids and continue to do so. each carrier established policies to make an effort to
10:35 am
ensure families sit together. to see if this is something the house would consider doing, haven't heard back yet but the secretaries having trouble finding allies on capitol hill. a lot of criticism for the recent drama involving airlines. stuart: mark meredith in the middle of it, see you again later. the administration's climate agenda, on the left-hand side of the screen, targeting washing machines. lauren: i knew i hated laundry day. the energy department accused efficiency standards so they are better for the environment. use less water. they say this would raise the cost of the appliances and it will cost the manufacturer $700 million to convert. they are pushing back, each cycle will take longer, the detergent will cost more.
10:36 am
in the end, close will be less clean. it is not fair. stuart: it is nonstop. lightbulbs, can't have them. now you flush that. they will tell you what to do. lauren: this will save billions of dollars a year. stuart: cost $5 for a carton of eggs these days, prices could go higher, the avian flu forces farmers to protect their bird. china's quiet landgrab is threatening our most valuable resources, our farmland. can we stop china from buying any of it? ♪
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stuart: it is a rally, down is up 426 points, nasdaq up 240. seems to me the market is saying they'd be okay with the quarterdeck arise in interest rates after the 6% inflation announcement this morning, seems to me the regional bank, put them on screen, they are coming back, maybe this financial banking crisis is beginning to wind down and the market loves it, dow up 437 points as we speak, let's move to foreign policy, defense foreign policy. our allies just unveiled a new submarine deal to counter china.
10:42 am
>> it enables australia to assess nuclear powered submarine so they can counter china's military buildup around taiwan and the south china sea, president biden says the indo pacific must remain free and open but china says this pact, these countries are heading down a path of danger. as it stands now, this -- there was an alliance formed a year ago. the us, you can australia, the labor and the money. when can australia get their first nuclear capable submarine, 20 years from now? stuart: the trident submarine, most advanced submarine in the world. stuart: australia, america and britain have the trident. australia will get it too.
10:43 am
thanks. this headline, i am quoting, china's quiet landgrab threatens our most valuable resource. republican from iowa wrote that and joins me now. iowa has the best farmland in the world, i'm very much acquainted with it. it would be a good investment for everybody. are you prepared to ban chinese purposes of farmland in your state and elsewhere? >> rural farmland is the most precious resource we have. the american farmland belongs to the american farmer. our foreign adversary, china, lining up at a quick pace, and energy security and food security. stuart: can he do it. i am an englishman originally and i bought farmland in america when i was negligent
10:44 am
in. you've got to taylor this, i don't think you can do it. >> we have to taylor down to our foreign adversary and look at it as a national security risk or energy risk. general america, it is used for fuels like ethanol and biodiesel. they are jeopardizing energy issues and national security. this has to be a great concern and we are looking at this. stuart: are you familiar with mud bog? >> a little bit. stuart: best soil in the world, 30 feet deep. it is very valuable. i would like to purchase some if you would allow an englishman who is now american. wish you luck with your legislation. >> has to be done. stuart: tell us how you do it.
10:45 am
egg prices skyrocketing. farmers have been hit hard by an outbreak of bird flu, avian flu. lydia joins us, farmers have to spend more to protect their birds. >> this farmers preparing to invest $300,000 into bio security measures on top of $700,000 across all his farm locations since 2015, the last avian flu outbreak. it to drop in the bucket when you consider what is at stake if you have a flock infected with bird flu. watch this. >> it goes into the millions. if i had a farm and one of my farms, the production facility at my delaware location, cleanup like that would cost $18 million.
10:46 am
>> the avian flu is contagious to birds. one way it is spreader through animal droppings that can be tracked on shoes. farmers want to keep wild birds away from where they are housed here. one way, predator calls are played on loudspeakers. listen to this. [bird calls] >> at the delaware location a sound canon routinely startles wild animals to keep them away. workers that come in close contact with the birds, trucks must be washed inside and out and anything delivered must be disinfected. and his current outbreak, 58.4 million birds have been slaughtered. there's not been an official tabulation on cost but some
10:47 am
estimates show farmers have lost more than $1 billion in the current outbreak of bird flu. for consumers, it means the limited supply of eggs and sustained demand means paying more than double for dozen eggs at the grocery store. stuart: thank you very much. the president of mexico claims his country is safer than the united states. what about drug cartels? we will discuss this. governor ron desantis heading to new hampshire after stopping in iowa and nevada. brian kilmeade just spoke to them -- i want to hear about desantis being critical about help for ukraine. we will deal with that after this. ♪ soup and salad. thank you!
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stuart: it is a rally, dow is up 450, nasdaq up 250, and it looks like the crisis is winding down. the regional banks can handle 6% inflation. brian kilmeade with me.
10:52 am
florida governor desantis said helping ukraine is not in america's interest. that opened the split in the republican party. what say you? >> i sought tucker ask for all candidates to put in paper how they sigh ukraine. they got back to him. all but mike pence talked about this not being a necessary conflict. for me, really disappointed. he was indicating donald trump was easy on russia. to me it's clear that if you choose to look the other way they won't have a choice when they take georgia and the baltics and in 10 years say let's make it a nato nation. we found all the problems we are having with our army, china backing us up and challenging nato. it is such a clear investment but for ron desantis, he
10:53 am
doesn't think it's to his advantage to say that different from trump. stuart: wouldn't make a difference if president biden said this is our objective, this is what we want, clear objective for the help we are giving? would that help? >> biden are not confident about president biden running anything foreign. the way he screwed this of china relationship to be dominated by china, russia and iran, dropping the ball on the abraham accords, allowing iran and saudi arabia to get together, they don't feel comfortable going with anything president biden is doing but he's not right in saying whatever it takes. even ukraine doesn't want that. i would love a candidate say i want to plan to replenish our stocks, to know the accounting of everything and let ukraine
10:54 am
know they got to win this year. they don't have enough people to when the attrition fight. stuart: state the objective, the president of mexico claims mexico is safer than the united states. >> mexico is safer than the us endnote trouble traveling safely across mexico, something us citizens know and our fellow countrymen no. it is not that they are afraid, not the violence you mentioned really exists. it's manipulation, pure manipulation. stuart: manipulation, he says. having to defend his country and his tourism industry. >> he lost his money. she said there's no fentanyl problem. it is a decadent american society. will be great to see the president go back at this guy, we don't talk about the country like that.
10:55 am
we know you guys are run by the mobsters, fueled by illegal drugs marketed in our country. you ask any american, we went to san diego, going to tijuana like we were going to the town next door. nobody would dream of driving over there unless we had to. can't tell you how many said i'm not letting my kids do spring break in mexico. people don't feel right about that. don't know who he's playing to. stuart: it would be good if our president came right back at the president of mexico and made a forceful statement about iran. the you again soon. donald trump and governor desantis focusing on one key issue but the big one.
10:56 am
lauren: they are using the playbook of governor glenn youngercan in virginia. youngcan wanted parents to have more power. trump and desantis taking that further. desantis has made it a culture war banning universities from expanding school vouchers or placing school boards with conservative groups, could go on and on. trump keeping transgender athletes from competing in girls sports, they are both honing in on the quality of education and puts being taught in schools. stuart: you need some honing in. lauren: they are continuing as a platform for republicans. blue and governor of alaska mike dunleavy, brian bremberg, some are demanding they fire the woke conservative dean, the judge was invited to speak at
10:57 am
the law school but couldn't get a word in edge wise because shouted down by protesters. another elite university shutting down free-speech, that's "my take" next. ♪ ♪
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