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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 20, 2023 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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-- lay next to me, sleep in my bed or play with my kids. the rule of thumb, you spend whatever you want if you legally earn your money on your dog, make sure your kid's college fund is paid off, cover the basics before you tend. >> m that much on a dog house. dagen: that is skippy. sean: a lot -- he didn't have a life jacket on. dagen: shane grooms skippy himself, for saving money, i groom charlie, because charlie bites. >> we can tell. dagen: that is why charlie's hair look like, that dale does not need grooming but he needs 2500 in teeth work. sean: my six-year-old son at 6 in the morning said why do bulldogs drool. dagen: kennedy knows. kennedy: because the world is delicious. all they think about is food. dagen: i love you so much. kennedy: let's go rangers.
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i >> i wasn't invited. kennedy: dagen and i sat behind the goal, we saw 6 goals in first period in last night's ranger game. legal expert calls it unprecedented tomorrow potential indictment and arrest of former president trump. his supporters say this is mother of all witch-hunts, his critics say about time, would trump a arrest kill his presidential plans or make them more popular, grand jury case here in new york city. it has nothing to do with january 6 or mar-a-lago documents but all about alleged hush money payment to porn star, sex i stormy daniels. 130 thousand dollar payment to have been made up to cover trump's affair with stormy, prior to the 2020
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presidential election. at the center of it all, new york controversial district attorney alvin bragg. republican lawmakers say that case is a gross overreach, but alvin bragg said he will not give in. regardless, trump's attorney said that case is a joke. >> anyone else were in that situation, with the set of facts, would they be prosecuted, the answer, mark is 100% no. this is a politically motivated prosecution. this is the thing that is happening in this country now where we use the justice system as a w weapon, to get a political component. kennedy: that is not good, ven trump's potential 2024 running rival ron desantis said the case smells fishy. >> i don't know what goes into paying hush money to a porn star, i can speak to, if you have a prosecutor who is ignoring crimes happening
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every single day, in his jurisdiction and he goes back many years ago that is an example of pursues a political aje agenda and weaponizing the office. kennedy: condon -- donald trump has not commented at all, i'm kidding, he said quote:: >> that was nice. about an hour ago we learned e lesh learned that
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law enforcement is expecting a d indictment next week work have alexander wilkes, juan williams and chair of you are the power. net. high 5 him. his name is spike cohen. welcome. i will start with you a alexander, does the d.a. have a strong case. >> no, i think the most avowed trump haters have to admit this is a dog of a case, trying to awkwardy pair the misdemeanor falsifying business records with a felony of federal election campaign violation it is not really clear from the facts that are presented whether or not the alleged crimes fall within the statute of limitations, you had a u.s. attorney, that declined to prosecute this.
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and you have alvin bragg, this is because of the activist in his office, who have been clamoring for him to to something about this. since day one, they have cobbled together this charge. and i think it is incredibly weak. kennedy: it is also problematic because it could -- if they don't succeed here, let's say this about bragg's office right now, you know. he has not met a felony he would not love to downgrade to a misdemeanor, but here, he is trying to make a misdemeanor upgraded to a felony, like the fbi raid, trump outside of this case could be in a a lot of legal deep yogurt, that is not that, that. >> a lot. even for me. i think it is you know, a risk.
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i don't know. the bottom line in my mind is and i think alexander said this, we don't know what alvin bragg has, he does not have a great record. as you said, he is always trying to downgrade something and initially did note want to bring this case, one of his employees one of prosecutors wrote a book condemning him for not bringing the charges, now, here he is bringing charges and i got to expect maybe he found something else or something to add to the case. you know to me, the bottom line is no bea body is above the law, just because you are a former president does not mean you should face consequences when you do something illegal, you can imagine republican reaction from barack obama had paid off a porn star. oh, my gosh. kennedy: that might have more affect to it. he has a pretty clean record
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that one. >> that is what i'm saying. >> but president 45, he has some iffy avenue, i don't think this is the worse one, i think if you are trying to bring him down, you better have a tighter case. and in new york city, can you please go after the people who are violent criminals, the repeat, offenders who are committing 80% of the violent crimes in this city, so women don't feel good walking alone at night even some of the big strapping hunky men also feeling unsafe. i will say something to juano point, there are a lot of politicians, that i would like to see at the gray bar hotel, you? >> most of them, yeah. that is what frustrates me about this. i want to say, i have watched politics long enough to have it is all over for
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trump fatigue syndrome, he is starting to feel like inspector gadget, i don't think they will ever get him next time. i will say, if they really wanted to try him for a crime, why not for crimes that actually caused harm to people. why not go after him for propagates lie of two weeks to slow the spread we had three year abanniversary was and empowered dr. fauci and cdc to work with governors in re almost all 50 states to make it a crime for us to go outside, go to church orel h or, go to work. and corporate welfare that was given out by tril trillions. if they went after him for something like that we would get support, but. they would have to go after almost every other person to capitol hill too. and american people would win for a change.
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kennedy: i would like to see it, i think said last week covid will be his achille's heel, panel we have so month monday plans for you. >> up next president biden may soon have some legal problems of his own, hear what he said about all of the money biden family allegedly made in china, but first up it has been 20 years since start of the iraq war, it was worth it? i break it down in my memo. ♪ ♪ she's lump, she's in my head ♪ ♪ gan advisor to create your personalized plan. let's find the right investments for your goals. okay, great. j.p. morgan wealth management. nicorette knows quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like... just stop. go for a run. go for ten runs. run a marathon. instead, start small with nicorette, which will lead to something big.
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with no line activation fees or term contracts. saving you up to 60% a year. and it's only available to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. kennedy: you want to hear something, 20 years ago today the war in iraq began. has it ended? hupp r >> along with 4 thousand contractors 33 thousand wounded. a roughly 300 thousand who returned from service with ptsd, the pain is very much on going, 25 service members linger in iraq to keep an eye on iran, does their present function as a deterrent or magnet that might harm or kill our troops and their civilians,
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the outdated aumf, one from 2002, the other 1991. when war warrants was kromple. >> for the last two decades. finally there is some consensus in congress to senators todd young and tim tim kaine, have timed up about their bipartisan lemm legislation. our failures in iraq, afghanistan and syria should given pause, those in power when we contemplate providing military support or troops for any level of conflict in any region, our baseline reaction to be a shall to anyone making acasions case for, what what is the objective, what does victory look like,
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any nonanswer negates the conflict it does not make americans safer or guarantee our freedom. it just sucks valuable lives and treasuriure, that are not disposable chew toys. looking at you bushes, or. warwaky pursuits, wink, wink lindsey graham. there is nothing that justifies death and suffering in the maim name of force, i don't care in a sound like a damn hippie. to question future conflict to avoid another iraq is the only moral action that is is the memo. kennedy: let's take a trip back to 2003. hours afte after "shock and awe" flattened. >> my fellow citizens, at this hour, american and coalition forces are in early stages of military
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operations. to disarm iraq to free its people. and to defend the world from grave danger. kennedy: so much of that based on lies. we all know how it turns out, what have we learned from the carnage. joining me, the professor of military history, at san diego state university, go aztecs, gregory is here. did i say -- >> that is right, dadis. kennedy: the night is young. let's discuss this, how do you some people you who know served feel about the conflicts? do they feel justified or you were taken advantage of by leadership? >> no, i think a lot of what you said in the memo rings true for a lot of veterans. in large part, it is because far too many americans don't answer a very basic question
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that we should be debating, what is your relationship with war, we have so many saw. assumptions, we have a fight in war, that is not supported by an objective take of history. if you look at american experience in vietnam or iraq and afghanistan, this soasouth-- secular faith we have in war sis unfoundd. we're not ready as americans to really have a discussion about what is our relationship with war, we place so many saw. saw. assumptions in what war can give to us, we have to expand that beyond anniversaries. >> i was at wounded warriors project event that was honoring some warriors, i was heart broken, like you,
7:18 pm
these were brave people who signed up to protect and maintain freedom, they believed what those in power were telling them, their lives men so little to them, they were those who were lucking to return home. >> we have to have a broader view of what it means to be americans, to be america. does that mean that we have better military readiness? does that mean we should be giving you know. all sorts of material aid to countries like ukraine? when we have no idea what the outcome is, or timeline? >> i think means we needing to more circumspect how and when we use military force overseas, part of the problem is we americans have not debated, that we leave it to the executive branch for decades now to make a decision on how and when we did to war on our behalf, i
7:19 pm
like it tell my students, strategy and going to war, the objective is to achieve a better state of peace, i wonder sometimes when you look at iraq, afghanistan and vietnam, we have not left behind a better state of peace, when you ask these questions about was war worth it, was the military, fort worth it? it has to be answering the question not just through american eyes but the local peoples we have impacted far more than we have here in america. kennedy: and longer, we don't talk about civilian casualties in place like vietnam and iraq and afghanistan. people who have been displaced there they are lucky to have you as history professor at san diego state, good luck in tournament. i hope ucla conor call. >> go aztecs. >> thank you. >> thank you. kennedy: the war in ukraine, could take a high stakes
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turn, chinese president xi jinping meeting with vladimir putin calling each otdear friends, that is so sweet, they should get matching, shirts. john kirby said that u.s. believes that china could give the go ahead on lethal aid to putin, and weighed in on how zhu xi jinping and vladimir putin view biden. >> do you think they fear president biden. >> i would have to ask them whether in a fir fear, it is not about fear. but president biden advancing our foreign policies in the world and president biden doing to preserve our national security interests. that is what we're focused on. kennedy: how big a deal is this russia-china alliance, breaking it down port man
7:21 pm
square group chair and ceo, it is mike baker, welcome back. >> easter. get your psg jag in your easter basket. hello, kennedy. >> hi, i posted a photo of us on instagram. that you and yours should like. there is a lot of talk that china has a peace proposal, they want to work to bring peace to the tro pro to region. but, peace is not the worst thing is it? >> no, it is not. a couple points, first, remember china xi who is president for life now, the chinese regime does not do anything that is not in their perceived best interest. everything that they do, you have to look at it from they see themselves, benefiting the most from whatever it is they are doe, including this
7:22 pm
alliance. it was shocking when xi chat sat down with putin they exchanged the friendship locket. kennedy: on one hand, we're worries that china will figure out a road to peace. on other hand, we're also worried about 3 ababout -- lethal aid do, they cancel each other out? >> look, we have been focused on this issue of china providing lethal aid, you could ar arg they have been indirectly providing that with their support, china has a massif economy now that demands, a huge appetite for putin's oil and gas. putin has nowhere else to sell it. that is one of the the reasons. the fact that xi is willing
7:23 pm
to show up in moscow, two and a half days, after the international criminal court, you know declares and issued an arrest warrant fowarrant -- for putin that tells you how little xi cares about the u.s. perspective about this. will they go as far as providing lethal aid? we have been dumping billions of dollars worth of hardware into this conflict which is putin's fault. but, will china do the same? one thing that xi does not want, he does not want chaos that he can't control. if he believes that something t -- may get out of his control or his party's control he may stop short of that. kennedy: already chaotic. and russia has already
7:24 pm
suffered far more losses than they ever thought they would, not just personnel but in their hardware as well. who b knows what they would do if they were given a whole new stash, they would get high on their own supply, that is a one way ticket to chaosville. and xi is like, ud, you are so annoying. >> putin, believes, i suspect, that war of attrition benefits russia. getting that additional hardware, yes that benefits him, he could carry this on longer. he also if there is any pragmatic element left to putin's mind set, he needs an exit ramp. kennedy: that is the thing, china is only entity that could provide that. >> right. kennedy: i know they suck, but it might be the best thing, we'll see, we'll have many more conversations,
7:25 pm
because you are mike baker. >> you are right, thank you,. kennedy: coming up president biden deny anything ties to his family shady business deals with china. diachina. come on, man. >> who you'll air force release private records of multiple individuals seeking office as republicans? well utah congressman chris stewart here to discuss the house investigation, in moments. dad, we got this. we got this. we got this. we got this. we got this. yay! we got this. we got this! life is for living. we got this! let's partner for all of it. edward jones trying to control my asthma felt anything but normal.
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7:30 pm
associates? >> family dealings? >> hunter biden business associates sent over a million to 3 of your family members. >> that is not true. kennedy: that's not true. it is true. hunter biden's l legal team confirmed it, writing quote: >> privately owned, that is fun. like any energy is privately owned in china. and continues: >> that is that we're calling it s seed funds, what else does the president know? participant sell back. alexander wilkes, juan
7:31 pm
williams and spike cohen, spike. say what you want about house now controlled by g.o.p., but, they got the receipts. >> it's incredible, my favorite part is joe biden saying, no this is not true, this is a lie. and i hunter biden's people saying it true, who do you believe joe biden or financial records? kennedy: oh, joe biden honest joe, we. >> obviously, i think that reality, they didn't give hunter this money because he is a great businessman, they wanted proximity to joe biden. and the reality is we have cronies who give millions for billions or trillions of taxpayer dollar ands political favor and we pay for that with interest.
7:32 pm
that is never changing until the government loses its ability to just create trillions of dollars out of thin air and hand them off like party favors to anyone that gives them a donation to their campaign. this is not just about cronyism for joe biden or specific party, this is about only way you get politics out of money is getting money out of politickings, or opposite. -- only way to get money out of politics to get politics out of money, we should end federal reserve get government out of banking if they need money, they need to earn it the same way the rest of us do, voluntarily, as long as they can take it from us, and make it out of thin air they could give it away. kennedy: i am impressed that spike was able to craft an end the fed argument out of the tape. >> anything. kennedy: this won't on while
7:33 pm
joe biden was president, that is a problem. >> i am still puzzled. it seems like the republicans are trying to get joe biden. they tried to get him through hunter biden, and his laptop and that stuff. and now they of on to hailey biden. who was beau biden's wife. kennedy: widow who was sphooping height which isicky. icky,. >> yes, it is all icky, it is not illegal, too common pl. niptism is not illegal. jared kushner getting that 2 billion from saudis is not illegal, just ugly. it is the same thing if what you say about the bidens, i don't know that there is proof of that, there is context missing. kennedy: do you want to find proof. are you lobbying for house
7:34 pm
g.o.p. committee. >> let them investigate it looks like, this is payback, you went after trump. now we're going after biden, we don't have much on biden we'll we'll open bank records. >> i think the whole system is wrong, i agree with spike. >> that is what spike said. >> i don't care who is engaging in it you know hunter biden was a crack addict who was disfunction, yet he could make money with the energy boards. >> i think that joe biden answered so reflectively with that lie high he still thinks it is 2020. you have the creep that the shut down the hunter biden story before the election.
7:35 pm
this is a different era. not only do house republicans have control and have the ability to get the documents to create this proveable assertion but we have now an actual campaign that will take place in 2024, regardless who the republican nominee is. kennedy: maybe president biden will be president again and give us more incoherent nonanswers, i can not wait, alex, juan and exp spike, beautifully done. >> thank you. >> take care, kennedy. kennedy: you too, thank you. >> republican candidates are being targeted their private information is being leaked, and military is letting it happen last month air force acknowledges they improperly released private records of g.o.p. candidates in 2021 in 22. the firm has reportedly received hundreds of
7:36 pm
thousands of dollar from democrats, now -- continental men jim jordan and chris stewart are investigating the air force, what el is military letting slip through their cracks, will anyoning held accountable? joining me now to discuss utah republican congressman chris stewart welcome to the evening congressman stewart. this looks bad. what you serve the county, what you tell the military should that be released politically to harm you? >> yeah. and keep in mind some of this is sensitive personal information that we keep records of. if i could just briefly mention, you see these links on my chest cho. these are my fatherra air force wings, 5 of my brothers served in military,
7:37 pm
i served in military, live the air force, but i won't defend airs force what they do something potentially criminal, it is always against republicans, the problem we see with this webbization of agencies, they never release information on democrats, they never attack democrats, we sent a letter to secretary of air force w whose was on we know leaked this information, we want to know who did it and why they did it and who knew about it. we want them to be prosecuted this is not just unethical but illegal. you can't sit on this, and say we're investigating it. we know what happened. we want to have repercussions from this we want there to be accountability. kennedy: do you believe it was people within air force who knew it was politically motivated and wanted to hurt some of the candidates or a level of incompetence and
7:38 pm
people who were seeking the information, did they lie to get those personal files, and could they be those who are held accountable? >> well, i mean incompetence is no excuse. the worst is they understand and said we'll help you, we're release this information, the best is we're not go t good at our jobs, we don't want and we don't do due process, if someone requests, some of the most sensitive information and outside group requests those, and coincident alley, republicans many who are running for office two are members of congress this would be one request you would want to understand who the people are that are asking for that. they did not do that. maybe they are really moramorable -- morab
7:39 pm
-- horrible at their jobs, this should be done now. secretary needs to answer questions about what they are doing regarding this. kennedy: people who serve honorably should not be targeted. their lives should not be upended just so people with score political points. that is so wrong. and you know there are people who were not victorious in their political pursuits, in part because of this personal in tha information that was leaked congressman thank you. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up. my next guest, now working with the pentagon to analyze the impossible physics of some ufo's, could highly intelligent aliens be living in our solar system. ave love will join me to discuss, he is back, he is next. - double check that. eh, pretty good!
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kennedy: it is time for another edition of -- c conspiracy theories, aliens may be deploying small probes that defy the laws of physics, mother ship may be in our solar system according to new study by director of pentagon office. and they got help from our favorite harvard physicist. ave lobe, are there any of these extra t terrestrial probes near earth, here he is. -- welcome back dr. lobe. kennedy: you are teaming up with the pentagon. you think that these might be self-propelled craft that fuel themselves with liquid water and star light tell me.
7:45 pm
>> there these are just possibilities we laid out. we constrained them by the known physics. we don't have evidence, as of yet for anything. but i am leading the galileo project, we assembled a set of monitoring sky with infrared optical radio and audio sensors, we're also using artificial intelligence to analyze the signals and try to figure out if we have natural objects like birds, and bugs, or human made objects like balloons, the kind that was shot down by the u.s. government. or maybe something from an world. and we're open minded we thought just about possibilities, but we have not gotten evidence as of yet. kennedy: is the earth the only liquid water containing body in our solar system? >> yes. right now, because to have
7:46 pm
liquid water, you need an atmosphere, the rocky planet like the earth, that keeps that atmosphere, and you need water to the surface. and earth is only one. but mars used to have it in first half of its life span, then it lost its atmosphere it became a very frozen desert that we see right now. it used to be just like earth. kennedy: yeah, then the partiers went away like detroit, so sad. now the whole thing is suffering from martian flight. where do you go next? when do you identify things that might scare us awake at night? >> well, we are starting to look at the sky 24/7 from one location, we're building a copy of the observatory in another location, hopefully by summer then we'll make more copies and look in the sky, we should say, there
7:47 pm
are objects that came from outside of solar system coming close to earth but not into the atmosphere, they are interstellar objects, two of them collided with earth over the past decade. they are called up s interstellar meteors, we'll visit the site where the first one was spotted by u.s. government censors in 2014, above the pacific ocean we'll look for any remnants and analyze the compensation, we know from the way it exploded its material strength was tougher than iro iron, than all other space rocks. the question is, is it a spacecraft made of an artificial alloy we'll find out. kennedy: i hope because you
7:48 pm
are there and you are a truth teller, i hope you can convince some of the people who like to lock if up at pentagon to release file, dr. thank you so much. >> go the to speak with you. >> he is the guy, topical storm is next. with a special st. patrick's day -- walking stay with me. i'm bill lockwood, current caretaker and owner. when covid hit, we had some challenges like a lot of businesses did. i heard about the payroll tax refund, it allowed us to keep the amount of people that we needed and the people that have been here taking care of us. see if your business may qualify. go to
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kennedy: scientist created a robot that can print material in your body, but still less painful than going to fedex. topic one. we begin with new images of star on the brink of self destruction. not machine gun kelly, but wr124 star go to go super nova. that is such a sagittarius thing to, to. you know what i'm talking about. captured by james webb telescope. with the most. >>, located 15 thousand light years from earth,ic . according to nasa, star is
7:53 pm
30 times size of our sun and 330 thousand times size of our planet, or goodness gracious, great balls of fire. cloud around it is filled with stardust with giant amounts of his gas ejected every second, it may be in deep space but it stell smells like new jersey. topic 2, mug shot monday, a man who hit the wall harder than david hasselhoff. trey devore act was arrested in or north carolina after aloged allegedry crashing his car through the airport window, good job, buddy. witnesses say it was most exciting airport episode. since ross tried to stop rapaich rachel
7:54 pm
from going to paris. no one of injured. but trey was charged. you know how airports are. topic three. i spent st. patrick's day surrounded by drunks, not the staff of this show, friday, i went walks through streets of midtown manhattan. with irish luck, i got to march in the parade. for real. ♪ ♪ we're in midtown, manhattan, a half block away from st. patrick's day parade there are a lot of drunks let's go talk to them. ♪ ♪ let's go. oh, my god. >> what are we doe on
7:55 pm
celebrate. >> drinking. >> thought out to my irish people, have a great day. >> i'm sure i are am age, probably 25. >> your advice for young people who are planning to stranging too much. >> you will sink sing and dance, say stuff that does not make sense. kennedy: that is my job. >> great facial hair. >> thank you. >> all right, silver star lights, what to you have, 5, 6. >> here we go, silver star lights they are the best, they are winner st. patrick's day, they are twirling their thing dings in every way. i'm in the parade. this is a treatment come true. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ are you having the best time? >> yes, i am.
7:56 pm
>> there it is, yes, we. i love it, so much. >> i haven't started drinking. we love having everyone here. ♪ ♪ >> we go again beer i love it, hopefully i'll see you next year. let's go rangers. i'll be back with mouth trumpet monday, requests on twitter, bye. so, if you're off the racking... ...or crab cracking, you're cashbacking. cashback on flapjacks, baby backs, or tacos at the taco shack. nah, i'm working on my six pack. switch to a king suite- or book a silent retreat. silent retreat? hold up - yeeerp? i can't talk right now, i'm at a silent retreat. cashback on everything you buy with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. with a majority of my patience with sensitivity,
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plan ♪ ♪ >> yeah, it is mouth trumpet monday, use hash tag on twitter. here we go. ♪ ♪ kennedy: that's right, thank you for watching the best hour of your day, you can follow me on twitter, instagram, and face the nation. tomorrow night, on the show, olivia rondo, dr. drew and marianne williamson there will be an i an invention, make every day a kenneday, love you, good night. (limestone exploding) - and just like that, (upbeat rock music begins) another perfectly good camera makes the ultimate sacrifice


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