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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 23, 2023 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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stuart: how come lauren is taking the music we play at the top, she's an elvis fan and we get an elvis song just about every day. your father's generation. good morning, everyone, 10:00 eastern, straight to the money, why not. a bounce back from yesterday's
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a big selloff but not a full bounce back, the dow was down 500, it is backup 233, the nasdaq is doing very well, it is better than one. 5%, the 10 year treasury yield is moving backup closer to 3. 5%, the price of oil around $69, $70 a barrel. i thought gasoline would get much cheaper and it didn't, still at 343, national average. as for bitcoin, trouble in the crypto market with bitcoin holding at $27,460 per coin, but little today, we just got the latest read for realtors, new-home sales, how many, what's the number? lauren: 640,000 new homes sold on a seasonally adjusted annual rate through february. january was revised down to
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633,000, shifts, but we can' t or loss from the month before, median price is $438,000 and change. stuart: that's new homes? median is 428,000. cantor member what it was for existing home sales. lauren: the price went down for the first time in a decade. stuart: i see no impact from this new-home sales number on the market, still up significantly across the board. here's the markets, there's housing, now this. florida governor desantis sat down for an interview with pierce morgan, you can see it now on fox nation. what made news was what he said about donald trump, he was sharp edged but not nasty. he questioned trump's character and suggested he didn't want to see chaos in the white house again. fairly mild and delivered with
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a smile, that drew a response from trump in a lengthy statement calling him ron d sanctimonious, someone who didn't do well and is running a failing campaign, pretty mild for trump. looks like a rewind of 2016 with a host of candidates lining up for the debates. he won't be pretty but he will be entertaining and it will be informative, not just trump versus everyone else but insight into the policies of a future republican administration, china, education, regulation, that's what they will bring to the table and the republican side of things, the democrats are on hold, the president says he is running for a second term, a great deal of skepticism whether he can actually do it and vice president harris's situation is unclear. if they run they will be defending their current policies, that won't be easy. of another team has to move in
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they will have limited time to abandon biden's failures and stake out new policies of their own. four months from now, the first republic and debates, one year from now the first primaries, 593 days to the election. it is warming up and i love it. how about you. let us know, e-mail us email us, do you like what is going on? second hour of varney is just getting started. here is what governor desantis said about donald trump's recent attacks. >> people have been skating, said your house trained donald, diet coke to his full coke, you've heard all the stuff. what are the differences between you? >> a few things. the approach to covid was
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different. i would have fired somebody like fauci. i think in terms of my approach to leadership. i get personnel in the government who have the agenda of the people, and share our agenda. you bring your own agenda in your gone, the way we are on the government is no daily drama, focus on the big picture and put points on the board. stuart: ronna mcdaniel returns, a welcome return, great to see you again. you running the republican party, how you manage this clash between trump and desantis? >> i would be lying if i said i can manage this. there's going to be sharp elbows, there will be a heated primary process but i will say we have to keep our eyes on the prize, remember 70,000 people died of overdoses, the borders open, crime is up, energy is upcoming inflation is killing middle income families and this
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is coming under the biden administration. we can have a heated primary but at the end of the day we have to come together if we are going to beat biden and that is where i will be, focusing on the end game which is winning the white house. stuart: here is my question. are you sticking with your pledge that all people have to support the eventual nominee? got to support the winner, you sticking with that? >> yes. we have 2 -- if i said i wouldn't support the nominee on the rnc debate stage whoever gets the nomination i would be kicked out. i would be removed. the republican national committee debate stage who is saying i might support joe biden or not going to support who the voters choose, not the rnc -- stuart: has trump signed a. -- >> delegates choose -- i will get behind because what biden is doing to this country is catastrophic and need republican policies in the white house.
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we want has trump signed the pledge that he will support the nominee if it is not him? >> he signed the pledge in 2016, he said he would sign it because he believes the nominee is going to be him. they should all take that, i will sign the pledge. at the end of the day we need to come together and part of the reason we are doing this is we lost races in 2022 because of republicans refusing to support other republicans and look where a countries, too much at stake to allow democrats to control the white house another four years. come together, the rnc is setting the stage early we want everyone to support the nominee. with one how are you going to handle trump's upcoming legal troubles? >> what is happening in new york is egregious. crime is up 22% under bragg. i was looking at an article on a man he let off who raped a woman and went on to assault 5 more women.
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how about he focuses on the violent crime in new york instead of a partisan attack on a former president. we cannot continue to allow democrats to use their political office to go after republicans. i think the american public is sick of this, they don't think this rises to a felony which bragg is trying to do, he reduces crime on everything else, reduces charges and everything else except when it comes to republicans, except when it comes to trump, this is out of control and every republican is united against that. we won come back soon and tell us how you will handle his legal problems in georgia. out of time, see you again soon. republican senator tim scott south carolina fueling speculation about his run in 2024. what he doing now? >> going to many places that are early primary states so he is in iowa, next day new hampshire, meets with donors the next two days, south
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carolina just launched his faith in america listening good tour. he wants to know what americans want of their next leadership, potential president and $20 billion and growing. that did i say billion? million. that would be impressive. a president with $20 billion. stuart: thanks. let's get back to the market, a lot of green, from yesterday's big losses. adam johnson is with us. feds raising rates, inflation is supposed to go down in the future and it is time to purchase. >> yes, the fed is almost done and they may be done. chairman powell told us that this morning on the market -- yesterday, the market is taking him at his word and if you look at the fed funds futures that predicted the interest rates the market is saying it is a tossup whether there is another rate hike or not by june but by
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december, there is a better than 50% chance there will be at least one rate hike that has already happened so the market is telling us we are at the end of the rate hikes cycle and that is a signal for investors like me, like you, to deploy capital, to go out and purchase which is what we do when markets are down. stuart: any particular area you will be buying into? >> i like big tech, the best in green names we talk about all the time that are down so much, some have come back from the lows. mehta, facebook, was down 80 bucks, now it it is to and down 200. some of these, nvidia has doubled. i like google, amazon, look at some of the other ones. for customer relationship management, crm, i on that one. i got my subscribers to focus on palo alto software. best in breed for cybersecurity.
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away from that you need to look at bank of america, charles schwab, these names are down 35%, best in breed and there is no run on those businesses but they are down with the other banking concerns, you need to look at reits, people think i'm crazy but boston properties, the best properties in every city of the country at a 5-year low, trading at historically low valuation and re-signing leases getting occupancy above 90% so there are a lot of ways to deploy capital in names that aren't going to embarrass us. stuart: things are calming down. >> in markets as a result turning up. stuart: i would love to see that. >> you and me both. stuart: thank you, see you again soon. you are looking at the movers and you've got kb home to start with. 7%. >> they delivered more homes in the last quarter, raise their forecast saying they saw a spike in demand heading into march. all good designs, they credit
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mortgage rates stabilizing is the word they used. stuart: a good sign for the real estate market. lennar is up, they are homebuilder. moving on, i don't know this one, generation -- lauren: they make drugs, 25%. like mud dharna, up 3%, to develop things other than covid vaccines. the covid vaccine is the only commercial product mud dharna has on the market and they will use the technology behind it for other diseases. they got bit yesterday for charging too much, $130 for their covid shot when the covid pandemic emergency ends so they have other products to work on. stuart: what is with match? dating apps? >> expensive. match owns tinder -- tinder --
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>> i've never done online dating. i know you are married now but for those of us who aren't we need to be friends. stuart: tell me more. >> i may be a dinosaur. stuart: do you ever want to appear on this show again? neil: they are increasing prices and it stinks if you want to use it but is it good for shareholders? raising revenue. >> i'm done for good. stuart: doing all right. now this. can't believe it. is your refrigerator spying on you? the senate is pushing a bill that will force manufacturers to reform buyers if they are recorded by smart home appliances. suzanne was one of many sub-braves who promoted ftx, now she speaking out about the crypto company's collapse.
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we will tell you what she is going to say about it. the ceo of tiktok testifying on capitol hill, but on the charm hoping to commit lawmakers not to ban the apps in america. grady trimble has the latest from the hearing next. ♪ ♪ but the things that last a lifetime like happiness, love and confidence... you can't buy those. but you can invest in them. at t. rowe price, our strategic investing approach can help you build the future you imagine. permex petroleum is leading the charge in the prolific permian basin with an attractive portfolio of oil, natural gas, and royalty assets. with expanding drilling operations and plans to uplist to the nyse, permex petroleum is poised for growth.
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stuart: this is just coming at us, the grand jury in the case against donald trump was supposed to meet at 12:00 noon today after the cancellation yesterday. we heard the meeting has been
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again put a. maybe more trouble for alan bragg's case against donald trump. on the markets dollars up 300, nasdaq is up 200, that a modest rally after yesterday's a lot. right now the ceo of tiktok is testifying on capitol hill. grady trimble is there. you were asking him questions on the way into the hearing, did he answer? >> we tried but no, he did give us a little bit of a preview of what he will tell lawmakers when they question him in his hearing, his giving his opening statement right now. he says he's going to prioritize keeping us users safe and protecting their data. >> i will make four commitments today, we are going to prioritize safety, second, we are going to protect us data from any unwanted foreign axis. 3, commit to keep tiktok free, a free place for freedom of
10:20 am
expression without any manipulation port, we are committing to transparency and committing to third-party monitoring. >> reporter: for some lawmakers those reassurances might not matter, they question whether shou zi chew and tiktok are telling the truth. >> grave concerns the tiktok has repeatedly lied about its connection to the chinese commonest party. we need to ban tiktok but we also need out national data privacy standard to protect americans. >> reporter: as they way that potential ban, some lawmakers particularly democrats, they are keeping an open mind going into this hearing, they haven't made up their mind yet as far as an outright ban goes. we should say we are hearing from china about a possible forced sale of tiktok, may not surprise you but they are against that.
10:21 am
stuart: no surprises, thank you very much indeed. let's bring in tiffany justice, the founder of moms for liberty, and opponent of tiktok. thanks for being on the show. can you tell me, explain it to me, in what way does tiktok addicted teenagers? >> what we've seen with covert and the isolation of kids, dragging the more and more onto their phones and social media it has been very detrimental. especially for girls. we one how did they do it? >> kids start going on tiktok, looking at things. chloe call talked about how she started seeing videos about girls, girls talking about wanting good to be a boy and more and more coming into her feed where she is seeing girls going through puberty taking puberty blockers are going through transition and talking to her about it and it became more, the more she looked at it the more she saw eating disorders as well.
10:22 am
we have school districts across the country, parents suing social media and what we are seeing is addictive for the kids. stuart: if you ban tiktok, get rid of it in america, won't the kids just go to another platform? doesn't it eventually all come down to the parents? >> it does come down to the parents, watching what their children are doing online, talking to them about it. i had a parent say they wish they backed over their kid's phone. less of a reaction than they should have had. there's a lot of axis on their phones. stuart: you want an absolute across the board ban on tiktok period. >> i don't know about that. that is what legislators need to talk about. you hear shou zi chew wanting to make it safe, his own children don't use tiktok and
10:23 am
what we are hearing as american parent is the version of tiktok in china the chinese students use is different from the tiktok our kids use. in china they want to be astronauts and our kids want to be social media influencers. we want to be honest about the effect this is having on children. get them playing sports and outside off of those phones. stuart: good stuff, appreciate you being with us. i know it is short and appreciate it. supermodel gisele butchen talked about the fts collapse. what is she saying? lauren: she says she was duped, she told vanity fair she trusted ftx hype and was blindsided by the collapse. for 16 months, they filed chapter 11, she was paid with equity stake about 680,000 shares and in crypto currency.
10:24 am
stuart: she is speaking out, got that, the sec unveiled new charges against celebrities who promoted cryptos but didn't disclose the conversation. i want to know who is involved in this and do we have a settlement? lauren: we do, 6 of the 8 celebrities that were charged have settled. they include lindsay lohan, jay paul, soldier boy, the sec filed the charges in connection with their investigation into jesse's son who owns three crypto firms, the sec accuses him of telling these celebrities you don't have to disclose the fact that you're getting paid to endorse us. he is accused of manipulating trading activity. stuart: bitcoin is still at $27,000. more than 400,000 students in los angeles staying home again as school staffers strike for a third day, teachers are out to talk about that. gavin newsom, we are on it.
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yes, i love you!! please ignore that. td ameritrade. award-winning customer service that has your back. stuart: on the markets this morning i see a lot of green especially the nasdaq, will ago 260 points, nasdaq is -- dow is up 300. it was down 500 yesterday. lauren is looking at movies including snap. lauren: they putting augmented reality in shopping features so you can virtually try on shoes and sunglasses and maybe not return them and it happens to be the tiktok ceo is on capitol hill, talking of banning snap's competitor tiktok. stuart: i get it. up 7%. how about general mills?
10:30 am
>> consumer staples and investor staples, this is becoming a reliable stock, quarterly sales rose 13% from last year and they raised their guidance going forward. stuart: chewy, pet food. lauren: stronger earnings, stock is down 7%. every says they are worried about customer growth coming under pressure, they say discretionary softness and pandemic nutrition, they are worried about pet food. stuart: mixed bag of movers. grand valley state university in michigan is going to host five separate graduation celebrations based on students race, sexuality and gender identity. former michigan gubernatorial candidate julia dixon joined our program earlier and said this. role it. >> this is a ceremony, our cultural ceremony. if i get that e-mail and don't following one of those categories how my supposed to feel? i'm not one of those races have
10:31 am
not part of the lgbt community so i'm therefore not welcome at an additional celebration, why are we segregating people anyway? wanted to start that we have to have separate graduations? stuart: when did that start? rob smith joins us now. the separate graduation ceremonies, are they the wave of the future or the wave of the past? >> they are the way of the past but they are going to continue on and on. back when i finished my undergrad they did have these separated graduation ceremonies. i didn't think about it but you have to understand what is going on right now is these far left policies and ideas that are coming to these kids in the public education system particularly colleges and universities, these things will keep going, first just the black kids, than lgbt, there is asian, latino, different graduations for every different
10:32 am
affinity group you can think of in these colleges and universities, the dangerous part of this is people go on to work in companies and corporations and learn that separatism is the way, they take this woke culture to these companies, to these organizations and destroy them. stuart: tell me that woke is dying? >> yes, it is dying but it is not going to die tomorrow or next week or next year. it is going to die over the course of the next 5 to 10 years as we combated in the education system, the military and corporations which is what i'm trying to do with stop woke. if anybody wants go to and figure out how my organization is doing that i welcome you but we have to d woke corporate america. what is going on is far left policies have taken over everything going on in the
10:33 am
corporate world. stuart: you are absolutely right, take a look at this. 57% of people polled do not want public school teachers to discuss their political views in the classroom. that a large proportion, 57, not appropriate to talk politics. i don't see how you can avoid talking politics in the classroom when you teach something like civics. >> when you teach something like civics, that makes sense but what parents are talking about is they would rather their gradeschool children learn their abcs and not their blms. we are not talking about middle school and high school, sort of a little bit more mature students talking the intricacies of civics in history and politics, we are talking far left ideology being taught to grade schoolers, blm flags in kindergarten, fifth-graders having to choose their pronouns. that is what parents are
10:34 am
seeing. when you have the explosion of tiktok which shows videos from leftist teachers pushing this ideology in their classrooms i think that is when parents started waking up to what is going on. it's not about not talking politics, but not pushing a far left agenda to grade school. stuart: you are black gay man. how do you feel about separating out? >> i don't like it. in the past there were things they were trying to get towards. i think we are there and what we need to do as americans is come together and have an idea who we are as americans, not me as a black guy or gay guy, just who i am as an american who wants capitalism in this country. with one stop woke, thanks for joining us.
10:35 am
on a related note, school staff in los angeles on strike for the third day. has gavin newsom the governor set a meeting? neil: mums the word. his office to discuss the strike with karen bass who is mediating this potential agreement between the school district and the union. she's updating gavin newsom but he has no plans to insert himself. half-million kids staying home again today, it is like déjà vu, covid, kids stuck at home, the teachers and support staff not showing up but this is happening during inflation. prices are so high, los angeles is so high, the average school service employee in that district makes $25,000 a year. blue one headline in the new york times los angeles school workers are on strike, parents say they get it. >> it is hard to make ends made. lauren: they don't care about kids not learning but money.
10:36 am
>> it is a set period of time for the strike. i'm not even anybody but the strike is three days, this is day 3 and i guess the parents are so pathetic with the broader mission of people who want to get paid more money. stuart: i would like them to read and write. lauren: i would like school to be open one hundred%. we want florida's governor desantis looking to expand the parental rights in education bill. what is he doing about that? lauren: for having sexual orientation instruction. it used to be kindergarten to third grade couldn't talk about it, couldn't teach it, now grades 4 through 12. all the way up. the board of education and the state department of education will vote on it next week. it will pass. this is desantis leaning in on the culture wars as he preps for a potential presidential run. stuart: it will be an issue. now this. the faa wants airlines to step up vigilance after a series of
10:37 am
close calls on runways. republicans pushing back on biden's faa nominee, don't think he has what it takes to fix the agency. we have that story, venture capitalists and tech firms have been setting up shop in the sunshine state, but the banking crisis is trickling into south florida real estate. the full story from palm beach next. ♪ ♪ (fisher investments) in this market, you'll find fisher investments is different than other money managers.
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stuart: the bounce back holding up pretty well, dollars at 300, the nasdaq is up a strong 1.9%,
10:42 am
224 point game. and unlikely duo for you, senators rick scott and elizabeth warren teamed up on legislation which what legislation could bring them together? lauren: going after the federal reserve. they want to increase oversight of the federal reserve through an independent inspector general the doesn't report to the fed. this is the situation now. the vice chair of supervision investigating what happened at s pb. he reports to jay powell and the fed, that's a conflict of interest to many people. 's report is due on may 1st, we will know more, but got to bring in additional oversight. stuart: thanks very much. come en. lauren: they agree on something. stuart: they have a central bank, get out of the way. volatility in the markets, silicon valley spreading into real estate.
10:43 am
are you telling me, are you telling me some homeowners are reconsidering whether or not to list their property because of the banks care? ashley: not directly though it doesn't help when you talk about the stability of the economy, about mortgage rates. i'm in a one bedroom loft apartment in west palm beach on the market for $625,000. i will put in a bid for you. the number of listings are dropping even in red-hot florida. mortgage rates are up, people who want to sell their existing home and move up and expand into a bigger home, no guarantee they will get a mortgage rates they can afford so they are renovating, expanding their existing property. what does that mean for the real estate market? amanda glass is owner, broker of sandals realty group, the days of covid, all roads lead
10:44 am
to florida, you couldn't keep the house on the market for more than a day. how is it this time? >> it has gone down a bit. on other days that we would expect a bidding war within a few days. it's not happening anymore. ashley: it is a buyers market? >> it has shifted toward the buyers market. it is the sellers have to do what buyers are interested in at this point and adjust accordingly. stuart: of course many investors targeted florida buying up properties, housing get communities and renting them out. is that changing too? >> it is adjusting because they're not getting the rate of return they used to when they could invest in florida real estate. it's different now. stuart: not as easy as it once was and you've seen a lot of agents get out of the business. is that right? >> i have. i've been doing it for 19 years, did it through the short sale and foreclosure crisis and everything, back then i saw them leave and it is happening
10:45 am
again more and more. of the one thank you very much. because of all of this the rental market is up on fire. when i say on fire, prices are going up. the average in palm beach county, $2500 a month for a one bedroom one bath place may sound reasonable in manhattan but outside of manhattan it is still pretty pricey. ashley: absolutely. stuart: we will be back to you later. biden's picture in the faa facing big push back from republicans, they don't think he is qualified. lauren: for washington has no aviation experience. here's senator ted cruz. >> deeply disappointed that the biden white house decided to treat a critical safety position as a political spoil system to reward a political ally rather than to ensure an experienced safety professional
10:46 am
to keep us all safe. fill washington is objective, indisputably, unqualified to lead the faa. >> he has been ceo of denver international airport since 2,020 one, not very long. a senate committee delayed the vote on his nomination as with all these scare is on the runways, all these delays, there has been no head of the faa for one year since march 2022. they are trying to get will washington is, doesn't look like it is going to work. could be identity politics? that gives him a credential? we don't know. the faa issued a call to action bulletin. it is so bad telling the airlines they need to step up because of these close calls on the runways. everybody, pete buttigieg wants onto head the faa more than anybody else right now.
10:47 am
stuart: i think identity politics was the issue just as much as his competence and qualifications for the job. florida congressman dyer and donald's -- byron donald's lambasted karine jean-pierre, calling it a 5 alarm fire. >> he doesn't know economics because she works for a guy that ignited inflation in our economy. he did not have 6% inflation in this country for 40 years. it took president biden two months. stuart: byron donald's not keen on the democrats's spending plan. the grand jury hearing evidence of a trump hush money probe, supposed to be meeting at noon today. it has been canceled, what are the implications of that. brian is next. ♪ ♪
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10:52 am
noon today. it has been canceled, the second day and a row for cancellation. what is the significance of the second cancellation? >> good morning, the significance is we will hear whether donald trump will be indicted is now monday, that the next time the grand jury is scheduled to meet but also adds another layer of speculation, whether an indictment is going to come. sources tell fox news digital there is major dissension within manhattan district attorney alvan bragg's office, concern over the, quote, weakness of their case. this case is centered around a hush money payment to adult film actress stormy daniels that relies on credibility of star witness michael cohen, trump's personal attorney who was convicted of lying to congress. february 2018 letter brought cohen's attorney to federal election officials entertained
10:53 am
by fox news, highlights why cohen is a problematic witness, he used his own personal funds, neither the trump organization or the trump campaign reimbursed cohen, 6 month later he changed his story, served prison time for making payments to stormy daniels and says he was at the direction for the benefit of the trump campaign. district attorney bragg, he was spotted to republican house judiciary chairman jim jordan's request for bragg to handle documents to publicly testify what jordan says is a witchhunt against the former president and in this letter, he accused jordan of playing politics himself saying the letter came after donald trump created a false expectation that he would be arrested the next day and urged you to intervene.
10:54 am
bragg made clear in his letter he believes this request from jordan in the house judiciary committee is unlawful and inappropriate for both staff to meet with that. stuart: let's bring in will cane. the case is shaky and falling to pieces. he faces significant legal challenges in georgia. >> when you say he faces significant legal challenges, i will -- i don't know the culpability of the justice system. i know that walking to new york won out first, leading with your weakest foot forward. is i broke down this week for what it is worth on the will cane podcast, this is a case that is a misdemeanor and attempt to lead to a felony,
10:55 am
passing the statute of limitations and because it is week and revealed the motivation underneath that they are political, it truly is would only donald trump would be charged with and that makes it a political act on the prosecutor. the merits of the case under georgia have to see. i don't think it is in different. i think the motivations will be political as the case when it comes to the january 6th hearings, special prosecutor in washington dc. is the justice system the best way to pursue political ins. they have to come to the conclusion, the answer is no. you can't see the justice system weapon eyes as a political tool. stuart: i want to thank you for jumping in.
10:56 am
we you jumped in and i appreciate that. i know you are a lawyer. i call you a recovering lawyer but your expertise was spot on. i don't care what they say, i think you are a good man. shouldn't have done that but i do think he is all right. look at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, the dow is up 400 points, i call that solid lead from yesterday's big losses, the nasdaq 2 and one quarter%. 267 points, s&p up one. 5%, rally. just ahead, california congresswoman michele steele, deroy murdock, the extremes are getting extreme, a sign of desperation. i think we reached peak wokeism. that is next. ♪ ♪
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hi, i'm jason and i've lost 202 pounds on golo. so when i first started golo, i was expecting to lose around 40 pounds and then i just kept losing weight, and moving and moving and moving in a better direction. with golo and release, you're gonna lose the weight. >> i think there is a 75% chance that we have a recession within the next 12 the-18 months. in my mind, it's a question of when and not whether. >> if you look at the fed funds futures, the market is effectively saying it's a toss-up whether there is another rate hike or not by june. the


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