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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  March 23, 2023 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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larry: in just the last hour, janet yellen's flip flopped again in front of congress about guaranteeing uninsured deposits. i can't stand it. but anyway, no one ever flip-flops with elizabeth macdonald. that's why you have to watch the show. elizabeth you're the best, larry i don't know the flip flopping is making my head spin. it's great to have you and to see you, larry. okay, now, talk about flip-flops there's another turn in the manhattan da's case against former president trump. it goes beyond the news the grand jury is again not meeting until monday. this case is falling apart by the hour. also, well manhattan da bragg get subp
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oenaed in a house gop probe? he's fighting that probe and the media walking away after it again claimed the walls were closing in on trump. with us tonight, brian style, mike johnson, congressman brad w instrop, james freeman from the jeff sessions journal, carol roth, and the hill's john concha. more state attorney's general now blame the white house for the current bank crisis and we have a new ap poll, the president's approval rating against plunges to near-record lows with news coming in on americans still stranded in afghanistan. we have growing backlash against what dr. fauci said about the pandemic in a new pbs documentary and a new twist on the doj's probe of school board parents and domestic terrorists and e-mails surface being, hunter biden got his then-vice president father's office to stop the media from covering his influence deals.
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i'm elizabeth macdonald, the evening edit starts right now. well, thanks for joining us. let's check your money. look at that stocks ending the day in the green. now the markets are betting the fed will not raise rates again this year, and this development, it could hit the 2024 race, reports the grand jury again told to stay home today. come back monday, and in the manhattan das probe to whether indict president trump over campaign finance violation charges stemming from hush money payments, fox news bryan llenas has the updates at the live office in manhattan. brian thanks for joining us tonight. reporter: liz, good evening. look, manhattan'sda alvin bragg is pretty much made it clear tonight he does not intend to hand over documents or to testify to the republican-led
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house judiciary committee about the possible indictment of former president trump; however, he does say his office has essentially, is open to speaking to committee staff about whether or not what information could potentially be given over, but the reality is that in a letter to reporter cab committee chair jim jordan calling committee's request unconstitutional and " unlawful" incursion into new york sovereignty adding jordan's allegation into the state's investigation into trump is politically motivated is" unfounded" but not before bragg accused republicans of the same thing. "the letter only came after donald trump created a false expectation that he be arrested the next day, and his lawyers reportedly urged you to intervene." now, this all comes after jim jordan sent new letters yesterday demanding documents and congressional testimony from former special prosecutors mark pomerance who publicly resided from bragg office last
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year after removing forward with prosecuting trump over financial crimes. >> the only thing that changes between then and now is president trump announces he's running for president and most importantly, i think pomerance and dunn, these two individuals, resign, start pitching a fit and protesting and write a book and create this pressure on alvin bragg from the left, and suddenly, he decides oh, now i'm going to indict president trump. reporter: amid reporting for fox news digital there's major deception in the da's office over reported weakness in this case. the grand jury decided not to meet for a second day, liz, and the earliest they can reconvene is on monday. >> elizabeth: by the hour, bryan llenas, thanks so much for your journalism. good to have you on that story. joining us the chairman of house administration congressman style congressman, we thank you for joining us tonight. it's good to see you again. so, congressman, let's go right to it. you and chairman jim jordan of
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house judiciary, house oversight chair james comer you all sent that letter to manhattan da bragg. he says the gop is interfering in his probe and he claims that trump's lawyers got you guys to intervene. how do you respond to that? what do you say? >> i was disappointed to hear his reply. i'd like him to come forward and answer what are pretty straightforward questions. is he using federal funds intended for public safety for a partisan exercise in this investigation? is he coordinating with federal agencies including the united states department of justice? and third, is he encroaching on the federal domain of enforcing federal election laws? i think these are pretty straightforward questions that not only congress should know the answer to but the american people deserve to not answer to. >> elizabeth: so that's the standing you guys are saying for why he should be -- do you think any of the committees will subpoena him >> we're having conversations between jim jordan and james comer and myself as to what our next steps will be.
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i'd like him though to just turn the tide here and come forward and explain pretty straightforward questions with a direct federal nexus. in particular when the federal government is providing public safety grants to da's across the country including the manhattan da, mr. bragg' office, are these funds being used for the purposes that they were intended for , for public safety or for a partisan purpose? it's all the more important when we see progressive district attorneys across the country refusing to prosecute serious violent crime. >> liz: so if he doesn't decide to come forward would any of the chairman, would you or james comer or jim jordan say yes, subpoena him. >> i'm not taking anything off the table at this moment in time but we are having those conversations to determine what is the next step. >> liz: despite -- this is the story here. how critical is it to determine the genesis of this probe? you know, who was involved in resurrecting this case? because alvin bragg said i'm not
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going to do it, the federal election commission said no we're going to drop it so did you want to find out did bragg do this on his own or did anyone assert influence here? >> it's a perfect question to be asking and the reason it's so important is the situation is so unprecedented. never before have we a former president of the united states of america indictedded in particular by a partisan county- wide district attorney. this is a very serious situation i think requires us to ask the tough questions . >> liz: okay let's explain this. we'll slowly break this down. trump told fox & friends in 201y daniels did not come out of this 2016 campaign, that " they came from me." they didn't come out of his campaign, they paid for it and now the da's star witness is michael cohen, a convicted felon we're showing this letter in 2018, from michael cohen's then- lawyer to the federal election commission.
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it undercuts the manhattan da's star witness. it says cohen "uses own personal money to pay 130,000 to stormy daniels and that trump and trump potions campaign did not rein bursicon for the payment and there was no campaign donation from cohen to trump's campaign." so, this feels like this letter, if it's admitted into testimony we don't know if the grand jury has seen it, it seems like this would undercut the case dramatically. >> there's a lot of questions as it relates to the facts. i think it's all the more reason that other attorneys have looked at this case and chosen not to prosecute. we saw the united states department of justice not prosecute. we've seen the da's office previously not prosecute. it begs the question why now and what is the motivation behind this. >> liz: okay michael cohen's former legal advisor, he told the grand jury cohen is a serial liar and this hangs on a he said
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she said case and again cohen was convicted of perjury but the media has been having a field day again claiming the walls were closing in. watch this. >> this is the way the rule of law is supposed to work and that's the way it works, folks, on the right. you just will have to suck it up and get used to it. >> talking of drills i wouldn't want to be the secret service by to plan how to protect donald trump if he ends up in prison. >> donald trump doesn't save you if you break the law. if you go to jail, and there's a chance that donald trump himself may go to jail. everybody can scream. >> he manipulated everybody. we all rose to the occasion. the papers everybody went there. >> i was watching msnbc, and they were going crazy with trump potentially being arrested. >> the trump is the one who said he was going to be arrested and they all believe him. >> liz: it's free speech. they have a right to their opinions but just the read of the facts. when you see the details of this case, and how it rolled out
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and what you know about the case , was this the case to go to if you're going to get trump? >> my priority is that everyone is treated equally under the law and what the concern is is that our judicial system is allowing partisan politics to get in the way. i think it's a concern that a lot of people have with out judicial system at-large. one of the reasons we're asking these types of questions. >> liz: let's listen to michael cohen's former legal advisor robert costello talking to martha maccallum earlier today. >> i handed him for example, 321 e-mails and they put six into evidence. that's less than 2%. he also said he didn't wave the attorney-client privilege. this is the waiver of the attorney-client privilege signed by michael cohen and his then-attorney michael monacoe, and i was amazed to find out that the manhattan district attorney's office didn't know about this until i told them. how could you bw proceeding with this case when michael cohen,
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according to public reports, met with your office 20 times, and then he went to the grand jury two additional times, so on 22 occasions, he met with your office and failed to mention that he had waived the attorney- client privilege? >> liz: so much about this case. your final word, congressman? >> there's a lot of questions on this case. everybody needs to be treated equally under the law. that's why we're asking these questions. >> liz: congressman, thanks for joining us. so james freeman, of the "wall street journal." bank stocks great to see you, thanks for joining us. bank stocks have been like the wild ride. you know, let's show the president's approval ratings he's now getting 38% approval. he's below 40. he's getting 31% or thereabouts on the economy. when is the white house going to wake up, james, and realize that to get rid of inflation, you need to unleash u.s. businesses and ingenuity, get the supply chain cranking, fix those bank
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balance sheets, increase goods and services, unleash u.s. oil & gas. >> yeah, that's the answer. you keep waiting for him to get to it. it's not about trying to guarantee more institutions against failure. we know from history that doesn't work. it makes them less stable. it's about encouraging success, getting out of the way. we actually still have a pretty good tax environment in the united states, thanks to the 2017 reforms, but yeah, this be a great time. not a prediction though, but you're right on the money. pro-growth is what we need. >> liz: carol, moody's analytics, chief economist mark zandy told cbs that more fed rate hikes will cause more banks to "wobble and break" so, you know, by the way, trump, the trump economy was booming. biden inherited a booming economy. trump inherited 1.5% growth.
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now, we're trending below 3%, carol. >> yeah, we have this sort of economic circle of insanity that's going on here, liz. you have the fed who says they are trying to tighten but they are backstopping the bank system which is easing. you have a fed, again, who says they are trying to tighten but you have a government that is spending, you know, on an out of control basis that the budget that biden put forth is almost $7 trillion. everything is working in opposition and nobody really seems to care, so you have these arsonists who have burnt the house down and all they have is a bucket that they are trying to throw on and saying oh, look we're helping and everybody is working in opposition here. >> liz: yeah it's like the fed fire hose. so, you know, senator elizabeth warren, james, let's listen to what she said about fed chair jerome powell. watch this. >> what he's trying to do is get 2 million people laid off and one of the things that we need to understand.
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he wants to raise the unemployment rate by more than a point within a single 12 month period. we have done that before in this country. in fact, we have done it 12 times before, and out of all 12 times, how many times has it resulted in a recession? the answer is 12, so that's the direction he's trying to push this. that is a danger to our economy. it's why i said five years ago, i think he's a dangerous man to have in this job. liz: what do you think, james? >> she's not just the danger. she's one of the principal authors of this disaster that powell is finally trying to address. she was the biggest cheerleader and advocate for the washington spending spree. the government, the congress and the white house and the federal reserve doing the money hose as you said from covid right into the biden presidency, that's how we got inflation. that's what the fed is finally trying to fix with higher rates. the pain that consumers are
5:15 pm
feeling is inflation, and she is one of the principal authors. >> liz: and the rate hikes to battle out of control inflation is entrenched, carol. inflation is up 13.5% all-in since biden took office. again, it flipped. he's now around 1% to 2% growth, right? and like you know, 6.5% inflation this year. it was 6.5% growth and 1% to 2% inflation. carol, we really need you on this. treasury secretary yellen cannot say what level of debt to u.s. gdp is unsustainable, but she is saying more bank bail outs could be coming. watch this. >> so $51 trillion of debt up from 33 trillion doesn't bother you? >> i think the path that is set out in the president's budget is fiscally sustainable. >> okay, well, how much debt is too much? tell me that. >> well, i just gave you the
5:16 pm
metric that i think is best for assessing fiscal sustainability. >> let me ask it in simpler terms. i didn't follow you there. what debt as a percentage of our gdp is too much? >> so it depends on what interest rates are, and real interest rates have been extreme ly low. liz: does it really depend on what level of interest rates there are, carol? >> i mean, it kind of does, but it's not that she doesn't know the answer here, liz. liz: but it's just a driver of it. >> that's what i'm going to say the world bank put out a report. they pegged a level at around 77 % of public gdp. other people will tell you that it's 80% so, she knows this very well. she is just unwilling to say it outloud, because it conflicts with their agenda. liz: so now she's flip flopping back and forth, carol, on whether or not to guarantee and back stop uninsured bank deposit
5:17 pm
s, turnaround, back and forth on that. your final word on that and then we'll take it to james. >> [laughter] yeah, she's kind of like george costanza on seinfeld on opposite day. whatever she says to do you can expect the opposite so you can kind of count on going in the opposite direction of janet yellen. liz: it's like a seinfeld episode. nothings is going on in terms of fixing the economy really. james freeman, final word. >> yeah, and she doesn't know what she's doing back and forth. what's the strategy? but guaranteeing all deposits is a way to have weaker banks. we know that. liz: roll the dice and they crack open again. good to see you both thanks for joining us. we'll have you back on again soon. we have a new twist in the justice department's debunked probe of school board parents as terrorists plus congressman brad wenstrop we're excited to talk to him, with new backlash against dr. fauci and what he said about the pandemic next on the "evening edit."
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5:22 pm
to get their departure. liz: that was secretary blinken. he testified there's still 175 americans stranded behind terror lines in afghanistan. let's bring in from house intelligence congressman brad we nstrop. thanks for joining us, sir. 175 americans still there? >> yeah, well, this is a problem that we didn't necessarily anticipate. i can tell you that when it became clear that this administration was going to pull out of afghanistan, based on a date rather than on terms, we got very concerned in a bipartisan fashion several of us veteran from iraq and afghanistan put bills together that we actually got passed and signed into law to expedite the process for getting our special immigrants out. those that have helped us. never did we think that we be a country that would leave our own people behind, or our equipment you know, as a military officer, everything was done backwards there. i find this so disturbing that
5:23 pm
we still have americans there as well. i'm still bothered by not helping those that helped us as they were promised we could take to america, so at least he's telling the truth at this point, that there are people left behind, but it is really appalling and really disturbing to everyone who served in uniform especially in the theaters of iraq and afghanistan. liz: as the beginning reports came from the state department says at least 9,000 americans. chairman, there's growing geo political worries. you have been all over this , congressman. let's get to your reaction to the fireworks at the hearing today featuring tiktok ceo, the fbi repeatedly warns tiktok is used to spy on u.s. citizens including children for china. watch this. >> has bytedance spied on american citizens? >> i don't think they are spying is the right way to describe it. we rely on global interoperability and we have employees in china so yes the
5:24 pm
chinese engineers do have access to global data. congressman, i have seen no evidence that the chinese government has access to the data. they have never asked us. we have not provided. >> but you know what? i find that actually preposterous. liz: what are your thoughts, congressman? >> well first of all, china and russia and a couple others are always interested in any data concerning u.s. and u.s. citizens, so he may not have seen it. he may not know. maybe they are just keeping it, but listen this is what they do and this is what they do well and in my opinion right now , if tiktok is it's another way to gather information about americans, u.s. citizens, our way of life and also it's a great tool. look, remember tokyo rose from world war ii. it's a great tool for them to try and influence the minds of americans and i just think it's a dangerous thing for us to tolerate at this point when our adversary has such access to the american population and look, i'm going to tell you one other
5:25 pm
thing. in the last week we discovered that there are two fake tiktok accounts with my face and my image and my information and i don't have a tiktok account. liz: that's dangerous. >> there's a lot of nefarious behavior taking place and i don't think we need it. liz: let's get your reaction to dr. fauci. critics are saying in this new p bs documentary he's laughing off the covid leak theory and the fbi and the energy department says it did likely leak with moderate to low confidence there. watch this. >> rand paul was in insidiously throwing into his little questions that the work that was done in the wuhan lab funded by a small grant from nih, a strong implication that that created a virus that made covid. there is a number of experiments
5:26 pm
that need to be done on viruses. how are you going to know whether or not they are capable of infecting humans unless you examine them, which means doing something under certain circumstances that make a pathogen more transmissible or more pathogenic, which some people refer to as "gain of function." >> we're going to have another pandemic and i think it's going to be the great pandemic but it's much more probable that it will happen because a gain of function research in a laboratory escape and then we'll have a pandemic, which will be much more brutal to the world than covid was. liz: congressman, in this documentary you could see dr. fauci rolling his eyes at the term "gain of function alternative when he has given lectures about the need for gain of function. he's written about gain of function saying it's necessary. what he said in that documentary was terrifying. we need to increase the infectiousness of diseases. do you really need to do that and by the way the cbs is
5:27 pm
already reporting that the wuhan lab and chinese labs were double billing by "tens of millions of dollars" u.s. nih and their units, for research on things like covid viruses. >> well, and those are all the things we're looking into on the select sub-committee on the pandemic, and so you'll hear more throughout the next year and a half, but you know, i will say this too. when someone whose supposed to be a professional starts calling people names and using adjective s and laughing, to me, i only have an undergraduate degree in psychology but to me it's a sign of some type of nervousness that we're seeing from him but look in 2012 in an interview he was very candid. he's all for this type of research, whether you call it gain of function, he was all-in and even asked at that time, aren't you worried about it getting out of the lab creating a pandemic and he said oh, i think the odds of that are low, and the benefits out weigh the risk. well that maybe his scientific
5:28 pm
opinion, okay, but it is a concern, and look at what happened. some of the things that we already know, that in the fall of 2019, you know, they had a couple of researchers get sick. they changed their ventilation system on their labs. they destroyed the sequences of the viruses that they have there , and they changed from civilian control to military control. i'm sorry. those things just don't add up if we're talking about something that occurred in nature. i'm willing to explore that, but we haven't seen anything except innuendo that maybe the lab or the wet market was the first superspreader. liz: congressman, you're terrific thanks for joining us. we appreciate you. new details on how then-vice president biden's office was pressured by hunter biden and his team to get the media to stop coverage of hunter biden's influence pedaling and deal making and congressman mike johnson on the new twist on the doj's debunked probe of school board parents as domestic
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if you wake up thinking about the market and want to make the right moves fast... get decision tech. for insights on when to buy and sell. and proactive alerts on market events. that's decision tech. only from fidelity. liz: okay, the big debate in the house over new legislation to give parents more of a say over what goes on at schools. this after a new house report quoted u.s. attorneys saying the justice department improperly investigated school board parents as domestic terrorists. fox news senior congressional correspondent chad pergram has been all over this story. he's now live on capitol hill with the latest. it's good to see you, chad. reporter: likewise, liz. before the mid-terms, house republicans pledged to give parents more control over their child's education. gop members say parents have the right to know what's going on at school. >> after covid, the vail has been lifted on a corrupted
5:34 pm
education system that was for too long, with racial division and hatred. parents are now awakened. reporter: the bill requires schools to tell parents what books are available in the school library. gop members highlighted books with gay, lesbian and sexual themes, but democrats say republicans went after other subjects as well. >> i have a few books that republicans want to be in. there's too many to go through now but let me recite a few. the life of rosa parks. you know, who was sojourner truth? the biography of nelson mandello , and the story of harvey milk. reporter: democrats say it wasn't that long ago that republicans wanted washington out of education. the gop once said education was a local responsibility. instead democrats say the bill converts congress into a national school board. the bill says participants have
5:35 pm
the right to address school board meetings. it also wants schools to consider feedback when developing lessons. the house votes on the bill tomorrow but senate majority leader chuck schumer promises to block it. liz: chad pergram always terrific to have you on thank you so much for your journalism there. let's welcome congressman mike johnson he's chair of the house judiciary subcommittee. your subcommittee also held a hearing today. it's great to have you back on, sir. so are republicans trying to ban books about rosa parks, and nelson mandella? >> it's absolute nonsense and red herring and we saw that today the subcommittee on the constitution and we had a hearing to examine and to remind the american people of what happened. it just in the last couple of years. since the biden administration took over, they weaponized the department of justice against concerned parents who showed up at school board meetings to protest things like mask mandates and school closure s and some of the crazy curriculum ideas. now, that was the subject of the
5:36 pm
hearing today so the democrats talked about censorship, they made these things up just to try to change the subject. it didn't work. i think millions and millions of american parents are deeply concerned because their fundamental rights to bring up their children and make these education decisions are being threatened by bureaucrats and these federal agencies designed to protect them have been weaponized. liz: so this house interim report, i want to get to this. i think you're a part of this. it finds that u.s. attorneys and lawmakers across the nation found no basis to probe school board parents as domestic terrorists that there was no evidence of that. there were no arrests made. the u.s. attorney said this was a manufactured crisis, but this is a twist people didn't know about. the report says the white house did this , the doj along with and got the fbi to probe school board parents as terrorists, because terry terry mcauliffe was at the time in 2021 losing his race for governor of virginia and basically told parents to put out of schools as glenn youngkin in virginia
5:37 pm
was hammering away at toxic politicized public schools. is that true? is that really, is that twist really true? >> that is absolutely what the documents that we subpoenaed and gathered so far indicate. the timing of this was very suspect. the national school board association sent a letter to the white house. they colluded with the biden administration to get the department of justice to issue this memo that basically equated parents, not basically, it did, with domestic terrorists and the fbi created a threat tag edu officials and they used that to begin investigations on parents showing up at school board meetings. the timing, liz, is very suspect because what we realized in our investigation is that this coincided directly with that contested gubernatorial race in virginia that glenn youngkin ultimately won. education was the big issue and if everybody remembers at the time that was dominating the headlines everywhere, so they weaponized the department of justice to engage in this and
5:38 pm
we think one of the big factors, one of the big primary reasons for that was to direct and try to change the outcome of that gubernatorial race. it didn't work. it backfired on them but the implications are huge. we're talking about the first amendment. this is really important stuff. liz: we'll stay on it, congressman johnson, thanks for joining us good to see you. >> thank you. liz: coming up, we've got from the new york post john levine, e-mails surfacing about hunter biden's and his team got his father, then the vice president, the vice president's office, to pressure the media to stop cover ing hunter biden's influence pedaling and deal making that's next on the " evening edit." ♪ just till they taste what we've got ♪ [ tires squeal, crash ] when owning a small business gets real, progressive gets you right back to living the dream. now, where were we? [ cheering ]
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5:43 pm
ingfield, in the office of then-vice president biden, to shutdown a bloomberg news story about hunter biden and his deal making after hunter biden requested? that's according to e-mails america-first legal got through its lawsuit against the national archives. this shows a pretty tight relationship between the vice president's office and hunter biden's team. >> liz, it's great to be here and absolutely. what this does is just another example tying hunter biden and joe biden ever closer together. in this case, the two sides were kind of conspiring to shutdown a bloomberg story in 2015 about hunter's work with barisma and why is joe biden even involved in an effort like that, good question. if this was a one-off maybe. no big deal, we can forget about it but it's not a one off. there's been a pattern of dishonesty and deception from president biden on this issue, going back to at least that 2015 considering the 2020 race, when the laptop first emerged. he said it was russian disinformation. joe biden's presidential campaigns currently being sued
5:44 pm
for defamation over those claims liz: how could anybody work for a boss who then gets that employee to lie for him? how can anybody live through that, and you know, how do you go through that? i mean, what was happening, john , at that time, the new york times is running an article saying, "the credibility of the vice president's anti- corruption message may have been undermined because hunter got hired to set on the ukrainian energy company when he had no energy experience " and that same day, eric shwerin was running hunter 's firm, now defunked, he says to his communication director, stop these stories. >> yeah, they just have no credibility on this issue. its been one dishonesty or falsehood after another. going back to the period that this article covers, but also, during the campaign and after the campaign and remember joe biden said he's never had any foreign business dealings? he's consistently said that with
5:45 pm
hunter biden? and we see on the hard drive one example after another of him meeting business partners on the golf course, or in china on official business. liz: we want your reaction to this too. we've got, okay, hunter biden's legal team confirming his deals in china. we have bank records out of the treasury department confirm ing biden's dealing in china. watch the white house press secretary here. >> house oversight says they've got bank records showing chinese energy company paying three biden family members through a third party. what were they paid for? >> look, i'm just not going to respond to that from here. look, we have heard from house republicans for years and years and years how the inaccuracies and lies when it comes to this issue, and i don't even know where to begin to even answer that question, because again, its been lies and lies and inaccuracy for the past couple of years and i'm just not going to get into it from here. liz: okay, if they're lies why
5:46 pm
doesn't the white house step forward and show that? >> it's hard to watch that. the truth is really you can't believe anything karine jean-pierre says on this issue. her job is to speak for president biden and president biden has been consistently dishonest on this issue, but it's going to get harder and harder to keep this charade up because these bank records are real. facts are a very stubborn thing. we know on very good authority multiple biden family members were paid over $1 million in 2017 from a chinese company and we don't know why, and your reporter peter doocy asked a very fair question, what were they paid for , and she refuses to answer, but we need to get answers, and i think ultimately the only way to get there is the relevant parties have to speak under oath to the house oversight committee or the relevant committees so we can figure out what's going on here. liz: john levine, you're great. thank you so much for joining us we've got my hot take coming up plus the hill's joe concha we're excite today have him back on. we've got more and more media and democrat myths going away collapsing in realtime about trump, inflation and pandemic
5:47 pm
and much more, but before we head to break, we want to check in with my buddies dagen and sean to see what's coming up next hour. >> great show coming up we have kash patel talking about joe biden's weakness on the world stage as russia and china become closer, and what else dagen? dagen: well biden's america is not america-first, it's america on our ass. can't even ban tiktok, chinese spyware. we have the fabulous steve forbes on janet yellen can't get her message straight. mike gallagher on his hearing tonight about weger concentration camps in china, and who else? >> the great miranda devine talking about hundred and the fbi spy all in about 13 minutes so stick around.
5:48 pm
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5:52 pm
office, the justice department may indict him, that he may be the first president in quite some time to face the real prospect of jail time. >> do you think a current president cannot be indicted and if so do you think president trump should then be susceptible to be indicted after he leaves the white house? >> he thought there was a public interest requirement to indict a sitting president he could ask for an exception. liz: what do you think? >> wow. let's go to adam schiff and my congressman bob menendez, two most dishonest people on the planet to get their perspective on whether a president is indictedded or not of course this was hope-casting. this was rooting for this to happen, and our media, liz, has completely debased themselves over the past several years especially when it comes to treating the steele dossier as gospel instead of the gossip that it was it led to an entire fbi investigation because buzzfeed decided to throw it out there without verifying one page of it and then of course alleged russia collusion between trump and the kremlin, ended up three years of donald trump's
5:53 pm
presidency from a media perspective. we are a long way from mud, liz, when trust in media was at 72% approval. could you imagine that back in 1976 and now, that number has been completely turned on its head. liz: you know, what we're seeing too, in realtime, lots of democrat myths have been collapsing. so, you know, when you look at what you're saying, border is secure, fentanyl at record historic low, afghanistan a success, the president cut the deficit, the vaccines are effective, dr. fauci co-authored a study saying there were deficiencies in them. what happens in the national conversation when initially the information is put out there , and then is it like really hard to get viewers and voters to see what's really going on? >> right, well what's the old saying? a lie can go half way around the world before the truth can get their pants on, right? that's the situation here. you throw out these allegations or these claims like the border is secure? when you see the record numbers
5:54 pm
that are coming over. 182 people, liz, from the fbi terror watch list, have now been apprehended at the u.s. southern border. those are ones we know about and you're telling me that the border is secure? and it's an insult to every parent out there that found their deads dead in their bedrooms from overdoses usually accidental overdoses of fentanyl that's pouring across our u.s. southern border and you have the white house press secretary saying that oh, no, it's being handled. it's being decreased and as such an insult and now we're seeing bias, liz, being played out in realtime. the trump indictment story yes it's a big story, but there's an equal bombshell out there you just talked to with john levine about as far as the biden bank story and members of his family receiving more than $1 million in payments on the sunday shows last week, the sunday morning political talk shows that are such a great indicator of where the medias heads at the trump indictment received 46 minutes and 46 seconds combined on abc, cbs, nbc and cnn. for contrast the biden family
5:55 pm
receiving more than $1 million from the chinese electric company where there's bank receipts to prove it, 0.0 seconds, a complete wipeout. the bias of omission. we're seeing it in realtime, liz liz: got it joe concha thanks for joining us good to have you on we'll see you again soon we hope. my hot take is coming up, don't move. we think you're going to like it . or here. or you could see, everything that could be. go. baker tilly. with a majority of my patience with sensitivity, i see irritated gums and weak enamel. sensodyne sensitivity gum & enamel relieves sensitivity, helps restore gum health, and rehardens enamel. i'm a big advocate of recommending things that i know work.
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♪. liz: okay, here's tonight's "hot take." the flaw in the democrats in this government thinking. they think the economy is a "field of dreams. that if we build it, spend your money, americans will come. that's the government's mentality. it doesn't work. the market, you, voters, consumers, americans, you dictate if something succeeds for not. democrats think it will happen by spending your money. it won't. look at being mishe bed h led by the covid vaccines. people by millions are not getting booster shots. electric cars, ford, gm, have problems with that you can't push taxpayers around. you need to have common sense and honesty. biden's approval rating nosediving in the latest ap poll. his approval on economy at 31%. white house keeps trucking along nothing is wrong. more and more narratives from the left falling apart at the seams. tune in tomorrow, congresswoman
6:00 pm
kat cammack, steve forbes, former arkansas governor asa hupp chin son. send your emails we love reading them like this one from. we really enjoy watching you with greg gutfeld. lol, gutfeld's show is a riot. i think you're funny. we try. email us at your email on the next show. thanks for watching. i'm liz macdonald. you've been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. look who is here. time for the bottom line. dagen and sean. we're seeing so many democrat narratives just blow up in real time. dagen: i like the democrat who is spouting chinese propaganda. we'll get to that coming up. liz: good to see you. sean: thanks, emac. >> i'm dagen mcdowell, i'm sean duffy


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