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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 24, 2023 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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the new chase ink business premier card is made for people like sam who make...? ...everyday products... ...designed smarter. like a smart coffee grinder - that orders fresh beans for you. oh, genius! for more breakthroughs like that... ...i need a breakthrough card... like ours! with 2.5% cash back on purchases of $5,000 or more... plus unlimited 2% cash back on all other purchases! and with greater spending potential, sam can keep making smart ideas... ...a brilliant reality! the new ink business premier card from chase for business. make more of what's yours. stuart: spice girls, 1/4 century ago or something. we are trying to get young people on the show. good morning. it is -- i heard of it.
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lauren: what group is great for young people? stuart: i have no idea. we are getting stuck. good morning, everyone, 10:00 eastern. let's get to the money, not that bad. running on the left-hand side, down 120 on the dow, it could be worse. now look at this. the yield on the 10 year treasury plummeting, now is 336. a few moments ago it was 329, that is a huge decline in yield, something you don't see very often in the bond market. put your money into treasuries, goes up and goes down. wears oil this morning, $68 a barrel, where is bitcoin? hovering around 27, 28,000, 27-9 as we speak, that's the markets this friday morning and now this.
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this is a story that just will not go away, the shout down of a federal judge at the standard & poor's law school, it is important, finally we are waking up to how far the woke mob is prepared to go to silence everybody else, to recap, the judge walked into the room, loud heckling from the students, one said hope your daughter is raped. the judge tries to speak, he shouted down, the dean of diversity takes the mic and for 6 minutes lectures the judge on the harm he is doing. the judge abandons his speech and has to be escorted out by the police which that was two weeks ago, today the diversity dean has an editorial in the wall street journal, she says, quote, she intervened so she could de-escalate the confrontation. she plaintively asks is there a way we can stop blaming and start to talk and listen to each other. coming from someone who led the mob, that is rich indeed, isn't it?
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there's an op-ed in the new york times, free-speech doesn't mean free rein to shutdown others. david french wrote it and correctly points out the mob is denying freedom to speak and denying the right of the audience to hear. that is what is required in a court of law, isn't it? elite students will one day have to practice, got to listen to both sides quietly in court, just try shouting down a federal judge, don't try that please. there's an opportunity here to enforce accountability. dean steinbeck has been placed on leave, hardly severe for what she's done to the school after beautician, students who disrupted the judge's speech have not been punished but all students have to attend a session to discuss freedom of speech and the norms of the legal profession. i would love to be a fly on that wall. i would like to think wokeism is on the decline but when the students leave college they
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will be affecting law firms and courtrooms for years to come. second hour varney is just warming up. stuart: jason chaffetz, the matter my immediate left, not politically. what do you think? has it piqued? >> we have a generational problem, we have awoke problem that has been embedded to a whole generation, this is how they've grown up. they haven't been held accountable or learned the value of work and the value of the dollar. we have the immediacy of their cell phones and everything else but i don't think it is piqued. this is standard, this person should have been fired, though students should have been disciplined if not expelled, that is not the way you act. we have a real problem. stuart: this is two weeks ago, this is a story in the news
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ever since. that's what i find promising. >> this is when you have the value of a video, a federal judge invited to speak at stanford and no respect at all and this is stanford. if you have this problem at stanford imagine how it is across the country. stuart: i will change the subject just for you. congresswoman kat cammax shows a gun loaded with a caption that says me at the house energy and commerce committee. the congas woman blasted the ceo of tiktok over that video. roll tape. >> you expect us to believe that you are capable of maintaining data security of one hundred 50 million americans when you can't protect the people in this room? you couldn't take action after 41 days when a clear threat of -- very violent threat to the chairwoman of this committee and member's of this commit he was study was posted on your platform?
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you know that you cannot protect the data and security of this committee or the 150 million users of your apps because it is an extension of the ccp. stuart: she's a republican but there was bipartisan anger at the hearing yesterday. i think it has come to this. either tiktok transfers that data to american control firmly and finally or we bow out. >> i don't think there's the option of let's halfway transferred over here. i think you have to ban it. when you have bipartisan approach to this, serious people like senator mark warner, the chairman of the senate intelligence committee, every intelligence agency is telling us are using this data and manipulating the data to spy on all americans, why do we put up with that. i don't care if it is a thousand people 150 million people, shut it down. we one hard-line, good stuff. we should mention your podcast
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which is called jason in the house, we mentioned this because for the first time ever, i did a podcast with jason. >> i learned more about you and your background, jason in the house, i had no idea about your background. it was really good. we will come back on the show, you don't have to say nice things. lauren: i have a podcast and he did your podcast. let's shake on it. >> we will check it out. stuart: thank you. >> you are a good recruiter, it was good. stuart: all right, let's move on. many parents with adult children are helping them financially. tell us all about it. lauren: parents are paying their kids bills, nobody is shocked, you will be shocked that 45% of parents are doing
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so, averaging $1042 a month. what are they paying -- >> average of 1400 a month, 45% of parents pay this? >> the kids cell phone bill. a lot of people have family plans, mortgage, what do you pay for food? >> mobile phones make sense. my daughter is going to college, i pay for gas and insurance. it gets be expensive. >> the numbers for 25 and older children that are being helped by their parents, one in the 3 are getting help and 35 and older won't. getting help from the bank of mom and dad, those are big numbers. >> i'm not that old. i've got kids -- yeah. >> at 35 you shouldn't get help from your parents. everything something. look, there's my podcast, you can find it on applepodcast, spotify. >> i will be invited on your
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show. stuart: i think we'd better go back to the markets. let's get to the markets. we are in the red again. this is not a huge selloff by any means, maybe the banking situation is easing a little, not sure about that. it is bad in europe right now. look who is here. lewis with us. >> can i get three initial guests? i've got one. stuart: of someone wants to play artificial intelligence, i'm interested in this, investing in it, how do i invest? >> absolutely not, the most popular one, everyone thinks like, if you look at this video it is only 2% exposure to artificial intelligence. of the one why has it gone up so much? >> everyone played in crypto
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because they make the processes the drive the mining computers. crypto only accounts for $100 million of their revenue, giving tens of billion dollars of revenue. artificial intelligence is not up your play, not a good way to get exposure. it is superexpensive. nvidia is trading one hundred 50 times earnings in this market, don't want to pay a buck for a fad or hype, 88%. i would go another way, i would pan xpi, semiconductor company that has exposure to all the data, you go from a i to electric vehicles to data centers to automation, you don't have to guess which one will work out. it is 15 times earnings, it is a better play in semiconductors and it is overpriced. stuart: we have the weekend coming, banking scare this friday, don't know what will happen over the weekend. very worried about money. are you?
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>> now i am, it is like 2,007-two thousand eight. blue when you think there's a parallel? >> i do because it is a crisis of confidence. what happens? someone freaks out about the banks, what is different is the movement of money is so much faster, the velocity individuals can move money into and out of the banking system did not exist in 2007-2008 which necessitates the fed and other regulators moving a lot quicker. stuart: we have been warned about monday morning. >> for the third week in a row. stuart: yes. every monday morning on this show we start like this. stuart: looking at the movers, how about disney on-screen up or down? lauren: they have a tentative deal for their service workers to raise minimum wage from $15 an hour to 18 an hour by the end of the year. b1 show me net things. that is going to $400 earlier?
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>> it was up 9% yesterday, 2.5% today. stuart: we are in that market. it's going to $400 a share. joanne stores, eye center member seeing that. >> holiday quarter, you think a lot of people do christmas crafts? huge loss, they are looking to save money, it is cheap and greater today. stuart: sorry to see that. how about apple? i hear they are going to crackdown on people who don't return to work because there's a mandate to do that. >> apple wants you in the office 3 days a week and there is a tech reporter saying they are now monitoring your bad stripes, so i can swipe out and see was so and so in the office 3 days like they had been told to, i am fine with that.
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a lot of companies do that. will there be repercussions if they find out, you didn't come in 3 days a week like you promised, is apple in a position to be firing people who can go get a job at google. stuart: how do they respond to that? stuart: the head of one of their big divisions left apple and went to google. stuart: of got a break coming up. illinois just became the third state in the country requiring employers to offer paid time off or any reason without explanation. critics say this will overburden businesses struggling to survive post pandemic. portland, oregon wants to replace the homeless who line their streets with sleeping pods. this plan will allow him to and homeless camps in public spaces.
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house minority leader hakim jeffries slammed amajay republican after the house advance there parental rights will. >> reporter: extreme amajay republicans don't want the children of america to learn about the holocaust. stuart: he says democrats are using jewish history for cheap smears. jason is coming up. ♪ ♪ but the things that last a lifetime like happiness, love and confidence... you can't buy those. but you can invest in them. at t. rowe price, our strategic investing approach can help you build the future you imagine.
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and allowing me to focus on losing weight. for anyone struggling with weight and stress-related weight gain, i recommend golo to you. this is a real thing. this is not a hoax. you follow the plan, you'll lose weight. stuart: illinois, the third
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state to offer paid leave to employees without explanation. lauren: full documentation. blue when you were on the streets of new york and asked people what you think of this, what did they say? lauren: wildly popular. if you got an extra week off from work what would you do? >> sleep. probably. it would be amazing. as a mom of two. >> 1-week i am off, next week she is off, definitely help. lauren: it is rare to require paid vacation. maine and nevada have similar laws, 14 states and washington dc require paid sick leave but in january, illinois will mandate companies of all sizes to give workers a paid week half a year, no questions asked, no documents required. >> it is a game changer for
10:20 am
working moms. 40% of working parents are moms who are sole breadwinners, they need these policies. we also know that one of four parents were fired because of childcare disruptions. stuart: illinois's 1-size-fits-all approach is not popular with small businesses, they are struggling with high prices and worker shortages. stuart: all companies. has to be a case-by-case basis. >> i don't see a problem. >> would you see a problem for your company? >> i don't like that idea. >> people understand we might get a cultural shift but shouldn't be a mandate. people do need help. 40% of parents go into debt because of childcare and pre-k. stuart: does that mean you just tell your employer i'm not coming in today? lauren: in illinois yes. starting in january. stuart: the president of the united states running on the platform.
10:21 am
we've got this. portland wants to replace those tends at its homeless camps. they want 6 camps with sleeping pods instead. the mayor's ted wheeler, it would allow him to audibly ban homeless camps in public spaces. jason rantz, it is an attempt at a solution. nobody else has a solution. what do you say? >> they are solutions but they are not interested. think of it in this case, a bunch of people who are very poor, living outside, dealing with mental illness and drug addiction. you're putting them in these communities. portland is creating slums. that is what we would to be doing because there is no guarantee that anyone has any treatment for the underlying cause of their homelessness. none of these people were born homeless. they became it. unless you're willing to put funding into treatment for the
10:22 am
health conditions or drug addiction, you are only going to create, giving them a community in which they are never going to leave. we have a bigger problem. a moral obligation to get them the help they need. we when i will move on to a subject you are hot on, house republicans on the parental rights bill that gives parents more access to the child's education. minority leader hakim jeffries doesn't like it. >> extreme amajay republicans don't want the children's of america to learn about the holocaust. extreme amajay republicans don't want your child to learn about the lgbt q plus experience in america. that is not a decision extreme amajay republicans in congress should make, the parents of america. should be able to make that determination. stuart: you heard that, you saw it.
10:23 am
what do you think? >> first of all the party that harbors purulent anti-semites should not claim to stand for holocaust education, they should have conversations with rashida tlaib, elana omar, have a conversation with them and teach them about the holocaust and we can have a conversation. the ironic part of this movement is that they are turning a parental consent bill into a lie about what is being taught in schools, that we are banning history. that's not part of this conversation at all. when you put in front of the american people, whether talking floridians or otherwise, the actual basic point of the legislation, not teaching kids there are 17,000 genders, not telling them 9-year-old that they can change genders, when you start having those conversations parents overwhelmingly side with the legislation. that's what this is about. the other aspect of this bill
10:24 am
is telling the parents what the curriculum is. why do democrats not want the curriculum known? stuart: thank you very much indeed. jason chaffetz. any comment? >> jason rantz is right. i don't think there should be a federal department of education, they should get out of the business, leave it to the states, let them, parents be engaged with local administrators, local state legislature. when you start manipulating it i don't like it. this bill is a positive because it does make sure certain parameters are put in place where parents are more in control. we when i want to know what is in the curriculum, what are you teaching my kids? i want to know. a new study found people who got covid before they got vaccinated damaged their immune system. is this why everyone keeps getting sick? a whopping 42% of americans are living with obesity, so we are
10:25 am
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stuart: stilson reading, not that much, dollars down 150, nasdaq down 50, lauren is looking at the movers. ai has got to be up. lauren: the only backing to that genocide from it being in the artificial intelligence phase is they liked what they saw and raised their price target to 28. stuart: how about boeing? lauren: they are down today, dollars we, the pentagon scrutinizing why some of their employees worked without proper security credentials. stuart: active supervision blizzard a new high today. lauren: highest since july 2,020,021, microsoft is moving closer to winning approval for their deal to buy active supervision blizzard for $75 billion in the uk. that the positive.
10:30 am
stuart: opossum tour taking over full time. a huge number, 42% of us are living with obesity. states like west virginia, mississippi, seeing numbers even higher than that. is that a little high? 42% of us are obese? >> i think it is a guideline. we shouldn't say that the be-all and end all. it's just a number. what kind of shape are you in? what kind of help are you when? what your blood pressure? how much of that is muscle versus fat? those are key issues but it points that coming out of a pandemic too many people were sedentary and didn't exercise and there was a lot of concreting going on so we have a problem. stuart: i have a problem with the measurements. i've gotta biomass index of 26.
10:31 am
i am told that makes me overweight. 171 pounds, are you kidding me? >> i've seen you close up and i think you are in good shape. i would say you are a poster person, your health is excellent and this is the point, we are obsessing on a number and on the show, we talked about the run because of the obsession with self-image and body image, a huge problem and glad we are showing the other side of it today. it's about health, not a number. those numbers are very strict, no question about it. you are healthy, i'm not worried. stuart: but i'm overweight. >> you are not, you are great. stuart: i will lose some more weight and satisfy everybody. this is important. 68 people in america are
10:32 am
infected by contaminated eyedrops, three have died, four others needed their eyeballs removed. what we know about this? >> these drops were recalled by fda or last month and this is concerning. for very specific reason. this is artificial 2 years. a lot of people need them. if your eyes are drive for whatever reason this turned out to be true in healthcare facilities, this was over-the-counter. anybody can purchase these drops. the problem is they are preservative free. if preservative free, bacteria could come in and here's another part of the problem. there are resistant bacteria. it's resistant almost all antibiotics, that's another problem we are seeing. antibiotic resistance, not enough antibiotics around and i think you need those preservatives for this exact reason. i don't want to diss these companies on the air but
10:33 am
preservative free means any manufacturing process can introduce bacteria. stuart: looking for teardrops, i should look not for the bacteria but preservatives, you said? >> that's my personal recommendation but fda is saying you get these in line and they recall these products but the problem is they didn't recall, some are on the market and as you said it cost some people their lives and some people their eyeballs, this is a huge issue. stuart: it sure stuart: insurers. another study out says people who contracted covid before they got the job damaged a key part of their immune cell response. interpret that, put it in english. >> let's start with the word natural killer cells, the best and most powerful cells in the human body fighting off
10:34 am
infection, those are damaged, and went there you have natural immunity are the vaccine is diminished, it shows, for those who never had covid and got the job, they did better. it shows the impact of the virus on the immune system, you might need more of a booster or have to take that into account. talk to your doctor about this but i'm taking this into account. it's damaging our immunity, our ability to fight off covid. natural t cells are powerful. blue when i will talk to you about my weight next week. have a lovely weekend. see you then. >> you are doing good. stuart: lauren is here. .
10:35 am
to my dad just texted me, the same height and weight as you. we when asked what his biometric index is. before we get carried away we've got an increasing number of students skipping college. not dropping out so much is not going. lauren: they are going and deciding they will probably quit and this is the number because of the emotional stress, 41% have considered leaving school in the past 6 months, 56% site emotional stress, 47% site mental health, 29% say it is so expensive. this is a sign of the times. there's a teen mental health crisis. take a college tour, they will show you, here's the meditation room, counseling services. i'm not poking fun. this is a problem with this generation. we went as a result of the pandemic on the lockdown?
10:36 am
lauren: that didn't help. >> i don't think this generation -- social networks, woke, absolutely. i don't think this generation has learned to work, the value of the dollar, this is all part of it and the university of michigan they have more than 150 diversity, equity, and inclusion officers. the cost of going to school, to get a degree in gender studies, what are you going to do with that? these are not universities that are preparing students for real jobs. blue one so true. lauren: if you're a normal kid and don't have a group, you get depressed. on social media or special graduation ceremony, you don't fit into those walk outdoors, you're just normal, you become depressed. that's what i'm told by young people. stuart: i could go on about this forever. go to illinois and get a job,
10:37 am
you don't have to go to work works plane yourself, the loss of the work ethic. next case, new reports show ford's electric vehicle business lost, $2 billion last year. madison alworth will tell us how to turn that around. texas residents sound the alarm after learning elon musk's boring the company wants to dump wastewater in their drinking water supply. >> the thought of this happening is horrifying. >> they are taking something away from us living here, who love living here, he will absolutely destroy our love because it will turn to fear. stuart: the full story coming up next. ♪
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stuart: there were some rumblings from european banks that initially took our stock market down but recovered little, we were down 170 on the dow, down 63, we got a weekend coming, who knows what that holds? and jeff altman on the biden esg veto. over puppet and override it? >> final vote was 219 to 200, one democrat supporting and they need the 2 thirds majority but what this did is put democrats on the record. do you think woke policies, climate change, esg should be part of many managers investment decisions for 100 million americans retirements? that is what it is about, they are on the record. stuart: he's pushing money into woke policies, that's what he's
10:43 am
doing, forcing you to go along and they couldn't override that veto. >> a lot of these members voted to put the bill on the president's desk and then voted against the veto so both camps in a bad way. stuart: next case, ford motor company mother stock on screen, $11 a share, ford's electric last $2 billion last year, $3 billion worth of losses this year on electric vehicles. of the 25, how did they get out of this? >> reporter: they will continue to invest in this space and losing billions of dollars, hoping to have it by 2026 with e vs but billions in losses. ceo jim bartley says the e v unit should be seen as a startup company and they lose money at the beginning, we are just seeing these massive losses now, the number as you ran through because ford
10:44 am
recently separated there ev operation from the rest of its organization. we are finding out how much their business is costing us. the ford f 150 propping up the evs, $10 billion in profits with our gas combustion engine. >> we are transparent with everyone. we don't want to hide our losses or hide the turnaround and profitability inside our company. we need a focused team working on the startup and make money. >> reporter: ford is one of the only wants to separate out the model that way to get of true sense of how much they are spending but they are not alone. $1.2 trillion spent through 2030 to develop millions of electric vehicles across all the automakers. part of the drive is government policy, seven states passing a new gas car band by 2035.
10:45 am
the picture currently coming out. stuart: the governor forcing them to make a loss. will they make good their losses? they subsidize their losses? probably not. some texans not happy with elon musk. musk wants to dump wastewater into a local river. this is all about the new town he's trying to build in texas, isn't it? he's using the boring company and they will dump this water on texans. that's what this is about. lauren: people don't like if this town goes through, traffic, the lights, what is happening to the colorado river, the boring company is trying to get a permit to dump one hundred 40,000 gallons a day of treated wastewater into the colorado river and obviously residents are not happy. >> the thought of that happening is horrifying is this
10:46 am
stuff, we don't know what it is, go into the river that we depend on for food production? >> this company and the owner of this company want to put themselves on a pedestal of we are doing things better, we are looking towards the future, this is not looking towards the future, not looking towards the future of the children, the animals can anything to do with the ecosystem. >> it is alarming. we have to make a choice to go in that water or not. we know there could be an inherent risk to exposing them to whatever is in the wastewater. we love living here and he will absolutely destroy our love because it will turn to fear. >> one even said with a permit should be granted to dump that water they don't think elon musk will follow the rules. stuart: this is the new community, elon musk's new town in texas. all kinds of things guaranteed.
10:47 am
but i want -- elon musk is the kind of guy who can push things through. he can't build anything, he will do it. >> i think he will do this. he might do something great. stuart: show you can do something in this world. >> he has taken every insurmountable challenge and made it a reality. give those tech nerds he works with a day and 1/2 and they will solve this. stuart: build it. utah just became the first state to enact laws limiting how children can use social media. we have details on that. a school district in utah may ban the bible from its library after a parent contained -- complaint it contained inappropriate material for children, theologian jonathan morris has that next. ♪ ♪
10:48 am
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"does it really work?" and all i have to say is, "here i am. it works." my advice for everyone is to go with golo. it will release your fat and it will release you. stuart: the governor of utah sign sweeping regulation on social media. what does it do? lauren: is the first to require
10:52 am
parental consent for minors to sign up for social media. it will verify the age, get parental consent, allow parents to access the kids accounts, set a curfew on the accounts, you can't log on overnight and prevent companies from showing children ads. stuart: sounds draconian. liz: lauren: social media comedies have one year to comply or face fines or potential criminal penalties. arkansas, ohio, minnesota, and connecticut, considering similar legislation. the motivation is mental health. i think it could be a slippery slope. stuart: let's hear from jason because you live in utah. >> it will help drive the discussion. congress set the limitation where you could enter into these agreements at the age of 13. interesting to see the legal wrangling. i think it will take years to unwind.
10:53 am
we better start talking about kids, social media, a lot of it revolves around parental consent and that principle is an important one. stuart: let's move on. the davis school district in utah may soon ban the bible after parents complained it contained inappropriate and pornographic material. jonathan morris, resident theologian here. what's really going on here? >> not a swell of parent opinion saying the bible is the worst thing for my kids especially in utah, one of the most religious state in the united states of america. there is great collaboration between the mormons and other christian denominations. over the last 20 years i can guarantee you this is being pushed not by parents but a small group of activists. utah will show us the way.
10:54 am
stuart: here is one for you. the episcopal diocese in new york will issue a formal apology for their role in the transatlantic slave trade and its continuing aftermath and consequences. i have to remind you that the church of england which led the charge to abolish slavery in the 1830s. >> you want to talk about england and how great england is, churches who pushed the dignity of every human being as a reason for which slavery should be abolished, slavery should be abolished, to take the call put ourselves in the shoes of this church, a lot of churches themselves, we should apologize, excellent, very good but bigger problems right now.
10:55 am
church leaders need to inspire their people to go back to god, come back to the church. this is not inspirational. looking back and saying let's apologize. that is over with. now what are we going to do? stuart: would you say the same about the catholic church? >> one thousand%. bishops especially in the south, louisiana, a big part of pushing back against slavery, saying we should -- it should be abolished, the catholic church has apologized for slavery, their involvement in slavery many times, catholic leaders need to inspire which means to breathe in the spirit of god, that is what it means, not just looking back. stuart: that was inspirational and we appreciate it on a friday. good stuff. thank you.
10:56 am
king charles's state visit to france is postponed, violent protests since emmanuel macron moved to raise the pension age all the way up. the palace says they will visit as soon as possible. i want to say thank you for having -- for being on the show. >> thanks for being on my podcast. you want to learn about stuart varney and his unbelievable set here? always loved it. stuart: thank you. coming up, caitlin jenna, steve hilton, in los angeles, if you have a $5 million home you home you want to sell, hurry up, on april 1st the mansion tax will be proposed. california bashing the rich. a lot of rich people there. ♪
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