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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 31, 2023 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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>> a lot of people who didn't want to work for donald trump are gravitating towards his camp it might benefit donald trump. this is horrible for america. >> this is a political stunt and we're concerned about what this does to the entire judicial system. we fear this department of justice has weaponized conservatives. >> i think it actually backfire s on the democrats in 2024 whether you love trump or hate trump or you're luke warm on trump is in relevant. this is the criminal court. >> a lot of americans, myself included, were tired of president trump whining about how he had been treated. >> the trump hatred is a symptom of the hatred of the
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american value system and if they are willing to do this to donald trump, they are going to do it to everyone. stuart: all right, it's 11:00 eastern time. welcome to the show. it is friday, march 31. it's the end of the quarter, got that. check the markets, we're still in the green. we have been all through the morning. we've got the dow industrials now up 178. that's about a half percentage point, nasdaq up 100. show me big tech. previously, they were all higher still all higher, except for microsoft, which is down all of 12 cents. alphabet, meta, amazon, apple, up. the yield on the 10 year treasury is now 3.53%. no impact from the indictment. all right, folks now this. just imagine for a moment that you are a tourist visiting america for the first time. you land at say jfk in new york, or lax, or o'hare in chicago
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or san francisco or philadelphia. what do you see when you take your uber into town? you see a third world country. the homeless camped out in filthy tent cities. you're on your guard against violent criminals and everywhere , there are drugs. whether it's the smell of marijuana or the fentanyl addict on the sidewalk. then, you watch the news and what do you see? a former president indicted. indicted by a trump-hating district attorney, stretching and bending the law to get a political opponent. again, this is third world stuff that's what happens in authoritarian countries. arrest a leader to keep him or her out of power forever. that's what's happening here. think it through, please if there's a trial it will likely take place just as the primaries and debateds get started. imagine that. cameras not allowed in new york courts but the democrats would love to see trump on tv in the dark. they will ask the judge to okay
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primetime hearings and if there is a trial, televised or not, will trump get a fair hearing. really? you really think he will? in a city that voted 85% against him? the whole thing is a deliberate distraction. the trump haters get their chance to rant and the democrats get to divert attention from biden's chronic failures. the third world that tourists see when they come to this country is the result of biden's policies. instead of defending those failures, they want to run against an indicted donald trump a precedent has been set. what a shame that we are taking our queue from some third world dictatorship. the third hour of "varney" starts right now. let's bring in steve hilton, our california guy. i'm interested in california's reaction to this. you live amongst the trump hater
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s. are they celebrating in the streets? >> i haven't seen them in the streets but i've seen them online, and they are celebrating , because this is the base, if you like, of what the democratic party has now become, because it's very clear. they have turned into a hate- filled cult of hyper partisan, far left, author their yankees extremists, and you can see that because not only here in california do you see the joy around this news. there's not a single democrat that i'm aware of anywhere leading democrat that said no, hang on a second. we don't want to go down this road. they're all celebrating it. they are all behind this. the party has been completely turned into this hate-filled cult of hyperpartisan, far-left authoritarian extremists. that's what they are and as i said on twitter, it is now time
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for every reasonable, moderate democrat that's still in the party to say no. we're not going to put up with this. we're leaving the party because we cannot sign up to what this party has become. stuart: do you think many people will actually do that? >> i think there are plenty of moderate reasonable democrats across the country who don't want any part in this , who thought that their support for the democratic party meant that they had positions on issues that they agree with, whether that's on the economy or how to improve healthcare in america. the basic things that politics should be about, and now they see what the democrats are focused on and obsessed with, and so that's not me. that's not the party i joined. stuart: a lot of people tell me that this indictment will solidify trump's base, and maybe expand trump's base, so that when we get to the primaries, trump wins. across-the-board, he wins because he's got that block of solid voters who will always stick with him, and but then
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when you get to the general, he might not win because he's unpopular personally. how do you see that? >> well, i think first of all, there's a long way to go. not just with this case, but look at all of the other political prosecutions that are in the works. the georgia case, the special counsel, who knows where any of that will all go between now and not just the primary but the next general election so i think it's too early to say exactly what "the situation" will be, but one thing we can be really clear about. by the time of the next general election regardless of these cases, it will be important for the nominee and that's just take the premise this will help donald trump in the primary and he is the nominee. in a general election you have to focus on the issues that americans care about. you have to focus on the policy agenda that they want to see. the chaos at the border caused by biden's policies. exactly as you were saying. the chaos across the country caused by far left policies.
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that's what needs to be the conversation and how you can offer a better future for the people of this country, regardless of what's happened in all these legal cases. stuart: governor newsom, california governor, now he's launched a new pact targeting republican-led states. i've got tape, roll it, please. >> we're going on the road to take the fight to states where freedom is most under attack, where republican leaders banned books, criminalize doctors, fire teachers. stuart: [laughter] it sure looks like he's running for the presidency, does it not? >> what you are going on the road when there's chaos and squaller and dysfunction on the streets of your state caused by your policies and you're going on the road. it is absolutely outrageous and offensive. this guy's just been re-elected to apparently a four-year term. he's barely into it and he's now waging war on red states?
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california cannot afford to have an absentee governor when we have a crime crisis, a homeless ness crisis, an energy grid falling over because their far left climate extremism, businesses and people fleeing the state because of the high taxes and regulations. the public schools are a total catastrophe. if you're a black kid in california public schools, you're four years behind a white kid on average because of their far left policies and this guy is now deciding that the big problem facing him as the governor is red states? give me a break. stuart: i want more on this , steve. i want a lot more. >> you'll get it on sunday night, i'm telling you. stuart: there you go, sunday night "the next revolution" with steve hilton, 9:00 p.m. eastern, only, on fox. steve, you're all right thanks a lot, sir. we better get back to the markets because they are active this morning. i don't think its got anything to do with this indictment but the dow is up 180 now and the nasdaq is up just over 100 points that's a pretty good rally. jonathan hoenig with me. do you see any impact of this
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indictment on the stock market? anything at all? >> i don't,g at money. i mean, it's not to red or green, excuse me, not red or blue, it's green so i'm looking for places to make money and it's especially when it comes to foreign stocks and commodities. you know, since november, stuart , foreign stocks have been outperforming u.s. by about 10%, so i'm looking at those off the radar screen ideas. foreign stocks we've talked about gold, we've talked about sugar, and stuart i'm even looking at chocolate that's poised to outperform in a big way so i'm trying to make money no matter where it is for our investors. stuart: you always bring us these exotic investments and they are fascinating but you're getting on the "coco" market. how does an ordinary everyday investor, not somebody in your hedge fund, an ordinary regular guy, how do you get into cocoa? >> well the etf is nib, stuart, and cocoa prices are really outperforming now.
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we talked about sugar as i said just a few couple of weeks ago. it's quite strong now, so nib, this is an etf that goes up when cocoa prices go up and a couple of factors here. lower dollar and higher commodities are at-large so you never want to make it an all-or-none stuart. when it comes to investing but you want to diversify so nib is one etf. i own it for my investors and if you're looking for diversification this is one idea you can take a shot. stuart: you're a unique guy. we are always expecting you to take a bite out of that. >> stuart, look it's all about making money. it's not about being exotic but we know gold prices are up near $2,000. this is diversification within the commodities space and no matter what you can always eat your investment when it comes to cocoa, so check out nib. stuart: nib, [laughter] he likes it. you're all right, jonathan. you're all right even though you do live in chicago. we'll see you soon, jonathan
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hoenig. lauren is back. the movers here we go. c 3 ai, magic words. it must be up. lauren: 10%. whoa. stuart: any news? lauren: no, no news. i checked the quarter, so the year so far to date it's up 167%. that's 167% in three months. volume is huge, 14 million shares trading at 11 a.m. you usually see 19 million on the whole day. pretty heavy volume. big conviction. stuart: it is almost certainly the next big thing. lauren: yeah. stuart: andc 3-pointai is silt ing right there. >> they might take the six-month pause on developing advanced ai but yeah it's here to stay. stuart: i believe that when i see it. how about casinos? they are up today? lauren: all up around 2%, i'm connecting this to those solid service numbers that came out of china towards them catering retail. that's what these casino complex es are engaged in and those numbers out of china 11 year high. stuart: and china's rebound
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after the pandemic is spectacular as of right now. good numbers. ev-go. lauren: the electric vehicle charging station up 37% this week. also on big volume up 10% right now. earnings yesterday, our sales went up 280%. 280% in one quarter. the ceo is on yahoo finance and said ev chargers are on pace to be as common as gas stations. so the ev charging station is going to be as common as the gas station. stuart: when? lauren: well, there's no timeline but the government is obviously behind this. and they are big on a buyer of client for ev-go. stuart: remember that, all right , thanks very much. now, elon musk here we go. he could be headed to china as early as next month. reportedly he wants to meet with the country's premier xi-jinping and one of his closest allies, the second in command. we've got that story for you. the late night hosts are celebrating trump's indictment. wouldn't you know it? roll tape. >> the j in donald j. trump
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now stands for jail. >> i thought maybe it would never come. i didn't know it would feel this good. stuart: no wonder i never watch him. we'll take you through all of the media reaction with tomi lahren coming up. meanwhile the white house has been noticeably quiet about the trump indictment. they are declining to comment. jacqui heinrich at the white house has the full story, after this. and i remember kind of thinking like, "oh my gosh, i think we could be sisters." because i think we looked... yes. right. yeah. and i don't think at that time- i think you're the one to tell me that we had the same birthday. yes. it's really unbelievable when you think about it, because it's been, like, really over 20 years that you were my mother and father's banker, you became my banker and now fran is in her third year of college and you're her banker. it's so unbelievable because i'm just 20 years old. [laughing]
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stuart: well, the current 2024 gop front runner has been indicted on the democrat side, we still don't have an answer from biden on his re-election bid. jacqui heinrich wraps it all up for us.
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is the indictment of donald trump a plus for biden and his hopes for re-election? reporter: well, stuart, no one at the white house is commenting on trump's indictment, no matter who you ask. reporter: mr. president do you think that the charges against trump are politically motivated? >> i have no comment on trump. >> heard from the president just earlier this morning on the south lawn before taking off for this trip to mississippi. look, we're just not going to comment. reporter: republicans have plenty to say though. house speaker kevin mccarthy saying da alvin bragg has caused damage to the country, florida governor ron desantis called it weaponization of the legal system and vowed not to assist in any extradition request and even former vice president mike pence whose not exactly cozy with trump called it political prosecution. the gop resoundingly denouncing it. >> you talk about the line that you can't cross.
11:19 am
in my view, jessie, they crossed it months ago when they weaponized the fbi against parents when they weaponized the fbi against everyday americans who want to exercise their right to free speech and now, they're just accelerating it. i think the democrats know this has nothing to do with the law. they're sending a message. reporter: democrats on the other hand are declaring faith in the legal system. senate majority leader chuck schumer saying mr. trump is subject to the same laws as every american. he will be able to a vail himself of the legal system and a jury, not politics, to determine his fate according to the facts and law but republican s suspect this is less about the law than about politic s and after president trump declared his candidacy for 2024 there is suspicion that democrats are pretty happy this is happening because it will galvanize support for the former president who they see as the easiest candidate to beat in 2024, stuart. stuart: they are very happy. i'll follow-up on that. thank you very much indeed. look at this. the media, they are already having a field day on trump's
11:20 am
indictment. watch this. >> the j. in donald j. trump now standing for jail. >> the rest of this political era we have been living through, because the seal is broken, it shows he can be charged. >> this is somebody who has spent more than four decades trying to avoid being arrested or being indicted so this is a really scary moment for him. >> it is humiliating. >> you will reap what you sew. >> i thought maybe it would never come. i didn't know it would feel this good. stuart: he feels good. really? how about the country? tomi lahren is here. the media can't get enough of this , can they? >> oh, they love it. it makes them relevant when they talk about trump and the only time a lot of these figures are relevant is when they talk about donald trump so they are salivating and very excited but they have once again underestimated donald trump and once again underestimated donald trump supporters. this is just the beginning, but i think we can safely say at this point, at least, it looks like donald trump is going to
11:21 am
actually benefit from this , among republicans, independents, that remains to be seen but republicans are going to circle around donald trump. stuart: what i keep hearing is that the trump base will vote on mass in the primaries for donald trump, maybe even expanded base, and he will win the primaries and win the nomination, but a lot of people say he won't win the general and you say? >> yeah, that's my fear as well again, we have to win independents to win a general election. we can't forget that. now listen, we need to circle the wagons around donald trump and focus on the fact that this is absolute bs what they are doing to him and absolute abuse of the justice system and we need to focus on that and all republicans need to be outspoken but also very strategic because you're right. the democrats are not only baiting trump supporters into galvanizing around trump but also baiting trump supporters into doing something horrific and we cannot, cannot take that bait. stuart: the democrats want a trial.
11:22 am
a show trial. >> right. stuart: it'll run all the way through the primaries and into the election of 2024. that's what they want. they think that works for them. i'm not so sure. >> i think, again, republicans are going to cheerlead donald trump but we have to focus on the independents. now we can still win on this , conservatives can still bin but we have to message it correctly and let that average independent or lower information viewer voter know what's going on. they might not care about donald trump and his legal issues but they should care about how this impacts them and our justice system. stuart: have we got time for a news item on aoc? >> always. stuart: here we go. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez had an awkward encounter with libs of tiktok create or. watch this. >> [inaudible] stuart: she
11:23 am
didn't like aoc didn't like being confronted by someone with an opposing point of view and moved out of there fast. >> yeah, well again, this is because aoc lives in the imaginary world of social media and in areas where she feels confident and protected but she does never wants to be confronted by the truth or reality. she has no problem talking about libs of tiktok in a horrible fashion, but when confronted with it, she moves away. this is aoc in a nutshel. she's popular on social media. in real life, i think she's paper thin. stuart: yeah, the boston children's hospital conducted gender-affirming hysterectomies. she objected to that, and then, when she saw aoc, got the photograph together, then aoc realized who she was and moves away real fast. >> what always bothers me too is now this is protected class, if you call anybody trans phobic nobody can say anything, and it's utterly ridiculous and we immediate to pushback against this and talk about protecting
11:24 am
children. let's talk about that and have that discussion. i don't want it thrown out as having that honest and worthwhile discussion. stuart: good stuff, got to see you on a show on a friday morning. >> a slow news day as usual. stuart: what's going on here? thank you, tomi. check those markets this is what's going on. it's a rally. dow industrials now up more than 240 points, and we have the s&p up 33, and look at that, nasdaq go, up over 1%. more reaction to china. japan is blocking exports of some chip manufacturing equipment. they don't want china to get those chips to boost their military. the u.s. had a similar announcement, similar restrictions on exports to china earlier. now you know. elon musk could be heading to china soon. he wants to meet with xi-jinping 's number two i believe, lauren? lauren: correct reuters is reporting that musk wants to go to china next month and yes he wants to meet with the chinese premier li. he oversaw construction of tesla 's shanghai factory which
11:25 am
is now tesla's largest plant and china is its second biggest market. we don't know why musk wants to go to china. stuart: i can guess. lauren: recently, said she had a great time and like a celebrity in china. stuart: really? lauren: but elon musk's popularity, debatable. he's good for business, think tesla, but remember, he comment ed just left a comment on a tweet that covid originated at the wuhan lab. china basically told him to watch out. don't bite the hand that feeds you. so there is the warning. stuart: all american executives who do business in china are going over there right now. there's a lot of ceo's over there. lauren: apple. stuart: suring up their business and relationship with china. they have to do it. lauren: because look at the tensions right now between washington and beijing. i'm supposed to tell you one more thing. elon musk has more followers than barack obama on twitter. they both have over 133 million, but musk has more. he does tweet more and he does own the company. stuart: that's true too. lauren: got that in. stuart: thank you, lauren.
11:26 am
listen to this one. wall street bonuses down 26% compared to last year, and the biggest drop it is the biggest drop since 2008. we'll tell you what they are actually getting this year. trump could turn himself in as early as tuesday. so what exactly happens from there? shane on bream takes us through the legal proceedings right after this. the new chase ink business premier card is made for people like sam who make...? ...everyday products... ...designed smarter. like a smart coffee grinder - that orders fresh beans for you. oh, genius! for more breakthroughs like that... ...i need a breakthrough card... like ours! with 2.5% cash back on purchases of $5,000 or more... plus unlimited 2% cash back
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stuart: well, well, well, two hours into the trading session, and this rally still holds. look at this the dow is up 220, that's .7%. the nasdaq up 117, that's almost 1%. i'll call that a rally. susan is back. susan, i want you to look at the nasdaq, because its been a fantastic quarter. >> bull market for the nasdaq 100, can you believe that in 2023? so the nasdaq 100 is up 20% since the lows on december 28, and you know when markets rally 20% from a bottom that's what we call the start of a bull market, so big tech huge start to the year for all the mega cap tech names, think of apple, microsoft , meta, amazon, google, and the parent company alphabet,
11:31 am
all adding $600 billion in value in march alone, so if you take a look at the actual gains for the quarter, apple is up by a quarter, meta is up 74%, in the first three months of this year. microsoft, amazon, alphabet all up by around 20% each, and i find this kind of price action just in credible. a bull market, given that silicon valley bank collapsed we talked about. steepest rate hiking cycle since 1980 and 60% recession probabilities. by the way nvidia is also a big name that's up 80% so far this year and a lot of the big bears that said okay maybe it's time to sell that includes michael bury, he admitted he got it wrong tweeting that i was wrong to say sell on january 31. now this blowout start to the year also means tech isn't cheap and trading more expensively compared to the 10-year average but if you told me on december 31 that we'll see a 20% up-market to start the year, i would not have believed you. stuart: if you'd told me at the
11:32 am
start of the quarter i would have put money into nvidia and all of the rest but you didn't tell me. >> you've got microsoft. i think you're fine, stu. stuart: ev's what's that? >> tesla another stock up around 60% so far this year and three months the biden administration this morning pretty much excluded foreign automakers, foreign imported electric cars will not be eligible for the $7,500 tax rebate, which is positive for the u.s. domestic electric car makers, so think of more sales at tesla and rivian instead, but that might also by the way those new rules might exclude tesla and their best selling model 3 which may not qualify if most of the car isn't made in the united states. now you also have news that tesla is reportedly talking to the white house about building a new battery plant with china's big battery car giant called cattle but they want to build it right here in the u.s.. now, gm also some news just in the past hour and people are talking about this on social media.
11:33 am
they just announced they will no longer offer apple car play or android auto in their upcoming 2024 electric cars including the blazer. instead they are going to develop their own built-in navigation infotainment that will be developed by google, so think of something comparable to what tesla has inside the car and their systems and software instead. nicla is another name to watch because they are selling $100 million worth of shares at a 20% discount record low. stuart: $100 million. >> at a 20% discount. you know how this truck maker is really in trouble right now? trying to raise cash at a discount, never a good sign. stuart: it really dilutes existing stockholders and that's why it's down 13%. susan thank you very much indeed now this , former speaker, nancy pelosi mocked for a tweet about trump's indictment. what was in the tweet, lauren? lauren: she said "no one is above the law" and everyone has the right to a trial to prove innocence. so you're guilty until you are
11:34 am
proven innocent. you didn't know that? no it's the opposite. elise stefanik the house caucus chair is responding to this. strongly condemns it, calling it unamerican and it's just, it's the mentality that has people mad right now. stuart: sure it does. lauren: it should be condemned. stuart: we know we really need a legal eagle. can we find one? i do believe we have one. fox news sunday anchor shannon bream is the legal eagle. trump has been indicted and we just learned he's expected to be arraigned next tuesday, 2:15 p.m. to be precise. take me through this legally. what happens after that? >> we all want to know what's in the indictment because we can only speculate at they we we know exactly what these charges are and what this is about. we'll get to see that indictment , and when the arraignment happens so tuesday is going to be our big day hope you guys aren't busy because we're all going to be tuned in and finding out what happens here but from there this has such a long place. the former president will be
11:35 am
here and he will make his plea at that point. i assume he's going to say not guilty as he's been saying but think about how this plays out. stuart: he has to come to new york? >> uh-huh. he will be here. stuart: handcuffed? >> we heard this morning on the wires they said there will not be a handcuffing and we probably won't see him and we shouldn't see the mugshot either unless it's leaked so there may be a lot that goes on behind closed doors we won't see on tuesday. stuart: okay. >> but that launches this whole thing of you know a trial here in new york. it could be a year or two to get to that so in the middle of running for the presidency especially if he winds up being the nominee, he could be worried about a criminal trial. does he take the stand? how does that happen? stuart: but how would you get a neutral jury in new york city when 85% of the people in the city voted against trump in the last election? how do you do that? >> i think the voire dire, or the questioning of the potential jurors you take them through is really interesting and difficult for both legal teams because everybody kind of has an opinion about president trump one way or
11:36 am
the other. can they be neutral? they have to be really thorough in the questioning to vet this jury, because unless the venue is moved it's going to be here in manhattan. stuart: when the trial starts, in new york, you're not supposed to have cameras in any courtroom in new york state. i can see somebody coming around to say hey, judge, come on. we've got to put this on tv and i'll bet it is, in primetime just to embarrass trump. >> well that's possible. stuart: it is possible. >> we fight at the supreme court all the time and beg for the things we want. now after covid when they started doing things remotely we started getting audio recordings but we had to petition them for every case we thought was of national importance to get that released so i can see that petition happening here too. stuart: i can't see a trial can't happen for at least a year >> right. stuart: surely. they have to choose the jury will take forever and then procedural motions. what does that do to the election? >> right. i mean, if he's the nominee this will all be, you'll go to a debate and be like okay right
11:37 am
after i leave this debate i have to go to court and take the stand and i've been talking with attorneys about this. president trump is going to want to take the stand and going to want to make his own defense and sometimes for your client that's not the best thing for protecting them long term. stuart: knowing all of this , bragg should never have made this indictment. he should never have done it. he's on very thin grounds and it's an entirely political event >> which makes me wonder, is there going to be information in the indictment on tuesday that we didn't know about? because bragg has been under pressure not only from the right but of course from the left as well, saying don't blow this thing, so maybe there's more to this story we'll find out tuesday. stuart: you know, i occasionally watch greg gutfeld show at night >> you should. stuart: but he's in the habit of calling you the evil shannon bream, and yet, you've got a new book. the new book is titled "the love stories of the bible speak." >> i'm trying to win greg over. you know when i get stopped in the airport, or wherever the grocery store, what is the
11:38 am
question, people run up up to me evil shannon bream. why do you get called that? he's done a good job of branding me. stuart: give me a good love story out of the bible. >> ruth and boaz. a beautiful story about a young widow with nothing going for her , no male provider in life and just trying to support her widowed mother-in-law as well, and gleaning in the field of this man who ends up being boaz, and he's like who is this woman of honor out here doing hard work and providing for the widowed mother-in-law with no obligation to and they fall for each other and wind up getting married and they end up in christ into the new testament i just love it because it's a beautiful second chance at love, the widow finding love story. it's beautiful. stuart: i might buy that book and read it. >> i think that i can get you a free copy. stuart: you didn't bring it with you >> i have one. it's coming. just for you. stuart: shannon, madam, you are all right and thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. stuart: we'll be watching shannon on fox news sunday, 2:00
11:39 am
p.m. eastern. be there. 21 states threatening banks with legal action over their woke policies. dozens of banks just put on notice about that. we have the story. washington over raising the debt limit. new fox poll shows voters see the national debt as a major issue, 30% think it's a crisis. edward lawrence breaks down the numbers, next. ♪ liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. with the money we saved, we tried electric unicycles. i think i've got it!
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11:44 am
year, because interest rates and recession fears are on the rise. some states threaten banks with legal action over their woke policies. lauren is back. how many states we talking about lauren: 21 states. their attorneys general warning 53 banks and asset managers don't push woke policy over fiduciary responsibility. the banks include goldman sachs, jpmorgan, state street, collectively managing trillions of dollars in assets and their a g's are warning, they are going to pursue legal action against the banks that they push these social justice and esg interest over the interest of their clients. this is the statement from montana's attorney general. the message is stay in your lane , banks, do what you're supposed to do. we will defend our state pension ers against anything outside of that lane. the president vetoed the esg legislation so now they are taking it to the state level. stuart: good. glad to hear it. thanks. washington is in a stalemate over the debt limit.
11:45 am
edward lawrence joins me from the white house. i want to know how people really feel about the debt. do we know? reporter: the inside the white house? or in general? stuart: in general. reporter: yeah, i think people in general, i think people don't appreciate the debt that the federal government is racking up that's what i heard at the grocery store and other areas that i go, but when you talk about the debt ceiling negotiations as a hardline, here at the white house, about that debt ceiling, in fact, the federal government will reach that debt ceiling project ed in june, as early as june i should say. it's 59 days now without a negotiation between the president and house speaker, so i asked this. we're talking about the full faith and credit in the united states, we're talking about, you know, serious issue. why not, why doesn't the president just call for a meeting? >> you're right. we're talking about the full credit. wait. let me answer, i heard your question. we are talking about the full credit of this nation which is why we believe that congress
11:46 am
should not hold this up. it should be done without condition, there should be no negotiations. reporter: and this president will not change course on spending, clearly, no conversations happening with the house speaker. so it comes at a time when new inflation numbers show a little bit of a cooling but not as much as a federal reserve wants. in fact, a new fox poll shows that nine in 10 registered voter s are extremely or very concerned about inflation. that is higher than crime rates even more than the amount we pay in taxes with their concern. experts say a whole of government approach should be focusing on inflation. >> i think most businesses, including restaurants, would trade consumer spending coming down a bit for their cost, the cost of commodities, the cost of the services they need to run their businesses, coming down, because these pressures are really driving people out of business, and they seem to be continuing. reporter: but right now the president wants to pump more government spestuart: thanks, e.
11:47 am
see you later. show me the dow 30, we always say at this time of the day let's give you a sense of the market. overall, there's a lot of buying going on as you can tell. i've got four losers among the dow 30, and 26 winners. the dow is above the 33,000 level again, up 227 points. okay, folks. don't go anywhere. friday feedback is next. ♪ and i remember kind of thinking like, "oh my gosh, i think we could be sisters." because i think we looked... yes. right. yeah. and i don't think at that time- i think you're the one to tell me that we had the same birthday. yes. it's really unbelievable when you think about it, because it's been, like, really over 20 years that you were my mother and father's banker,
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♪ take it easy, yeah ♪ stuart: come on you're slowing us down. this is an exciting program. i don't want to be out on the beach today. it's indictment day two. come on it's friday feedback time. we're all here. excuse me. lauren, susan, ashley, and myself. the golden four. this is from andrew. first from andrew. employers believe that workers are more productive in the office so pay employees
11:52 am
their full salary if they show up in the office everyday and days when they work-from-home pay them a lower salary. that would not fly because they be taken to court immediately, right, susan? >> well i think remote work, depending on where you actually live, your salary is reduced so if you aren't in new york city and you're in oklahoma with a lower lifestyle, you get paid less. stuart: okay so you're on board with that? >> i absolutely am. stuart: whoa! tough guy, right here. i'm going to move on on that one from allison. such a great segment on the goat farm. wonderful to see an american family business and hopefully your exposure of the haters will make them think twice. no it won't. they will never think twice. it's a religion to these folks. vigorous vegans will not allow you to even touch an animal. did you enjoy this , lauren? lauren: yes, look at the beautiful picture. stuart: what's wrong with that? exploiting of goats really? get out of here. is it exploiting goats susan? >> not at all but i'll stay away from meat for the rest of
11:53 am
the evening though. lauren: it's friday, during lent palm sunday is sunday. stuart: this is from arthur. similar here. after watching the goat snuggl ing segment i was wondering if you would open your tree farm. absolutely not. i don't hunt trees. i cut them down and make money out of them. is there something wrong with that he asks? capitalism is a wonderful thing. this is from jane. this is a good one. well done, jane. i want everyone to take a look at this. ashley's appearance on graham no rton's television show, don't know what year this is but i recognized him. jane, i think you're getting asked about ben affleck. i've got to say it ashley, you look better than ben. lauren: and you have nicer eyelashes. ashley: thank you very much. stuart: and much better hair too ashley: i wish i was on graham n orton. he's hilarious. don't mess with the hair. stuart: good one coming from
11:54 am
jane. this is a tweet from dave. you applauded the speeding up of ballgames. how do you feel about cricket? baseball games, how do you feel about cricket which makes baseball seem speedy. sir, you have not been following cricket because there's a new game called the 20 overs game. i went to a game in australia and it lasted less than four hours. that's about the same as a baseball game, so get up to speed. >> how long did it last then and did you get a few cocktails or could you get a few cocktail s, not you, but could you as a viewer? stuart: yes, it was in australia , new years eve a couple years ago. you could have a drink and it was about three hours and 50 minutes. the kids were there and everybody goes home happy. good stuff. laurie on facebook writes this. with all of the buzz about electric cars it would seem to me they would have no resale value, considering the cost of battery replacements what say you, susan? >> disagree, because if you look during the chip shortage, actually a lot of the electric
11:55 am
cars, the older ones, went for a premium, because you couldn't get your hands-on an actual vehicle, so i disagree. stuart: all right well said. this is from roy. stuart always says "you're all right" and i was wondering if he ever said"you're not all right." yes, sir i have. on this show, some years ago, a gentleman came on the air, from upstate new york and called me a liar on live tv and i threw him off the set and out of the studio. lauren: did you tell him you cut down trees and sell them? stuart: no that wasn't the nature of the discussion. i lost my temper. you shouldn't, but i did. i called me a liar and i was not , believe me, i was not. >> wait until he sees you hangr y in the cafeteria before lunch. stuart: [laughter] well said. i've gotta say thanks to everyone who sent in their " friday feedback." keep it coming, please. all right, now is the time for the friday trivia question. you can't leave yet, folks. what's the world's top selling cookie brand?
11:56 am
oreo, chips ahoy, milano, fudge stripes? there is your choice. the answer, after this. this is the world's favorite chips, okay? >> chips, [laughter] you ok, man? the internet is telling me a million different ways i should be trading. look! what's up my trade dogs? you should be listening to me. you want to be rich like me? you want to trust me on this one. [inaudible] wow! yeah! it's time to take control of your investing education. cut through the noise with best-in-class education resources that match your preferred style of learning. learn your way. not theirs. td ameritrade. where smart investors get smarter℠. what if there was a community of like minded people ready to support you when you need it most? christian healthcare ministries is an organization with over 40 years of trusted care who understands the importance of family.
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stuart: well, we're having fun today, sports fans, what is the world's top selling cookie brand? we'll go around the block here.
12:00 pm
lauren? lauren: the milano cookie. stuart: you're sure? susan? >> oreos. stuart: ashley what you got? ashley: chips ahoy. milano is too expensive. stuart: yeah, you're right there , ashley. well, i've never had a fudge stripe, i'm not sure about chips ahoy. milano, yeah. oreos i'm picking oreos. the answer is, thank you, ladies and gentlemen, oreos. 14 billion oreo cookies are produced every single year. lauren: i thought it was too obvious to be the oreo. stuart: i got it right. don't ever forget. "varney" got it right. thanks to everybody for contributing to friday feedback. ladies and gentlemen thanks for being here. times up for me. "varney" & company is over, but "coast to coast" starts now. neil: next tuesday could be crazy. today, not so much. fox on top of a trump indictment some say i


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