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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  July 16, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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i start repeating myself. for the journalist the timing is right. judy is very relieved. thank you for the panel. i'm >> judge jeanine: tonight on "justice." in just a few hours casey anthony walks free. so what is next for the most hated mom in america? plus -- >> we the jury find the defendant not the guilty. >> sunday, she is a free woman. so where is casey anthony going? and how much money can casey make? and who is paying? plus, a boy vanishes just blocks from his home. last seen talking to a strange. >> when detectives asked where the boy was aaron nodded towards the kitchen. >> what happened to little lybie? coming up tonight on "justice." >> hello and welcome to "justice."
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i'm judge jeanine pirro. freedom is just hours away for casey anthony. we may never know how little caylee died or who threw her body in a swamp but we do know that her mom casey walks free to start a new life. if you can believe it she is even appealing her four convictions for lying to police. arthur, i'm going to start with you. the late taste we heard is that there is a woman who says that she is caylee's grandmother, that h her son was the father of little caylee. how does she prove this? >> from a scientific point of view, saying that her son is dead and he ci died in a car accident. presumably grandma, the new
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grandma has something with dna on it from her son. his hairbrush or toothbrush or something like that. they do have caylee's dna and they scientifically will see if there is a match. >> judge jeanine: an easy thing to establish whether or not she is the grandmother. >> what troubles me is where has she been. now, she shows up? the kid would have been five years old. >> judge jeanine: let's assume that she establishes paternity on the part of her deceased son. she is talking about a wrongful death lawsuit. is this like a redo of o.j. where the defendant is acquitted of murder but then someone sues civilly. >> except that the plaintiffs in the o.j. simpson case were extremely close personal relationships with the deceased. this is a grandmother who never ever took any affirmative steps to find her granddaughter eve.
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now, that the spot light is on her and casey might get a million dollar whatever deal now she shows up. it is distasteful. >> judge jeanine: not only distasteful but at the end of the day she can sue and if she wins what are her damages? >> none. people say in a civil case there is liability and then there is damages. let's say she wins on liability and prove that casey did cause the disappearance of caylee. what is your damages? how heart broken are you, grandma, because you haven't seen the granddaughter. >> judge jeanine: i have to live with the fact that i wasn't able to meet my granddaughter that was alive for three years and i never saw her. the d.a. is suing for the cost of the investigation, mark. have you ever seen a case where you actually recover from a defendant for the costs of an investigation? >> i have never seen or heard of it but certainly there has been all kinds of new
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precedents set in this case. jury doesn't have to listen to the evidence, they can use opening statements as evidence. they can do what they choose and they can demand a cause of death even though it is not necessary to come up with any of the convictions that was offered to the jury. so i think anything is possible in this case. tim miller with equisearch. you started equisearch when your daughter was the victim of a homicide and i have empathy and sympathy for you. but when you come across a family like this that tells you that your little daughter, granddaughter is missing and you use all of your resources and then find out that the defense says well, she was never really missing, she drown, how does that make you feel? >> certainly made us feel used. and there is other families out there that really did need us. and we denied their help
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because all of our resources, 4200 plus people and 112,000 plus dollars was used on a little child that never was missing according to casey's attorney in the opening statements. i only felt that it is fair to these families that we didn't help, only fair as to the families that will be calling us and certainly is only fair to the the people that have supported us and donated to us to make some type of attempt to go ahead and see if we can recover some of these moneys that we spent on a missing child case that was never missing. >> judge jeanine: and tim, who brought you into this case? >> cindy anthony. she called me up and i said cindy, i can't tell you i can help you because we have got a law enforcement has to approve our coming in. >> judge jeanine: cindy is the one that called you in but you are now suing casey.
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jose baez was also present when they told you casey wa case cas missing. are you suing jose as well? >> casey there was and jose baez told me the same thing, we know she is alive out there some where hopefully you can get her located and bring her back but you can do whatever you need to do to it find little caylee but you cannot ask my client any questions about h her missing daughter. >> have you ever talk to her or ask her questions or you didn't? >> no, i didn't because jose baez said no but every day casey is saying you heard anything. >> judge jeanine: i have a few more questions. tim, the orange county sheriff's confirmed there is a tampering with a witness investigation involving a volunteer with your organization texas equisearch. the concern is that you filed
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the report and i have seen these reports, very well done but you and your organization that i have tremendous respect for. but she is saying she was where the body was little caylee was found and there was no smell, no body, no water a few months before and implication is that someone from the defense team coached her. what can you tell us about this volunteer on texas equisearch? >> i'm hearing the same thing. that is part of the police investigation. where it goes and her name is laura buchanan and when she came down from i believe it was tennessee she said that she was with law enforcement and she came down to help and but i know that she was e-mailing mark nejames my attorney in florida prior to coming down seeing how she could contact the anthonys. and it was real strange that she went to jose baez with this paperwork. and she definitely -- no question. >> judge jeanine: you are
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saying that one of your volunteers was in contact with jose baez and as a result of her contacting him which is unusual i assume for a volunteer. is that correct? >> right, that's correct. that's correct. >> judge jeanine: mark, the prosecutors are saying that they are not going to prosecute cindy for perjury but now are going after witness tampering. isn't that tough to prove, mark fuhrman? >> i don't think it will be productive to go after cindy anthony. maybe part of her participation in the chloroform searches, what her claim was actually derailed the prosecution's case, especially for premeditation. they could go after her. i think they have had enough of this case. prosecuting a mother is going to be tough. >> judge jeanine: and they have already said that they are not going. i'm going to go last to you, arthur. defamation by zenaida gonzalez against casey, does she win?
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>> even if she does, are there any huge damages here? maybe, maybe. but you have a woman who -- did she lose her job? is she not getting work because of this? >> judge jeanine: she says she did. >> maybe it is damages. let's say $100,000. when is she going to see that money? >> judge jeanine: i don't know, when casey collects. anyway, thanks to my panel. coming up on "justice," did someone else help casey cover up caylee's death? one of her defense attorneys is here to answer. and how much money will casey make selling her story? next, on "justice."
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wherever "here" happens to be. mobile trading from td ameritrade. number one in online equity trades. announcer: trade commission-free for 30 days, plus get up to $500 when you open an account. >> judge jeanine: jose baez was the trial showman, the face of the casey anthony defense team. if casey had been convicted of murder one, this is the lawyer who would have fought to save h
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her live. >> november 15, 2008, did you go with a man named james hoover to suburban drive? >> she is one of the most respected defense attorneys in the country, ann fanell. her specialty, death penalty cases. she was brought in on casey's defense team last year and would have handled the penalty phase of the trial. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> she says the case was over before it began. one big reason, the jury members the defense selected. another crucial factor according to fanell, not one witness said they thought casey was capable of murdering caylee. most in fact called her a good mom. >> did there appear to be a lot of love between caylee and casey?
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>> judge jeanine: so what does she think really happened to caylee? ann is a member of the casey anthony defense team and a death penalty specialist. can you tell us what really happened to little caylee? >> no, i can't. i don't think anybody can. i think that obviously casey anthony chose not to testify in the case and that is a story for her to tell. certainly the evidence suggests the facts of the case suggest that casey was in jail for most of the time subsequent to july 15. so, assumeing that the body wasn't there in the woods on july 15 certainly other persons were likely to be involved. >> judge jeanine: okay. and by other persons, the defense team has done everything, thrown the book at george anthony and accused him of child molestation and framing his daughter for a
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murder that really was an accident. is he the one who was supposedly in possession of the body? is that what the defense said? >> i don't think the defense really said anything. there was no evidence presented at this trial. and obviously the jury was instructed that anything mr. baez said in the opening statement was not evidence and should not be considered as such. i think the jury had obviously george anthony to look at. they had mr. cronk to look at. any number of people to look at whose behavior was odd. i don't think the jury knew. i think one of the reasons the jury came back with a verdict of not guilty was that they i'm mavs in new york -- i'm marianne rafferty. fox news is now confirming that casey anthony was escorted out of the orange county jail in
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florida and taken to an undisclosed location. nearly two weeks ago a jury found her not guilty of murdering her toddler daughter caylee in 2008. the verdict came after a 33 day trial that included allegations that casey chloroformed little caylee and duct taped her mouth. the defense suggested the little girl drown accidentally and also that casey's dad dumped the body without alerting the authorities. right now you are look at videos of casey leaving the scene. the defense claimed that casey was sexually abused by her father and brother and that abuse turned her into the kind of person that could live a carefree life even though she knew her daughter was dead. after a month of testimony from more than 100 witnesses the jury acquitted anthony of all charges except four counts of lying to authorities. the judge sentenced her to a maximum which is a year in prison on each of the counts.
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as we know, with three years time as she already served waiting for her trial and credit for good behavior it was decided that she should be released sunday, today. the verdict caused outrage across the country and anthony has received several death threats out of concern for her own safety the exact time of her release was withheld from the world until authorities were able to get they are safely away to an unknown location. we are going to have updates on the release of casey anthony throughout the morning and the day right here on fox news. we now return to judge jeaninew already in progress. character. >> judge jeanine: but ann, with all due respect. we had people here on the show, the guy she was living with, his roommate said she was going to work.
9:17 pm
she told her parents for two years she was going to universal studios to work. this isn't just after the death, the drowning, whatever. this was before. the woman said she worked at a place and took cops there when she never did. you can't deny is a nonstop pathological liar. >> she certainly didn't tell the truth about her work history. given an opportunity to explain that she would have been able to explain that one aspect. to take one aspect about saying you are work when you are not working and turn her into a pathological liar is taking a step that is a little bit too far. >> judge jeanine: that is where we disagree. >> okay. >> judge jeanine: last question. what about you are appealing the four convictions for lying which is on videotape and things the jurors did agree with unanimously. on what grounds who you appeal? >> well, candidly, two of the counts, the what she was
9:18 pm
convicted of lying about were not material at all to any issues surrounding the investigation in this case. and that was raised in the judgment of acquittal. the absence of materiality which as you know as a prosecutor is generally an element to a crime. so, the statute was a little broad in that regard and i think that that is a quite an appealable issue. i think we are trying to get a clarification of the statute. >> judge jeanine: and there are people who would disagree on that and she certainly has the right to appeal. ann, thanks for being with us this evening. thanks very much. >> thanks for having me. >> judge jeanine: in just a few hours, casey will walk out of jail a free woman. will george and cindy ever welcome them into their home again? plus, how much money will casey make?
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and who is paying her?
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>> i know in my heart, mom, i know in my gut she is all right. every day i get stronger and i still know 24 that she is comig home. i can still feel that she is coming home. >> the anthonys did not want the ultimate punishment for their daughter casey but they did want answers as to how their grand daughter died. joining us is the attorney for the anthonys. reports are, mark, that george anthony says that casey is not welcome at the family home. true? >> it is -- i'm not sure where exactly that is coming from. i actually had george in my office today and i asked him if he has give than information to anybody and he has not disclosed what he feels or thinks about casey that the time. and at such time that they feel they will talk they will let everybody know what they think. he hasn't given any indication one way or another.
9:23 pm
>> how about cindy, how does she feel? >> same thing. she wanted to go see casey last friday and was rebuked either by her attorney or by casey herself. since then she hasn't made any other effort to try and see her because she knows that from casey's attorney jose that casey won't be seeing her. >> i got to tell you, mark, look. she accused her father of molesting her every morning before she got on the bus before she went to school. how does george anthony not feel like he doesn't want to see this kid again for the rest of h her life anyway? >> well, you know, we -- that never actually came from casey in the trial. and certainly there has never been any evidenced from it. until we hear from casey herself george is basically reserving giving any thought about that right now. he is upset about the comments but doesn't know exactly where they came from. >> i think it is kind of interesting. you think that baez made that
9:24 pm
stuff up? he wouldn't do that without hearing it from casey. >> sure, it is unethical and i wouldn't suggest that he would do that in any way, shape or form but may have just been presenting another alternative as a near arery but you have to have a basis when you say things like that. >> judge jeanine: you and i have been doing this for 100 years. i don't think i ever heard that one and i bet you haven't either. cindy during the trial gets off the stand and mouths i love you to her daughter. now, there are those who believe she perjured herself on the standed. i don't want to go there with you. and she did everything she could to try to mend things with casey. even tried to visit her at the jail. how does cindy live with george who casey through her attorney saided molested her every day? i mean how did they stay together? >> well, cindy knows that george never did anything to casey and cindy knows that none of those allegations made by
9:25 pm
mr. baez on behalf of his client were true. and there has never been any evidence of it. so there is no problem living with george and certainly you have the issue with a mother's love versus dealing with what the attorney said. as a mother, i don't think you would ever stop loving your children. >> judge jeanine: what about if casey does not see her parents, are they going to try through you or any one else to meet with her? >> you know, we have made attempts to meet with her or arrangements and mr. baez has indicated security is very, very strong and it would be unsafe for anybody to meet at any time and they are are making arrangements to take care of casey and make sure she is secure. >> judge jeanine: well, and abc is reporting that casey is willing to talk to lee when is ready. is lee receptive, your client lee, to talking to casey? >> you know, lee will talk when
9:26 pm
wants to talk also about what he wants to do. and certainly i know mr. mason has said on different interviews that cindy or i'm sorry. casey didn't want to have relation with either george or cindy but nobody has mentioned lee at this time. so at any time at least it sounds like casey wants some sort of relationship with lee. lee will explain what he wants to do when wants to. >> judge jeanine: does the family have any idea where casey is going when she is released. there is even talk that she is going to live with an aunt in texas? >> the texas thing is purification. i talked to -- is pure fiction. i talked to my clients about that as well. there is no family that they know of in texas. this woman said she was part of a family conversation. we are still trying to figure out which family she was con
9:27 pm
conversesatting with. people are coming out of the wood work to make things up and try and get their 10 seconds of fame. for whatever reason this woman happens to think that cindy is writing a book for a $3 million deal. there was a family meeting that she was a part of and casey is coming to live with her. i'm hearing that the town that she lives in is not happy with those statements. i can assure all of them at the very least we don't think she is going there and there is probably a small chance she would be ending up in texas. >> and george has joined the campaign to get caylee's law passed. is cindy going to join that campaign as well? >> well, it is -- the anthonys are currently focused on creating their foundation in the memory of caylee. it is called caylee's and should be up and running by the end of the week. and part of that organization is to support the final version of whatever caylee's law comes
9:28 pm
into play. right now we are behind representative plakin and diaz in miami, the coauthors of it for the state of florida. and then whatever federal version comes into play we just have to wait and see. >> judge jeanine: mark, thanks so much for being with us this evening. >> thank you very much. >> judge jeanine: and up next, will casey anthony rake in a fortune or will public outrage scare off her immediateddia suitors? and a young boy loses his way and asks a strange for help. what happens next shocks even the police. we have the latest details. bee
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call now for your free information kit and a free $50 savings card. call now! this is a fox news alert. i'm marianne rafferty in new york. fox news confirming casey anthony has just been released from jail. this is new video of her walking out of jail. this is video of her getting into a black suv being taken to an undisclosed location, one of only three journalists allowed inside the jail is speaking reit now. let's take a listen. >> number one, number two, number three and we will brief you as we go according to the situation. so they were assessing every moment and minute while we were inside and chose right at the last minute and came out and they gave us a thumbs up and we went to air aria number one. >> were you down in the lobby
9:32 pm
on the first floor? >> one more time around 10:35 we were taken up to the fourth floor where we stayed there and waited and then was brought down at 11:35 to the lobby area waiting area for the jail. >> florida taxpayers footed the bill for casey anthony. >> as far as i know from the moment she walked out of the door from the jail to the exit door of the jail she didn't say anything. >> they took her right out the front door. >> i was very surprised. i thought maybe we would get a process shot and then they would escort her some place else. they had it very well planned. i gave props to the chief here at end. they made a smart decision to let us pull the shot because it is an important shot and this is the best way of doing it. if we work together, i think success can be accomplished. everybody gets a doesn't shot.
9:33 pm
it was a simle walking out. it. >> they never said we could turn it on or off. basically the only thing that we were not allowed to record were the briefings that were being given to us and the scenarios and they just -- it was more of a security thing for us. they didn't want to be on camera for that. but they were telling us this is what is going to happen and then after we stop talking you can record at large anything you want. i saw jose come out first and basically she followed him. as she walked by she said thank you to the srt sergeant and he nodded his head and it was so quick that if you would have blinked you would miss it. jose, he is straightforward, man. just doing his thing walking and she was behind him like he has done for the last, you know, three years, you know.
9:34 pm
it didn't look to me like he was trying to block her. i would say from the moment that i first saw her to the moment that she left maybe 12 seconds. >> that's right, first floor lobby of the orange county jail. no and i don't care. >> she was so focused on the exit door that it was i think that is -- that is the impression that i got that she was just tunnel vision to the door and that is when i think i saw that, you know, that smile of relief if you will because she saw freedom and she saw the exit door and she saw the srt team and she was like me, exit, goodbye. not heavy makeup. are just like you ladies, do, just light makeup.
9:35 pm
presentable stuff. nothing that you would say out of the ordinary. her hair was -- that is a good question, you know. i can't -- it was up. it was up. but i wasn't focusing on -- >> did jose baez or anybody else touch her or lead her. >> the door opened up and jose came out first and she followed directly. the srt team was in the front and they were leading the way. they never got into our shot. they went to the door and escorted her like they said they would and she walked out and it was very prompt. >> i think her things were already picked up throughout the week. i didn't see any one hauling out any of her belongings. >> have you ever experienced anything quite like this? >> i experienced a lot of things. what i like about this ending we were able to come to an
9:36 pm
agreement and get the shot that we needed to show her going free basically and to it me that was important because i was wondering how we were going get that shot. as would you can see we have thousands of cameras out here. not thousands about a lot of cameras. and i was worried that maybe not one of us and they told us if they really wanted to they could have escorted her out and we would have not seen a shadow of her. i was happy that the chief or coordinator was able to come to an agreement and do exactly what we needed to do. so that was a big homerun for us, the media. >> at any time did you -- >> you were just listening to tony, one of only three reporters who was actually allowed inside the jail to see the first glimpse of casey anthony as she was being released. you may recall nearly two weeks ago a jury found her not guilty of murdering her toddler daughter caylee in 2008. the jury acquitted anthony of
9:37 pm
all charges except four count tion of lying to authorities and then the judge sentenced her to the maximum year in prison for each count but with time already served she was released tonight. it was decided that she should be released tonight and she is going to an undisclosed location. the verdicted, of course, causing outrage across the country. we could see that in the people that gathered around the jail holding up signs. we heard there was even a plane flying over with a banner with some words for casey anthony. the exact time of her release was withheld from the world until authorities were able to get her safely away to the unknown location where she will be spending the foreseeable future. we will have updates on the release of casey anthony throughout the morning and also the day right here on fox news. for now we return to "justice" with judge jeanine, already in progress. >> judge jeanine: and how do you think, dylon, she makes the decision as to who to go with? >> i don't think she will have too much choice is. she has a one million dollars from a it tv freelance produce
9:38 pm
territories could very well be the only offer she has. not forgetting it was the anthony family who licensed a home video collection of video of caylee and casey and sold that to abc news, it was revealed for some $200,000. in everybodin evans visitableyl is being done. that is how media organizations are able to secure interviews. license videos and in exchange for that get an interview. >> i'm curious as to whether oprah is in there negotiating, katie couric in there negotiating. i mean have you interested, dylon? >> i'm interested in asking the questions. would i pay her personally? no, i wouldn't and for the reason that i articulated that two thirds of the american public believe that she is guilty of the murder of her daughter and morally i couldn't authorize a payment to go to her. do i want to ask questions of
9:39 pm
her? absolutely, as you would, too, judge. >> judge jeanine: no question i want to ask questions but given her history of pathological lying i don't think i even want to hear her answer. what about the fact that there are people sending her money while she is in jail? what do you make of that? >> only a marginal amount. let's face it. may have received a small amount of money but she is not a sympathetic figure. that is why she is not getting more than $400 and why the media organizations don't necessarily want to be writing a check to her. >> let's hope that you are right about it. dylon, thanks for being with us this evening. and casey anthony behind bars in solitary confinement for three years. now, about to free a free woman. how does she make the adjustment. and, a junge boy gets lost walking home. he asks a strange for help and disappears. ♪
9:40 pm
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casey anthony just released from jail and we have video of her walking out of the jail. once facing the death penalty, casey anthony is now a free woman. this is new video of her getting into a black suv and
9:43 pm
being taken to an undisclosed location. one of three journalists being allowed inside the jail is speaking now. >> allen moore the spokesman for the jail says the release had an unusual amount of security so therefore in that sense it would not be a normal release and then a separate quote would be we have made every effort to not provide any special treatment for her. she has been treated like every other inmate. other than that, the only other detail that they shared with us she was given $537.68 in cash from her inmate account upon her release. $537.68. the jail said there were no known threats received against her here at the facility. no threats received at the
9:44 pm
facility against her but they had a number of contingency plans in place should anything chaotic happen. i didn't see her carrying anything. i assume she did have belongings that were picked up by someone else. is that it? >> right here. >> now, nearly two weeks ago, as you know, a jury found casey anthony not guilty of murdering her toddler daughter caylee back in 2008. the jury acquitting anthony of all charges except four counts of lying to authorities and a judge sen tenned her to the maximum which is a year in prison on each of the counts. with three years time served awaiting trial and credit for good behavior it was decided she should be released today, sunday. the verdict caused outrage across the country and anthony received several death threats out of concern for her safety.
9:45 pm
the exact time of release was withheld from the world until authorities were able to get her safely away to an unknown location. right now a plane on a runway at orlando executive airport. a live picture of that plane. we are told it is waiting to take her to where she will be spending the foreseeable future which, of course, we don't know where that is but we will definitely bring you all of the information as we get it in. again, nearly two weeks ago the jury finding her not guilty of murdering her daughter and now after being released from jail, amidst crowds of people holding up signs, people that didn't want to see her release and are still holding vigil for caylee anthony, those people watching her leave and it was a quick exit. we heard from a couple of reporters. only three reporters that were allowed inside the jail and they said if you blinked you would have missed it. she was with her attorney jose baez and they got out quickly
9:46 pm
to avoid speaking to any one gathered around the jail. what you are looking at here is a live picture of a plane that we are told is waiting to take her to whereever it is that she will be staying. of course, we have no idea where that could be because that has all been kept a secret. worries about the safety of casey anthony. we will have updates throughoue the day right here on fox newsm for now we return to judge jeanine already in progress. tet she wants to talk to her brother lee when is ready. that is a quote. what is up with that? what is going on between those two? >> you know, i'm not sure what that is all about. i don't know if it is all manipulative. i think casey always has an angle. maybe she wants to talk to lee to segue back into the home. maybe she is kind of feeling all of the possibilities for herself. what if she can't find a job. what if nobody offers her anything. i don't think that is likely. she is going to make money.
9:47 pm
>> and i think that is what bothers people about the situation so much. here is a person who misbehaves, is completely outrageous. probably sociopathic and how is she going get million dollar deals, book deals, interviews. that is our country here and people are having a problem with that. >> judge jeanine: isn't that a commentary on our culture and how she celebrityize criminals. and she is a criminal and convicted of four counts of lying. >> at this point she is a fascinating person. we still don't know how caylee died. people know on some level she knows something and is not revealing it and people want to know. we want an answer to the story. >> judge jeanine: do you think that the defense team is right to be concerned about vigilantes? >> absolutely. >> judge jeanine: you do? >> absolutely. there are people out there who are making threats against people who look like casey anthony. so, people feel very angry that
9:48 pm
here is a woman who wasn't convicted on any counts, it is not fair. and they feel enraged that somehow there was a lack of fairness in the justice issues it temperature. i'm not saying i agree with it but that is the feeling out there with some. >> judge jeanine: i tell you right now i think the whole thing is backwards. but casey wrote that she wanted to have another baby and maybe even adopt one from ireland. what does this tell you about this woman? >> it is almost like have you ever had a dress that you got rid of and then after you got rid of it said i really loved that treasure, in fact, it is in style and i will go out and look for another dress just like this. i think for casey having a child is like an accessory and maybe she wants to prove she can do it again but it is not based on a mother who really loves a child. it is on something else. >> judge jeanine: always good to have you. thanks for being with us. all right. an 8-year-old boy asks a strange for help and then disappears. the shocking details of what happen ad, next, on "justice."
9:49 pm
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>> judge jeanine: a horrible sore story this week left a
9:52 pm
tight knit brooklyn community shattered. even the police were shake ton their core. -- shake ton their core. he only had to make it 7 blocks. on monday afternoon 8-year-old lieby left day camp to walk home. the first time his parents let him make the trip by himself but he quickly became disoriented. lieby is seen on grainy surveillance footage lost and alone. he stopped a strange and asked for help. but lieby never made it home. a frantic search began, less than 48 hours after he vanished, police identified the strange, levy aaron. early wednesday morning, police went to aaron's attic apartment and found h his door slightly open. detectives asked where the boy was and he nodded toward the kitchen. inside the refrigerator was a
9:53 pm
cutting board with three carving knives with blood on them. >> some of his remains were in the freezer. and aaron led police to the rest. in a suit case inside a dumpster a couple of miles away. >> he was in a 1990 brown honda accord with aaron who subsequently brought the boy to his apartment, killed him there and then dismembered the body. >> after his arrest he told police he was "sorry for the hurt he caused." >> a former nypd major case detective. gill, what is the latest on this case? >> well, right now they are testing him to see if he is psychologically fit to go to court and his next court date is july 28. right now he is in bellevue hospital. in between bellevue and
9:54 pm
reicher's island. >> this defendant has no criminal record, gill. what do we know about this guy? >> really unusual. no criminal record for somebody who did something so hideous as what he did, especially cutting up a kid which i don't even want to mention how did he that. in 2006 i think one of his wives made a complaint that she had an order of protection and he snuck in through a window and was laying next to her and she still kicked him out and he fought with her. she says that he had mental problems and was taking medication even at that time. >> judge jeanine: interesting and they are keying it up for an insanity defense which is another issue. why did this guy confess so quickly. we have dealt with these guys for years. why does he right off the bat say okay, i did it? >> the whole situation about history and when you confront somebody. right away you can tell who is going to talk and who isn't. this guy you knew he was going to talk.
9:55 pm
especially when they confronted him. he is already hiding the fact where he chopped a body up and bringing some of his body parts to a dumpster, you know, like two miles away and then putting in a refrigerator other parts. how sick is this guy? >> judge jeanine: you know what, i got to tell you. i don't think it is sick. i think it is evil if he did it and, of course, he is only accuse. >> do you believe he panicked because he saw posters and then smothered the kid? >> i don't even believe his whole story. definitely not. how long could this kid stay with somebody like that and not get nervous about. he looks the same in the same community. did tie him up and did have rope marks on his arms and he did fight. >> judge jeanine: how sad. >> he said that he held him until he died and then described how he cut him up. >> judge jeanine: and bringing him to a wedding there is no backup for that. >> that is in rockland county. where would the kid stay. maybe he thought about it and
9:56 pm
kept him in the car. >> he says he was at the wedding and nobody there confirms he was there. >> thanks for having me. i appreciate it. >> judge jeanine: and my thoughts. it is every parent's balancing act. how much independent do you give your child and how soon and it is every parent's nightmare hearing that your 8-year-old boy has been kidnapped and bruteally murdered. the truth is that every few seconds in this country someone becomes a victim of a violent crime. they didn't do anything or ask for it. they are simply abouting about their lives and like a thunder bolt their lives and the lives of all of them who surround them are changed forever. we rarely think to include, though, a child walking home from day camp in the middle of the day as being one of those victims. but unfortunately little 8-year-old leiby happened to ask a monster for directions. aaron is charged with murder in the first-degree. his lawyers are worried about his mental state. i for one am not.
9:57 pm
what concerns me are the predators who roam freely among us. they sit next to us at church and synagogue. they are out next door neighbors. we don't know yet if this alleged murderer is apodida pedophile. i'm not worried about his mental state, i only worry about the victim, his family, his neighborhood and the commune tate has to suffer the presence of this monster and will forever suffer the ripple effect for years to come. thanks for being with us this evening. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. ♪
9:58 pm
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