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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  July 18, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> i am geraldo river rez. on t -- rivera on the phone with me is the attorney for casey anthony. thank you for calling in. let me ask straight out how is she doing and did you hear that angry crowd shouting killer, killer as casey walked free? >> i can't disclose any conversations she and i have had but i can tell you my experience when i walked out the door of course. i certainly had a large group of people yelling things. i couldn't make it out. we got in the car and left.
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(broken up talking) >> your phone is breaking up, jose. standstill or by the window there. let me ask you part of what i may have missed how is she doing? >> i don't have any information -- (breaking up). >> when you look at her how does she seem to be doing? >> i am not a therapist. i am a lawyer. those kinds of questions i think are best left up to the mental health professional. she is been through an incredible traumatic event in her life. a number of them in the last
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three years we are going to do our best to try to get in a position where she can help her self to try and move forward in life. >> does that mean therapy? does that mean a residential program? how is she going to get the help to heal from the trauma of losing her child by whatever means being in jail, solitary confinement for years facing the death penalty? >> we are looking at all possibilities we have to take into consideration for safety. all of these things are what we are looking at right now. we don't have all of the answers just yet. >> i am not going to ask you where she is but are there specific threats? are you afraid for her physical safety? >> here's what i am afraid of even more so we live in the united states of america and this young woman had her day in
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court a jury of 12 found her not guilty of murder and slaughter and aggravated assault. we need to start respecting jury verdicts and vision that is juries make and media personalities have no right in the life of any individual as to what they think may or may not have happened but what they believe. that is what is by far my greatest fear that they are acknowledging the sacrifice this jury made and hard work they labored over to render a just varied in this case which i believe they did they believe they did and that is really all. >> i agree that being vilified is obscene constitutionally speaking. i have to ask you about these rumors. is she or shaz hee left florida?
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is she or has she or will she change her names? is she getting plastic surgery is she becoming a blonde all of those things being reported? >> number one, all of those questions that i would have knowledge of only through the attorney client relationship. and you know, the fact is here casey has been acquitted and shes released from jail and she deserves every right to live the life. it is unfortunate these questions have conversation rumor have to come up. that is really just all that really does. >> i understand all that and agree with that.
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what's making everybody crazy is the feeling that she is going to cash in now make millions off this terrible tragedy. what's your response to that? >> i can respond to the -- she has certain rights and individual in this country and we will labor hard to make sure that she has the ability to say what she is going to do no one knows. i heard on your network there's a deal for a million dollars. that is not so. i was going to meet with the individual and you hear whatever offer he wanted to make and that was the only agreement i ever made with him was to sit down and listen to what they were offering but that's not the case. i am not meeting with them.
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i am now going to change my mind. this is not the way we want to handle casey's affairs from this point on in a dignified manner and parading offers and making media appearances about prospective interviews and things like that that is not something we want to be a part of. setting the record straight on that. >> what relationship will you and casey have will you continue to be her attorney? >> i am her attorney. the contactive had with her the last three years is -- >> you have a message for him or more to the point casey's parents or her brother lee? >> i have spoken with mark.
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any communications i have with mark i have his number. he can do it on television. >> when will we be hearing from casey's own mouth her side of the story? >> i don't -- as far as those, i really don't know. right now we are going to -- we want to make sure she starts living her life. if she decides she wants to speak publicly about it she will make that decision. someone doesn't have -- no one has the right for another individual to go out on television right now we were just moving forward and trying to start finally put the pieces back together. >> listen counselor, whatever we
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feel about your client, you did some brilliant lawyering. you don't deserve to be made out to be a criminal. i think it's really digs gusting. i am sure we will be speaking again in the future. thanks hoe day baez. >> with all of the vit tree all can casey live a normal life or will she like oj simpson be forever shunned? that and what does the best legal panel on television you just heard from jose baez. back in a flash after this.
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>> i wouldn't say she was smiling. she was holding back any sort of
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facial expression. she was wearing a bright pink shirt with a polo logo on it. her hair was in a tight bunn. two srt officers were behind her with automatic weapons strapped on him. >> i don't know that anything is beyond repair but the odds are strong. she may have a relationship at some point. i think with the pair rentz that's pretty well burned. >> jose baez co council in the dramatic murder case. casey anthony accused of killing her baby. casey acquitted with the stunni stunning verdict. jose baez joins me now.
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mark thanks for coming on. did you and jose speak? is that accurate? what were those conversations to the extent you can tell me? oo the extent is we know that casey is safe and everything else right now we are waiting to see what happened. >> what about casey said about the parents and former accused child murderer now having no relationship? is that the way you see it or is that the way they see it more importantly? >> until they hear directly from casey right now what mr. baez may say is potentially their own opinion. other than that my clients are speaking with casey. >> does that mean that they -- what's the proper expression they forgive her or want to have a relationship with her? her dad's testimony seemed to be very, very negative and pro prosecution the mother obviously
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as we all know tried her best it seems to testify on her behalf. >> it is interesting you put it that way. both testified truthfully obviously mr. anthony wasn't the target of the defense. find whatever he said appeared to be pro prosecution. as far as what they want or what they think at some point they will give their thoughts and feelings. we want to do make sure they were safe and we had the assurances given to us. >> what about an assurance your client cindy caylee marie's grandma will be charged or not charged with perjury regarding her testimony about the search for chloroform. >> the state attorney's office after they said they were having discussions with the state
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attorney regarding perjury they were not going to charge cindy. at this point i don't think it will be too much of a concern. >> you got into hot water for saying your clients believe casey is guilty. you want to give us a short version of the claim. >> it was never that they said she was not guilty. >> that she was guilty. >> or that she was guilty not guilty or anything. those words actually never left my mouth. the term was that she is not innocent was used and it was in context with an entire conversation. it was more directed towards the defense's use of their opening statement when mr. baez said that mr. anthony had molested casey. we were saying george never
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supported that theory. >> you said they believed her not to be -- do they still believe her to be not innocent? >> you have to look at the context of everything that has done in the trial. doesn't matteder what they believe at this point. everybody has opinions. t whenever you were right as they identified correctly the you united states offers rights. they gave the rights to casey they found her not guilty. >> what was the headline? >> he said acquitted he did not say innocent. what we are hearing again is -- >> i am talking about jose baez. >> jose baez said she was acquitted. acquittal does not mean innocent. jose baez does not follow that trap. >> i quitted means he could right a book. >> she could right a book but
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acquitted doesn't mean she is innocent. >> a book deal, a life in hiding, motherhood again. whakdz the future hold for casey anthony? what could we ever -- could we ever for give her? the little
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>> there's sn no place she coulo where she is safe. her family is not going to welcome her back into their home any time soon. every where shoo goes she is marked. >> a second chance for casey anthony? an acquitted child killer.
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is it possible for her to start over? mike tyson did. >> you have a picture in society that picture is strong. this pen and this paper is strong. >> convicted 92 people remembe him not for his crime but for his laughs in films like "the hangover." oo super star quarterback michael vick also dug himself out of a deep hole. >> it is animal abuse. what he did is totally wrong and i will never forget that or for give it. >> he fought his way back to the top of pro football. >> i am happy i had a chance to come back and continue to work hard and try to make things right. >> we all make mistakes.
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convicted of drug deals and later dui. he went to doing time to tool time. >> he's still making us laugh. >> men's thong underwear. >> are you wearing them this evening? >> i have them on right now. >> remember mary kay letourneau the people who bedded her 13-year-old student? rafr her release from prison latorneau went right back to the boy she was sent to the slammer for in the first place. >> look back at it and laugh at it. some people should get over it right now. >> they draw a crowd that is interested in meeting mary and billy and they come down and they realize what a nice person she is. >> close dorr the mark is canadian killer carlo hamulka released after testifying
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against her husband and co killer. the public didn't want to give her a second chance. >> she will be pay that go debt for the rest of her life. mate be a short life, too. who knows president way people feel about her there's enough people in the world who are not going to accept it. >> judgeing from the majority ro reaction so far she will have a tough road ahead as she starts her second chance at life. >> she can walk out of these steps and say i did it and t hou.
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>> stacy what's your headline? we think the telegraphing by jose he briefly entertained this million dollar offer and rejected it because the guy went
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public this sleazy producer or whatever is that the headline? >> the bigger headline is she has to go over the trauma of losing a child. we have to see she was hardly feeling traumatic about losing this child. that's the first thing. that's the second thing we are not entertaining it now and the public hates her. they were trying to get the media attention but i do feel when it dies down people will come down and you seek a story you haven't been able to believe. if you have a sit down person you don't ever belief what she has to say. the public feels at this juncture we are not going to listen we don't care. curiosity down the road. >> i think people would be fascinated to read her account. particularly after the smoke settles. >> i think you are 100 percent right. people want to hear the story.
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she is going to be on tv the next couple weeks. the country will hear what she has to say. whether they like it or not they are going to hear what they had to say. casey anthony whatever it is they want to hear from casey anthony. she is going to get paid for it. until the country says you have had enough casey anthony she is not going to get the money. >> with witness tampering all of these lawsuits is this thing real loifr? remember tim miller of equusearch he spent thousands mobilized hundreds of searchers ceasost
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powerful name in news fox news channel. >> we have done what we feel is necessary to do. i will see if the system is going to work and hope we don't get the same jury. >> miller the founder of equusearch the follow veer group that searchs for missing youngsters after he served a 100,000 lawsuit after he wasted equusearch's time money energy allowing him to look for casey marie. he said quote i know she is alive somewhere so please bring her back. here is craig. >> geraldo three years ago he
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organized one of the largest search efforts in american history tim miller of texas equi search looking for caylee anthony organized 100 people spent hundreds of thousands of dollars looking for the young lady and now suing casey anthony to get some of the money back. >> that's what we are doing. we are not proud to say we are doing that but we feel as though we needed to do that. >> days after 2-year-old caylee anthony was reported missing miller showed up with an army of volunteers. they came on all-terrain vehicles and on foot to search a trail already 31 days cold. >> that one of the most sophisticated mapping equipment available. we have all of the right rye sources and people. >> we were with them and with
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little to go on there's more money you are spending to find caylee anthony when you find so many missing children? >> it is frustrate to go all of us. it was near the $75,000 mark. we have other families calling us that we can't get to. i fought for a straight period of time you could have brought this to an end a long long time ago. >> two months after he ended his search a tiny body with light colored hair and bones similar in size to caylee's age was found. >> we found a human skull. we believe it's a human. >> what's the location? >> off of suburban and chickasaw
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area. >> i am still kind of numb from it all in a way and i don't think we will ever digest the whole story and you know, we are going to have 1230 plus searchs all over the world but there has never ever been one like this. hope there never will be another one. >> is there over $100,000 we were with the planes the atv's is it about the money? >> it's not all about the money. >> what are you hoping you can accomplish with your lawsuit? >> i am hoping that we accomplish and go ahead and get our $100,000 plus back. if we do it's going into a fund.
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that is going to be strictly used just for searching for children. no adults or anything. kaye low did not get the justice she deserved but we are not going to let her be forgotten either. >> he is a great guy, craig. there are a lot of get rich quick jerk off there is. i think he has a legitimate beef. ly get that from tim. you were there once you got out of jail early this morning 14 minutes after midnight i guess. what was that scene like? >> geraldo as you can image there were a lot of people at the jail still had very strong feelings about casey anthony her lawyer, the jury and their verdict they came from all over the state to make their voices heard as casey left that jail.
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there were just as many journalists there as protestors. there is still this intense media interest in this story. it is fueled this wild speculation about her whereabouts for the past couple of days i feel fielded phone ca from local jourm lists even the networks called me in the middle of the night to ask where was casey anthony? was she with you? so of course i had to fill them in and say nothing can be further from the truth. >> my wife told me i couldn't bring her home to do the interview. her location is not that dramatic. >> magnificent organization all
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you do tim with you and natalee holloway all of the rest. >> thank you. >> not doing it for the dough you are doing it for the principle. give us a little bit more about that. >> there is a big principle behind it. there are many families you couldn't help saying i am sorry. jose baez opened his mouth during the statement. the fact of the matter is caylee never was listening made them furious she was found not guilty. oh my god all of the money all of the time all of the other families that we neglected, you know, the search and the heart and the tears coming from 13 different states. the best resources in the world for this little girl found right behind us was here the whole time we were deceived we were lied to but what i said from the beginning when i talked to craig he could have ended this a long
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time ago. i owe this to our supporters i owe it to our donors. they donate money keep us going. out of jose baez mouth kaye low was never missing. >> remind us why you started equusearch? >> you know i have been through the same thing with my own daughter when she disappeared. police said she was a run away. the police never knew she was a run away. we didn't get any help and 17 months later guess what? her body ended up 4 bodies found in an oil field. i would never leave a family alone. i knew that feeling.
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searching for a girl that was not missing we left many families alone. i am sorry to the families that needed us. we got a family 15 houses away that did not need it. i am still angry about it. i apologize to our supporters. >> tim did georgian th anthon t george anthony tip to you she knew more than he was letting on? >> the first ten men's o minute there i met casey. sipped de was on the known casey went to her room and i was talking to jim i introduced myself. how is george doing? not doing well. new the answer and won't talk. immediately right off the first 15 minutes i was in the house i
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knew there was something that was wrong we were being lied to nobody was being honest. >> hold it. let me get mark's reaction. >> i didn't actually hear mr. miller say that came from my client. regardless of where it came from, i am interested to hear what the rest of the story is. >> you two can get together. let me take a quick break. we will continue with these. i have panelists you never heard from. i want to hear more from stacy and lis wooel. >> people have no reservation or hesitation about walking up to an individual, pulling a gun, a knife or any other type of weapon. because they disagree with them
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hurt them or kill them best that i think i can do legally is a cooling off period. at the conclusion of that cooling off period release the names. you go next if you had a
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>> back live. let's go right to our panel. for the next 15 minutes we will go around the horn. julia, what about tim's lawsuit tim miller of equusearch's lawsuit and these other claims about this. >> i think tim miller's lawsuit if he never sees a red cent from her sadly he never will it's bad enough she had no value for the life of her own child but to take away resources from other missing children by leading the equusearch people to believe that caylee was potentially alive and they should dump all of the research for her in light of everything else she is done and as to the anita gonzalez lawsuit caylee -- casey has been
2:46 am
ducking her deposition because of the kriel now that it is over she has to try to testify on that. >> i think she will eventually. i think her lawyer was grandstanding insisting she be deposed before she was released from prison. the statue is not totaling. what do you think of the zani the nanny lawsuit. i think that's a bit more questionable from the equusearch lawsuit. >> i think that's a lot more questionable. i think the lawsuit has merit. now that being said i may have suffered some harm it has nothing to do with me. it doesn't rise to the level it needs to be. john smith of the world is going
2:47 am
to sue me the claim is absurd in and itself. i can't believe the judge hasn't dropped this case already. >> oh god. >> what stacy? >> wrong, wrong, wrong. i don't agree with him at all. >> this is not just onnon smith. this is zonita gonzalez fernandez. this woman suffered such loss since this incident. she got evicted can't get a job she has suffering and damages. this isn't something i mentioned something. it is a full statement made she is been convicted of those false statements they were published not only the third party to millions of parties. her lawsuit is good. they paid back, period the end. >> let the public let her employer say i made a mistake. she had nothing to do with the lawsuit.
2:48 am
just because they matched the purse with what the allegation was doesn't give rise to a lawsuit. >> looks like zani the nanny is trying to gran dies herself to get the attention. with tim miller it's a completely different story. the before this whole casey anthony thing happened he was very clear. >> if i am the plaintiff -- if i am the plaintiff lawyer in the tim miller case i put him on the stand first i am getting much more than one red cent. i am getting the $100,000 he's a righteous man with a righteous cause he has no ax to grind. he's just trying to do the right thing for all of the families. with every cent he makes is going to search for kids. >> go ahead. >> i was just going to ask i know that you talk to jose you are asking him questions i think tim miller makes a good point.
2:49 am
at what point does he know or did he tell him the child died accidentally. >> come on you know that. you know that. >> you can't do that. >> i want to say one thing. wait a second. wait a second. i completely respect the attorney client privilege. i am fully aware of that. i understand that. but at some point if there is obstruction involved, if you are missing a child, are you actively participatiparticipati? >> you can't withhold information like that. >> you cannot. you cannot. >> at what point -- >> here's the question. >> at what point -- >> dr. michael stone the question is can she be healed by
2:50 am
therapy bo back after this. >> very
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>> before we delve into casey annon knee and whether or not it will be successful i have another question for the forensic psychiatrist the information of the lawsuit you did a little research what did you find? >> i found 5 or 6 different zanita gonzalez. >> different ages with their
2:54 am
relatives. >> going to undermine the lawsuit. i wonder if they all suffered damages. >> you go to lis and stacy. stacy is mad at you but why? >> i know that lis is going to say. >> david and i were discussing it. i know what you are talking about you were going to discuss it. i said i am fully aware of the attorney client privilege. i didn't say he did anything wrong. >> she is not. i am the first one not to be a lawyer. >> i am the first one not to say anything. she prefaced it saying if she knew june 16th or thereabouts caylee was dead he would have obstruction issues. if he didn't know until after
2:55 am
the body was found she was in the clear. we don't know and will never know. >> that is all i said. there are so many attorney client privileges there. >> he could resign. >> okay. but you won't let me explain. if there is a body in a swamp and the body -- >> julia morrow. >> pandemonium there. >> you believe cindy should be prosecuted for perjury why? i will have mark lippman respond to you. >> i think she should. i am shocked she is not. she is took the stand she is so pathetic at this moment. she said she was the one who did the chloroform searchs 84 the computer expert testified to. her work record her employers put up on the stand after a
2:56 am
rebuttal showing no you weren't home you were at work that day. of course she lied and said well i snuck out. plate tant lies that can't be proven under oath. >> you are going to attack my client i have to right to speak. >> my turn to speak now. >> go ahead. >> go ahead. >> you didn't hear the same thing i did and there's no testimony of that. you said she said -- >> that's what the expert said not her. >> you had said my clients did the same thing. said remarks about her. >> i said the expert said that. you are educating my client. never said those things never testified to those things. never testified it was the 21st the prosecution asked about the particular days she said if that's what you say that's what it must be.
2:57 am
check the deposition check your facts before you make statements about my clients. >> did i check the facts and i am making statements i am comfortable with. thank you. i appreciate your advice. >> you two won't be staycationing together. >> the bottom line you know as a prosecutor you have discretion. >> is tim miller still there? tim. i only have a few seconds left. i want you to know we want you to continue your effort on behalf of missing children every where. thank you for all you have done. i want to thank all of my guests for being with me. thank you jose baez for being
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>> good morning, it's monday, july 18th. i'm molly line in for gretchen carlson. first she beat the rap and then she beat the press. she ditches reporters for a clean getaway. where is she now? who is keeping her safe? her attorney tells us what she knows. >> meanwhile, it wasn't the music. rather the storms that brought down this house. oh, my goodness. the stage comes crashing down on the crowd at an outdoor concert. we'll tell you who was singing and what happened next. my goodness. look at that. >> all right. don't mess with this guy. meet the congressman who is confronted with an intruder and did it with his own two hands. at least his


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