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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  July 25, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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guy is the best. >> sean: governor thank you for being with us. and thank you. that is all the time we have left this evening. >> geraldo: this is a fox news alert. i'm geraldo rivera. major crime stories happening leaving a bloody trail from california to norway this night and we begin our "special report" there. they thought at first in norway that its was their 9/11. islamic terrorists perpetrating a massive attack. then it became painfully clear it wasn't their 9/11 it was their oklahoma city. a gruesome act of domestic terrorism. mass murder by one of their own. like army veteran turned mass killer timothy mcveigh, the norwegian shooter was a home gronel right wing extremist. today as their beloved king and queen openly wept. their son the crowned prince of
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norway spoke outside a hospital after visiting victims of the horrific attacks. here is our greg burke. >> this is an attack that, of course, was directed at some individuals. but it was also an attack on our entire society. >> police saying today that the killer still had lots of ammunition when he was caught. he surrendered immediately. there is a bit of a debate here about how long it took police to get out to the island. now, a very troubling profile emerging of anders breivik. he has clear problems with muslims even bigger problems with the politicians who allow muslim immigration in europe. today in oslo tries to make sense of it all with a grief of and hope. telling youth on the island it was their day to die. we interviewed one who told us a fascinating story.
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>> the boy defended himself and said "leave us alone. go away. we have had enough now. i'm too young to die." he was so strong in the words he said. and he was so brave. >> breivik will have to answer for his crimes. he does appear in court tomorrow. his lawyer says that he has confessed but he does not think that what he did was a crime. geraldo? >> geraldo: greg burke, thank you very much. before bo dietl offers the best advise for those caught in a mad man's orgy of violence, there was another mass murderer closer to home. in grand prairie texas, saturday night, the dead shooter has just been identified. he is 35-year-old tandu. vietnamese me imgranted who killed wife and four of her family members, the youngest just 16. >> so what do you do, folks? if for whatever reason some homicidal maniac or this norwegian nut or tucson's jared laughner starts blasting away at whoever is in range. former ace detective bo dietl
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does fortune favor the brave. should you rush the guy? >> we can all talk about what was going on at that time. what was in the people's minds. comes to my memory was 1984 in east new york, when a man shot ten people, including eight kids. they sat there in the state of shock. no one moved. no one ran out of there. situation like this. got to do many this guy was systematically shooting everybody over there fired more shots and to make sure they were dead. the real problem here is you have 600 people there, geraldo. >> geraldo: on that island. >> on that island. the security procedures that were there were not affected. what if someone had a heart attack on that island? they should have had security procedures where they had medevaced off. people get in there. security, don't have a gun, geraldo, you don't have security. i have a big laugh when they asked me for a security guard.
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they don't want him to have a gun. don't want to have security, don't have a gun, not having security. i laugh about people hire our company don't want armed people. what good is security? >> geraldo: 93 dead in norway. guess what the maximum sentence this guy is facing. >> is he probably facing six years and eating sardines or something. that's a very liberal country. we know about that. >> there is no death penalty in norway. and the maximum jail time is 21 years and they can't run consecutively so 21 years, this 32-year-old perpetrator is facing 21 years. >> to look at that and look at the bodies that were laying on the coastal line there. and these people were just slaughtered. there for 90 minutes, geraldo. what kills me is that this is the labor party's group there. wouldn't you put some kind of protection just for these kids? if they got hurt there, how would you then, the medevac somebody over there. >> the legend of the peaceful country is shown to be very naive. bo, i will see you later.
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in a san diego mansion, a woman is dead and no one is even sure whether it is suicide or murder. >> party later identified as adam shackni told the responding officers he had found the rope around the neck and hanging from a balcony off the main house. >> we believe it's either a suicide or a homicide. can i tell you that from doing this job over 10 years, sometimes suicide will look like homicide and sometimes vice versa. so that's why it's really important to take a look at your evidence, don't rush to judgment, interview all key witnesses. >> bring you back up to speed. i know a lot has been happening this week. first you have a 6-year-old boy in san diego, tumbles down a staircase in his millionaire dad's historic mansion. losing his fight for life, in the hospital. the father's girlfriend who is watching the boy when he had his terrible accident is found hanging nude, her hands and legs
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tied. hands behind her. before we get our expert's best guess on whether becca had help in killing herself. here is our casey stegall with the latest. >> geraldo, it is like something you can read out of a mystery novel, although this is real life. tonight, radar online reporting that police are trying to get their hands on some surveillance tape at a san diego area children's hospital to verify the pharmaceutical mogul's story. that is because 54-year-old jonah shackni has told police all along that he was visiting his son in the hospital at the time his girlfriend was found dead. jonah's younger brother making the discovery back on july the 13th. he says he found 32-year-old rebekah hanging from the balcony. she was naked. her hands and feet bound. woman's family says she would not have taken her own life. and an official cause of death is pending toxicology reports
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which we understand could take up to six weeks. just two days before jonah's six-year-old son max fell down the stairs e was in the hospital for nearly a week but eventually died from his injuries. both of the incidents happening at this multi--million-dollar mansion near san diego in the same week. police say they have executed multiple search warrants at that property. but will not elaborate any further on the investigation. it's important to point out that they have not named the home's owner. jonah shackni, a suspect. geraldo? >> geraldo: casey stegall thanks very much. i haven't seen former homicide detective rick carlson since i road along busting bad guys in the 19 80s. written a book on suicide called i'm in the tub gone. nice to see you. how is it going? have you seen the pictures of this woman. i want to get right to it what do you think?
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did she kill herself or did someone help her? >> geraldo, it's really suspicious circumstances. i would think if you were contortionist there is a slight possibility that you could end up in that position. that you could do that to yourself. here you have a woman who most people that i have been involved with with suicide don't want to be found in this kind of condition. they are more reclusive. and it would be difficult to do what she did. but, like i said, it's not out of the realm of possibility. >> does the millionaire grieving dad have an ally? >> i think that's why the sheriffs have gone and got the tapes from the hospital or are attempting to get them. because they want to look at those tapes to establish a time line to see if in fact, what he says is true. unfortunately, you know, this is a grieving family. it just makes it all that much more difficult. >> geraldo: in the photographs that you have looked at, rick, be square with that. does it seem that the knots were kind of the casual things you
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could stage yourself? you know, if you're -- you want to exact your indirect revenge against your lover or is this like a real deal which was she really bound behind her back? >> geraldo, the photographs i saw it will news helicopter. the hands were behind the back a bit. the coroner's office is going to have to look for any injury to the body that could have happened before. i mean, the -- a possibility of even strangulation and using the rope to cover that up. who knows at this point. it's definitely still up in the air. >> geraldo: have you seen staged suicides of this nature, rick? >> never this elaborate. i have seen people do things. usually if they do something elaborate talking somebody to talk to them. talked off the bridge. usually people intent on doing
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it rick good seeing you. >> good seeing you. thanks, geraldo. >> geraldo: my extensive interviews with jose baez and cheney mason on casey's current whereabouts. her progress therapeutically and extremely negative reaction the outcome of the case continues to generate. did the biewcher -- butcher of that poor boy in brooklyn have previous victims? coming up.
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>> asked me to get a restraining order against him because he was like at the time he was so hysterical about us getting a divorce. he didn't want to get a divorce. i wanted to get the divorce. he felt that for my safety it was better for me to get one. >> geraldo: has he the ex-wife of the butcher. dismemberment of that 8-year-old boy in that tight knit jewish
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neighborhood in brooklyn still has this entire town rattled even as police ponder whether this guy may have had other victims. greg investigates. >> geraldo, on july 11th, when 8-year-old leiby clusky disappeared. this whole community came together to search for him. rabbi david neederman is president of the united jewish organization of williamsburg. tell me how this death has affected this community. >> it has affected all communities all over the city, worldwide as well. we all felt such a horrible act that could not be comprehended. >> it was the first time a young boy got to walk alone. a scene not uncommon in this part of new york city where orthodox jews dominate and feel safe and protected among their own. >> when you learned that this was a fellow just who is responsible or is a main suspect in the murder of this child, what was the response?
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what was the feeling, the gut feeling? >> it is a terrible letdown. >> this haunting surveillance video is likely the last image of leiby clusky alive. >> at 5:05 p.m. leiby clusky left his camp on 44th street and 12th avenue. he was supposed to turn right, one block later to meet his parents. instead, he was picked up on this surveillance camera walking to 15th avenue. three blocks out of his way. he was lost. >> leiby continued along the long city street block after block. confused and disoriented. >> finally after walking nearly a mile out of his way at the intersection of day hill and 18th. leiby asked directions from the wrong person. aron levy who was going here to see his dentist. >> 35 minutes later leany was in a 1990 brown honda accord with leiby aron who subsequently brought the boy to his
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apartment, killed him there, and then dismembered the body. according to statements that he made. >> police caught up with aron whose car was identified by eyewitnesses two days later. the shocking nature of the crime affecting even veteran top cop ray kelly and mayor michael bloomberg who visited the boy's home this week to pay respects as his family sat shiver. >> we all before we go to bed should take a look at our children and recognize how lucky we are to have them and hope this doesn't happen to us. >> the tragedy shined light on neighborhood watch groups operating sesk strictly within the orthodox communities. >> why do you think it's necessary that you have own private security within these neighborhoods? >> let us not kid ourselves, so many crimes are committed and also we believe that we are a target. >> now some are asking what leany known in the community and
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did he try unsuccessfully to kip kidnap others. this father tells fox aron approached his son six months ago. >> we didn't know who it was. we wasn't sure if my son was exaggerating or not. he only asked him to come into the car for a ride. >> there are questions about a delay in contacting the nypd. >> there have been some criticism in the press about the fact that maybe the community didn't go to the police fast enough. they went to shomrim. >> there were r. no facts. the helped solve the crime are the volunteers of the patrol and the people. >> this week cops pulled boxes out of the apartment. boxes with labels saying child's pants and blue child's spoon. pink cup. they are trying to determine if the lonesome loser is responsible for other missing children. meantime, one of his defense attorneys quit sighting moral
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issues. he said i have three little boys. you can't look at your kids and then look yourself in the mirror knowing that a little boy whose close age to my eldest son was murdered so brutally. geraldo? >> geraldo: the cops were traumatized too. >> they were. >> geraldo: the ones that went into the scene. >> it was an awful scene, geraldo. they asked where the little boy was. he pointed to the kitchen. they looked at the bloody refrigerator. found the knives, the remains of the child, it was just an awful scene. >> geraldo: oh, god. what a freak. could this slaughter though have been prevented? that's the question we ask when we come back. then we will have the latest on where casey anthony is and is not. back in a flash, folks. please stay tuned.
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>> orthodox jewish community we feel now at this time that they must take safety and health much more seriously. >> we all should before we go to bed take a look at our children and recognize how lucky we are to have them and pray this doesn't happen to us and say a prayer for the young boy and for his family. >> geraldo: hold your kids a little tighter. you don't let 8-year-olds. i'm sorry, this is a horrible, horrible crime committed by an absolute animal. you can't just let your kids walk by themselves at the age of 8. we don't live in that world anymore. so with the news that the accused butcher of brooklyn allegedly attempted to lure other kids into his car, a local councilman has proposed what i think is a great idea nationwide, a safe haven bill businesses would be issued bright green stickers. put them in the window to let kids know they can safely ask the proprietor for help if they are lost. i want long-time area senator
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and our pal arthur aidala to weigh in on the right on the spots speckets that this man will plead not guilty by reason of insanity. that must make you crazy it? >> does make me crazy. the in fact, the grandparents of a mother came to my office the day after they found leiby butchered and the reason they came to my office, they were actually concerned that this individual will get off with an insanity defense. look, i'm not a lawyer, i'm not an expert on this. i can't imagine that happening. this is an individual, based on what we already know who planned and plotted, seemed to know know what he was doing from the first moment to the last moment based on what we know. >> once he saw the child alone? >> more is going to come out. i don't believe the entire story has already been told. there is more to this story. i have never seen anything like it. i have represented this community for 29 years.
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i have been in situations of tragedies. but i have never seen anything affect my community and it is way beyond my community throughout this country. the reaction of people everywhere. everyone understands that leiby is not a child from burrow park. leiby is your child. it could be your 8-year-old. as innocent as can be. a kid combs home from day camp and disappears. and the person involved is your next door neighbor. >> geraldo: have you got to watch your kids constantly. you can't let down your guard. you are the prime protector of your children. >> geraldo. how careful can you be? you know, this parent, we live in burrow park in one of the safest communities in the city of new york. we don't have serious crime. the mother wants to give the child a little bit of freedom so they make up where they are going to meet. they go through the actual route. >> arthur, a couple of things. about this affecting people
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nationwide, my law office in brooklyn is one mile away. it's an italian american community. we had his pictures in all of our windows. my law office had his picture it did effect all of us. regarding what you led off with about the councilman wanting people have stickers in their windows. brook lib district attorney joe heinz started that program and it exists in brooklyn. it's called safe haven. it's exactly what you just said. every sticker in stores brooklyn ada, safe haven, you can come in here and be safe. joe heinz, the brooklyn ada has put -- d.a. has put his top prosecutor on the case. she is a no nonsense prosecutor. what people should feel slightly comfortable with is statistics show that the 10% of the time that the insanity defense is successful, those people are incarcerated for a longer amount of time than people who get convicted of murder in second degree and serve 25 years to life. >> be that -- that is true by
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the way. i think that the family, the community, the people out there, they don't want the insanity defense. they want to say look this is an individual who knew what he was doing. when you say that someone is insane, you take away responsibility. you say well, you know, the guy didn't know what he was doing. he knew precisely what he was doing. he picked up an 8-year-old child in the sleep took him to his home and we know the rest of the story. >> i know you attended a wonderful memorial for the youngster. people from all faiths. arthur, stand by. i need you. the best information in the nation about casey anthony coming up
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>> i'm just getting a lot of threatening phone calls at my home. and i >> geraldo: that 911 call was made tuesday night by the wife of casey anthony co-counsel sell jay cheney mason. her fear for her family's safety is the best evidence that outrage over the casey anthony acquittal has become toxic. joining us from his home base in orlando, florida, veteran criminal defense attorney cheney mason joins me. how is shirley doing, first of all, cheney? >> she is better. she is here with me off screen right now. calming down.
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i think some of this has subsided and we have taken certain precautions. >> now, were you surprised at how bitter it was and really frankly, are you worried for your own physical safety? >> well, no. and i don't want to sound too macho but i'm not worried about myself. i, frankly, believe that the people that have been calling or writing threatening things since they do it anonymously and hang up, probably don't have the courage to do anything personally. but you never know and calling my house got to be such a nuisance and scared my wife and her 87-year-old mother lives there with us. and that crossed the line. i won't tolerate it. >> geraldo: what you can do about it? particularly whether you have a threat that says you better sleep with one eye open? >> well, you only need one tie aim. so, we have security in place as
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well. but i think, you know what? >> well, i did the right thing. i agreed to do everything possible to save casey's life. that's what the mission was. that was the mission we accomplished. so, of course it was worth it. i also spoke today, cheney, to your co-counsel jose baez. he told me, quote, casey is out of orlando. that may have been obvious to many people. you made it very specific. he also said that your baez and your teams continuing fears for casey's physical safety are
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complicating the process of arranging the therapeutic setting she needs but that quote, it will be set up shortly with people i trust, jose baez and casey is trying to readjust to life, end quote. you know, what do you know about that and can you see her ever having anything resembling a normal life given the experience you have had in your own family with the people, however unreasonable they may be who it only takes one nut job to make, you know, antidote about an ugly phone ghiewl a tragedy. defense lawyer protect them. all i can say is i know jose is diligently working, trying to get things done for casey. we want her to be able to have the intense counseling that we all know. she needs to rejoin the world after being three years of being locked down 23 hours a day. being vilified as the most hated
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woman in the jury. even though the jury has declared her to be not guilty. it's a real tragic commentary on our society. but i think, you know, things will eventually subside and hopefully we have some future. i don't know how long it's going to take. she certain solid recognizable as all of us are. so, we just have to hope for the best and keep on trying to do everything we can to benefit her. try to educate people, try to get folks back away from their hatred. and try to substitute that with understanding and compassion and maybe a little intellect. >> geraldo: you know, the big beef people have right now, cheney, and you know it is the fear that she is going to cash in, that she is going to become a millionaire behind this tragic occurrence where the very least, you know, she partied on the grave, you could say, without
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being overly cruel or harsh of her child whether dead by accident or, you know, something nefarious or criminal. now you have -- i asked jose about recent reports and papers here that abc and nbc are in a bidding war for the exclusive casey anthony interview. jose tell me, quote, none of it is true and that the networks have been entirely professional and the subject of paying for an interview has never been discussed end quote said jose. that's the fear. how do you address that fear, cheney? >> well, you know what? the bottom line is this was a tragic accident. and there were some of your colleagues, i should actually shouldn't even say that and i will not mention their name because they don't deserve the credit. they have fanned the flames of fear and hatred for three years. they ought to pay. and casey is locked up in a little small cage for 23 out of 24 hours a day. she deserves something.
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as far as i know, as of this very instant, there has been no legitimate proposal of any form of money, other than the contributions that are unsolicited people have sit in across the country. you know, to help her have some food money. some spending money of small amounts. volunteers psychological services have come forward. as far as her getting rich, you know, i don't know what's going to happen with that if or when or how or where familiar questions. the bottom line is, she is entitled to something people have vilified her unjustly and unfairly and continue to get on national media and refer to her as a killer. you know, they need to start being very close with their lawyers. >> their own lawyers. >> their own lawyers. they need a whole bunch of them.
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>> jay cheney mason, really you did a terrific job. so skilled i thought the moment in the closing argument where's you defined beyond a reasonable doubt was really a definitive moment. really a turning point in that case. congratulations to you and give shirley my regards. i know she is there in the studio with you. please report immediately if you hear anything else of this creepy conduct on behalf of your detractors. >> thank you, geraldo. i look forward to seeing you again. >> bo deettle you were shaking your head when you said something you like. i thought you would throw up. >> geraldo, first of all i don't think anyone should harm these lawyers or harm her either. the jury came to the right decision with the evidence they got. but there is not a chance in hell that that woman that was not responsible for negligent homicide of that child. negligence takes 31 days for you to report a child missing. that's negligent homicide as far as i'm concerned. but she wasn't convicted of it.
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the jury took and it the jury shouldn't be harmed nor these lawyers. nobody should be harmed. to say she should get something, they should have a son of sam law there that money should go to other neglected children in florida. they should pass a law and not let her get any money because she was convicted. she was convicted of what four different crimes there. and, geraldo, this is the outrage of people. when the people like this did this saying she should get something for not reporting your little girl missing for 3 31 days? she beat the murder rap. maybe it wasn't murder it was negligence. i'm heated up. when this attorney says she deserves something. you know what she deserves? she deserves to look at a picture of that little girl the rest of her life with big eyes and say why didn't i take care of that little girl. >> arthur is in the studio. >> you know geraldo as attorneys and obviously i admire what cheney, what mason.
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>> geraldo: cheney mason. >> mason and baez did from a legal point of view there is a difference between a client being found not guilty and a client being innocent. factually innocent. because the prosecutor couldn't prove their case yard does not mean the person did not commit the crime or had something to do with the crime and i will agree with bo to think that she is entitled to go out and make a million dollars for what she did, i don't agree with that she is entitled to live a life to. have a regular life. go disappear. become a waitress or a secretary or open her own bagel store. that she is entitled to do. >> geraldo: coming up, did the prosecution suppress evidence for searches chloroform from casey or anybody else in that family? do i know where the nation's most unpopular woman is hiding? after this.
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>> geraldo: welcome back, everybody. before we get to the best information on where casey anthony is hiding and where she is not hiding, i want to bring in anna along with bo dealings and arthur aidala. you heard bo's impassioned plea. i understand. it doesn't make me the hackels and the hair on my neck stand up. i think bo is voicing the outrage of many, many people. arthur endorses that. but there is no son of sam law. there is no felony conviction
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here. there is no legal way anyone can seek to stop her if she, if she were to sell a movie of the week say or write a big book that has, you will know, all of the media attention, is there? >> not as far as son of sam law. you are right about that but, the only thing that can come and is starting to come is a civil suit. we already have people trying to recoup losses. equusearch suing her for 100,000. the nanny casey anthony tried to vilify first suspect people looked at saying she lost a job, home, a lot of employment opportunities because of it, and, you know, i think others will come down the road. i believe there is the bounty hunter as well is going to sue her. so, those profits could be recouped civilly but no, you know. i think people should know i disagree with the verdict. i believe in the jury system. we have to respect it and move on. it's understandable that because she was not found guilty in no
2:46 am
way means she is innocent. understandable people's outrage with her conduct. some people do believe responsible for her child's death in one way or another. >> you know, geraldo. there is something else here. there is a father of that child. just think about if they track down the family of the father. i heard he has died in a car accident. but the family could file a wrongful death suit against any moneys. what do you think, arthur. >> from a legal point of view. we were just talking about filing appeal against the misdemeanor count. i would say why would she do this. she brought up all these civil suits. my understanding is as long as that appeal is going on. and she is getting called for depositions. she can still invoke her fifth amendment provision against self-incrimination when she is being sued by all these people because she has an active and open criminal case. so, give baez another -- >> geraldo: everybody hates casey anthony. everyone knows i allowed my
2:47 am
guests to have their say. they represent my wife, for example, my family, my friends. everyone feels the same way. >> i like your wife, geraldo. she is a smarted lady. [ laughter ] >> geraldo: a couple of points. number one, the chloroform evidence that they introduced was as hingey as it gets. it turns out the computer expert john bradley says there were not 84 severance there was only one search. it lasted 34 seconds more or less. i think this case would have been reversed on that basis alone. the fact that i was with jose baez when the jury was out. he was desperately trying to get the prosecution to recognize their witness they vouched for had changed his mind. had changed his findings. they weren't 84 severance. there was one search. the jury never really got that not that they would have needed it. it would have been a slam dunk reverse salve because they did not disclose in a timely manner. they said the call was
2:48 am
misdistricted. they didn't get the email in time. you know, the appellate court would not find that harmless error. don't you agree. >> i do agree. it was not harmless error. i am obviously very disappointed in what i heard about those severance. at the end of the day, it doesn't seems that it was as hinky as you say as it looked in the beginning. first of all, this is the type of case that you have to, you know, dot your eyes and cross your t's backwards and forwards. the people you are hiring have double-checked and triple checked their work. if that had been done potentially this would have been found out. however, what comes to light, you know, the guy bradley he said that he told the prosecutors early back in june june 26th. >> the new reports say that wasn't accurate. actually the email searches or the email address that he sent this to did not get to the prosecutors and that it actually did not get to the prosecutors until i believe it was july 4th. and that by the time the prosecutors were going to
2:49 am
disclose would have been the next morning. >> geraldo: doesn't matter it was harmless error. the fact is they didn't correct the record by the time the jury -- what if the jury had come back with guilty? and we were hearing this news now? >> but the defense knew it, geraldo. they knew it from other sources because the sheriff's department, their search had come up. >> desperate to have the jury know it more important. >> they did baez summed up on it. >> geraldo: stand by. do i know where casey anthony is hiding? have you heard all these stories? crazy stories. maybe not so crazy. you'll find out next.
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it's the overasked question of the week. >> today's theories that she is with relatives in ohio or texas. she is hiding out in a villa in puerto rico. >> or even on geraldo's yacht. >> she is on my yawted. who knew i even owned a yacht. >> this is the main salon. you come down here to do your a.b.s. >> that's the rumor that casey anthony is either hiding out here or planning to. >> i talked to jose baez the successful defense attorney yesterday and said it's time i met your client. just go out on your boat isn't she there. >> even though no yacht. she a sturdy vessel. >> you have been on that vessel. >> bill: it leaks. i wouldn't go down in it. >> it's not a yacht. vintage sailboat 40 years old. >> we did sail together around the world. >> at this point we are equal distance between the italian main land and african coast:
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the escape from jail is will incredible speculation. >> this is the last time we saw casey. when that suv took off sunday her trail went cold. >> geraldo: her disappearing act was so thorough it sent brother craig on a wild goose chase last saturday. >> now reports are that there is a private yet waiting for her. >> with news helicopters in hot pursuit, casey anthony and entourage have made it here to the executive airport in orlando. anyway hosting casey anthony is a i don't need. >> i have never spoken to her. she is not on my boat. she is not on my island. she is not in my home a funnier story, my wife combs home yesterday. on july 30th we have our beloved daughter's sixth birthday. three of the moms at camp said they have difficulty coming over if she's here. [ laughter ] i said, hobby, are you buying into this ridiculous rumor? it is preposterous. as i said, i have never met her. >> i have never met her.
2:55 am
i don't know her. that's phil cline. he is the ceo of his own investigation's fehrman. he knows how to hide and find people who want to disappear. philip, welcome, how would you find casey? >> hey, geraldo. thanks for having me. how why find her in the first person i guess i would put under surveillance is you. actually, this is going to be a case where you are going to have to have surveillance on family members. you are going to have to track phone records. you are going to have to track credit card records and actually i would put under surveillance the attorneys. that's how i would find them. but, remember, there is three points to a run. mode of means and money. her motive is to stay alive. the means is her legal counsel and how they are going to -- how they are going to help hide her and the money, you know, from what the big debate is tonight from what i have heard is where the money is going to come from. so she needs all three of those to have a successful run. >> geraldo: she has no money now. she is being, i assume, since she is flat broke being supported by whoever it is who is hosting her. so that wouldn't work.
2:56 am
>> yeah. i'm not sure i believe that geraldo. we're flying around on private jets. we are showing up in california. news reports have her going to a private airport. you know, jets are pretty expensive as you know. and i'm not sure i believe that. >> geraldo: i think they will find out whether or not she took a jet and where it went, if anywhere. but in terms of the -- i just want to go back to this point. don't you think, arthur, rather than i haven't met her. whatever she is shopping around, you know, we don't pay on this program for news. don't you think, charging her with death was exactly what turned this whole thing around? >> in retrospect i'm going to say that. in hindsight. >> geraldo: day one. >> especially in their summation. they really hammered home all of the elements of murder one as
2:57 am
opposed to putting a safety net there and say just and if you don't find that then please use your common sense. >> geraldo: 10 to 2 for aacquittal. >> i heard there is a possibility of her being at flash dancers tonight. but the point is now, if she gets another identity. there is a thing called criminal impersonation. got to watch out what she does next. her advisors better know the difference between criminal impersonation and having another identity. >> geraldo: don't say in d.c., come back to see us. >> i will be back. >> geraldo: thank you. gentlemen, pleasure as always. that's it for us.
2:58 am
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