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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 29, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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tonight. join us sunday night on the latest of what is going on on this debt ceiling. go to greta for an open thread. o'reilly factor is next. >> sean: this is a fox news alert. the senate has voted to table house speaker john boehner's debt bill which passed the house of representatives just a short time ago by a margin of 218-210 votes. now, tabling the bill allows senator harry reid to put forward his own legislation. in all likelihood a bill that combines democratic proposals perhaps with parts of the boehner bill. now, the senate bill will then head back to the house and if it passes there it will move on to the president's desk. and joining me now with reaction are two people who will play a key role in this weekend's political drama. pennsylvania senator pat toomey and new hampshire senator kelly
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ayotte. welcome to the program. thanks for being me. >> ithanks sean. >> the bill tabled. in other words, thisth is the second time that the house of representatives as it relates to the debt ceiling has passed the bill and the bill has been tabled at least temporarily on this one. they are not even taking the bill up, correct? >> that is exactly right. more evidence, clear and really unavoidable evidence that the senate democrats are unwilling to even so much as have a debate about a measure that would put us on a path to a balanced budget. they are so passionately opposed, seriously that opposed to a balanced budget that they won't even allow us to have a debate, have the opportunity to amend it. those are the things that would have resulted if we would have been able to defeat the motion to table, it would have gone to the floor and we might have been able to make this into a really good measure. but no such opportunity with harry reid and democrats. >> i think this is part of a pattern of obstruction. we saw it with the budget.
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the house did their job and passed the budget. it has been 8 hyundais since the senate passed a budget. same thing with cap, cut and balance. they moved to table that without debate and here tonight they did the same. >> sean: let me ask both of you this. a lot of americans are aggravated tonight. we expect any minute how to that senator reid, durbin, senator schumer and murray will come right there to the podium. looks like they may be coming out now and, as a matter of fact, here they come to the podium. there is senate majority leader reid and looks like dick durbin behind him and there is chuck schumer. and we will go to that press conference. >> senator murray asked to be excused because of a family situation, oh, good, her husband is here.
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tonight a bipart son majority in the senate rejected boehner's short-term plan clearly. we are seeing something we have seen a lot here in the senate but this time the country's attention is focused on it, a filibuster. a filibuster to prevent us from moving forward on this legislation. the proposal that i put forward is a compromise. we changed it even more today. we would have changed it more but as i indicated on the floor we had no one to negotiate with. the republican leader said he wouldn't negotiate with me. [ringing] >> i wonder whose that is? not mine. [ laughter ] >> your pizza is ready. [ laughter ] >> it really is a worst possible time to be conducting a filibuster. they are forcing us to wait
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until tomorrow morning at -- let's see today is still friday until sunday morning at 1:00 a.m. to have this vote. they are kind -- our economy hangs on the balance. and for the first time in the history of our country unless there is a compromise or they accept my bill we are headed for economic disaster. it is time for the republicans to step forward. there has been some movement today. we have as i indicated on the floor i was supposed to have a meeting in my office this afternoon with some republicans and that fell through. but we are told that the press picked up as they were walking into a conference they had three republican senators said they were interested in my bill. they are interested in compromise. we hear a lot of happy talk about this but they need to step forward. republicans are blocking their ability to compromise. they are refusing to negotiate with us and all they do is talk and that isn't enough to get done. the house will hold an up or
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down vote we are told on my proposal. we should be allowed to do the same that is all we are asking. it is time for us to be adults. that is what the american people want. it is time to come together in a compromise. that is what the american people want and that is what we need to do. senator durbin? >> i'm sure you recall the speech that was given to the american people on monday night by speaker boehner. he talked about his bipartisan bill and he talked about the fact that he was going to pass it in the house of representatives. we waited for that on tuesday. again, on wednesday. and then on thursday. and finally today passed it but it wasn't bipartisan. all republican votes. not a single democratic vote. and a scant majority, 218 out of 435 member house. when it came to the united states senate, it was dead on arrival on a bipartisan basis. a bipartisan majority of senators, 59 voted to table the boehner proposal. and now we have a chance to
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reopen this conversation. and i can tell you there is a growing sentiment among senators on both sides of the aisle to sit down and reach a reasonable compromise and to save our economy from the disaster that awaits us if we fail to extent this debt ceiling. what these senators on the republican side are waiting for is a permission slip from senator mcconnell. he told them to hold back until boehner had his chance. hold back until the boehner bill came to the floor. that is all history now. the american people want us to move forward. they want us to come up with a bipartisan approach that doesn't have us relive this scene that we have seen for the past week over and over and over again like the old groundhog day movie. we want to get this done in a way to say the economy is going to move forward with a certainty and that we are going to have a debt ceiling extension and we are not going to yep dic -- jeopardize it wih
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this problem of self-imposed political problems and wounds that can be avoided. we waited all day. this morning senator reid went up to senator mcconnell on the floor and said let's talk, let's work this out. nothing all day long. not a word. later at the end of the day a call from senator mcconnell said i am not going to negotiate with you. that is unfortunate. the american people deserve better. if senator mcconnell would give us the same vote standard in the senate that was given to boehner in the house we could pass the a proposal. no, they insist on a filibuster. he said 60 votes had become routine. routine because filibusters have become routine on the republican side of the aisle. it isn't what is necessary to enact this law that is so critical to the future of america. we are going to fight this filibuster and i hope in the end some republicans will cross over and join us and break this
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stalemate and come up with a bipartisan agreement. >> well, thank you. and, you know, this morning at 10:00 a.m. on the floor of the senate leader reid asked senator mcconnell to come negotiate. the door was open all day. nobody knocked, nobody walked in. and some said well, speaker mcconnell wanted to wait until the house disposed of boehner. but after the boehner amendment was defeated, in a telephone conversation with leader reid i was sitting there, senator mcconnell still refused to negotiate. we will not solve this problem bystanding there and folding our arms and saying i am not talking to anybody. and the nation's future is at risk. republican senators, i have talked to ten today, they want to come to an agreement. but until senator mcconnell
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gives them the green light nothing is going to happen. and they get the vibes and perhaps the direct word, i don't know, from the republican leader don't do anything. we all know in the senate we can't pass anything without a bipartisan agreement. we all know the senate is the only way out of this mess. you have seen the huge difficulties in the house, their inability to even tie their own shoes and so it is up to the senate and that means it is up to senator mcconnell to either negotiate himself or give permission to others to negotiate so that we can finally come to a bipartisan agreement. the only game in town is the modified reid bill. it is a bill that has elements proprosed by republicans including senator mcconnell. it is a bill that has elements
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proprosed by democrats but it meets the strict strictures that both parties have laid out on our side that it must extend the debt ceiling beyond 2012, no short-term extension, that too much roils the market. on their side no revenues and as many cuts as increases in the debt ceiling. if they don't like it, even though it seems to have been a prescription drawn from their needs, what do they want as an alternative? they are very good at saying no. they are not very good at laying out a plan that can actually pass. and instead what do they do, they just filibuster. they say you can't proceed to a bill and vote on it. they say that they are going to force us to delay and delay and delay until we get up to the
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deadline. the country is in crisis. this is not a time for politics as usual. i think we have shown that we are willing to give significantly in their direction. we are still waiting for speaker mcconnell, leader boehner -- story, we are still waiting for leader mcconnell and speaker boehner to move even a little bit in our direction. >> we will take a few questions, not many tonight. we are all tired. had a long night and going to have a longer night tomorrow. >> two weeks ago he was willing to have his own bill. wondering if you -- you know, if -- one thing that you didn't do is didn'ted a any triggers. there have been a large --
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[inaudible question from the gallery] >> we have had -- we got a closet full of triggers that people have suggested literally. dozens of them. but even though they are good ideas, earlier this week a few days ago i was sitting talking to jack lu, office of management and budget and rob nabors and we talked for an hour and a half about a different trigger. >> sean: harry reid along with dick durbin and new york senator chuck schumer after the united states senate has tabled the boehner bill that passed by a margin of 218 votes to 210 votes. earlier tonight, we heard the majority leader say it is time for the republicans to step forward if the u.s. senate they haven't passed a bill in 8 hyundais and haven't put forward a bill in the entire debate and went on to say we should be allowed an up or down
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vote but the two bills that the house sent over to the u.s. senate they weren't given an up or down vote. they were tabled immediately. we check in with the host of "special report." our good friend bret baier is here with us. we should be allowed an up and down vote. did that happen on the two bill bills the house sent over? >> bret they basically tabled those and killed those right away. republican senator mcconnell's office sending out a quote from senator reid back a few years saying in the senate it has always been the case you need 60 votes. simple majority vote would be needed to pass the reid vote. the congressional budget office has some out with a new assessment of that bill. it suggests that he is using the january baseline numbers and this is kind of, you know,
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in the specifics here. >> sean: washington speak. >> bret: washington speak but means $200 billion less of savings that they said was in the reid bill from the beginning and, of course, there is the controversy over the $1 trillion they say are in savings from pulling back from surge levels in afghanistan and iraq. a lot of concerns about the reid bill that they could never get 60 votes. what really will happen is a negotiation, a compromise that we will likely see tomorrow and it will be put on the shell of the boehner bill that still is a lie that -- that is tabled but still there and then somehow manage to get 60 votes on that one would think and send it back to the house in that form. >> sean: what is interesting about that when they send it back to the house i would assume because it was so difficult to get the republicans onboard the boehner bill, took the extra day, creating more savings and then,
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of course, adding the balanced budget provision late yesterday so the vote could take place today, i would assume that the speaker would lose a lot of votes and would be then on democrats to pass what would be the reid mcconnell bill. >> bret: and probably some more boehner factors in there. try to merge one would think the reid, mcconnell and boehner bills. there will not be the balanced budget amendment because democrats would not have that. and as the press conference is wrapping up the hope there on the hill on the senate side is that they get this compromise and then there is a push by the democrats and speaker boehner is able to cobble together some kind of coalition probably with all of the democrats and some republicans but still there is a lot of head counting that has to go on for the deal to get done. as we get closer to the tuesday deadline the pressure will be on obviously everyone to try to get something done. one more thing, they do have in their back pocket each of them another piece of legislation
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that has been passed already called the military construction. it passed the senate, it is in the house. they could speed through a temporary increase of the deadline to try to work on a bigger deal if it came to that. >> sean: our good friend bret baier, host of "special report." thanks for being with us. >> thanks, sean. >> sean: joining me, pennsylvania senator pat toomey and new hampshire senator kelly ayotte is back with us. it seemed, let me ask you both this. senator ayotte, let me start with you. when harry reid said we should be allowed an up or down vote and harry reid and dick durbin and schumer all complaining about a filibuster when they just got ton tabling a bill without a vote the second time they have done it and haven't passed a budget in 8 hyundais won't put their bill on paper
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seems ironic to me. >> it is disingenuous. it is always a 60 vote threshold and they held republicans to a 60 vote threshold and blocked consideration of the only proposals passed which is the work has been done in the house of representatives by the republicans their cut cap and balance and then, of course, the proposal that passed tonight. so, you know, this is i think very what he is talking about is disingenuous in terms of where we are. >> what is more, mitch mcconnell i'm speaking only behalf of all of the republican senators offered harry reided on the floor tonight right after the vote that they cast to kill the bill that came over to the house. he offered to have a vote immediately. no delay or filibuster. look at the senate floor. there is nobody there occupying the floor. we offered to have the vote right now. harry reid doesn't want to have the vote right now. >> we are ready to move this forward and republicans had all the proposals here.
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>> sean: senator toomey what you are saying is what we just heard from majority leader reid and schumer and durbin is not accurate but they can't meet the 60 vote criteria for cloture, correct? >> and their bill is prepostorrous. calls for the biggest debt increase in american history by a massive margin. full of phone any baloney make believe spending cuts. has a commission that is supposed to solve our problems except there is no enforcement mechanism whatsoever. guaranteed to raise the debt limit massively and do nothing at all about the underlying problems we face. >> sean: for the people at home watching all of this and calling in record numbers the capital, senator ayotte what are we going to see unfold here if harry reid doesn't have the votes for his bill? where will the first negotiations take place. they seem to want to separate
9:19 pm
senator mcconnell from both the house and some of the more conservative senators. did youceptiosense that as wel? and where do we go from here? >> i think where we go from here is there will be negotiations. one of the unfortunate parts about it is all of this has been behind closed doors. i think the american people deserve to have this out in the hope but the negotiations probably first between harry reid mitch mcconnell and then with the speaker. let's not forget last sunday it was the president who rejected apparently some kind of bipartisan agreement. >> sean, can i say there was one feature in both the first version families the house sent over and the second version and supported over the years by 20 democratic senators and has the unanimous support of every republican senator it is a balanced budget and negotiations really need to include that. >> sean: let me be clear here.
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i assume they going to use as bret baier was saying the boehner bill as a shell, gut it, slice, it dice it and liberalize it if i could use that term, that is my own term. they will try and get 60 votes on this. the big question is they need republicans and are they going to get enough republican votes when they slice and dice this thing to send it back to the house where there i assume they are going to get some republicans but mostly democrats? >> we'll have to see what it is. i have to tell you we have to do two things here. avoid default but avoid downgrade. the proposals on the table there haven't been enough spending cuts or as pat mentioned the balanced budget component is so pop to ge impoo get our fiscal house in order. >> and if we don't get ahold of the growth pattern we are going to be in trouble. senators thank you both for being so patient and for your
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>> sean: this is a fox news alert. senate majority leader harry reid and democratic leaders held a press conference after the senate tabled house speaker john boehner's debt bill. senator reid called on republicans to act like adults and demonstrate a spirit of bipartisanship and negotiate with the democrats. talk about audacity. joining us now out of washington, fox news contributor, the architect karl rove. this is moments after it they just tabled the boehner bill without a vote. they said we should be allowed an up and down vote. i just heard harry reid say that republicans are blocking the ability to compromise. all they do is talk. it is time for them to step forward. they just passed two bills. they are worried about a -- 800 days they haven't passed a bill in the senate and the president has never laid his cards on the table.
9:26 pm
>> think about this they could have avoided all of this had last november and december when they still had a big majority in the house and a big majority in the senate had they voted an increase in the debt ceiling but harry reid delive rattily decided not to saying i want the republicans to have some ownership in raising debt ceiling. they could have done this last november. in november/december we were facing a deadline that was going to happen in april and harry reid said don't worry about it we will wait until the republicans get here. the other thing that got me is sunday harry reid was at the white house after himself having engaged in bipartisan negotiations and agreed on the outlines of a plan with the republican speaker and the republican minority leader in the senate and he went to the white house and the white house told him no, you are not going to go for that any more and he flipped on it. how credible is he as a negotiator when agreed and went down to the white house and had his hands slapped by david
9:27 pm
plouffe or some junior aid at the white house. >> sean: and in terms of leadership the white house said the president is losing sleep because he has virtually been islamists visible. invisible. a lot of conservatives did not like the boehner bill for reasons i will be glad to go into in a minute but you know what they are. are republican ares going to go along with the shell built by the democrats of the boehner bill and if they do it will get sent back to the house and then the house has to, what, rely on democrats to pass this? >> well, no, i think we will ended up with a bill that s going to get a bunch of republicans and a bunch of democrats at the end of the day. >> sean: that is not good for the country. >> it is because schumer tonight allowed the one thing he probably didn't want to say and didn't, well, two things he probably didn't want to say but said them nonetheless were one he empolic implicitly criticiza
9:28 pm
saying he had no solution to the problem. >> sean: said the senate was the only way out. >> he could have given it to the republicans by saying we can negotiate blah, blah, blah. instead he had to be a little bit hardline but he was implicitly criticizing obama and explicitly saying whatever the final bill is has got to have spending cuts larger than the debt ceiling increase and no tax increases. and i think -- i think the republicans can settle for a bill. the key question is going to be whether the democrats are going to insist, continue to insist on the number one priority being the political expedient of delaying the next possible vote until after the 2012 elections. is all about politics. all about politics. >> sean: i agree. that was one of the key things they said. we can't be debating this again and i think it would be a mistake if republicans compromise here. can we look at this in reality?
9:29 pm
>> sure. >> sean: none of the bills being proprosed here, let's be honest is going to attack the real problem and that is we are spending to much. the deficit is too big. we are not using the right baseline because we are assuming 8% increases every year as far as the eye can see and what bothers me in all of this, karl, is that the tea party's attack, "wall street journal," nro, weekly standard, they are called hob bits, senator mix cane mccain, it iss compromise mentality that gave us this debt and the tea party by -- this is what they said what they wanted from the elected officials they are standing on a principle. when did it become a bad thing to stand on your principles? >> i think you are right but let's remember this is about the debt ceiling that is part of but in some ways separate from the broader question of the deficit. and we have turned the debt ceiling into a welcome opportunity to do something about the deficit but we shouldn't expect to get
9:30 pm
everything done on this debt ceiling vote that needs to be done on the deficit because some involves deep structural reforms that ought to be discussed and debated for the good of the country. >> sean: do republicans make a mistake the day that they were voting on cut, cap and balance, a great plan in the house and then all of a sudden the president steals that thunder because the gang of six shows up and then the mcconnell plan shows up and they are negotiating against themselves. i think that was a bad move. >> i don't. i think that helped to continue to keep the situation liquidfied and flexible. what immediately happened upon the passage of cut, cap and balance is the senate basically tabled it. if everything had remained right there the initiative would have slowly flowed over to the president. frankly the gang of six, i have a lot of problems with it. keith hennessey has a great post on the 17 problems with the gang of six. it tactically helped our side
9:31 pm
by keeping it fluid and saying the answer. >> sean: i think the opposite. i think it undercut the house when they should have passed it and folded their hands and said the ball it in your court. >> they took the ball and said we will take an ice pick and stab the ball and deflate it right there which is exactly what they did. >> sean: that is their problem. >> that gave the president a chance to turn it back on us and we needed to stay on the offense and we did with the boehner proposal. >> sean: but they never laid out their plan. they never voted on -- >> never. sean, we don't have control over what they do. we have control over what we do and as conservatives i think we did the right thing by keeping on the offensive and keeping -- there is a second proprosal laid out and helped highlight further the president's lack of leadership and the senate's lack of leadership and in fact the only people talking about answers are the house republicans. >> sean: thanks, karl rove. appreciate it. >> you bet. >> sean: when we come back, is there a way to balance the budget in six or eight years?
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for a free brochure, call the number on your screen. >> sean: now, that the senate has tabled speaker boehner's debt bill attention is turning to other legislation. one that is gaining momentum is called the 1% spending reduction act. also known as the mack penny plan. plans to balance the federal budget in 8 years through three simple steps. cutting spending by 1% every year for the next six years. capping spending by 20% of gdp in 2018 and reducing overall spending by $7.5 trillion over ten years. it was introduced by wyoming senator a few weeks guy. it is already enjoying the support of at least 43 cosponsors in the house a handful of senators including rand paul who insists this is the only plan currently on the table proprosing real cuts.
9:37 pm
so is the mack one sent solution the one that could finally save us you will? joining me, the man behind the plan, former congressman connie mack who decided that he would support. you did or did not support speaker boehner's bill? >> i voted no, sean. >> sean: that it what i thought. let me explain to people. all the plans that we are talking about here, there is not one of them that solves or attacks the real problem because next year spending goes up 7.5%. the year after we spend 7.5% more. the year after we spend 7.5% more. so am i correct in explaining this meaning the baseline? >> that's correct. the baseline continues to go up at about 7%. >> sean: and you were suggesting and i have been pushing this plan as you know all week because i think we have got to deal with reality here. they are spending too much money. country is going bankrupt. we will have $25 trillion in debt. i like cut, cap and balance and
9:38 pm
i like your bill. you are saying if we freeze spending at 2011 levels for six years and then cut 1% a year. i want you to say it if your own words? >> thank you very much, sean. also, senator marco rubio just signed on to the bill. picking up momentum and more members of the house. what the bill does is this. we take one penny out of every federal dollar for a year for six years. 1% a year for six years. in the 7th year we cap spending at 18% of gdp. >> sean: which is historically what we spend. >> that's right. and then so we balance the budget in the 8th year and cut $7.5 trillion. and this is what is so beautiful about this plan. we are taking one penny out of every federal dollar. everybody watching the show tonight has had to take more than one penny out of their home budget or out of their
9:39 pm
business budget and the federal government should be able to do the same. it is common sense, whether you are republican, democrat, liberal, conservative, independent, it makes sense. something you can agree with and understand that the way to get our fiscal house in order it s. to balance our budget and people are looking for real solutions. >> sean: cut cap and balance was great, too. i know you voted for it when it came up, correct? >> i voted no. >> sean: you voted no on that? >> yeah, i did, sean. >> sean: i thought you did. but i like cut cap and balance because at least dealing structureally with this. and i like the balanced budget amendment. i think it is important we have it. >> i do, too. >> sean: what i like about your plan, it's simple. this is it. everybody in america we are not going to cut the federal spending except 1% a year from this year's budget which is $3.69 trillion. >> that's right. >> we will only cut 1% next year. we won't increase have the projected 8%.
9:40 pm
cut % this year. 1% next year. every year 1% and then get to a balanced budget in 8 years. >> that's right. >> sean: why are we voting on this? why is every plan contingent on the projected increases? >> that is what i think people are so furious with. in washington they hear about all these gimmicks and these numbers and these schemes, right? so what is a baseline? well, everybody thinks a baseline would be flat but in washington a baseline is an increase. what i'm sing is enough is enough. we have to stop and this is a real solution to balance our budget. and we are only taking one penny out of every federal dollar. >> sean: what is the criticism? because i have watched this week. i have come under fire. other conservatives. tea party members are called hobbits. the weekly standard suggests that in fact this is helping obama. meanwhile, all these plans are
9:41 pm
based on increasing spending 8% a year. this is like drunken sailors on anabolic steroids and nobody is talk about slowing or stopping all growth of this monster that has gotten out of control. >> that is exactly the point, sean and i'm glad that you couched it that way. so everything that we are talking about up to now is a decrease in the rate of growth. it is not -- we are not cutting spending. >> sean: except 1%. >> my bill would cut 1% but every other plan that has been out there is still growing the size of government. it is spending more money than we have. >> sean: like for example -- >> we have to get our fiscal house in order. >> sean: we will spend another $9 trillion in period over the ten year period, accumulate $9 trillion in new debt and over the ten year period of time have $1 trillion in savings based on the boehner plan passed today, right? >> and sean, we can't afford it and everybody back home knows we can't afford it.
9:42 pm
and what they are saying is it is time for washington to get its act in gear to shoot straight with the american people, be honest, look them in the eyes and tell them we understand the problem and we can fix it and one way is with the penny plan by taking one penny out of every federal dollar. >> sean: tell marco rubio that i signed up before he did. >> i'll make sure to tell him. >> sean: i got to tell you this is a great idea and i hope you can advance this. i hope maybe we can get a vote on it because i think it will be good for the country and i think americans can wrap their arms around it because they have had to cut more than a penny out of every dollar that they take in because of the bad economic situation that congress has now put on them over the years. >> you're absolutely right, sean. >> sean: good to see you. and we will prove that the country wants this to happen. when we come back, frank luntz with an amazing poll that tells us what you think about the
9:43 pm
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>> sean: all eyes on washington tonight as we inch closer to the so-called looming debt ceiling deadline but as politicians on both sides of the aisle try to hammer out some last minute deal what do the constituents think about of of the negotiations? joining me with reaction the president of luntz global, frank luntz. you dialed this ad junky. tell us about that. >> it works both among republicans and democrats. done for an independent organization that doesn't align with either political party and you can see the red line the gop line shoot up and the democratic line as well. let's take a look. >> america could learn a lot from a drug addict. even though this country is $14 trillion in debt washington raised the debt ceiling ten times in the last four years.
9:48 pm
each time it is like a spending hit but you are the junkies. 41 cents out of every dollar you spend is from places like china. china is like your dealer. to borrow less you need to spend less. >> yeah, washington could learn a lot from a drug addict. >> one of the things lost in the debate is how the american people are so angry and so frustrated with how much, washington, spends. congressman mack you had on before, nobody believes that the government can't save one penny out of every dollar. >> ister to get to the polls and with the breaking news we have less time than we planned. what is important to change? you ran the poll numbers yesterday. when it comes to america's debts it is important to change, 60% the broken political system. explain? >> the public as much as they don't like the washington culture they think that it is broken because any keep saying to washington spend less, tax less, regulate less and
9:49 pm
washington doesn't seem to listen. they want to kind of make, washington, wake up. >> sean: you had another question. do you want the leaders to reach a debt agreement that is a, a real solution, 68%. and then i notice you you used obama's term balanced. 22%. that term that he has been using which i assume was focus group didn't go over too well. >> he must have focused grouped it and they must not have done it well. the american people don't want a balanced solution. they want a balanced budget. they want people who look them straight in the eye and tell them the truth. >> sean: now, another question you asked do you want leaders to make decisions based on what is best for the country, 55%. the people they represent. it is not even close. i mean and also people are willing -- another part of your study here, your focus group and your polling shows that american people are willing to take the hit now. >> we are prepared to make the
9:50 pm
sacrifice but what the public is saying is don't put it off. don't wait too years, five years, ten years down the road. if we do it now we can get it done. sean, what the don't understand and the challenge the republicans in terms of communication is that the american people believe they spend too much and waste too much. what they really want is cut, control and in still accountability in washington and the numbers are clear on that. >> sean: ran only mitt romney against president obama and he won 54-46 and you saw the gallup poll today. the president's approval rating lowest number so far. 40. he is in the 30s and 20s on economic issues. >> the american people are saying enough is enough. in fact, i think that word enough with an exclamation point is going to be the word for 2012. and the public says i'm fed up, i had it, either listen to me and do what i'm asking of you
9:51 pm
and hold yourselves accountable or you are out of there. >> sean: the other part of the poll is other polls that have come out. great to see you. great to see you. >> thank you, you could save a bundle with geico's multi-policy discount. geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance. ♪ geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance. so i took my heartburn pill and some antacids. we're having mexican tonight, so another pill then? unless we eat later, then pill later? if i get a snack now, pill now? skip the snack, pill later... late dinner, pl w? aghh i've got heartburn in my head.
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>> sean: and tonight on our
9:55 pm
great, great american panel. a white house correspondent, bureau chief for the talk radio news service fox news contributor ellen ratner is here. jessica first is back and he is the most successful college football coach of all time, former notre dame coach forever notre dame coach lou holt's is with us. glad to see yew. you just told meo me, you are . >> when the house passed something they ought to be able to vote ton. for the last 70 years only three times have be balanced a budget. why don't they have a balanced budget? because if they have a balanced budget they no longer can bribe the voters and don't want to go on record to say i am against a balanced budget. who can possibly be against a balanced budget when we have the problems we have. it is not complicated but you get tired of hearing the lies. >> the interesting thing, sean,
9:56 pm
is that the american people have been hearing debt ceiling. this is about spend. we had lots of debt ceiling votes. we are not trying to institute meaningful reform. >> you are the lone liberal. why couldn't the president play out on paper here it is catastrophe, carrie calamity, e world, armageddon and in all that time never put his ideas on paper? why wouldn't he tell us where he stood. in that is gutless. >> it isn't gutless. >> that is not leadership. >> excuse me, boehner. >> sean: they passed two plans. >> boehner was being led by the tea party. >> and that is not true you. >> everybody who looks at a party -- >> sean: what is obama's plan? >> where is the budget. 800 days and no budget. >> i listen to these shows all the time and i hear the liberals talk about bullies in
9:57 pm
high school is bad and all the bullies try to do it bully you the best of your life and give you facts that are not there. john boehner has done a tremendous job. vote on a balanced budget. that's all. up or down. for it. against it. if you do that then we will talk about it. >> sean: stop right there? why wouldn't harry reid who just whined about a lily buster, big cry baby like the president cry baby, why wouldn't they allow votes up or down on the two bills that boehner sent? jo. >> you cannot get a situation where you are putting a balanced budget amendment along with what is going on. >> sean: he is complaining now. >> and why is your side filibustering. >> they are not. >> they just did. >> sean: call for a vote tonight. tonight they could have had it. >> because they don't have the votes. >> people don't want to go on the record i'm for or against a balanced budget. once you have a balanced budget you no longer can bribe the
9:58 pm
budget. a few years ago, 18% of the people did not pay income tax federal. now, it is 51%. >> i understand but people pay a lot of federal taxes whether they pay income taxes or not. how come you are not looking at the revenue side? >> here is the thing. let's get back to what this is about if you walk into your bank and say to your bank i would like to get a loan and, yes, i'm aware that you just gave me is loan and i haven't paid it back and i have no intent to pay back the loan i'm asking for what bank in their mind would give you a loan? >> nobody. >> you came to the table with revenue you are not answering the coach's question. >> yes? >> couch lo holtz is dead on right. why can't they allow a balanced budget vote? why not? answer. >> you have to ask the people in the senate about that.
9:59 pm
but i tell you something, i don't see that that is part of the crisis right now. >> okay. >> and you are taking it off the hitch. >> just go. if you vote on a balanced budget and turn it down now we will compromise because i know you went on record saying i'm against a balanced budget that is what you stand for but when you don't have to go on record -- >> i know why. i know the answer because the balanced budget amendment that is on the floor right now, would require a two thirds majority to raise taxs. >> 49% of the states have a balanced budget. >> sean: there is 20 some odd democratic senators on record saying they support it and they are scared to death to have that vote and just like harry reid didn't want tax increases in the bill because he knows those guys in an election year will get discussfied i crucifie polls. >> your math does not add up. >> sean: they won't allow a vote. >> there is enough then to break the filibuster. >> they want to seem -- >> they don't want to deal with this u


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