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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 21, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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usual spot, watch him here because you are in for a treat. following week, my buddy and fox business colleague charles payne will tell you what to do with your money. please, enjoy what remains of your summer and thanks for watching us. from new york, defending freedom every night of the week, so long america. >> gregg: hello, the noose may finally be tightening on moammar khadafy on rebel forces, remitted right on the doorstep of the capital of tripoli right now making dramatic advances. look at these pictures have government troops on their heels to the rebels racing toward the capital even in pickup trucks mounted with machine guns capturing a military base along way and inside the capital we are hearing reports that rebel
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units may have activated despite the khouy forces. streaming live nearby the border. what do you know? >> reporter: there is a major offensive being launched by the rebels from the west of the capital of tripoli. it begin a couple of hours ago. they managed to completely overcome the major base that the khadafy forces had, brigade run by khadafy's second son. they completely swarmed the base. what they do is scooped up thousands of ammunition from their arsenal, rebels running around with heavy weaponry and they sped straight off for the capital. khadafy responded immediately with an angry audio message on a telephone line, calling on few
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supporters he had to did he send on the capital and to defend it. he called people within the city to defend the city. he has been losing supporters, one by one this past week. it now appears that rebels have now come out and taken on have on the troops. this appears to be, indeed, the final push against khadafy. he appears to be desperate in the address he gave on stated media. we understand that at this very moment they are well within the ten-mile mark of the city. that is very close. they indicated that khadafy is still within the city and no doubt they will be trying to find out where specifically he is and whether they can actually talk to him and take him and bring about the end of the regime. rebels earlier today said they had momentum in the battle and taken over key opportunities to along the coast and surrounding
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the city from the east and west and south. one rebel leader was telling us he had 12 and 16,000 troops ready to enter the city. by no means is khadafy's army is defeated but they have resources depending on where he is. we'll see what kind of last stand there may be but most certainly they would saying they would fall within 24 hours. it appears the start of the demise has begun. >> gregg: as you point out he is sending out messages. one of the latest, i'm afraid if we don't act, meaning the people in tripoli, tripoli will burn to the ground. he said there will be no more water, food, electricity or freedom for the people there. obviously trying to scare them into fighting on his behalf. so the question is, has anybody seen him. where is he?
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>> reporter: we don't know where he is. he is most certain any hiding. that is why you're getting audio messages. that is why we haven't seen video from him for days. if not weeks actually. he is obviously hunted down somewhere, probably surrounded by core loyalists. that is the reason why the only thing he can get out is telephone messages from the quality of the line we're not sure 'if its us a bad line communication or it could be just a bad cellphone signal because he is somewhere under ground and it's difficult for him to get a clear lined. wherever he is, he is not in one of his palaces or above ground. she probably, as i say, in a bunker. no doubt as rebels and soldiers defect, we've been seeing this the past few weeks, they may give an indication of where he
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is. they will probably trying to head straight for him. >> gregg: three of his top leaders just under him have defected already in the last several days. dominic, great reporting. we're going to have more for the fight for tripoli. captain chuck nash, military analyst knows the region well. he'll be joining us. >> heather: new word of a possible break sweeping across israel and gaza strip. they have been trading fire for four consecutive days. now, the associated press reports reported a possible agreement to a cease-fire that might go into effect tonight. leland vitter joins us live from our bureau in jerusalem. >> reporter: it's the nature of the cease-fire. they take a while to kick in. it was supposed to started an hour ago.
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since that time we have had more missiles fly in from the gaza strip. do both sides wants this cease-fire? will they did not what is necessary for the israeli side of having a political twiol stop the strikes and hamas have the ability to stop the other militant groups from forcing missiles? the one thing that has happened over the past few days is a lot of missiles flying from gaza into israel. we were there as some of them rained down today. >> each missile fired by them cost about $40,000. the system was specifically to countered the short range home built rockets used in southern israel. the kill ratio was 60 am which is good but far from perfect. if they fire multiple rockets aimed for the targets some get through. like last night a small
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neighborhood the sirens went off. one man didn't make it to the shelter in time. >> couldn't find his pulse. blood next to him. there was another guy that was conscious. i had to make the decision. >> the man who died in this attack was standing where i am. witnesses say he was actually lifted off the ground by the force of the explosion. he was doing what he was supposed to do take cover behind the wall. you can see what the shrapnel did to the wall. incredible ball bearing and pulverized this area. >> i know you don't know how to make the switch between a rocket attack and regular life and you are not going to be lead a regular life. that means they won't. >> reporter: there is a story here in the middle east that
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goes, the only thing we need to start a war is a rocket hitting a school. today rockets did hit a school down in southern israel. we saw the damage. it was extensive. there would have been a lot of people hurt but the school hasn't started in israel. we're ten days away from that. israeli government has shown their restraint over the past few days indicating that the last thing they want is to continue the cycle of violence. we'll see if ha smas going ahead and calling it a day after the few rockets we've seen tonight or if everybody will be back at it again tomorrow. as we head, the only way to tell about these cease fires is by action, not by words. >> heather: we'll see if action follows. thank you very much. new threats from syria's president in a rare appearance on state run tv. assad warns against foreign military involvement in his country threatening to retaliate against those that intervene. president claiming that the
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military is stepping up its efforts to crush the five-month old uprising against his government. the violent crackdown on the uprising has killed nearly 2,000 people. >> gregg: we are right now closely tracking tropical storm irene. that storm gaining strength as it barrels towards puerto rico and the dominican republic. there is the map, forecasters warning that storm may be a full-blown hurricane over the next 24 hours. maria molina joins us. >> that's right we are expecting a category one hurricane in the next 24 hours, because of the concern, a hurricane warning has been issued for puerto rico and portions of dominican republic. there is also a hurricane watch for the u.s. virgin islands. if you know anyway out there, please them them now, did if you know anyone out there, let them
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know. northern portion of the storm and relatively disorganized across southern portions of the storm system. this is going to expect to strengthen. sustained winds are 50 miles an hour. it's likely to category one hurricane by monday, 8:00 a.m. with sustained winds at 75 miles an hour. we could be looking at hurricane conditions as early as tonight in puerto rico. we already have heavy bands of rain coming ashore around the island. and rainfall could be as much as ten inches of rain producing concerns for flash floods. as it continues to move westward it could be a category one hurricane when it impacts the dominican republic coming up monday morning. and it's expected to be impacted 20 inches of rain as flash floods and mudslides possible. a lot of eyes on the forecast it's expected to approach southeastern portions of the u.s. and right now the forecast calls for the storm to re-strengthen as it goes up to
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cube ya about a thursday and friday. it's expected to re-strengthen as it exists land and enters that warmer water. potential impact in florida. this way down the road. there is a lot of mountains in puerto rico and haiti and dominican republic. so a lot of weakening could happen during this time. many of the tropical models come on shore in florida but some of the models deviate from that. if you live in the northeast it's going to unsettled day from boston down to new york city. large hail and damaging wind gusts and we can't rule out isolated tornadoes. >> all right. good night irene. [ laughter ] >> no shortage of those weighing in what to do about the economy. critics of the president taking
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to the airwaves and growing concerns about unemployment. how to bring back jobs dominating the sunday talk shows. caroline has more. >> reporter: we've got more than two weeks before the president presents his job plan to congress. both sides are gearing up for the fight. here is former white house secretary robert gibbs talking about the payroll tax cuts. >> republicans in congress have said, it's a sugar high. thousand dollars for 150 million families, if we're not positive going to extend that tax cut, if, if we're not going to extend that tax cut, reason for politics? >> reporter: job plan is expected to include tax cuts but also plenty of spending with an infrastructure that will help with the long term unemployed and have a separate plan to cut
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the deficit. congressional republicans say it will take more than that to get the country back on track. >> the difference between president and ours, we believe business creates jobs. overseas trillion dollars, sitting over there, let's cut the corporate tax rate and bring them back. corporations are sitting on a trillion and a half and they are not investing. give them a climate where they can. >> the big question, can the president's plan pass? it will be touch to get anything through the republican held house but a loss could give democrats to hammer republicans with in the 2012 elections. >> thank you very much. >> gregg: president obama is speaking out about the struggling u.s. economy and how to get employers hiring again. as he said in an interview with cbs, unemployment is still too high and more needs to be done to fix the problem. chief correspondent ed henry
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joins us live from martha's vineyard. so ed, if i'm playing golf and tennis sucking down gallons of ice cream, what is the president doing today? >> he is doing some of that. he spent a couple hours with his wife and two daughters on the beach. he went out to play a little bit of golf. we have a video of that. he is trying to get some time but agents say this is a working vacation and he is keeping an eye on the economy. us a noticed he spoke a few days ago during the bus tour. interview aired this morning on cbs sunday morning and president's point he realizes that a lot of people are hurting. if it doesn't turn around next year he could lose his own job. there are republicans like karl rove saying the real problem is not republicans but the fact he has failed to show leadership. >> you've gotten unemployment rate that still too high, an
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economy that is not growing fast enough. for me to argue, look, we've actually made the right decisions, things would have been much worse had we made knows decisions, it's not that satisfying if you don't have a job right now. i understand that. i expect to be judged a year from now on whether or not things have continued to get better. >> his policies have utterly failed. this is the ninth time we heard the president producing a plan. each time that he has gotten around tossing an idea out on the table, it's included only more spending, more deficit, more debt and american people are fed up with it. >> now, an aide to the president say his staff is not finished crafting that economic plan that will be unveiled where they believe in the next few days they'll see more progress on that. the president may even start working on the speech he is going to deliver next month. >> we know the president is following libya very closely.
1:16 pm
what he is saying about that? >> reporter: he did get a briefing this morning before he went out on the beach with his family as i mentioned. they pout out a statement that believe that colonel khadafy's days are numbered but they are rumors flying around libya that khadafy may fall. they are not going to say or do anything until it plays out. i will note he was playing golf. if they are playing 18 holes. he is only playing 90 holes. does that mean later on he says something on this? does it mean he will be monitoring the situation but he only played 9. >> gregg: i would only play 9 if had i that swing, too. tell him to keep his head down. >> he's got a better swing than
1:17 pm
me. >> gregg: thanks so much. >> heather: speaking of critics, investors, the past month has been nothing but a disaster for s&p posting biggest four week losses since march of 2009. what can we expect, brenda butner is live with more. hi, nice to see you. >> hey, how are you? >> heather: we're talking about it's been a rollercoaster ride. where is it next? >> the story next week is the market because there aren't that many economic numbers coming out. the big thing that happened is big ben speaks. ben bernanke is going to speak out of wyoming on friday what more can he say? we heard that to keep interest rates near zero and that is just
1:18 pm
about right where they are. fed doesn't have more bullets to try to get this economy into a recovery. we also get a second reading second quarter gdp but that is expected to be anemic at best and not likely to get the bulls excited. the real question is the markets. wouldn't it be great not to have such volatility. that is really what i think has people surprised. that is 401 down, 400 the next, anything moves it. to think a little less volatility would really make a difference. but people that look at charts the way the markets trades are looking at s&p. if it goes down to three or four points and breaks through a key
1:19 pm
resistance level, that fear is that the s&p could then go down a couple hundred points. a lot of people will be watching that. >> heather: you mentioned the volatility. what could happen that would get that under control? what do we need to see happen to avoid this continued volatility? >> there is good news out there. it would nice to hear about companies hiring instead of firing. last week unfortunately all we heard about was firings. but cash has been good. companies do have cash. if there was more certain had at this out of washington as to what was going to happen. we hear about this big super committee you think congress is a committee, but they are watching washington quite carefully but all they see is more regulations and lot more
1:20 pm
uncertainty and markets hate uncertainty. >> heather: we'll check back with you. thank you. >> gregg: moammar khadafy's control of libya may be begin to slipping away to advancing rebels. we'll take a much closer look what is happening on the ground and what the end might look like. plus, fights erupting in the stands at candlestick park in san francisco. a live report on a very disturbing trend among sports fans especially in california. what is going on in that state? m counts on me to stay focused. so i take one a day men's 50+ advantage. it's the only complete multivitamin with ginkgo to support memory and concentration. plus it supports heart health. [ bat cracks ] that's a hit. one a day men's.
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>> gregg: rebel forces closing in on libyan capital of tripoli. pressure intensifies on m cuba qa. no doubt nato airstrikes is pounding khadafy's compounds right now. we're hearing reports of widespread gunfire and explosions in tripoli. so what is the military end game of the new rebel offensive? captain chuck nash, fox news military analyst. good to see you. is the end near for khadafy? what does that look like? does he free, is he the
1:25 pm
exception who fights to the death? >> i don't think it will be long before we figure that out because the days, not weeks has gone six months. i think we finally into the end game. you've got fighting inside the city. that our reporters have discussed. supply lines are cut off by land completely cut off from the east to south and west. nato ships are patrolling the waters to the north. so he is in a pickle now. it's going to be a matter of time because you've got the people in the city of tripoli, two million people. they are rolling power blackouts. pretty soon it will affect food and water. you will have a lot of unhappy campers. >> gregg: if he decides to flee, where would he go.
1:26 pm
you know the international criminal court have indicted the guy for crimes against humanity. so the question is, what country is not going to turn khadafy over? i haven't had a conversation with judith miller, what about sudan, the own leader he is wanted for genocide in darfur. maybe he will go there? >> he certainly has a lot in common. other place he could try to get is north korea or any other outlaw regime where he wouldn't be turned in. wherever he goes, he better pack an overnight bag because the pressure to turn him over will be severe. the international community cannot just let this guy skate off and live happily ever after
1:27 pm
and go to france. >> gregg: what are the chances that a lat ditch counter offensive by the remaining khadafy loyalists? >> that is a good point. right now, all of the rebels and you've seen the images of them in the film footage. not wearing body armor. running around in street clothes and they are all strung out benghazi all the way in. if khadafy were to do something, much akin to something like world war ii battle of the bulge where the germans tried to push and crush u.s. forces. if they try to do that they better do it soon because as the troops, as the rebels get closer to the capital, as the civilians inside the capital start to turn he's got to use those troops or lose them. he is going to start getting
1:28 pm
defections. >> gregg: what do you learn from this? >> these things are not easy, it's not days or weeks and it's always months. you can always have more preparation. be ready to be unexpected. >> gregg: captain chuck nash. stick around because this could happen any moment. we're on standby just in case it does. great to see you. >> heather: big hits at a football game, they are usually on the field but new concerns over fan violence after bloody fights break out at a pre-season n.f.l. game. take a look at this. we'll have live report. have i got a surprise for you!
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>> gregg: dismal jobs outlook and how to fix it has been a defining issue of the 2012 campaign so far. president obama blaming congress and politics for standing in the way of fix also the economy. republicans blame president obama for a lack of leadership on creating jobs. joining us to talk about it, max is former white house political director under george w. bush, christy who is president of new heights communication, form spokesman for howard dean. christy, let me start with you. we've got a preview today actually from the senator
1:33 pm
strategy gist for the president david axelrod said that new jobs plan will include more government stimulus spending. you know what, look at any poll. most americans don't think the first stimulus worked and little appetite for another one. isn't that a stale and unpopular idea? >> thank you for having me here. listen. in order for americans to really understand where president obama is going and to understand the leadership, they need to think where we've been. when president obama took office we were still losing 750,000 jobs a month. we were coming off of eight years of the bush administration. >> gregg: i hate to stop you. i don't want to review history. we have tried stimulus and american public said been there, don't like it? >> i don't think so. what they have shown we were
1:34 pm
able to stop the bleeding, we were losing 750,000 jobs a month and we are in fact creating jobs. i understand that it's not the economy where everyone wants it to be but we can't go back where corporations. >> gregg: 7.8% and 9.1% unemployment. in order to have an economic impact any new stimulus money would have to be directed to projects that are actually chris jobs now, not tomorrow or 20 days or 50 weeks from now. the president himself sort of blasted off recently. shovel ready projects don't really exist. he has undermined his own plan? >> yeah, i think so. if you look at the previous stimulus. jobs that were supposedly saved by the obama administration, they cite those jobs came at a
1:35 pm
cost of over a quarter million dollars per job. it raises the question with all this keynesian priming the pump, you be better off to give them a big check than going through an intricate program. >> gregg: bush tried that and that didn't work either. >> it never works long term. >> you would admit george bush tried it. but christy other part of jobs plan, to extend the crol tax cut for one more year, you know that payroll tax break goes to the workers, it doesn't go to the employer that does the hiring. does hou in the world does that create jobs? >> as i was trying to say earlier, we're coming off a situation in which corporations were given all the breaks in the world. they were getting whatever they
1:36 pm
asked for. not only tha led us to policies that led to the greatest economic collapse since the great depression. i think president obama is saying, let's try a new way. let's invest in workers instead of big corporations. that is something i stand behind. >> gregg: i come back. it doesn't help the employers. employers are one that hire jobs how does it create jobs? >> we are at a time 9% unemployment. it's a good idea to invest in workers and try to get people back to work. >> gregg: you need to give incentives is the point i'm trying to make. matt, look in december when the president signed that payroll tax cut the white house predicted would it increase gdp growth by 4%. it didn't happen. the economy decelerated, growth didn't even make 1%. arguably is this an idea that
1:37 pm
has little impact. a budge of your colleagues, republicans approved of it? >> it's stimulus by another path. it's saying, if we put some more money into americans' pockets they will spend and grow our economy out of this problem that we are in. the problem is the economy is to big of a ditch. it's because of the huge debt that is causing our downgrade. we have to do something, as you are saying, to make sure that entrepreneurs take capital and put it back in the game and start hiring people. the president should make a vow over the next year and a half he won't promulgate that would stop a job create frer creating new jobs. >> gregg: the president also, third part of his plan that we know of, he wants to pass several free trade agreements, three of them which the white house says will create 70,000 graduate jobs. president went out on a bus tour
1:38 pm
and he blamed congress for failing to pass those free trade agreements. he said congress could do it right now. hey, you know what, it's not true because the president has never delivered those agreements to congress and his deputy press secretary admits they have been sitting on his desk for two and a half years. how could he not know something like that? how could he fail like walk down pennsylvania avenue hand it off and create 70,000 new jobs? >> what the president was referring to the fact, american people have seen far too much of politics right now played with various issues, creating jobs. >> gregg: how did he not know he needed to hand off a free trade agreements to congress for passage? was he oblivious to that? >> americans don't blame the president, they blame republicans for not showing
1:39 pm
leadership. >> they can't pass free trade agreement if they don't have it. >> that is because they have shown that they are willing to make serious issues like unemployment rate like a political football. >> christy, matt, good to see you both. >> heather: serious new concerns over unnecessary roughness on the playing field. take a look at this. this bloody fist fight erupting between fans in a pre-season game. was in san francisco last night. really unbelievable. casey stegall is joins us live from los angeles with more on this. very disturbing. >> reporter: where on earth did the days go when people would attend a sporting event. everyone had a good time. this is happening at candlestick park last night after the san francisco giants beat the oakland raiders. reports of two separate
1:40 pm
shootings in the parking lot of candlestick park. police do believe that they are connected. cops telling us that a 24-year-old man wearing a shot mocking the 49ers with obscenities took at least two gunshots in the stomach. injuries are being called life-threatening. a 20-year-old is also in the hospital with less serious superficial wounds to the face after he, too, was shot in the parking lot. no arrests have been made yet and police do not have descriptions of any suspects they are releasing either. shootings capping off a night filled with violence including this throw down in the stands. look at those punches flying all caught on tape. once more, there is another fight that was not o tape that was in men's room after he was assaulted and knocked unconscious. no word yet if the fights are linked to either of the shootings but the whole thing is reminiscent of what happened in
1:41 pm
los angeles back in march when the san francisco giants played at dodgers stadium. bryan stow, he is the giants' fan beaten so severely that he suffered brain damage. family last week reporting that he is showing significant improvements, now breathing on his own and can move slightly on command. a story that gained national attention. dodgers stadium has increased security and the same will likely happen at candlestick park. >> heather: it's really disgusting. >> gregg: fox news alert, sky news in tripoli now reporting that a rebel convoy in libya is less than five miles from the center of that city we're monitoring that story very closely. we'll bring you all the details. we'll be right back. as luxury s.u.v.s,
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>> heather: hillary clinton today condemning the verdict of two american hikers sentenced to eight years in prison on charges of espionage and illegal entry. both were arrested near the iran-iraq border. what can be done to help them? let's bring in our power panel.
1:46 pm
judith miller and casey mcfarland. national security analyst. host of fox news iii. thanks for joining us. >> first topic we are discussing. what can be done. >> it has nothing else to do with innocence or guilt. they are pawns in a chess game. these are pawns that are going to be kept for some point in the future when the iranians want to trade something. >> they've been in jail for two years. >> they actually want something, iranians, they have at least ten people in jail in the united states. for various crimes associated with the breaking of the arms embargo. so i think what may be happening here, these two unfortunate young men may be bargaining chips in negotiation.
1:47 pm
and will not let these two young men out. >> spent time with fattal and bauer for three days. he is studying at harvard along with shane's family to free the hike what is happening at the state department but think so many people want to figure out how they can help the families and whether it's going to website or facebook page or thousands of followers they have on twitter. they are sending video messages. it's quite remarkable how much support they have gotten and how much the family has come together to use social media. >> that is what happens when you wanteder across the border while hiking. >> this is not a good news story for iran. this has made iran even more popular with mothers all over
1:48 pm
the world. >> 151 days. >> heather: another deadly air show crash in kansas city. he was performing loops and spirals, but this is what happened his plane would not pull up. so the question is really horrible. then the crowd witnessing it. is it time to ban public air shows because this isn't the first time that we've seen or heard about it. something like 182 air shows in the u.s. every year. that is almost one every other day. it's like back street car racing. these are activities are going to get hurt in. of course, no mother wants their son or daughter to say i am going loop the loops in the air,
1:49 pm
but these are 23 hours of flight training heef was a professional -- 2300 hours. >> nothing is risk free. this guy was certified pilot. the plane was certified. these things happen and it's tragic. if you ban things like this, next thing you are going to ban horse races. life is not without risk. i'm sorry to hear the story but you can't ban these things. >> heather: drivers in florida could not believe their eyes when they saw a woman doing this. riding along the bed of a pickup with a baby. yeah, there a baby. what was she thinking? our power panel weighs in, stay with us. i didn't understand it. i found out that connected to our muscles are nerves that send messages through the body. my doctor diagnosed it asibromyalgia -- thought to be the result of overactive nerves
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>> heather: a florida women facing neglect charges after she was caught riding in the back of a moving pickup with a baby in a stroller. our panel is back. so the video itself. >> it tells everything. >> where are the parents? if somebody is doing this, this baby-sitter is being irresponsible.
1:54 pm
she is using poor judgment who are the parents of this child, why didn't think check her out. every time i had a baby-sitter i would check references. never let your child in the hands of somebody like this. >> why aren't the parents the ones that have been charged with neglect along with the baby-sitter. i agree, you don't need a handbook to agree this is wrong and dangerous. >> she is 23 years old but she has been charged with a felony neglect. was the charge too high? >> maybe a little too tough after a charge. that is going overboard just for ignorance on her part but maybe there could have been a lesser charge. >> what injured in an accident. what in if the driver had to stop quickly? >> so a felony, i agree that is
1:55 pm
a little harsh. >> don't do this, if you don't have the handbook. >> a stunning reversal in a store we brought you right here. you may remember months after announcing his retirement, comedian jerry lewis was reinstated as the host of muscular dystrophy telethon. obviously they were listening to us. >> and just a report in the last but they haven't confirmed it. jerry lewis went on tv recently to say he thought he had done a lot and wanted to continue. he didn't say he was reinstated. >> it was serious to begin with when he was taken off. now nothing said about that and nothing said about him being reinstated so far.
1:56 pm
>> let people retire with dignity. let's do it the right way. >> i'm happy see they are reaching out. to do it go stuff on twitter, around 7,000 followers but they are going to have to make that change and appeal to the next generation. >> 85 is the new 65. thanks ladies, appreciate. >> it you were referring to my age? 85 is the new 65. i feel better already. >> major gains for libyan rebels as pressure intensifies on strong man moammar khadafy. we'll have a full report from for you from libya. that at the top of the hour. just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day
1:57 pm
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at fox news alert. major developments unfolding in libya. >> muammar gadhafi's regime on the ropes. rebels take over major port city. now leaders say they are less than five miles from the center of tripoli. even taking over a military base there as well. some predicting an end to gadhafi's regime. saying it is nearing. on the phone now fox news producer live in tripoli with the latest. >> it is really hard for us here the international media,
2:01 pm
based in this hotel to gauge what is going on outside. early, there was a lot of gun battles going on rpg's coming in, a lot of gunfire. the gun fire has died down somewhat things quiet at the moment. we cannot leave this hotel. we cannot see what is going on. we are hunkered down hoping for the best. we are getting reports, like you, from reporters who are traveling with the rebels. it is very hard for us to gauge what is going on in the city around us. >> heather: we are getting reports, i'm looking at the ap wire these alerts. we are hearing on our end that libyan rebels have entered tripoli with little resistance and they've taken control of an outlying neighborhood, at least so far. do you know anything else about that? >> we know last night this kicked off. there were heavy gun battles in districts that are loyal to
2:02 pm
the opposition. once called -- the other is in the west. those districts were held by the rebels last night. still held today. urging their come s in the west to come into libya and -- comrades in the west to come into libya and help relieve them. we are seeing that gadhafi's brigade that looks after him, they've capitulated. we haven't got eyes on that. in the fighting last night, up to 376 people were killed and 1,000 injured. that's on both sides. the fighting has been intense in the city. especially around this hotel. certainly, there's a lot of gun battles still going on, i don't think it is over. certainly looks like the momentum now is all with the rebels. >> gregg: we know that gadhafi has been sending out messages,
2:03 pm
via telephone alerts. does anybody actually know where he is? we know nato has been pounding his command and control and his compound. judith miller was telling me a moment ago, there's a report he may be in a town that is actually close to tunisia. which would suggest flight. what do you know about his whereabouts? >> it was very interesting today. there was a lot of commotion outside of the hotel. a convoy with a lot of armed men. we thought this could be the last stand. it was the country's intelligence chief, i man wanted by the international criminal court. who came to tell us that nato was working. discrediting western leaders. i asked him before he could walk away, was gadhafi still in tripoli, still in libya?
2:04 pm
he just said, we wouldn't tell you, because we know what you say is monitored by nato and you want to know where he is. it certainly sounds like he's still in the neighborhood. he did call in last night, during that heavy clashes to urge his people to fight off the rebels, to pick up guns and go forth, in his words. then he hung up. what he's doing is ringing into state television, saying fight to the bitter end. nobody knows where he is. somebody i spoke to this week said he had a meeting with gadhafi said that he is moving around. he's very hard to track. he's very hard to find. he's being very clever about where he goes, who he meets and what he does. this gentleman is one of only 10 who has had a face-to-face with gadhafi this week. and he thought it would be hard to find this particular gentleman. >> heather: we should tell you
2:05 pm
another alert just crossing the wire. libyan rebels advanced to within two mills -- two miles of tripoli. >> gregg: if you go to the internet, you will see a television anchor on a state run libyan television network, delivering the news brandishing a weapon. it looks similar to an ak-47. literally delivering the news with a handgun or weapon of some sort. hard to believe. >> syria's president issuing new threats in a rare public appearance. president bashir al assad said his regime is in no danger of falling. adding the security situation getting better. assad warned any foreign intervention would result in "repercussions" more than 2,000 people reportedly have been killed since the uprising
2:06 pm
began. >> heather: fast moving developments in the mideast. three days of intense shelling and airstrikes may be coming to an end. hamas reportedly agreeing to a cease-fire with israel. this after the militant group fired a barrage of rockets into southern israel today. it is not clear when the cease-fire would take effect or whether it will in fact hold. leland vittert is in jerusalem with more. >> reporter: the thing that matters about these truces not the words or announcements, but actions. only thing needed to start a war is one rocket hitting a school somewhere in southern israel, as it did today. take a look, you can see the shrapnel that hit the top of this school gymnasium. i'll show you where the rocket ended up, down inside the gym, within through this concrete roof. didn't hurt anybody because the school year hasn't started yet. last night as the rockets rained down, a lot of people got hurt. the warning sirens went off as
2:07 pm
people in the neighborhood were breaking the sabbath. you could see where the missile came in. this is the car destroyed you see the side of that house. these are weapons of terror. destruction in killing is as random as instantaneous. not only do they have razor sharp shrapnel, inside gaza the factories where they make these they've taken some of the technology they've used for suicide vests they are packing the missile with ball bearings. the man who died in this attack was standing where up. witnesses say he was lifted off the ground by the force of the explosion. he was doing what he is supposed to do, take cover, right behind this you can see what the shrapnel did to this wall. one ball bearing embedded here. a number of others pull rised this area. that is -- pulverized this area that is what happened to the man who was kill.
2:08 pm
>> i couldn't find his puls,. saw a big pool of blood next to him. another guy was conscious and i had to make a decision. >> reporter: the people in the house were able to take cover. had they been in their kitchen you could see what would have happened. fridge torn apart by the shrapnel. as they headed up the stairs they would have been cut down. israel has shown great restraint in its retaliatory strike. since thursday's attack killed eight it israelis and injured 33. the big question is going forward, will hamas be able to control the rest of the militant groups inside the gaza strip? if they can, israel is likely to do everything it can to stop this latest round of violence. if for no other reason than the beginning of the school year, just 10 days away. >> heather: leland vittert, thanks.
2:09 pm
>> gregg: something that just crossed our wires. we have no independent confirmation. our sister network sky news is reporting that one of colonel gadhafi's sons has been captured in tripoli. that according to rebel fighters. who told this today, to sky news our sister network abroad. the other son has already been killed in rebel fighting. the latest news from the family of muammar gadhafi. it could suggest an imminent end to colonel gadhafi's regime. now a weather alert. there could be big trouble brewing in the tropics right now, it is headed our way. tropical storm irene barreling through the caribbean picking up strength threatening to become a hurricane by tomorrow. irene is getting closer and closer set to make landfall in florida.
2:10 pm
meteorologist maria molina in the weather center. >> that's right. over the past hour we've started to see tropical storm irene becoming better organized. an hour ago there was more convection on the northern portion of the storm now starting to take a circular shape. in the center of the storm is passing near st. croix. it is expected to begin to produce tropical storm conditions later today over the island of puerto rico. we are expecting landfall in puerto rico tonight with possible hurricane conditions. the storm is forecast to continue to stretch . monday afternoon could be a category 1 winds 75 miles per hour and making landfall over the dominican republic. it has a lot of moisture, 5 to 10 inches of rain in puerto rico and portions of hispaniola. locally up to 20 inches of rain. producing big problems not just winds but flash flooding and mudslides possible. there has been an update as of 5 p.m. a shift in the cone
2:11 pm
where the center of circulation is expected to remain north of cuba. what that means is more time over warm water and more strengthening. we are still thinking it could be a cat 1 hurricane by the time it reaches florida that would be as we head into thursday afternoon. it will continue moving inland by friday. again, this still has a lot of time to go. we have to continue to monitor so the end of the week we could have a shift in the track. some of the models pointing to other situations. however, the general consensus is we could be looking at landfall in florida by the end of the workweek. otherwise, northeast inland severe storms. a number of watches stretching from maine down into virginia. portions of north carolina. there is a tornado warning we want to tell you about. that has been issued because strong rotation with one of the thunderstorm. there could be a tornado on the ground right now. this includes westchester county in southeast new york and putnam county as well in
2:12 pm
southeast new york if you live in these areas seek shelter immediately. we'll continue to track these storms throughout the hour. >> gregg: they are playing a big championship golf tournament in westchester, where that is now hovering. maria molina, thanks very much. >> . >> heather: as the president takes time off in martha's vineyard his surrogates are here at home and they are keeping busy making their case for his jobs plan on this morning's talk shows. while critics argue it is too little, too late. caroline shively is live with more. >> reporter: more than two weeks before the president presents his plan to congress. both sides are fighting about what should be in there and whether it will pass. the president's jobs plan is expected to include tax cuts also plenty of spending. infrastructure bank to pay for construction plus help for the long term unemployed.
2:13 pm
cutting the deficit by more. democrats are criticizing republicans for ing -- for pledging not to raise taxes for upper income earners. >> it is unthinkable to say we can't touch tax cuts for the wealthy, corporate loopholes because that would hinder the economy but will allow $1,000 increase on the average american come january. how would that be? the only is politics. >> reporter: republican governor daniels of indiana says leaders need to start with the basics to get the economy to improve. declaring the u.s. is not going broke and our credit is good. >> it ought to go hand-in-hand with a full-throated nothing else comes first commitment to jobs and growth, energy, stopping the regulation and tax reform. >> reporter: congress gets back after labor day i think that's when the real bath will win. >> heather: thank you.
2:14 pm
>> gregg: updating our latest breaking news. president obama closely watching the fast-moving events out of libya. here's what we know. rebels have advanced on the outskirts of tripoli, where muammar gadhafi is believed to still be. they've taken over a major port city. they've taken over a major military base there. here's ed henry from martha's vineyard who has been traveling with the president. ed, what do you know? >> reporter: we just a statement from the u.s. state department from a spokeswoman. she is saying we are closely monitoring the situation in libya. clearly, the offensive for tripoli is underway. the president and secretary of state clinton are being briefed regularlism we are in close communication with the rebels, our allies and partners. assist stand secretary's visit to benghazi scores continuing efforts to encourage broad out reach across all segments of
2:15 pm
libyan society and plan for post gadhafi libya. gadhafi's days are numbered. if gadhafi cared about the welfare of the libyan people he would step down now. interesting the last two sentences. coming from the u.s. state department. saying two things: they believe that gadhafi's days are numbered. sending this message the rebels who are applied with the u.s. in this -- case nato as this has been playing out in recent days saying you have to start planning. they are larryly concerned about any chaos. this could be a positive development if gadhafi's government were to fall after some 40 years in power. everyone has to be thinking, within the obama administration and around the world, allies around the world, about what happens next to making sure this does not devolve into chaos. i would note that line gadhafi's numbered coming from the state department.xa5o
2:16 pm
president in martha's vineyard said earlier today. -- the president has been golf today, with his family on the beach as well. the white house spokesman making it clear this morning the president got a briefing from national security official who is here as well, traveling with the president. they are trying to make clear and project the image that the white house continues working even while the president is on vacation. having some of these senior staffers here. getting briefings. you can imagine they are watching this closely. they will not speculate on whether or not the president will make any sort of statement tonight. frankly, there are rumors flying about what is happening with colonel gadhafi, his sons, and what is happening in tripoli right now. they certainly do not want to get ahead of that when you talk to officials. they want to make sure they let the facts on the ground play out before they jump into this. >> gregg: absolutely. ed, if tripoli falls and gadhafi is killed or captured, that calls into question the stability not only of libya,
2:17 pm
but the region in which he was influential, through oil money, if nothing more. is there talk there, wonderment among the reporters, gee, is the president going to head back to white house in the event that happens? any word on that? >> reporter: honestly we haven't had speculation on that, simply because we don't know what is really going on in the ground tripoli getting scattered reports. if the gadhafi government, a big if, if the government were to fall, of course this white house would be considering all kinds of options about how the president responds with whether or if that means the vacation would be cut short. i would point out, i was in crawford, texas with president bush when the pakistani prime minister was assassinated. he didn't come home. he made a statement, monitoring the situation in texas. i was in hawaii with this president when we had an attempted terror attack on
2:18 pm
that jetliner in detroit christmas day. again, the modern white house, republican or democratic, has all kinds of sensitive security apparatus, communications equipment they can stay on top of this situation from virtually anywhere. >> gregg: it is basically these days a mobile white house, they can go anywhere, any time and be in complete communication and coordination with each other martha's vineyard, camp david, white house doesn't matter. ed henry we'll check back with you as we get more information. >> heather: much more on libya, coming up. including analysis with fox news analyst judy miller. ♪ with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced. i don't always have time to eat like i should. and the more i focus on everything else, the less time i have to take care of me. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes, which can help ler a1c. glucerna products help me keep everything balanced.
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2:22 pm
>> gregg: we are getting word major advances by the rebels now apparently inside the libyan capital. joining us now to talk about these huge developments, judith miller, fox news contributor, author , you have been in libya before. you've interviewed gadhafi. how big is this, what do you know? >> this is huge. if the son of gadhafi is in the hand of the rebels, the 39-year-old son believed to be the brains of the family. he was the moderate son.
2:23 pm
the one who worked with the west on problems that the west wanted to solve with libya. he was the one who told me that he given his father the idea of giving up weapons of mass destruction. which enabled libya to come back into the fold of nations, before it fell out again. this is big, very important to the rebels. it is very important to the united states. because we have gotten totally behind the rebels. >> heather: some report as to where gadhafi's son may be? >> there are many, many rumors. there was a rumor he's in tripoli that's where all of the intrastructure, his bunkers are. somebody says no, they think he is in a town near the algerian and tunisian border that way he could flee. he would be in a position to run across that border.
2:24 pm
even though he says he will fight to the death. a lot of people don't believe that >> gregg: the problem is, he is wanted by the international court. countries all over the world are -- except for the united states, believe it or not, there's an incentive for most countries to hand him over. it limits his options, doesn't it? >> it does. there are 13 countries in addition to the united states which are not members of the court, one is sudan. whose own president has been indicted by the international contract court. he could go to sudan, venezuela, israel, which is . but i don't think he's likely to go there. or the united states can offer him asylum. >> gregg: there's room over at guantanamo bay, i believe. talk us to about the -- this
2:25 pm
is not the first family casualty for gadhafi. his other son who is involved in leadership was killed. >> right. we are not certain how he was killed. the government said that he was killed in the bombing. he's lost at least one son, perhaps more. the transitional national council claims that more relatives have been killed. when the family, when you get the two or three most important sons, the clock really starts ticking on the regime. suddenly, all of those nato bombings, all of the work that has gone into isolating tripoli and libya, seems to be paying off. i would imagine that the white house is paying very close attention to this. it will also put tremendous pressure on syria. >> heather: this uprising that has been going on for six months, six days the question now becomes, what happens
2:26 pm
next? who takes control? >> ahh, very good question. nobody thinks the people who call themselves the transitional national council are likely to stick around for very long. they are people we know. we know they are very mixed. some islamists in that group. some democrats. there are smaller groups like the democratic party of libya, which is in london that really believes in everything that you and i and the white house would feel comfortable with, democracy, pluralism. we don't know how this all -- who takes over, whether or not the military will totally side with the new regime there. so many questions. >> gregg: the council is tenuous to say the least. rebels are fractured and no stable institutions right now in libya. so it anybody's guess as to what emerges. gadhafi used to mel me i don't believe in institutions,
2:27 pm
i don't believe in your democracy. the people govern. the fact of the matter is, the people didn't have anything to spay about what happened in their country. he controlled everything. he had 17 billion dollars in reserves that he can play around with or buy access to a country with. it is going to be a very interesting and unstable period in that country. >> gregg: judith miller stick around we have more happening in this breaking news situation. >> heather: we'll be right back with much more. stay with us. ananannouncer ] the network. a living, breathing intelligence that's helpi drive the future of business. in here, inventory can be taught to learn. ♪ machines have a voice. ♪ medical history follows you. it's the at&t network -- a network of possibilities... committed to delivering
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2:31 pm
like our crab and seafood bake. or our snow crab and crab butter shrimp. my name's jon forsythe and i sea food differently. . >> heather: we are just getting word from sky news that rebel forces in libya have captured one of gadhafi's sons. the rebels have reportedly entered tripoli. they are now within two miles of the city center. changing by the minute, dominic di-natale streaming live from the border. >> reporter: that would be a major development if one of gadhafi's sons has been caught. let's recap. he he had two sons running the military cam pain on his behalf. you have khamis whose brigade today was overrun at that the base west. and his other son saif the
2:32 pm
commander in charge of this. not clear at this moment which one in particular, over the way that would be an extremely heavy blow to gadhafi. no doubt another nail very much in what looks like is going to be his definitive coffin this very night. increasingly so as we hear the rebels are two miles from the center of the city. overrunning it now. we are hearing from the al-jazeera news network that the personal security brigade in charge of gadhafi's security has surrendered to the rebels. that means the people protecting gadhafi have surrendered. where does that leave gadhafi himself? we don't know. we were speaking to one of the rebel leaders likian rebel in tunisia said the rebels got -- word in the early hours of friday morning a 15 car convoy of land cruisers crossed the border in the south of tunisia.
2:33 pm
this is basically the apex where the tunisia border meets the libyan border. we are not sure who was on that. there was one suggestion it could have been the oil minister who defected this weekend. rebels believe from the word they were getting that it could have been gadhafi and could have been his family. the rebel leader we poke to said it was his belief he might have moved straight on to algeria, because it is -- it is a three-way border. that was his personal speculation he didn't know that for fact. there was enough talk to suggest that gadhafi left the capital. irrespective of the messages that went out on state tv saying come to the capital, it may have been propaganda, trying to get people, any supporters that still existed to side with him. clearly with, losing to the
2:34 pm
onslaught of the rebels as they've swept in, in the past couple of hours taking the city by storm. [ inaudible ] there have been sleeper cells inside the city, waiting for moment when there was enough rebels outside coming in with such force it would be easy to overcome the government forces that stayed behind to protect gadhafi. at the moment, it is a situation of confusion. the chaos, moment by moment, things are change . residents saying sounds of gun fair. we are not hearing whether there have been explosions which means nato is not conducting further air raids. given the situation on the ground now gadhafi forces [ inaudible ] opening fire on civilians that dare to go out. it is hard for nato to target snipers like that with aircraft and bombs because
2:35 pm
there would be too many civilian casualties. it appears to be the will of the libyan people that is ousting gadhafi. it seems from the field and from the news from the rebels that could be very, very close now. >> gregg: dominic, we'll come back to you as you get more information. let's bring into the conversation katie mcfarland and also still with us judith miller. kt what is your take? >> i'm not as excited and optimistic as judith is. i'm concerned what you will see is a power vacuum and chaos. what happens next? i think of a revolution, whether egypt, iran or poland is a three act play. act one, everybody is in agreement, let's get rid of the dictator. then act two off to the guys
2:36 pm
who got rid of the dictator to try to run things. that's when they start falling out. now pow are they going to govern. they are not good at governing. can they get it together? maybe, maybe not. act three, if they don't get it together often what takes its place is [ inaudible ] i'm not pessimistic but not as optimistic as other people. >> i think there will be chaos, k. i agree. it is hard to imagine at this point the tnc won't be able to do what it needs to do to establish order until some other forum of people emerge. there was tremendous tumult already within the tnc. only about a week ago the commander of the rebel forces was shot and killed. clearly, there is a lot of tension. but this is tremendous victory for the countries that called
2:37 pm
for gadhafi to be removed. this is -- if i were president obama, i would be very happy. >> i'm anxious because i've seen what has happened in iraq and afghanistan. what is our role going forward? are we sucked into another endless war? >> nixon never wanted to move against the shah because he said we don't know what could be worse than the shah. of course history proved nixon correct. dominic di-natale back to you there on the border. you have been listening to our conversation and you wanted to add something? dominic, can you hear us? you wanted to add something to the conversation, can you hear me? >> reporter: yes, i wanted to pick up on what k. mcfarland was saying. i was speaking to the rebel leader today saying there was 800 government workers, head of departments in ministries
2:38 pm
and other parts of the institution that were ready to defect friday. the rebels managed to convince them not to defect. they say they are going to day in their jobs, because they are expecting the rebels to take over the country any day now. and they wanted to run as business as normal. bureaucrats that have very much kept the institutions going during the crisis will carry on doing their jobs. they see that will be core to keeping the country going and getting back on its feet as quickly as possible. there will be people from the national transitional council who will run as figureheads and department heads. those that keep pushing the paperwork, keep the lights on will still be in the same jobs, doing the same thing. hopefully, once they get a stabilizing solution one the rebels have fully seized the country that might come about quickly that's what one of the rebel leaders was telling me. in terms of how stake the new
2:39 pm
situation will be? rebels believe they will be more stable perhaps than people have given them credit for. of course that is dependent on whether gadhafi is toppled. >> gregg: dominic made an interesting point here. we remember what happened in iraq. american forces moved in. buildings that were the institutions, bureaucracy stabled by saddam hussein were looted and and there was nothing left in terms of an infrastructure or bureaucracy. >> when the -- when saddam hussein's government was toppled instead of cap pating the senior leadership we pushed for demobilizing the military and stopping the bureaucrats from going about their business. you had a country couldn't turn the lies on, what dominic is referring to. if we learned that lesson, that is god news. if we have not what is our involvement going -- that is good news. if we have not what is our
2:40 pm
involvement going forward? >> i think hillary clinton has been in touch with the ntc, they've had a chance to work out some of these details. where do we get the financing? who will guard the builds, concerns kt has which are justified. libya is a tribal country. a lot of what we are seeing is not just revolt against gadhafi, but against his tribe. and what the tnc or ntc will have to be cautious about is antagonizing his tribe or other tribes aligned with that tribe. you don't want if get into a tribal conflict. the ruling or transitional national council is well aware of that. >> heather: this just crossing the wires. the head of the libya rebel council saying they are ready to stop fighting on condition that gadhafi announces his departure. >> gregg: what are the chances of that? what does that mean, departure?
2:41 pm
>> i've been reading personality profiles of gadhafi for 40 years. this guy is not going quietly. you can stick around in libya, just don't cause any trouble. that is not going to happen. the only solution to this is no more gadhafi. >> kt, i think having interviewed the guy he is unpredictable and he's a little crazy. i think he's also a coward. when push comes to shove, he will want to leave. >> tyrants are cowards, history proves that. gadhafi would appear to be by all accounts yet another one. >> i think we'll see obviously what happens. i think is probably the correct calculation. the fact that saif the reasonable one, the intelligence guy is gone over to the rebels, because he was captured in his own hotel, by the way, where all of the journalists were staying. i think this spells the beginning of the end.
2:42 pm
>> gregg: it does bring back the saddam hussein saddam hussein bravado and bluster before he fled and hid in a rat hole where he was captured. we are going to take a quick break. fast moving developments in libya. >> this end of gadhafi? the rebels have captured his son. they are on the -- they are inside tripoli, according to one account. we are going to talk to rick grunell was a spokesperson, he knows this situation too well. back in a flash, don't go away. my doctor told me calcium is besabsorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal.
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you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your rheumatologist how you can defend against and help stop further joint damage with humira. >> gregg: fox news alert. major breaking news in libya fighting continues. we are getting word that rebel forces in libya have captured one of muammar gadhafi's sons saif al-islam, a major player in the government there. we are also leagnded the city of tripoli. and are now within two miles of the city center. there's another report, they are already there at green square the city center. let's bring in former spokesperson for four u.s. ambassadors to the united nations, rick grinnell. you and i were talking about this yesterday. a lot has happened in the 24 hours since. what is your take on this?
2:47 pm
>> i'm struck by the 270 families that have waited decades for this day to come. who were watching their loved ones on pan am flight 103. i don't think we could underestimate the vindication that so many of these families are feeling today. today might be the day they get to see the person responsible for bringing down that plane, face justice. and it has been far too long. i'm hoping the u.n. is ready, let's hope susan wright ambassador at the u.n. is calling an emergency meeting. there will be a lot of work to do. judith and kt are right, a lot of people are focused on toppling dictators. but what comes next can be fearful. the security council and the u.n. will have to come in, in
2:48 pm
full force. i have to say i think it is a huge victory for president sarkozy. the french led this, they were the first ones out. they recognized the rebels before any other country. the british quickly followed. the europeans really pushed this. it took a long time. i think nato had some trouble for a while. clearly, the people of syria, the rebels responsible for this and the international community, the french and the british and nato have helped. i think that's a victorious day, hopefully for all involved. >> gregg: if this is, as you say sort of a feather in the cap of french president sarkozy. what about president obama who some have said went kicking and screaming to this thing reluctantly and ceded control to libya without u.s. participation at least in the leadership what does it mean for him?
2:49 pm
>> i don't think it bodes well for this administration. you look at what really happened. the u.n. security council was the first one out. the u.n. was trying to get a resolution together that would give a mandate for nato. susan rice missed our ambassador missed several of the meetings in the beginning. and was not playing a leadership role. once the resolution passed there was a lot of confusion from our state department and the white house as to what could and couldn't happen. the europeans were taking the lead here. i think today's actions show that it takes a little longer with nato to -- when there isn't u.s. leadership. but eventually, others can pick up the slack. clearly, most people would say it took too long and too many lives were lost. >> gregg: rick grenell stick around if you can. we appreciate your insight. latest is tripoli is about to fall if it hasn't done
2:50 pm
already. nobody knows where gadhafi is right now. one of his sons, has already been captured by rebels who are now reportedly within the city center, fast moving develops in libya. we'll have the latest on the ground there in a live report as well as insights from our experts in that region of the world. we'll be right back. from capita, we get double miles on every purchase, so me and my lads earned arip to san francisco twice as fast we get double miles every time we use our card... i'll take these two... matter what we're buying. ...and all of those. and since double miles add up fast, we can bring the whole gang! it's hard to beat double miles! whoa dude. [ male announcer ]et the venture card from capital one and earn double miles on every purchase, every day. go to what's in your wallet? took some wild risks when i was young. but i was still taking a risk with my cholesterol.
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>> heather: a fox news alert. the latest going on in ia. it looks like tripoli is about to fall if it has not already. joining us on the phone with this breaking news situation walid phares fox news mideast analyst. also going to bring in gregg and our panel, kt mcfarland and jaw did miller. wall lead you have -- judy miller. walid phares you have information on the son? >> i was just said on arab tv saif islam the most important commander after gadhafi his son has been arrested out of a hotel inside tripoli. but there are other rumors, circulating on arab tv that his other son, mohammed
2:55 pm
surrendered as well. whatever the case if saif has been arrested that is very bad news. that means his own politicalt@5. >> gregg: would it be your sense walid he would try to give up, three? >> it is interesting before i intervened with you now gadhafi was on his third speech in 24 hours. we don't know if that speech was aired before or after the capture of his son. we don't know if he knows his son was captured. in that speech he was still calling on villagers, tribes to continue to fight which i feel will be his behavior for the next hours and probably couple of days. >> gregg: i want you to react to this judith. you were talking to us about the other son mohammed. >> yes. he's one of those key guys who his father looked to for the personal protection. there are all sons are equal, some are more equal than
2:56 pm
mohammed was key. >> gregg: if the rebels have them both as there are some reports, wow. >> it is wow, that is what it means. it is strange, one would think with his father. if he's not, either the reports we heard earlier from dominic that gadhafi may already have fled, or that he's hiding where in tripoli. i think it is going to be interesting to see. >> heather: this just coming in per dominic, he's letting us know the bbc world service is saying gadhafi is in algeria. >> gregg: if saif has been captured the military has lost its leadership, no way it will continue to fight. saif was the mastermind of the libyan defense. bbc saying gadhafi is in alger y'all. we don't have that confirmed.
2:57 pm
we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] kiss everything you know about cookies goodbye. new newtons fruit thins. real blueberries and blueberry brown sugar... crispy whole grain. newtons fruit thins, one unique cookie. i don't always have time to eat like i should. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes, which can help lower a1c. [ ma announcer ] glucerna. helping people with diabetes find balance. yea, right over here. look t 'em all. what about a black frontier with utilitrack? absolutely. oh, great, that's awesome. what about a platinum graphite rogue with touch-screen nav, bluetooth,
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