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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 27, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> it is noon here in new york city and 12:00 in the coast of norl carolina. we'll have a hourly update as we begin another hour here. >> western end of the sound in eastern north carolina. winds are reported and gusts are reported in a large part of the area in a 75 to 90 miles per hour . one is 115 miles per hour .
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cedar ilanterminal in the sound. and we have significant storm surge flooding in the western and southern reaches of the sound. and the storm surge with the passage of the center. over the next 6 or 12 hour. it is going to be in north carolina. and extreme southeast virginia and the hampton roads. five-10 inches of rain and isolated tornados and frequent wind gusts and sustained. there is a lot of the beach erosion. future track of irene after today will move off shore and across the del mar and affect ocean city, mar land and delaware. storm surge in delaware bay possible. and during the day on
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saturday, up in the injuriesy shore and crossing in long island during the day on sunday. and then finishing its trek in the canadian provinces on monday. we'll get possibly of four-eight feet of storm surge flooding anywhere on the east coast depending on the locality up to long island. there will be concerns tomorrow, particularly in the flood prone areas. and the storm will pass there. and additionally. a swath of heavy rain. five-10 inch rain that we are seeing and continuing in the heavly populated areas of the northeast. and a lot of flooding and flash flooding and river flooding is anticipated . again, with the strong winds flowing, expect trees down and power outages in the area. bill reed with a noon update on hurricane irene.
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>> and he is a great source of information. we'll listen to him starting in the broadcast and throughout the evening in the fox news channel. the hurricane is packing a punch and aiming for america's most polulated. washington d.c. and philadelphia, and new york and boston, all in the path of the hurricane. good day to you. i am bill along with my partner in crime over here. >> looking at the hurricanes. >> we'll be on the air for two hours and then four-7:00 and watch where she goes. >> we'll find out. good morning, bill. i am martha. we have the first confirmed death as bill mentioned in thurk had -- in the hurricane in north carolina. this man was hit by falling tree branch. and that is the situation to
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look out for. one of many. there is a look at the water along the way. boats are secured up and down the east coast. it is a category 1. hurricane irene is at ing intact as she went through the area and not breaking up that much as you might expect. 90 miles per hour wind arrived this morning. in the look out. where they were looking on the store. 400,000 people in north carolina have no power right now. we can expect that in wide swath of new york and new england. never before has so many people been in the path of a hurricane in the united states. it is astonishing. >> she is a category 1 and very large inside. and so this hour. we'll start with the fox team coverage. reporters up and down the east coast. john roberts in kill's head.
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and john in atlantic beach in north carolina and near where irene came on shore seven:30 east coast time. chief meteorologist rick wright has not slept and in the fox weather center. starting with you, rick, where are we now? >> rick: storm came over the sound, it is weakened. but not completely over land, but over the sound. there is water to draw the strength. at least not diminish the strength and land that is here is marshy and flat. look how big it is. this is visible satellite imagery and the pictures coming from the satellite. you can see how big it is. people say it is a category 1 and weakening, but it was a category 2 or three and it is so big impact is far-reaching. the center of the storm came
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over cape lookout. and cut over there and trending to the north with a northeast job. heavy rain following and few thorn -- tornados have been reported [check] rain now heading in the central park of new jersey and central new york city. this is 18 or 20 hours before we see tropical models have been good with the storm. sometimes they are not in much of an agreement. they are in good agreement. look at this is the model. it is out lying one you don't pay attention to it. all of these models cut over new york city. and a hurricane making landfall in brooklyn or jfk.
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if it tracks to the west. we'll have significant storm surge in the hudson river and that caused officials concern. >> and what bill said. it is storm surge. if you get that along the along - long longg that will have a significant impact. >> rick: what is a bigger concern it goes farther west and bigger storm surge for manhattan. that is a concern there. it is not as big. >> you don't get it someone else with. reck, we'll check in with you 25 minutes from now. >> authorities on cape hatteras put in a grim order for more body bags, they do expect to see deaths along the water from hold outs that refused to evacuate. this is an old story, folks,
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time and time again people don't heed the warnings and unfortunately they end up in a bad situation. this is a look at the water lashing. waves have been fierce all morning and john roberts live from kill devil's hills on the outer banks of north carolina. >>reporter: good afternoon to you, marth a. to give you a perspective. morehead city is 80 miles southeast of the where we are. we are in kill devil hills. you are probably familiar with the other town. nags head and kitty hawk and hundreds of happens of thousands people come here to vacation. and 175,000, two days ago were told to go home and most of the them heeded it. there is a lot of the people who stayed. many of residents and at a are tucked inside of their homes.
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we have seen curious folks looking at the storm. here on the beach where there is not much to fly around not too bad of an idea. but further inland that happened in north carolina. trees are not your friend during the storm. so stay inside until this passes. you might be curious and want to look around. but if you have trees around your home, a branch or tree can come down because of saturation of water. so do stay inside. >> northern outer banks, to tell you the truth, i road through more than a few of these storms. hugo and katrina and others, this is not too bad. the power remarkably is still on. farther south of us where there was more posure to the ocean, they are having problems. town of hatteras, things are
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dire in those areas. we suspect it will be for the outer breaks and thos why highway 12 to the south is closed. you don't want to be out and about there. there are no reports of yours or significant damage here and in thorthern part of ther banks. all of the patients were discharged and there was an ems team on stand by in the hospital. our understanding is that we have seen nothing of a serious nature as we wait and aproach for the center of the storm to approach in two or three hours. >> john, thank you so much. john robers reporting from north carolina right now. they started the shut down of the new york city transit system. that is the first time they have done it because of a gnarl disast are. they have stopped taking
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incoming flights in new york city. and beginning to feel the raindrops. >> the history of the city. >> nothing shuts downut city and sursurprising. >> eight hours to move the subway trains to a safey location and if you are getting out do it now. a tornado warning was put in affect in virginia. the department of transportation closing one of the main midtown flooding. governor mcdonalds who is calling on itgood afternoon for you. >> yeah, thank you for having me on. >> i know you are busy. what do your people need to know in your state? >> the worst of the storm is still to come and even though it is down gladed to 85 percent category 1. it is a dangerous storm. and all of the other dictions
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are in place. we have 158,000 people without power. we expect many more to come. stay off of the roads and we have major bridge tunnels are now closed and thea need to stay inside. >> you ordered an evacuation. 200,000 is what i heard. >> it is a concern in the hamptson roads or the capitol in dick deck or both. >> it is for rerge -- virginia. we expect six or seven hours of sustained winds in virginia. and so close to a million people will have sustained hurricane-force inches. we have seveninches was rain in win sor. we expect significant flooding and somes nine feet below the
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low water market. and so it is dangerous hours still to go. >> governor, you have seveninches already. >> in one place. we have three-six inches in most location and south hampton road. and seven inches in windsor. it depends on where they hit. they were expecting significant flooding in southeast, virginia. >> it is segcant that one town has seven inches. because the bulk of the storm is yet to come through. >> 're upony, i -- 150,000 without power? >> we expect more with that. with irene, excuse me iasbell. we had more without power out ages. people have done a great job and complied with the mandatory evacuation. local governments did a great
9:14 am
job. we are taking extreme caution and people need to lin to the tv and radio and be ready. >> anything else? >> no, people to have get out on the idea. there is fallen trees and many more would come and leak to know they can have a number of things about evacuation procedures and local emergency numbers. that will be a big help to them. and be a good neighbor. if you see nothing something that needs attention. there is the national guard anditate police. we can do it. >> thank you and good luck. >> thank you, bill. >> we'll be in touch with you and everybody else. he was calling in from the emergency operations center. >> they have been busy all
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weekend. >> it is still south of norfolk. and they are moving ships out of that area for the past few days. we'll wait and watch to see if it goes to norfoc as well. it is churning over eastern north karl before it makes a move up north. three and half million people are affected in the states alone. johnathon, what is the latest from there? >> we are without secretary and without lights and other public utilits since 4:30 this morning. there is a strong wind and clouds are moving by anded hading out of the west. and then the water we noticed is just strong easterly current. and soy it is interesting to see the changing weather
9:16 am
patterns. hour or there were heavy gusts that came through here and ripping off siding and roofing materials and metal debris on the balony of the hospital . new's organization became part of the story. winds were coming out of the opposite direction. best place to set up the satellite truck we set up on the west side of the hotel and that allowed us to report throughout the night. but the winds changed directions this morn people were lulled in a false sense of security. and thinking being on the left side of the torm would be a weak side and they would do live shots in the duration. two of the satellite trucks that kept their dishes up.
9:17 am
they had the dishes ripped from the top of the truck. back to you. >> yawn thon thank you very much. not a good situation. >> those are bulky and heavy dishes. if that happens to a truck imagine of roofs of the house. what is governor saying in new jersey. >> classic chris christie manner. >> get off of the beach. you are tan enough already. >> conditions are getting worse rapidly now . north of carolina and in the state of virginia, the governor described it all too well. we'll go live. >> and this is remarkable. city that never sleeps, folks is in the process of shutting down and all mass transit in new york city . subways that run under ground. shutting down right now. same for the flights. jfk and la guardia not too far
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from the water. folks packing up and getting out of manhattan wrone a. never happened and so see how it works out. there will be no electricity in manhattan and water in the streets. let's top thinking this is something that we can play with. this is dangerous. staying behind and dangerous and foolish and against the law and we urge everyone in the evacuation zone not to wait until there are gale force wind and driving rain to leave . not to wait until the public transportation systems starts to slow down today. it will be too late. and the time to leave is right now. tein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i---
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>> our friend is director of the national hurricane center. bill, welcome back and good to see you again. how does irene look to you, sir? >> it is smack dab over eastern north carolina and producing a variety of bad weather from the hurricane perspective.
9:23 am
it is piling up as much as a foot of rain it is our big concern of the storm and still getting storm surge here in the sound and it is going further north. >> you talked about the storm surge we expect to see all the way in new england of 4-8 feet. how does that affect with the tide and how much damage being we see because of that? >> that is a complicate good question. the latest track shows, irene is going to hug the coastline and go up the eastern sea board from the midatlantic and new york and new england. we are piling up water in the beach front areas. the way we forecast, 4-eight
9:24 am
feet and have to get down in the local levels. before you can pin point where the worst will be. we are concerned about the life threatening aspect of the storm surge. local officials are telling them to get out of the way of the storm. >> what do you say. a lot of people saying, you know, it is no big deal and not a big deal for anybody. how would you respond to that? >> i have done it 40 years and heard it with every storm and i heard after every storm someone impacted and had no idea it would be that bad. >> bill, thank you very much. we have a lot to come with hurricane irene. 90 miles per hour and a category 1, bill, we'll watch for you in the top of the hour. >> last hurricane to make landfall in the united states?
9:25 am
>> three years ago. >> i mean, there was a period of 10 years we saw them pile up one another. but three years since a hurricane. >> we are due for a cycle. they expect there will be a bit behind hurricane irene as well >> and i with an ike. >> 2.3 million people ordered to get out up and down the east coast. hurricane irene starts the two-day assault to the country's biggest cities. what will she do and bring. we'll have more on those who are trying to get out of the storm pass. >> 96 boat slips that might end up in my living room if we get the tidal surge and right down the sound and right at us. that's helpi drive the future of business.
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hurricane irene and heading toward the northern part of virginia. road and hoyce are being hut down. elizabet is in virginia beach. how is it going there? >>reporter: every hour that passes, we say we don't think it could get worse and then it does. we can feel the barometer pressure drop and gusts are coming in ways that and the waves are stronger. we are in the northern pouter bands of hurricane irene. we are watching out for the tornado watches and another thing that folks are concerned about is not only people's safety and structural safety, but the storm surge. look over my shoulder, you can see how little beach is left. yesterday we saw double the beach and you can see the waves crashing up against the pier and believe it or not.
9:31 am
it is low tide and the hurricane irene, the eye of hurricane irene approaches here in five or six hours, that is going to be high tide and coupling, excuse me exceeding the damage and doubling the damage and not only the storm surge but high tide. people need to stay in the homes because of tornado watches. they are afraid of onlookers and people who want to come out and see the storms and the waves obviously those mandatory and voluntary evacuations are in place for a reason. officials are telling people to go home and wait for the next five or six hours until we see the full extent of the storm here in virginia beach. >> that is an important five or six hours. >> when you get combination of high tide and storm surge. you will watch it on the coast
9:32 am
and checking the high tide charts to see when it coinicides. is everybody pretty much gone? >> we have seen not a lot of tourist left. in the hotel where we are. the manager gave a note to the guests, we are closed for business and we are the only ones in the hotel and managers are biting the bullet and tell them that. and in the residents, it is a mixed batch. we were feeling the current and stepped in up to our calves and you could pull you just being that close to the shore line. are you going to stay through the night. she said i was here in hurricane isabell. and i rather to be in the comfort of my own home. i have stocked up on supplies and i rather wait it out and having a couple of friends come over and wait out e
9:33 am
storm. people are in shelters this evening you know there are five open areas and they are full. they are evacuate or staying home or shelters. >> good point, a lot of people stay put. few people who do this, a lot do it for the reason, they are comfortable in their own home. i am not sure that is a great reason to stay put. we'll check back in with you later. >> we have new videotape in to us. morehead city, north carolina. that is right there. the boat is getting tossed about and it is moored. you are not sure it will make it through. two piers in the outer banks are wiped out. a car dealership had the roof ripped off and a hospital running in generator power. north carolina senator hagen
9:34 am
is with us. >> good day to you, bill. >> there is a lot of focus in virginia and new jersey and the city of new york that is getting a lot of attention, however, north carolina is getting pounded by irene. senatorings, how bad is it? >> we have 200,000 people without power and what we are concerned about the storms, and the flooding that will take place. and we just have done a good job getting the tourist out. but the residents who are still in their homes, they certainly need to stay there. >> senator, are you getting reports on damage? >> there is certainly damage, but i have been speaking with the emergency management director and we have excellent response and resources for them to go to. swift water rescue and 280
9:35 am
national guards ready to go and will go up to 400. and we have urban search and rescue and medical assistant teams. >> as far as direct information from the sea side towns, do you have much more places like wilmington, that looks like on the western edge of the storm and hit that town pretty good. >> they have been getting a lot of wind and rain. i have been talking primarily to the outer banks area and cape lookout, and the eastern part of the outer banks and they are receiving a lot of rain and flooding. >> that seems to indicate that there is power in the out banks, right. >> northern part they have power. >> that might be a good sign. senator.
9:36 am
what about shelters, are they used in the times in the past. that part of your state knows these storms unfortunately all too well. we certainly have hurricane season, but we have had the tornados several months ago . a number of shelters at that point in time . there are many shelters . my office stands ready to assist north carolinians as we go. 877-852-8 -- 9462 extinction 13. this is not emergency number. but once people have returned to their homes from the shelters. contact if they need help with disaster relief. >> thank you, senator, 10
9:37 am
seconds left. is there anything we are missing? >> we have had at least one fatality and i just encourage everybody to stay in. there is a lot of flooding and wind. that is certainly our main certain - concern is the safety of the our people. >> we like to hear that. you have wonderful shore line in the carolina coast, at low tide it is the best place you can find. >> we'll be open for business after the storm is over. >> amen to that. and we'll get in touch with your office. thank you, senator. >> getting ready it head down there. just a few minutes ago. new york subway system is officially shut down. this is the first weather-related closing in the new york subway system history. more than 300,000 people are ordered to leave zone a as mayor bloomburg warned us and
9:38 am
tunnels and bridges will close down if wind is 60 miles per hour. and everybody may need to stay put where they are for the next 24 hours. julie is in battery park where mandatory evacuations are in affect. how does it look down there. >> pretty much a ghost town. spectators and a lot of media. and the owner of the restaurant battening down the hatchs and thanks to him we have power. we thank them for that. and as for the new york harbor ferry survice is runni but the subway and railroad and metro north and long island railroad and new jersey transit. you have the staten island ferry that will run tell 10 tonight or 45 miles per hour wind. the bridges arut shoulding down at 60 miles per hour. we expect the storm to come to new york city and cent wind.
9:39 am
really at this point, people have to rely on their two feet or cars and taxi service. i have to stay getting down here today. much a ghost town. a lot of people have heeded the warning and many have stayed put. we should also mention that the airport as of noon, have been hut down and meaning no incoming flights. departing flights are going out. the five major airport shut down and they are keeping it open. we'll bring you live updates now that we have power on. >> julie thank you very much . the cruise ships coming in and out on saturday were dropping people off early and not packing up a lot of new passengers today. it is always busy on the hudson river. people are moving the boats up
9:40 am
the river. >> good reminder if you have elderly neighbors, check on them. an 82 years olted quoted how do i get out of coney island and walker to run out of here. it looks like he's staying where he is east of the manhattan. there are so many during this time and it is worth their time to check in and make sure they are doing okay. >> we are working over time ands storm works over time . talk with the red cross and see how they are getting ready. that is brand new video from kill devil hills and carolina and area south of the tick tech ocean. that roof is losing shingles and perhaps more as the wind comes through and irene leaves her mark.
9:41 am
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>> watching hurricane irene and the streets of manhattan are empty. looking at the shore line of north carolina. hurricane irene is a large storm and powered down in the last 24 hours but still category 1 hurricane strength and the sheer size of the storm has so many millions was people. it is safe to assume this. plans of tens of millions of americans are altered for the coming days and hopefully keep it to a minimum. we do have a avenue on fifth avenue and midtown manhattan. shrosing the airports and mass transit bus because was a natural occurence. and the streets are disserted. we have hurricane hunter aircraft aircraft flying in twice a day to get the latest data and we are there for the ride. phil keating is live in miami.
9:46 am
we'll find out what they are finding on board of the flights. >> they are finding, bill all of the critical information that is important to tell everybody all up down the east coast what they need to do and preparations that the emergency managers need to relay to all of the citizenry. these planes are based out of madill air force place in tampa, florida. a dozen people on board and they are flying takes and they don't go in once. each one leaving in four clock. they criss cross in and out of the eye through the hurricane and drop six inch data receptors that parachute and spiral down to the ground and
9:47 am
provide critical information. >> thi is the pressure under the planes and the flight level. you can see how they are dropping off in the eye wall and they are dropping off quickly. that is normal in a hurricane. high and penetration and see the winds, they drop off in the eye wall. >> hurricane hunter program has been flying in tropical cyclones since the 1940s, right now, the house appropriation's subcommittee is worried about deficit reduction and this is a perfect storm for the hurricane hunters and a reduction is proposed and dropping it by 40 percent in the budget. the democrat congressman is hoping that hurricane irene is a wake-up call. if that funding is reduced, the flights of the hurricane
9:48 am
hunters next year could be hampered. data is critical and they will continue to fly as long as it remains a tropical storm. >> you talk about the cuts, but they provide critical information when needed. >> phil keating down there in miami. >> very interesting watchingly - watching nem in the planes. we'll have brand new updates. they are doing it every hour and did it several hours over the last couple of days there. is the scene in north carolina. hundreds of thousands of people don't have power. one death reported in the path of hurricane irene. we'll check in with the emergency management division as we come back and the rest of east coast prepares for what irene has in store. we'll be right back. the newest release with verizon 4g lte.
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it is a strange feeling. and that is at least eight hours away. >> exactly . we have people boarding up their homes in the outer lying areas of new york city. and they are getting ready because they are on the open water side of new york city. and it is expected to be four or eight foot storm surges. they are getting ready around new york and this is normal behavior for new york city in the middle of august. a lot of questions of the hardest hit areas . we see the extraordinary stories of americans coming to the aid of others and bring in american red cross. welcome. good to have you here and i am sure you are gearing up .
9:54 am
what are you doing to get ready. >> we have thousands of trained disaster workers helping people up and down the east coast. we have two-thirds of the entire fleet positioned from new england down to north carolina and launched relief operations in more than a dozen coastal states and we have tens of thousands of prepacked meals that are moving in. and working to make sure we have kitchens positioned in the right place. >> i was amazed that the head of the red cross yesterday. you are equipped to deliver 700,000 to a million meals?
9:55 am
where the help of our partners like the southern baptist convention and we will deliver meals on that magnitude. and how do you take a coordination with all of the different communities . how are you watching this storm to refocus where you might be needed the most. >> we have a large operation in dc. they contact one another to make sure we have resources on the ground. >> a ton of volunteer coordination, right. >> most people who come in and help out have other jobs most of the time. >> we are thankful they are up time to help out.
9:56 am
that is amazing organization and we know you folks are ready and that is a great comfort to a lot of americans who are along this line on saturday afternoon. thank you very much for taking time to be with us and we'll keep an eye on the progress and see where you going. >> thank you so much a. >> president obama is touring fema headquarters near washington d.c. and talking about the storms and you will ee in in a moment and get the latest updates of the national hurricane center in five machines time. we are look at battery park in lower manhattan around where you see the statue of liberty miles per hour out there. it is during the storm surge and knock folks out of business. we'll be back with more on the top of the hour. you will get the latest here. my doctor told me calcium
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